Hal Gill dealt to Nashville (updated with audio)


AUDIO: Josh Gorges | Randy Cunneyworth

At first glance, the Hockey Inside/Out Trade Desk thinks this is a good deal for the Canadiens.

Everyone knew Hal Gill – an experienced defenceman and penalty-kill specialist – was on the block and likely to be of interest for teams positioned to make a serious run at the Stanley Cup.

But what could fans reasonably expect to get in return?

Maybe a third-round draft pick?

Pierre Gauthier has landed a second-rounder to add to his inventory this June – plus two players … one of whom is the grandson of Boom-Boom Geoffrion and the great-grandson of Howie Morenz.

From Geoffrion’s  Twitter account: Wow..what a day…its bitter sweet, going to miss my hometown of nashville, but going to where it all started with my family…MONTREAL!!!

From Robert Slaney: My twitter followers are just skyrocketing! I love Montreal already!

The team announcement:

MONTREAL (February 17, 2012) – Montreal Canadiens general manager, Pierre Gauthier, announced today the acquisition of forwards Blake Geoffrion and Robert Slaney, as well as a second round draft pick in 2012 from the Nashville Predators, in return for defenseman Hal Gill and a conditional fifth round draft pick in 2013.

The 24-year old Geoffrion played 22 games with the Predators this season. He registered three assists, 29 hits and 17 penalty minutes, playing an average of 10 minutes and 20 seconds per game. In his second year in professional hockey this season, he also played with the AHL Milwaukee Admirals recording nine points, including two goals, in 20 games.

The 6’01’’, 190 lbs left winger has collected 11 points (6 goals, 5 assists) in 42 regular season games in the NHL. Geoffrion displays a career +1 plus/minus differential. He added two assists in 12 playoff games in 2010-11, along with a +1 plus/minus ratio.

A native of Plantation, Florida, Geoffrion was drafted in the second round, 56th overall by the Predators at the 2006 NHL Entry Draft. He was awarded the Hobey Baker Memorial Award, as the Top U.S. Collegiate Player in 2010.

Slaney, 23, notched one assist in nine games with the AHL’s Milwaukee Admirals, and 18 points (11 goals, 7 assists) in 30 games with the ECHL’s Cincinnati Cyclones this season.

A product of the QMJHL’s Cape Breton Screaming Eagles the 6’02’’, 203 lbs left winger registered eight assists in 52 career games in the AHL. Slaney added 53 points (19 goals, 34 assists) in 113 career games in the ECHL.

The Upper Cove Island, Newfoundland native Slaney signed as a free agent with the Toronto Maple Leafs on April 14, 2009. He was acquired from Toronto by the Predators on July 3, 2011.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank Hal Gill for his contribution to our team over the last three seasons. His leadership and commitment were much appreciated. I wish him the best of luck with his new team. We are also very pleased to have acquired a second round draft selection in 2012 and two young prospects for our organisation. We look forward to working together with Blake Geoffrion and Robert Slaney to continue their progression,” said Canadiens’ general manager Pierre Gauthier.

Hal Gill played 53 games this season with the Canadiens registering eight points (1 goal, 7 assists). He recorded 48 hits and 122 blocked shots, playing an average of 16 minutes and 44 seconds per game.

Since joining the NHL, Gill has recorded 179 points (36 goals and 143 helpers) and maintained a +43 plus/minus ratio in 1,047 NHL regular season games.


  1. habsforlife93 says:

    Good trade. Gill was a beauty for 3 seasons but his time was coming. I think we got alot for him. Dare I say nice move PG? I think Blake G will turn out to be a good third liner…

  2. smiler2729 says:

    I guess Pierre Gauthier’s not getting fired… bummer.

    Either Nashville’s completely given up on Geoffrion or David Poile’s lost his mind…

    Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.

  3. grandpa.dave says:

    I bet 1st time Blake shows up on the ice at the Bell Ctr (ok it may not be for a while) but I bet the crowd goes a little wild for him. It’s gotta give him and the team a lift all by itself.

  4. SmartDog says:

    That’s a good deal. A 2nd round pick and a ‘maybe’ prospect in Geoffrion.

    This Slaney guy looks to be a total throw-in going nowhere though. Couldn’t score in the AHL so ended up the ECHL. For those not clear on what exactly the ECHL is compared to the AHL, here’s a great explanation… very interesting.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      Based solely on (questionable) scouting reports and about 5 minutes worth of youtube video, Geofferion looks like Mathieu Darche in a better body, which, if so, would make him an entire useFUL player.

      “Andrei Kostitsyn will be traded this month”
      – Sean Bonjovi

      • Boomer says:

        david desharnais played in the echl didn’t he?
        don’t know anything about slaney, but at 6’2″ and 226 lbs, he’s gonna be a bruiser… maybe we’ll get a good energy 4th liner down the line?

        **nhl.com list him at 205 lbs, i read somewhere else he’s 225, either way he’s got decent size to him.

        • Sean Bonjovi says:

          I don’t know about this Slaney guy, but DD scored 1.56 points per game when he played in the ECHL.

