Halpern returns vs Flyers

Canadiens forward Jeff Halpern will be travelling with his teammates this afternoon to Philadelphia, so expect him back in the lineup tomorrow night vs. the Flyers.

Halpern has missed the past two games with an undisclosed injury after being hurt in last week’s demolition derby in Buffalo vs. the Sabres, playing just 2:21 in that game.


  1. twocents says:

    Well pardon me. Even the Limp Bizkit part… ?

    By the way, I take a dose of Dwight Yoakam every now and then. His first three records are great.


  2. SeriousFan09 says:

    More SCs would have required more than Roy and Chelios, it would’ve required much better drafting by Savard (Good choices ending after ’87 except the Koivu selection in 93) and not trading away every talented player through the mid-90s under the Houle debacle.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  3. punkster says:

    Man, I take some time off this place to catch up on my Dwight Yokum fix and you guys go and trash my musical tastes all to hell. By the way, the Chuck Mangione conversation JD relates was reasonably close to the truth, apart from the fact that he wouldn’t stop humming that damn tune “Feels So Good” even as I had him in a Tom “The Bieska Breakin’ Bomb” head lock and was flailing away like a man possessed. I CANNOT stand that tune.

    Niagara Falls! Slowly I turned…


  4. Habnofear says:

    You don’t have to like him but that does not change the fact he’s a top 25 in the NHL.pLUS HE WOULD BE THE TOP POINT GETTER on the Habs for what …the last 4 years? BAD  DEAL B.G. ,a real stinker!………………….

  5. twocents says:

    While I agree with your assesment of sir ribs, it still would have been nice to get someone more useful in return.

    The ribbish one had posted some decent numbers and should have been able to return a real deal player.

    The catch of course is that Ninnimma was a good player, but he was injured. Who knew, who didn’t, and why did this happen with Gainey’s former team?

  6. habsfansince91 says:

    thats why he put “NOT” at the bottom, implying that they actually didn’t help us

  7. 24 Cups says:

    Glad to see the old jersey is back, Chuck.

    Very cool having it in the HOF.

  8. HNS says:

    Washington is useless.

  9. HNS says:

    Biron? What happened to Lumpquest?

  10. JD_ says:

    Think he rejected the concept, feelin’ that a studio teamin’ of Slipknot and Nana Mouskouri – accordin’ to the paper placemats, she’s eaten at Schwartz’s – held more potential.

  11. Chuck says:

    Habs will make it farther than the Flyers in the playoffs. Book it!

  12. JD_ says:

    Just yesterday, Punky was tellin’ me how much he dug Chuck Mangione and the degree to which Feels So Good just simply didn’t get its fair share of air time in the 1970s. He then added that Limp Bizkit might consider tryin’ to revive their arguably dead career by doin’ a kick-ass cover.

    Can’t say I was on board with any of it but, then again, I didn’t go to school in fancy-pants Boston.

  13. NoTinFoilCups says:

    WOW! The Caps have just 13 shots against the Rangers with only 5 minutes left in the game. Rangers just tied it 1-1.

  14. punkster says:

    A superb recording with one of the finest quartets ever. McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones are the powerful on that album.


  15. Bill says:

    Although I’m certain that, right now, Kovalev is more available than the prom-queen’s ugly step-sister, I wouldn’t have him back. And I’m a fan, honestly: he just dioesn’t fit this crew.

    Exhibit A – There is no ‘Kovalev’ in ‘Team’. He really does his own thing, because that’s what he’s good at and he’s pretty useless otherwise. Although this year’s squad has some obvious deficiencies, their best quality is probably that they are A TEAM, first, foremost, and finally. Kovalev would disrupt that, I suspect.

    Exhibit B – Too Many Cooks. Although it is A TEAM, it is clear that it already has leaders, namely Gill, Gionta, and Gomez. It’s the 3G Cartel. I think the team play and determination they’ve shown is probably attributable to the example of these respected veterans. Kovalev comes in, he’s not shy, he’s in the dressing room probably debating and butting heads with the established leaders. More strife, less life.

    Exhibit C – Dude, Where’s My System?? Jacques Martin. Alex Kovalev. Enough said. Almost. Let me just add that the Canadiens might as well trade for a running back for all the use JM would get out of Alex the Great.

