Hands up, everyone who’s surprised

The NHL’s marquee star hasn’t played a minute since of hockey since Jan. 5.

So really, what did you think the league would do about a “hockey play” that has jeopardized the career of Max Pacioretty.

Oddly, Mike Murphy’s statement makes no reference to the Bruins in general and Zdeno Chara in particular targeting Pacioretty.

Nor does it mention a chip-in play, with 16 seconds left in the second period of a 4-0 game.

Two minutes for intereference.

Attempted murder?

Couldn’t be helped.

It’s a man’s game.

Total. Goon. League.

Hands up, anyone who’s got the stomach for it anymore.


  1. RJ says:

    GREAT point.

    “My face is my mask,” Gump Worsley

  2. doug19 says:

    Something is very very wrong with this league .Get out while you can!

  3. zozotheclown says:

    I can’t beleive they mentionned the clean record as evidence in Chara’s favor. He barely escaped last time, when he should have been suspended for that late instigator, and guess what, next time he nearly kills a player, he’ll escape again, becuase he won’t be a repeat offender, because he got off scott F. free this time…. Its stupid logic, and protects star players from being suspended, its the only reason the rule is even there, pathetic.

    My only hope is the Habs take the high road, and next time we play them, don’t go after Chara or do anything stupid, he’ll just put another one of our players in the hospital, and we don’t need that.

    One question, if teams can appeal a suspension, can we appeal a non-suspension?

    Get well soon Max-Pac!

  4. Black Snake Moen says:

    This league is a fucking complete joke.

    When is anyone going to stand up to these corrupt individuals.  This is a complete laugher for them and the saddest thing is that a poor 22 year old kid with such a promising future is the ONLY victim here.

    Carey Price said it best.  “Everyone has to be aware of their surroundings”  That means wether you INTENDED to or not, the fact is, you are responsible for the result of what YOUR actions caused.  PERIOD.  We’ve heard the car analogy here, and in fact the basis for those grounds does hold up.  If I run someone off the road with your car and say I didn’t mean to, we were both going so fast, bla bla bla, I still go to jail, or ATLEAST am reprimanded.  So if we again apply this to the hockey playing surface, and if Chara hits someone from behind, even accidentaly, and that player, by the laws of motion, and chance, hits is his head awkwardly on the end boards, is Chara still not culpable? After all, the boards are as much a part of the playing environment as the “turnbuckle” is.  So this absolutey FARCE of a league is saying, “Hey, what happens out there, happens, and unless you’re Trevor Gillies throwing an elbow to the head, or Marty Mac chasing down Donald Brashear with your stick, or Bertuzzis’ predatory attack on Moore, unless you really wanted this person to get hurt…you’re gonna walk”

    If the legal systems our society used we’re based on these principles, all our drunk drivers would be parading around killing innocent people.  And you can’t even say for a second that the whole issue with Campbell and his moron son and the fact that Patch EMBARASSED Chara in overtime about a month ago should not play into this.  It’s just disgusting.  I will not put another cent I own into this league ever.  I will pirate every game I watch from atdhe.net.  When is someone from the media gonna stand up?  These pussy lapdogs like Bob Mackenzie and whatever ex-goon bum TSN picked up aren’t journalists.  Their gatekeepers.  Boone, I love you.  You’re the voice of all the proud, dignified, and intelligent fans that love this team, and more importantly this game.  You need to make yourself heard on this issue, so does everyone in the Montreal media, and other teams as well.  Apathy and complacency will do nothing here.  Please, we as fans are begging you.  Again, you are our voice.  I hope Patch’s family take legal considerations against the NHL itself.  I can’t wait for player reaction.  It’s time for some people to step up here and get mad, after all that’s the first catalyst for change.

    What a disgusting league.  Absolutely inhumane.  Any troll Bruins fans out there wanna give me a laugh and contest otherwise? hahaha.  make my day.


    PG just released a statement saying “The NHL made it’s decision, and it’s not for us to express our opinion publicly”


    where is his spine?!

    what is he afraid of? a measly fine!? LA’s GM lashed out at the NHL for a DISSALOWED GOAL and PG can’t find the balls to call a spade a spade and speak out on this travesty!?

    If I’m Max and his family, I demand a trade and go to a team with a GM who CARES ABOUT HIS PLAYERS.  And isn’t afraid to sacrifice 1% of his salary to stand up for what’s fucking right.  This just gets sadder and sadder by the hour.  Please Boone, please somebody, anybody, do something, this is WRONG.  Where is the media in this.  Thomas Jefferson said “the spirit of resistance to ‘goverment’ is so valuable that I wish it to always be kept alive”.  This team, this league, this game needs some of that spirit right about now.

  5. habs-hampton says:

    And when he does it again, the NHL can look back and say he has no history of “supplementary discipline”, and on it goes.

  6. Habbu says:

    What is it going to take?……………………a player actually being killed during play?……it’s only a matter of time……and then what Gary?…”a tribute?” “a moment of silence?”………my God what have these people become?

