Habs, Sens seem to be leading Hossa lottery

The Canadiens and Ottawa Senators might be leading the race for prized Atlanta Thrasher Marian Hossa, according to Bob McKenzie. And the well-plugged-in TSN commentator thinks a deal could be completed as early as today, expedited by the decision Sunday of Toronto Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin to not waive his no-trade clause.


  1. Bill H says:

    Good point 24. But Hossa might be willing to sign with a “contender” for less than he would for Atlanta. In any case, it would seem he’s looking for $7M – $8M.

  2. 24 Cups says:

    Another factor that comes into all of this trade talk is how secure each GM’s position is within their individual organizations. There have been rumours that Martin’s job could be on the line if Florida doesn’t make the playoffs (I find that hard to believe). Waddell must be close to using up all of his lives in Atlanta and Feaster may be under the gun from the new owners to shake things up. I would also think that Murray in Ottawa is really feeling the heat. He won the powerplay with Muckler so now he has to come through win a Cup win. Contrast all of that with the teams in Detroit, Anaheim, Dallas, Montreal, and Vancouver where the management structure is pretty stable.

    Some GM’s may be desperate to make an earth shattering move in the next two days but I don’t think Gainey will be one of them. In that respect, he’s dealing from a position of strength.

    The Original 24 Cups

  3. Bill H says:

    You made your point about +/- while I was doing the same for Hossa below. I hadn’t looked up Richards stats though, and your point is a good one. I guess that’s why people think $8M is too much for him. Never a 30 goal scorer and lifetime -55 are not strong stats to support that kind of money. So looking at his playoff stats, I see 23GP 12G 14A 26 +/- +5 in ’03-’04, which I guess is the year he won the Conn Smythe.

    I agree with you. I wouldn’t sign either Richards or Hossa given what we think the cost would be. Especially Richards due to high salary and relatively poor performance historically.

  4. johnnyhab says:

    Watch the Pens land Richards now with 3 goalies in the system Tampa needs help in the net I could see Flurey going.

  5. 24 Cups says:

    Bill – Hossa turned down $7mil a year in Atlanta so I would imagine he will be looking for something a little bit sweeter than that. He also might be looking at one of those front end loaded contracts – he gets a ton of coin up front but has the cap hit average out at say 7.5 mil.

    The Original 24 Cups

  6. Bill H says:

    Good point HKisses. I think Hossa will get extended before he is traded, and his extension will be based on his current production which is on pace for 36G 40A 76Pts, and his past production. He’s not having his best season this year. His best season was 43G 57A 100Pts in ’06 – ’07. This year his +/- is -14. Last year he was +18. Maybe he won’t sign for $8M, because his numbers are down this year, but I think he will go for close to that based on past years.

  7. coutNY says:

    But you also have to consider the now,

    Hossa has put up has put up 6 above 30 goals seasons (working on 7) and is a lifetime + 85 player. Although this year this year -14.

    Richards never a 30 goal scorer and -55 lifetime and -25 currently. Yes he’s never been given the opportunity to be the goto guy but he also does not face top defenses either because not doubt their facing the LeCavalier line. He’s not a big imposing Center we all dream of being that he’s 6’0 198 pounds. His stats aren’t much better than that of Koivu’s which I would assume would be what we would be aquiring him for…

    I like Richards and would be happy to have him playing in Montreal but his salary at this point does not justify giving up as much as Hossa. Not that I would give up too much for Hossa either.

  8. nightmare_49 says:

    Didn’t Bob set the precedent with the offer to Briere , and every year Bob has set aside millions (mad money) for a special deal or two and nows the time to use it for the fans or do you want it to go back in Gillette’s bank account again.

  9. showey47 says:

    yeah, that has happened before. it may be a lousy example but when tremblay and brashear had their fallout and brashear was traded shortly afterwards to vancouver. The teams played shortly afterwards and this was part of the deal.

  10. HKisses says:

    Hmm don’t you think a player has to have a productive season to get a good pay raise….. So if Hossa doesn’t produce to his expectations, should he get paid like Richards?

  11. Bill H says:

    Beauchemin, Hainsey and Ribiero may not be BG’s best moves as a GM. But let’s face it, some players have trouble developing in the high pressure atmosphere that is Montreal. They do better in cities like Dallas. I don’t think there is anything Bob can do about that. At some point, he’s got to pull the plug and get something in return, especially when it begins to affect team morale.