          “Andrei Kostitsyn will be traded this month”
          – Sean Bonjovi

      • Stev.R says:

        Darche with a better body? Darche is one of the strongest guys we got. He was a university linebacker. I am happy to have Geoffrion

        • Sean Bonjovi says:

          faster and ten years younger

          “Andrei Kostitsyn will be traded this month”
          – Sean Bonjovi

          • SmartDog says:

            You’re right it’s guesswork – but we’re all curious. And sometimes first impressions are right impressions.

            When we drafted Gallagher I looked at his stats and read some interviews and said “I don’t care about size – I’d put money this kid will play in the NHL”. I’m not always right but I sure was about him based on, as you said five minutes (actually about 20 probably) of research.

            Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  5. H.Upmann says:

    8th place or not, we’re retooling and I hope we have some more good battles with the f’ugly Bruins in the near future…..and kick their a$$$e$…..

  6. Habitoba says:

    Oh yeah, I’m sure Nashville, who’s in the playoff hunt, will want to part with their no. 1 D in Weber for a rental. Come on. I think PG did good by striking while the iron’s hot to get some decent return without giving up much. Our PK might suffer a bit now but that will only open up some oppertunities for some of our young D to develop their PK skills without a mountain of pressure seeing as we’re likely not making the playoffs. All you tankers might like to see that.

    On the flip side, I wonder if we could have started a bidding war with other teams at or closer to the deadline. But the deal is done so I’m not going be hollering any “coulda woulda shoulda’s”… we can only live in the current moment and hope for the best.

  7. Donnie Murdo says:

    For all the crticism that Gill has endured about his lumbering style, inability to be ‘physical’ or hit, he has been engrained in this team for the past three years and one of, if not THE, reason that the PK has been as successful as it has.

    He and Halak (yes, him) were the defensive reasons for the run of 2010…

    I doubt that Gauthier will re-sign him in July, it doesn’t seem to be the way that these things work, but I hope that he gives Nashville what they need in the post season.

    Nashville clearly know what they are getting with HG. They play defense first…

    Now we wait to say buh-bye to Moen, Darche, AK and ???

    Dominic Moore moved AGAIN? I really don’t get it…

    • Da Hema says:

      Donnie: I’d be shocked if the Canadiens dealt Darche. Setting aside his limited skills, the coaching staff obviously loves him. Darche isn’t going anywhere.

  8. habs17 says:

    i don’t understand P.G h when he addresed the media he did not once call hal gill “MR. GILL” just another reason why this man’s job should be terminated imeditley

    I support Scott Gomez

  9. krob1000 says:

    I wonder if Moen and Weber could net us Kyle Beach? he would be a perfect loose cannon for the fourth line

  10. HabFanSince72 says:

    Mike Richards is on track for a 45 point season.

    Dustin Penner will be lucky to get 10 goals and 20 points.

    For those two mugs LA gave up:

    * Colin Teubert (#13 pick in 2010) a great prospect
    * First round pick in 2011 – Oscar Klefbom who was voted a 1st team all-star at the 2012 WJC
    * Wayne Simmonds (20 goals in 57 games this year)
    * Brayden Schenn
    * Los Angeles’ 2012 second round pick.

    The LA Kings GM blew it big time. He basically took years of patient building through the draft and threw it all away on two losers, that were known to be losers at the time.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  11. --Habs-- says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Gill was told by the Habs to keep his house and we’ll resign you at the end of the Year. Look its only 2 month away. The Preds could be out round 1.

  12. JohnBellyful says:

    How can you not like this deal: Gill for a second round pick and two players — one of them GREAT …grandson of a hockey legend, and grandson of another. One more way Montreal’s trying to rebuild the dynasty, using family ties.

    • Just got home from the rink, I can not believe Nashville gave up all that for Gill.

      Someone pinch me 😆

      Tis the silly season.

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      http://www.Sholi2000.com Inc.
      Custom Sports Figures
      Brandon, MB,Canada
      R7B 2R7
      Ph- 204 724 8418

    • Habfan4lfe says:

      Second round pick fine but Gill was worth more than those 2 players and a second round pick. They are fregg’n ORDINARY players. Statistically there is nothing good about them. Gill is an experienced and proven defenseman in the league not to mention a shut-down machine in playoffs and he has a Stanley Cup ring.

      Oh that’s right, one is a grandson of a hockey legend. Well shit guys, that settles it, you are right this was an awesome deal. I didn’t know he was the grandson of a Legend. Well heck that changes everything..

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      . . . . . .(. ..`=-,,. . . .`. . . . . . . . . . . ..(. . . ;_,,-”
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      . . . . . . `~.*-,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..|,./…..,__
      ,,_. . . . . }.>-._. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|. . . . . . ..`=~-,
      . .. `=~-,__. . . `,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      . . . . . . . . . .`=~-,,.,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . `:,, . . . . . . . . . . . . . `. . . . . . ..__
      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .`=-,. . . . . . . . . .,%`>–

    • Bripro says:

      I just walked in and was texted that Gill was gone.
      I thought “Oh no, there goes PK’s calming influence.”
      But it certainly looks like PG played his cards right this time.
      And like as posted, he might even re-sign in July.
      I doubt it, but he’d make a great player / coach.
      He wouldn’t be teaching power skating, but he certainly has a mature perspective on things.
      I wish him all the best.