    I’d take Koivu back though. Ideal 3rd line centre.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  16. ooder says:

    i think it’s sad that the game loses a great (although whiny, diving and aannoying) player like savard but instead gets to keep the head hunting, knee seeking dirtbag matt cooke


    88 is the new 23

  17. mbplekfan says:

    Nice for Endqvist to get a couple of games under his belt. He played well enough and JM got a good look at him. He can finish the year in Hamilton knowing that he’ll probably make the big club next year.

    Good to have some depth in the minors for a change.

  18. Julie H says:

    Yes, he is a walking pile of injures. Broken foot, injured knee, horrific grade 2 concussion at the hands of Matt Cooke and now ANOTHER concussion? When is enough enough?

    ♪Your cares and troubles are gone. There’ll be no more from now on. From now on happy days are here again, the skies above are so clear again. So let’s sing a song of cheer again. Happy times, happy nights, happy days are here again♪

  19. Say Ash says:

    Anybody think Marc Savard would be dumb to keep playing?

  20. hab_skill says:

    I don’t understand how the Oilers have 3 people in the All-Star game and the habs have one.





  21. twocents says:


    Like I said he didn’t say much during the time I was watching, though there was oppurtunity. (I didn’t watch the whole show)

  22. HabFanSince72 says:

    Carbo had nothing but good things to say about Saku last week, both on the air and online.

  23. punkster says:

    Never was a Dolphy fan. Tremendous talent, no doubt. Just never tweeked my ears.

    Now Sun Ra. Talk about oddities. It wasn’t until the late 80s that I warmed to that bizzarness but I caught his Sun Ra Arkestra in Toronto a few nights in a row and it just flipped me. He was working with a 14 piece band at the time and every one of them was a master of his/her instrument. As outrageous as the music was I was bloen away by the talent.


  24. Gormdog says:

    Someone did an analysis last week and the “winner” were the Sabres with something like 21 or 22. Seems that Friday night hockey is tradition in Buffalo, while the rest of the division plays pretty much every saturday night.


    Or so they claimed, much like my bunch o’ stat lines below…

  25. twocents says:

    Increased beyond my usefulness?


    Funny, one of the local record peddlers just recommended Mobley to me today.

    How do feel about Eric Dolphy?


  26. Number31 says:

    …Carbo once told the world that if Kovy needed the C to work then too bad because he wasn’t taking it off Saku, ever. (Permanently, that is…since Kovy was the fill-in C when Saku was hurt).

  27. JohnBellyful says:

    Rather slim evidence on which to base such a profound conclusion. For one thing, I was sleeping.

  28. punkster says:

    So I sat here for 15 minutes just to see if anyone would bite on this topic. Not that I have anything relevant to add to it, I just wanted to see if anyone really cared what Carbo thought. Then I also thought maybe someone would jump on the Kovy bandwagon again even after that dismal showing last week. Looks like the answer is no on both counts and that makes me think the level of intelligence on this site has definitely increased over the past few months.

    PS…just heard a great old Hank Mobley recording on CBC2. Slick and smooth he was.


  29. JohnBellyful says:

    Only those earning less than a million. The others get pins.

  30. habs365 says:

    the game tomorrow night will be decided on which Habs team shows up..the workers or the sleepers.

  31. LA Loyalist says:

    Martin to Ottawa with Muller taking over and Robinson coaching defence — PK – can you imagine Robinson coaching PK (and Weber, Tinordi).

    That is a fantastic idea. 

  32. LA Loyalist says:

    I’ll drink to that.

    I was thinking more an older proven veteran than someone who wanted the #1 job, but obviously it’s not a gimme.

    They are not happy with turco in Chicago, for example.

  33. LA Loyalist says:

    … and they’ll each get a participation ribbon, I would imagine?

  34. A. Berke says:

    No, we don’t need a plan we have the “SYSTEM”

    Ali B.

  35. OneTimer says:

    Ouch, Kulemin just ate a mean punch to the nose…he wasn’t quite ready to fight Gleason I think.

  36. JohnBellyful says:

    MONTREAL – The Montreal Canadiens will no longer be allowed to celebrate a goal or a victory according to a new set of protocols they’ve been given by head coach Jacques Martin.

    “Other teams don’t like it and it just leads to a lot of bad feelings,” Martin told reporters today at a press conference they called. “And bad feelings are counter-productive to winning games.”

    Martin has told the players that when they score tomorrow night at Philadelphia, they are to skate back immediately to the bench with their heads bowed, as if sorry they had ruined their hosts’ evening. The other Hab players on the ice are to follow suit and form a solemn procession behind the goal scorer.

