Habs sweater ranked No. 1 in North American sports by ESPN.com


ESPN.com recently decided to rank every NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL team based on their uniform designs as part of its Uni Watch Power Rankings.
There are 122 teams in total … and guess what?
The Canadiens’ bleu-blanc-rouge came in at No. 1.
Go, Habs Go!

Unfortunately for Habs fans, the team hasn’t been No. 1 on the ice for a long time, with their last Stanley Cup win in 1993.

Wrote ESPN. com: “Most of our top-ranking teams probably won’t surprise you. But there’s at least one team in the top 10 that likely will raise a few eyebrows.”

As for the Habs uniform, ESPN wrote: “Proud standard-bearers for a league, a sport, a nation and now for the uni-verse as well, the Habs have it all: an iconic logo, two distinct but equally classic uni designs (it’s odd that the wraparound chest stripe only appears on the home jersey, but the road design works fine without it), and an ideal balance of red, white and blue. This isn’t just a perfect hockey uniform set – it’s a perfect uniform set, period. Unlike the old-school classics in the other sports (Yankees, Celtics, Raiders), it has some major visual pizzazz. Puts the biscuit in the basket, and then some.”

Following the Canadiens in the top five were the Chicago Bears, St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs and Boston Bruins. You can see the complete list by clicking here.

Meanwhile, a London fashion critic recently ripped the Habs’ bleu-blanc-rouge jersey after Nicola Roberts of the English-Irish pop group Girls Aloud wore a Habs sweater (and little else) at an event to launch her new TV show Styled To Rock.

“The singer stepped out to the special bash at London’s trendy Soho Hotel wearing what appeared to be just an oversized baggy sports top for ice hockey team the Montreal Canadiens in place of a dress,” the London Daily Mail wrote.

The paper added: “She is known for her kooky style, pushing boundaries with her choices. But it seemed a step too far tonight for the pop star as she tried a bit hard to be different.

“Nicola matched the garish red top with white heels and gold jewellery, while she wore her hair down and wavy.”

A “garish red top”!

That won’t sit well with Habs fans or Roch Carrier, who wrote the classic book The Hockey Sweater.

Read more and see photos of Roberts in her Habs jersey (and country-music star Shania Twain in hers) by clicking here.

(Photo by Peter McCabe/The Gazette)

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