Habs to scrimmage at Bell Centre Monday night (with video)

With an extended break between games after sweeping the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round of the playoffs, the Canadiens decided to try something new Monday to simulate game-day conditions.

Instead of practising at 10:30 Monday morning in Brossard, the team held a “morning skate”. That was to be followed by a scrimmage at the Bell Centre at 7 p.m. that will be closed to fans and the media. The 10 members of the Hamilton Bulldogs who have been practising in Brossard will be worked into the lineups for the scrimmage. The Canadiens will also hold a “family activity” at 5 p.m. at the Bell Centre.

“We don’t yet know when our series against the Bruins will start, but we haven’t had a game in a while and we wanted to have the best preparation possible, so this is why we organized the day in this way,” Canadiens coach Michel Therrien told reporters in Brossard. “We also thought it was important for the players’ families to experience the moment, so we added an afternoon activity which adds them to the schedule.”

The Canadiens were still waiting to hear from the NHL when their Eastern Conference semifinal series against the Boston Bruins will start.

The Canadiens will not practice on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Canadiens’ P.K. Subban will not be a repeat winner of the Norris Trophy as the NHL’s top defenceman. The league announced the three finalists for this year’s award on Monday and they are Boston’s Zdeno Chara, Chicago’s Duncan Keith and Nashville’s Shea Weber.

Here’s how the lines and defence pairings looked at Monday’s morning skate:

Bourque-Eller -Gionta


(Photo by Allen McInnis/The Gazette)

Canadiens stage cone-of-silence game, by The Gazette’s Dave Stubbs

Bruins vs. Habs: As it must be, by The Gazette’s Dave Stubbs

It won’t be easy, but pick Habs in seven, by Jack Todd

Rehearsal day, Canadiens.com

Morning skate interviews (video), Canadiens.com

Subban ready to take the heat in Boston, montrealgazette.com

Lucic thrives as playoff villain, montrealgazette.com

Past stats vs. Bruins meaningless, by The Gazette’s Pat Hickey

After long wait, Canadiens can now prepare for Bruins, NHL.com

A happy birthday to Ginette Reno, Stu on Sports blog

Bruins as ready as ever to take on Canadiens, Boston Globe

You can trust these Bruins, Boston Herald

Chara, Keith, Weber voted Noris finalists, NHL.com

Chara committed to protecting own end first, NHL.com


  1. smiler2729 says:


    Jack Edwards is a clam.
    Gary Bettman is a bobblehead.
    The “CH” in CHOKE stands for Toronto Maple Leafs.

  2. Prop says:

    A buddy of mine who is a Leafs fan is hoping the Habs knock the Bruins out of the playoffs…
    Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria!


  3. Un Canadien errant says:

    Cheese and rice! I’m such a goof. The NFL draft isn’t even this Thursday, it’s next Thursday. No big deal, I guess, just an additional 168 hours to wait.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


  4. Tomi says:

    I don’t friggin believe it! My buddy is working at the Bell Centre tonight and the Habs are playing baseball!!!! Unbelievable!!!
    The good news is Frankie Boo is pitching the entire game…

    Is Michael Therrien still the coach of this team?

  5. CJ says:

    Following a great showing at the WJC, followed by an excellent regular season and strong first two rounds, Zac Fucale’s play has really fallen off. I don’t follow the team close enough to even speculate if there are mitigating factors, but after allowing 2 goals on the first 3 shots tonight, I’d say the struggles continue.

    These are kids after all, and I’m sure he’ll bounce back, but this has been a very tough series.

    • CJ says:

      Sorry, but three goals on five shots….

      He’s pulled a Miller, dipping below the .900 save percentage standard this postseason…..

      • Paz says:

        He’s going through a rough patch but I would not judge him by this. He’s a real tough competitor and he’ll bounce back.

        I would not have drafted him, though.

        We don’t need him, even 3 or 4 years from now.

        I would have drafted a power forward with that extra 2 nd pick and taken a goalie further down.

        • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

          No way were the Habs letting an excellent French Canadian prospect get by them…been there done that.

          • Paz says:

            Interesting. But to what end? If Fucale develops as a true 2nd rounder he should be a starter in 3 or 4 years. And Price will still be in his prime.
            There is no market to trade a 23 or 24 year old goalie, and the fact that he’s from Quebec will perhaps not help.

          • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

            At least they have someone good in the pipeline. Now they can focus on other positions next draft.

          • Loop_Garoo says:

            No, and you need depth options at every position, especially in goal where it is so unpredictable how prospects will develop or how long someone’s career will last. Theodore was once the long term goalie of the future, and he had what, 3 good years? All teams need depth and the habs were desperately short in goal.

          • Paz says:

            You don’t waste a 2nd round pick on depth.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      A .333 save percentage, that’s certainly a concern. You’d think he’d have the experience to work himself out of a funk quickly, but this one is a doozy. Hope he has a chance to battle through it and be successful again before his team gets bounced out.

      EDIT: So .400 now, CJ? Good to see it improving…

    • B says:

      He’s been struggling with consistency this series. 4 goals in less than 11 minutes tonight but the coach still has him in (4-1 now).

      –Go Habs Go!–

    • frontenac1 says:

      Let Stephan Waite have a crack at the kid before we write him off amigo. Habs in 6. Saludos!

      • B says:

        No worries. Price’s save% dropped to .904 the season after he was drafted (and to .896 in the playoffs that season). He turned out ok.

        –Go Habs Go!–

    • scuba says:

      3rd time this series he gave up 3 goals in the first 5 shots. Never seen him play like this before. On the up side he stopped about 6 break-aways in the third and OT last game to lock down a big win.

      Tonight on the forth goal he made an unbelievable save that they said after a long review crossed the goal line in his glove. No idea how they called it a goal but they don’t have good re-plays online.

  6. mark-ID says:

    So whats the score of the scrimmage game, anyone? anyone?

    That bum Desharnais better have scored his first post season goal 😛

    “I think I may have found a way for us to get Griffey and Bonds, and we really won’t have to give up much” -Costanza

  7. punkster says:

    ClutchNGrab posted something earlier that I would like to clarify.

    During the Corsi interview with Melnick, Jim Corsi does not say the Corsi stat “was never meant to evaluate forwards or defence”.

    He does say the following:
    That it was “meant to calculate the workload on a goaltender” and when applied to other players it is “something you want to use to illuminate” and “just part of the picture, not the whole answer” and that it “enhances the debate on how a player is contributing to the game”.

    The analytics crowd knows the origins of the Corsi stat, all they’ve done is employ it as a proxy for puck possession, as actual puck possession stats for all games are not readily available. The term “possession” is increasingly being used during hockey broadcasts by both the CBC and TSN and that the basis for this possession commentary is, in fact, the Corsi stat (or shot attempts). As well, instead of “Corsi”, the term “shot attempts” is increasingly in use.

