Healthy Eller now 220 pounds and itching to get back on ice

Lars Eller is bigger and plans to be better when the Canadiens hit the ice for the 2013-14 season.

The Gazette’s Dave Stubbs reports that Eller, who was listed at 201 pounds in last season’s team guide, is now 220 pounds – and not a gram of the weight anything but muscle.

The 24-year-old centre/forward enjoyed a breakout season in the lockout-shortened campaign, his 30 points in 46 games two points better than what he recorded in 79 games the year before. And then suddenly, his season came to a sickening, bloody end at the Bell Centre in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals, Eller flattened by Ottawa defenceman Eric Gryba at the Canadiens blue line.

“I’ve seen the replay, which is the closest I’m going to come to remembering it,” Eller told Stubbs on Saturday. “Maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t remember. It was a shocking incident for everybody watching. I haven’t really thought much about it since. It’s in the past.”

Eller returned to Montreal last week from his native Denmark, where he spent almost the past two months with his wife, Julie, and their 10-month-old child.

“I feel great, completely healed,” Eller said. “I did some more testing in Brossard (in mid- to late May) to make sure everything was back to normal, to make sure there were no symptoms related to the concussion. There haven’t been any.”

(Gazette file photo/Dario Ayala)

Fit, healthy Eller itching to get back, by Dave Stubbs

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  1. haberman says:

    I think in about 2 weeks, Bergevin will get the ball rolling and make a couple of trades, landing a Dman, 4th line forward, and maybe another scorer?

  2. Timo says:

    I so wish that 220 lbs of Lars Eller meets Gryba’s jaw from a blind side going about 30 miles per hour. I would raise my glass to that.

  3. Vito says:

    Good afternoon everyone!

    Today marks the 1st anniversary of me first visiting HIO (well I did not really write it down, but it is pretty close). Living in europe for the last 8 years, 7 time zones away from my beloved Habs, I was searching for any news that would lead me to believe that the lockout was avoidable. Unfortunately, the lockout did happen, but fortunately I found HIO thanks to it and it has become part of my daily routine since. I visit the site at least 2-3 times a day and I feel that I know the regular posters, and enjoy the different perspectives and knowledge that can be found here! Now, being bored due to the fact that there is no hockey or hockey related news (I hope the Coyotes fans will forgive me for the last statement), I thought it’s a good time to make my first post, so here it goes:

    Anyone else believes that the Briere signing might have been done as 2 step plan in order to trade DD?? Looking on it from MB’s perspective, if he trades DD, who was arguably the best French Canadian on the team, the french media will be salivating at the multiple scandals it can try to spin-off… however, if there is a better French Canadian on the team, then trading DD has much less PR repercussions on the current management, ie MB. I’d love to hear what you guys think!

    Zdeno Chara, the Neanderthal, never
    1) intended to hurt Pacioretty
    2) new Emelin had a titanium plate in his face before forcing him into a fight

    • Matthew C says:

      Vito, I agree with your feeling on the 2 step plan. This would also be a backup plan to have a solid 4th centre on the roster in case of injury to one of Pleks, Galchenyuk or Eller.

      Rename the Bell Centre the Bell Forum. – Maffu

    • Timo says:

      What is this about this ridiculous fear of what french or any other media has to say? A GM is hired to do a job. If he does it based on his fear of what will be said about him in the media hiring him was a mistake to begin with. I am not a fan of Bergevin even slightly but if he bases his move on media reaction he is even a bigger moron than I think he is.

  4. Sportfan says:

    Eller could be trying to get bigger so he could get in front of he net more and be pushed around less.

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  5. ClutchNGrab says:

    I wouldn’t mind too much about the corruption and the higher taxes in this city if our infrastructure was state of the art, but it’s not the case:

  6. Un Canadien errant says:

    I’ll just post this again, since I think a lot of you missed it the first time and it’s a can’t miss article about an eccentric fellow who used stats to make predictions about baseball, like Bill James did. The kicker is that he served as an advisor to Dan Duquette when the latter was GM of the Expos. Great read about a guy who is part genius, part wacko, part fraud.

  7. on2ndthought says:

    Magnus Nygren: Smart, competitive, good pass, great shot, power play qb in Swedish Elite League. Not the same skater, but a bit the same profile as Diaz, except he understands he needs to bulk up for NHL. If successful, he can grab a role, otherwise he may have to wait for Diaz’s spot to open up.

    He’s under control for two years in Hamilton, RFA after that, because he was 21 when drafted.

    “a cannonading drive”

  8. Un Canadien errant says:

    …the three teams destined to be the worst in the 2013-2014 season will be the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Calgary Flames, and the Buffalo Sabres.

    I had the Flames as my darkhorse ‘worst team in the league’ prediction last season, I was a year early. Maybe it was wishful thinking, cheering on that high second-round draft pick.

    • The Jackal says:

      I hope the laffs are the worst team in the sense that they flopped hard and missed the playoffs rather than being so bad that they had no chance at all and thus get a lottery pick.


      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  9. sweetmad says:

    Well I am going with Lars,his mindset is good and he seems positive about next season,not the type of guy just to say what is needed.
    He says we will do alright and is excited to play,I think he knows a bit more than any of us,so if Lars says it’s going to be good,thats good enough for me.Whoooooooo can’t wait.

