Happy birthday to the MVC

Montreal Canadiens v Boston Bruins - Game Five

That would be Most Valuable Canadien.
And with 232 NHL games on his CV, Carey Price is all of 24 years old.

He is the best young goaltender in the NHL … and it isn’t even close.

Remember how some of us marked his 23rd birthday?

With bitter denunciations of Canadiens’ management for trading a playoff hero.

And with dire predictions of how Price would fare as the Number One goaltender.

Price was booed during his first exhibition start last September.

They were the last boos he heard all season.

Tim Thomas just won the Vezina Trophy at the age of 37.

Johnny Bower was great into his 40s.

Goaltenders last longer than Montreal overpasses.

And this kid is just getting started …

Corunguneee’s video tribute:

Save of the Year:

And another:

One more:

BTW, The Franchise was born 10 years to the day after Elvis died.


  1. Pelicans says:

    Should have kept Halak! End of discussion….im sure this will spark some thoughts from Price lovers. Jaro! Jaro! Jaro! I’ll never forget!

    Halak since day one and for life!

    • Bill J says:

      Are you the newest troll on this site ?

      Apparently you choose to forget last year now, selective memory and all eh?

      If you want a days count till Habs hockey, I recommend this as your home page: http://bit.ly/mTnegr

      Go Habs Go!

      • Pelicans says:

        What exactly did I forget about last year? I am not a price nut hugger like you. Troll? No! I am a habs fan and have always been. Price has nothing on halak and habs will not win a cup with him. Just not that kind of goalie. It’s ok to not like a player on the roster and still be a fan. Let me guess, you like gill and loved gilmour, even after trash talking them every year they played for the laughs. Like a guy for who he is, not who he plays for. Halak! You probably wore a halak stop sign tshirt too you ban wagon jumper.

        Halak, White and Muller for life!

    • Tony McLean says:

      Amen. Until Price delivers he’s a figment of his groupies’ imaginations.
      I can’t be the only one wanting revenge against Chara, Julien & Co. Do you think Toe Blake or Scotty Bowman would have let them get away with it?

    • Joe McDonald says:

      Why do people bother with this sort of stuff?
      Jaro had

      To keep saying Price isn’t this or that is fashionably ignorant it seems.

      only one of them went to the playoffs, and it wasn’t Halak

      one had more shutouts than the other, and it wasn’t Halak

      one was healthy enough to play 15 more games, and it wasn’t Halak

      one tied for the most victories in the league, and it wasn’t Halak

      Halak is a good little goalie, emphasis on little,
      Price is a great goalie, & bigger – the game changer compared to Halak imo – Jaro did and will continue to get knocked around and knocked out of games

  2. habby90 says:

    Happy Birthday Carey!!!!
    wishing you great years to come with the Habs!!!!
    and lots of Cups!!!!! Go Habs Go

  3. Graceland says:

    How prophetic. Tying in the greatest hockey team in history, and the greatest entertainer in history. Go Habs Go! and Go King Go!

  4. BONZOHABS says:

    I have been a fan of Price since his early days of the draft and the WJC when him and Toews single handedly beat the USA to go to the finals. When he was drafted to my fave team, I was excited. Roy made me a fan of the Habs, and Price re-ignited that flame for me. He will be the next Roy for the Habs…just hopefully without the trade. 🙂 I was very happy to see the Habs traded Halak that year, cuz I knew that Price was the future. He was young and one of the most talented players in his draft year. I credit PG for the courageous move to keep Price! Price and Subban are the cornerstones for this franchise and will win a cup in Montreal! Go Price! Go Habs Go!

  5. habitude says:

    What I like about Carey, besides his obvious ability and commitment to team, is how much fun he seems to have playing the game. Whether it’s sharing a laugh with Kovy after making a save on his former Habs teammate, crossing his arms after beating the Pens in a shootout or his entertaining ritual with PK after games, Mr. Price seems to be having a good time. I like a little swagger — especially when you can back it up with great play — but also someone who realizes how amazing it is to be able to make a lot of money playing a game you grew up loving. So here’s to Carey, to PK, to Cammy and hey, even to Gomer (despite his obvious need to play better this coming season) who know how to have fun and keep the fans entertained.

    • Timo says:

      I would trade all that “entertainment” for a cup in a heartbeat… but that’s just me.

      • Bigdawg says:

        Are you suggesting it’s an either/or kind of scenario like there is some kind of choice.

