Habs’ training camp kicks off in Brossard (Video)

A finalist for the Calder Trophy in his rookie season, Brendan Gallagher sounds like his feet are planted firmly on the ground as he heads into his sophomore year with the Habs.

“I played one year,” Gallagher told reporters on the first day of the Canadiens’ training camp Wednesday in Brossard. “It was an OK year, but it can get better. And there’s still a lot to be accomplished in the league and things to get done and learn.

“So I’m looking forward to this year. There’s lots of areas in my game that can grow and I just want to be a part of a winning team.”

Gallagher stuck to the same focus in his off-season training: lower body, power, quickness and agility.  

“To be a smaller guy and to be effective you need to be the hardest-working guy on the ice,” he said. “You need to continue to work on your quickness and power. And for me every summer that’s my focus. So I come in every year trying to build on that and so far it’s been working.”

Gallagher also plans to stick with No. 11 after giving up No. 73 in February to Michael Ryder when the Canadiens acquired him from the Dallas Stars.

Fifty-five players are attending the camp, which kicked off Wednesday morning with medicals and physical testing. The rookies skated in the morning. 

Alex Galchenyuk (left in photo above, with P.K. Subban and Max Pacioretty) is also heading into his sophomore season after a successful rookie year.

“I just have to stay consistent because there were moments when I didn’t score for 12 games. And I didn’t score for 18 games. Then I had a stretch where I scored quite a bit towards the end of the (season),” said Galchenyuk, adding he wants to bring that momentum to this season.

At the Canadiens’ annual golf tournament last week, coach Michel Therrien said Galchenyuk will have more responsibilities and “time will tell us when he’s going to be ready to be a centreman.

“We all understand that Alex eventually will be a centreman. But he’s only 19 years old,” Therrien told reporters then.

Galchenyuk said he feels confident and comfortable on the wing.

“I trust the coaches. They know what they’re doing. I just have to go out there every time I’m on the ice and make something happen.”

Canadiens prospect Louis Leblanc, who has been working with sports psychologists, said he’s ready and focused.  Leblanc, the Habs’ first-round draft pick in 2009, is coming off a disappointing season with the Hamilton Bulldogs after suffering a high-ankle sprain last fall.

(Photo by John Mahoney/The Gazette)

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You can listen to what Leblanc had to say here:

And you can listen to what Tomas Plekanec had to say here:


  1. Mattyleg says:

    Anybody check this article on the CBC out?
    Daniel Briere says that the Habs weren’t ever easy to play against because of their speed.

    That’s what I’ve always said.
    People on here get very worked up and their noses get put out of joint when our players get bodychecked, but that’s what a hockey player does. He gets hit. And we always got back up.

    Any team can bodycheck to temporarily slow you, but not every team can use speed to keep you on the back foot constantly.

    I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing that we have bigger players now; I know we needed to toughen up a bit, but this is just a response to people who thought that we were pushovers and easy to play against.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Kooch7800 says:

      With White, Prust, Moen, Parros, I don’t think we will see any beatings like we saw by Boston a few years ago. These guys can all handle themselves and so can Murray on the back end. This won’t although help us in the playoffs when the clutch and grab doesn’t get called our Top 9 def have I would say about 2, too many small guys.

      The habs d depth really showed we didn’t have any which I think MB has addressed this year. I don’t think we have a contender just yet but I think we are on the way.

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

    • Sportfan says:

      I saw that too and Parros earlier said he never felt that we were a weaker team.

      Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • HabinBurlington says:

      While I understand your sentiment, and even agree somewhat, would you have expected Briere to say the Opposite? I can just imagine if he said to the reporter, “Yah we loved playing the Habs, a bunch of undersized forwards with no beef on the backend to back ’em up. We always knew that playing them would be physically easy on us and we had our way in their defensive zone. This is why I chose to play in Montreal as an UFA this offseason, as I knew I wouldn’t be expected to play a physical game”

      Granted I am being facetious with the lengths in which I quote the smallish Briere, but there is also no way he wasn’t going to say that or something to that affect.

    • The Jackal says:

      Agree 100% Matty, speed kills!

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Cal says:

      Ottawa demonstrated last playoff how soft the Habs were in that brawl. The Habs were pushed over. Speed is great, but without toughness it doesn’t work. It’s all about balance. Lack of toughness = can’t compete in the playoffs.

      • Mattyleg says:

        Ah, the ol’ ‘Playoffs is different’ argument.
        I hate that argument. It’s not valid.
        The Habs were hurt by a number of late-season/early playoff injuries that had nothing to do with ‘toughness’.
        It’s true that you need balance on a team, but that balance needs to be there always, not just in the playoffs.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Hey until we get your tickets resolved, you aren’t allowed to disagree or be sarcastic with anyone here. You need to be on your best behaviour to ensure everyone helps out. 😉

        • Cal says:

          The argument is valid because the proof is in the pudding and the results. The game Emelin was injured marked a turning point and it was for the worse, with the Habs allowing a full goal more per game. All teams were injured last season, including the Senators, yet they found a way to beat the Habs by beating them up. It worked.

          • Mattyleg says:

            The Senators weren’t injured going into the playoffs like the Habs were. They had their injuries earlier, and their injured players came back in time for the playoffs.

            And there is no way of proving that it’s the lack of Emelin’s ‘toughness’ rather than his intelligent defensive play and understanding with his defensive partner that caused the extra goal per game.

            I believe that team physical toughness is overrated in the playoffs. Mental toughness, for sure, but it’s more about having your best players playing their best. We didn’t have that.

            —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • Eddie says:

        I think it’s quite clear that the refs are given specific instructions for the playoffs to “let the players play”, which is code for “let much more of the rough stuff go”; at least that’s always been clear to me.

        As such, the playoffs represent a different and more physically challenged environment.

        In that new environment a lack of toughness is a real disadvantage.

        Balancing toughness with quickness is definitely a more effective approach in the playoffs.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Marty Brodeur had similar thoughts last season as well.

    • bigjames says:

      That is not what he said on l’antichambre. Anyone can go to rds.ca and check for yourself (if you understand French). What he said is the Habs were tough to play against because they were always on the puck, always on the opposing player, not giving them any space.

