Happy birthday, Dickie Moore

The Canadiens Hall of Famer turns 81 on Friday.
While Moore celebrated, the Canadiens practice in Brossard, tuning up for their Saturday night game against Tampa Bay at the Bell Centre.
Northeast Division rivals Boston, Ottawa and Toronto won Thursday night.
But the Eastern Conference Lightning and Jets lost.

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  1. Feraco says:

    What happens when Gomez comes back? Eller, DD move to the wing?

    Also, just saw Lars’ 1st star skate from the other night…absolutely awesome! Love how he stays out there for the crowd. I would have loved to be in that dressing room after the game

  2. The Dude says:

    If Ryan Getzlaf is available don’t THINK …JUST DO! He’s a BEAST and a MUST HAVE!

  3. price365 says:

    First of all I would like to wish Mr. Moore a happy birthday one of Montreal’s best. now with all the trade talk – Price is a 100% keeper the rest – what ever you can get to build a steady contender – it’s going on 19 years and we haven’t done very well in that department
    mediocre teams since 1993 a lot of teams has caught up since than and we keep falling behind – in this era of the new NHL every year most teams improve – you have to make smart moves to keep up that’s what happened to our Habs – moves has been made but few smart ones.

  4. G-Man says:


    Pleks is a top 20 center in the league right now. He’d be a vital cog on almost any team. The problem with the Habs has been the wingers’ collective lack of scoring. A strong run is possible if wingers like Pac, Gio and Cammy pick it up. AK, Cole and Moen are producing as they should.
    I do not expect all these players to finish this season strongly, yet blowing up the remainders to rebuild again is not the recipe I would follow. The Habs are not that bad, but then again, their low wins total tells me they aren’t that good, either.

    • TomNickle says:

      Trading Plekanec being a blow up is your opinion.

      Spezza, Seguin, Krejci, Kessel, Giroux, Crosby, Malkin, B.Richards, Stamkos, Staal, Backstrom, Toews, Sharp, Carter, Datsyuk, Duchesne, Stastny, Sedin, Kesler, Mikko, RNH, Getzlaf, M.Richards, Kopitar, Thornton, Couture.

      He’s barely top 30. If that.

      • bleedhabs81 says:

        Depends on how you evaluate him, I guess.

        Pure scorer, carry a team on his back… ya, you are right, he is not top 20.

        2 way – offense/defense kind of player, ya he is top 20 (at least in my hockey pool which gives weighted points for things like face off wins, blocks, hits, goals, assists). Not saying my pool weighting should be used to evaluate players, but it isn’t a bad indicator of a players value for everything not included on the scoreboard.

        I actually agree with you here though. I don’t think Pleks is the #1 Center we need to go to the cup. He is good, but he is not Toews good. He is a great #2. Too bad we still need a #1.

  5. TomNickle says:

    Ya know the funny thing about the Habs situation is that very few people are open to the idea of trading Plekanec or Cammalleri.

    Look at what happened with the Bruins following the Joe Thornton trade.

    Cap space for Chara. Signed him and it immediately made them a contender.

    I’m not saying that the Habs should look to this route in hopes of acquiring a Ryan Suter. And even doing so with hopes of landing a Shea Weber is a big risk. But moving a guy like Plekanec, who in my opinion cannot lead you to a Stanley Cup victory as your #1 centreman, is not a ludicrous idea.

    Edit: The Sentators set themselves up very nicely for the future by moving Mike Fisher. And he’s definitely a comparable to Plekanec.

    • Chuck says:

      In theory no one should be untouchable, as long as moving them makes your team substantially better in the long run.

      • TomNickle says:

        There’s a fine line here though Chuck. Moving guys like Thornton or Fisher is acceptable because the Bruins and Senators hadn’t won anything with them for a significant period of time. Moving a player like Subban or Price is a huge mistake because you have a limited body of work to evaluate. But with Plekanec specifically, is it more likely that we’ve seen the best of him or more likely that he’s peaked.

        I’m saying he’s peaked. Much like Fisher prior to his trade, and Thornton prior to his.

        • G-Man says:

          If you check Thornton’s stats, the Gooins traded him at his peak. Pleks and Fisher are the same type of center, with the nod to Pleks for speed and playmaking ability. With no viable alternative, the only way I trade Pleks is for someone with a lot more offense, especially if you want to dump Cammy at the same time.