  7. markCBC says:

    It’s safe to say the #NHL is afraid of #Chara. But let’s be honest, this is further evidence of a league that will not protect its players

  8. Greg says:

    There has to be something that can be done.  Look, the NHL relies on fans for its existence. As fans, we have a strong voice in how the game should be played. If we keep watching the games, and just posting on sites like this or blogs, we’re telling the NHL that we accept how they are governing our game (and it IS our game). If the fans can come together to force the NHL to protect its players, then the Cherry’s and Milbury’s will have to listen. A website should be set up or something. I hate watching the sport I love descend into madness because the old boys club that runs the NHL feel that they are untouchable. I’ve had enough.

    “I lined up next to him at a faceoff, looked over and said “Hi Rocket”. All he did was growl.” -Gordie Howe

  9. danp says:

    Sorry Mike, I’m losing my stomach for it. Hockey is a physical game. Players are sometimes injured. It isn’t supposed to be violent. There is a big difference between playing a hard, physical game and playing a violent game. This has gone from a game of skill to a game of big goons beating the crap out of one another. I suppose it sells tickets. In the end, a player will die on live television. I don’t want to be the kind of person who will buy tickets after that happens. It will happen someday. I thought that day was yesterday. It still makes me sick.

    Two comments made by the NHL in the statement today don’t sit well with me. First, according to the statement, Chara has not been the subject of supplemental discipline in his 13-year career. He was suspended one game while playing for Ottawa. He was also suspended one other time but the NHL decided to “wipe” that one out. I’m not sure that constitutes a clean record. Secondly, there was no attempt on the part of Chara to target the head. I realize the still photo of Pacioretty’s head contacting the post is not three dimensional but it appears to me that Chara’s forearm is slamming Max-Pac’s head into the post. I presume the NHL has a better view than I.

    I hope the NHL enjoys their view. Much more of this and I’ll start subscribing to another brand of hockey. If I want to see goons beat the crap out of one another then I’ll watch MMA.


  10. longtimehabsfan says:

    Bettman has a serious credibility problem and simply refuses to address it.  How can his chief disciplinarian be the father of a hockey player in the NHL?  It is an inherent conflict of interest.  Recuse himself?  So did Jeb Bush during the 2000 Florida recount.  The second person in command is not going to be influenced by the boss?

  11. Flex Aarnell says:

    There is no justice justice in the NHL. It makes me want to cry, throw up, and/or break a Bruin’s neck. I feel sick.

  12. doug19 says:

    They think or rather don’t think like Bob Mckenzie. Someone will die on the ice,  I hope the NHL is charged. This is the same league that keeps  a team on life support while quickly killing the rest of the league. Poor little Chara should we take up a collection for him? Sleep well at night Chara?

  13. RMc says:

    Here is hoping Chara is rundown by a car…but the driver is aquited becasue he was jaywalking and it was deemed just to be a “driving situation”. 

  14. habinypsi says:

    im just so disgusted with the league now.  Even if you accept that Chara didn’t know it was Max, and didn’t realize that the turnbuckle was there, and had no malicious intent, it was a hit away from the puck by a veteran player who should have known better.  Now a kid is in hospital with a concussion and a neck injury.  I think that 5 games for stupidity is not to much to ask for.  Also I am sure that if Max did this to Chara, the Bruins and idiots like Cherry, would scream bloody murder, about how the Habs are full of dirty players and Max would end up with a 10 game suspension.  I really hope Montreal sees the Bruins in the playoffs.

  15. HardHabits says:

    Incidents like this make me feel like stopping to watch NHL hockey altogether because the league has become a joke.

    Bettman has single handedly destroyed the game. I pity the poor fool that wears a Boston logo in Montreal.

  16. shiram says:

    16 seconds left in the period.

    Max didnt have the puck.

    Chara had vengeance on his mind for Max, for sure.

    The game was already lost for the Bruins.

    Chara is responsible.

    If the nhl cannot dole out the justice, it must be sought elsewhere, a court of low would probably be best.

  17. vic says:

    Well lets wait for the management see no evil hear no eveil speak no evil post a complaint to the league.

    again I wont be surprised at the silence

  18. RJB says:

    The league sent a message today, and that message was that if you injure a player to the point that you may have ruined his career, as long as you have clean record, no sweat! 

    It was a pathetic ruling, it was a weak ruling, the NHL had the chance to lead the hockey world, as they should being the marquee league in the sport. Instead they cowered away and left fans of all teams with a bitter taste in their mouths.

    I can’t remember a time when NHL hockey has let me down so much, I feel sick to my stomach. I love this sport more than any sport in the world. I watch hockey any chance I get. However after todays decision it just seems so hollow, a 22 year old kid has a cast around his neck, and Zdeno Chara doesn’t even have to miss another shift.  Will Max ever get to play another shift? Who knows.

    The last thing I want the Habs to do is to retaliate and come out swinging, because goodness knows that if we do retaliate against the Bruins in a violent manner, the league will have an eye out for it.

