Halak vs. Blue Jackets, Price vs. Maple Leafs

Nothing wild and crazy out of this morning’s practice at the Bell Centre, with coach Guy Carbonneau announcing that Jaroslav Halak will get the start in goal tomorrow in Columbus vs. the Blue Jackets and Carey Price will start Saturday in Toronto vs. the Maple Leafs.

The lines offered no surprises, based on the practices of this week:

Andrei Kostitsyn-Tomas Plekanec-Alex Kovalev
Chris Higgins-Saku Koivu-Alex Tanguay
Guillaume Latendresse-Robert Lang-Sergei Kostitsyn

Tom Kostopoulos, Maxim Lapierre, Steve BΓ©gin and Georges Laraque practised in light blue fourth-line jerseys, with Carbonneau saying he’d yet to decide the makeup of that line for Thursday’s game.

More to come later this afternoon, with audio from the dressing room.


  1. B says:

    Begin-Lapierre-Begin ?

  2. Ian Cobb says:

    He did not show yesterday Keith, save it for an other time

  3. CHsam says:

    HAH good one

  4. 24 Cups says:

    Dandy hasn’t played defense in over a year. He’s strictly an emergency backup in that role.

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  5. Ian G Cobb says:

    Dee , it is just the way the stupid schedule was set up this year, I will have a word with Betman for ya. It will be solid from this point on

  6. Dee says:

    Please someone answere a question for me.WHY has the Habs had so much time off at the begining of the season.Is it because of a busy schedule coming up.Do all teams have this much time off during the year? Didn’t they have 4 days off a couple of weeks ago?? I find when they have a few days off they don’t play as well.It is like they are lost.
    Answer Please!!!!!!!!!

    Habs Fan 4 Ever & Ever Amen.

  7. Ian G Cobb says:

    He won a cup.

  8. Ian G Cobb says:

    24 cups, you guys are right about keeping both game ready. I watched the jackets last night or two nights ago, also the leafs. Both teams working very hard, and we cannot afford to play the way we have the last little while. Taking off a period or two is not very pretty.

  9. habs haven says:

    yes, especially if he plays the same way he did against Anaheim.

  10. Robert L says:

    I hope the editor is feeling better!

    Scroll down this site for bit – lost of good reading and scrapbook shots.


  11. CHsam says:

    probably because that fruit Theodore was wearing that famous touque.

  12. CHsam says:

    Anybody remember how Breezer played in 93?

  13. spirit of the Habs says:

    Just got the new dvd set of classic games….Not sure why the Habs oilers outdoor game is on it? I would rather see 76 cup finals or some other playoff game.

    Canadas Team, Gods Team You name it The Habs are it

  14. Ian Cobb says:

    Harani, I will save your ass on here by saying Brisbois is a team mate of mine who made this team, if you asked Carey, he would say that he is very proud to have his experience in front of him. But of course if you are trying out for the team, we will soon see what colour your ass is!

  15. nightmare_49 says:

    There was no NHL Morning Papers today as the editor was ailing so here’s some hockey bits – On the Beat ….. http://www.illegalcurve.com/2008/11/06/on-the-beat-lawton-not-happy-with-lightning-sakic-and-kariya-hurt-and-line-combinations-for-your-reading-pleasure/ …………………………. Afternoon Delight ….. http://www.illegalcurve.com/2008/11/06/afternoon-delight-russians-behaving-badly/ ……………………………….. Steve Mason will Start in Nets for the BlueJackets Friday and Rostislav Rusty Klesla their #1 ‘D’, i love to have him, will be a Game Time Decision .. Puck-Rakers ….. http://blog.dispatch.com/cbj/2008/11/mason_to_start_again.shtml

  16. Hockey11 says:

    We have Dandy, Dandy is better, Dandy was not Carbo’s roommate back in the day. Ergo, we get Breezer as he chases his milestone.

  17. Harani says:

    RDS has called Brisebois’ start as good one. They also go on saying that it allows Carbo to be relieved. The reason? He is a Plus-2. Who cares? Did you see how dangerous he is on the ice? I bet Price will one day go up and tell him that he can’t keep saving his ass….for stupid mistake. I agree that O’Byrne is having rough start but to start that Brisebois is doing well is just an alternative to saying we really need a 4th D!

  18. Maffu says:

    just read it, what a great blog! good find bea.

  19. Ian Cobb says:

    We have two kids learning the game at this level, if one goes down the other is game ready and it is a long year. They will both motivate each other.

  20. davecessna says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as to say the Leafs are total bottom feeders. They have been pulling quite a few upsets. Even Red Fisher called them the most surprising team in the league so far.

