Halak recalled to sub for injured Huet

Jaroslav Halak
En route to Montreal

The Canadiens have confirmed last night’s RDS website report that goaltender Jaroslav Halak is being recalled from the Hamilton Bulldogs, the Canadiens’ AHL affiliate.

There was no mention in the team’s press release as to why Halak is being recalled, but Cristobal Huet suffered a pulled groin in Saturday’s loss to Nashville, and Halak will sub for him, Carey Price getting the start tomorrow at home vs. Detroit. Huet is being listed as day-to-day.

In 11 games this season for the Bulldogs, Halak is 4-4 with a goals-against average of 2.66 and a save percentage of .910.

Halak lost out to Price this fall in the race to be Huet’s backup. The native of Bratislava, Slovakia, played 16 games with the Canadiens last season, going 10-6 with a GAA of 2.89 and a save percentage of .906. He had two shutouts.

Halak’s callup sends the Bulldogs to the Cincinnati Cyclones, the East Coast affiliate of the Canadiens and Nashville Predators, to elevate goalie Cédrick Desjardins.

Desjardins, 22, has a 6-3-1 record with the Cyclones and a 2.01 goals against average. He has three shutouts this season-most among ECHL netminders and his goals-against average is fifth-best in the league. Desjardins has not allowed a road goal in 130:25, dating back to Oct. 31.


  1. Sulemaan says:

    Krob, if you post like that buddy – don’t go away anywhere at all. Very well written and coherent post my friend.

  2. TradeRyder says:

    Wow Krob. I almost believe you! Except for the part about Ryder :)

    Seriously – this is well thought out… and very positive which is great. Hard to be positive after a total let-down like that. I wonder how the team sees it. I guess we’ll find out.

    Good points about how the goals happened… we seem a little unlucky lately. And yes, LAts DID dominate along the boards, Pleks and Grabs were serious pace-setters.

    And Huet – the guy was the ONLY reason we had a CHANCE at 2 points. Something happens to him I think when he gets close to a win… he’s afraid he’s going to flub it or something. He must be SHELL-SHOCKED from being on this team whose defense has been trying to learn to play forward. I’ve said it before – most games Hamrlik is the only REAL 100% defensive player on the ice. And they guy still manages to get in on the rush, you seem him down by the other team’s net a couple of times a game. GREAT PICK-UP BOB… SERIOUSLY, a smart, smart aquisition. So, there – your optimism has rubbed off!

    Thanks for the line changes I asked for Carbs! Now, do the defense!

  3. coutNY says:

    Hell something should give, there are too many teams with an unbalanced talent pools… making most teams Average! This is mostly due to unwillingness to give up anything. Simply economics would suggest if everyone traded their over-abundant resources to obtain the resources they lack than everyone would benefit bettering their position… Right!

    Or we could walk down the same beaten path and squander our talent and barely get by year after year.

  4. skoehn says:

    Crosby is to much of a big baby to play in montreal the fans and media would have crosby going home to mommy

  5. krob1000 says:

    It also corresponds with the recent GM meetings.

  6. coutNY says:

    Hey it corresponds to hockeybuzz’s report (or better known as hockey’s version of the tabloid Star)that a mega deal out of Tampa might happen moving Lecavier… probably wishful thinking… LOL

  7. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    wait so, if you’re playing your first game of the season, and you get pulled becuase you let in 5 goals, and then your team loses, you could have a record of 0-1 with no games played? That’s hilarious.

  8. Corio says:

    “Oh No! Now teams are starting their backup goaltenders against us just like they do with the Lousy Leafs:-)”

    LMAO! Yeah :(

  9. 24 Cups says:

    Could you repeat that please:-)

  10. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    I really don’t see Halak going anywhere. Huet’s contract is up at the end of the year, and if we trade Halak, we have nobody to back Price up (assuming Huet doesn’t return). blah blah blah, we’ve talked about this all before… either, as long as we keep one fantastic goalie, let them do as they please.

  11. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    Hey Krob, I have an essay to write and it’s worth 45% of my grade. Do you think I can just send you the outline and let you put in some “Comments”? haha… I agree with all your points howewer. well said.

  12. The Teacher says:

    I won’t comment further on it, just watch for it specifically during the game and you’ll see what I mean.

    Breezer hitting you is like having a pillow thrown at you.

  13. likehoy says:

    i like that koivu line

  14. Rocket Richard says:

    Sometimes a goalie comes into a game and doesn’t get the decision.

    For example: Say The Habs are losing 4-0 to a team with Huet in nets. Price replaces him in the 3rd period and the habs end up losing 5-1. Price will not get a loss, but will register a game played.

    I hope this helps

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  15. likehoy says:

    the games counts for appearances

    but the win or loss is determined by who lets in the most goals contributing to the win/loss

    so if halak could have subbed in for yann danis after danis let in 6 goals and the bulldogs loss 6-0…and danis would get the loss while halak will just get a game played

    vice versa, if halak lets in 4 goals and danis comes in for relief and the bulldogs win 5-4, then danis gets the win, and halak just gets a game played.

  16. Chorske says:

    I’m hoping that they’re showcasing Halak. Give him a couple starts, let him remind people that he is a bona fide NHL goalie, that kind of thing. I’d hate to lose one of the Big Two.

  17. Chorske says:

    Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that- Brisebois wearing out Hamrlik. I think you’re right. It must be cramping his style to babysit like that.