      Now that requires speed of course but it is not just about speed but about tenacity and what they call in French l’acharnement.

      • Mattyleg says:

        That’s what he said in the CBC article too, and that’s what I said in my post.

        “Getting bigger and grittier is fine, but new signing Danny Briere says the Montreal Canadiens cannot lose what gives opponents the most trouble — their speed.”

        “They were always one of the toughest teams to play against because they’re always on you. They’re fast. There’s no time with the puck. No time to make plays. Every play is rushed because their puck pressure is really good. So it’s important that we keep the same speed this year.”

        Is what he said, which is essentially the same thing as what he said on l’Antichambre (according to you) and what I said in my post.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Ian Cobb says:


      Any luck with the mail .?

  2. mdp2011 says:

    Looks like the Leafs media folks are already dipping into the sauce, they’re predicting that the Leafs will be the best Canadian team this season.


    • Mattyleg says:

      Brace yourself Canada, here come the Leafs Media!

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Luke says:

      Half of this article is dedictated to a story about being in a mens room in Indian Head, Sask.

      How very bizarre…

      “the fact that they took the Boston Bruins — last season’s Stanley Cup finalists — to seven games in the playoffs, speaks volumes to how far this club has come … and how far they could go.”

      Yah. How’d that work out for the Habs a few years back?

    • Mustang says:

      I particularly like this quote taken from the article “Can you imagine how fans in B.C., and Quebec and Alberta are going to feel if the Leafs are riding high in the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs and the CBC, as well as the two Canadian sports networks, lavish more attention on them than usual?

      This guy just doesn’t get why the ROC hates the Laffs. Every year, Cherry and the rest of the Toranna media heap praise on the Laffs like they are dominating the NHL when if fact they either suck or are a “middle-of-the-pack team. People wouldn’t hate the Laffs nearly as much if all of the hype was toned down a bit.

  3. Ian Cobb says:

    Two tickets did not arrive in the mail to one of our HIO members. I do not know the two seat numbers that are missing.
    So I need to know your seats for me to determine which seats are missing and have them canceled and to reissue two new tickets.
    This only applies to GREY section seats.
    Everyone, please e-mail me ASAP, your GREY Section, Row and seat numbers, so I can determine which two seats I have to cancel at the Bell Center and reissue.
    If only one of you do not do this, Matty will not be able to go to the game that he has paid for.
    Thanks, Ian

    • HabinBurlington says:

      If we cannot get this situation rectified through legal channels, I have a foolproof methodology of getting Matty into the game. Or at least it worked for me and some buddies many years ago in Chicago for a Hawks game.

      After a day of indulging in all Chicago had to offer, one of our buddies realized he had lost his ticket. His condition was not exactly tip-top but he had a pulse. We made a plan and put him in between my friend and myself. As we got to the ticket agent we had him bolt into the arena having written our section, row and seat numbers on his hand, with instructions to hide out in washroom or elsewhere for a few minutes and then join us. The plan worked, in fact it worked so well that when he went to the washroom and prepared for his task at hand, he managed to locate where he had put his ticket, in order to ensure he wouldn’t lose it. True Story, and needless to say I have hundreds more stories like this that involve him, as he is want to do foolish things. 🙂

      CHeers, and hopefully all the people in the greys can indeed help Ian and Matty out with their information ASAP.

    • Mattyleg says:

      Thanks for your help Ian!
      Great suggestion, Burly.
      I’ll just plow through the ticket-takers with my heavily-pregnant girlfriend! They won’t know what hit ’em!

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

  4. HabinBurlington says:

    And the Spin-O-Rama lives to see another year in the shoot-outs and penalty shots. Turns out the players must really like this!


  5. Habfan10912 says:

    I’m not really good at putting thoughts to words so I beg your indulgence as I try. First, I need to thank Frank and Burly yesterday for their kind words and support yesterday. Yesterday is a difficult day for many of us with many individual stories so painful that the day seems to open new wounds every year. Time does not seem to offer much healing.

    Today has become one of my favorite days of the year, not just because of the day that it isn’t, but because I recall all of the kind hearted and good will shared among us all. None more than from my neighbors to the North, strong and free!

    During the Vancouver Olympics, NBC showed the story about a small town in Newfoundland which unexpectedly played host to thousands of people, mostly American citizens on 9/11. The giving, support and love that the citizens of Gander displayed was incredible and still brings a tear to my eye.

    I hope you take the 5 minutes to watch this shortend version of this video and know that the people of Gander represented all of Canada during those dark days. My country will be forever in debt to your great Nation.


  6. Habfan10912 says:

    @yeats and other residence of Southeastern NY – Was talking with Frank yesterday and he reminded me that you play and visit Tate Rink on the campus of West Point. Some of the practices will be open to the public, I didn’t know if you had seen this.


  7. Habfan10912 says:

    Good morning all! Interesting discussion occurring over the new goalie pad requirements. If it’s true that the league’s intention is to increase scoring I have one question. Why doesn’t the league enforce their rules consistantly throughout an entire season?

    Here’s what Sid “No longer a Kid” thinks.

    • SmartDog says:

      To increase scoring:
      1. Enforce rules CONSISTENTLY on obstruction etc.
      2. Have REAL punishments for blatant attacks, cross-checking, etc of players in scoring position for no reason than because they are in scoring position.

      But that would make the game about – gasp! – skill. Forget it. It won’t happen.

      The officiating in the NHL is an absolute joke. Why do they even need a f-n rule book. Every ref does it differently, and they seem to change willy nilly. Every sport has blown calls. The NHL has blown games and blown series’ just as part of REGULAR operating procedures.
      Can you smell what the dog is sniffin?

  8. SmartDog says:

    The lesson from the article above: to be an NHL player you need to work on your ass and shoulder muscles.

    Can you smell what the dog is sniffin?

  9. 24 Cups says:

    Gionta and Parros, who had shoulder surgery in the off-season, will practise, but will probably be held out of the scrimmage sessions.

