Halak signing: $22,000 for Ste. Justine’s

Former Canadiens goalie Jaroslav Halak, now a member of the St. Louis Blues, signs the shirt Saturday of a young Carey Price fan at his Fairview mall signing.
© Bob Fisher photo

Jaroslav Halak raised an estimated $22,000 for Ste. Justine Children’s Hospital Saturday, signing 1,100 autographs over a period of roughly three hours.

Halak’s circus-like appearance at La Capsule Sportive in Montreal-suburban Pointe-Claire attracted an estimated 5,000 fans. But even signing furiously at a rate of about six autographs per minute, his 3 1/2-hour appearance also including media interviews, Halak could sign for “only” 1,100 over three hours. He met thousands of fans on his way out of the mall when security asked him to pack it in 30 minutes after the mall closed, 90 minutes after the scheduled end of the signing session.

Halak will spend a couple of days in Montreal, wrapping up some personal affairs, before flying to St. Louis midweek. He’ll formally meet the St. Louis Blues ownership group on Wednesday and be introduced to that city’s media at a Thursday news conference.

We’re guessing that the attendance at that news conference, while strong by St. Louis standards, will be roughly what attends a Canadiens optional skate.

A final well-done to Jaro, a good soldier for the Canadiens who worked his tail off while wearing the CH and leaves the city as the same class act he arrived. And here’s an eye-opener: one Halak signature, on a St. Louis Blues contract, earned himself $15 million. Eleven hundred Halak autographs Saturday earned Ste. Justine’s $22,000.


  1. HardHabits says:

    Relax demigod. Look at how Russia and China turned out. After years of state oppression it’s back to good old exploitation of labour. Try not to get burned while you’re flipping burgers,

  2. Everlasting1 says:

    How about expecting more from the billionaire owners? Not only did they get an unexpected winfall of $25-30 mil. in revenue from the playoffs, they increased tix and beer prices. Halak makes chump change in comparison.



    Don’t pollute the water.

  3. LA Loyalist says:

    My opinion is based only on your posts. You dislike Halak’s agent and attribute his bad qualities to Halak. If someone did that to you would not like it and think it was fair.

    I don’t know anything about his agent and don’t presume to. What we can know about Halak is through his acts, which is good way to know people.

    I should have been more specific about being offended – I meant on this site. Of course I’m more offended in general on a daily basis here in LA – though my living in LA is irrelevant to the argument.

    I just think you were very unfair to Halak. He was using his private time for charity in a city where he doesn’t live where he had no obligation to do anything. His contract was up and he is gone, but he did it anyway. Think how happy the kids were who got autographs. My son has a Habs backpack he won’t use because it has Habs autographs. It’s precious to him.

    As for your late mother’s bon mot, I admire her wisdom. And when I’m here online, the company I keep and enjoy is the HIO posters, which include you.  

    As for your opinions, I’ll call you on it when I think you are wrong, and I’ll support and defend you when I think you’ve made a good point. 

    On this one I guess we can agree to disagree.




    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

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