    If you are interested to hear another Jim Corsi interview where he states much the same you may want to check this one:

    Jim Corsi joins this April 13 show at 22:40 and between 29:00 and 42:00 minutes he covers essentially the same ground as he does a couple of weeks later on the Melnick interview of April 25. He also does state that the stat has been “translated to a forward and defenceman application” and with it you get ” a reflection of the contribution to the game” of those players.

    Release the Subbang!!!

  8. Butterface says:

    They call Lucic “Peanut Butter” in the locker room cause he likes a good nut spread.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…..

  9. Butterface says:

    They call Lucic “The Pharmacist” in the locker room for his ability to dispense the pills.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…..

  10. Stanley Cup or Bust ! says:

    It’s good that we have depth at this time of the year.
    This applies because it’s boston we’re playing and they bring out the worst in me.
    Spearing the boyz is effective but short lived.
    I suggest we slash to maim.
    If the league take actions against said player we just slot another player in the next game.

  11. habsfan0 says:

    Tonight’s practice is closed to the public.
    I’m guessing MT is instructing several players on how to “deal” with Lucic.
    Not speculating on what Therrien has in mind, but I suspect when everything is said and done, Lucic’s voice will be several octaves higher.

    • boing007 says:

      Lucy singing soprano. Looks good on him.
      Bluejackets stink tonight. Bobrovsky should have been pulled after the first period. Now it’s 4-0. Malkin with a hat trick.

      Richard R

  12. Marc10 says:

    Money has a way of turning people into a-holes, eh… And in the case of the Clippers owner of turning an a-hole into a world class, spectacular a-hole.

    When I have a spare second, I might regale y’all with a day in my life when I hung out with the one percent in Tokyo… Good times and there were most definitely parallels with this latest ‘out of touch racist white guy’ episode.

    In the meantime, Go Habs Go!

  13. Timo says:

    Actually, as far as Boston D is concerned I am more worried about Hamilton and Krug. Bother have turned out to be very solid, and most importantly mobile additions with great vision and shot. Chara, as far as I am concerned, is one of their weakest links because he is so predictable.

  14. boing007 says:

    Need Crankshaft to crunch some Bruins.

    Richard R

  15. GGtheHab says:

    So if gonads are worth $5K/pr how much will this round cost Lucy? Maybe the bounty will be out on his..

  16. habstrinifan says:

    Word for game 1…


    Particlularly Prust’s Predilection: Brandon Prust MUST NOT FIGHT in game 1. Period. He must play the game like Parros did against Toronto in our the game we played them after they hung a beatdown on us,, be smart and leave it for a better time. Gallagher’s effectiveness will depend on a smart Prust.

    Predilection: P.K must trot out at least twice his predilection for the huge windup shot aimed for top of the NET. Just fire away.. he may miss more than we like but Rask will lose one high.. he does. And Bruins cover the dirty areas of the net too well.

    Predilection: Gotta fight my HIO predilection.. back to my ‘TV anywhere’ outhouse-viewing.

    But heed my words and we shall WIN game 1. Be prepared to FIGHT THOUGH IN GAME two.. regardless of the outcome of game ONE, how the HABS respond in game TWO will decide the series.

    Phew this outhouse stinks more than SJS playoffs karma.

    • Lucic will need to be embarrassed or beaten up. He is a chicken bully. Just saw him tackle was it Latendresse from behind. He is the epitome of a coward, spearing guys, running goalies (Miller). Yet, he continues to defy the league, with their protection and his arrogance. People talk about how un-repentant Cooke is yet this doucheroonie keeps at it.

      I’m speechless! 20 years and counting…

    • Timo says:

      I think it goes for all the Habs who can actually fight. They need to fight smart. No need for Prust to fight a guy like Miller or Thornton. They are more useless when they are on the ice than when they are off the ice. But if Prust can take Lucic with him or Chara, then by all means.

      So Habs have to be able to take a lot of abuse and pick their spots as far as fights or any other extra curricular.

    • Paz says:

      Welcome back Trini. After 2 or 3 months of supporting Subban and Eller it’s nice to have you back.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      If players are going to drop in front of PK’s slap shot, he needs to blast one into one of them (chest, face, don’t care). I know it’s not good sportsmanship but if guys are going to do that then you have to make them think twice. It could set-up a fake where the blocker turns his face and PK goes around him…why not?

  17. Butterface says:

    We’re talking about practice ?

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…..

  18. Timo says:

    I don’t like that Bournival will be left out… he is not any less physical than Moen. He, unlike Moen, goes out and finishes his check. He may not be able to fight as well, but as far as being a more dangerous player, he is. And defensively, he is also very sound.

  19. As long as Gally keeps smiling and PK enjoys his tilts against the Booins, we’ll be in good shape. That “Happy” feeling is like having an extra skater. When we don’t clutch the sticks too tightly and have fun playing in the Playoffs, well that is all good.

    I’m speechless! 20 years and counting…

  20. habsfan0 says:

    The Bruins appear to have everything.
    A Vezina Trophy nominated goaltender.
    A tough,strong,mobile defence.
    4 lines that Claude Julien can roll,apparently without any significant dropoff in performance.
    Arguably,the best 2 way player in the NHL today,who is a wizard at winning face-offs,Patrice Bergeron.
    A player who sometimes resorts to questionable tactics while he’s on the ice,but can score important goals as well,Milan Lucic.


    They’re playing the Habs who are firmly ensconced inside the Bruins’ collective heads.

    Habs in 4.

    • peiKC says:

      We have some guys that can score pretty and ugly goals and the team can defend. I agree us in 4.


    • Timo says:

      They don’t have one thing though… Can you name it?

      • habsfan0 says:

        Frankie B?

      • peiKC says:

        We have heart and players dedicated to winning, what am I missing?……..almost afraid to ask


        • Timo says:

          Phil got it on the second try 🙂

          • peiKC says:

            I’m new, who is Phil? You guys think Frankie B will be the difference? He has a role, but wow, Francis Boullion? I live the guy but he’s pretty much at the end of his career. I hope you’re right.


          • Timo says:

            LOL, Joseph… you ARE new 🙂

            Phil is a funny looking dude above with a masterfully drawn beard. Welcome aboard.

          • peiKC says:

            Thank you my Habs friend, I have to take a break here, way behind on Coronation Street…………….ya ya laugh your asses of I bet a third of you fine gentleman watch or keep any eye on Coronation street. Buy the way, my name is Kevin Campbell, from eastern PEI, please be patient with me, been a life long habs fan watch them win 11 cups and loooking for more.

