Halak’s greatness, graphically displayed

There have been many trees and microbytes sacrificed for those of us in the reporting business to describe the goaltending greatness of Canadiens’ Jaro Halak.

But check out the front page of the Sports section of this morning’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which graphically displays the 134 shots Halak faced in Games 5, 6 and 7 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinal. The red pucks are the three goals he allowed in that blizzard.

Props to the Post-Gazette. That is a beautiful way to illustrate Halak, this page surely bound to be the cover page of Halak agent Allan Walsh’s contract negotiating dossier.

The Post-Gazette looks at Jaro Halak’s last three games:


  1. DAVE. N says:

    not bad thinking.. I was reluctant to see PK t this time of year.. I’ll admit he played better thn I thought he would…wish he was a winger though.

    Laps is playing for a contract….senses a “Latendresse” moment waiting for him IMO

    Can’t agree with coming up against the West and having a legitimate shot..we’d still be the underdogs.. (would love to see a Detroit/Mtl final though..take the wind out of Bettmans sails

    Pyatt has been a pleasant surprise…Boucher has really done well with him…when he was up last year, was a totally different level..

  2. tophab says:

    if price wants a raise say goodbye.nobody will make a big offer for price.

  3. tophab says:

    price raise? no way.

  4. FirstRoundBusts says:

    Chris Lee hates freedom.



    firstroundbusts Comics

  5. terrygain says:

    Montreal always used to vote for the Captain. Have they ever been appointed?

  6. terrygain says:

    If Halak continues to play like he did against W (even without the miracle in game 6) he will get an offer that will prevent the Habs from keeping both.   

  7. KenD29 says:

    Chris “SARA” Lee

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  8. KenD29 says:

    That’s because he is

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  9. FB says:

    It says he has only reffed 4 playoff games in his life.  How does he start a round 2 game with only 4 games under his belt.




  10. sprague cleghorn says:

    good one.

  11. habaholic68NJ says:

    Nothing is locked until the end of the last series is over.  One game at a time, please.

  12. OneTimer says:

    Good call about BG’s moves in your last paragraph. Sure, we liked some of those ex-Habs, but what BG brought in is even better. Imagine if we didn’t make the playoffs by the skin of our teats though? We’d never have seen the heart and determination this team is really capable of…

  13. habbifier says:


    In all seriousness, Btchman might as well find a kids size zebra jersey and do the work himself instead of hiding and whacking off to a naked Crosby swimming in a pool of Benjamins.

  14. avatar_58 says:

    Once it’s on the internet, it’s true

  15. avatar_58 says:

    but we won’t tell 😉

  16. Off-side says:

    kinda yeah.

  17. Off-side says:

    No, no, no…!!  Don’t jinx us with talk of going to the Cup.  One game a at time. 

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