    I have noticed that there are no games as yet scheduled for TSN,hope they publish soon,if they are screening all games,I will take TSN Quebec instead of RDS,I don’t speak French.

  10. Sportfan says:

    A-rod Would appeal a suspension

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  11. Un Canadien errant says:

    I don’t really follow tennis, although I used to in the Bjorn Borg-John McEnroe-Ivan Lendle and Martina-Chrissie days. I’m somewhat informed though, and am vaguely aware that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are pretty good guys, as was Pete Sampras?

    Anyway, here’s a cool story about Roger Federer taking the time to make a fan feel really special, and what a decent normal guy he is.

  12. youngwun says:

    Can’t wait for the season to start again. We’re getting closer. I don’t know about you guys but I think we’ll do real good this year. Everyone knows the system already and should be used to it. Don’t know why people are saying well be in the bottom battling for last spot in playoffs.

  13. habs1992 says:

    I laugh at everyone who thinks because Eller is getting bigger it means he will be better. LOL. Eller is coming of his best season, if it aint broke don’t fix it. Why not just keep doing what he was doing, everyone has a perfect weight and maybe 205-210 was his perfect weight.

    I support Carey Price
    “Habs Insider”

  14. Bill says:

    Early reports on Collberg are that it’s either a knee or a skate cut … either way it’s not great.

  15. Propwash says:

    Collberg hurt his knee, had to be carried off by teammates.


  16. ClutchNGrab says:

    Great, now Eller will be able to answer more forcefully when a small player messes with him like that:

  17. Bill says:

    SmartDog, do you like Hockey’s Future’s rankings though? I find that letter ranking totally neutralizes their rankings. Collberg’s ranking basically means “great player… uh maybe, it’s actually not likely”.

    • SmartDog says:

      I don’t really page attention the letters since they’re all C’s and D’s until the guy’s been in the NHL a few years and then they make it a B if he’s looking good. Duh-uh. But I think they do a decent job of forecasting the limits of most players.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  18. SmartDog says:

    Eller needs to take Leblanc to the gym with him

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • Strummer says:

      And Gorges and Tinordi who could also stand some bulking-up.

      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  19. Ian Cobb says:

    Canadiens de Montréal
    Daniel Briere has already scored his first two goals in a Canadiens uniform.

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  20. coutNY says:

    Hope Eller hadn’t hangin’ down in Florida with A-Roid and the Biogenesis crew. The guy seems to get more “jacked” year to year. Probably just filling out at his frame; good to hear anyhow. Hopefully he makes the move to at least the #2 this season.

  21. HabFab says:

    Collberg with two quick goals for the Swedes, up 2-0 over the USA Team Blue.
    Shots 17-6 for the Swedes in the 1st.
    Collberg with an assist 3-0 for Sweden.
    3-1 now. Vail with an assist.
    3-2 now. Sweden with a 5 minute major.
    Shots after 2, 24-8 for Sweden. USA scored on both their shots that period.

  22. H.Upmann says:

    220 pounds of raw muscle eh?

    This is the kind of greeting I want to see happen when Eller runs into PK next:

  23. jimmy shaker says:

    Is this the year Price steps up or steps down? Marriage, olympic invite, the city that is Montreal. Must be tough!

    Shaker out!

  24. Ian Cobb says:

    – Dave Stubbs
    The Gazette & Hockey Inside/Out co-founding member

    I’m adding this adult-size hockey jersey, suitable for garage-league hockey or hubcap-cleaning, to the raffle items for October’s HIO Summit.
    And I’ll further diminish its value by autographing it, should the unlucky “winner” wish to have it inscribed. – Dave Stubbs The Gazette & Hockey Inside/Out co-founding member

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  25. Bill says:

    Always amazing to read criticism of Max Pacioretty here. Big, fast winger who has led the team in scoring two years in a row, with an incredibly friendly cap hit. Yet people talk about him having an “off year” last season?

    Basically, some people think goals count for more if they’re scored from one foot than from ten feet. You want Pacioretty to be Dave Andreychuk for some reason. He’s not. He’s never played like that. This is his game and it’s served him and the Habs very well.

    • joeybarrie says:

      A lot of fans remember the last 5 games a player has and that’s it. A lot of criticism for players after the season ends doesn’t account for injuries or slumps….

    • New says:

      Fans are a fickle bunch. We all have our favorites and not so favorites. Some folks like to provoke discussion by authoring an opinion but if hockey teams were built on HIO opinions Mike Holmes would be in here with a wrecking ball faster than you could blink.

    • The_Truth says:

      I agree, everyone thinks Eller is the 2nd coming after last season and yet Max who played a lot better than him the last few years and is definitely a better player gets flak?

    • twilighthours says:

      bill, with his size, strength, and all around skill set, he could be a more effective player. Last year, I only really noticed him when he was putting the puck in the net. When he’s not doing that he is having little impact.

      Sounds like a player who isn’t above criticism.

  26. This Guy says:

    While I don’t think Eller has the potential to become a Mats Sundin, I do believe he has captain material. The way he addressed last year’s incident during the Ottawa series and handles himself is exemplary. With little room to re-up Gionta beyond this year, expect him to be in contention with Gorges.