        Either have fun OR win the cup

        Maybe you think they are mutually exclusive. They possibly cannot have fun AND win the cup.

        OR wait maybe its more like how DARE they have fun and not win the cup

        or perhaps it’s if they do not win the cup then there is nothing positive we can say about them cause they are a bunch of bums

        So which it is mr happy?

      • There’s something wrong with you.

        Of course we would all love the Habs to win the Cup ( I said habs, Not Timo).

        You Sir need to settle down and join the group. Cheer for the team, win or lose, and be happy when they make the playoffs almost every single year.

        You act like it’s your team. Lord, you must of been hanging on by a string in the late 90’s.

        Life is too short to complain day in day out. Maybe you’re not complaining and it’s how we all understand you.

        You have to get out to the Summit, that way we can read you a little better. 🙂

        Just like HH, lol.

        Shane Oliver
        Brandon, MB,Canada
        R7B 2R7
        Ph- 204 724 8418

  6. habsfan0 says:

    Elvis is dead?

  7. Neutral says:

    The Habs need scoring not fighting, fight all you want if you can’t put the puck in the net fighting won’t help ya. if they don’t score more this year they’ll be fighting, for a playoff spot.

  8. 24 Cups says:

    Shoutout to JohnBellyful – They say the sun never sets on a legend. That is not only true for Elvis, but for you as well. Thanks for taking the time and effort to create such a fabulous post. It truly made my day.

    Follow That Dream – (HI/O posters prepare for the new Hab season)

  9. JohnBellyful says:

    Top 20 Elvis songs (HIO chart)


    All Shook Up (Gainey remakes the Canadiens)

    Puppet on a String (Bettman’s business card)

    Surrender (sung by Canucks in dressing room before seventh game)

    Teddy Bear (yeah, him …)

    It’s Now or Never (HIO fans prepare for new season)

    His Latest Flame (Jay Feaster announces Scott Hannan signing)

    Return to Sender (another Oiler deal goes down the tubes)

    Way Down (consensus choice for where Leafs will finish season)

    Blue Moon (X-rated scene deleted from latest Smurf movie. Yeah, is too about hockey!!! How many times have we heard how the Habs’ smaller players are described?)

    Don’t (tweet from Jacobs to Campbell after he gets wind Chara could be suspended for hit on Pacioretty)

    Treat Me Nice (AK seeks out meeting with JM)

    Wooden Heart (AK describes coach after meeting)

    Always on my Mind (HardHabits bares soul, says Habs need grit)

    Too Much (HIO posters answer HH’s soul-baring)

    That’s All Right (a genial HH replies, I don’t expect you To Treat Me Nice, I’ll still do it My Way)

    A Little Less Conversation (HIO community cries out)

    Hound Dog (SD chooses an avatar)

    Hard Headed Woman (but LL doesn’t take it personally)

    The Wonder of You (more fan mail for yours truly)

    Tutti Fruitti (HIO community cries out)

  10. HardHabits says:

    Well after reading AB’s article I am now convinced that the Habs don’t need an enforcer. They need three.

  11. HabFab says:

    Hey, where is the weird alien dude? Apparently his Blues prospects suck according to our old friend here!


  12. Pucknut says:

    Anyone think that PG can swing a deal with the Sabres to get Paul Gaustad on board here?

    Big & 59% in the face-off circle

    • HabinBurlington says:

      He would be a real nice pickup, I don’t know how Buffalo trades him within the division though. He is only 2.3Million this year as well. Don’t see how it happens, but like the idea.

      • Mike D says:

        Buffalo is currently over the cap so the chances are certainly higher they would make an in-division trade, but I think they like Gaustad. Also, he’s a lefty and we could really use a righty (although ability to win faceoffs should trump handedness).

        – Honestly yours

    • HardHabits says:

      Your avatar is awesome.

  13. Marc10 says:

    Happy Birthday Carey!

    ** Can we please change that picture to the pose he pulled on the Pens **

    “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different”.
    Andy Warhol

    Go PK Go!

  14. Bill J says:

    Need I remind some of you of the last time Hab fans clamored for a goon ?

    The Habs are still paying for him.

    It’s not the UFC it’s hockey and goonery is wasted cap space, more so then Gomez’s salary!

    Boston didn’t win the cup because of goonery, they won because daddy Campbell wanted the Bruins to win.

