Habs’ Subban already in gym training for next season; Gorges could be on way out

While his agent, Don Meehan, negotiates with Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin about a new contract for P.K. Subban, the restricted free-agent defenceman is already back in the gym.

Subban told The Gazette’s Dave Stubbs that he is already training for next season after taking a 10-day break.

“I don’t believe in taking too much time off,” Subban told Stubbs. “As you’re training, you want to take time off as you feel you need it. As of now, I’m just getting my body warmed up for the hard training that’s coming in July and August.”

Subban added with a laugh: “If I’m sitting on my couch for two or three weeks, I don’t know a player who won’t put on weight doing that. I just like to be active. If I go two days without working out, I feel uncomfortable. The old saying is: ‘If you’re not working, are other guys?’ So you’ve got to ask yourself that question.

“I’m always working on something. I had a four-day road trip (last week to Vancouver and Las Vegas) and I probably should have slept in today, taken a day to recuperate,” Subban told Stubbs when they spoke Thursday morning.

“But I got into the gym at 8 a.m. and I feel 10 times better than when I woke up this morning. That’s something I tell young guys all the time: stay in the gym. They’ve got to figure out what that means, but stay in the gym.”

Meanwhile, there are reports the Canadiens are trying to trade defenceman Josh Gorges to the Toronto Maple Leafs, but his modified no-trade clause could be holding things up.

TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie tweeted Monday that the Leafs are still hoping Gorges will waive his no-trade clause. If that happens, McKenzie stated “it’s believed Montreal would get a roster player from Toronto” in exchange.

When reached by The Gazette’s Stubbs, Gorges said: “I want people to know that I never wanted to leave Montreal. In no way has this been my decision.”

(Gazette file photo/John Mahoney)

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  1. frontenac1 says:

    Oh Danny Boy,the pipes,the pipes are calling. From Glen to Glen and down the mountainside.

  2. HairyHabist says:

    Parenteau and a pick for Briere works. But the Gorges story makes no sense to me.

    Was Gorges responding to an actual request from Bergevin? Or was he responding to reporters’ questions?

    If Gorges expanded his availability to include a couple more Canadian teams as TSN says, you’d think Toronto would be one of them.

    But why would MB trade a veteran Dman like Gorges when he’s looking at having 3 Bulldogs on his blue line next season?

    Who would Toronto be willing to trade that would make that deal worthwhile?

    The story originated in Toronto, but notice there’s no Leaf player’s name attached to the other side of the deal.

    Until Bergevin acknowledges it, I have trouble believing it.

  3. CJ says:

    Anyone else see Dreger’s tweet regarding Mike Ribeiro? The Flames offered the 12th overall pick for Ribs, but he wouldn’t waive his NTC. So, instead of saving the cost of the buyout, and receiving the 12th overall pick, the Yotes bought him out with no compensation. That’s a major hit and loss of asset.

    You can bet that NTC won’t be so easily negotiated going forward.

  4. Un Canadien errant says:

    Lots of talk about No Trade Clauses this morning, how they don’t make any sense, should never be awarded to players other than a Sidney Crosby or Jonathan Toews.

    Sure, some GM”s get hoodwinked, but what often happens is that a player will accept less money, give up the ‘hometown discount’, in return for a NTC, an assurance that he doesn’t have to leave a city and team he loves.

    Curtis Glencross is a great example, he’s an Alberta boy through and through, grew up in ranch country, now owns his own ranch. His in-laws own a ranch. His parents still have a ranch. He loves the cowboy lifestyle. So he signed a sweetheart deal to play with the Flames, with the understanding that he’d never have to leave, that he could mind his place and help out at his family’s ranches.

    Same with Ryan Kesler. Mike Gillis, for all that he’s been criticized, was very good at retaining his players who were about to go UFA, and doing so at reasonable deals. The understanding for the players was that they’d be with a group and coach they liked, and a contending team, so to remain in Vancouver held value for them. They gave up a little money to stay in Vangroovy.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Gillis whiffed on a few trades and UFA signings, and the team headed downhill. The players now had to contend with John Tortorella. And they apparently would have to play through a rebuild.

    So you can see how Ryan Kesler would approach Mike Gillis and say: “Yo, dude. I didn’t sign up for this.”