    There will be no tapping of gloves with teammates as they make their way past the bench, Martin added, as such gestures could be interpreted as a hostile act by the opposition.

    “Player are paid to score goals so why all the hoopla when they just do their job?” Martin said. “Do Supreme Court judges give high fives after they render a decision? Do surgeons pat each other on the bum after a successful heart transplant? Do I jump up and down every time a columnist writes how good a job I’m doing?”

    Martin said goal scorers will receive a thank you note from a management and a letter of congratulation will be entered their file. Scott Gomez will be given a medal.

    Not wishing to stifle his players’ exuberance entirely, the veteran coach said they will be allowed to tweet each other on the bench.

    Assistant coach Kirk Muller, who asked to be treated as an anonymous source but failed to get it in writing, told reporters later that, at his insistence, the protocols allow for alternative forms of celebration to suit the situation. For example, should the Flyers play true to form tomorrow night and behave as thugs, no matter how respectfully the Hab players conduct themselves while piling up the goals, the Canadiens will do the traditional skate by the team bench after a score and continue to where the Flyers are seated and tap each player in the face. Hard.

    “It’s one way of showing respect,” Muller said.

    — “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.” —

  37. Ayan_SB says:

    Keeping Redden over Chara didn’t help matters either.

  38. habstrinifan says:

    I remembered the day Murray was made GM.. I said to a colleague this is gonna end badly. Never liked Murray.

  39. jimmy shaker says:

    For Crosby, straight up! DONE



  40. Dennis says:

    Danno, who comes on Inside Out often, was at the Koivu game and he sent me some pictures. http://dennis-kane.com/danno-and-his-dads-excellent-adventure/

  41. SeriousFan09 says:

    With their goaltending carousel there is always a chance of being upset, or if they’re struck by key injuries. They are the favourite in the East but if Crosby gets back from injury and can return to good form, he has a tendency to burn the Flyers in the playoffs as well.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  42. HabFanSince72 says:

    Not if we trade Cammi to the Pens.


  43. G-Man says:

    Muller, right now, is a great assistant coach. It is not hard to see that he would bring more passion behind the bench, but Martin is doing pretty well with this depleted lineup.

    Like it or not, this team need to play great defensively in order to win. The Habs simply do not have the likes of a Stamkos or an Ovechkin or a Crosby. That means they have to win with hard work. The Habs have a great work ethic thanks to…Martin. Give a little credit to the head coach for last season’s playoff run, too. He put the players on the ice that got the Habs to the 3rd round.

  44. habstrinifan says:

    I have thought about your ‘fact’ a lot. It seems unrealistic that Muller will become head coach… the French facor is simply insurmountable. But then I ask myself if there is a handshake agreement between Muller and the top brass that he would be rewarded for his loyalty. It strikes me as odd that he would have stayed without some ‘carrot’ especially after his contribution in last year’s playoffs. Surely he had to have been approached by other teams. It also brings up the question of whether the players had voiced a desire for Muller to remain.. remember it always seemed that he was the one charting out plays and communicating one on one with palyers.

    I hope he is treated fairly whatever happens. I heard a caller on team 990 wishing that JM would become Ottawa’s GM and thus clear the path for a new coaching approach. Would be interesting to see what happens.

    Any way we can get Larry Robinson on baord is absolutely great.

    I dont think Muller and Robinson can work with Roy… Roy is too much an ALPHA personality.


  45. avatar_58 says:

    Look I’d like to see Martin replaced as much as the next offensive-hockey lover, but it’s not happening. Martin still has a pretty good record and his best playoff run since ’93 on his resume. Coupled with his contract length I don’t see the Count going anywhere.

    So as much as we all love Muller…..his best shot is elsewhere. Maybe some day in the future he’ll return as a successful coach ready to help the habs.

  46. SeriousFan09 says:

    Roy’s ego would never have him as the assistant coach of a team IMO. It’ll be HC or bust, he was offered HC/GM of the Avalanche when they began their rebuild in 2009 but declined. I’d like to see Robinson behind the bench as a defensive coach but that’s not going to happen at the moment and he’s got a contract with the NJD, they’d have to fire/release him and they have no cause to do that and he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to run out on his team.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  47. gohabsgo25 says:

    lets face the fact muller would be the head coach soon because mr molson is taking over and probably doesnt care about the franco coach bs, and gives muller his oppurtunity to shine.

    what i would like to see is patrick roy larry robinson as his assistants.

    also darche is a local boy who is completing every one of ours dream is to play for the habs. he will stay for cheap.