  18. 24 Cups says:

    Oh No! Now teams are starting their backup goaltenders against us just like they do with the Lousy Leafs:-)

  19. Scotty90 says:

    Was Huet at practice this morning? Anyone see Price? Quite a coincidence if the story is true, actually too much of a coincidence as far as I am concerned… This is certainly a lot of good poop for people with suspicious minds. If I had a crystal ball, I would probably see a very fuzzy image of Huet packing his bags with a colleague or two, who are too fuzzy to identify…. but I don’t have one. Personnaly I think Gainey can only take so much, I know he is a patient man, but patience only goes so far. After Saturday’s game, you’d have to be the Statue of Liberty to have no reaction.

  20. Mr.Hazard says:

    How can he be 4-4 in 11 games?

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  21. saku11 says:

    TSN is reporting that Hasek is starting on Tuesday, which to me is a good thing considering the year he’s been having. Hasek SV% 0.867, Osgood SV% 0.924.

    I hope to see Carey Franchise in net tomorrow. As for our top two lines I hope Carbo goes with AK27-Pleks-Higgins, AK46-Koivu-Grabs. At least that’ll give Koivu some linemates that can keep up with his skill. Anyway I hope we win, I’m going to the game with a friend of mine who for some reason is a Wings fan.

  22. Dave Stubbs says:

    The flu bug with Price never was confirmed; that was speculation. But Huet did go right to the end of Saturday’s game and didn’t seem to be in any kind of discomfort in the dressing room afterward. (Maybe he pulled it skating with fans on Sunday? Nah, just kidding…)

    Conspiracy theorists, start your engines!

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  23. Rocket Richard says:

    ITS 1:02 Monday afternoon and ITS SNOWING outside.

    Now this is winter in a city of champions. Now all we need is a championship team – again.

    Many fonds memories of ice hockey or ball hockey in the snow.

    Just to escape the bitter losses of the Habs of late, anyone can relate any hockey experiences that you personnally like to relate.

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  24. Rocket Richard says:

    Something definitely smells funny Mike

    Tho, I don’t think a goaltending trade is in the works. If it is, I will be very surprised and shocked.

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  25. Rocket Richard says:

    Hello Krob1000,

    When is your second book coming out. Pretty good first book. LOL :-) Just kidding

    Don’t worry, sometimes we need to vent at our Canadiens and get things off our chest. Its good therapy, for free.

    Keep posting, but try and make it a little shorter next time. Its hard to follow along the punch lines or some of your points.

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  26. The Teacher says:

    Well, a few days after the game. I don’t disagree with any of your points. I fully agree with your backing of Ryder. 100%

    Breezer has to go..tiring Hammy out.

    I do agree that Grabs brings us something we need. but I’m embarrassed at how easily he falls down. He also NEVER tried to take the body. I know you’re not gonna move the guy, but at least TRY to obstruct him with some contact…Those are my only two criticisms of Grabovsky.

    Markov is definitely hurt. Shying away from most physical contact. But I applaud his heart.

    Huet was not the problem.

    Your analysis of the PK and 5-on-5 when under pressure in the defensive zone is 100% correct. We often have 3 guys standing still which means 4 of their players are open. More aggressiveness is DEFINITELY needed.

    The lines worked well I found. Koivu’s line just needs little more time to get used to how fast the puck is going when they cycle the puck deep.

    I do think they have been skating all year with the exception of that Friday night Buffalo game and the last seven minutes of the third period Friday.

    We should be able to compete with the Red Wings.

    Thank God Hasek isn’t starting.

  27. MikeL says:

    This just all seems too fishy to me. First Halak is called up because Price has the flu, now Huet is hurt? I know that in all likelyhood, everything is exactly as it is prtrayed. BUT, maybe they are either trying to show off Halak, and what better time to do it than against the best team in the NHL. Or, one of Huet or Price will get traded before the game tommorow night. It just seems like a huge coincidence that our team is slumping, trade rumors are flying, and both Huet and Price go down. Id say something is up.

  28. Rocket Richard says:

    hey erik,

    i guess you love carey price? let’s not annoint him yet as habs savior. give the kid some time to get some nhl experience and see how he reacts to different situations.

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  29. krob1000 says:

    Sorry, I didn’t realize it was that long…I will go way now for a while.

  30. krob1000 says:

    I too miss Bonk….especially in our defensive zone coverage situations late in games….hmmm.

    I must first get some things off my chest concerning the collapse on Saturday. Carbo must be commended for his shake up of the lines. I know they will not stick nor should they but what they did do was make each and every guy in the lineup take notice and they came out skating. Defensively they were about as adept as a Bantam hockey team ….but they were skating. Smolinski played his best game to date …until he took one of the dumbest penalties I ever seen. I think to a man the forwards played one of their best games since there were still leaves on the trees and talk of turkey dinners.

    Grabovski in my opinion was exactly the spark plug we needed as his first three shifts of the game set the pace (one that we couldn’t keep up with deensively but nice to see nonetheless). Anyone who has ever played pick up hockey has seen the impact that one or two fast guys or one or two slow guys can have on the pace of the game. I loved having Grabovski in the lineup and I agree with Carbo’s logic in inserting him.

    I got my wish as far as the defence goes as the were given far more room to move and join in on rushes (they were not the best decisions but the loose play was both entertaining and good at generating chances…for both teams). Carbo tried to loosen everyone up and I think he did a fantastic job.

    Poeple have been on here knocking Koivu and Ryder and Huet…..these people are oblivious to the realities of what has been happening. Ryder is NOT scoring…he IS getting chances and Koivu was all over the ice on Saturday (first game in a while he looked truly motivated). Huet was a wall for two and a half periods. We should have been down 4-1 and been happy to be the team stealing the point in all reality. I am afraid I do see the mental problems with our club as Huet’s blunder on the 1st goal seemed to rattle everyone. The point shot was a screen shot that if he had seeen he would have stopped. The tying goal was a defensive breakdown in combination with the third ridiculous interference non-call we have encountered at the end of games lately.