    How would you guys feel about Prust being captain, or Subban?

    • Mike D says:

      I can see a little bit of captain material in a lot of our guys. I think Subban would be a great choice, but not right yet. His dedication and intensity are likely unmatched but a lot of people still see the word “flashy” when they hear P.K.’s name. Let that wear off and give him a couple years to establish himself as a leader first. If it were me, I’d go with Markov for a couple years and then hand it over to P.K.

      – Honestly yours
      Twitter: @de_benny
      The CH stands for CHaracter…(apparently)

    • veryhabby says:

      well we don’t know these guys personally to know if they are well liked off the ice, to know if they are good motivators and good communicators. To me that’s key for a captain.

      All we know is what we see: PK too loud to be our captain (lol), Eller too quiet. Gorges, well according to most of u, he is being traded lol. What about Pleks? Definately does lead on the ice. Is well spoken. If the other, off ice stuff we don’t see, falls in line with captain material, I would think he’s a good choice.

    • The_Truth says:

      I don’t care what kind of persona Subban has. He should be the new captain after next season. Best player on the team, shows extreme dedication, cares about winning, is great in the community and with the media, will be here for many years. No brainer IMO

  27. HabFanSince72 says:

    In terms of Hamilton d-men who might be called up we all know about Beaulieu, Tinordi and Pateryn.

    Anyone have any idea about this Nygren fellow? Is he ready to try NHL hockey? Is he going to be a good one?

    And what about Morgan Ellis? He seems quite safely behind the three I mentioned but he did captain a Memorial Cup victory.

    • Mike D says:

      I think Ellis is a bit underrated due to being overshadowed by 1st round picks Tinner and NB. In terms of potential I think he might be our 3rd best D prospect after those two.

      Pateryn might be closer to making it due to being older but I think Ellis may have a higher ceiling.

      – Honestly yours
      Twitter: @de_benny
      The CH stands for CHaracter…(apparently)

    • Ian Cobb says:

      We are going to have a great training camp to watch this fall in Brossard.

      I will be going to Quebec and camping out in the Brossard parking lot with my camper trailer again this year.

    • veryhabby says:

      I think Nygren will make camp very interesting. Everyone is assuming Tinordi gets emelin’s spot to start the season. but I think the spot will be there to be taken. Nygren is a tad older and has been playing in “men’s league” and won best Dman last season. So he has potential to start in NHL if he can adjust to NA rink and style. If you recall both Streit and Diaz have had to go thru a learning curve. Nygren will be the same.

      If he adjusts fast, I can see him being #2 in call ups….

      Tinordi (cause of size and our need for stay at home type)

  28. Ian Cobb says:

    HIO Fan Summit Message from the Bell Center

    OK Ian,
    I will be at the Baton Rouge Charity Raffle and pre-game dinner with guests and our team sign stick….Rej

    Réjean Houle

    Club de hockey Canadien

    Centre Bell
    1275, rue St-Antoine Ouest
    Montréal (Québec) H3C 5L2

    Réjean Houle
    Président, Anciens Canadiens
    President, Canadiens Alumni
    Canadiens de Montréal

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  29. Sportfan says:

    Eller is one of the heaviest players on the Habs now under Parros

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  30. scavanau says:

    Can only hope that Eller returns psychologically strong as well.

  31. on2ndthought says:

    Seems to me we have nine top nine forwards and Prust a trusty fill in. Right now not a lot separates one from nine, though soon Chuk should be an undisputed top center. If we still have Pleks and Eller, that leaves 3 choices for DD:
    1. Play 4th line minutes with 2 grinders, they give him space, he makes offensive opportunities for them. (I suggested this in an earlier thread, but don’t really expect it).
    2. Switch to (right) wing: skill set wise, DD is not too far off Martin St-Louis IF he can bulk up a bit more. He may never snipe like Marty, so he should play with a center or LW (Pax) who can bury chances. (this is the most likely scenario, and I chose RW assuming DD and Patches are still clicking) Note that with either Eller or Chuck, this line will still have physical presence.
    3. Trade him: only viable if he’s playing well enough that you want to keep him, he lacks the intangibles (toughness, or a former high draft standing) that seem to always get snapped up by GMs around the league.

    Personally, I think option 2 is a possibility this year and highly probable (barring someone getting traded) before the regular season starts next year.

    “a cannonading drive”

    • hansolo says:

      It is a conundrum, isn’t it? I agree with you a 4th line role isn’t what DD is cut out for; besides, he makes too much money to be a 4th liner. I think he could do very well as a winger on an exploitation line with sheltered minutes (lots of O-zone starts, no PK duties and very little D-zone starts. It amazed me that JM in particular would send him out for face-offs in the D-zone). I don’t think he would fetch much in a trade.

      There’s always the hope last season was a sophomore slump and that he’ll rebound. That actually might be the best scenario.

    • piper says:

      I like option 3. Perhaps a team in cap trouble would be willing to trade one of their higher paid d-men for DD and a prospect. Probably not though so I think the Habs are stuck with him. I’m not sure where he fits on this team.