    If you want a days count till Habs hockey, I recommend this as your home page: http://bit.ly/mTnegr

    Go Habs Go!

  15. jonnyp says:

    Habs need to get a good 4 th tough guy ! There’s not Many out there but hopefully PG gets one soon!!

  16. JD_ says:

    New is better.

    Even better than new is newer new.

    Here’s to new new.

  17. sauster says:

    I gotta admit that over 200 games played and only 24 years old is pretty impressive. Feel like he’s slowly coming to his own and gaining the maturity he was missing in early years.

  18. Adams says:

    All ive wanted since 93 is another cup. Ive watched more slow games than i care to say and my desire for a cup grew with my frustration. But now i really don’t care.(im lying) With Price and PK on the roster im having more fun watching hockey now than i ever did before. (except for 93) This tandem in my opinion is one of the best in the game for quality and entertainment, Pk taking a huge piece of the entertainment pie. The penguins in my opinion tops that list, with wash and Chicago fallowing but what fun. Chelios has always been my favorite player but im a little bit reluctant to admit that Pk is not only my favorite player but also the most exciting player for me to watch in hockey. As fans we are blessed to have them.

    P.S. Mr. Molson New management plz, yes that means the coach too.

  19. rob_c says:

    Cammy had a baby girl today.. He should name her Carey. They even share the same birthday.

  20. adam76 says:

    Ah – didn;t take long for my pulp fiction quote to get taken down.

    • Bill J says:

      Why do I get the feeling you once again took a cheap shot at CP31

      One year later, and you still think the Habs made the wrong choice ?

      If you want a days count till Habs hockey, I recommend this as your home page: http://bit.ly/mTnegr

      Go Habs Go!

  21. adamkennelly says:

    The Habs would be a more effective team if they had more toughness – 1 or 2 more players who help provide some respect from opponents and who can deal with situations when the going gets rough. There is no denying that our team is viewed as small, soft and susceptible to being beaten by rough tough hockey. perception is reality..if the Habs had Derrek Engelland and Jarred Boll instead of whomever our 7th D is gonna be and Darche – we would be a “better” team..not because these are better players but because they would help create an environment in which our team would be more respected and our better players would have to put up with less crap.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      you must have missed the last 10,000 posts on this topic – that said – you’re right. But strangely, you’ll get LOTS of vegan opposition here.

      • Propwash says:

        There’s plenty of guys on the team that can chuck knuckles if need be.

        • LA Loyalist says:

          … maybe they didn’t make the flight to Boston… or are you talkng new guys? I have hopes for Emelin, he seems to have an edge. We don’t want PK fighting unless there is no other choice.

          • Propwash says:

            Why not? If he can defend himself, other players will ease up on trying to take runs at him.

      • adamkennelly says:

        fair enough but what most people fail to see if the rationale behind the need. its not to beat up Lucic or Chara or any of that stupidity – although I wouldn’t mind seeing it – its to alter the identity of this team as quickly as possible….I saw way too many games last year where our team got punked and lost the game…change opponents approach – without sacrificing our identity of speed and skill and we win more games…I say having a half decent scrapper on our 4th line and a tough D man – instead of whomever is gonna be penciled in there – playing limited minutes anyways – does the job. if PK has 1 freakin fight this year – its 1 too many…anyone with half a brain (PG, JM) should do something to less the chances of that happening.

  22. AK_PK_Usay says:

    The main article pic is there for comments ehh? …

    Im not saying to use the speedo pic along with hammer and jorges… but still…

  23. LA Loyalist says:

    Finally, here’s the paperwork for buying out Gomez.

    Man, getting anything out of NHL head office is like pulling teeth. Print it, fill it in, have PG sign, fax it off and we are good. 🙂


    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      Yeah i like downgoesbrown too 😛 check out fourhabsfans (google) during the actual season also.

      I really think a healthy habs team is nhl top, with injuries tho, we are middle of the pack, so all i want for xmas is a healthy team for playoffs. (along with health and peace for all)

      • LA Loyalist says:

        Down goes brown is sometimes a bit forced, but when they hit it, they are pretty funny.

        Sometimes also, the Onion will hit a hockey home run, there was a story a few weeks back about a goalie LIVING in his net, with laundry, groceries — really funny.

  24. Nahlsy says:

    Scary thought, Price is *ONLY NOW* the same age as Dryden was when he started his first full NHL season (and won rookie of the year). Dryden born August of 1947 and had his rookie campaign in 1971-72, Price born in August of 1987 and we’re heading into the 2011-12 season.