            You guys and girls, if any participate, I’m sure there is from the rational posts here, are the most knowlagble sp fans in the world. Lets stick together and win # 25. Might catch up with ya’s later this evening.


          • habsfan0 says:


  21. Timo says:

    Watched some clips from the practice. Price looked lazy.
    Also saw Therrien giving PK some of his wisdom… trying to make him a better person. It’s never not a good time to do that.

    • peiKC says:

      Price is bored out of his mind, chomping at the bit to get at Boston, what is practice doing for him? He needs games. He’s a thoroughbred, needs the big show. Of course he’s bored.


  22. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    We have debated a lot during the season whether the Habs should resign Markov (length, $$$, etc.). I think this series will be the critical factor for Markov’s future in Mtl. Don’t think MB kept Markov and traded for Weise/Weaver/Vanek to lose to the @#!@% Bruins. If he doesn’t play well and the Habs lose, it will be time to move on. Personally, I think he and Emelin will play well, the Habs upset the Bruins in 6 and he gets his three year deal. Hopefully, I’m finally right about something…

    • UKRAINIANhab says:

      Worried about Emelin. He got beat wide plenty of times last Series. He will need to be good this one…

    • peiKC says:

      I agree, if we (the royal we) play as a team like we have been doing, Markov will look great, like he is in control. If we don’t have three guys back on almost every rush against the Bruins, he will be victimized. But the guy still has the smarts and ability ton control the game.

      We just have to get the fu@king powerplay working.


  23. Stanley Cup or Bust ! says:

    Spy video from to be played scrimmage.
    It got very intense..

  24. The Jackal says:

    Why do people pronounce Weise like Weese?? Shouldn’t it be more like Wize? Like Rachel Weisz or weissbier??

  25. habcertain says:

    Question: God forbid we get bounced with little pushback in the series, but if we get it handed to us, how do we rate the year and MT’s future? Getting a jump on future HIO discussions, just in case.

    • naweed235 says:

      Why don’t you get a jump on whether Boston will want to fire bubble head once they get dominated by the Habs?

      • habcertain says:

        I would think Bubble Head is safe, he has brought home the silverware in the past, and everyone knows the Habs would be their toughest challenge in the East. In my mind we either go the seven games ,or we get bounced in a short series. We do have Price, he could be a game changer if he is hitting on all cylinders.

    • Habfan17 says:

      First, if the Habs lose with little push back and it is due to the MT being out coached by Julien, then maybe that forces Bergevin to think about making a change. If the Habs play the same way they did against Tampa and lose MT and the players can be happy for what they accomplished and move forward getting ready for next season. If they lose being man-handled with ” spear fisherman” Lucic and ” rat ” Marchand getting away with murder, then, again, that is no reflection on MT or MB at this point. You can’t bring in that many “gritty” players with some skill over night!


  26. BriPro says:

    Yesterday, I watched two impressive hockey showings.
    1. Home-town boy Corey Crawford (the kid, who along with my nephew trained my peewee team) stood on his head in the second period to launch them into the next round. IMO, he doesn’t get enough credit.

    2. The Chateauguay Midget AAs were in Moose Jaw, hammering out 60+ shots against Prince Albert, to succumb to bad luck in the THIRD overtime period. Little Brandon McCulloch #91, is the little brother to Mathew McCulloch, whom I coached two years in a row. That entire family is loaded with talent. I can see Brandon playing big league one day.
    As for the game, both goalies were pretty amazing, and it’s unfortunate that one had to lose.

    And those two events got me primed and ready, and unlike the troll below, I will not post a youtube video featuring that nimrod, Jack Edwards. I’m in a good place.

  27. vegas says:

    so what happens when Galchenyuk is ready to dress???

  28. Donkey Hoat says:

    For no particular reason, when considering Western teams, I have always liked Anaheim; I have always disliked San Jose.
    Maybe because Anaheim has a Cup, Ryan Getzlaf, Saku Koivu, Teemu Selanne, and they are also a big, scrappy team.
    I must admit to bouts of schaudenfreude each time SJ has their annual playoff meltdown; yes, they do look rather good during the regular season, but that’s for boys, not men.
    Patrick Marleau always has a look of uncertainty, and Joe Thornton is just another arrogant ex-Bruin prick.
    I like their coach, Mr McClelland, but he can’t seem to help them shake their playoff demons.

    Just some idle thoughts while waiting for the CH-Bruins tilt.

    • Timo says:

      Their missing piece is Francis Bouillon.

    • johnnylarue says:

      Tough reputation to shake for the Sharks.

      That notwithstanding, Marleau has 60 goals + 43 assists in 145 playoff games. Not exactly Briere numbers, but still nothing to sneeze at…

    • peiKC says:

      You make excellent points, now is their time, otherwise, it’s rebuild and re-tool. I wonder if there is too much time spent on teams like St. Louis and San Jose playing a perfect regular season and have nothing left to ring up the level in the playoffs.

      I love where we are now, all players playing as a team, loving the game, liking each other and just having fun.

      I’ve watched Montreal for a long time, remember the 68 cup win and went on from there. Actually didn’t have a television till 66.

      But anyway, things seem to be going our way for once and I may have to make a drive to Montreal come June.


  29. shiram says:

    Gagarin Cup Finals Game 6: Metallurg Magnitogorsk vs. Lev Praha

    Lev Praha took the win in OT to force game 7.

    Winning goal : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=702325199825697&set=vb.132691026789120&type=2&theater

  30. Ton says:

    Want to get primed and ready……get the blood flowing> from one of the great all time play by play tv broadcasters.


  31. Say Ash says:


    My lawn grew 1.2 mm today. Kitchen paint almost dry.
    Stay tuned…

  32. Kooch7800 says:

    Gallagher needs to get in Rask’s Grill…..

    I would love to see this

  33. ClutchNGrab says:

    Donald Sterling…

    The latest audio release have him saying the following:

    DS: Well then, if you don’t feel—don’t come to my games. Don’t bring black people, and don’t come.

    V: Do you know that you have a whole team that’s black, that plays for you?

    DS: You just, do I know? I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them? Do I know that I have—Who makes the game? Do I make the game, or do they make the game? Is there 30 owners, that created the league?

    Now, besides the fact that it sounds like material coming from a slave owner, do you believe most professional sports owners think similarly? That professional players are really benefiting from their generosity?

    I sided with the owners in the last nhl lockout, but when I look at how many known elements of the game have a negative impact on the athletes health (fights, length of the season, pain medication, etc.) and no pressure coming from the owners is put to make sure the athletes are better regardless of the impact on the business side, maybe some/most owners view their players as a commodity. Would that be a fair statement?

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      The owners are parasites. Karl Marx knew this.