  13. VintageFan says:

    IMO 3 young assets for Gill is a good deal

  14. habs17 says:

    THROW IN THE TOWEL we just gave up and were down for the count

    I support Scott Gomez

  15. 44har48 says:

    I admire Hal Gill, his profesionalism, and his contributions here, especially during our run a couple of years ago.

    Tickled pink this GM actually got something for him and glad to see him go now. That screen on Price the other night just sent me off the deep end and his time has come to help a contender and retire.

    Even happier that this GM finally admits we are sellers. I don’t think he can do much more than dabble, he’ll never make a big trade with serious impact, but I think he can handle selling off for prospects.

  16. P-Habby says:

    So does this mean we are officially “sellers” now? Haha

    The only thing bad about this trade is that it is so good that it may make Molson think PG actually knows what he’s doing and he’ll decide to keep him…

  17. Kooch7800 says:

    Blake is going straight to the Bulldogs. http://hamiltonbulldogs.com/article/blake-geoffrion-to-join-bulldogs
    They should bring him up for the 4th line with White to see if he can help

  18. boonie says:

    I like the symmetry of the deal, morenz’s #7 and boom boom’s #5, give you gill’s #75. Of course, young Blake could just wear pouliot’s #57… nah.

  19. Boomer says:

    WOW, we definately got the better end of this deal. And please don’t boo Gill when he plays us

  20. Da Hema says:

    It seems to me Kostitsyn is almost certainly next since Gauthier does not follow Gainey’s “no trade negotiations during the season” mandate. I would think if the Canadiens were ready to commit to some of their impending UFAs, they likely would have done so by now. That said, I could, of course, be completely wrong.

    Still, what do you folks think Gauthier could get for Kostitsyn?

    • Boomer says:

      if he got a 2nd round pick and then some for Gill (the 2nd round pick alone is amazing) who knows!
      If LA doesn’t nab Nash they’re looking for a scoring winger. If we deal him it’ll be to a playoff bound team for sure. Maybe we could get a late first round pick?

    • boonie says:

      A first and a mid level prospect from LA or Pittsburgh. Similar to Penner in most aspects other than he’s a UFA which suggests more value. LA is desperate for scoring, but got burned trading young players for Richards and Penner and might be gun shy. Pitt seems to prefer dealing prospects more than picks. Someone posted here that tangradi fits then Timmons mold, so maybe tangradi another good prospect and a second.

      For what its worth, I see Moen going to Detroit. Of course, I expected gill being part of that deal for a second and nyquist. So take the above as out of control speculation.

      • Good comparison to AK in Penner — and Edmonton got a strong prospect, a 1st and a 2nd/3rd conditional (don’t know which way it ended up going).

        Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”

    • I have no problem moving Kostitsyn. Enigmatic player with admittedly a lot of upside, he’d fit in very well with the Red Wings. Sell, Gauthier, sell.

  21. habs17 says:

    TSN TRADECENTER is the dumbest thing ever i hope every1 gets traded so it screws up their show

    I support Scott Gomez

  22. longtimehabsfan says:

    Don’t like the deal. Habs get nothing immediate in return. It will be years before we know what the 2d pick will bring. And we get weaker on defense. This team was supposed to be built with leadership and youth. How many leaders are left?

    “It’s a moo point. Like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter. It’s moo.”

    • krob1000 says:

      Do you understand the concept of the deadline? Playoff teams look to bolster their lineup with immediate help and sell off futures….
      why would a team like that give up anything immediate to get Gill as a rental???
      Amazingly I think the Habs actually did get a little bit of both as Geoffrion could very well be a depth guy as early as next season and I am sure he’ll get a look down the stretch.

    • A 2nd round pick, and former second round player, for a 36 year old UFA and you don’t like the trade??? I guess we should have got Crosby for Gill, right? Please! This set the bar really high for trades to come.

    • And what stops us from re-signing Gill next July for a year or 2? Sorry, but your comment makes no sense at all, you may be a “longtime” fan, but clearly not a knowledgeable one.

    • Max says:

      Don’t be kidding man. We got plenty and Gill was only decent on the PK.Other than that, he wasn’t even NHL capable anymore.

      Still lots of leaders on the club and we get younger. Win win situation

    • NickDags says:

      Your right, it would of been better for the Habs to keep him and lose him to the UFA market on July 1. Therefore we get NOTHING for him. This way we actually get a big return on a vet that was losing his spot on the team. Some people are here have to get use to the idea of the Habs being sellers, which means we will receive prospects and picks.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      you really think they were going to resign Gill in the offseason? News flash, we are not making the playoffs and we have a lot of extra d men for this season.

    • 44har48 says:

      I might as well pile it on here too…what are you thinking typing that drivel???

  23. Gauthier’s insistence on picking up french named players, as opposed to french speaking players, should make for some awesome interviews on RDS.

  24. ffenliv says:

    Does anyone else think that TSN must be going crazy? Once again, as in most of the other salary cap years, little happens at the deadline, and even the stuff that happens before it is fairly insignificant.

    In the last few days, deals that might previously have happened at the deadline happened in advance, making further mockery of their day-long ‘special’.

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      It’s fun to watch just to see them constantly “breaking” stories from their blackberries.

      Just turn it into a drinking game and it’s a verifiable blast.