  10. 24 Cups says:

    One of the impacts from this year’s 64M cap is the training camp tryout for established pros. Ian White is the latest in a long line as he goes to Winnipeg.

  11. Mavid says:

    3, 3, 3, how many is 3……3 days till pre season hockey!!

    Weed Wacker Gramda Smurf

  12. Maritime Ronn says:

    Some speculation that an Offer Sheet could arrive for Leafs RFA Dman Cody Franson:

    ” @DarrenDreger: Some offer sheet speculation on Cody Franson. Anything above $3.3 mil pretty sure Tor would take the 1rst rnd pick. Anything under…match.”

    First off, RFA Compensation is as follows:
    – Over $1,682,194 to $3,364,391 2nd round pick.
    – Over $3,364,391 to $5,046,585 1st and 3rd round pick.

    If you’re the Habs GM, do you get involved?

    Most realise that it is ‘NHL Politically Incorrect’ to submit an Offer Sheet for several reasons – one being possible retaliatory measures in the future against your own RFAs via hostile Offer Sheets, and some others being not getting a golf game at the NHL GMs meetings, and drinking at the bar by yourself…or with Kevin Lowe/Paul Holmgren.

    That mentioned, an RFA Offer Sheet is a legitimate CBA tool that should be used to strengthen your own team…and if a by-product is weakening an opponent, then so be it.

    So who is Cody Franson?
    A just turned 26 year old, 6’5″-213, quite mobile, Right Hand shot that finished last season 7th in points for all NHL Dmen, and 9th in hits for all NHL Dmen, and his hits hurt.
    In the 7 game loss to the Bruins, he was playing Top 4 minutes and 1st Unit PP/2nd Unit PK.

    While the Habs have a glut of depth Dmen and prospects, they lack that type of age/experience guy.
    Franson could easily slot into Top 4.

    Habs would lose a Draft pick or possibly 2?
    How many more prospects do the Habs need, then this Dman glut could be packaged to recoup some compensation pick(s) lost.

    Let’s also remember that all of Markov, Emelin, and Diaz are UFAs next summer and it is THEIR choice to either resign if offered, or check out the market.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      It would be very entertaining if the offer sheet came from Calgary. Granted Burke has always spoken out against using such tactics, perhaps given how things ended in Toronto maybe he has had a change of heart.

      • Maritime Ronn says:

        Hi burli

        Actually Burke clarified his stance.
        The Kevin Lowe thing had 2 components one being the possible inflationary factor with the Penner Offer Sheet, and the other was being 100% blindsided by Lowe.

        Burke was always one against overpaying an unproven RFA that had consequences to the salary scale for other players.

        When Burke did the Kessel deal, he actually reacquired a needed pick to make an Offer Sheet.
        The difference according to Burke was that the Kessel negotiations were open and transparent with Chiarelli and they finally agreed to compensation in the trade.
        We’ll never know if Burke would have made an offer sheet.

    • Bill says:

      I like Franson as a player, but I think you’re over-selling his physicality. He’s huge but doesn’t really play like it, from what I have seen and from what my Leaf fan friends complain about. Franson plays a skill game, and does it well.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • Maritime Ronn says:


        I actually saw a lot of him last year.
        His physicality is not those big hits coming across the ice that make the fans go WOW.
        His hits are solid D zone behind the net/corner hits that separate a player from the puck.

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      So guys/Ladies…Do we make an Offer Sheet or not?
      If so, at what level?

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I wouldn’t at this point, I think 1 more season of patience to see what we have of our own. Too early to start trading/giving draft picks for other players, who could perhaps play a role which we already have the talent available to play. Ie. If indeed by next season Tinordi and Beaulieu are ready, we may not require Franson.

      • secretdragonfly says:

        If I were MB, I would pass. It’s not like we have a lot of holes to fill on D and just the thought of giving up a draft pick to the Leafs makes my skin crawl.

    • SlovakHab says:

      This is exactly what I just thought about.


      Why? Size, right-hand shot, offensive output, physicality.

      I mean, come on.

      RD – Subban, Franson, Diaz
      LD – Gorges, Markov, Murray

      Gorges, Subban
      Markov, Franson
      Murray, Diaz (or Tinordi, Diaz -> later Emelin, Diaz)

      Each of these duos has RD and LD, has physicality, offense, defense…

      Emelin & Diaz would probably be the best 3rd pairing in the league.
      Imagine Markov and Franson loading each other on the powerplay, as a second unit.

      I would do it for sure.
      Toronto offers 2x2M?

      We offer 3x 3.5M. Do it, Marc.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Just to confirm then, you are willing to give up a 1st round pick and a 3rd round pick in next years draft?

        • SlovakHab says:

          yes. we basically draft a top-4 defenceman before 2014, and he is ready right away.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            I understand, but you are now acquiring a player whom you know longer will have any RFA years left. So in order to ensure you keep him for a good amount of time, a long term contract will be in order. The danger is you are now sending a message to the other younger dmen on the team, that long term contracts are available early in your career. If indeed he only signs a 3 yr. deal with us, very possible this player is only with the Habs for 3 years. Is Franson that good? I think he is a nice player and would make our top 4 this upcoming season. However, I could see him pushed out of top 4 within 1-2 years. It will be in 2-3 years that this team will really be competitive I hope. Just not of the opinion now is the time to start gambling on players from outside the organization when there is a significant cost to acquire them.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I forget who first reported this, I think it might have been Bob McKenzie or Elliotte Friedman, but he quoted an anonymous GM who explained that there’s no great conspiracy as to why there are so few offer sheets, it’s simply that for them to work, you have to overpay to threaten to wreck the other team’s salary structure if they’d match. As the Flyers did to the Preds with the Shea Weber offer sheet, for example. Except, as the GM says, if the other team backs off, and you land the player, you’ve now wrecked your own salary structure. That’s why they don’t work, and don’t get used often.

      We think the Maple Leafs are up against the cap, but if it means not losing a young player like Colby Frelmstlon, they’ll get creative and find the cap room. So most teams probably see an offer sheet as a futile exercise.

      But I have to agree it would be high drama if Brian Burke was the culprit, and even better if somehow Kevin Lowe got involved.