    • veryhabby says:

      on 2nd thought….I think we will not be seeing Galchenyuk this season at center. So I do not see DD at center being an issue for us this year. There is room for him to play center this year on this team. I don’t care who you want to call #1, #2, #3…but Pleks, Eller, DD are our top 3 centers this season.

      With the top 9 we have, we can have 3 balanced offensive lines. Our top 9 presently is 1 top 3 player (Pac) and a bunch of 2 liners or potential 2 liners (the kids). We do not have 3 bonifide top line players. Not this year. We hope some day Galchenyuk becomes a league star, but he is a few years away from that, and a few years away from being our #1 center.

      We have depth at centre, it’s not a bad thing. Depth is always good. Let’s not rush things and let things work themselves out. Oh who am I kidding, we are hab fans nothing can wait!@

  32. neumann103 says:

    Eller up to 220 pounds ?



    “Et le but!”

  33. HabFab says:

    HabsWorld Fantasy Hockey projections for PK;

  34. Bill H says:

    Subject: Steroids in sports

    It seems like professional baseball is starting to clamp down on the use of steroids and may ban A-Rod for life. Meanwhile, correct me if I am wrong, NHL doesn’t seem to have any testing policy. With millions of dollars at stake, combined with an intense desire to succeed for the players, I think there must be a fair bit steroid use in the NHL.

    When I see players bulk up over the off season, to the point that they put on 20 pounds of muscle, I really start to wonder. I can think of 2 Canadien players who have really packed on the muscle.

    I worry for them and hope they have not been forced to take steroids in order to take the next step in their careers.

    • Habfan17 says:

      The last CBA they did have random testing. I am not sure what they were checking for. I would think they still have testing and will be very dilligent in an Olympic year!


    • HabFab says:

      There is a policy in the NHL and all covered under the new CBA. Starts on page 188 and testing procedures on page 190.

      System is blocking copy or links to the NHLPA CBA, so you will have to goggle.

    • Chris says:

      Eller was not 201 pounds last season…the team simply had not updated the figures. My understanding was the Eller came into last season around 215 pounds, which I felt was too heavy as he had lost some of his acceleration and agility. Only when the weight was coming off near the end of the season was he firing on all cylinders.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        “It’s not like if you get bigger you lose speed or agility,” he said, eager to begin skating again in the next few days. “I make sure everything is properly balanced with the training, that the weight is properly placed.”

        -Lars Eller

  35. Hobie Hansen says:

    2013/03/15-David Desharnais is signed by the Montreal Canadiens to a four-year contract extension.

    I know this topic has been beaten like a dead horse. However, it’s just baffling that the Canadiens would sign Desharnias to that contract!

    With the above article on Eller, it raises the topic again. The top 3 centermen on Montreal Should be a combination of Eller, Plekanec and Galchenyuk. Without question.

    Now we’ve got to have either Eller, Galchenyuk or Desharnais playing the wing. Eller is clearly a centerman. Galchenyuk has to play center. Any team who challenges for the cup needs that ultra talenetd, clear cut, number one center and Galchenyuk clearly has the potential to be that guy.

    So most likely, we’re going to have either Galchenyuk or Eller on the wing again this year which totally sucks.

    So again, WTF was Bergevin thinking when he signed Desharnais?

    • Cal says:

      I’m still thinking Pleks will be moved for that Dman the Habs badly need. Hopefully, this will happen before the season starts.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        You’d have to think something has to give? Desharnais is younger than Plekanec. I guess it is possible that Bergevin tries to trade Plekanec. In doing so though, he’d be making the team worse down the middle because Plekanec is head over heals a better all-around player than Desharnais.

      • Mike D says:

        Don’t know if we’re ready to move Pleky just yet, Cal. As it stands, he is still the most versatile and useful forward we have.

        – Honestly yours
        Twitter: @de_benny
        The CH stands for CHaracter…(apparently)

        • Cal says:

          I agree, but there’s no more room at center. If the Habs are going to drag their rebuilding out another two or three seasons moving Pleks (and Markov) makes sense.

    • Mike D says:

      While I agree with your general sentiment, after watching what some guys have gotten paid/re-signed for this offseason, DD’s 3.5mil cap hit doesn’t look as bad as it once did.

      I’m actually hoping he has a terrific year (or at least start to the season) so he can be traded to bring in a good return.

      That said, he shouldn’t have gotten over 3mil to begin with. If his cap hit was 2.9mil for 4 years he would be one hell of a trading chip if he showed some good play.

      – Honestly yours
      Twitter: @de_benny
      The CH stands for CHaracter…(apparently)

    • Habfan17 says:

      I agree. Galchenyuk should play centre this season, probably on the 3rd line. He needs to learn how the experienced centres ” cheat” and what the officials allow. Why waste another year on the wing. Eller should be on the 2nd line if he plays like last season or better, and unless MB is looking at possibly moving Pleks at an opportune time this season, DD would appear to me the odd man out. This is not a knock on DD.

      If MB is thinking of moving Pleks sometime this season, then I guess having Galchenyuk start the season on the wing would be okay, not Eller though. That experiment has been done and failed.


