Habs return home after rookie dinner in Florida

After picking up eight of a possible 10 points on their five-game road trip, which wrapped up with Sunday’s 5-2 win over the Panthers, the Canadiens held their rookie dinner Sunday night in Florida before flying back home on Monday.

Rookies Alex Galchenyuk and Brendan Gallagher will no doubt be a little lighter in their wallets after picking up the tab. The Canadiens will have the day off Monday to recover before hitting the ice Tuesday at 11 a.m. in Brossard as they prepare to face the Ottawa Senators Wednesday night at the Bell Centre (7 p.m., TSN, RDS, TSN 690 Radio).

As Arpon Basu of NHL.com noted on Twitter, the Canadiens now have 17 wins in 26 games. Last season it took them 45 games to get their 17th win.

(Photo by Joel Auerbach, Getty Images)

Ryder salts away win over Panthers, by Dave Stubbs

In the room: White takes it on the chin, by Dave Stubbs

How far can Habs go? by Jack Todd

Prust lost for 10 days, by Dave Stubbs

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  1. Mavid says:

    hahaha someone just laid out Neil..goodie

  2. Mavid says:

    Last year Neil was voted one of the top 10 most hated players..along with the likes of Cooke..and all the other dirtbags..

  3. Danno says:

    Chara is the result of a Silver Back Gorilla mating with a giraffe


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
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  4. lavie says:

    I am cheering for Ottawa, 2:0 leading. πŸ˜€

  5. Danno says:

    Down go the Bruins…

    Down….. Down…. Down………


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  6. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    We need to find the new Todd Ewen. Tough, but if I remember correctly, with the hobby of writing stories for children.

    Go Sens, urk. Nice goal by Turris, considering the opposition. Wicked shot.

  7. Sportfan says:

    Personally I don’t feel like watching Boston Montreal playoff series, I’d like to see us play the leafs or sens and maybe even the rangers in the first round just something new and really gets the rivalry going.


  8. twilighthours says:

    That was a nice little scrap down there between Tom and Hobie. Enjoyable read.

    I’d also love to have Neil. I don’t think he’s a gutless puke or a waste of skin. I’ve seen enough Sens’ games to feel this way. Maybe I’ve missed some dirty stuff, though.

    Feel free to post a vid or two outlining Neil’s cheap play.

  9. Mattyleg says:

    I’m not watching, but I got the scent of Krispy Kreme from here and knew Guigui was cookin’ something.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  10. FunkyCrabChairNF says:

    I willingly chose the Bruins broadcast on Gamecenter, while sober, though without reflecting until after… Like when I used to willingly watch Fox News.

    Why is making one’s self angry frequently an attractive proposition?

  11. ABHabsfan says:

    |Everyone here seems to be looking for that sandpaper player to add a little grit in the last month and into the playoffs. Here’s a guy a think would fit nicely: Matt Hendricks from the Caps.
    UFA coming this summer, Caps don’t have a fork stuck in’em yet but it’s hovering, Hendricks can play a regular shift which is key. No passengers on the Habs’ bus. Armstrong or Moen would be odd-man-out, I would say Armstrong. Hendricks is the type of player that keeps the other team looking for him on the ice. I think a 4th rnd pick would do it.

    “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
    Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

  12. jols101 says:

    Lats pulling off his Mario impersonation to start the Sens off on the right track. I’m an Ottawa guy but usually despise the Sens except when they play the Laffs and the Bruins…

  13. topher5468 says:

    Holy crap Latenderness,

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  14. frontenac1 says:

    LaLa scores!!!!!!

  15. Psycho29 says:

    ca sent les guimauves!!!

  16. Danno says:

    Le Marshmallow Magique scores!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  17. HabsFanInSaintJohn says:

    Why couldnt Latts do that in Montreal?? lol 1-0 Ottawa!!!

  18. Bozo McBozo says:


  19. punkster says:

    GUI, GUI, GUI!!!!

    ***SUBBANGIN’ NOW BABY!!!***

  20. Ian Cobb says:

    Boston Ottawa is on. Go Ottawa Go.