          • TomNickle says:

            No viable alternative? No alternative to finishing in the bottom half of the conference almost every season? Do you really think that Plekanec can be the key cog in this team winning a Cup?

        • aroma says:

          I wonder. Price is considered throughout the league to be a blue chip goalie. If trading him could yield a Rick Nash, would you be in favor of it? Say, Price, Gionta and Weber/Campoli for Nash and Mason (having a tough year but has had excellent seasons in the past)?

    • shiram says:

      My only issue with trading Pleks is that the Habs have no one to replace him, and the upcoming free agents center are not all that great.
      Cammy, well he’s a playoffs beast, but I would mind it less if he was traded.
      Of course that all depends on what’s sent back to the Habs.

      • TomNickle says:

        I don’t want to see Plekanec on another team. My point here is that when you look around the league at teams that have won Cups, they did so with core players much better than Plekanec performing in the role that he’s in here.

        He, like I said is just my opinion, will not lead this team to a Cup as a key cog. And because of that, and where this team is. I would be looking into moving him regardless of whether or not somebody can adequately take his place. And I would argue that we have two centremen playing better than him right now by the way.

        • shiram says:

          Eller had a great night, and a bright future ahead of him.
          DD is playing great and you can’t fault his efforts.
          Both of them are lesser player than Plekanec, I don’t see how either of them can take Pleks load, and that would mean we have either a newcomer or Gomez gets the remaining center spot.

          Now tell me does DD/Eller/Gomez/Nokia look like center that can take you to a cup?
          Pleks is a top 30 center in the league, he plays well all over the ice and what he brings is difficult to replace.

          Also Bruins won a cup just last season with Bergeron and Krejci as their top 2 centers, and I’d say they both are in the same category of centers as Pleks.

          What you are suggesting is mini tanking basically.

          • TomNickle says:

            No that group doesn’t. You’re completely missing my point. Plekanec is NOT a centreman who can win you a Cup. And as such, you need to find a way to replace him. Whether that be through the draft, Eller elevating his game with more experience, or through the draft.

            And if you want to shoot down the idea of Eller becoming a better player than Plekanec in the near future I’ll kindly remind you that Eller is only 22 years old. Was considered a potential lottery pick up until about a month prior to his draft and has been steadily improving both offensively and defensively.

            Plekanec is not that much of a better player today than Eller is. Though he admittedly is better defensively and with playmaking ability. But the ceiling for Eller has always been higher. We won’t know for a few years if Eller will be better, but it’s looking like he will be(and I’m not basing my thought on the four goal game). I’ve been saying this for a long time.

          • shiram says:

            I love Eller, and I definately think he can at the very least be an equal to Pleks down the line, he just is not there yet, but I got alot of faith in him. Giving him the time to devellop is key though, as you said he is still very young.

            I don’t think Pleks needs to be replaced, as much as he needs another capable center to help him share the load, Gomez has not been able to do it, DD is not doing it either.

            Pleks is alot better than Eller is today, the numbers are there to prove it, and Pleks got the experience advantage as well.
            Again not knocking Eller, but he needs some time to get as good as he can be.

            So basically my train of thought is the team will move backwards if they trade Pleks and don’t get an equal or better center back.
            I guess you feel the team needs to rebuild, while I think they are just a few key pieces away from a decent lineup.

          • TomNickle says:


            Plekanec has 10 points in his last 20 games.

          • shiram says:

            He is still the the 20th best center in the league for points right now.
            With the team that surrounds him, he is still our top point producer.
            And we have no one to replace him, people are always harping the Habs are weak down the middle, I still don’t see the sense in moving our top center, unless we get an equivalent center back.

      • WindsorHab-10 says:

        Replace him to do what? We’re talking about blowing this team up & starting over. Untouchables are Price, PK, Max Pac, Eller & Emelin.

    • habs03 says:

      So you would trade Plek for scrubs and hope to sign Suter? What happens if you don’t land him. Plus how good is suter going to be outisde of Nashville. As good as he is, and he is good, he is paired with Weber. They both making themselves look a bit better than they are because they are paired together.

      • TomNickle says:

        No. I would try my best to fetch a return comparable to what the Senators got for Mike Fisher.

        With the cap room. I would only pursue an elite player who made my team an instant playoff contender. I don’t believe Ryan Suter fits that mold. Shea Weber does though.

        Edit: Let me ask you this. How do you think opposing teams’ forwards would feel about having to play against Emelin and Weber?

