Habs taking no chances with flu bug

From Atlanta, The Gazette’s Pat Hickey sends this note:

The Canadiens are doing everything they can to avoid a recurrence of the gastro-intestinal problems that ran through the dressing room at this time last year. On at least two occasions, the Canadiens have, in effect, quarantined players who have shown flu-like symptoms.

Tuesday, they sent veteran equipment manager Pierre Gervais to sick bay. He was told to stay away from the team on Long Island and, when the team flew to Atlanta on Tuesday night, Gervais stayed behind. He returned to Montreal Wednesday. Pierre (Steamer) Ouellette flew from Montreal to assist Patrick Langlois for Thursday’s game.


  1. westhab says:

    they sould make sick players and staff take planes with opposing teams…LOL

  2. Keith says:

    Yes and cough all over them as well LOL!

  3. Ian G Cobb says:

    Should have sent him to Atlanta yesterday, not Mtl.

  4. Robert L says:

    Godamn Ian, that is the funniest quip I’ve seen hear in weeks!

  5. Cable Guy says:

    I don’t blame them for taking precaustions because were playing ok right now and we’ve been really lucky with injuries and such, if a flu went through this team we might be screwed.

  6. Yeats says:

    Positives all around. The Habs get more points than they would probably otherwise get and a veteran equipment manager gets a well-deserved rest.

  7. Habs-Kat says:

    ‘Coincidentally’ seat them next to the other team’s star players.

  8. Chuck says:

    And drink from their cups.

    “A banner for Vezina must hang from the rafters!”

  9. PattyBoy31 says:

    …haha i thought you meant something else when I first read it.

  10. Naila Jinnah says:

    So did I!! lol

  11. Chuck says:

    Silly people!!!

    “A banner for Vezina must hang from the rafters!”

  12. Robert L says:

    …and the Leafs have no Cups to piss in so how could any one think otherwise?

  13. showey47 says:

    who let the laffs troll in?

  14. The Teacher says:

    That’s what I wanted to know also. You can tell he doesn’t watch too many Habs games eh..homer refs? Who? Dave Jackson? HE hates us…who else? too funny

  15. showey47 says:

    and if he actually did his homework, about 40% of all nhl refs are from ontario. So if there was hometown reffing we know who it is for.

  16. Ed says:

    Two players have, in effect, been quarantined. One of them was Saku Koivu. Can anyone tell me who the other one was? Koivu missed a game. I was wondering if the other player missed any time.

  17. Naila Jinnah says:

    Huet, I believe.

  18. Robert L says:

    Trainer Pierre Gervais

  19. Robert L says:

    How about Plekanec?

    How about Trevor Timmins in all this?

    Habs are near the top scoring team in the league, and also near being one of the youngest!




  20. teamplayer says:

    i’ve taken a flu shot this year for the first time, nothing to it! theyve had plenty of off days where they could have taken them, or are they taking them and their not working b/c its some kind of different thing. Is anybody a doctor here? can someone explain these flu shots to me?

    I’m gonna try googleing my questions

  21. teamplayer says:

    I’ve fount my answer: http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/viralgastroenteritis/

    Prevention is the best way to avoid viral gastroenteritis by following the tips listed below. No vaccine is available for viral gastroenteritis with the exception of a newly released rotavirus vaccine called Rotateq. The oral vaccine for infants aged 6 to 32 weeks was approved in February 2006 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
    Points to remember: Although sometimes called “stomach flu,” viral gastroenteritis is not caused by the influenza virus and does not affect the stomach.
    overall summary from the article, wash your hands often!

  22. M.RichardKoivu-equals-InsideJob says:

    Mmmmmm, nothing like those flu shots.

    Read all about vaccines and flu shots and then tell me if you still think getting one is “no sweat”


    I used to, but not anymore!! Mercury only belongs in thermometers and CFL bulbs.

    DVDs that will open your eyes:
    1. Endgame
    2. The Great Global Warming Swindle
    3. Terrorstorm: 2nd Edition
    4. Martial Law

  23. Habsville says:

    The announcrs of the game between the Flames and Wild on TSN last night noted that Trevor Timminin and Gordie Roberts were in attendance. They suggested a trade was brewing with the Calgary. The players mentioned were Ryder for Alex Tanguay.

  24. cautiousoptimist says:

    Actually, I think he was referring to the fact that we’re 4th in the league in goals per game. Or maybe that we’re 2nd in 5-on-4 goals. Or that we’re still #1 in the league on the PP at 24.4%.

  25. RS says:

    Yeah, but just wait til we lose a game, the sky will fall once again!

  26. Robert L says:

    It’s a team game dude! The NHL’s leading scorer is on the last place team. What is it you don’t get. Might be your own cage rattling without a sound to make!

  27. teamplayer says:

    its no sweat for me, only quickly went through the site and points that ive taken from it are that the mercury will only harm children and that its completely an american site, so i dont know if we, or for the most part of the readers us canadians actually have mercury in our flu shots?

  28. M.RichardKoivu-equals-InsideJob says:

    mercury will only harm children??? riiiight. if say that to yourself enough times you will believe it, Uncle Sam. thousands of the 9-11 responders have major medical problems due to all that crap in the air after the tower exploded — aebestos, concrete, mercury (to mention a few)

    read that stuff… don’t skim it… and you will also find a lot more information on that site (www.prisonplanet.com) that our media doesn’t believe is interesing enough to tell us. (watch some of the documentaries that i mention below.. some are on youtube and tell me what you think.)

    american site? no, we are ‘never’ affected by anything the states does.

    that is all.

    DVDs that will open your eyes:
    1. Endgame
    2. The Great Global Warming Swindle
    3. Terrorstorm: 2nd Edition
    4. Martial Law

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