  13. Un Canadien errant says:

    More thoughts on Louis Leblanc:

    Much has been made of his disappointing season in Hamilton, but what is lost in the narrative is that before he was felled by the high ankle sprain, he was having a promising start on a line with Blake Geoffrion. Both of these guys seemed unfazed by AHL competition, and seemed poised to be the dominant line for the Bulldogs. Then Louis wrecked his ankle in a reportedly unnecessary fight, and Blake later suffered a career-ending skull fracture. When he returned, Louis was not able to play to the level he’d shown so far, which is unfortunate but not shocking with that type of injury, which may be ‘healed’ but not 100% for months afterwards, as the athlete struggles to regain proprioception in the joint.

    There were also whispers that he was unhappy with the direction and coaching he received from Sylvain Lefebvre and his crew. They tried to sell him on a career path that would make him a third-line defensively-oriented winger in the NHL, and he resisted that apparently, thinking that he has more to offer, and should shoot for a role higher in the lineup. Taken along with other stories from anonymous sources (but which to me clearly came from a parent), that for example there were attempts to overhaul his skating stride with the help of tools like rubber bands, we can see that it’s likely there were more than one reason for his dispiriting season.

    If I could provide him with advice, I’d recommend that he speak with Guy Carbonneau, who once was a prolific scorer in junior, but was asked by the Canadiens to assume a defensive role to eventually take over for Doug Jarvis and Doug Risebrough once those veterans moved on. The story goes that he was hesitant at first to sacrifice offence as it would affect his earning potential in the NHL, but he was assured that he would be paid as a frontline player even if the points didn’t pile up. We all know how that turned out, he focused his hockey IQ and superlative skating in the manner the team wanted, teamed for years with Bob Gainey and Chris Nilan on one of the most effective lines in Canadiens’ history, and he went on to have a twenty year, four Stanley Cup career. Maybe Guy can help him out with this decision/transition.

    • Habitant in Surrey says:

      …Norm, just curious …is it also possible to attain proprioception of a comment ?

      …if so I’ve just got to find an opportunity to propriocept My thoughts at the earliest opportunity before I author another unintelligible opinion

    • Marc10 says:

      The Carbo analogy is a good one. Most NHLers were top dogs in their small ponds… Heck Metropolit was a star in rep hockey… so was Bruce Boudreau. In Patrick Roy’s time in AAA, Matt Cooke was the best young player in the country.

      Unless you’re been touched by the Gods like the Malkins of this world, you’re just not going to dominate and the game will find a place for you. I could see Leblanc turn into a Carbo (high end) Chris Higgins (serviceable third liner) type. He could slug it out with Bournival for that role… and that’s not a bad career if he makes it. Solid $2mil+ with plenty of time on the PK. And you’re on the ice with seconds to go when its time to seal the deal.

    • savethepuck says:

      First of all, thanks very much for making me google proprioception. I consider myself a very literate person, do you have a thesaurus app when you type ;). (I know you don’t like the emoticons). Regarding LL, I am not sure if this post was in reference to my reply to your post at 9 PM or not, but what is your response to my answer regarding LL’s shoulder problems hindering his ability to put on a lot of weight and muscle during the 1 or possibly 2 summers that he was rehabbing his shoulder?

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        Not related, I was brief in my initial comments, and thought of other thoughts, although not as many as Elliotte Friedman, so I thought I’d ramble on some more.

        I’ve kind of forgotten about the lost summer due to shoulder rehab, so that’s a good partial explanation and thanks for reminding me, but I think he’s lagged behind even when we take this into account. I’ve had separated shoulders, and I worked around it in the gym, could still do lots of leg work, sprints, plyometrics, obviously pretty much all lower body work, as soon as I could tolerate twinges and modest pain. The last little while in rehab, you wouldn’t want to throw a snowball or anything, but your shoulder was stable enough to do some reps on bench press and so on. Anyway as my football coaches used to scream at us, if you want to have big guns, do more squats. If your legs are growing, everything is growing.

        So anyway, I’m just glad to see him with a bit of bulk on him, and hope he gets back on track this season, has a great off-season of training next summer, and earns a spot on the Canadiens based on strong merit.

    • rhino514 says:

      His skating is apparently simply not good enough to be a top six. Is it good enough for top nine, eventually? It seems even top nine guys are fast skaters nowadays.
      I think for a guy who doesn´t have top notch raw skills, character comes into play alot. Louis seems like a nice guy, but the impression one gets is that he doesn´t have that “killer” atttitude.
      I also think that while some guys can handle Montreal, he doesn´t seem like the kind of kid who will necessarily deal well with the presssure.
      I´m glad that with Kristo´s departure, Louis is going to get a shot to prove himself, and the forard prospects for this year are few and far between, so he has a chance, which he likely won´t next year. But Bournival may already be ahead of him as a third line prospect, and Cristian Thomas could pass him by if the habs need a scoring replacement. Also, don´t forget Dumont is probably ahead of him at this point as well.

    • John Frodo says:

      His skating needs immediate attention

  14. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …looking at photos from the first day of training camp …Tarnasky looks forbidding, and not a ‘fun guy’ to share a pizza with 🙂

    …Parros looks like a cabbage roll when He lifts His shirt …One would think a Player with His responsibilities to not only break-heads but as well contribute overall would have hauled His azz to a Gary Roberts gym before showing up looking like He spent the summer in His basement watching baseball and eating Cheetos

    …Emelin going full bore on the cycle looks like He may return by late November/early December

    …of course, these opinions are only My impressions and are wisely not to be used by Stu or Dave for tomorrow’s headlines 🙂

    • savethepuck says:

