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On Scott Cullen’s TSN blog:

Before the Devils know they’re dead

They are so screwed without Martin Brodeur … 

Ring … ring … ring: "Hello, Lou! We’ve got this guy named Jaroslav Halak …"

More likely dance partners: Chicago or Edmonton. 

• TSN goaltender rankings 

Best, worst free agent signings, per Jay Feester 


  1. smiler2729 says:

    Who would Halak get us off the Devils’ roster? Their defence is made up of a bunch of no-name 4th dmen…

  2. carmine007 says:

    I agree Tom however, I did like the way Desjardins played for us in the Pre-season. I’m not certain how well he’s doing in hamilton.

    It’s NEVER over til it’s OVER!

  3. carmine007 says:

    Chorske I love spicy food and yes I made this really spicy Chili with Habanero peppers. It was a dream with the Bell Centre going crazy!!

    It’s NEVER over til it’s OVER!

  4. carmine007 says:

    Ok here’s one insane and crazy dream I had last night.

    Lets just say for the heck of it that Martin Brodeur is going to be a free agent next year. He still wants to play however, the Devils just dont want to sign the old man. Then comes Gainey who then signs Martin Brodeur to a one year contract so he can break Patrick Roys record right her in Montreal!!!

    Like I said, I had this dream………

    It’s NEVER over til it’s OVER!

  5. Chorske says:

    Plus: bold prediction. Brodeur is going to die a Devil. He’s like Sundin- he’s got too much invested in the one club to ever play for another.

    Speaking of dying a devil, um, what’s with the creepy Saw VII style image that tops this thread? What is that? An iron cross nailed to Brodeurs forehead?

  6. Chorske says:

    OMG, no.

    To break the record on a team that gives up a LOT of shots, he’d need to play a lot of games. Are we gonna sit Price so we can throw some flowers at Brodeur? No way, Jose.

    Plus, the cap is coming down, and we have enough big cats to herd into resigning with us. Bad, bad dream.

    You ate vindaloo before going to bed, didn’t you? Or spicy pizza? That’s what makes me have dreams like that.

  7. roadrunner24@hotmail.com says:

    here is why it wouldn’t …. Denis needs to clear re-entry waivers to come up and hell get snatch up right away leaving cedric as our #2….. Unless lou gives us parise in return they have nothing that we need … AKA Jay Bowmeester

  8. The Teacher says:

    Congratulations USA!

  9. Number31 says:

    We need Halak…

  10. Tom S. says:

    We’re Cup contenders now. Imagine we trade Halak and Price goes down with an injury for an extended period of time. Would you feel comfortable with Denis in net? I wouldn’t. And who goes in if Denis is stinking out the joint, the trainer? Desjardins and Lacasse aren’t ready.

  11. twocents says:

    Nice! this HIO thing could really work out on several levels.

  12. Ian Cobb says:

    The cheque is in the mail.

  13. habs haven says:

    here’s why trading Halak would work well for us. He could fetch us a 4th defenceman, and then we’re stanley cup contenders. And by the way Denis is playing in Hamilton, why not? No matter what, we absolutely need a 4th
    D man if we have any hopes of going a long way!

  14. twocents says:

    Sounds good… are you willing to finance the loan for me? I’ve got some stocks in a few U.S. banks I could put up as collateral.

  15. DD says:

    Thank you guys, I stand corrected. It sure is hard to get anything by on this site.

    BTW I’ve got a couple of bridges I own here in Ottawa, and a couple of acres of prime real-estate in the Everglades. Would you guys be interested in buying them?

  16. twocents says:

    I thought the same thing Dave, but then I remembered that he came here through a trade and so does not qualify for the list.

  17. J Haul says:

    I almost posted something similar about Tanguay, but then I realized that the article was only talking about UFA signings, whereas Tanguay was aquired via trade.

    Oh, and yeah, its great seeing so many of our players ranking near the tops of their positions. Likely hasn’t happened in a while.

  18. DD says:

    Does anyone else think that Keenan must have threatened Feaster, to keep Tanguay’s name off his list of UFA advancers?

    It sure is nice to see Hab’s names figuring prominently on all the TSN positional rankings, eh! A long time coming. Thank you Mr. Gainey.

  19. J Haul says:

    Just a follow-up on the “Goaltender Rankings” link, where Price was ranked 5th. Here are how some of our other players fared at their respective positions:
    Centres: Saku Koivu ranked #11
    Wingers: Alex Tanguay ranked #17, Alex Kovalev ranked #19
    Defencemen: Andrei Markov ranked #2

    Not too shabby and as I now see all 5 were selected for all star balloting as well.

  20. 93miraclecup says:

    I wouldn’t trade Halak for the time being. He seems to be proving himself to be a capable NHL goalie and if he continues to develop, he might be worth a heck of a lot more to some (Western conference) team that needs a goalie with a soft cap hit.
    That said, Denis is off to a very good start in Hamilton this season so he may be a viable back-up at some point.

  21. vaya_ says:

    it’s terrible that brodeur will be out this long, but with him out and dipietro injured for an undetermined period of time, price should be a shoe-in for the all-star game.

  22. Chris1138 says:

    Markov, Komisarek, Price, Kovalev, Koivu and Tanguay on the all-star ballot!