      Moving. Forward.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Amazing that he thinks that way. Any corporate pirate who pillaged his way to plutocrat status can own a team. They’re the ultimate replaceable cog. Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, those are the talent, the ones that are one in a million.

      And it’s not him who pays the players, it’s the fans that watch the game, buy the merch and arena beer, and buy tickets. He takes his undeserved 50% cut of that, and reluctantly passes the rest along to the players, the guys who are the lifeblood of his sport, not his cozy monopoly.

    • joeybarrie says:

      As an owner, a commodity is a marketable item produced to satisfy a want.
      If you didn’t look at players as commodities, you wouldn’t be a very good owner.
      Its doesn’t mean you don’t have to have respect for whatever you are selling or marketing.
      In fact protecting your commodity is fundamental. and it doesn’t simply mean having an insurance policy on something.

      And I don’t think many intelligent successful people think like Donald Sterling, but there are people who do. and that’s fairly astonishing to me.

      • ClutchNGrab says:

        “Item” and “Produced” would be the key words here, no? Players are neither of the two.

        • joeybarrie says:

          No. The item produced is the hockey game itself. The commodities are what makes that happen. Coffee beans are a commodity to Starbucks, but the item produced is most often a cup of coffee.

          Players are commodities to the business of hockey.
          Developing your players is developing your commodity.
          When you draft a player, you are really drafting a purchase plan for a specific “ITEM”. The Item is a position or style, etc, etc.

          • ClutchNGrab says:

            I don’t understand your explanation, it seems clear using your definition that the item and the commodity are the same entity, how do you separate the two?

            Coffee beans are a commodity to coffee producers, a cup of coffee is a commodity to Starbucks. Their employees, using your definition are not. Another way of seeing it is if I open my own coffee shop, I will be owner as well as selling cups of coffee. The cup of coffee will be the marketable item that I produced to satisfy my client’s want; the commodity.

            There are many definitions of commodity, but the one you’re using shouldn’t apply to human beings. Unless they’re viewed as objects that only exists because of the owner/producer.

    • Caesar is along for the ride for 25 says:

      no professional sports owner ever loses money. Most sports operate on a 50 50 split except baseball and I don’t think we want to know how much they split with the players probably 25-30% not more. When they cost to them rises the cost to us rises. When the cost to the does not rise the cost to us still rises.
      Not one fan anywhere has ever paid to go see the owner sit in their chair. This guy belongs in 1710 in the southern US

    • CH Marshall says:

      Unbelievable. Way to tarnish this season’s playoffs. I’m still going to watch basketball, but what an unfortunate huge sideshow

  34. UKRAINIANhab says:


    Habs in 6!

  35. Sportfan says:

    Does this mean Murray or Tinordi play in this series?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • Cardiac says:

      Hard to say. Weaver and Bouillon were each +5 against TB. I personally would put in Tinordi over Weaver simply because he’s more mobile than Murray and is more imposing in front of the net, but that’s my opinion.

      “There’s genius everywhere, but until they turn pro, it’s like popcorn in the pan. Some pop… some don’t.”
      – Jerry Maguire

    • Timo says:

      Does that mean? Did hell freeze over? Did Michael Therrien made Subban a better person?

  36. Sportfan says:

    So Habs simulate a game tonight. What are they going to do send all the tall guys at one end and condition the small guys with hit after hit lol:P

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  37. 24 Cups says:

    Stalock to start in net, Vlasic on injury list as San Jose fights off the playoff demons once again.

    Chicago must be sitting on top of the world right now.

    24.4 Cups

  38. Mattyleg says:

    It’s quiet.
    …too quiet…

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  39. CH Marshall says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with having Moen in the lineup. We can afford to keep Bournival as depth while Moen gets some action. Helps to balance the workload. We’ll see how it goes after game 1, maybe some changes then. Btw hope Chuck’s knee is ok

  40. Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On says:

    So… to cure the boredom the Habs will play a scrimmage tonight to simulate game situations. Which of the black aces will be playing the role of Lucy and swingin’ for the pills?

    X X X X 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

  41. Un Canadien errant says:

    Anyone else ready for the NFL draft? Talk about interminable waits.

    I thought I’d have to juggle watching the Canadiens game with the first round on Thursday night, I thought that was decided, I was wondering how the heck I was going to set my PVR to watch the game plus TSN/ESPN and NFL Network. Now I don’t have to worry.

    As long as the Chargers don’t draft a cornerback in the first round, I’ll be happy. I’m having Mossy Cade flashbacks. Let’s grab a big lineman to shore up the defensive line instead, I have a soft spot for Louis Nix from Notre Dame, that’ll help the defensive backfield, two birds with one stone.

    And it would be great if the Raiders drafted Johnny Manziel and that whole thing imploded over a few seasons, like the JaMarcus Russel saga, that was an entertaining train wreck.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


    • Cal says:

      Habs-Bruins in a playoff game versus a draft?
      That’s like comparing F-1 to Bingo.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        What I’d probably do is watch the Canadiens game on RDS, it carries much more urgency for me, and then the draft on PVR. A big factor for me is which broadcast won’t have a ‘crawl’ underneath that will spoil the results in the other program I want to watch, so sometimes I’ve put off hockey for football, knowing CBS wouldn’t update the Canadiens game, for example.

      • krob1000 says:

        F-1…rather watch Bingo. Never understood the racing thing.

    • Mattyleg says:

      I’m not ready for the NFL draft.
      Probably never will be.
      Or the NBA draft.

      I’d be fine with neither of them ever happening.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • ClutchNGrab says:

      Love the NFL, but lots of positions, schools, players I can’t say the draft is my favorite event:


    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      The NFL draft is hands-down the best draft in sports. Many players start right away hence they have an immediate impact on their team.

      As for the Chargers; it will be either Nix or a corner first. If Nix is available, I’m not sure they will draft him as there are some issues. If they think they can get a similar NT later in the draft, they grab a corner guaranteed.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        The only corner who I think is a difference maker, and this is a very uninformed opinion on my part, is Justin Gilbert, who can be a factor in the return game, and who should be gone by the time we draft. So as a fan, I want a Louis Nix ideally, not a Darqueze Dennard or another CB. As I said, I have post-Mossy-Cade-syndrome.

  42. Psycho29 says:

    From that Dupont guy down in Beantown:


    “All we know is that best-of-seven series will begin here with two games in the Hub of Hockey.”

    • Cardiac says:

      Decent written article. However, I give more credit to ownership than Chiarelli when “negociating” salaries. The broke the bank when deciding Rask was worst $7 million a season.