    • piper says:

      If Bergevin had waited until the end of the season to sign Desharnais the contract would have probably been a one or two year at around 2 per year. Why he didn’t wait until then is the big question.

    • veryhabby says:

      can ppl just relax about DD being signed for 4 yrs.

      #1. Galchenyuk will not be rushed to play centre…and what if he never ends up player center?

      #2. What if Pleks doesn’t resign with the habs when his contract is done?

      #3 what if there is a long term injury to one of our centers?

      #4.what if everything goes 100% great for the habs: Eller/Galchenyuk both are #1 guys, Pleks resigns so cheap to stay and retire as a hab, we never have any injuries ever again…so what!! WHAT IS WRONG if everything goes right and DD is still on this team? At $3.5M and just a year or two left on his contract, you don’t think he’s tradable? You dont’ think he can move to wing? You don’t think we can buy him out? OMG!!!!! There are so many options that can work out so good with the habs and DD.

      What are we so afraid of? That habs management is so dump that they will keep a $3.5M center playing top minutes when other players have proven to be better over the next few years? Is that the worst case senerio? do you really think that will happen? Seriously?

      I agree, we won’t “need” DD on this team if all goes well. But that won’t be for another year or two. So till then, it’s AMAZING to have depth at center.

      Oh no, I just thought of a real worst case senerio. DD can rebound and continue to produce 60 pts a season. Oh crap then what, habs are dooooomed!!!!

  36. Ian Cobb says:

    Shoot Out to Dave Stubbs!

    Nice to get you back to work Dave!
    I have a SUMMIT idea that I would like to discuss with you, if you could give me a call please.

    Summit game tickets, News, Pictures and comments

  37. Cal says:

    Because it happens to be the dog days of August, all I can say is “Woof!”
    Translated, it means “Drop the bleeping puck!”

  38. JTT says:

    Give Eller the two best wingers the Habs have and let him prove himself. Talk is cheap. Pacioretty is still the best in my book and I would like for any other center on the Habs including Eller to prove otherwise.

  39. HabFab says:

    How dead is the Hockey World today you ask?
    Lyle Richardson from Spector has taken to dissecting Eklund rumors… now that is stretching for something to write about 🙂

  40. HabFab says:

    @Andrew – re your Ripley quote. Nanotechnology was mentioned the other day and your quote reminded me of one of the things they are experimenting with. True story…
    In Combat situations, a lot of people stress out due to increased blood pressure or adrenalin over flow and have a hard time functioning (no shite right!). The USA is putting monitors on their combat soldiers in Afghanistan and when the sensors show they are stressed out, it causes their combat vests to contract giving them “hugs” and relaxing them so they can perform…..
    The Taliban uses a more natural and historical method. Lots of hashish or opium!!!!

  41. Lafleurguy says:

    Boys, we’re waiting for Burly to chime in with something germane to our tour of the world this AM.

    “Where’s the Beef?/What’s the Beef?”

  42. Habfan17 says:

    It is great to see the dedication Eller has. I hope he doesn’t add too much weight at the cost of some of his speed and agility!

    Patches put on some muscle and he seemed a bit off, whereas PK seemed to be more of a force without losing his speed.

    Eller could be a lot of fun to watch if he is given the opportunity to show what he can do.


    • Silverthaw says:

      Last year PK went to the dirty area’s like Eller does. Adding weight will only help Eller.

      Pacioretty was a perimeter player. If Pacioretty slows down playing the type of hockey he did last year he will be way less effective. Hopefully it was just an off year for Pacioretty (or something else was off) and he has it corrected going into this year. He can be effective (25-35 goals), but should be dominating with his size and skill.

      Hopefully someone can make room for him like Cole did, if not he will have to use his size to create it for himself.

      • Habfan17 says:

        I am with you. I am not sure what was up with Pacioretty. I am confident he will be more like the Patches we saw in 2011-12 this season.

        After reading the full interview with Eller, It seems he has balanced everything. He appears to be well grounded which I think is more important that the muscle gain.

        I am really hoping he proves he is ready to be a very effective 2nd line centre for the Habs. I also hope he takes the month of August and training camp to improve his face off skills


    • hansolo says:

      Pacioretty only led the Habs in scoring, though — and tied for the team lead in goals with Gallagher. He is right up there with the best in the league for the past 2 seasons in number of even-strength goals scored. He’s not simply feasting on PP goals. So, while he may not look like he is, he obviously must be going enough to the “dirty areas” on the ice.

      Patches is ok. He’s come back from so many injuries in record time (including an appendectomy last year, let alone the broken neck a few seasons ago) and done remarkably well.

  43. on2ndthought says:

    I guess many who followed the links from fanshot to letirlebut found these gems, but in case you haven’t; this one is from Leaf TV, when the Big M was still a Leaf (he tries to run Plante, gets the worst of it), up against a really good Habs team including a couple of Richards, Beliveau, Geoffrion, Harvey, Plante, etc. Tough game, Bonin really stands out:

    “a cannonading drive”

    • HabFab says:

      Interesting that when Big Frank got hurt, it was two Habs that checked if he was alright.

    • Ron says:

      Thanks for the trip down memory lane Gord.