  23. nightmare_49 says:

    Steve – GM Lou normally goes for experience so i think he’ll pick up one of your choices but he won’t be rushed. He may opt to go by committee for a bit and work on a big deal cuz his defense and team is playing brutal defensively so it also needs mending, they were outshot at home 20 to 3 in the first last night. Lou’s wheels are working in high gear now and it should be interesting as Brodeur will be back before the end of the season and they must make those playoffs. Johan Hedberg may be his plan B at a lower cost or Eddie Belfour, lol.

  24. 24 Cups says:

    Some quick goalie salary numbers in terms of cap hits for this season.

    Brodeur – $5.2 mil (would be pro rated for LTIR)
    Weekes – $700000
    Clemmensen – – $500000
    Fernandez – $4.3 mil
    Roloson – $3.6 mil
    Khabibulin – $6.7 mil
    (all these salaries would be pro rated in terms of games already played)

    New Jersey cap space – $576000

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  25. nightmare_49 says:

    24 – Brett Clark would be nice but the Avs’ are using him and Foote against the opposition’s top line all the time and i can’t see them being anxious to let him go though Colorado’s management are off the wall often lately and that division there in is really tight and anybody can end up in first, time will tell.

  26. G-Man says:

    Right on, 24Cups.

    2008/09 is the season of the Habs

  27. 24 Cups says:

    Submitted by 24 Cups on Tue, 11/04/2008 – 15:20 on another thread.

    It’s disheartening to hear about the injury to Brodeur – he is one of the greatest players of all time. I want to win the Cup as much as anyone else but certainly not at the expense of an injured player for another team. Could you imagine how we would all feel if the tables were turned?

    It will be interesting to see if the Devils decide to try and ride it out with Weekes – four months is a very long time. It would probably mean that New Jersey would miss the playoffs. They now join Colorado in the hunt for a goalie. Halak is an obvious choice for either team but I sure as hell don’t want to go the rest of the year with Denis as my backup, or even worse, Plan B in case of injury to Price. Brett Clark and Rusian Salei are options in Colorado while Jersey has little on the back line that would be of interest. As well, why trade with a rival when you can move a player to the other conference. I feel Gainey should wait and see what happens.

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  28. NoTinFoilCups says:

    That’s right. We may arguably have the best goalie tandem in the league and for certain we have the best bang for the buck hands down with our two young studs.

    This allows us to put more salary into the skaters positions and will give us some spare cash for the all important free agents that we have to try and retain for next season.

    Let Halak’s stock rise before we trade him, and a reliable backup emerges from Hamilton.

  29. Jay in PA says:

    There’s no reason in the world to trade Halak to NJD. He’s an RFA with a reasonable contract, and will still be an RFA when this contract expires, I believe. He’s a good, young goalie, and I don’t know that the Devils have anyone we’d really want in exchange. Maybe–maybe–Johnny Oduya as a #4 D-man, but that’s about it, and I think we can do better.

  30. Number31 says:

    Another reason why I think it would be dumb to trade Halak to the Devils… How much different would he be from Weekes? He’s no Brodeur either. Lou said he’s not shopping for a goalie anyway. Besides, the one thing they HAVE to fix is their Brodeur-dependent system. Get the Ds to do their job instead of letting Brodeur do it. Anyway, his injury was the final straw… They have a whole bunch of other injuries on other positions that’s killing them.

  31. Jay in PA says:

    I think he’ll get in, yes, but Ryan Miller should get more votes based on his performance. Carey is the next great goaltender for our team, but Miller is still arguably a better goalie at this point.

    We may end up revisiting the great goaltending battles between Roy and Hasek before long–remember those?

  32. bigjames says:

    holy smokes, that is hysterical. has it got much publicity in us/canada? the bits in french are wild, esp “putting lipstick on a pig!”

  33. Robert L says:

    I thought the story of the day was an election!

    Sarah Palin pranked by two Montreal comediens.


  34. SlovakHab says:

    P. K. Subban ranked 6th in TSN power rankings for OHL.
    John Tavares is 9th.


    In Russian KHL, ex-NHLers Morozov, Emery, Esche and Jagr make the top 10.


    In AHL, Marc Denis is 4th, and as you all know, he is also AHL Player of the week. Well done!


  35. vaya_ says:

    feaster was still “in charge” but i remember a lot of speculation that he wasn’t really running things anymore with the new management/ownership in place, also to blame for feaster’s resignation. so i’m guessing there’s a bit of bias in choosing malone as worst pickup, but you can’t disagree with 2 points in 10 games for a guy making ~7 million this year…

  36. Shawn S says:

    Forgive my poor memory, but didn’t Jay Feaster sign Malone with TB, and now he is calling it the #1 worst signing of the season so far?

    And if he was signed post Feaster, thats an nice shot at the current management out in TB.

  37. vaya_ says:

    agreed. till the kids get new, expensive contracts, or a great (amazing!) trade offer comes along, there’s no reason to move halak!

  38. Fant-HAB-ulous says:

    A Halak trade CANNOT happen. BG would potentially put himself in the same situation as Lou. Imagine (knock on wood) something happened to Price and Halak was gone! Denis would be our #1 goaltender! OMG…I have anxiety just thinking about it!

  39. JIMVINNY says:

    Gotta wonder if this “best shape of my life” that Brodeur is in had something to do with the injury. He said he spent a lot more time working out this off-season, and maybe he spent a little too much time pumping iron and supplements.

  40. Keith says:

    Out four months…that’s unbelievable. His elbow must be in REALLY bad shape, but he has dodged the injury bullit his entire career so something like this was bound to happen sometime.

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