      “There’s genius everywhere, but until they turn pro, it’s like popcorn in the pan. Some pop… some don’t.”
      – Jerry Maguire

  43. bwoar says:

    Y’all monkeyfighters keep throwing that word ‘pussy’ around like it’s a bad thing. I was partying it up the other day and this young fella was going around calling everyone a ‘vagina’ as an insult.

    I waited until he did it from the 55th time, in a room of mostly girls and asked why he thought vaginas were a Bad Thing. Cue a room full of girls suddenly wondering the same thing out loud. He’s lucky he passed out soon after. We dragged him with his poor GF into a cab, the poor girl having to lug him into his own pad.

    So seriously, “pussification” ?? I’m pretty sure more pussy, not less, would improve every aspect of this our green Earth. When I hear guys toss that out there, it’s this unfortunate wannabe tough-guy I always think of.

  44. Psycho29 says:

    The TSN690 guys were discussing the series, and there’s a very good chance that the Saturday game will be….get ready for it…..

    If that’s true, won’t that be 3 consecutive Saturday nights without a Hab game???

  45. FormalWare says:

    3.0 Thoughts:
    1.0: A baby Dragon is now in charge of the Flames! Burn, baby, burn!

    2.0: The Norris trophy means nothing, anymore. Chara?!

    3.0: LOVE the parody accounts! Keep ’em comin’, folks!

    WWSD (What Would SubbieDoo?)

  46. ClutchNGrab says:

    Last week Jim Corsi gave an interview to Mitch Melnick (if you have time to waste, there is also an interview with Dr. Recchi) in which he specified an interesting fact. The statistic he created years ago with the help of Lindy Ruff, was never meant to evaluate defencemen or forwards, it was meant to calculate the workload of a goaltender. When a few years later some staff members put a heartbeat monitor on a goaltender, they were vindicated since the monitor agreed with their statistic based conclusion. Now to use that statistic, build on it and apply it on skaters makes no sense.

    The idea behind advanced stats in hockey comes from sabermetrics in baseball. Most measures in baseball either use team based stats to calculate the chances to make the playoffs or look at what individual players creates on the field to contribute to the game, this is not what most advance stats measure in hockey. They measure what opposing players generate (shots, goals, etc.) and try to use their variation in numbers to rate individual players.

    Those stats have so many variables that it’s hard to take them seriously. One big variable is coaching. We’ve seen it firsthand here in Montreal with Jacques Martin. The premise was that the team was challenged offensively and therefore, allowing a lot of shots on net was not an issue as long as they were from the outside. Whether the team was able to win in another system or not was irrelevant because that’s what the coach decided. When you look at the way corsi is applied to skaters it looks at the shot for vs against when a player is on the ice as well as the quality of the opposing players while on the ice, how that can be relevant when the coach:
    – Decides the system that needs to be played, offensively and defensively
    – Decides which players go on the ice as well as against who they go
    – Has personal preferences that can skew their decisions (Subban played an average of 2:36 min on the PK under Martin while playing 0:40 under Therrien – 1:46 in 2013)

    If someone gives no credibility on +/- why give one to stats that are based on the same premise?

  47. gmur says:

    Habs will win if…

    – Price doesn’t let in any soft goals;
    – Our “bigger” players do the job pressuring the bruins d-men;
    – All lines continue contributing offensively… we need another performance like Bourque and Eller against Tampa. My choices: Brière and Prust have to score big goals in this series;
    – As much as that type of hockey aggravates me (would have prefered the kind of hockey Detroit would have offered), Habs have to get into Bruins players’ heads. Ex.: If you can get Lucic spearing people in the gonads and running around after them, great; he’s just not as dangerous a player when he’s doing that. Same goes for Chara. Unfortunately, our best players are the ones who can do that… PK and Plekanec are great at it. Lose them to injury or penalty and we lose too.
    – We score early, win game 1. Doubt will be the Bruins’ biggest enemy. They’re used to winning in relatively easy style this season… weather the storms, rope-a-dope them and score goals at the right times.

  48. habs001 says:

    Offensive production from Markov is declined the last 2 months..While he is playing well in other aspects of his game he seems much more tenative and less mobile on the pp…Offensive production from the D could be a large factor in this series as goals will probably be at a premium…The Bruins have a large edge on offensive production from the D as they scored close to double the goals the Habs D did…The Bruins D can also help more in supporting their forwards in the offensive zone than the Habs D….Most other factors seem pretty equal but this is a major edge to the Bruins

  49. Tomi says:

    Is Michael Therrien still the coach of this team?

    Wow, what a smart coach, another Squinty Babcock. An evening scrimage. Here come the injuries.
    Hope he practices Franky Boo on the powerplay, penalty kill and even strength, cause it looks like he will be playing 60 minutes.
    And Moen on the 4th line? Where do I start?!?!?!?

    Can’t wait for this team to get eliminated in 4 by the Bruins so I can say “I told you so!”, and so Michael Therrien gets fired.

    Ok, massage time!

    • SovereignTech says:

      Yeah geez, Therrien is awful. What is this guy even doing? Leading his team to overachievement two seasons straight…. Terrible. I mean seriously, why was he not fired down the stretch just before the playoffs started? Guaranteed stanley cup!!

      We definitely need to fire this guy, doing so will make this team 500% better. Just like when we fired Martin. I saw Therrien shout at Subban… NOBODY shouts at my Subban. He only played 27 minutes In the habs last game to Boullions 15. That is still too much, Subban should be playing at least 37 mins a night, any less and it is Therriens folly.

      I definitely agree as well that losing to the best team left in the second round of the playoffs (Most analysts btw did not have the habs making the playoffs this year) will surely mark the end to Therrien’s reign. He does not know what he is doing. And if it doesn’t it should be the end of MBs reign. He has had his chance and did not do exactly what the fans wanted, which is unacceptable.

      DOWN WITH THERRIEN!!!! JK, he is by far the best French coach available, firing him would be a huge mistake. Anybody who thinks otherwise is ignoring pretty strong evidence.

  50. Black Horse says:

    Putting Moen back in the line up is a HUGE mistake. White is Far better …

    ” and the fun begins” – Carey Price

    • Le Jadester says:

      I would respectfully disagree and say that M. Bournival should not be taken outta the lineup and remain in a trio with Wiess and Briere

      Habs, OLE !

      • aroma says:

        I’ll go one further than that. I think Prust, who is likely already playing hurt, will not last more than a game or two. I like his defence on the Plek line, but not his lack of finish. Bournival, who has shown excellent defensive capability this year and looked good during his short tenure on that line, would be my pick to replace an ailing (or soon to be too-ailing-to-play) Prust. Moen – Briere or White – Weisse for the fourth line. Briere to start, but if continues the way he left off against Tampa, soon to be replaced by White. That’s how I sees it…

    • stevieray says:

      Putting in Moen will make the fourth line a lot slower and less quick. During the first series the team had a very balanced scoring attack. The forth line was a pleasant surprise..they logged double digit minutes and contributed offensively..actually just as well as our BIG line…..good bye to that …
      mark my words if we fall behind you’ll see Moen on the wing with the second or 3rd line occasionally…as was the case many times this year
      guess we’ll have to wait a see how Moen does…

  51. Say Ash says:

    Need Yannick Weber back for this series!