      Regarding the physique of Parros, I think it is a misconception among some fans that the best hockey fighters are supposed to be extremely cut and big. I think that hockey fighting is a skill ( even though I would have absolutely no problem with it not being in the game). Most great hockey fighters have been doing it since minor hockey, they know how to grab a sweater to take an advantage etc…being a skilled hockey fighter is something that has come from a lot of practice ( i.e. They have been honing that skill for many years). A lot of posters label some of our bigger players as soft because they are not good fighters, but some of these players didn’t grow up in the North American game where fighting was a common thing. I think that thru Bantam, midget, and junior, fighting is only common for kids that played in Canada, young players from other countries, and I think that includes the US, have not had a lot of practice doing this. I think that the point of my reply is that some posters who may be questioning Tinordi, and recently McCarron’s pugilistic skills, should give them some time to hone their skills because they haven’t had enough practice at it, no matter how big they are.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        …I just think an ‘enforcer’ like Parros should want optimum cardio plus strength to have an edge, exactly the same for any other Player on the Team

        …if You do fight, the goal should be to come out on top, not tie or be satisfied at merely answering the bell if not coming out on top

        …yes, fighting is a craft …but His craftsmanship would be way more effective for the Team and Himself if His body was primed and maximised in My opinion

        • savethepuck says:

          I think my point was that I have no problem with it. I am watching now, the Yani Pitkanen, breaking his heel, and that seems so bad. Why don’t they smartening up a little?

          “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
          Carey Price

  15. habsgod says:

    does anyone know what jersey number douglas murray selected?

  16. 24 Cups says:

    Cody Hodgson skips bridge contract: $25.5 million over the next six years. It’s a cap hit of $4.25 million per season.

  17. Loonie says:

    Since nearly every Habs blogger is ga ga over Greg Pateryn I’ll throw my hat in the ring.

    I’ll predict that Greg Pateryn wins the Calder Trophy. Around the same time that I predict that Martin Brodeur will win the Art Ross.

    • HabFab says:

      Pateryn was told by the Habs that he needed to work on his skating and had to become more physical if he wanted to play in the NHL. He spent the summer working out with a skating instructor and hit everything moving at the camp. We await the final test… can he make a loonie into a toonie?

      • Loonie says:

        Can I add? If he wants a CHANCE to play in the NHL, for the Canadiens, he’ll need to improve his skating and puck moving to the point where he’s more effective than one or a couple of Subban, Tinordi, Beaulieu, Emelin, Dietz, Nygren, Thrower, Ellis and any other young defenseman with better tangible skills than him.

        He’s among the prospects at the bottom, not at the top. Just tired of inflated expectations.

    • Bill says:

      He didn’t look out of place last year as first call-up, I think he could be a decent 5-6 guy in the NHL with some more experience.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      You forgot Chara for the Lady Bing…

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • zephyr says:

      well, he has size for one thing & he is mobile & can move the puck. if he plays a physical game & can control big forwards, then he’s doing something georges, bouillon, markov & diaz cannot do. the habs d needs to get big & tough. tinordi & pateryn look like the best bets for that game right now. time will tell.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      When you say nearly every Habs blogger, is this referring to posters here or to various blog sites and their actual articles?

  18. Un Canadien errant says:

    Watching the videos, here’s what struck me about two players who had trying seasons last year:

    1) Louis Leblanc has really added some size and thickness, compared to last summer, when quite a few were struck at how slender he looked during a fan event he was interviewed at. At the time, he looked more like a teenager trying out for a boy band. He’s now got some size on him, but he still has a way to go, compared to some of his teammates who are absolutely jacked. Maybe he’s a late bloomer physically, maybe mentally it took some time for it to sink in that he needed to train in a different way to make it in the pros, more off-ice stuff and power moves and upper body work.

    2) Travis Moen is surprisingly lean, compared to what I thought of him. Probably my mistake, but I thought he was a little more burly, more bulky, so when I saw his weight listed as 222 lbs, I thought that made sense, and he could comfortably play at 230 and slim down as the season progressed. Instead, he’s shredded, he has that hockey player body, lean and no extra weight around the middle, but thick in the chest and shoulders. Whatever happens this season in terms of icetime and linemates and style of play and playing a physical role, we can’t ever accuse him of slacking off during the summer since he has a long-term deal in his pocket. He’s come to camp as fit as could be, he’s ready to go in that sense.

    … you know, because there’s no way hundreds of overcompetitive stars with massive egos would ever cheat to gain an edge with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake..–Bill Simmons


    • savethepuck says:

      Regarding LL, I don’t think at all that it took him a few years to realize he had to train differently as a professional. He had shoulder problems late in junior and coming off the WJHC’s I remember him starting late with the Bulldogs in the 2011 -2012 season because he was rehabbing his shoulder. Young players don’t really get to start training hard until the off seasons when they become pros. I think last summer was the first time he really was able to train a lot, and I remember he put on some weight and muscle. I assumed he was going to put on more bulk and muscle this summer too.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

  19. L Elle says:

    I’ve read so much about everything this summer, but, changes re the net and goalie pads, have not been talked about much. Along with realignment, these are significant changes.

    How this will affect the teams will be interesting to see.

  20. habstrinifan says:

    @IAN COBB!

    I saw your post re two tickets in grey section not arriving in mail. I am not sure if you are referring to two tickets from last years canceled date(which I did not know had to be returned) or if you are advising that you had two tickets ‘returned to sender’ back from this year’s issue.

    Also I think I read where Mattyleg had not received his ticket.. is this related?

    Bottom line I am in BC, did not ‘return you last year’s tickets (thought I didn’t have to); did get this year’s tickets, and cant give you info on any since I don’t have them with me.

    Hope my ticket from last year is not one which you are talking about.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Your okay Trini, he is talking about 2 tix he mailed out a couple weeks which have yet to arrive at the recipients address.

      • Ian Cobb says:

        Thanks for the help Gerald!!
        I even sent an e-mail out to all that got Grey game tickets. But only 10 people have responded so far. Without knowing where all the seats are, I cannot figure out the two that are missing, so I can cancel them and get replacements for Matty

    • Habitant in Surrey says:

      …how long will You be in BC Trin ? …just visiting Your Daughter or planning on a permanent escape from Ottawa ?

  21. Hobie Hansen says:

    When is our 1st game against Boston again?


  22. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …both Galchenyuk and Subbydoo look ripped

  23. HabinBurlington says:

    I noticed lower down our friend Habfab posted a twitter pic from Dennis Leary regarding 9/11. Thanks for doing that.