  48. ed lopaz says:

    Roy will be the 1st head coach of the new Quebec franchise. That is what Roy wants, what Quebec City needs.

  49. avatar_58 says:

    I keep voting for Robinson but yeah….he’s busy

  50. Ian Cobb says:

    We will be in tough in Philly tomorrow night. Both teams have the day off today. But I think the new replacement players, and the roster players will make it just as tough on the Flyers.

    This will be a great chance to implement our system, and play it to perfection. We will frustrate Philly with our total team defence. while staying out of the box ourselves.

    Price will play stellar again and we as fans will be kept at the edge of our seats until the final seconds of the game. We will use our speed and play disciplined. It might go into overtime, but I think we will pull out 2 more points before the all star break.

  51. Psycho29 says:

    Would love to see Muller and Robinson behind the bench sometime , but I doubt it will happen as long as Martin has a contract and the team is playing well.

    I loved Roy as our goalie, but I have little respect for Roy the coach or as a man. I don’t want him anywhere near this team.

  52. ed lopaz says:

    Robinson called last year looking for the job. Habs did not return the call.

  53. SeriousFan09 says:

    That was Boivin’s error not PG’s though, Boivin did a lot to get the organization back on good financial footing but I’m glad Geoff Molson, who’s more likely to make direct business decisions and have language affect his choices less will be President starting this summer.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  54. LA Loyalist says:

    “Don’t think for one second that we’re not putting a plan in place that’s methodical, calculated and with a lot of forethought to win a Stanley Cup,” said Eugene Melnyk. “The reason I’ve been quiet is I’ve been working on a plan. That plan is now in motion.”


    oh crap. Ottawa has a plan. should we get one too?

  55. SeriousFan09 says:

    Ottawa’s plan: Find a new GM who doesn’t sign twilight years Russians to expensive contracts and spin the roulette wheel on coachs every 18 months for the hell of it to cover up roster failings.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  56. habs-hampton says:

    I’d like to give Darche a nice even $1,000,000. He’ll earn every penny as a player and what great mentor and example for younger kids. If we’d taken a guy like SK and billeted him with the Darche clan, we might have made a decent hockey player (and person) out of the guy.

  57. habs-hampton says:

    So did Melynk give Murray and Clouston a “vote of confidence” or just competely give up until the end of the season?

  58. HabFanSince72 says:

    You have to feel a bit sorry for Ottawa. Had a great team for so many years but kept getting gooned up by the Laffs in the playoffs. Then they came so close to winning the cup in 2007 and really got d***ked by the NHL. Then f***ing Dany Heatley. Then all their stars got old.



  59. SeriousFan09 says:

    Ottawa lacking a solid goaltender for most of their best years held them back, they needed a guy who could stop pucks and when they finally did in Ray Emery, the NHL let the Ducks play like it was the 1970s in the SCF.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  60. solomio says:


    The Flyers are untouchable. They will win the cup hands down. There’s no team that comes close.

    I suggest we start Auld tomorrow night. Carey doesn’t need the loss, could use the rest and Auld could use the game time.

  61. HabFanSince72 says:

    Oh yeah – add Ray Emery to Dany Heatley above.


  62. the Maritimer says:

    I’m afraid the Habs will be coming home without their lunch money when the Bullies are done with them Ian.

    A point would be nice.

  63. drivefor25 says:

    You’re right about Darche setting a good example for the younger players. He’s smart, a diligent worker and had to learn the hard way to make and stay in the NHL, which I think would make him an excellent coaching candidate down the road.

    Fan since ’71

  64. SeriousFan09 says:

    I can’t bring myself to dislike Emery too much, his unfortunate health issues making it possible he may never play in the game again make it difficult to actively hate him.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  65. WestHab says:

    Speaking of Heatley, isn’t it about time for him to ask for a trade to a cup contender?

    – Who will be at the Heritage Classic?

  66. LA Loyalist says:

    Leaving Price/Halak out of it – what are your thoughts in general on carrying a strong back-up goalie? Look at just the last 10 years of the playoffs… even in cap era. (I have no opinion on Auld, he hasn’t played enough for us to know)

  67. WestHab says:

     Apoint with no new injuries would be nice.

    – Who will be at the Heritage Classic?

  68. punkster says:

    Little early to be calling a Cup winner. Even waiting until the playoffs start and gambling on a winner is just that…a gamble. If they hold their league lead through April (barring injuries, goaltending fiscos or meeting surprise playoff teams…wink, wink)


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