  52. RetroMonkey says:

    In a few short days, you will see that my media guide does not lie.

    Bruins will win with Rask in nets.

  53. Maritime Ronn says:

    Down below, poster 2mins4lookinsooogood had an excellent post about the differences of the Bruins this year vs. the Bruins team from 2011 in that 7 game series against the Habs.

    One aspect where the Bruins have improved significantly from then has been their PP.
    They ranked 3rd in the NHL this year.

    During that 2010-11 season, the Bruins ranked 20th in PP%, and went 0 for 21 on the PP against the Habs in that 2011 series – the 1st time in NHL history a team won a 7 game series without scoring a PP goal.

    Back then, they had Kaberle as their #1 point man with Seidenberg/Chara, and up front it was Krejci-Lucic-Recchi.

    Now, they have Krug-Hamilton/Chara, with Krejci-Lucic-Iginla-Chara up front…then Bergeron-Ericsson-Reilly Smith jump on.
    That’s a lot of big people near the net, and that will put huge pressure on the 4 Dman PK squad.

    That PP formation produced 6 goals on 16 chances for an incredible 37.5%.
    Yes, Detroit is not an elite PK team (they ranked 12th-Habs ranked 4th) yet those numbers are eye openers.
    That may also be a consideration of why Moen might be in the lineup.

    As the old saying goes, to be successful, your best PK player has to be your goalie.

    So the big questions:
    Can Carey Price stop the tide, and does he have the ability to post a .930 SP/2.00 GAA (give or take just a little) in him for 6 or 7 games and can he win in OT?

  54. HankHardball says:

    This is the 1st time the Habs face Tuuka Rask to start a playoff series.

    Unlike Tim Thomas, Rask has a history of inconsistency against MTL.

    Rask’s career record against the Habs is 2-10-2

    If the Habs win the series, that will be the reason. Price outplays Rask.

  55. CHicoHab says:

    I heard the nhl would announce Hab schedule today. Did I miss something??

  56. HUDSONHAB says:

    What about Varlarmov? For sure one of the goalies as a finalist

  57. HUDSONHAB says:

    I think the Hart race is interesting. Aside from Crosby, who are the finalist.

  58. Mark C says:

    They can hide behind the fact that he only played 64 games, but Giordano got screwed. The season he was able to have on that team was nothing short of amazing. Not a huge +/- fan, but in this case the stat tells us something. His plus 12 was twice as good as any teammate. The rest of the D: 0 (believe his main D partner),-8, -10,-11, -15, -23.

    • arcosenate says:

      I agree with you, I bet the Flames record was dismal without him, he had a great year.

      • Chris says:

        Giordano was hurt late in a game on October 21, a 3-2 Flames victory against the Kings that pushed their record to 4-2-2. While he was out, the Flames went 6-11-2. Upon his return on December 4th, the Flames finished the season 25-27-3.

        They had their worst stretch of the season while Giordano was hurt. They played better when he returned, but they were still a sub-.500 team in a league where it is actually pretty hard to finished below .500 (only 5 teams could manage that feat). So they were abysmal without him, and bad with him. 🙂

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          My big mistake in fantasy this season was waiving him when he went through a drought for five games or so. The Flames weren’t scoring, I went off in search of greener pastures, and he turned it on again, scoring at pretty close to a point-per-game pace for the rest of the season, or at least it seemed so to watch him racking up points for a competitor, who was glad I’d dropped him and snapped him up.

          The Flames were like the reverse image of the Oilers this year, in that while they’re in a rebuild, they played a team game, never quit, and never embarrassed themselves. Mark Giordano played a big role.

    • Maritime Ronn says:


      A lot has to do with a bad team playing in a bad time zone where many don’t get to see them play or are not interested.
      Last year, if Ryan Suter had been playing with the Rangers, he wins the Norris for fun.
      Something like 9-10 members of the Hockey Writers association didn’t even have him as one of their top 5 votes

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        Agreed. Not sure if it’s always been that way, but I’d bet the writers in the days of Red Fisher were a little more on the ball. Of course, they had only six or twelve teams to cover for a long while, they’d see every team regularly, they could be better informed.

        Of course, nowadays writers have the advantage that every game is televised, so they can get information that way, whereas in the Original Six days, a lot of stuff would go unnoticed/unreported.

        Remember last season’s fiasco when Alex Ovechkin was voted on the All-Star team as both a left and a right winger by these same hockey writers. That should tell us all we need to know about their group intelligence.

  59. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    I know +/- can be a misleading stat but Weber’s must be the worst ever for a Norris trophy finalist . How can you get nominated with a negative +/-? There was NOBODY better??? C’mon…

    • Chris says:

      Weber was the best all-around defenceman in the NHL this season. So no, there was nobody better. 🙂

      Weber was stuck on an abysmal team, and his goals against numbers were probably affected by the amount of time he spent as an on-ice mentor to Seth Jones, who had a brutal +/- of -25 by the end of the season.

      If there was a surprise on the list, it was Chara over Suter or Karlsson.

      • CJ says:

        I agree that Chara over Suter was a surprise. A case could also be made for Doughty. Karlsson wasn’t top ten IMO. It is the best overall defenceman. Mike Green didn’t win a few years back, despite awesome numbers and neither should Karlsson.

        IMO, the league really needs to look into a trophy to recognize the offensive defensive in the game today. The game has evolved and so should the manner in which we recognize the players. Just my two cents….

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        Yeah his offensive production was impressive…23 goals is pretty good…LOL.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        I still think that was a strange decision, to stick Seth Jones on the top pairing, quasi-sink or swim style. They could have gotten a trustworthy defensive veteran who shoots left for their third pairing, and eased the kid in. As it was, he had to play on the left as a rightie, which we all know since the Mike Babcock-P.K. Subban-Dan Hamhuis controversy, righties never get/have to do.

        He could still have gotten his minutes, play offence, get his rough edges sanded down while a calm mentor helped him out every shift on the ice and when they were on the bench.

        To start the season that way, with Jones trying not to screw up when he’s on with Shea Weber, was a gamble, and it looked decent at first, but as the year went it proved not to be ideal, for the team or the kid.

    • Maritime Ronn says:


      A total of 5 goalies played nets for Nashville this year.
      Their 3rd string goalie played 25 games.
      All of them played terrible


    • Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On says:

      Man, some of those are pretty weak.