    I don’t want anything to become political, but indeed a great deal of innocent people lost their lives that day. Here is a youtube clip of a Budweiser advert. featuring those beautiful Clydesdales that apparantly only aired once.

    This was sent to me from an American friend who was a firefighter.


  24. Hobie Hansen says:

    These Pat Hickey video reports are awesome! Keep them coming HIO!

  25. Blade says:

    Gallagher keeping #11. Loving that kid more every day. You have some pretty good workhorses to draw inspiration from; Muller, Ryan Walter, Koivu, Lambert. Keep up the attitude kid! You are on your way to being something real special!

  26. HabFab says:

    A Q&A on the Rookie Camp and the prospects performance;

  27. HabFab says:

    A poster had asked earlier about the Lac- Megantic benefit scrimmage… this answers your question.

    Dave Stubbs @Dave_Stubbs

    #Habs Saturday Lac-Mégantic benefit scrimmage will be 3 periods of 15 mins. $5 gets seat, hotdog, chips, soft drink http://bit.ly/14Y6Mdp

  28. habs11s says:


    Well there goes our ‘tough’ image…


    “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” -Jacques Plante

  29. JohnBellyful says:

    Hi, I’m JohnBellyful, and this is my workout…

    While lying in bed blink eyes furiously for 10 seconds. Rest. Repeat, blinking upward this time.
    Move tongue from one side of your mouth to the other 10 times. Repeat, but this time with tongue inside mouth.
    Do a two-minute rep of grimace-scowl-groan.
    Wiggle fingers. Waggle toes. Reverse. Waggle fingers. Wiggle toes.

    Roll out of bed, and gather speed as you make way to the bathroom.
    Stop when it seems like a good idea. Stand up.
    Stand on two feet for 30 seconds. Stand on right foot for 15 seconds. Hurts, don’t it? See if the same thing happens by standing on left foot. Thought so.
    Raise right knee. Hold. 10 seconds. Raise left knee. Hold. 10 seconds. Raise both knees. Impressive! How’d you do that? Oh, yeah. Hold. 10 seconds.
    Swivel head to the right and back five times. Slowly. Swivel head to the left and back five times. Slowly.
    Rotate head 360 degrees. Slowly.

    Brush teeth while running on the spot.
    Brush hair using weighted brush (eg, bar of soap – the heavy kind! – attached with duct tape; alternatively use duck attached with soap film that’s dried).
    Brush dandruff off pajama top. Pajama bottom. Mirror. Sink. Toilet tank lid.
    Flare nostrils. Widen ear holes. Vibrate uvula. Do the wave with eyebrows. Flex dimple.

    Lift arms over head. Look up. Look way up. Yeah, to those cobwebs hanging off the ceiling light. Say something to wife/partner/the woman you met in the bar last night. Oh, she’s left.
    Look for wallet on hands and knees. Then knees and hands. Then heads and shoulders, knees and hands, knees and hands, knees and hands, heads and shoulders, knees and hands … repeat 50 times and then count the bottles of beer on the wall. There should be 99 of them. What, she took those, too!
    Exhale. Rapidly.

    Lie on back. Bring hands together at fingertips. And thumbtips. Make a geodesic dome. Steeple, if you’re useless.
    Do same with feet. Make a pagoda. No, no, a pa-toe-da! Ha, ha, ha, where do I come up with these? … Sorry.
    Okay, break up the joints and return to legs and arms at rest by your side. The arms by your side, but if you can do it with your legs, too, hey, you’re special.
    Turn over onto your stomach, and point arms forward, keeping arms and legs stiff. Now rock back and forth as if you’re a see-saw. A teeter-totter. A really fat dude.
    You gotta cut down on the donuts there, buddy. End session by eating only two.

    Big game on tonight so must conserve energy. Take it easy today. Will get exercised watching Coach’s Corner.

    Day of rest. And football games. Let’s go do some channel surfing. Wheeeeeeee! (Or whatever those surfer dudes say.)

    — “Lifting weights, running sprints, that’s why I’m called the fitness prince.” —

  30. commandant says:

    On the poll question, he’ll be a callup this year and regular in 2014-15.

    I expect a real bounce back season from Leblanc.

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

    • Mark C says:

      I’m shocked at how many people think he’ll never be a regular in Montreal. Talk about what have you done for me lately. Louie was trending the right way until injuries derailed his season. He does a lot of things that make me believe he’ll be a regular very soon.

    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      One problem with the Canadiens “fast-and-skilled” approach last year is that whenever Michael Ryder was on the ice they weren’t all that fast. That messed up their fore-check and let the other team move the puck out of its own zone and it made the other two guys on his line late on the back-check. The group of players that played in the playoffs wasn’t all that skilled either IMO. Ryder wasn’t the only reason they lost last year, but I think Briere is an upgrade if only because he can keep up with the play.*

      *until he gets injured^
      ^but then I thought Colby Armstrong wouldn’t last 5 games last year, so maybe Briere won’t get hurt, what do I know (SBJ shrugs shoulders)

  31. crabvader says:

    Probably been done before but who becomes the star in this year’s draft and who leaves us wanting??

    I like Crisp but I think McCarron is going to be a beast.

    I think De La Rose is going to disappoint.

  32. HabFab says:

    Denis Leary

    Never forget the 343 brave men of the FDNY and the courage and dedication they showed on 9/11.

    For big Jim……….

  33. J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

    “A finalist for the Calder Trophy in his rookie season”?! Could he be a finalist in any season other than his rookie season?

    I remember Dec. 31, 1975

  34. SSFN says:

    If we have had more guys in the shape PK is in in the play offs against Ottawa as well as a couple of regular season games if my memory servers me right. We wouldn’t have gotten beat up like kids in a schoolyard.

    I hope they take a good look at PK. That’s how a real Hockey Player should look like. I’ll guarantee you when they get hit they won’t forget …

    • Marc10 says:

      Gone are the Spaceks on this team who rocked up to camp after sitting on the porch all summer sipping beers.