    • ed says:

      sorry, this belongs under the Scott Cullen post below

      Gallagher has passed Subban as my favorite Hab, and it’s not even close.

      I have been watching hockey for 40 years and I can not remember seeing a player quite like him.

      He is entirely unique – hard working, relentless, skilled, fearless, all in one terribly undersized package.

      if there is a Hab sitting on the bench watching Gallagher play who is not motivated to jump over the boards and give everything he’s got, that Hab should be traded immediately, and shouldn’t even be a pro hockey player.

      Gallagher deserves the rookie of the year honor to this point in the season, and good on this writer for recognizing that fact.

  21. Steve C. says:

    During last night’s Game Points, someone on Twitter mentioned Curtis Glencross. With the way his contract looks, that doesn’t seem so bad. I don’t know what type of game he plays though. Then there’s Cory Sarich who, like Glencross, has a contract expiring in 2014 (2.55M and 2M for those two players respectively). Packaged deal? Does it even make any sense?

  22. HabFab says:

    Scott Cullan gives out his NHL Awards thru the halfway mark; http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=417924

  23. Habfan17 says:

    I am not sure why so many want Bergevin to trade for Clowe. His production was down last season and is way down again this season. It will cost a lot to get him and he will probably want a ton of cash and long term to resign in Montreal. So. even if he did resign, the cost and risk/reward would be too high in my opinion.

    If the Habs want an upgrade and would have to part with assets, then I could see going after Perry or Ryan. Players who will fit long term and fit with the core in place.


  24. Komihater says:

    Neil i would take in a heartbeat, but as mentioned Ottawa would likely not part with him let alone let us have him.

    Here’s a stupid question, Would Philly let go of Hartnell? Another guy i hate but would love to have on my team.

  25. Lafleurguy says:

    The most compelling argument for M. Bergevin to go for it this year was the match-up of eighth-place Kings who handily defeated the sixth-place Devils last year. Both teams had vulnerabilities heading into the playoffs, but consistent, skilled-play and the Kings were Stanley-Cup-virgins no more. In the off-season, many GMs could have looked at the Kings’ roster and said, “we’re just as good,” but not M. Bergevin. Roll the tape forward to now, and if not Bergevin, then I’ll say “we’re just as good.” I don’t advise any major trading but hypothetically speaking, if asked could we offer up players equal to Brayden Schenn, Wayne Simmonds, and Jack Johnson, and the answer is a resounding “Yes, We Can!” (there’s no patent on this phrase, is there?). When Chicago won, they were around the third seed, and Pittsburg was around fourth. Only those champions-of-the-nobody-permitted-to-embellish-but-us Bruins were a first seed to ultimately win Le Coupe Stanley.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  26. RockinRey says:

    Today’s poll is quite telling.

    The roster as currently constituted is not good enough to get a key seed in the East.

    So the slight majority (60%) feel there are teams that are better ( Pit, Boston) and will finish higher. I am not so sure it is wise to go crazy trying for first. So the Habs need some tweaks.

    Eric Engels has proposed Ryan Clowe and has floated Ryan OByrne.

    I just know they have to make a couple of changes and should not mess with the draft picks given the relative strength of this years crop. Tweak , give up minimal, stay the course. If you think you can get out of the conference I say go for it without sacrificing those draft picks like Burke did with Leafs.

  27. HardHabits says:

    We all know PJ is an unabashed Bruins supporter but his pick to win the Cup this year is… de Pens.

    Get it. De Pens. Depends. You guys are slow or I’m not funny.

  28. commandant says:

    So what does a team eat at a Rookie Dinner? I would think Rookies aren’t that tasty.

    Go Habs Go!
    Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

  29. Habilis says:

    Gotta say I’m kind of surprised at the poll results so far. The question isn’t “WILL the Habs finish first?”, it’s “CAN the Habs finish first?”

    Are there still that many of you who don’t even think it’s possible? What would it take to convince you that they can finish first?