    If you watch the replay you can clearly see why Bonk is left alone….it is because Hamrlik gets tripped up at the edge of the crease an instant before the puck gets across. Not a knocking off balance type thing but a full fledged yank the feet trip him and cost a goal type of penalty that wasn’t called a la Blake in Toronto. These are not excuses I am making and I do not want to sugarcoat what was a terrible collapse but I think the game did what it set out to accomplish (I beleive to be Carbo’s intent) which was stir things up, show guys that they can score 5 on 5, activate the defense again and remind guys that skating was the key to our success early on.

    Now for the downside…..watching our best defensive zone coverage guy from last year score the winner was a terrible example of the power of Karma. All of our problems seem to occur when persistent pressure is on us in our end. For whatever reason guys panic. They stand still when they should be applying pressure and they flub opportunities to get the puck out. This has been our downfall late in games and to some extent early on as well.

    Yes we can say we sat out Begin and Kostopolous and it would have been nice to have them in that situation but I ask you this. Would we have even been in that situation without Grabovski in the lineup dictating the pace of the game early on (which he clearly did). Our defensemen were not good (not even o.k.) at judging when and where to pinch as they allowed several chances but you know what…..Huet stood tall and gusy were having fun and fans were entertained. Personally I would far rather lose a game like that than lose 2-1 or 4-0 and not generate any offense and watch guys get frustrated and become visibly unhappy while sporting the greatest uniform in sport.

    We did get a point and we did learn the positive effects of activating the defence (which by the way may have gone better had Markov been healthier…he looks like the sick one not Price). I think his “absence” or inability to perform right now is a huge blow to the club. He is a warrior for trying to help out and play but it was pretty obvious in both games that he is not 100% and he is our MVP as far as I am concerned so we all hurt when he hurts. We forgot to play defense at times though and I was horrified when I saw Plekanec the last guy back on a 2 on 1 but I guess you gotta give some to get some.

    I hope Carbo can somehow take the offensive positives out of this and punish the guys for being a little too lax in the defensive end. I really can’t distinguish between our penalty kill and our 5 on 5 defensive zone coverage if the other team maintains possession for any longer than 10 seconds. We stand around and watch instead of defending agressively. In fact I can remember now three different times that we have gone into this PK style shell and had long floating wrist shots go by Huet or Price because they can’t see past our guys passively defending and screening our own goalie.

    We did not play well in both ends of the rink and in my estimation were lucky to have earned a point but I think there wre some messages sent and received by the forwards. I think the next set of messages will be directed at the defense as they took the “freedom” far too far and are not playing as strong in front of the net as they need to be.

    I am dying to see what Carbo has in store next because quite frankly I like what he did. I think one of Begin or Kostopolous should be in the lineup against the Red Wings but definitely not both. The Red Wings are not an overly physical team and Grabovski’s speed was and will be useful.

    Ryder…hit the net buddy and stop telegraphing your shots. I have been his biggest supporter and still believe in him 100% as he is still generating more chances than the majority of our forwards. I think he should watch some Kovalev, Ovechkin and Kovalchuk tape and realize how often they “look off” their shots. On a breakaway it may not matter but in a game situation one of a shooters best assets should be the threat of a pass (or at least don’t look where you are shooting). Alfreddson is also incredible at doing this.

    Plekanec ‘s goal on Saturday was a weak backhander that my cat could have stopped but because Higgins was driving the net and Pleks looked as if he was going to pass it fooled Mason. Kovalchuk and Ovechkin always score wrist shots fromt he top of the circle on the left side because they look as though they are passing and then fire it at the net. Ryder may not have quite their shot but his wrist shot is top ten or fifteen in the NHL but a wrist shot still won’t work very often unless it is combined with deception.

    The only thing I hope to see Carbo do for Detroit is sit one of Streit, Bouillon or Brisebois. I think these three have all been very disappointing as of late (Streit and Breezer played great up unitl this slump) but they are all getting outmuscled because they are not getting position. If you are a smaller defenceman you need to sestablish position or you don’t stand a chance.

    All in all…..we got a point and there were several positives including Lats scoring a pair and absolutely dominating along the boards, Chipchura’s playmaking, 5 on 5 chances, defense activated, Higgins going to the net (scored and was the main reason Pleks scored), Koivu had life, Smolinski skated until the most important part of the game, Huet played fantastic and was the only reason we were winning the game until the last ten minutes. At the 50 minute mark of the game Huet would have been a unanimous choice for first star. He should have had one goal and the other was a terible mistake that magnified all of the others. He still should have had a defenseman back to help but that goal is on him and I am sure he lost sleep over it.

    Sorry folks about the novel but in a Leafs world we need somewhere to rant so thanks again to the InsideOut site staff.

  31. Rocket Richard says:

    well said carlo

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  32. Corio says:

    All I know is that if Montreal does not tighten up their defensive & transitional game we will be destroyed by Detroit especially now that the team is all demoralized and confused with all of the line changes..

  33. anotherhab says:

    put Halak in against the Wings, I thought he was great last year and in the post season! Halak him, halak him alot!!!
    if a trade is up for Huet it will interesting who else will be sitting out tonite!

  34. fsinisi says:

    saviourism = LOL :) Nice description!

  35. Rocket Richard says:

    First, let me say, as much as I would love to see Crosby in a habs jersey and himeself wanting to play in Montreal, I don’t think the Penguins will give him up.(even for Price)

    Perhaps, Crosby may play in Montreal during the tail end of his career if the opportunity arose.

    Getting to the goaltending situation. What is going on?

    First, Price is announced with a flu bug, now Huet has a groin injury.