      With the depth chart becoming more cluttered, there’s going to be serious pressure on players trying to retain their spots – especially on guys like Moen, and White when we’re drafting moar bigger and stronger. Moen’s saving grace is that this depth is a couple of years away… but it’s coming! I hope we get the pre-contract Moen this year. That would be a big help!

  35. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Just found out…PK is trying out for an Old Spice commercial…

    “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  36. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    What is this..PK porn? LOL…after all those links about women might as well give something for our lady readers/posters.

    “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  37. Psycho29 says:

    @ Habitant in Surrey:

    If it makes you feel better CJAD’s address is on Rene Levesque; not on Papineau…


  38. jrshabs1 says:

    2 shirtless pics of P.K. in 1 afternoon…who at HIO has the man crush?

    Go Habs Go!!

  39. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …PK’s photo above looks a tad too erotic for HIO …there are women and children in the House

    …not counting more than a few laddies

  40. Timo says:

    LOL, PK is such a poser. 🙂

  41. Ian Cobb says:


    Two tickets did not arrive in the mail. I do not know the seat numbers that are missing. This only applies to a pair of GREY seats.
    Would everyone please give me your GREY row, seat and grey section numbers only, so I can determine which two seats I have to cancel at the Bell Center and reissue. ONLY GREY SECTION and ROW # and SEAT NUMBERS PLEASE. ASAP
    E-mail me

  42. HabFab says:

    Dmitry Chesnokov @dchesnokov

    Tomas Kaberle signs with Kladno Knights

    • Eddie says:

      Can’t say I will miss Kaberle. I hated him as a Leaf, and I had no respect for the way he played as a Hab – zero guts – zero heart – a 5 on 5 comedy show.

  43. mrhabby says:

    2 words………………Scarlett Johansson..

    opppps oh hockey talk.

  44. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …CJAD broadcasting from Papineau street ???

    …My Gawd, the take-over is complete 🙁

    …General Wolfe is probably hosting Montcalm for tea in the clouds this mornin’

    • lakechamplain says:

      Great article; of all the links here I’ve clicked on to get relevant information this was by far the best. Thanks; keep posting this blog please.

    • carolinahab says:

      I am willing to be patient through 2013/14 as our defense corps coming out of the Bulldogs will surely have us well positioned to progress in 2014/15 with plenty of cap space for our studs in the barn.

  45. Luke says:

    Have a good night folks!

  46. B says:

    Have they posted the results of today’s weigh ins anywhere?

    –Go Habs Go!–

  47. frontenac1 says:

    Calvados,Cognac,Vin Rouge! Go Habs! Saludos Amigos!

  48. Psycho29 says:

    Mitch Melnick on TSN690 today is broadcasting for the last time from the Greene Avenue studios.
    Tomorrow the station moves to Papineau St in the same building as CJAD, CHOM, and I believe CFCF TV.
    Today Bell fired on air personnel Ted Bird (TSN990), Ric Peterson and Chantal Desjardins (both CJAD)…. Possibly more to come.
    Will be interesting how the move/purchase affects TSN690, although I thought as part of the agreement with the CRTC Bell was supposed to keep the sports station as is.

    Probably a lot of loopholes and grey areas in that contract….

    • Bripro says:

      They let the Birdman go? Too bad. He’s funny.
      Thanks for the heads-up. And yup…. Bird’s face isn’t on the morning show profile anymore. Well, Bell just keeps impressing me.
      Oh, hang on, my wireless is slow today. I’ll try my 4G… oh wait, the signal isn’t great.
      I think I’ll call ….. “Welcome to Bell. You’re important to us…..”
      What a crock!

    • DadidolizedDougHarvey says:

      English Montreal media needs such a bloody big flushing, it’s incredible. Turn on the radio whenever I’m visiting and it depresses the hell out of me, with the exception maybe of CBC. CHOM has the same playlist it had in 1982.

      • J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

        Actually CHOM is far more progressive than almost any other rock station in Canada. Arctic Monkeys, Savages, The National, and plenty more. A looooong way from the playlist of ’82 or before.

        I remember Dec. 31, 1975

        • DadidolizedDougHarvey says:

          So you’re telling me that they play, in regular rotation, more Arctic Monkeys, Savages, and The National than they play Led Zepplin and Supertramp? I don’t think we’re listening to the same station. And in 1982, they were successfully 5 years behind the times. I can think of dozens of great bands that never got played on that station. It’s depressing

          • J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

            I suspect you aren’t listening at all. They NEVER play Supertramp. Haven’t for years. So, in answer to your first question: yes. Welcome to the 21st century.

            I remember Dec. 31, 1975

  49. HabinBurlington says:

    Apparantly the Florida Panthers also sent an invite to Bryzgalov to come to their camp as well at Thomas.

    • Strummer says:

      That will make for some spaced-out conversation in the goalies’ corner of the dressing room.

      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

    • habs11s says:

      Florida Panthers- new nickname = ‘crazy town’ ?


      “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” -Jacques Plante

  50. twilighthours says:

    That is one very fit 19-year-old.

    Great photo.

  51. Timo says:

    Did any of the hockey players in the 70’s or even 80’s look like this?

  52. Timo says:

    Mary. Mary!!!

    She’s gone.

  53. shiram says:

    Kaberle signs with the HC Kladno of the Czrch Extrglia.
    It is Jagr’s team, and where Plekanec plays when not in the NHL.
    My avatar is their logo.

    • Strummer says:

      His contract has an out clause if gets an NHL offer.

      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  54. Bripro says:

    Here’s a french interview with PK regarding the new NHL14.
    His english portion starts around 40 seconds in.


  55. von says:

    I really hope Leblanc isn’t a first-round bust. Looking forward to most likely seeing him Sept. 27th in a preseason game against the Marlies. Will be an interesting season for him and the Bulldogs, especially after last year.


    “Obviously it would be great, but they don’t really hang conference titles in this rink. They raise Stanley Cup banners.” – Carey Price

    • 24 Cups says:

      He looks pretty fragile in that video. A bit of a deer in the headlights stare that doesn’t exude confidence.

      His only hope right now is to try and beat out Dumont for the 4th spot on RW. Leblanc hasn’t played centre since he left junior so it doesn’t appear to be a viable option.