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      Great info, thanks.

      I always had GREAT respect for the cool cowboy ever since Canada Jr won the vs USA Jr in the shootout. That game the states had us outplayed, but Carey was there.

  25. Old Bald Bird says:

    It sure is a roundabout trip to login and post a comment.

  26. Old Bald Bird says:

    It’s probably already been posted, but just in case. From Twitter.

    zababes1 Pat Hickey
    Welcome Mtl Gazette’s Mike Boone moving from city column to fulltime #Habs coverage online @Hockeyinsideout.com and in paper.

  27. SeriousFan09 says:

    Official, Mike Cammalleri is a father of a baby girl.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

  28. 24 Cups says:

    It’s great to come home from playing golf and seeing the King of Rock & Roll on the front page of HI/O. Kudos to the headmaster for remembering.

    We’ll be laughing if Price turns out to be as good as Elvis.

  29. Willy the bum says:

    Scroll down all great Price youtube clips, and find it hilarious to see Elvis at the end! It’s all Elvis!

    Can’t wait for the season to start… hardly ever came here in HIO since hockey’s over three months ago, almost forgot my password to log in!

  30. ProHabs says:

    Berkshire, don’t get upset if someone doesn’t agree with your opinion. It is an opinion so peoples differ. You claim the Habs going to game 7 vs the Bruins as prove the Habs don’t need a fighter. No team in the NHL needs a fighter IN THE PLAYOFFS. An instigator penalty could be very costly to a team. A team needs some fighters for the regular season when teams can afford to take liberties once in a while because penalties are not that costly.

    Lucic and Chara are in a class of their own. But there is no reason we shouldn’t have players that can put Horton, Ferance, Boychuk, McQuide, Campbell, Marchant in line if they do something stupid to one of our players.

    Being in the same division as the Bruins and having to play them so often IN THE REGULAR SEASON, the Bruins will take cheap shots at PK, PRice, Eller, MaxPac and the rest of the team in the regular season. THe Habs need some fighters to stop this. Talk to any person who has played hockey and you will find out the truth. Intimidation is a reality and it effects the way people behave or play. To not believe this is true is being naive.

    • HabsFanInTampa says:

      We don’t need an enforcer on our team. We’ll call the Montreal Police to investigate whenever some goon takes liberties with one of our players.

    • 24 Cups says:

      For me, there’s a difference here between talking about an enforcer and a team that has some regular players who can throw their weight around and keep the other team honest. It would be great to have five or six guys who can play this way. Right now we have MaxPac, White, Moen and Subban. Cole and Emelin will now be added to the list. I’d like to see Subban taken off the list so that he can excel in other ways. I also feel that Moen will probably be let go next summer so we need two more guys for 2012-13. There’s no one in the system (short term) so it probably means we will have to go shopping next summer. A Dman and a centre would be ideal.

      • ProHabs says:

        Why not sign Brad Winchester for $600000. Last year he scored 10 goals in 76 games. In 08-09 he had 13 goals in 64 games. That production is in the same ballpark in terms of goals that you get out of Darche, Moen, White, Gomez, and that you got out of Pouliot and Halpern. Maybe even possilbly Desharnais and Eller. Plus Winchester could kick the crap out of many of the Bruins.

        He doesn’t have to fight just to fight. Just having a guy like that in the lineup would make some of the Bruins think before doing something stupid.

        • Everlasting1 says:

          Sad to see him go. The Blues still have Crombeen 🙂

          “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

          “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

      • LA Loyalist says:

        Good point about PK. Lots of coaches will send a 4th line 10 minute guy to try and goad a 20+ minute stud and get him off the ice. Remember when Souray broke his hand? We need that like we need Gomez.

        Another reason we need some “trucelance” (crap, I can’t even spell it) 😉

  31. Un Canadien errant says:

    I’ve tried it before in conversation with the boys, and it is a bit of a showstopper. You definitely have to pick your spots when busting out that quote.

    For my training camp surprise, I want the second coming of Mike McPhee. And maybe Kent Carlson.


  32. HabsFanInTampa says:

    Great song by the Fine Young Cannibals! I didn’t know Elvis covered this song on is Vegas gigs…………..Before you all get your pants in a bind, I was joking.

