Hello, Columbus

The Canadiens have made lineup adjustments for their game against the Blue Jackets tonight.

Picard plays, Spacek sits

Who’s the number 2 line?

• Martin Leclerc on the transformed Canadiens

• JT on G&G

• François Gagnon on the Blue Jackets

• From nightmare_49, Columbus press clippings: Defeatist mentality, Jackets shuffle lines

• The luckless Jordan Staal

• At Four Habs Fans, HabsFan29 writes about Vidéotron not carrying the TSN Canadiens package

And Rick Nash reminds no one of a young Robert De Niro



  1. boneheadslanger33 says:

    You ever hear “douchebag” in a Charlie Brown cartoon?

  2. VancouverHab says:

    An arguable point, SF — I think Gomez’s speed and tenacity and plain high-skill-set with the puck is a key factor in distracting opposition coachs’ game plans (Lars Eller in that sense is a complete non-factor for them, obviously). But I do agree that Pleks is an elite player.

    But remember too that not so very long ago, Pleks’ point production was very poor. The difference is that Gomez came to the team with his much much greater track record — Calder trophy & two Stanley Cups — and thus a higher salary. And, to my real surprise and increasing regret, for our sportwriters, the number associated with Gomez’s salary acts on them like magic amulets or witchdoctor banes on simple villagers in old stories: they react in irrational fear and hatred at the Awe of The Thing’s Big Power.

    One of our sportwriters listed above actually posits, in cold print, that Mathieu Darche, Jeff Halpern and Benoit Pouliot are an NHL-calibre 2nd Line. This kind of fanaticism (all the less creditable for being put with a sop to irony) is really deplorable and deflating, when what we should be getting is elevation, and good sense.

    But to your point, how about we both rejoice in our Habs having Pleks & Gomez as a really exciting & powerful one-two punch?

  3. HardHabits says:

    Blockhead, Douchebag. Potato, potato.

  4. joeybarrie says:

    Your right. I was looking for someone to even up with Hamr’s salary. Its possible. But I did not realize it was for 2 more years…. We can’t do that.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  5. joeybarrie says:

    OK, some things I must get off my chest AGAIN…

    Gionta 5 million. 37 goals in 80 games… WELL WORTH IT

    Gomez 7.3 million. 59 assists in 97 games. GIO wouldnt have had almost 40 goals without him. SO WORTH IT.

    Cammi 6 million. 39 goals in 84 games. WELL WORTH IT

    Pouliot 800k (1.3M this season) averaged a 30 goal season with us. WORTH IT even at his current salary.

    Gill 2.25 million. NOTHING TO SAY, WELL WORTH IT.

    Moen 1.5 million. Had his best season to date if you ask me. WELL WORTH IT

    MAB 750k. 15 goals on the same trick. WELL WORTH IT

    Moore 342k. Filled in great. WELL WORTH IT

    Metro 1 million. Brilliant pickup really helped our team. WELL WORTH IT

    Pyatt 500k. Filled a great role, given alot of faith by JM. WELL WORTH IT

    NOW THE BAD… Remember though you cannot have the good without the bad. Balances things out

    Spacek Not a particularly bad season, did a pretty good job. Solid, but I don’t think lived up to his contract.

    Mara Injured most of the season, would loved to have seen his full potential on this team

    BGL useless.

    In this situation the GOOD outweights the BAD by so much the scale broke.

    BG made alot of great moves for this team. HOW DO I KNOW…?  Hmm we are leading the East after going to the Conf Finals. This is exactly what we did in the last 30 games.

    Concentrate on the fact we barely made the playoffs if you want. In my opinion it was because of injuries.

    Concentrate on the negatives we have seen in the last 5-10 games. I know the fickle fans in Montreal ALWAYS want the best of everything, and have a SHORT SHORT memory.

    To me BG turned us into a team that is competing. He did it in a relatively short period of time. Best of all it seem PG is continuing in the same direction. Anyone who can say this team is not one that can make the Stanley Cup Finals is under rating us. Honestly I really really want the best, BY FAR. But it isnt going to happen. All I really want is to ice a competitive team that can beat anyone, and seems to be getting better until we win the Cup.

    We have done this 6 years straight. Made the playoffs every season but one. That was step one. Led the East in the Reg season, step two. Playoffs success…..step three. Now we need to be consistent in both the Reg Season and play offs. Step five is to keep a good group of young players to inherite this team.