      • von says:

        The video of him and Moen doing the ‘beep test’ didn’t look too good either. He was majorly dogging it by the end… If you can’t outrun Moen at his age…


        “Obviously it would be great, but they don’t really hang conference titles in this rink. They raise Stanley Cup banners.” – Carey Price

      • habstrinifan says:

        Big difference in look of P.K/Galchenyuk and Le Blanc and Plekanec.

  56. Sportfan says:

    Love Gallys attitude, he had a great season for a new player in the league and he says i can better better. That’s the kind of dare I say character you want on your team.

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  57. Kooch7800 says:

    Holy smokes Toews girlfriend is smoking hot

    “Keep your stick on the Ice”

  58. 24 Cups says:

    The twins will be 34 when they begin their last long term contract. What have they done so far in terms of getting Vancouver to the Cup? What can they realistically be expected to do in the future? Should Gillis have traded Luongo and the twins this summer or is it realistic to think one more kick at the can may still bear fruit?


    • HabinBurlington says:

      It will be interesting to watch how the twins react to Torterella’s style of coaching. Looking at the list of high skill talent which Fonzie alienated himself from through his time in New York, doesn’t bode well for the twins, IMO.

      Ownership would never have allowed Gillis to trade the twins, they are the face of the Canucks. The Luongo situation however, could probably not have been handled worse.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      “What have they done so far in terms of getting Vancouver to the Cup?

      Come on, the Sedin bashing has to stop. The Canucks have had five straight division championships, including a couple of 1st overalls in the League, and in the playoffs have made it to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final and a couple more Western Conference Finals. Inidividually, both of these guys have won a scoring championship, and Henrik has won a Hart Trophy. They’ve been on All-Star Teams, played in All-Star Games, represented Sweden internationally whenever they could. This has been accomplished with 2/3 of a line, with management never being able to get them a Wayne Simmonds or Max Pacioretty or James Neal to play with. Alex Burrows is a nice player, but completely the wrong type of player to complete their trio.

      It’s reasonable to question how much their contract should pay them and how long it should run for at this stage of their career, but let’s not denigrate their achievements because they haven’t yet won a Stanley Cup. If the referees had done their job in 2011, and hadn’t let the Bruins cheat their way to an undeserved Cup, this wouldn’t even be an issue, obviously.

  59. Kooch7800 says:

    Per Elliot Friedman
    Not exactly sure why, but it appears as if there is some complication between Daniel Cleary and PHI. Told he will not be joining Flyers.

    “Keep your stick on the Ice”

  60. Un Canadien errant says:

    Sean McIndoe with a quiz for you:


    … you know, because there’s no way hundreds of overcompetitive stars with massive egos would ever cheat to gain an edge with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake..–Bill Simmons


  61. Bill says:

    All I want from Therrien this season is for him to use Eller on the power-play. That’s all.

    EDIT: Ok, two things, and for him to use Subban on that lousy penalty kill of his.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  62. Mattyleg says:

    I like the ‘wait and see’ approach re: Chucky and the centre position.

    I think, as I have mentioned here before, that Eller was shoved prematurely into that role, and he struggled. He’s come out the other side very nicely, but I think he could have been used more effectively on the wing while he adapted to the speed of the NHL.

    That one’s on JM and the Gang. I don’t believe they ‘ruined’ him (a favourite HI/O term) but I think that his development could have been a bit quicker with more duties on the wing.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  63. ooder says:

    holy moly poor pitkanen, fractures his left heel (left calcaneus bone to be more precise) in april and will miss this entire season because of it.
    any doctors here who can say why he as to miss so much time?

  64. HabinBurlington says:

    Evidently Galchenyuk doesn’t like looking at a topless PK based on the picture above. 🙂

  65. 24 Cups says:

    “We all understand that Alex eventually will be a centreman. But he’s only 19 years old,” Therrien told reporters today.

    You got that straight.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      It is good to read what they are saying about Galchenyuk and his eventual role at center. Over the past 14 months here, one would be convinced the Habs had no idea he could be a centerman based on many of the posts.

      • 24 Cups says:

        Gerald – The Habs future is now close to being set in stone. They have a defenseman who is one of the top dozen players in the league. Galchenyuk, a few years from now, could be the biggest star since Lafleur. If Price can get to the next level, the team just might have an elite goalie. I also have very high hopes for Eller and MaxPac.

        It’s been a long time since Montreal has had building blocks this good.

        • Maksimir says:

          But don’t you remember the golden days when we had young guns waiting to take over: Higgins, Komisarek, O’Bryne, Kostitsyn x2, Lapierre and Latendresse? The future was bright then too my friend.

          • Mattyleg says:

            We had a good team during that period, but didn’t have the same ‘total view’ of the team that the current management has, which has informed drafting and which will continue to build from within rather than buying willy-nilly from outside.

            —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • 24 Cups says:

            LOL. I remember it all too well.

            Subban has arrived. There’s no question there.

            Price has a track record at this point in time of being a good goalie. The only question is whether or not he can be a very good goalie.

            MaxPac has now racked up two and half solid years.

            Galchenyuk is till strictly promise at this point in time but none of the names you have mentioned were every considered to be first line players.

            Eller is at the Higgins/Komo/AK46 stage of development. They all eventually fell to the wayside so we’ll have to wait and see about Eller. I still have a good gut feeling about him.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          In complete agreement Steve, while many will extoll the line of how long they have waited already, I do believe one more full season of patience from mgmt. will have this team ready to start adding piece via trade and UFA.

          While many blame Gainey, PG and the litany of GM’s before them, I think the key is we have now is solid ownership. Molson sees a plan and has patience. I think while Gillette was a fun owner, jovial etc…. he was a leveraged owner whom I think was putting pressure on his GM’s to win now. The win now was to result in better attendance, better shirt sales etc…. to help his investment.

    • Stevie.Ray says:

      Essentially he is saying Desharnais, Eller, Plekanec – one of you, your days are numbered.

  66. HabinBurlington says:


    Sorry, meant to say, so glad Camp has begun…

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