    • hansolo says:

      Thanks so much for the clip. Brought back lots of memories to an older Habs fan like me. Although I didn’t follow the team in 1960, I read everything I could about them. It’s strange, but also exciting, to see:

      a) Dickie Moore actually play — had read about him but he wasn’t a Hab when I started to follow the team in ’71
      b) Henri Richard look so young. He had grey hair when I saw him play.
      c) No goalie masks! No helmets!
      d) The players look so small, yet neither Beliveau nor Mahovlich were smurfs, even by today’s standards. Protective equipment has really changed how players look.
      e) Although there was hitting, it was to separate “man from puck” and not “head from man.”
      f) The ice look so much bigger. Could one more ref make that much difference?
      g) The linesman not throw someone out of the F/O circle as a matter of routine. That is so annoying. Talk about delaying the game!
      h) No names on jerseys. You really had to know your players back then — but in a 6-team league, it wasn’t that difficult.

      Good clip. Thanks again, I enjoyed watching it.

    • Bill H says:

      Amazing to see the equipment worn by Plante. I think today’s forwards wear more padding for protection.

  44. Lafleurguy says:

    Who’s going to light up the party scene east of Toronto if these young guns are all married? (Eller, Pacioretty, Price)

    “Where’s the Beef?/What’s the Beef?”

  45. Mike D says:

    Game. Set. Match.
    Winner: HabFab

    – Honestly yours
    Twitter: @de_benny
    The CH stands for CHaracter…(apparently)

  46. Lafleurguy says:

    Good one HabFab. 🙂

    “Where’s the Beef?/What’s the Beef?”

  47. on2ndthought says:

    The Great Dane says (and I comment)

    “A mental break from Montreal is good. (smart kid; you can’t fear the coverage, but it’s good to step outside it from time to time)

    as soon as you come back here at the end of July and open the paper or turn on the TV, it’s hockey, hockey, hockey.” (especially on HIO)

    Eller likes the addition of enforcer George Parros, “a heavyweight we’ve not really had since I’ve been here who can maybe relieve some of the pressure on our guys.” (Prust, Bouillon, Moen even PK)

    And of incoming free-agent forward Danny Brière: “He’s going to come with a lot of good things. He’s a veteran, a skill guy who can make a difference when it comes down to the line. I don’t see how he’s not going to make our team better. It’s going to be fun to be playing with him. (at first I thought this was damning with faint praise, but upon re-reading sounds genuine)

    “The more you start thinking about chasing your next contract or the money, the more you have your focus in the wrong place,” he said. “You play your best when you’re just loving the game and having fun, thinking only about winning. (Winning!)

    “a cannonading drive”

    • Maritime Ron says:

      Good stuff

      Was thinking about posting the Parros quote, then backed off considering I already did a DD mention… 🙂

      The point of Eller saying, ” relieve some of the pressure on our guys” means several things. Over and above giving Prust a break, the Parros presence brings intangibles such as if teams run after our smaller skilled guys, then they have to answer to Prust.

      If a goonish, less skilled guy wants runs PK or wants to sucker him into penalty box minutes, Parros will be there to answer the bell.

  48. Maritime Ron says:

    Good Morning morning crew

    Sometimes it feels as if Eller has been around for a long time, yet this just turned 24 year old (May) will only be starting his 4th season with the Habs.

    Barring injuries, or playing with a merry-go-round of 3rd-4th line wingers ( Galchenyuk excluded) this could/should be his breakout year…. that is IF he is allowed to show his stuff.

    After what could be considered an OK/ mediocre start last year scoring only 4 goals-17 points in his first 34 games, Eller really broke out in the final 12 games with 4 goals and 13 points going +7.

    As of this ‘specific moment’, Plekanec is the Habs #1 Center – one of the best 2 way centers in the NHL and under-appreciated by some posting here, yet the question becomes, WHO will be given the almost equal minutes of a #2 Center that includes precious Power Play time?

    Does MT choose a now big hulking strong Center with good hands that can make plays and showed he is solid on his skates and protects the puck so well….OR, does he revert to some DD default setting?

    This is not a knock on Desharnais, but we now need to move on… IF we want to move forward and yes, DD admirably filled a role/void while we waited for Eller.
    As for a superstar C in the making Galchenyuk, it is only a matter of time when he will take hold of a Top 6 spot.

    For the Eller justification, not only are his strength and size key factors, yet the stats speak for themselves.

    During the season last year, Eller had 2 more points than Desharnais and that was accomplished playing…a huge 108 minutes LESS of total time.

    Power Play time?
    Desharnais: 138 minutes. 2 goal 7 points.
    Eller:……….. 32 minutes. 1 goal 5 points.

    Unless Eller goes completely cold for the first quarter season, the #2 total C minutes must go to Eller.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Morning Ron. Good post. It’s interesting that you mentioned Pleks when talking about Eller. I see Eller as a bigger more physical version of a good two way center. I hope the fans expectations of Lars is not a 50 goal scoring star. Lars is going to be a very good overall center and could be a 25+ goal scorer for many years to come. That should make us all happy, sans the Halek fans. 🙂

      • Maritime Ron says:

        Hi Jim
        If he continues to develop, we could have a big strong Anze Kopitar/ Joe Thornton style guy of guy with consistent +25 goals +40 assists years.