  25. munch17 says:

    Pretty good trade.
    Now please everyone – don’t boo Gill if he comes back here one day. He has earned our repect. Good luck big guy!!

  26. JayK-47 says:

    Sweet deal!

    Next to go? Kostitsyn, Moen, Darche, Kaberle, Campoli and (one of) Weber/Diaz for a solid NHL blueliner and a top 6 RW if Leblanc has that 3rd line LW spot locked up.

    And that’s a pretty good team right there.

  27. OK, so this is a move designed for next year, and Geoffrion is still an unknown commodity I would have been happy with Gill for a 2nd rounder straight up. Or even Gill for Geoffrion straight up. Good deal for the Habs, but bye-bye 8th place. It’s OK, we didn’t want it anyways.

  28. Max says:

    This is a really great trade! I was expecting to get only a 3rd rounder at best for Gill. He’s old,slow and nearing the end of his career. Great teammate and solid on the Pk though.

    The people who complain about this trade are a bit ridiculous.These are the old, grouchy, codger type, who complain about anything and everything in life good or bad. What sad lives they must have.

    Good job Pierre!

  29. krob1000 says:

    Given the D market…I think this means Campoli may net a 3rd

  30. BC HAB says:

    ds, you are out to lunch and basically you comments are irrelevant.

  31. BC HAB says:

    Luv this trade. I thought the most we would get was a third tops. Also, I’m still pissed at him for the turnover the other game. Lately Gill was starting to be ineffective, besides the PK.

  32. The Jackal says:

    Anyone know any bars in Vancouver that show Habs games?!?!?

  33. Detritus says:

    Anyone think that the move for Blake was more than just to placate the fans with a ‘home-town’ name? From what I’ve seen about him, he looks similar to a Moen. Good size, defensively sound. On average, not much offensive production but you know what you’ll get with him.

    So… Has PG gotten a 2nd, while also filling a roster spot… enabling him to trade Moen and get yet more assets? If so, this would appear like a very astute set of trades. Both stocking for the future while also providing for now.

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      I watched a fair amount of Nashville games last year (though far less this year) and from what I saw I think he can help.

      He wasn’t as physical as Moen, but seemed a bit more talented. If I could only have one TODAY, I take Moen. But if I’m looking at which I’d rather have for the next 5 years, I tak Geoffrion.

      it will be interesting to see what PG does with Moen and AK, as I think at least one will be dealt.

    • I think the sheet on Geoffrion is that he isn’t fantastic defensively, so maybe he’s more like a better version of White than a worse version of Moen.

      Still though, I’m splitting hairs. Helluva trade.

      Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”

  34. PrimeTime says:

    @ds – you’re in the minority bro. Not that that’s a bad thing…..you have your perspective but I thnk you would be a better Buyer than a Seller…..you want more than market value.

  35. Top Corner says:

    Good trade !

  36. captainclutch19 says:

    Everyone who knows what they are talking about please take two steps forward. Not so fast 90% of HIO posters.

  37. aj says:

    If time will permit them to do so, Maybe AK46 for Shea Weber. I would love for that to happen.

  38. EastCoastHab says:

    Hall Gill:
    At the Toronto game the other night….up 5 nothing in the third….5 minutes left and Hal is laying his body down to block shots.
    Tell me who else on this team is doing that besides perhaps Georges?
    Who takes the lead in bringing our young defense along?
    For years I didn’t like Gill with Toronto but he has earned my respect quite a bit over the last 3 years. I know he is older and we couldn’t afford to sign him but that wasn’t his fault….it was the fault of management that signed the likes of Gomez.
    Sorry guys, I still feel pretty sorry that Hal is not with us. Best of luck in Nashville.

  39. junyab says:

    Gill…you never got me a free drink at Champs on a game night, but you never ceased to amaze me on the PK. Good luck in Nashville!

  40. Gerry H says:

    Rock solid trade. Makes sense irrespective of this year’s prospects. I won’t be shocked if this is the last of it for PG before the deadline, unless he gets lucky on Kaberle or Campoli.

  41. If I were Cunneyworth or whoever replaces him next year, I’d give Gill a call to see if he’d like to retire and be an assistant coach. That guy has “coach” written all over him.

    Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”

    • aj says:

      Yeah well, Gill does know player management. Bob Mckenzie was talking to Team990 this morning about a coaching change and Cunneyworth’s name just pop-up to their discussion. If he goes there to replace Lindy Ruff, he might call and get Gill if he’s considering a coaching job after retiring.

  42. J_P says:

    Not only did we get a 2nd round pick, but we got a couple of players also?! Ill chalk this one up as a win for Pierre Gauthier. Well done sir! I figured a third is the most we would get. The prospects arent great, but hamilton is starting to get a little thin so it definitely helps out.

  43. The kid has good reflexes, too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmrr99vmXtc

    Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”

  44. Mattyleg says:

    So long, Skillsie!!!
    You’ll be missed in Montreal.

    On the ice you were never afraid to put your body on the line for your teammates, step in and pull people apart, and give everything you had for the team.

    I’ll always remember watching you chase down clearances by the other team, long legs pumping, arms flailing, as the opponent steadily caught up to you… me shouting “SKATE! SKATE GILL, GODDAMN YOU!!” And you pretty much always made it there first – your reach usually bailing you out!