    Is it just me or is something going on within the camp of the Canadiens.

    This team is beginning to lose their grip – on everything


    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  36. Erik says:

    So……..Careys time!

  37. leafs67_andcounting says:

    Yeah, according to sportsnet.ca Huet’s groin is bothering him again. I think it’s not such a bad thing to maybe have Price play a few games in a row.

  38. Chorske says:

    I don’t remember any of those rumours being anything more than idle speculation. The Tanguay one was born out of an article in Calgary saying he was ‘unhappy’ (a claim that was later denied); the Recchi one was based on the fact that Recchi has asked to be moved- how this trade would benefit the Habs is beyond me; and the Marleau one was pure fantasy.

    Until I actually hear an announcement, I will continue to believe that Gainey is rebuilding this team, after a decade of neglect, through the draft and free agents. Which is why I think any talk of getting Vinny is just another example of saviourism (saviourism, n.: tendency of Habs fan to anoint players, usually currently under long term contract with OTHER teams, as the key to winning the Stanley Cup).

  39. habscrazy8 says:

    Huet is injured once again according to Francois Gagnon and is day-to-day.


  40. madhabsfan says:

    Though I am as excited as the rest of you that a big trade may be in the works, remember, we have been down this road many, many times. Remember Marleau, Tanguay, and most recently Recchi? Our experience in the past few seasons should tells us that Gainey is conservative as a GM, and perhaps a little too patient. My bet: As long as the playoffs are within reach, he’ll wait, at least until there is greater demand for goaltending so that he can land a big name.

    Price for Lecavalier? Interesting, but not bloody likely. Interesting because Lecavalier still has several good years ahead of him. Interesting, because we’d have the first legitmate Francophone star forward since Guy Lafleur. Interesting, because he is exactly what the habs have needed for so many years. Not bloody likely because the value for goaltending has gone down, and because the turnstiles in Tampa would get pretty damned dusty.

  41. TradeRyder says:

    This is all foolish. No one would trade Vinny for Price. Vinny will command several players, at least 1 or 2 proven. Maybe for Koivu, Ryder, Plekanic, and Huet or Halak. And only then if they have to trade him.

    What’s frustrating is that the value of Montreal players is probably at an all time low. We lost Souray for nothing. Ryder is worth nuthin’ in trade now but coulda gone for a premium at the last trade deadline. Huet is sure worth less now then he was a few weeks after after showing he’s vulnerable in the third period.

    So I’m guessing we’ll trade our good but struggling players for plunkers and long-in-the-tooth has-beens like we have for a decade now. SERIOUSLY thinking about making the Habs my ‘sentimental favorite’ and picking a new team to cheer for in the spring. After over 10 years of foolishness, it’s hard to believe. It’s not totally Gainey’s fault…. the team is struggling.. so premiere players won’t come here and other GM’s smell blood. Face it, we stink of nervous sweat. The team needs to get ONE major guy to come here to show that it’s back on it’s a real contender. I would trade Price or ANYONE for that, and throw in some of our has-beens. We need an image-change, a reason to believe. History is not a reason. Hope isn’t either. And neither is what we’ve seen on the ice lately.


    Thanks for the line changes I asked for Carbs! Now, do the defense!

  42. Cable Guy says:

    Price for Vinny is a no brainer. Vinny is proven, he is exactly what we need. Don’t bet on this trade happening though as much as I’d love it.

  43. REB says:

    Price for Lecavlier…hmmm, how old is Lecavalier again? I’m thinking no on this one.

    Price for Crosby…as high as I am on Price, I’d have to say yes to this.

  44. Nova Scotia Hab Fan says:

    check this out, youtube.com/watch?v=A17KeY-DmNU, crazy stuff

  45. TradeRyder says:

    Let’s hope that we get something good for Huet if he is traded. I have to say, we seem to get the short end of the stick in trades. I admire Bob as a player, a thinker, a leader… as a horse-trader. Not so much.

    Thanks for the line changes I asked for Carbs! Now, do the defense!

  46. Cable Guy says:

    This is definately for trade reasons.

  47. Hobie Hansen says:

    It would be interesting to see what the Habs could get in return for Christobal Huet. I could see him helping a solid defensive team in search of a goaltender because he’s played pretty darn good for Montreal where an average goaltender might not succeed.

    Carey Price is obviously as strong as Huet at this point, much ahead of schedule, so Montreal should trade Huet if a good deal is to be had. As to whom they may get in return is anyone’s guess but another solid goal scorer or a steady defenseman would be at the top of my list.

  48. A. Berke says:

    No, not crazy!

    I’m just trying to pull myself out of the “depression” I’ve been inflicted upon from Habs’ recent performances by having a little fun!!!

    You see, my doc won’t prescribe prozac!


    Ali B.

  49. teamplayer says:

    carbonneau should be happy now, he was the one who wanted halak to stay in the nhl and gainey overturned that decision and they ended up keeping price.
    tsn.ca/nhl had picture of koivu on front page and the article title was “looking for answers” I refreshed that page 200 times, and they never gave me the answer to how to fix this little slump, now im going back to curling up into my corner and will wait till tuesday to see if there are any answers.

  50. earl says:

    shouldn’t Huet be sick in that case?

  51. Vecs says:

    haha cher crazy man

  52. A. Berke says:

    I’m not good at starting rumors but Halak’s being called up from Hamilton seen from a different angle: could this be a preamble to trading Huet?

    I mean, let Halak start a few games and then he’s ready for the back-up role to Price?

    Just being the devil’s advocate I guess 😉


    Ali B.

  53. ebk says:

    Halak is a good goalie, if he plays he will do ok.