    As I said in another post, I don’t think Bob will go for a rental player at this time. Ryder, Fischer, Perezhogin and Emelin is way too much for Hossa, unless the deal includes an extension.

  12. Cable Guy says:

    Bob wouldn’t agree to a trade with Hossa unless a long term contract could be signed with him. Bob won’t get a rental player.

  13. likehoy says:

    I think here’s the interesting question…if Hossa is traded to us tomorrow before 3pm…is he eligible to play for us right away, considering we’re playing atlanta tomorrow night?

    I mean all he has to do is report to the team and pass his physical and it’s going to be pretty hard not to report to montreal when his team’s already in montreal, but can waddell agree a deal where we get hossa but he has to sit out the game against them?

  14. HKisses says:

    Yep Showey47 is right…Gillett for sure up to get a high impact player, I know Joey Eilias’s Girlfriend from CJAD and she knows Komi. And she told me that Gillett is one of the reasons Price was called back up (No im not starting Rumors)

  15. Bill H says:

    It depends on what Hossa will extend for. His value is way down unless an extension is part of the deal. And I don’t think he will be extending for $5M a year. More likely it will be a number much closer to what Richards is signed for.

    The other thing to consider is that Richards is a Conn Smythe Trophy winner. Hossa’s playoff production drops off from his regular season play.

  16. Bill H says:

    I think Bob is looking hard at players like Hossa, Tanguay, Richards, and Jokinen. He’s said publicly that he is looking for an impact player and I believe him. I don’t think Bob considers a bottom 6 forward to be an impact player.

    The problem, if you can call it that, is twofold. I don’t think Bob wants to trade a key rooster player. I would call Higgins and Koivu key rooster players. I would say Ryder and Huet are not. Of course Bob may have a different opinion, but I’m guessing that he is of like mind. But the point is that Bob is aware of team chemistry and given our depth and youth, I don’t think he will risk too much.

    The second part of the equation, in my opinion, is salary. Richards is signed at just under $8M if I am not mistaken. Hossa will probably extend for a similar amount. I think Bob would be reluctant to sign someone for those numbers as they set a precedent and really throws the whole team salary structure out of balance. Jokinen is the only one who is signed for an amount that is in line with other Habs players. But this fact makes him worth even more in a trade. His so-called grit and size do too. I don’t see Bob getting into a bidding war and paying too much.

    Lastly, I don’t see us signing a rental. If anyone is coming, either they are already signed through next year, minimum, or Bob will extend them before the deal is finalized.

  17. mjames says:

    I posted this on M. Boones’s thread. Maybe it belongs here!

    I kind of wish Gainey would sit this one out. I have a hard time justifying giving players, prospects and draft choices for a rental. We saw last year the experience of the Flames, Nashville, Detroit and Islanders. They gave up good assets and all are left with nothing this year. That is not good business. While Montreal’s managment has done a stellar job in drafting and growing players they tend to give them away for nothing or very little (i.e. – Beauchemin, Hanisey, Ribero,) We can’t keep on doing that. It makes no sense. The max I would give for Houssa as a rental would be Ryder, Fischer and rights to Perezhogin and Emelin. Halak stays as we will lose Huet next year.



  18. piche says:

    If you had to give the same package for either player, who would you rather have on your team: Hossa or Richards.

    Richards has had a tough year this year… illness and lack of line mates on a terrible team have contributed to his stats this year. Also he may be expensive but you are assured he is not a rental.

    Personally I take Richards… hands down. Although I would probably take Jokenin over both of them.

  19. showey47 says:

    true gainey maybe a conservitive guy, but his boss definatly isn’t. Gillett would also like the extra playoff revenue i’m sure.

  20. coutNY says:

    Maybe True… but his stats are not Teir 1, maybe in potential but diffentaly not proven. Couple that with his salary, I would make the anguement for 2nd teir status. A player that would not command much in return at this point Richards or Marleau and even Ryder at this point in time because of their poor years can’t command much as much as players like as a Jokkenen or Hossa which I would consider teir 1.

  21. Bill H says:

    Thanks Count. I am sure Spector is getting tons of traffic these days. But I suspect it might be a problem with my firewall settings, since I haven’t been able to get Spector’s page for weeks now.

  22. coutNY says:

    I actually do on occaisions. With all the traffic their servers might be getting overwhelmed, so it might be something you have no control over. Also firewalls, because the site might run macros in the background, which trigger blocks by some systems. I can’t even get on Fourthperiod rumors anymore.

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