    I’m a Habs fan by the way.

  21. Mike from Ktown says:

    I love this comment. OK, so the goalie lets in 4 goals on an outing, with 3 of them being odd man rushes on him, and one was on the PP against him where there were 4 opposing players around the net. It was really his fault we lost that game, not the brutal D we brought to it that night.

    The kid just didn’t come up with the big saves that night, maybe, just maybe he could have had 2 of the 4 on him. However to blame him for odd man rushes is unfair.

    The kid has had two stellar games this year, one of which I think he stole for us in Florida. He deserves the time, and dont be surprised if he gets about 25-30 of them.

  22. 24 Cups says:

    RM – Her name is Faith and she brings so much joy to my family. This would be a better world if more people were like dogs.

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  23. JF says:

    Maybe Carbo thinks it’s better if he doesn’t face R.J. Umberger–remember him?–just yet.

  24. Keith says:

    Hey Ian, did you ever give that Hab’s tie to Don Cherry? Just wondering.

  25. Chorske says:

    All the more reason to get him back in the saddle

  26. RetroMikey says:

    Luv your dog 24 Cups!
    I have a Yellow Labrador Retriever as well!
    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  27. RetroMikey says:

    Our Yellow Lab Sonny brings joy to our family as well.
    Not a day goes by where he gives us unconditional love and people should learn from animals, they were brought on this earth to teach us something…love, peace no hatred, etc.
    Wish there were more pepole on this planet like me and you 24 Cups.
    I consider my dog a part of my family not as a pet period.
    Man is his worst enemy.
    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  28. Kaptain K says:

    Kostopoulous-Lapierre-Dandy for the Jackets, and Begin-Lapierre-Begin for Toronto…just to add some spice to that game.. πŸ™‚

    “Dont make Kovy angry…..you wont like him when hes angry”

  29. Chorske says:

    So I just read that the injury Brodeur suffered- and suffered seems to be about right in this case- was a TORN BICEPS. A torn friggin biceps. Any torn muscle hurts, but can you imagine tearing a biceps? Ouchy.

  30. JIMVINNY says:

    As much as I think that Habs fans will be able to vote enough to get all 6 of our boys onto the starting line-up, I can’t see the NHL allowing it. They’ll start discarding votes, just like they did with the “vote for Rory” thing.

  31. krob1000 says:

    Only one way to find out.

  32. 24 Cups says:

    co – great minds think alike – or maybe you type faster than me!

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  33. 24 Cups says:

    Mike – well said. Price is the #1 goalie but we need to have both guys ready for the playoff run. These next two games are against bottom feeders so we should be able to win both of them, regardless of who is in net.

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  34. cautiousoptimist says:

    Bang on on all counts — and no sense tiring out Price in the beginning of the year. If we can share the workload and keep everyone full of energy, why wouldn’t we?

    1. http://www.flickeringpictures.com – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Josh Gorges on Montreal’s attack: “They’re comin’, they’re comin’ and they keep comin’. Just line after line, wave after wave…”

  35. habs haven says:

    Why can’t Price play Friday and Saturday night? after all, didn’t he just have a full week off?

  36. bea_hab_fan says:

    seeing as how we’re trying to get our Habs some major recognition,
    did anybody read this blog about renaming hockey trophies?


    go down to the last entry where our captain gets well-deserved recognition for everything he does…..

  37. Mike from Ktown says:

    Jaro is a great goalie and going to get some games in this year. So it makes sense to get him in on back to back nights. We are starting a swing here where we play 13 times in 23 days, we don’t have to come sprinting out of the blocks.

    In addition the more we play Jaro the higher his stock rises.

  38. JIMVINNY says:

    I like where your head’s at. πŸ˜‰

  39. Dee says:

    Thanks Ian.Get on the case quick, maybe there is a conspiracy against our Habs LOL.Who makes up the schedule.I would loveeeee to have a longggggg talk with Bettmen,not because I think he is a nice man….

    Habs Fan 4 Ever & Ever Amen.

  40. No et al says:

    This thing about Toronto being the biggest surprise of the season is because people expected them to be even worse than they are.

    They have approximately the same number of points this year as they had last season. So, really they are no better than last year (they may be playing harder and playing a good system, but if you has last year’s crop of players pulling together like this, they would likely be much higher in the standings right now).

    The biggest change from last season to this one is the EXPECTATIONS hockey fans have for the Leafs.

    We expect them to be in the bottom five, instead they are playing just over .500 hockey. That still sucks.

    In fact, I hope they stay there. Means they don’t earn enough points to make the playoffs, and they don’t finish low enough to get a decent draft pick. πŸ™‚

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