    On a side note, anyone notice how much he looks like the villain it the movie the ‘Incredibles’. Nice do Jaro!!!

  54. P St. Pierre says:

    Jaro probably won’t get any starts, but if he does, I expect him to absolutely dominate. I know that he’s been playing very average hockey in Hamilton, but this guy is a guy who thrives off being needed. And he was the best goalie in training camp.

    If Huet really struggles while Price is out (and you have to think he must be pretty sick for a call up two days before a game), Halak will get a start and I think he’ll play very well. He likes to feel needed, its what gives him confidence. He’s sick of Hamilton, he’s been to the show and he wants to get back very badly. I could be wrong, but last year he came in and was the best player on the team. He probably couldn’t sustain his strong play, but I think he’d be awesome for his first few, if he gets a shot.

  55. Kevin says:

    Danis has to go through waivers. Halak does not. I think its just much simpler this way!

  56. ZepFan2 says:

    And the hits keep on coming!

    If this team didn’t have bad luck, they’d have no luck at all.

  57. Naila Jinnah says:

    Very interesting. Halak and Danis have nearly the same stats… I guess now Danis knows where he is on the depth chart, once and for all!

  58. Rocket Richard says:

    Doesn’t say much in the rds website.

    How did Price get sick all of a sudden?

    Wasn’t he fine during the Predators game yesterday?

    Maybe, Price felt sick when the Habs blew a 3 goal lead (twice) yesterday.

    If you publish stories, get some facts and info straight.

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  59. Dave Stubbs says:

    Uh, Rocket, you didn’t happen to notice that it was Cristobal Huet in goal last night, did you?

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  60. Chorske says:

    “If you publish stories, get some facts and info straight.”

    LOL, ever consider a career in public relations? Or diplomacy, maybe?

    That said, you’re right, I’m hoping everyone on the bench needed some Gravol after that one. I know I was little green- I headed out to a party with the Habs in control 3-0 and came home to another devastating last minute debacle.

  61. Mr.Hazard says:

    He’s probably not gonna see any ice time, anyway.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  62. Mr.Hazard says:

    True enough Dave! 😉

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  63. Rocket Richard says:


    I know that. :-)

    Maybe sitting on the bench, Price got sick at the disappointingment that he witnessed.

    I am just curious to what extend Price is sick? Perhaps food poisoning, flu,etc,..

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  64. Dave Stubbs says:

    Off day for the Canadiens today, so there was no availability to the players. They practice Monday morning, so we’ll find out then. But Renaud Lavoie of RDS is plugged in as tightly as anyone, so I’d take to the bank almost anything he reports.

    Could be a bug (the three-letter f-word is banned here), or since he’s just got his own apartment, maybe he’s doing his own cooking. For a 20-year-old guy living on his own for the first time, it could be that he torched his Kraft Dinner. We’ll find out tomorrow.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  65. Rocket Richard says:

    I guess we will wait and see.

    And don’t worry Dave, like the great late Rocket of old, I am a gentleman and never use the f word – EVER. Public or Private.

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  66. Dave Stubbs says:

    Well, Rocket, if you say “flu,” no one’s going to mind. But maybe it’s time to avoid the dressing room for a few games…

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  67. Yeats says:

    Should have stuck to the Ramen noodle soup. At least, the water is boiled in its preparation.

  68. Rocket Richard says:

    I stand corrected.
    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  69. Wops says:

    Little random, but hell I’ll ask it.

    Carey Price for Vinny Lecavalier… would you do it???
    I’m not sure, am I overrating Price?

    — CH is for Chris Higgins —

  70. Rocket Richard says:

    If I were TB, NO.

    Lecavalier is a proven player and Price future in the NHL is unproven.

    If I were the Habs? It will be a tough decision, but I would still hold on to Price and give him time to develop. He may actually become better than Vinny.

    Good Question though.

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  71. showey47 says:

    we couldn’t do it first of all because of the cap we would need to move 5 to 6 million in cap space. So it may have to look something more like, huet, koivu and ryder plus prospects and draftpicks for vinny, marc denis ( he’s been a bust but a small price to pay to get vinny). It sounds like alot but to outbid other teams we would have to overpay huge.

  72. John Doe says:

    Price for Lecavalier…are you kidding? I’d do it in an instant! Lecavalier is a proven potential MVP, Price has yet to prove it.

    But I do think you’ve got a point there. The goalie is always the most important player on the ice (like pitchers in baseball, except some goalies do play almost every game). So, if Price is really the second coming, Price for Lecavalier could actually be a deal that we regret.

    That’s what I think people forget when we talk about how much depth we have in goal. There is no other position that has as much impact on the game. If you asked me, I would trade Gretzky in his prime for Roy in his prime (or Brodeur, or Hasek, etc.). Just think about it. If the league wouldn’t keep changing the rules to handicap goalies, all you need to contend is a solid goalie and a solid trap system.

    All this to say, if Price does not live up to the hype, Huet is here for now, Halak might live up to the expectations from last year, Yann Danis might actually get a chance to show what he’s made of, Loic Lacasse will continue developing, etc. No matter how much we agonize over 5-on-5 scoring, the Canadiens have a bright future.

  73. TradeRyder says:

    Interesting comment by Huet on the TSN site. “We’re a fragile team. We’re a little weak between the ears.” I like Carbo but he’s not helping this team’s confidence and that’s what they most need. It’s weird how they play a good game and then fall apart. Very weird. The chemistry needs to change… or is it the coaching? I don’t think so…. but I think the coach – he needs to change and figure out how to boost his team’s confidence.