    Off the ice you were a great leader, keeping an eye on the youngsters, especially PK, and your sense of humour was amazing. I always looked forward to seeing your “Getting To Know Your Canadiens” quotes. The ‘Pot Luck’ one was an absolute classic. And “The Last Film That Made You Cry”. Brilliant.

    I know you were always going to go. Free Agency at 37, eh? You’re only 4 days older than me. You should probably consider throwing in the towel at the end of this season, but you HAVE to consider coming back to Mtl as AC.

    Good luck in Nashville, and see you in the Finals!

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Damn right. Gotta show respect fro a man who’s earned it, and he’s earned it. Slow as molasses, but heart of a lion.

      Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”

    • Propwash says:

      I remember watching a vid of the team being bagskated by JM, guys lapping Gill…..
      “Sorry doesn’t mow the lawn….”
      Hope he comes back in the future as an asst. coach.

      Don’t let the wultures getcha.

  45. Bob_Sacamano says:

    Unbelievable. The slowest player in this league who´s only usefull on the PK along with a 5th rounder gets you a second rounder + two young players and some still complain.

    • db says:

      Seriously… although Gill has played the most playoff games in the last 3 years than any other NHL defencemen (can’t find source now)… he’s still a rental.

      I also feel that bringing Blake to Montreal was just one of those things that needed to be done. To please the ghosts of course.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I would agree. This is fair value for Gill. I was expecting a 2nd round pick and that was it. Anything else is a bonus.

      What did people expect a 1st rounder for a UFA who is old and sucks 5 on 5?

  46. Chris says:

    Given that he appears to have no place in the organizational plans, the Habs should totally try to deal Andrei Kostitsyn this spring (edited!). I fully expect that Travis Moen will be dealt.

    To land a 2nd round draft pick and a good prospect in Blake Geoffrion for a player who essentially has nothing left demonstrates that the market is completely and utterly insane this spring. Might as well cash in on that.

    • krob1000 says:

      I think Grossman triggered this and PG was wise to jump on it now before the market is more saturated closer to the deadlines as more teams will begin to sell. Great move by PG….Might as well get a kid some playing time down the stretch , give Gill a deserved kick at the can, get a decent project player with Habs blood ( I can’t help but picture Darth Vader telling Blake that this is his destiny!). We essentailly got the same return as the Grossman deal….I am very happy with this move.

    • J_P says:

      AK is UFA this summer, I think we would do better trading him now than simply trading his rights in june.

      • Chris says:

        Sorry, that is what I meant…move him now. That summer should have said spring! 🙂

        • krob1000 says:

          I hate to say it since it is taboo but I can’t help but wonder sometimes if the Habs aren’t guilty of holding players in contract years back to get a discount….Dd is locked up for next year so he gets the best wingers and the only constant line, AK and Eller are in contract years and when started showing too much chemistry got split, PK has been exposed to much turmoil, Emelin seldom used until lately, and the odd benching for both. Bourque has turned more pucks over then AK and looked more aloof to me…but he signed for years…see Gomez…see Gio….etc. it sounds riciculous but a case could be made …and if you go back in time there are plenty of examples…I can’t help but wonder…it is also the opposite of showcasing which you would think we would do if we wanted to trade guys.

    • Da Hema says:

      That’s right Chris. I was reminding folks a few weeks ago the importance of context and circumstance in a trading market. Posters were attacking Kaberle, claiming the team would get nothing for him. I disagreed. Given the right circumstances — say a team plagued by injuries to its defence — Kaberle could even secure us a first-round pick. You never know what will unfold.

    • matt jordan says:

      Everything must go!

      The Canadiens should try to stockpile first round picks to try to draft Mackinnon

      • krob1000 says:

        we’ll be stockpiling picks to bolster our team next deadline….besides I would be shocked if Columbus doesn’t end up with mackinnon to center Yakupov.

  47. Hali_Hab says:

    Habsfan4life…. You my friend are an idiot! Haha

  48. aj says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the Centres who will wear the Jersey next season will be Desharnais, Eller, Plekanec, and Geoffrion. With the Exception of Leblanc as a fill-in centre for the 2nd line (NO GOMEZ! Please, I had enough of this guy being a Centre!), we have a good 4 centre lineup in our Habs team.

    EDIT: if everybody’s consensus is to bring Shea Weber here as well, then yes. Make a trade for AK to bring Weber here so he can join his brother, Sergei, in Nashville.

    • bleedhabs81 says:

      no White at Centre???

    • Kooch7800 says:

      It would take a lot more than AK to Nashville for Weber. Weber is an ELITE D man who is mean as all hell

    • J_P says:

      U say bring weber here like its a cakewalk. Weber is RFA (not UFA) at seasons end and a top-5 d-man in the league, it would cost us a fortune in assets to obtain him. I was always for throwing everything at nashville to acquire weber, but now im starting to question if its worth paying that kind of price for the pleasure of paying a d-man $7 million per year for the next 10 years.

  49. PrimeTime says:

    It’s posts like this that make you wonder sometimes…..PT.

    ds, 17 February, 2012
    What an awful trade.
    Dallas got a 2nd and 3rd for Grossman who isn’t 1/2 the player Gill is.
    We get some Toronto retread (Slaney), a nepotism situation who will fold under the pressure (Geoffrion) and a 2nd rd pick for a proven playoff commodity. Ridiculous.
    I hope this team finds a way to sell off Campoli & Kabarle, Pouillot made them look like amateurs the other night.

