Halak’s greatness, graphically displayed

There have been many trees and microbytes sacrificed for those of us in the reporting business to describe the goaltending greatness of Canadiens’ Jaro Halak.

But check out the front page of the Sports section of this morning’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which graphically displays the 134 shots Halak faced in Games 5, 6 and 7 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinal. The red pucks are the three goals he allowed in that blizzard.

Props to the Post-Gazette. That is a beautiful way to illustrate Halak, this page surely bound to be the cover page of Halak agent Allan Walsh’s contract negotiating dossier.

The Post-Gazette looks at Jaro Halak’s last three games:


  1. B says:

    Price’s minimum QO is a 5% raise (not 10%).
    $.85M * 105% = $.8925M
    I expect Montreal to give him a higher offer than that though. Somewhere around $2M perhaps?

  2. J Haul says:

    Jaro looks like a giant next to Ovenchicken in that picture.

  3. mike g says:

    We gave up in that game, and WSH’s talent took over. Talent can do that to you, but we didn’t let it happen again…

    Our leaders knew it couldn’t happen again, and it didn’t. In games 5,6, and 7 we took the lead and never looked back. That’s what good teams do.

    Last night, SJ was so close to blowing a 3 goal lead it’s not even funny. They are so much more talented than we are, and should have scored way more than 1 goal in the final 50 minutes of that game.

    That’s when heart is missing. It’s not a lack of skill.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  4. tophab says:

    if price wants a raise say goodbye.nobody will make a big offer for price.

  5. Say Ash says:

    Wikipedia never lies, dude.

  6. habsfanincalgary says:

    Some random thoughts;

    - PK laces up tonight; SK as a fourth liner and Metroman watches from the pressbox.  Lappy played his best game of the season 2 games ago and has shown signs of some his better play last year.

    - Looking forward, if the Habs can win this series, they have a legitimate shot at winning the Cup (shades of ’93 when the Isles took out Mario and the Pens).  MTL has proven it can win against BOS and PHI and from the remaining teams, can match up against CHI, DET and SJ; VAN troubles me a little as they’ve struggled in recent years playing in BC and Luongo always manages to bring his A game.

    - BG is starting to look like a genius as this was the team he architected last summer.  The Gomez contract is a little costly, but Pyatt has played well.  Higgins did nothing this year in NY and CAL; Tanguay’s numbers showed he was invisible.  As much as I like Kovy and Koivu, Cammy has finished plays that Alex did not and Gio has shown Koivu’s leadership.  Gill has surprised me most because I lost count of how many times during the regular season I screamed, “get off the ice!” when watching the games…

    It should be an interesting series! 

  7. mike g says:

    Those 3 are always a force,….in the regular season.

    come playoff time, they dissapear. Clowe has heart, but not always. He takes many shifts off and is soft in his zone. Yes, he does give big bodychecks in the offensive zone though. But in his end, he rarely sacrifices himself.

    Setoguchi is a faker and a baby. He’s always crying to the refs. It’s the playoffs, shut up and play your game. Stop diving and suck it up. If he had a bit more toughness, he would be great.

    Nabokov is alright, but never has what it takes to bail his team out when they need him most. When his team fails to show up or is getting outplayed, he doesn’t steal playoff games. We’ve seen this postseason how a goaltender can save your ars in games like that.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  8. habbifier says:

    Is it wrong to wish that Chris Lee takes a 95mph slap shot to the face?

  9. J Haul says:

    Gah! It was my understanding that the bad refs got weeded out by the second round. We saw our fair share of morons reffing in the first round. We got two great vets that called a great game 7 and I thought getting through those first 6 meant we finally wouldn’t have to put up with incompetant refs. I guess I was wrong. Lee shouldn’t be doing any playoff games, let alone in the 2nd round. This is just disgusting.

  10. tophab says:

    price raise? no way.

  11. silent_witness says:

    in chris lee’s wikipedia it says

    “Also was born a women, and was raised in Toronto.”

    is this true??

    -Win with the Habs, Die with Habs… GO HABS GO for Life

  12. Say Ash says:

    I think it has to do with some kind of balance in the universe. As long as we keep going through, so will he.

  13. J Haul says:

    How the hell did this muppet last til the 2nd round of the playoffs?!!?!?

  14. SaskieHabFan says:

    Kind of like in game 2 when we were up 4-1 with 4 min left to go in the 2nd and then……

    Whats with your hatred with the Sharks? They never gave up the lead yesterday and won.

  15. SaskieHabFan says:

    Thornton, Marleau, Heatley maybe in the playoffs but they were a dominant force all year. How can you say Clowe, Setoguchi, and Nabokov have no heart? Did you see any of the games last series? Setoguchi and Clowes line kept that Sharks team in it and Nabokov pulled out some timely saves to be able to make it through the first round against the young and fiesty Avalanche. The reason they have not gone far in the playoffs is because every team in the west is a force every year, just look at the Avalanche 95 points and in 8th in the West but would be 5th in the East? Sharks are going to the WCF and will have a dog fight to get to the finals. 

  16. J Haul says:

    The new official “History will be made” video, this time featuring our own Jaro Halak. Pretty good one. Gives you a little shiver.




    edit: and now I scroll down the main page and see it embedded. What a tool I am. hah

  17. mike g says:

    Dang, I knew someone would bring that up….lol.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

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