    “…some defencemen, notably Patrice Brisebois, made repeated turnovers.”
    Let’s call this Breezer experiment over and done with. Please! The team can take a few f–ups by the green guys, but not by veterans. For sure Breeze-by is no help for the teams ‘fragile’ confidence.

    He’s quoted as saying: “Once the Predators got their second goal, Legwand’s goal, right away you could see the drop in confidence,” he said. “We stopped putting pressure on their defence. We stopped attacking and Predators took advantage of that.” He makes it sound like there was nothing they could do. What did they do? What did the coach do? Anything??

    This team needs a shrink. But I’ve been saying that for a decade now..

    They suffer from PTSD: Post-Tremblay-stress-disorder!

    Thanks for the line changes I asked for Carbs! Now, do the defense!

  74. Rocket Richard says:

    Hey, Mr Huet, what does this mean:

    “We’re a fragile team. We’re a little weak between the ears.”

    When you team goes up 3-0 after 2 periods and 4-1 after 50 minutes of game time, you are not a weak team. You have a commanding lead, your in control at that point. Maybe, your a weak goalie? A tired goalie? But not a weak team.

    Let’s be honest folks, habs blew it Saturday night and it may cost them. (Read my sig). I hope its not true, but if they lose the next 3 of 4, Gainey has to make some moves fast to salvage season.

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  75. showey47 says:

    i’m not sure how he could be tired huet hadn’t played in a week. He looked like he lost his focus after giving up the weak shorthanded goal

  76. Rocket Richard says:


    Quoting Guy Carbonneau comment last night taken from nhl.com

    “Once the Predators got their second goal, Legwand’s goal, right away you could see the drop in confidence,” he(Carbo) said. “We stopped putting pressure on their defence. We stopped attacking and Predators took advantage of that.

    “We knew they were a team that wasn’t going to give up.”

    Mr Carbonneau, if you knew that they were a team that wasn’t going to give up, your up by 2 goals at this point with 7:34 in regulation time, DO SOMETHING.

    Go on the offense and get the goal back
    Play really tight defense


    Inspire and moltivate your players to not give up at this point

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  77. The Ian Cobb says:

    I hear that there is not enough TAX collected in Quebec to give flu shots!!

  78. Rocket Richard says:


    Follow up to wops trade suggestion, how many of you habs fans would trade Carey Price for Sydney Crosby.

    Now here is a HOT STOVE discussion.

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  79. Wops says:

    As much as I like Carey Price, and I think he is one of a kind, in the current situation (the fact that he hasn’t proven anything yet and could become just a regular goaltender)you have to pull the trigger…

    I think it is valid for both Crosby and Vinny

    I am just happy I won’t ever have to make this decision (Bob will probably never have to either ;-p)

    CH if for Chris Higgins

  80. The Teacher says:

    Right away, no questions asked. Thank you very much. Best player in the gasme for the next 20 years….Yup..I’d take him.

    And it’s SIDNEY, not Sydney

  81. earl says:

    is this really a serious question?

  82. PGHABS says:

    Halak huh, give him the start. Then don’t send him back, and keep a three headed monster in goal, all three alternating starts….

    I think the real reason the Habs are struggling is Andrei Markov is playing hurt. He has four assists is -10 in his last nine games. He is usually a little better than that. I beleive he has also missed practices? I’m not blaming him for the Habs struggles, I just think something is off regarding his health.

  83. joe-hab-nuno says:

    Good observation on the Markov point. I remember us having a bad losing record when he didn’t play. When he came buck from injury we started winning a few more games.

  84. The Teacher says:

    Passing the time between games is all :)

  85. coutNY says:

    REpost: The move putting Saku on the 3rd line with a bunch of duds, to me does not serve any purpose, but to waste the talents of a great two-way player. If your going to do something like this why not play him with Kovalev. The biggest arguement against it in prior games is the need to balance out the lines. Obviously, the arguement was thrown out the window when you apply it to the formation with Smolinski and Streit together with Koivu on the 3rd line. No Offense Carbo but Smolinski hasn’t been doing much and Streit hasn’t played forward yet this year and looked a little rusty. Koivu has been fighting game in and out to spark his linemates. Play him with Kovalev and Higgins to make a true #1. Higgins seemed to play well with Kovalev and Pleks on Saturday. I think you’ll replacing Pleks with Koivu produce similar success. Form a line #2 with Pleks/Ryder/Kostitsyn and see if a transitional-speed game can be found. Round it out with a #3 Latendresse/Chipa/Kostopolus
    and #4 Begin/Smoli/Dandy…

    Move Streit back to D with Hammer. Although Streit has had few shaky starts on D, he was nowhere near as bad as Bris-bye against Nashville. I trust Gorge with Boullion more than Brisebios with anyone at this point, especially when it comes to faster transtional teams.

    Maybe Koivu and Kovalev don’t like playing on the same line, but I think they’ll get over it if they start finding success with a better 5-5 production and the fact they’re not playing with inferior line-mates talent-wise (not that Pleks is Inferior but I think he’s better suited in a transitioonal game with a Ryder and Kostitsyn line formation). I VOTE TO ASSEMBLE A #1 LINE allowing for a transitional period to become effective!

  86. Kevin says:

    Amen to that!

  87. skoehn says:

    Huet Being hurt could be the reason he didn’t really give the shoot out much effort why should he risk it for a team that can’t score at the other end anyway…as for not seeing him hurting i doubt you would huet is a quiet guy and probably didn’t feel the full effects of the injury until later. Just proves to me that again our goalies are the ones suffering these 40 +++ shots pergame and having to make some spectacular saves… careful or price will be next…..

  88. My Habs says:

    Dumb question for you folks:

    If Huet is injured and Price is sick, who would back up Halak tomorrow?