    • Mattyleg says:

      Oscar Wilde said it best:
      “Other people are awful”

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • ds says:

      With the salary cap, teams only have short windows to go for the cup, a lot of playoff clubs are missing defensemen and we sure as hell could have gotten more for Hal Gill than a 2nd rd pick and 2 scrubs.

      Hal Gill is a leader and a proven playoff performer for 3 consecutive years. He’s got size and and can kill the last minute in a tight game. Grossman who isn’t in Gill’s league got a 2nd and 3rd, he has proven nothing in the NHL.

      If you’re happy with more 4th liners all the power to you, this reminds me of bringing in Jan Bulis & Donald Audette and then wondering why we would never make the playoffs.

      • Kooch7800 says:

        you people are high. You would never get more than a 2nd round pick for Gill. he is not an allstar.

        • Mattyleg says:

          This guy would have traded him straight up for Shea Weber.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • Kooch7800 says:

            pretty much. I love Gill and he gained my respect in Montreal but this deal is more than fair IMHO.

            I wish Gill luck and hoping that Blake makes the 4th line next year

        • ds says:

          Chicago is slumping, Philadelphia lost Pronger, Pittsburgh has their own head aches (Paul Martin), all are contenders with defensive issues who can afford to give up more than a 2nd rd pick for Hal Gill.

          Seems every time Gauthier just says yes to the first ok deal on the table and he rushes trades. Had MTL taken their time with Cammelleri they would have gotten more than Rene Bourque that’s for sure.

          Last year at the deadline Toronto got a prospect (Colborne), 1st rd pick and a 2nd rd pick for Kabarle. Granted Kabarle was considered a star but the point is we could have gotten two 2nd’s for Gill easily.

          • Kooch7800 says:

            you realize we got more than just a second round pick right? One prospect looks like he could be a decent bottom 6 guy and the other prospect is just stock for the bulldogs.

            I think you are overrating Gill a little bit. Kabrele got a first last year from Boston cause I think Boston was being generous due to the fleecing of the leafs in the last 10 years…… this is fair value IMO

          • ont fan says:

            You have no idea what any of those teams would give up..the bar was set..a 2nd and a 3rd or a project ..that’s what 5th defenceman were going to go for this year…can’t win with you guys

  50. magnumpei says:

    This is a good trade. How anybody thinks we could of gotten more for Gill is just another Habs fan who overvalues players. Hal Gill is UFA so he could of walked for nothing. A second round pick is more then fair, plus a player who could become an NHL’er. Good trade plus more cap space.

  51. ESundy36 says:

    Now I must find a new avatar. Going to miss having a fellow PC alum lacing them up for the Habs.

  52. Stuck_in_To. says:

    Gill, for all his regular season and 5 on 5 detractors — who aren’t wrong but concentrating on the wrong thing — was probably dealt for fair value if Geoffrion can crack the Habs roster on LW, a position the Habs apparently lack in developing prospects. This really whets my interest to know what Moen might bring in return.

  53. southbound says:

    Bobby Mac tweeted that L.A put Trent Hunter on waivers today… Good bottom 6 guy with good size’!!

  54. From what I hear, Geoffrion is a little like Rene Bourque, with a bit less offence — big, fast and physical. The kind of guy who might become a regular 15-20 goal guy who drops the gloves when needed.

    As a throw-in along with a 2nd and a tough-guy AHLer in exchange for a declining player born in 1975 who’s on the decline, I don’t see how anybody in their right mind thinks the Habs could have done better. This package is better than a Nashville 1st-round pick.

    Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”

  55. db says:

    OK, so now we can expect to see the right number of forwards in the lineup? Young energy is always good.

    And Gill is a plant. He was sent to Nashville to sweet talk Weber.

    I like this trade.

  56. ds says:

    What an awful trade.

    Dallas got a 2nd and 3rd for Grossman who isn’t 1/2 the player Gill is.

    We get some Toronto retread (Slaney), a nepotism situation who will fold under the pressure (Geoffrion) and a 2nd rd pick for a proven playoff commodity. Ridiculous.

    I hope this team finds a way to sell off Campoli & Kabarle, Pouillot made them look like amateurs the other night.

    • joeybarrie says:

      wow, quite a reaction. We got a 2nd round pick and a 2nd to 3rd line prospect.

      • ds says:

        Geoffrion is 23 he’s not going to improve that much. He might make it on the 3rd or 4th line, who cares we have enough players like that, and free agency is always full of guys who can fill that role for cheap.

        This club needs young stars who can score, nobody will trade there own therefore the only way to get some is via the draft.

        Two 2nd’s would have been a better return than getting a bottom 6 player and more toronto poison.

        • joeybarrie says:

          Absolutely CRAZY to say a kid who hasn’t played 50 NHL games won’t get any better. Besides. What do you think a second round pick gets you? Usually a bottom 2 line player.

          • ds says:

            Nashville has never had much offense you think they would give up a guy who might in the future remedy their problems for a guy they don’t really need with Weber & Suter? They are a well run organization, they gave Sergei Kostitsyn a chance, they gave Geoffrion a good look, he doesn’t have the goods to be an offensive contributor.