        • habs03 says:

          A deal like the Fisher deal for Plek, will send a msg that you are rebuilding, and not many elite UFA are going to want to come here. And Weber is a RFA, so your going to have to wait, and I doublt Nashville will let him leave, I see them letting Suter walk and use that money to resign Weber.

          • TomNickle says:

            Yeah. And what’s wrong with rebuilding?

            The Bruins were rebuilding when Chara signed there. Bouwmeester in Calgary. Gaborik in New York.

            These teams weren’t at the bottom of the NHL. But all of them were rebuilding when those players signed.

            And just another point. The Oilers are going to be a major UFA draw now. Because veteran defensemen are going to be foaming at the mouth thinking about rarely playing in their end and having more than a half dozen forward bailing them out every night.

          • bleedhabs81 says:

            @ tom

            Please don’t include Boumeester. I see your point. He was good and he signed with a crappy team. However, I bet Calgary wished they hadn’t signed him. He is useless and the fans dislike him here in calgary.

            I hope we don’t sign another Boumeester (high pay, poor play).

          • TomNickle says:

            Bouwmeester’s play in Calgary isn’t relevant to my point. My point was only that free agents do in fact sign with rebuilding teams.

          • habs03 says:

            @Tom, you said elite players, Weber is an RFA, so unless you trade for him, whats the point of trading Pleck to free cap space. And there is only 1 elite free agent coming up and its Parise, and with the amount of teams bidding for him, chances of MTL landing him are slim even if we had cap space.

          • TomNickle says:

            I’m saying I would move Plekanec for a return similar to what the Sens got for Fisher. Not with the sole intention of landing Weber.

            But without moving Thornton, the Bruins don’t get Chara.

            This is my point.

    • Marc10 says:

      Hell, you could even trade Markov at the deadline if you were so inclined.

      Imagine a healthy Markov returning to form and lifting the PP. There would definitely be interest if he was on the market. This being a special teams league, I’d see a lot of contenders wanting a piece of that action come the playoffs.

      Markov with the Sedins… Gotta like that. Markov as Lidstrom’s pair this and replacement next year… Markov on the Washington PP. Markov with the Rangers…

      I think there’d be quite a few teams interested and the return would be interesting. Who among the contenders has some decent juniors on the books? I know the Caps have a Russian…

      • TomNickle says:

        Florida Panthers are absolutely stacked with young talent.

        Bjugstad, Huberdeau, Howden, Grimaldi, McFarland, Petrovic, Shaw and guys like Markstrom and Gudbransson who are already in the NHL.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      If Gretzky was trade-able, anyone is trade-able. The point is that you have to get something at least as good as what you give up: maybe just a different kind of player.

    • bleedhabs81 says:

      “Immediately made them a contender”

      Did it? Did it really? Either we watched a completely different league for the last 6 years or I am losing it.

      I seem to recall Boston was pretty terrible for a few years (and not that long ago, really). I will be right back. I have to go check out NHL.com. Excuse me……..

      OK, I am back. The year after they traded Thornton they finished 13th in the East… not a contender. not even a playoff hopeful

      The very next year they finished 13th in the East – Still not a contender.

      The next year after that they finished 8th in the East but lost to the Habs in the first round

      So yeah. Still want to call them instant contenders?

      • TomNickle says:

        Yeah it did make them a contender immediately. Because you can’t draft and develop an elite defenseman in one year. They went through two seasons of mediocrity to becoming the best team in the Eastern Conference and are now built for the next five years.

        Chara makes them what they are. Without him, they get blown out almost every night. He makes that team go. Thornton could only take it so far, Chara pushes it over the top.

        Plekanec can only take this team so far, so now it’s time to find somebody that we can build around to take up over the top.

        • bleedhabs81 says:

          immediate or instant contender… nope. Not even close.

          Thornton was traded in 2005.

          It took 5 seasons for them to do anything relevant. It took them 3 just to make the playoffs.

          I don’t disagree that the trade gave them money to sign Chara, but it took time for the dividends to payoff (plus some good draft picks the years they sucked, john fergusen jr for picking Pogge over Rask, and most recently Brian Burke can be thanked for setting them up for the next 5 years).

          Instant results would have them doing a heck of a lot more than finishing 3rd last two years in a row following the trade… since the definition of instant would indicate immediately, or right now… correct?

          Can you see us (Habs faithful) waiting 7 more years to have a chance at the cup (with 3 straight pitiful years)… because that is how long the “instant contenders” took after trading Thornton.