  33. Un Canadien errant says:

    HIO Fantasy Football League alert:

    A couple weeks back when the NFL lockout was about to be resolved, I floated the idea of forming a HIO members fantasy football league. I got some positive responses, so we are going to go ahead with the idea.

    We will use CBS Sportsline’s service, mainly because I’m familiar with it and find it superior to ESPN’s, SI’s, Facebook’s or Yahoo’s games, although I can be convinced otherwise.

    The league will consist of twelve teams, so if we could get twelve HIO members to join that would be great. If we don’t get twelve the league will get filled in by outsiders, but that is less than ideal since some of these last-minute joiners tend to stop playing after a week or two.

    We’ll use a format with 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 DST active per game, and with five more players on the bench. Other rules and details can be had by visiting the link below.

    If you are interested please reply to this post and I will keep track. Once we hit about six or so I will set up the league online and we can get ready for a draft. When you reply please let me know what day and time you would prefer for the online draft, we’ll try to get one that works for those North, South, East aaaaaaand West of the Pecos.

    For my training camp surprise, I want the second coming of Mike McPhee. And maybe Kent Carlson.


  34. Marcusman says:

    I’m sure you could of resisted the temptation of shock comedy, my 9 year old visits this site. Class it up a tad will ya?

  35. Timo says:

    A little rough around the edges but I get the idea 🙂

  36. Hobie Hansen says:

    Great quote, from a great scene in a great movie!

  37. OneTimer says:

    Nice tribute to Carey, Boone et al. I would say, however, that he is only half the franchise now. There’s a yang to that yin, and his name is P.K. Subban. Lucky us!!!

  38. habs03 says:

    If Moen jumped and beat up Marchand which he could easily, if White did the same to Recchi, would we be a tougher team. Whats the point of an enforcer, it’s not like Lucic or Horton would fight him.

  39. Do the Habs need a fighter to go deep in the playoffs? I attempt to tackle the issue once and for all. http://t.co/QZBDTBD

    • DearyLeary says:

      No. Period. Point finale.

      People who think the enforcer, or fighting in general, are needed in hockey are dinosaurs who should be put out to pasture.

      • I agree, but I also see the appeal of fighting in hockey. I can’t deny that when White went after Boychuk I stood up and cheered the entire time.

        • shiram says:

          Yes there is an appeal to it, a primal feeling really.
          But all the discussions on here about fighting and enforcers had me thinking : would I miss fighting if it was gone? Would it diminish the game of speed and skills that I love watching?
          My answer was no…

          I’d also rather the game not be delayed because of fighting, not all fights are great to watch, but all of them take time away from the game.

          If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

          • HabFanSince72 says:

            And the evidence that bare knuckle fighting causes brain damage means it has to go.

          • I agree with that as well. There will always be times when you want to see a player get his face beaten in, but isn’t that true of all team sports? Yet hockey is alone in allowing fighting.

        • DearyLeary says:

          I don’t disagree. I cheered when White fed Boychuk too.

          But with the research into fighters’ quality of life growing (at what feels like an exponential rate) it’s time to just get rid of fighting.

          We need consistent leadership from the NHL on dangerous play and injuries. I hope that Shanahan can steer the ship in the right direction (although with Bettman at the helm I’m not entirely sure it’ll ever happen). We need to get rid of the idea of ‘intent’ and just judge the potential danger of plays and the results of said plays.

          It’s just time to say no more. The game can stand on its own as entertaining, fighting is superfluous. If you actually punish players who are out for blood, they’ll be weeded out of the league. Until that time we’re gonna have to deal with neanderthals.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      1 comment about this today; they don’t need a fighter to go deep in the playoffs.
      They need a fighter for the regular season when teams decide to stop playing hockey in certain games. Which happens on occasion.

      • Need them for what? It’s very clear from the analysis in the linked articles that fighters don’t affect the game in a positive way and don’t prevent injuries.

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          I just don’t like seeing our players intimidated or beat up. Does it change the momentum, I think it does a little.

          Does it get in Subban’s head a little when a bigger and tougher Lucic challenges to him a fight in front of both teams and 20,000 fans and he has to turn away cuz he’ll get his but kicked and nobody on the team can stick up for him, I personally think it does.

          Its great that you wrote your blog, but unfortunately 90% of teams employ players who can throw’em with the big boys of the league and pretty much any analyst, that actually played the game, sees the importance of having a heavyweight.

          Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m for a tough guy and you’re not. Not a big deal…

          • shiram says:

            I’ll agree that it can affect Subban, but he seems to know it’s best for the team if he walks away.

            If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

          • If our players were intimidated we wouldn’t have taken Boston to 7 games.

            The momentum question isn’t an “I think” issue, it’s been definitively proven false. Did you read the article by 67sound?

            Can you find an instance where someone got into Subban’s head? Last I checked he dominated in the playoffs against the Bruins. If that’s him being intimidated, then I’m all for it.

            You are truly a condescending character, I’ll give you that. I suppose hours of research by myself and others counts for nothing against your “opinion”. The facts are presented in the article, they don’t support your view. It’s great that you wrote your comment, but unfortunately you’re completely wrong and your arguments are emptier than the glasses in my cupboards.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            OK, so now you insult me for reading your little blog and commenting on it? I guess u were only looking for people to agree?

            And I’m not sure who 67sound is? Is he an ex-player, coach? Did he interview anybody in the NHL? Or is he another blogger with no real credentials, kinda like you?

          • Can’t argue the facts so you have to argue the person. Same old intellectually bankrupt Hobie Hansen.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            @Andrew, I am late commenting, but I think Hobie was giving his fair and honest opinion. I don’t read any arrogance towards your view. I really enjoy reading both of what you guys say. I think you are cutting Hobie short here Andrew. He is providing his opinion which is different than yours, but in no way is he disrespecting yours. Just my opinion not trying to stir pot but rather just providing another opinion on this topic which is a hot button for all of us!

          • HabinBurlington: this quote is exactly what Hobie is all about:

            “Its great that you wrote your blog, but unfortunately 90% of teams employ players who can throw’em with the big boys of the league and pretty much any analyst, that actually played the game, sees the importance of having a heavyweight.”

            Being condescending. Basically what he’s doing is saying that his opinion based on platitudes by players in post game scrums is as valid as a well researched conclusion by various excellent hockey minds, myself not included. It’s the arrogance of that statement that bothers me, and Hobie does it all the time.

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          What facts? I see no hard evidence. All I see is bloggers commenting on other bloggers crap and passing it off as real news?

          Go try and interview Milan Lucic or Travis Moen and ask them about fighting in hockey. Instead of using your opinion, which means nothing, or some other blogger and calling it a fact lol.

          Sorry if I sound a bit harsh but u asked people to comment on your article and then go out of your way to insult me when I answer with an honest response.

          Sorry if I’m not one of the 10-15 people that frequent this site who don’t like fighting in hockey. I am one of millions of people that do like fighting in hockey.

    • shiram says:

      Great read Andrew, thanks for taking the time to write it!

      If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

    • Ghosts of the Forum says:

      I agree with you re: White – Boychuk. I was standing yelling and cheering in my living room.

      The problem for me though, is that fights like that are one in a million. The vast, vast majority of them I find fundamentally boring. And slow down the game. I say get rid of them. (as a sidenote, the way I felt about the Bruins at that point, I probably would’ve cheered if White went after him with a knife)

      Good article, thanks for the read!

      • Thanks for reading! And you’re right, the vast majority of fights in the NHL are staged events between two tough guys that have zero effect on the game.

      • TorontoHabsFan says:

        I’m with you on this one – I just find most fights boring. The ritualized motions are dull for me.

        I realize that I’m not in the majority on this, and I know that as long as Canadian TV hires former goons and pluggers to extol the virtues of that type of game there will be a majority who defend fighting.

        A fight is usually just an excuse for me to take a washroom/fridge break.

        Hey, it’s just one man’s opinion…

    • Propwash says:

      AB, I think White has been doing a fairly decent job as an “enforcer” he’s been in several fights and has come out on top in most of them.

    • Everlasting1 says:

      No, they need an enforcer brave enough to stick a gloved finger in the opposition’s mouth. Twice, if you want to win bad enough.

      “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

      “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

  40. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    (Posted this in an old thread, whoops!)

    Morning all, (slow day at the office, so this is a long one. Feel free to scan or skip)

    I think the East is an incredibly even conference.

    Buffalo made pretty significant moves in the off-season and that throws them into the mix, but not above it. They’ll be a playoff team more than likely, but not a dominant one.

    Philly’s moves made the team a bit of a mystery. They could dominant the regular season, or they could be a very good team, or they could struggle with all the new faces and the pressure on Bryzgalov, which will be astronomical. So, who knows?