      • JF says:

        I think Eller sees himself that way as well. Early in his career here, he said that he was trying to model his game on Plekanec’s, trying to develop the same two-way skills, playmaking ability, and strength on the puck. I’ve always thought he had the tools and the size to become an excellent second-line centre, a bigger, stronger version of Plekanec.

  49. Habfan10912 says:

    Good morning, morning crew! It does appear that the KHL may become an option for more Russian born players.

    • Maritime Ron says:

      Interesting take on Malkin in that he doesn’t appear to want or enjoy the limelight that Russia would have brought him.
      As great a player as he is, perhaps there isn’t a better place for him with the microphones and cameras always on Crosby, then playing in Pittsburgh USA where the Steelers rule and the now 1st place Pirates claim most of the attention and NCAA is big.

  50. Sportfan says:

    Not sure if you have seen this yet, but its an article on puck daddy about the top player in an nhl teams franchise history from different countries like Canada and the States etc

    Montreal isn’t out yet, but that will be interesting. Boston was hilarious fans were mad at that one.

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  51. Un Canadien errant says:

    For those of us who are jonesing for hockey:

    All games from the 2013 USA Hockey National Junior Evaluation Camp are being streamed live and are available on-demand on

  52. Sportfan says:

    @Ed Outfield, 1B but mainly outfield lets say Left haha

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  53. Sportfan says:

    220 pounds very nice there’s a big forward for you guys haha!

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  54. Un Canadien errant says:

    Bill AUGUST 4, 2013 AT 7:39 PM

    So for the upcoming World Juniors, whom do the Habs have as current hopefuls?

    Let’s be optimistic as we analyze our chances. We’ll assume no discipline or off-ice issues, injuries or serious downturn in production and performance for any player, since it’s a given these could derail their chances.

    Canada – Fucale, Hudon? Zach Fucale is a shoo-in to make it, since there are only three goalies invited to the summer camp. There were three goalies on the roster in 2013, but only two in 2012. He is the earliest-drafted, highest-rated (Hockey’s Future, Central Scouting) of the three. Big game experience, won the Memorial Cup. For Charles Hudon, he made it on the team last season but missed out due to injury. The management staff really liked his game and what he brought to the team, unless Brent Sutter wants a different team makeup, you would think he’d earn a roster spot again with another year of development under his belt.
    USA – Vail, McCarron? Brady Vail might be in tough, he’s not a big name or flashy, but might make it on the roster as a role player? He is more mature as a 19 year old player, that might play in his favour. Mike McCarron is also facing strong competition at forward, he’s going to have to play his way on the roster in the first couple of months in London, but he brings an X-factor, the tremendous size he has, that coaches find hard to resist, even as an 18 year old.
    Finland – Lehkonen? Artturi Lehknonen is guaranteed a spot, he was on Team Finland last season.
    Sweden – Collberg, de la Rose? Same with Sebastian Collberg and Jacob de la Rose, they were both on Team Sweden at last year’s Championship. With an additional season of development, they’re guaranteed a spot.
    Slovakia – Reway? Again, Martin Reway was on his WJC team last season as a 17 year old, he’s guaranteed to be on it this year.
    Czech –
    Russia –
    Switzerland – (Sven Andrighetto was on this roster last season, but is now too old to participate.)

    So we have five guaranteed prospects next Christmas at the WJC, a reasonable chance to have six, and if Brady Vail sneaks his way onto the roster we’d have seven.

    In the very long view, it is important that kids growing up in Québec love the Canadiens and recognize themselves in the team, and a bit of the team in themselves. This generates more lifelong fans who will support the team, and more players who dream of making it to the NHL and wearing the bleu-blanc-rouge. In the salary-cap world we live in, this is an important strategic edge we have on the St-Louis Blues and the Florida Panthers. If Geoff Molson understands anything, it needs to be that there must be a strong, visceral, emotional connection between the fans and leurs Glorieux.

    • Bill says:

      Thanks UCE, good to know. It would be great if they all made it, give us a little something extra to watch for.

      EDIT: And for you and all those who disagreed about Hudon’s chances of making Team Canada, I see they will have relatively few returnees, so looks like you are right.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

  55. savethepuck says:

    They say he is up to 220 now, I’m impressed, last year he was around 210 or 215. Earlier in his career, he had problems with shoulder injuries. This kid keeps putting the weight on and I’m loving it.

    “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
    Carey Price

  56. Marc10 says:

    Glad Larry’s healed well. Other than the kids, he’s the Hab I’m most curious about seeing take a step up. An inform Eller paired with the likes of Bourque, Briere, Gally or Chucky could do some damage and cement his top six credentials. Loved everything I saw from him last year. Go Lars Go!

  57. Habs4LifeInTO says:

    Thanks to “This Guy” for the link to Lehkonen’s performance in Lake Placid. Hey Arturri could be really good for the habs one day. Elite puck skills and can Snipe….me Lehkey!

    24 cups and counting….

  58. Habs4LifeInTO says:

    Let’s hope Georges, Leblanc, and some of the other Habs see this article and follow suit. PK was a leader last year with his diligent gym work and it appears that example wasn’t lost on Lars.