            A 2nd rd pick might get you a guy who never does anything in the NHL, it also might get you a PK Subban if you’re real lucky. Hell Plekanacs was taken in the 3rd rd. As for Detroit all their top guys were drafted late, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Lidstrom, Franzen. There’s always a chance something comes out of a draft pick. A prospect that’s already 23 is never going to set the world on fire.

        • Cardiac says:

          You’re right, we should have traded him to NJ for exclusive negotiating rights to Parise.

          “There’s genius everywhere, but until they turn pro, it’s like popcorn in the pan. Some pop… some don’t.”
          – Jerry Maguire

    • krob1000 says:

      Grossman is 27 and I was shocked to see him get a 3rd and a 2nd…but we basically got 2 second rounders as that is wehre Geoffrion was picked…the trades are almost identical and Grossman can skate. I like Gill for his strengths but I also recognizes his weaknesses and unless buried by a strong d corps (which Nashville does have) he is pretty well useless….in Nashville behind Weber and Suter…he willt hrive and give those guys a break in straining pk situations. Theya re also ultra mobile and also have Ryan Ellis so a stay at home guy like Gill is jsut what they need…PG done good…he done very good.

    • Cardiac says:

      Are you delusional or what? We were lucky to get a second rounder! Gill’s slow and old with very, very limited skills. What did you expect to get? Legwand or Erat?

      “There’s genius everywhere, but until they turn pro, it’s like popcorn in the pan. Some pop… some don’t.”
      – Jerry Maguire

    • Mike D says:

      Grossman is also 10 years younger than Gill so while not as good a player, there is a future there for him if Philly chooses.

      – Honestly yours

    • Forum Dog says:

      Might not be giving Geoffrion enough credit. He’s not gonna be the second coming, but he’ll fit in as a role player on this team over the next year. That is better than a 3rd rounder in 2013 in my opinion. And there is little chance any team was gonna offer up anything more than a 2012 2nd rounder for Gill.

  57. von says:

    I was nervous about PG after the Cammalleri debacle. But this looks like a pretty decent deal overall. Lots of potential in Blake Geoffrion and a second rounder.

    With Gill gone, they should give his ‘A’ to Cole. Only guy who would be deserving IMO.

    “Obviously it would be great, but they don’t really hang conference titles in this rink. They raise Stanley Cup banners.” – Carey Price

  58. Le Jadester says:

    Don’t know how Geoffrion will pan out but I’m so happy he’s from our bloodline ! That’s a great start.

    Now its time to start trading for picks and start drafting some young French-Canadien talent !

    I think we need more guys who will bleed for the jersey because they get it (i.e. the history).

    With that said, I still think guys like Markov, Gorges, Pleks, Max Pac, Cole, PK, Price (mabey even AK with his home town discount remarks) are still very loyal to the club and play hard for the jersey

    Habs, OLE !

  59. punkster says:

    I loved the HMS Gill, all splayed out there blocking shots and one of our better D for making solid break out passes from our zone. He has his weaknesses, as most players do, but now is not the time to dwell on the negatives.

    Thanks for the great playoff memories from 2 years ago and best of luck!

    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  60. Mike D says:

    I’m really gonna miss Skillsy. A quality individual and very effective player at his role. Mentor, leader, and character. Farewell Skillsy and best of luck to you.

    That said, PG did fairly well on this. Geoffrion has upside and is still young, and part of a Habs legacy. A 2nd round pick is also a nice addition. Hopefully Nashville gets swept in the 1st round of the playoffs making the pick middle-2nd round. Don’t know much about Slaney, but I’m guessing he was somewhat of a throw-in.

    Does this bring the organization to the maximum of 50 contracts? I believe it does.

    – Honestly yours

  61. Talik Sanis says:

    It has begun. We’re sellers, just as we should be considering out situation, and have received fair return.

    However, I think that some should temper their enthusiasm. I expected this kind of deal for Gill. Let’s be realistic; what we’ve received is market value for a PK specialist and leader at this time of year, nothing more. A second round pick and, in reality, two throw-ins is not steal by Gauthier. If Blake had any other last name, based on his production and age, we wouldn’t care about him.

  62. j0nHABS says:

    Thanks Gill for the leadership and when you retire come back and be the Habs assistant coach!
    I can’t believe PG got this much though. Give credit where credit is due.
    Well done PG!

  63. Da Hema says:

    Since Gill was a free agent signing, this is simply a win for the Canadiens. They gave up no drafts picks or prospects for him in the first place, and they move him prior to his almost-certain free agency departure this summer. A second-round pick and some bodies for the Hamilton Bulldogs is good.

    What I hope the Canadiens don’t do with Kostitsyn is just swap him for another “inconsistent” player. Focus on draft picks, and bring in new blood into the organization.

  64. jon514 says:

    Hmm… we’ve developed a pretty good trade relationship with them. Maybe they want AK? Please? AK for 1st rounder?

    “Let’s be clear on the facts…”

  65. volcano62 says:

    Blake Geoffrion is useless. What is the point of this trade? Second round pick means nothing. Is the team planning on rebuilding AGAIN? Drive for 25 is dead.

    • habs03 says:

      Not sure if serious….