          • TomNickle says:

            Chara going to the team made them an instant contender because……

            1. Had they not signed him, he wouldn’t be there.
            2. He is the main reason they’ve been elite and now have a Cup.

            Price makes this team a contender almost every night. But this team hasn’t won anything relevant yet.

            Difference between contender and “team to beat”. Get what I’m saying?

          • bleedhabs81 says:

            I understand what you thought process is (and I even argree with the indisputable facts), but I am stuck on your definition of contender and instant.

            Your definition of instant, in my opinion, is completely wrong. If Boston had made the playoffs (or improved in the standings) the year they signed Chara, then yes, instant would be accurate. They didn’t. They took 3-4 years just to make it to the playoffs. Not instant. He may have made the D instantly better… but that is not what we are arguing, is it?

            Your definition of contender and mine also seem different.

            13th in the Division is not a contender… not even close.

            The habs, with Price, can contend on any night… but are they a contender?… Nope, not right now. To me, a contender is one who has a reasonable chance of competing for the cup. A contender in the league is not just a team that can compete everynight (but still lose 60%+ of their games). As of right now, the habs are not a contender (and that hurts to say).

            Your definition would imply any team that can win a game is a contender… which, sure, they are… but for what? One win, or the championship?

            Is Chara the cornerstone of that team? Yes. Did signing him make that team instantly better? Yes, at least on D. Were they instant contenders? 13th place finish two years in a row seems to indicate a resounding NO… but that is just my opinion. But then again my definition of instant means “now”. I am also very impatient.

            lastly, your reasons for him making them a contender are not really solid arguements. I mean, point #1 doesn’t really argue anything as to what he means to the team. All you said was since he is there he is not anywhere else… hard to argue with that logic but it does not tell me how that makes them a contender… sorry, instant contender.

            As for point #2. I agree, he makes their D elite (at least one line for 30 minutes a game)… but a 13th place finish is not an elite team, which again, occurred the two years following his signing. Therefore INSTANT deos not apply and CONTENDER is a laughable arguement since they lost more games than they won those years.

            I believe I have exhausted my reasoning here… so, agree to disagree and let the masses laugh at our pissing match?

    • aj says:

      If you’re suggesting to the idea of trading Plekanec and/or Cammalleri, maybe the right team to make that trade is probably the Anaheim Ducks.

      They have 3 players that they want to trade (due to poor performance according to their opinion) and they’re scratching their heads right now on who’s going to be traded:

      1. Bobby Ryan
      2. Ryan Getzlaf
      3. Corey Perry

      Keep in mind though the Leafs are now in discussions w/ the Quacks. Maybe PG should look at them as suitables come trade deadline.

      • G-Man says:

        I get the feeling their GM just gave those 3 a collective kick in the ass. That line can’t keep being lazy defensively.

      • bleedhabs81 says:

        I would love one of those 3… especially Bobby Ryan. I can’t understand how those guys are not lighting it up every night.

        • aj says:

          @ bleedhabs81:
          As I said before, I would love Ryan here if Gauthier could make a trade w/ the Ducks for let’s say a Gio, Cammy and/or Pleks + a Draft Pick.

          If not, let #14 stay and trade those 2 smurfs, Habs need size and grit on their offensive lineup.

          Imagine if we have a forward lineup like this:


          • bleedhabs81 says:

            as underachieving as BR is this year, I can’t see the Ducks shipping him off for our underachievers. He just has a bigger skill set then anyone we have.

            Big, can skate, soft hands, finish

            Also, I know this is just schemantics, but if we had Ryan, he would not be a 3rd liner. 🙂

  6. Marc10 says:

    Dear RC,

    Please play Eller’s line on the PP. Park big Trav in front of the net and let AK and Larry fetch the pucks and cycle back towards the slot. With DD’s line on the other PP wave, we’re going to slowly but surely get something going.

    BTW, props on double shifting Cole. As long as the big man’s not tired, keep doing that… and maybe think about giving AK or Eller the same treatment!

  7. RockinRey says:

    “He’s a power forward and when he’s going, he’s hard to stop,” Moen said. “He has a great shot, makes great passes and he’s a bull in the corner when he wants to be. He’s one of the strongest guys I’ve played with. He’s hard to knock off the puck.”

    How telling and very PC of Moen . “When he wants to be” . Its too bad that teammates recognize that AK can pretty much turn it on anytime he wants but a greater percentage of the time there is a unwillingness to compete.