    24 cups and counting….

  59. This Guy says:

    Two solid deflections, and a snipe in the dying seconds for Artturi Lekhonen to send team Finland vs. USA blue to overtime.

  60. jctremblay says:

    Eller is a key cog in the machine. Glad to hear he’s had no lingering symptoms from his concussion. That’s was I was worried about with him and not only because I want him back on the ice in a MTL uni…he has a young family and a life after hockey.
    With his breakout year, his increased size..he could be quite a force for the team next year. He’s obviously a tough cookie to boot..good on ya, Lars.

    • twilighthours says:

      I thought the Ottawa series was lost on the Eller injury. He was our depth, matchup changer, x-factor. I don’t think he will ever be a big scorer but he can impact the game in so many ways.

      • Bill says:

        He was on pace for just below 60 points last year, on the third line, with minimal power-play time. Suggests he could do a lot more with the right ice-time and better line-mates.

        If I’m Therrien I’m playing him 18:00 a game, first-line power-play, on an even-strength line with Galchenyuk and Gallagher.

        Full Breezer 4 Life

  61. Timo says:

    If I were 220 lbs bet wife wouldn’t say I am in good shape. Staying under 200… staying under 200…

  62. piper says:

    Great to hear Lars is recovering. I hope he gets the ice time he deserves this season.

  63. johnnylarue says:

    220lbs!! Larry is rounding out into a proper Mats Sundin body type. Awesome.

    How could we be anything less than absolutely stoked to see how the kid plays this season? He really seems poised to erase what’s left of the Halaker’s Remorse that still occasionally haunts this forum…

    • Ron says:

      Like the comparison to Sundin. Hope he can get that good.

    • habstrinifan says:

      Nice comparison JohnnyLarue. Lars also seems to have some of Sundin’s dry wit and matter of fact approach to life. I hope MT and MB now see him as a ‘core player’ for this team.

    • The_Truth says:

      Let’s settle down with Eller being compared to Mats lol. Eller is a fine young player, but isn’t and will never be Sundin, who was a top end talent and a Hall of Famer.

      • habnonymous1 says:

        Hi Truth,

        I agree that it is a stretch to compare Lars now with Mats in his prime ( in my opinion Mats was undeservedly underrated-by-his-own-team’s-fans for years “waaah, he’s not Wendel waaah”, but also a borderline hall-of-famer, if he wasn’t in Toronto for so long he wouldn’t be in).

        However, Lars has a skill-set and body type that leaves years of upside yet to come. Glad to hear he’s bigger and stronger with no long-term effects from ‘the incident’. He may not be hall of fame material but he is really good and I am looking forward to watching him for years to come, hopefully on the Habs.

        • Bill says:

          Borderline Hall of Famer? He’s 27th all-time in points scored … that’s a pretty great accomplishment. 500+ goals and 1000+ points is pretty much the ticket into the HOF, though that will have to be adjusted in the future since scoring has dropped off so much.

          Full Breezer 4 Life

          • habnonymous1 says:

            While undoubtedly skilled and with impressive stats, Sundin is not, to me, a truly great player worthy of the Hall of Fame ( in general I think HHOF inducts too many really good players and would prefer to see it reserved for ‘greats’ instead ).

            Sundin was able to pad his stats through good health / longevity and as the best player on a ( mostly ) mediocre team.

            No major awards + no first all-star + no Stanley Cups = borderline Hall of Famer.

            …. we now return to regularly scheduled Habs programming already in progress ….

    • JTT says:

      Have to move DD to the 3rd line to see what that 220lbs can do.

      • Bash says:


        Eller has to be our #1 centre. Pleks slips appropriately into the #2 spot and Davey works the third line with Briere and Prust.

        “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” (anon)

    • Bill says:

      I heard DD spent the summer eating poutine and is set to enter camp at about the same weight as Eller.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

  64. JUST ME says:

    Eller is just one kid who we should be optimistic about .He sure brings a new dimension to the team as P.K.,Prust ,the Gallys and Tinordi does also in their own ways. It`s a shame that comments are always negative in habs fans land cause there are fun things to come . Having all those young kids around is a reminder of the importance of development if only wieght wise…

    But there are so many other aspects of their development that asks for our patience and the need to wait for the proper timing to bring them in the big league.

    • johnnylarue says:

      They was a super fun team to watch last season and I expect more of the same, even if the wins don’t come in dozens this time around. Win or lose, we’ve got some extremely dynamic and skilled players on our roster and that makes being a fan a heck of a lot more interesting.

  65. Maurice Richard was born on this day in 1921.

    Here’s a few links to some posts that Robert L and I did over the years with EOTP. There’s one at the top (letiretlebut) that I mentioned earlier on that last thread.


    Exploring the Habs history at Le Tir, et Le But! Follow me on Twitter

  66. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …6th !!!

  67. HabFab says:

    Finland defeats Team USA Blue 6-5. Vail had no stats for the USA and some kid named Artturi Lekhonen scored 3G + 1A for Finland. Why couldn’t we have drafted him? TT is a loser no doubt, fire the bum!


  68. habs11s says:



    “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” -Jacques Plante

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