      X X X X 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

    • The Jackal says:

      Pretty cool, and some of them work well because they look like actual houses in Westeros – like the Greyjoy banner, Mormont, even the Avalanche banner looks like that of House Arryn!

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  60. Forum Dog says:

    Habs v. Bruins – What could be better?

    It should be a great series. My only concern is that Boston is gonna try and set the physical tone by running the Habs through the boards in the first two games. Les Boys are going to have to take some hits to make plays, and try and avoid letting it degenerate into a rock ’em sock ’em type of affair. If they can do that and come away unscathed, they’ll get under the Bruins skin and into their heads. They are also gonna have to work pretty hard at getting traffic to the net, since Raask does not allow too many weak ones….

    Price will see a lot more traffic than he did against Tampa, and it will be much more difficult to contain the Boston forwards down low. The forechecking pressure that guys like Bourque and Weise applied so well against Hedman et al. will be a lot tougher against Chara and his crew. They have to finish their checks regardless of who they are up against. I’d hate to see Bourque start doing his fly-byes again.

    Bottom line is that they’ll have to play a hard and courageous game, but stay smart use their speed to create odd man rushes. A good contrast in styles which, coupled with the age-old rivalry, should make for entertaining hockey.


    • ont fan says:

      Can the Habs get 3 goals a game?

      • Forum Dog says:

        It’ll be tough. But if they can’t they’ll need to hold Boston to less than 2….

        I believe they can win this series, but they’ll need Bourque, Prust, Moen, Weise – and even Pacioretty and Eller – to keep throwing their weight around on the forecheck. ALL checks must be finished. If they can get Chara (and anyone else not named Krug) to rush plays, they will create the turnovers their speed can capitalize one.

        Defensively I am not sure how well Bouillion and Weaver will work, especially in Boston where Julien gets the last change. They need someone who can handle the bigger bodies, but throwing Murray or Tinordi in there after not playing a game against Tampa will be tough. A lot of their success on the defensive end will come down to how well Gorges-Subban and Markov-Emelin play, and whether the grit and determination showed by Bouillion-Weaver will be enough to offset their physical limitations.

  61. Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On says:

    Chara up for the Norris is a joke. He’s not even the best defenseman on the Bruins. Take away his powerplay stats (when he’s playing offense, not defense), and he’s got 7 goals and 18 assists.

    Johnny Boychuk was a +33 with 5 goals and 18 assists… with NO powerplay points. Dougie Hamilton was a +22 with 7 goals and 18 assists.

    Want to beat the Bruins? Stay out of the penalty box to negate Chara, and key on Boychuk 5-on-5.

    X X X X 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

    • shiram says:

      “The James Norris Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to the National Hockey League’s top “defense player who demonstrates throughout the season the greatest all-round ability in the position.”

      All-around ability seems to imply that playing the PP is part of the requisite for the trophy.
      I mean, just look at past winners, they all had good points total for Defenceman.

      edit : UCE makes a better point as to why he should not be nominated below, I think “he got a lot of point on the PP” is still weak.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I’ve gone back and forth with poster Chris on this, he holds the Bruins morlock in much higher regard than I do, but the simple fact that he doesn’t play defence on the powerplay, that they plant him in front of the net like any replaceable burly forward, invalidates any claim he might have to be the best defenceman in the league.

      Think about it. Boston’s powerplay improved when they stopped using him as a point man. How is that an indicator of a good defenceman?


    • Loop_Garoo says:

      Why would you take away his power play stats, which is one of the most important parts of a defenceman’s offensive contribution? Chara would not be on my Norris list and he is not the player he was a couple years ago, but he’s still a pretty dominant force out there unfortunately.

      Edit- after reading the other comments, I can understand why you might want to do this, but he is still listed as a d-man, so he still qualifies no matter which part of the ice he skates too. It would seem silly if the points were not counted as defense points for those times when Markov skates in close on the PP, so why would we do it to Chara.

  62. Un Canadien errant says:

    Darn, Jack Todd, you almost hit it out of the park with this paragraph.

    And they’re mean. In view of Milan Lucic and his way with a stick, maybe Second Cup should sponsor this series, because the Habs would do well to wear a second cup when Lucic is on the ice, especially if the league is going to fine him a ludicrous $5,000 every time he needs to skewer the family jewels.

    I chuckled at the Second Cup line, thought it was really clever, Michael Farber-quality stuff. Except he then went and explained his joke, deflating his own balloon.

    This is how it should have read, for maximum mirth:

    And they’re mean. In view of Milan Lucic and his way with a stick, maybe Second Cup should sponsor this series, because the Habs would do well to wear a second cup when Lucic is on the ice, especially if the league is going to fine him a ludicrous $5,000 every time he needs to skewer the family jewels.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


  63. Sportfan says:

    A few questions

    What happens to Miller, does he stay on as a Blue?

    Which Dogs did we call up?

    Does the new Calgary GM have truculance 😛

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • shiram says:

      Blues fans are saying they’d rather go with Allen/Elliot than try another expensive goalie.

      The 10 Bulldogs : Devan Dubnyk and Dustin Tokarski; forwards Sven Andrighetto, Mike Blunden, Gabriel Dumont, Louis Leblanc and Christian Thomas; as well as defencemen Nathan Beaulieu, Davis Drewiske and Greg Pateryn.

      Here’s the piece on the recalled Bulldogs.

    • mrhabby says:

      Miller goes to the Ducks. I think Hiller is gone after this year.

      • 24 Cups says:

        That was always the rumour (by Miller, not Anaheim) but how long do they keep Gibson waiting? The kid might be ready right now. He’s the 2nd best prospect not playing in the NHL next to Drouin.

        24.4 Cups

        • Paz says:

          I think Miller is over rated personally, and I found his lack of character in Buffalo very disturbing.

          St Louis should go in a different direction in net.

    • 24 Cups says:

      As part of the deal with Buffalo, if St. Louis re-signs Ryan Miller or trades him before their first round pick, they have to surrender the selection to the Sabres. A point to ponder for sure.

      Miller didn’t lose the series on his own but he wasn’t able to stop Chicago from winning four straight games. At 6-7M a season, is he really worth it? Jake Allen was goaltender or rookie of the year in the AHL but he’s going to need two or three years before he can carry a team. Look how long it took Price to find his groove.

      St Louis is going to have to do a quick re-tooling to solidify goaltending and find a sharp shooter.

      24.4 Cups

  64. ClutchNGrab says:

    How long/how much will be Ryan Miller’s next contract?

    Also, who will pay for the ridiculous contract?

    I vote for Toronto.