    So yeah, I agree in general that GM’s should refrain from handing out NTC’s. Marc Bergevin has been relatively successful in doing so.


    Yes, Pierre Gauthier flubbed this one, signed the Gorges deal under duress, but nowadays these No Trade Clauses are the cost of doing business, the going rate. Josh asked for it, received it, and we can’t blame him for being greedy about it.

    If anything, that he turned down a trade to the Leafs makes him rise in my esteem even more.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


  5. B says:

    The Habs now have 4 sub 6 foot players on their NHL roster: Bournival (5’11”), Desharnais (5’7″), Gallagher (5’9″) and Plekanec (5’11”). All forwards.

    –Go Habs Go!–

  6. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    The only criticism I have of MB is he should have realized Gorges would never go to the Leafs who are a gong show.

    I suspect there is more to the Gorges trade attempts than just salary/performance. The leadership group is changing in the room and Gorges may not have been crazy about it. I have a feeling management is going to go “all in” with PK next season and will make him the captain. Don’t think Gorges would be happy with that.

    • CJ says:

      We are all assuming that Montreal initiated the deal with Toronto. Maybe MB made Gorge available to all 29 teams. The Leafs made an offer, which prompted MB to reach out to Gorges asking if he’d waive/modify his NTC.

      It’s a business and sometimes unpopular choices are made for the betterment of the organization. I’m almost certain that Gorges, knowing he’s being shopped, will lessen his trade restrictions. There’s nothing worse than not being wanted. He may not agree to Toronto, but I’d bet the number of teams has expanded.

      Just my two cents…. CJ

      • HairyHabist says:

        They originally said the Habs were shopping Gorges. Now they’re saying Shanahan is urging Gorges to accept a trade to Toronto.

        But this story started in the Toronto media and there’s still no word on who Bergevin wanted in return. Which makes me think the entire thing is just media bullshit.

  7. ProHabs says:

    Can Parenteau drop the mitts and fights. I see by his stats that he had 89PIM with the Islanders a couple of years ago and 142 with Hartford of the AHL years ago.

  8. jols says:

    My biggest question from everything that has happened so far today – what were the Leafs offering in return for Gorges?

    Sadly, I don’t think we will ever know.

  9. Mike D says:

    Perhaps lost in all this mess is the (hopefully) higher likelihood that Ryan White is retained as Briere was the only other RH center we had.

    Maybe my bias is affecting my perception of reality, but I like Whitey.

    – Honestly yours
    Twitter: @de_benny

    • Ozmodiar says:

      I think MB has an upgrade in mind. Just a hunch, and a hope (see my wishlist below).

      edit: I don’t think this relates to Whitey not being signed yet. MB was going to move Briere one way or another, so I don’t think the trade changes much.

    • CJ says:

      Wholeheartedly agree.

      I think passing on White would be a mistake. Mind you, White is one of my three favorite players, so I’m likely biased. I’d have no issue passing on Whitey (team comes first), if it became a numbers game and there were others better then him. IMO, that’s not the case. Not to drag this out too long, but looking back on the playoffs we really needed fresh legs against the Rangers. I wanted White in, to bump Briere up to the third unit, leading to a scratch of either Vanek or Gionta. The Wild benched Moulson, so I don’t see why we couldn’t have sat Vanek.

      Lastly, White was part of our best fourth line I’ve seen the team ice in years White-Weise-Bournival. That in itself should be enough to retain his services.

      • habsr4ever says:

        I think White is gone…we want more speed….I like him too especially with a $700ish cap hit…..this year though i think we’ll have to give him closer to a Million….not sure if White is worth that? He has improved and worked so hard….I watched him here in Calgary with the Hitmen….love the guy….but he can’t score….can’t skate…..yikes? time to try out another young guy…..I would even put Bournival at centre…..to me this is an upgrade BIG TIME. I do think we are going after boyle or ott…perhaps I am bias and wishful thinking…..just saying I think we go in a different direction with White this year UNLESS we strike out in the UFA market….only then will we bring back and sign Whitey again. which isn’t the END of the world but we need more speed and a player who can score more than 10 at centre on our fourth line….just what me thinks…..grit is great but come on – can’t be missing wide open nets game in game out….

      • habs-fan-84 says:

        You articulated my position on White almost to a “T”.

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