  89. Rocket Richard says:

    Halak in nets, Denis backup

    Something doesn’t sound right with these stories.

    Their is confusion in the Habs camp these days
    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  90. TradeRyder says:

    I hear Pokey Reddick is coming back. 😉

    Thanks for the line changes I asked for Carbs! Now, do the defense!

  91. Rocket Richard says:

    You think maybe we can bring back Jacque Plante?

    Maybe Steve Penney is avaliable?

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  92. gohabzzzz says:

    man o man…this really sucks ( especially pour moi because i think huet’s awesome!) at the same time, it’s gonna be interestin to see halak play for the first time here this season…and I dunno whats wrong with hamilton but they aren’t playing like they used too…all in all, it’ll be fun to see these to goalies share the work
    and hopefully the rest of the habs can pull it together and In my opinion, bench ryder and smolinski, not begin kostopoulos…just saying


  93. TradeRyder says:

    There is a good reason why the Habs have been flubbing games. They’ve been trying so hard to play break-out defense, the defensive players are wearing down at the end of the game. As well they’re forgetting that DEFENSE is their NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. On almost every goal you see one or two D-men standing around staring at the shooter with their sticks held in the air.


    HAMRLIK is our ONLY 100& bona-fide defensive player (and probably our most undervalued player – when has he ever been selected a star yet his play is smart and solid). He should be on the first pairing with Komisaurus to teach him how to play D. Let Markov attack on the second pairing – that’s what he’s good at. Put him with someone speedy and aggressive who can get back and cover when Marky goes a huntin’.

    Thanks for the line changes I asked for Carbs! Now, do the defense!

  94. krob1000 says:

    Hamrlik, Komisarek and Bouillon (although I think Bouillon has had on off year) are all defensive. I think every year that the rules tighten a guy like Bouillon faces a tougher task. Komisarek is still a kid and has taken a much larger role than most probably anticipated so you have to expect lapses from him now and then (haven’t been many but he gets some tough penalties called on him). I agree that that would make one hell of a shutdown pair but then who does Markov have to back him up. If that were to happen (which it may) then Bouillon has to step up his defensive play big time because he will be the only other defense first guy we have.

  95. krob1000 says:

    I watced the game Saturday on RDS and I believe what I was hearing was the RDS announcer talking to Price regarding bringing a goalie in to specialize in a shottout situation. I thought about it right around the same time as Huet is smaller than Price and a bigger goalie may fare better in a shootout. (Price seems pretty good in these situations). From what my limited French could pick up I thought he was saying that Price said it would be too difficult for a goalie to come in to a game “cold” and play this role. Or perhaps I imagined this whole thing and they were talking about Carey Price bobblehead night…I really dunno much French anymore as imersion school was nearly 20 years ago now.

    What I got thinking about was kickers in football and their brief warmups on the sidelines before entering “do or die” situations game in and game out. Then I thought why don’t teams have an area (wouldn’t take much) where a goalie (if this situatuion could benefit your team) could warmup for the last couple minutes and overtime. As the shootout evolves and specialists become integral parts of teams (will happen) then I think this is the logical next step on the other end.

    I think Huet is great but he is smallish and in unobstructed shootout situations it is obvious that players should shoot as opposed to deke becasue he doesn’t cover much space.

  96. saku11 says:

    I heard that too. Price said it would be hard coming off the bench and going into a shootout when you hadn’t even faced any shots.

  97. AdamG says:

    that fishy stink you’re all referring to isn’t a trade in the works–it’s coming from the Habs.

  98. Rocket Richard says:

    Hey Adam,

    You hit the bullseye.

    Now we have to identify specifically who is to blame and fix it.

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  99. Rocket Richard says:

    Update: According to team990, Carey Price will be starting for Habs vs Detroit with Halak as backup.

    Apparently Price sickness isn’t that serious.

    Some Good News here.
    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  100. P St. Pierre says:

    Just want to throw this out there. If Halak starts tomorrow night, it might actually be a good thing. He’s 7-0 on the Bell Centre ice for his career.

  101. cautiousoptimist says:

    After two of the 50 or so breakaways against Nashville, the camera went to Huet and he appeared to be wincing pretty badly… A pulled groin would go a long way towards explaining away some of the Predators’ late goals…

  102. sholi2000.com says:

    Here’s to a new battle between the pipes. Go Halak, go Price, Let’s Go Canadiens!

    God Bless Our Infantry
    Death to the Taliban

  103. AndyF says:

    Do I smell a trade coming?

    Huet is probably begging Gainey to trade him after all those shots. After last game, as they say, it’ll take a week to wash the smell of rubber off him. :-)

  104. Scotty90 says:

    If Huet was hurting, why wouldn’t he have advised the coach and be replaced by Price?

  105. Rocket Richard says:

    lack of communication
    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  106. Scotty90 says:

    Sholi…… I would be careful about making ‘death’ comments! perhaps something like ‘down with the….’ would have been more appropriate!

  107. krob1000 says:

    Yikes , statements like that will get the good ol site flagged by CSIS or something.

  108. 24 Cups says:

    What do you think the chances would have been of Toe Blake starting a goaltender who has a hairdo like Halak’s? Last time my daughter brought home a guy with a haircut like that I rode him out of town on a rail. Where’s Cedrick Desjardins when you need him?!

  109. Sask Habs Fan says:

    If that is the case Huet should have pulled himself. Might not have cost us the game.
    Chuck Norris once ate a whole cake before his friends could tell him there was a stripper in it.

  110. Sask Habs Fan says:

    oops, a little late on my post….

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris? …All of it.

  111. Scotty90 says:

    kind of looks like ‘Tintin’ a french cartoon character!