    And in other news D’ags bags 3 and Halak 6-0-3 in last nine. Still prefer Price !

    • shiram says:

      Whatever people will fault on him, AK46 is a great asset to he Habs, and it does not matter how many times Benoit Brunet says that AK46 is lazy or inconsistent, because ak46 has been playing great for the Habs this year, and his output per season is quite consistent.

      • habs03 says:

        Problem is, I think the max that we should offer is 3 years at 4M, but I think he might be able to get more on the open market.

        • shiram says:

          Well I’d like to see him stick, he’s an awesome 3rd liner, and can help out on the top lines any time.
          Hopefully PG or whomever holds the GM post can make it work.

      • Marc10 says:

        It’s a contract year… I say get a prospect and a pick. If you wanted to resign him, the time to do it was last year…

        I just hope the big guy turns in the kind of highlight reel stuff we’ve been seeing and goes on a tear. Then maybe some contender will give us a real gem in exchange. There are a lot of good junior players out there who might find a good home on Larry’s wing for the next 10 years…

    • Le Jadester says:

      Perhaps a reflection of the money he earns ?
      That’s why he’ll never make 5 mil. plus. IMO

      Mabey he’s content with 3 to 4 mil and getting to pick and choose when he wants to turn it on. But it is a contract year and talented, players like him don’t grow on trees I suppose. Therefore what do ya do with him if yer the goat this year ?

      Still think AK-Eller-Moen can compete with anybody in the league.

      Habs, OLE !

    • WindsorHab-10 says:

      I thought AK had a great game Wednesday, Yeah you’re right when AK decides to play, he’s dangerous.

  8. HabsfanoftheHabs says:

    It appears we’re due to get some more bodies back in the lineup over the next couple weeks. Let’s assume the Habs play a few good games and are competitive this month.

    Aside from the recurring ‘I want Gomez gone’ suggestions, what do we realistically expect for player movement to make room for said individuals?

    Presumably Blunden goes to Hamilton and White gets a chance to show he can play this year…. and…?

  9. Recent Rumour Roundup
    The jokes are made up but the rumours are real. heh.

  10. Peter Young says:

    Many happy returns of the day to Dickie Moore and best wishes for his 82nd year. Dickie Moore 81? Ridiculous!

    Dickie was a supremely talented hockey player–for almost a decade in the era of Howe, Beliveau and Hull, he held the NHL single season points scoring record–but the one thing he had more of than almost every other player was character. He gave his full effort at all times, even when injured, and he never gave up, even though he had to play on knees that actually creaked. That’s one of the reasons for his nickname, “Digger;” Dickie never held back from doing the gritty work along the boards and in the corners.

    If there’s one thing that would improve the current edition of the team (other than an infusion of new talent), it’s the character, the spirit, of Dickie Moore. He took pride in his club, he put his team first and to that end he took pride in his own individual effort and performance.

    Thanks, Dickie, for all those Stanley Cups and for a career that still stands as a grand example half a century later.

  11. HabFanSince72 says:

    A comforting thought.

    There are 7 billion humans. The vast majority of them do not follow hockey. Many don’t know it exists, and most that do don’t really know the teams. Like, I know there is soccer in Korea, and I assume there’s a Seoul team, but that’s about it.

    In other words, there are several billion human consciousnesses out there that do not know that the Bruins won the Stanley Cup, and do not know (or care) that they have won like 30 of their last 34 games, and will likely win the cup this year. It’s these consciousnesses that give me hope. Billions and billions of them that think and reflect on all manner of things none of which are the Bruins’ likely repeat as Stanley Cup champs. Billions of people, something like 10 to the 20th power neurons, all churning away on things other than the Boston Bruins.

    • shiram says:

      But I thought once the playoffs anything could happen?
      Last year the Canucks were the faves, and did not win…
      If it comes to a Bruins playoffs finale, I’ll just watch professional Starcraft matches.

    • Le Jadester says:

      So besides us (the Broons Achilles heal)….. who has enough firepower to take these clowns down ?

      Vancouver again ?
      Detroit, Chicago or SJ.
      Probably the only teams close IMO, no ?

      Probably nobody in the east, especially since “the kid” is done-zies ?

      So now what ?

      Habs, OLE !

      • Marc10 says:

        I think the Rangers have a shot. They have a goalie.