    THE RESULT is to go to the Finals. This COULD be the year. Can we ask for more? YES. Should we EXPECT IT? You can’t in this NHL. Top teams tweak a bit and become bottom teams….  Unstopable teams in the Reg season get stopped in the playoffs. Questions will be answered…………

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  6. habaddict_andy says:

    No doubt, they are looking good already early this season.  Canadiens will be battling with them this season for the division.  I know it’s early, but Canadiens are doing so well and this month will determine if we have what it takes.

    Next year if Boston get another good pick, we are in trouble.  the only time I will not root for Toronto is when they play against us or they get back into top team.  It’s not like I want them to finish above canadiens.


    Scott Gomez to Montreal Media “You’re a pain in the neck, but you’re our pain in the neck.”

  7. JasonM says:

    Any chance anyone can kindly ask Hickey to be able to separate his notes on diverse things in his articles? It’s a mess to read and more often than not leave me wondering what is going on.

  8. SeriousFan09 says:

    I wouldn’t term Gomez an elite PK/shutdown player for the Habs. He and Gionta are a good duo on the PK, but a lot of that ability is speed, they can create a counter-attack threat and have some solid stickwork but they run into trouble when the pressure is on in their own zone. Plekanec is the team’s top defensive forward, he matched against the top players in each of our playoff rounds and held them back from killing us.

    He’s good, but Plekanec is better in the defensive aspects of the game. Maybe I’m being picky but I find the word elite is getting tossed around too much in the hockey circles to describe players. Pleks could have a Selke-class season, I wouldn’t put Gomez into that category.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  9. mchab33 says:

    not enough being said about this.  I’m not cheering for the Leafs but it is important to the Habs for TO to finish strong this year.  If they don’t make the playoffs and Boston can get another top 5 pick, the entire eastern conf. will feel the pain as Boston could becomes a true powerhouse.

  10. VancouverHab says:

    Well, MathMan has written a post of glorious common sense, but it’s his righteous indignation that is most important. Yet again today the professional sportwriters have linked to some other sportwriter (at a blog) making yet more fatuous and unlettered comments about Scott Gomez. And MathMan is perfectly correct to be frustrated.

    Today’s remarks (in English — yesterday’s were in French) are more of the same completely childish (& churlish) execrations that reduce to exactly the following:

    • “Gomez make lots money. Gomez not getting points early in season (even though the team is at first-place levels). Demote Gomez and put latest-in-series-of-utterly-unproven-but-sportwriter-hearthrob Eller in Gomez place.”

    And nothing seems to matter, not to us H-I/O commentors who at least have the excuse of being amateurs, but the sportwriters except BENCH-DEMOTE GOMEZ! It’s like the group-think insanities from the old Twilight Zone episodes (think, ‘He’s a JONAH!!!!! — Throw him OVERBOARD!!)

    No amount of sense, arguments, experience, economic expertise, facts, nothing gets beyond their mania to fixate on Scott Gomez’s salary & lack of individual points. Read MathMan for it properly said, but hey, guys — it’s a minor slump for crying out loud! Who hasn’t had one?

    And demote/bench/crucify Gomez — to what end? Can you not see how moronic that advice is? A hard-working player who is an elite PK and shutdown specialist, an invaluable contributer to the TEAM‘s succes (and TEAM success is ALL that matters) with impeccable NHL credentials is to be given treatment worthy of a useless PeeWee coach. And why? Because of an early season slump common to everyone that the player is working hard to get through.

    I’ll repeat what I said yesterday. The sportwriter elite here are beclowning themselves, and are acting, forgive my frankness, with less perpicacity and more journalistic extremism and simple-mindedness that some nobodies in pyjamas at keyboards here in the H-I/O comments.

    Not an elevating moment earning any credit for the worthiness of the journalistic guild.

  11. SeriousFan09 says:

    Part of the Gionta signing was to play him with Gomez of course, but the assets Gionta brings by himself justify his salary IMO, that had to factor in, just in case the team decided they couldn’t keep Gomez or lost him for whatever reason. Few teams sign players just to reunite old linemates, doesn’t always work after all.

    Dropping Gomez was still a minor victory for the Rangers since it allowed them to sign Gaborik, albeit as I suspected, that signing is going to be a real up-and-down deal with Gaborik’s frailties.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

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