    • Cal says:

      His performance in this year’s playoffs will keep his price low. He hasn’t won a thing in the NHL, but he did play well for a number of years on a team that wasn’t any good.
      2 years @ $3mil or less is my guess. There are cheaper and younger goalies who are as good as he is right now. My guess is he goes to Vancouver.

  65. Un Canadien errant says:

    I have to say I didn’t realize how long George McPhee had been in charge in Washington, he’s been the GM for 17 seasons. That’s really good longevity in that business. He looks pretty young still, that may be part of it. According to my math he was 38 when he first got the job.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


    • Cal says:

      He is now wealthy enough to retire without really getting it done. Lucky guy.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        The handwriting was kind of on the wall, they let his contract expire on him this season. They basically gave him at least one year’s notice, that he had to produce or ship out.

        And in there maybe we see the roots of the Martin Erat trade. A GM who was under the gun, couldn’t be patient, had to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Which is why it’s probably wiser to not have staff on expiring contracts, it’s penny-wise and pound-foolish to try to save a year or two of salary on these guys if it means you lose a prospect like Filip Forsberg in the process.


    • smiley says:

      Know his brother and met George years ago when working with Vancouver. Good guy-has a law degree. He was joking about the Rangers pool party since Greschner and another player had super model wives:)

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      I still think he should have been let go before this though. It’s been pretty clear for a while now that there were fundamental flaws with that team that just weren’t addresses. We don’t know how hard he tried to fix them, but he did not succeed.

  66. Followed Shiram’s last post to NHL.com which I never visit. Too chest thumping and self-serving for me. Noticed this link where they are putting mic’s on players. Wholly sheeite, must be in the CBA where NHL can strap microphones to players for promoting the league. Do you agree with this? Letting other players hear what you say, many I’d hate that since I said some pretty awful things when I skated in my day.


    I’m speechless! 20 years and counting…

  67. Un Canadien errant says:

    I asked this question about a scrimmage with the Black Aces last week, and no one really responded. Glad that I’m on the ball enough to call that one. No sources were used to arrive at this deduction either.

    I thought this might happen, since the team has done it in training camp, run a fast-paced scrimmage with refs and penalties and trying to get the players under game conditions as much as possible. They might as well, with all these bodies, everybody healthy, all this time.

    Un Canadien errant APRIL 26, 2014 AT 5:41 PM
    Any idea how the Canadiens are going to run their practices for the next week? I was thinking that with the ten Black Aces that were called up from the Bulldogs, that they can run a couple of very spirited scrimmages, like during a training camp, to stay sharp. Or will they run ‘regular’ practices, not do anything different, keep it business as usual?

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


  68. 2mins4lookinsooogood says:

    Repost from Previous Thread – Thanks Normand!

    “Avoid the Visceral Reactions”

    There is no denying that deep down inside, we all get some level of satisfaction when imagining a 10 foot tall Habs team dispatching the Bruins like a horde of Vikings but when those thoughts are about to be poured into the digital canvas, they should be resisted.

    There can be no serious belief that dressing a “tough” lineup will in anyway change the style of play of the Bruins, as though having Douglas Murray aet al, sitting on the bench 48 minutes of the game will stop facewashes, slashes, and the soft corner dump/defence crush.

    It won’t.

    But it will completely take your team out of their skill set and if they don’t play their game, how can they be better playing someone else’s?

    The other thing to consider is that many posters look back at the 2011 series as though that was the team the Habs are playing … nothing could be further from the mark.

    The 2011 Bruins were vulnerable to a 1-3-1 system because their defence featured noted top 4 puck carriers like Chara, Seidenberg, Boychuk, washed up Redden, McQuiad … games 1 and 2 particularly the Habs forced numerous mid zone turnovers.

    This year, the Bruins defence has Krug, Bartkowslki, Miller … and some guy name Hamilton who was some sort of high first round pick with size, skill and speed.

    They can and do move the puck effectively through the zones and this year’s third line Soderbergh, Erickson/Florek have more speed than Kelley/Peverly and Ryder ….

    So, where do you beat them?

    What Detroit was ultimately setup to do and tried but failed is the fast, short pass transition. You can beat a “less nimble” Bruins team but you will have to execute under extreme pressure – they are not slow in straight line speed but are not as agile on the whole in non board space.

    And yes their PP was much better this year but Detroit’s PK was not good, particularly the decision making by Howard and “the Monster”.

    Also, while the Bruins still do a great job of boxing out (think of the strength of defensive centres) the defence can be vulnerable to missing assignments.

    “Don’t crush that dwarf Alex Henry, hand me the pliers”

    • frontenac1 says:

      Murray played great against the Bruins this season amigo. He kept Carey”s kitchen clean. And he has no problem absorbing the Bruins hard fore check hits. I would pair him with Weaver this series. Moen if he is close to 100% is more valuable than Bourny for this series. Bourny is a rookie and he will get his chance again.

  69. shiram says:

    Chara, Keith, (Shea) Weber voted Norris finalists

  70. Mattyleg says:

    I’m a bit troubled by the sincere responses to my tongue-in-cheek “I’m more concerned about who we play once we steamroll the Bruins” post on the other thread.

    Appreciate the responses, of course, but was expecting more “ahhh, shaddapp.”

    And for those of you who are tempted, please don’t say that to me after this post. It’ll hurt my feelings terribly.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Kooch7800 says:

      We will beat Boston…I believe it!

      The boston Bruins have a very balanced roster and are a very good team. I just think with the addition of Vanek and the play of some of our other players that our roster is starting to show some balance and depth.

      The playoff run in 2010 was a 100% white nuckler and this I honestly feel we have a chance to beat the Bruins. I am sure that they are aware of it as well. This should be a very entertaining series.

  71. icemachine says:

    Phoenix AGM Brad Treliving hired as Calgary’s next GM/ Burkean whipping boy


  72. Luke says:

    If they are simulating gam-day conditions, should we be simulating a Live-Blog?
    Need I express my simulated rage with the simulated lines?

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Let me help.
      Patches is soft!
      Murray is too slow!
      Price never wins a series.
      Pleks is over rated.
      Refs suck (This one happens to be true)
      Therrien is an idiot. (This one might be somewhat true. 🙂 )
      We’re too small!
      We’re too soft!

      And my personal all time favorite,
      Galchenyuk is a beer leaguer.

      Did I capture game day blog character?

  73. icemachine says:

    Not First

    Just saw this in Friedge’s 30 thoughts

    30. Stole this from someone: First, Joel Quenneville grabs his crotch. Then Milan Lucic spears Danny DeKeyser in them. Then Patrick Roy tells his team to show its cojones. You know what we’re going to get next? A Joe Thornton four-goal game.

  74. Bash says:

    First? 🙂
    “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” (anon)

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