  112. Gilles Poisson says:

    Eh come on the kids now they like the punk rock in my time it was the disco. At least he does not look like Handzus
    http://images.comcast-spectacor.com/flyers/players/bios/2206.JPG mon dieu your daughter would be in trouble then.

  113. Chuck says:

    If Plante had a ‘do like that, Toe would have INSISTED on the mask!

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  114. 24 Cups says:

    Do Scotty90 and 24 Cups strike you as two guys who were into disco? Music has only ever had one King of Rock & Roll and he’s buried at Graceland. Gone, but not forgotten.

  115. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    Hey all, I found this article on thefourthperiod.com. I’m not exactly sure how reliable they are but if this holds any depth… well… it’s speaks for itself.


  116. Gilles Poisson says:

    Ah I think you mean Elvis “Le Pelvis” Presley non? Never forgotten mon ami, never forgotten. Taste, style, elegance, what a man. Not crass or tacky like disco but still I admit I like the disco too. Maybe I put my pic up people say I look like Elvis. Thank you, thank you very much.

  117. Rocket Richard says:

    maybe we should pass this to Gainey.

    Good Stuff Here!!!

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens

  118. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Halak’s hairdo reminds me of Rick Vaugn from the movie Major League.

  119. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I could tell something happened after Bonk’s goal in the shootout. Just the way he pulled himself up, you could tell he was in pain.

  120. A. Berke says:

    Seems like TB is hurting for money (lack of revenues?) and they may be willing to unload one or more of those high paid players. 25 mil for 4 players: OUCH!

    The question is: how can we afford Vinny with his 7+ mil per salary? (I would love to have him and Martin St. Louis in the Habs uniform)

    a) we unload a bunch of players (e.g.: Huet + Ryder + ?? may meet the numbers and open up cap space)

    b) but will TB take any group of players whose salaries replace Lecavalier’s salary? This will be tantamount to replacing Vinny with a group of lesser players and end up paying the same total salary.

    c) if TB takes one or two player in return + a number of draft picks or the young prospects, then that will defeat what BG is trying to do with Habs.

    A workable solution appears to be rather elusive.

    Ali B.

  121. linp says:

    That explained why Huet was so immobile in the third period. I thought he played like a different person when he is spent. LOL!

  122. A. Berke says:

    If he was hurt he SHOULD have notified Carbo immediately.

    If he didn’t tell Carbo, IMO, he committed a bigger sin than letting those goals in.

    In a real life situation where an employee hid a problem so that he could stay in the game (work or what have you) and ended up causing a big time loss, if I were the boss, I would fire his a$$ in a newyork minute. When a back up goalie is sitting ready on the bench to take over, hiding your injury is boneheaded stupid to say the least.

    I hope that wasn’t the case, otherwise, I would lose all respect for him and he wouldn’t deserve Habs uniform.

    Ali B.

  123. Chuck says:

    You’re Huet, with Carey Price, already tabbed as “The Next One” in Montreal as your backup… are you going to tell the coach to pull you from the game because you’re injured/not feeling well?

    Not if you don’t want to get “Wally Pipped”! :)

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  124. Scotty90 says:

    I need a beer!

  125. A. Berke says:

    So by hiding it, he caused the team a very lousy and very demoralizing loss. That’s wonderful and very ethical too!

    Like I said, if that was the case and if I were Gainey, his a$$ would be toast and I wouldn’t care if I got only a bucket of pucks in return.

    If he had told Carbo that he was ill or injured, that wouldn’t be the end of the road for him. In fact as soon as he felt ready and healthy again, he would be starting another game, be it being the 1a or 1b goalie.

    There was absolutely no need to muck up the game and the team.

    Besides the moment Price was asked to come to MTL at the beginning of the season, he should have clearly known that Price would be the next guy while he would be the interim goalie.

    Ali B.

  126. Yeats says:

    “Tintin” is Belgian.

  127. Yeats says:

    I was in lower Manhattan the morning of 9/11. Death to the Taliban? I would have nuked Afgahnistan and headed out for a victory meal: a ham sandwich and a six of beer. I hate those people. And, not even ESPN will pick up their goat-polo game.

  128. habsguy says:

    I thought I read Price was hurt ???

  129. nightmare_49 says:

    All this is speculation and as Dave Stubbs said Huet showed no signs of being injured in the dressing room after the game and he may of woke up the next morning with stiffness and is taking no chances cuz of last years injury.

  130. Bouleau noir says:

    Calm down mr. If

  131. Bouleau noir says:

    I smell no fish,… maybe you live near by a fish processing plant or something.

  132. Bouleau noir says:

    Nuking Afganistan !.. shamefull thought.. I guess, contemporary barbarism is alive and well.

  133. Sulemaan says:


    I used to work in the airline business and our crew hotel used to be right in the World Trade Centre. I understand where you are coming from.

    I’m no fan of the Taliban and find their behaviour repugnant. Saying stuff like Death to the Taliban is up to each person. It’s freedom of speech and what makes Canada great. I do think political statements are better left off a hockey site like this as there are tons of political blogs out there.

    However, we cross the line when claiming to nuke Afghanistan and kill thousands of innocent people is an extre,e to say the least.

    There are many innocent men, women and children who live in Afghanistan and dislike the Taliban as much as we do if not even more so.

    And for the record, we have already dropped more gross tonnage of bombs in Afghanistan and Iraq than during all of World War II. Tens of thousands of people have died. Most of them innocent civilians just like those on 9/11 but many times over. We’ve gotten our pound of flesh and then some.

  134. Bouleau noir says:

    A sumo size goaly just lying in front of the cage during shoot-out would be ideal.

  135. krob1000 says:

    We could wheel the half ton man out and dominate.

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