    My thoughts are with Max, but I’ll also being thinking about Mike Murphy, and wondering if he knows that he had a chance to set a precedent, to stand up and say “the NHL won’t tolerate this kind of hit no matter who makes it” instead he just let us down all over again. So dissapointed, so disgusted.

    What will it take to change the NHL? It’s scary to think about. Paralysis? Memory loss? Someones life? Theres no answer to that question, the only thing that is known, is that it HAS to change. And it should have today.


    “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.” – Bilbo Baggins

  19. eyhp says:

    Coming soon to a NHL rink near you: live coverage of a NHL player killed by an opposing team’s player.

  20. Bill says:

    Not surprised, and anyone who is probably didn’t understand the significance of Campbell’s “email-gate”.

    Habs’ fans are angry, but it’s useless. The NHL’s media pals will let this story die.

    A suspension wouldn’t heal Pacioretty anyway, so I don’t really care. As long as he gets better, that’s the main thing.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  21. Flex Aarnell says:

    I didn’t think I could hate anyone more than Colon (what -an-effing) Scam-bell. Thank you Mike Murphy for showing me that this is not true.

    On another note: Chara probably threatened to break Murphy’s neck if he suspended him. God knows you’d have to take that freak’s threats seriously now.

    And finally: This event angered me to the point of creating an HIO account in order to vent my frustration. The therapeutic value of posting in this forum is very under-appreciated IMHO. I feel better already (slightly).

  22. Kain292 says:

    This is enough to make me sick. I feel completely defeated.

    Being a Habs fan is a way of life, and a sh*tty one at that.

  23. MikeMcLaren says:

    Fact: The NHLPA is more concerned about its membership losing salaries for suspensions than they are about the safety of their own membership!


  24. RJ says:

    Jeremy Jacobs and the Old Boy Network took care of this well before any “review.”

    “My face is my mask,” Gump Worsley

  25. Bill says:


    Full Breezer 4 Life

  26. bel33 says:

    You summed it up perfectly…. what an empty feeling. 

    Let’s support Patch on his long road back…. maybe.  :S


  27. MasterHab says:

    We cannot get justice but we can get revenge. The way I see it, the NHL has left us with no other options here. They suspend James Wisniewski for merely gesturing at Sean Avery. They come down like a ton of bricks on Trevor Gillies because he’s a borderline NHLer at best. But they won’t do anything to Chara who is an all-star and the kind of player that fans are willing to pay money to see play. Money is all that matters to the NHL which is why he got a free pass.

    So what Pierre Gauthier needs to do now is go to Le Bifteque tonight, order himself a nice juicy steak and chow down. Then he needs to get on the phone to Hamilton and beef up his roster in time for March 24th. Call up Alex Henry, Jimmy Bonneau and any other knuckle-dragger he can find in the nether regions of the minor-pro leagues. And when the puck drops, if you want to REALLY send a message not only to the Bruins but to those clowns who run this garage league, the first guy you go after isn’t Chara but Gregory Campbell, Colin’s son. Take his head off and see if his daddy still thinks it’s “just a hockey play”.

    If the NHL won’t be satisfied unless or until someone dies or is paralysed, then justice demands that the victim be Gregory Campbell. The son should be punished for the sins of the father. Maybe then the message will penetrate the skulls of those neanderthals currently employed by the NHL head office.  

  28. Natrous says:

    I have been sick about this all day, not only in fear of Pacioretty’s health and the welfare of his loved ones, but in expectation that the league would do nothing to try to stem the tide and eliminate a clear and obvious head shot tactic that is driving a player’s upper body into the turnbuckle between player benches.

    This isn’t a new idea. We’ve all seen hits in the past that involved this dangerous area. The difference now vs then is that today, we have new rules that are applied to headshots of any manner, however it appears that the league is content with a double-standard when it comes to applying this new rule.

    As other posters have mentioned it before, it’s not coincidence that Lucic tried the same hit on Tyrell recently. There are teams in this league who thrive on ‘truculence’ or ‘a tough brand of hockey’, who specialize in the grey-zone attack arts and questionable methods, both inside and out of the scope of play. The league had a chance to identify a trend of dangerous hits and lack of respect, yet chose to ignore actual facts in rendering its decision.

    I will never apologize for being a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, but I can’t help but feel shame for being a fan of hockey in general and by extention a non-compliant fan of the NHL. This is a sad day for hockey. Get well soon, fully and completely, Max Pacioretty.

  29. bbezza says:

    absolute bullshit league with strong anti-Canadian bias (again!)…

  30. Rob Maguire says:

    And the next time Chara does something like this, he’ll still have a “clean record”, and therefore an excuse not to suspend him. 

    It’s pretty tough to have a history of supplemental discipline when you’re playing for Team Campbell. 

  31. HugeHabsFan says:

    I thought the exact same thing.


    “Thank you Cammy for making my day even more amazing!”


    Cammalleri: “I almost feel bad for a guy who plays an NHL career without experiencing what it’s like to be a Montreal Canadien”.

  32. jhaze says:

    sadly true

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