        But yeah… Unless Sid comes back or Washington finds its groove and gets really hot, I don’t see any team in the East that can match the Bs on paper. Not even close.

        Injuries could derail them. If either Thomas, Chara or Bergeron were to fall, they’d be in big trouble.

  12. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Memo to new GM of the Habs:
    Larry Robinson, assistant coach next year.
    Here’s an oldie but goodie


  13. HardHabits says:

    Bruins paste the Flames 9-0 with Rask in net.

    Tuukka Rask turned aside 25 shots to earn his third shutout in four starts and the Bruins won for the ninth time in 10 games to improve to 23-3-1 since Nov. 1.

    Bruins look like they will repeat.

    • G-Man says:

      All bad things will come to an end. The Bs run will have run its course soon. IF they are still going like that in 3 months, then they have a great shot. Then again, if all them start going wrong I’ll be the first to cheer their downfall.

    • The Dude says:

      Bruins management had vision of what it takes to build a long term winner . They will beat you at all facets of the game of Hockey and continually build for tomorrow. Cam Nealy would be a great G.M. for Montreal!

      • Kooch7800 says:

        they also had some luck in finding an organization as dumb as the leafs that gave them Rask for Raycroft….had extra 2nd round pick sitting around for Nathon Horton from the Kessel deal and picked up Sequin from the Kessel deal.

        They also had a league that won’t suspend Chara for almost killing someone on the ice cause it was a hockey play

    • TomNickle says:

      There is such a thing as peaking too early.

      I’m a bit more sold on the Blackhawks than I am the Bruins. Though the Bruins do have better goaltending.

      • HardHabits says:

        Bruins, Rangers, Flyers, Penguins in the East

        Hawks, Wings, Blues, Wild, Canucks in the West

        Right now those teams are the favourites to make it to the Finals.

        Bruins have Thomas and Rask. Unreal.

  14. montreal ace says:

    DD says Cunney told the team to start the game pissed off, I think he knows how to motivate

  15. Old Bald Bird says:

    I remember being a kid in a streetcar [sic] in Montreal. It must have been 1959, and some guy under the influence going on and on at great volume, saying “Moore’s going to make it.” I believe he was referring to Moore winning his second consecutive scoring race. (Note: it could have been a year earlier and on a bus, but it was definitely in that time period and definitely on public transit. 🙂 )

  16. TomNickle says:

    Somebody is about to set the bar high by trading a well known veteran player for a bounty of draft picks.

    Hope it turns out to be the Habs.

  17. Marcusman says:

    So would you trade Pleks and Diaz for Jerome Iginla?

  18. Jetcar70 says:

    I’d love to see another win tomorrow night! Go Habs Go!

  19. HabinBurlington says:

    The Hockey News chiming in on how inconsistent Shanny is and how the results are no different than if Campbell were still in charge.

    ESPN chimes in as well.


  20. Bash says:

    I woder what the suspensions would have been for Lucic instead of Carcillo and Horton instead of Bourque…

    “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” (anon)

  21. G-Man says:

    Is it about time the Habs went on a roll? How about a Kaiser, then?
    We will see tomorrow night by about 7:30 whether or not the whole roster responds to the win over the Jets. Let us all remember those same Jets were shut out last night in laffland.

  22. HabinBurlington says:

    I can’t remember if it was a 9 or a 10 to nothing loss to Detroit that chased Patrick Roy out of Montreal’s net for good, but will the 9 to nothing loss by Calgary be the catalyst for chasing Jarome Iginla out of a Calgary uniform? Different circumstances, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see something dramatic from Feaster after a loss like that.

  23. Isn’t Dickie Moore the guy they named all those trailers on construction sites after? 😛


  24. HabinBurlington says:

    Good Morning All, well I guess we find out tomorrow night if we are actually about to start a winning streak or continue down our path of mediocrity (perhaps less than that).

    This is not a strong Lightning lineup, can we say MUST win game?

    • RGM says:

      Virtually every game from this point forward has a near “Must Win” sentiment attached to it. I reckon they will need at least 7-8 wins each month plus 2 of the 3 games in April. The math means that right now there’s only a 16% chance of our heroes going to the post-season, and 90 points is the barometer for them being a slightly better than 50/50 mark to hit 8th place.

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
      Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

    • The Habs can lose maybe 13 games in regulation between now and the end of the season. With the Bolts in a funk (since beating the habs anyway) and as far out of a playoff spot as Montreal, the Habs can’t waste one of their precious few losses tomorrow.


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