    Pittsburgh is always going to be good, but how is Crosby going to be on his return? And even with Crosby, are they as dominant as they once were? I don’t think so. Again, a very good team, but not one that is going to dominant every night.

    The hated Bs. Defending champs — but unbeatable? Hardly. Thomas is the backbone and he’s a year older and a Cup winner now (which may limit his motivation). The core is intact and they’ll have swagger, but that D is still not world-class. And outside of the Philly goalie debacle, it took them three game 7s to win the Cup. Certainly a measure of the team’s resiliency and drive. But also a measure of how closely matched they were to other teams (including two Eastern conference rivals).

    Tampa Bay is another good team, but Roloson and Garon? Again, a solid roster, great scorers. But are they enough to raise the team above the rest of the Conference? I don’t think so.

    Washington. The signing of Vokoun might’ve been the best one in the offseason as far as a team properly filling its needs. If there is a team in the East that might dominate, this is it. But we’ve been saying that for how many years now? If I had to guess, I’d say they’ll take the Conference. But the playoffs? Who knows what team will show. So there is a level of skepticism that comes with this team as well.

    NYR – same as Buffalo. Better than last year, but not good enough to dominate. They’re in the mix. And there is the question of chemistry with Richards and Gaborik.

    And finally, les Glorieux. Price, our solid D core and JM’s system mean that no team is going to dominant us on any given night. We’ll wait to see what the addition of Cole does — his biggest benefit may just be opening up room for Pleks and Cammy to do their thing. But let’s face it, an offensive juggernaut we are not. But a great defensive team we are. Obviously we can’t get injuries like we did last year, but injuries could derail any of the above teams. What we really need to do is cut down on penalties. Hopefully a healthy D and no Pouliot will help on that front.

    So what does all of this mean? In my opinion, these are the 8 teams you’ll see in the playoffs. In any given order. And once they start, I think it’ll be a crap shoot among the top 6 (don’t see Buffalo or NYR getting past the first round. Then again, Lundqvist or Miller gets hot and……). There just isn’t much between the teams besides the usual wildcard of injuries, etc.

    And there you have it. The East — too close to call. But we’re in the mix. Should be a great season! This is just off the top of my head, so any thoughts/disagreements are welcome.

  41. SeriousFan09 says:

    Happy Birthday to Carey, 24 and he’s already amongst the best. His prime is going to be something incredible.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

  42. Hobie Hansen says:

    As risky as is it is to praise a Toronto sports team on here; here it goes.

    The Blue Jays have a sick good team in the making. This Brett Lawrie kid from Langly, BC is a star right out of the gate. He hit another bomb last night.

    My point, the Jays will be knocking on the playoff door again very shortly.

    And their GM, Alex Anthopoulos, from Montreal, has done one hell of a job. He stole two very talented players in Escobar and Rasmus away from teams in one-sided trades. He also managed to unload Vernon Wells and his huge contract.

    Then you have players like Lind, Bautista and one of the best pitchers in the game; Romero…

    I know baseball, especially a team from Toronto, might not be very popular here but it will be mighty interesting to see the Jays battling with the Red Sox or Yanks in the playoffs or down the stretch. And we’ll start to see it as early as next season, I think.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      *Insert angry ranting about Expos being stolen from MTL*

      Saved you all the trouble, move along.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

      • DearyLeary says:

        The move didn’t hurt so much as the ’94 strike… that team was un****ing believable. A World Series instead of a lost season changes a lot for that team.

        I pretty much stopped paying attention to baseball in ’94.

        • SeriousFan09 says:

          Since there was no season, what made a World Series appearance a lock? I always hear this about the ’94 Expos but there are no guarantees in sports.

          – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
          SF09 on Twitter

          • GrimJim says:

            You’re right. There are no guarantees in sports. It’s just that the 1994 Expos were dominate that year. Check out their stats http://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/NL/1994.shtml
            The team was near the top in almost every batting and pitching stat. Could they have been tripped up by the intangibles? Maybe (“will beats skill”), but that was a glory year for the ‘pos and to have it abruptly ended by a lockout in the middle of the season is crushing. It’s like meeting Heidi Klum at a bar and she thinks you’re funny, smart and attractive and then, just as you are about to ask for her number, the bouncer throws you out for wearing a yellow shirt …

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        You didn’t mention them letting Al Oliver go to sign that fraud Pete Rose. That’s my Expos recrimination for today.