    • Habsrule1 says:

      From “Hockeysfuture” website:

      “Geoffrion is an excellent two-way forward that combines size, power and energy, He thrives on the physical side of the game and can often be found delivering som very solid checks. Geoffrion is an outstanding skater with good agility, and power in his strides. He possesses very good hockey sense and on-ice vision. He utilizes his 6’2″ frame quite effectively, particularly along the boards and in one-on-one situations. He is sound defensively as well, He’ll drive to the net hard and shows a willingness to go into the difficult areas to make the play. Geoffrion possesses a very hard shot and can get pucks to the net. While Geoffrion possesses good puck skills, he could stand to shoot the puck more often.”

      Also received college hockey’s top award Friday night — the 2010 Hobey Baker Award.

      Go Habs Go!!

      “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

    • bleedhabs81 says:

      Did you just wink at me?

      Seriously? What did you expect for Hal Gill? It is a Hal Gill. I can’t comment on the prospects (because I have no idea what they bring in terms of talent) but we did get a 2nd. Did you want a 1st for Hal Gill… I mean, Gill… you know who Hal Gill is right?

      Here were the options

      Trade Gill for the best we could get (I figured a 3rd, maybe a 2nd if we were lucky)

      Do not trade Gill and he leaves at the end of the season.

      The way I see it, we are up a draft pick (which can be used to bundle for a 1st) and we have 2 bodies (to either bundle into a trade, stock the AHL, or maybe even play for us one day….)

      What would you have done?

    • boonie says:

      A second rounder can turn into Roy or Richer. We could use it to move up in first round to pick up a tinordi. And, it represents much more value than most people felt Gill was worth.

      This IS how you rebuild. Trades like kaberle and bourque are not.

      • Forum Dog says:

        This is true, but trades like Kaberle and Bourque keep things afloat while you rebuild. Bourque has been good since he arrived, or at least as good as the guy he replaced (for half the cash). Kaberle is what he is. Soft but skilled.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      Seriously? I was expecting a 2nd round pick for gill and nothing more. Getting a couple prospects with him is just gravy if one pans out.

      gill is a UFA at the end of the season…what did you want a first rounder?

  66. Say Ash says:

    Nashville making up for the SK trade?

    • HabCez says:

      Hehe.. that is my feeling too.. since Habs seem to only do business with certain teams..

      good deal anyways..
      but gonna miss his dedication/leadership and shoot blocking..

      truth be told.. if teams were allowed to trade before the playoffs.. Hall would pull a 1st rounder

      “Emelin’s the real deal.”
      – HabCez

  67. Propwash says:

    I’m wondering if Markov is closer to returning now that a spot opened up on D.

    Don’t let the wultures getcha.

    • habs03 says:

      We have 7 counting Weber who is out now. By the deadline, Campoli will be gone, and Markov will ready soon after the deadline. So I think there going to be the young guys.

  68. PrimeTime says:

    Nashville just became my playoff team to support.

  69. HabFanSince72 says:

    If you look at the West standings Nashville are almost a lock to finish 5th.

    The only two teams they might meet in the first round are St.Louis and Detroit.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  70. habs03 says:

    I can’t believe we got a 2nd and Boomer (nickname with the Preds). Guy might be good 3rd liner down the line, but I’m looking at next season, this guy will be good on the 4th line, can play C or LW, and good on the PK, and plays gritty. Him and White on the 4th line would be good next year. Good job Gauthierrr!!!!!!

  71. kerrgte says:

    this is pg’s admission that he’s given up on the season.

    • Furk says:

      I don’t know it’s admission. I don’t think PG wanted to make the same mistake BG made in 2007 by not getting rid of Souray and still missing the playoffs. Even if by some miracle we squeak into the playoffs, reality is we don’t have the pieces to go all the way.

      I also think Kaberle might be traded. There are a lot of teams looking for a PP QB. Hopefully we can get rid of him and his salary.

    • Timo says:

      pretty much so… something that was obvious to the rest of the fan base for like couple of months now.

  72. Forum Dog says:

    Probably about as good a return as you could get on Gill. Will weaken the defence a bit since it is likely going to require Weber to play more minutes, but it is gonna take a miracle for Montreal to make the playoffs anyway and Gill will help Nashville’s bottom pairing. Geoffrion likely needed a change of scenery himself, but he is fast and physical enough to be a complementary player on the bottom six next year. Maybe this year if someone else gets moved. He’s got some skills, but he is not a top-flight offensive player, so hopefully no-one expects too much.

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      5 against 5 Weber isn´t worse than Gill. Great deal! What could we get for Moen and Kostitsyn if a PK specialist already gets you that much?

      • Forum Dog says:

        Maybe. I’m not looking forward to any combination of Diaz/Weber/Kaberle/Campoli on the bottom pairing, but maybe the top 4 can pick up the slack. Overall I like the deal though.

  73. boonie says:

    Got to give credit where it’s due, I expected a 4th or 5th for Gill. Even if neither prospect plays an NHL game for us, this is a great deal. Well done M Gauthier.

  74. G-Man says:

    Gill. #1 in our hearts. Great PK and playoff performer. He will be missed.

  75. MannyR says:

    Finally the Goat gets some value. Good for Hal and good for the Habs.

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