        For my training camp surprise, I want the second coming of Mike McPhee. And maybe Kent Carlson.


    • G-Man says:

      *Insert comment about how dull boreball is and thank heaven those overpaid athletes playing boring games do not affect one’s too short life in Montreal any more.*

    • ZepFan2 says:

      What’s this game you speak of baseball??

      Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Headshot League.

    • Willy says:

      It’s true. What the Jays are lacking is a top end bullpen. When/if they can develop an in house closer and set up man then you will see them challenge the big dogs of the AL east. But with the young core of Lind, Lawrie, Hill, Escobar, Arrencibia,Romero,Cecil and Rasmus they will have potential to great for a long time. I’m a diehard Habs fan and was a diehard Expos but i am not ashamed to be wearing a Jays hat at this moment.

  43. Neutral says:

    Happy Birthday Carey, Hope your gift from the Habs is a winning team. keep up the good work.

  44. RGM says:

    Actually at this point last year everybody was accusing him of being a selfish hold-out that was holding the Canadiens over a barrel for not signing a contract to this point. Funny how nobody’s saying the same this year about Drew Doughty or, before his arbitration hearing, Shea Weber, eh?

    During the long summer, we all get to be pretend GM.

  45. durocher says:

    I was one of those people last off-season who thought we should have traded Price instead of Halak. This past season, Pricey definitely proved he’s a top goalie. I’m glad he’s a Canadien and I wish him a happy birthday.

  46. RGM says:

    Send a birthday wish!
    Carey’s Official Site: http://careyprice.com/blog/cp31/happybirthday/
    Official Canadiens Site: http://canadiens.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=72720&navid=DL|MTL|home

    During the long summer, we all get to be pretend GM.

  47. Willy says:

    Come on H I/O, you couldn’t find a better picture to use on Carey’s birthday?!? Weak sauce.

    • shiram says:

      Gotta agree on this one, it was posting a few Bruins picture to rile people up in comments, but come you make a post about Price’s birthday and how awesome he is, and post a picture of him getting scored on? That’s pretty weak.

      If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

      • HabinBurlington says:

        You know for awhile I thought alot of people were overreacting to the pic’s used by HIO. Then as the Post Cup Celebration of all things Bruins occurred I realized there is a twisted method to the madness. I mean it isn’t a big deal, but at the same time, it takes more effort to find pictures of Price being scored on as opposed to him making the save. So really, are they really this desperate for hits on the site, and comments?

        For Price’s birthday, why not have the picture be him body slamming PK to ice in celebration. To me watching those two guys enjoy the moment together is just awesome. This is our first real dynamic duo of super young homegrown talent in a long time.

        Calling HIO out for their continuous weak effort. Maybe we are overreacting, and maybe that is all they want. But come on, we had to lose the Habs in the webs name, did we have to lose the Habs as the focus as well!

  48. 2011 Summit We R Fans

    Happy Birthday Carey, Thank the Hockey Gods the Habs stayed with you when all others wanted Halak.

    Rain in PEI, going to be a long day. Lets make fun of Alan Walsh. 🙂

    Shane Oliver
    Brandon, MB,Canada
    R7B 2R7
    Ph- 204 724 8418

  49. m ross says:

    Happy birthday Carey, can’t wait to witness an even better year than 2010-11!! Just hope your teammates in front of you stay healthy…

  50. That picture says a lot. Horton right in Price’s kitchen, and nobody laying the lumber on him. I bet Horton mouthed off to Carey and gave him a shove after that play. I hope to god that crap doesn’t go on this season.

  51. Thomas Le Fan says:

    “He is the best young goaltender in the NHL … and it isn’t even close.

    Remember how some of us marked his 23rd birthday?

    With bitter denunciations of Canadiens’ management for trading a playoff hero.

    And with dire predictions of how Price would fare as the Number One goaltender.”

    Well yes, some of us did, some of us actually have watched some and know a bit about hockey.

  52. HabinBurlington says:

    So the NHL is now looking into the NYI Fight Night Party. So the NHL doesn’t want teams to celebrate their fight nights, but wants every night of hockey to be a fight night. I get it now…..


  53. habs03 says:

    Even after the Halak trade, people still want Price traded, and to sign Niemi.

  54. Say Ash says:

    I this some kind of ongoing joke I’m not aware of? Every time there’s a post about Price, HI/O puts up a pic of the game 5 winner? Not impressed.

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