  30. Mavid says:


  31. tyshow89 says:

    Well lets not kid ourselves with thoughts of Perry or liggy
    I am pretty sure with the Lock out lasting as long as it did
    there will be a lot more minor league deals, with the gms
    getting a better look other teams prospects as well as there
    own. I think a lot of people are forgetting we have Stortini, Blunden, Bournival, who I could see getting a call up with there is some injuries… or if we are in need of grit/ 2 way play.
    I think Dumont is just being showcased. I would hope our
    trade block also includes: Kaberle, Weber, Armstrong, White, Nokelainen( is he even still on the team?, seriously doubt when he comes back he will ever play or be worth anything)

    If we do need some minor outside help, guys I think we would want a good faceoff guy (Ideally a bit of a goon) , and a decent 6,7th D man. I just don’t want to throw away future, or make a major roster shake up at this time.

    • jols101 says:

      You put White in the trading block group and then you say we need a good faceoff guy(Ideally a bit of a goon). – well that describes Ryan White. Why would you trade a guy when he is something the team needs?

      • tyshow89 says:

        those are guys we would be willing to part with… and are you saying there isnt an upgrade available on white? someone willing the throw them with anyone on Boston and have a chance at winning, if white can step on that then maybe we wouldn’t bother. But wouldn’t hurt to have another guy on the bench, if were in playoffs against T.o/bos,

      • Habfan17 says:

        White is not good on faceoffs!


        • tyshow89 says:

          Yet sadly is our best hab that has taken over 100 faceoffs
          White win %53.9
          Pleky win % 49.5 is next best….
          unless Dumont can keep up the 75%… in a very small sample size (in only 12 wins 4 loses)

    • Curtis O Habs says:

      Zenon Konopka fits that bill.

  32. HabFab says:

    On the market;
    Per Pierre LeBrun, Panthers “listening” to offers on Tomas Fleischmann and Kris Versteeg, not shopping them though.
    Per Darren Dreger, Sharks want kings ransom for Clowe, are “listening” on offers. Per Bob McKenzie, Oilers want to trade Ryan Whitney. Bob McKenzie also mentions that Eric Belanger could be used for a trade from EDM. LeBrun adds Filip Kuba to the list of guys FLA could move

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Always like Eric Belanger. Gritty, hard-working, kills penalties and good at face-offs. Would be a good depth addition.

      β€œYou’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  33. Sportfan says:

    So who could we realistically get around the trade deadline


  34. tbovs says:

    Ryder 9 points in last 7 games. Cole 1 goal and 1 point in his last 4. Really nuff said. Ryder has been great and producing consistently which is what we were missing from Cole. So he is making this deal look even better than before. Hats off to MB for getting rid of cole’s contract and getting more offence. Plus cap flexibility at the end of the season. Well done. At least in my eyes.

  35. HabFanSince72 says:

    Seems everyone wants a crease clearing He-man.

    Oh wait, you must mean D-man.

    In that case I think, as 2minutes4 pointed out earlier today, our game is different than that. It relies on getting the puck out of your zone quickly.

    What we need are fast skating fast thinking d-men.

  36. HabFab says:

    Injury Situation

    R. Bourque (concussion), indefinite
    R. Diaz (concussion), indefinite
    P. Nokelainen (back), indefinite
    B. Prust (shoulder), indefinite
    Yannick Weber (knee), DTD

    Bergevin is some sharp cookie! He signed Nokelainen to be our designated injured player this season thus leaving one less regular off this dubious list. If this doesn’t make sense, blame Day Light Savings.

  37. Lafleurguy says:

    “Marc, we will be the leading contender to get the Cup finals from the West. What worries me is those damn goons from Boston rag-dolling us like a team of Thelma and Louise ‘s, or Canucks.”
    “Well Stan, we still hold voodoo magic over Julien’s Jerks, so with a little help from my friends, we can take them down.”
    “Hey, we’ll chat some more, that Wirtz kid is on the other line.”

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  38. piper says:

    What would MB have to give up to get Erskine? I’d give Diaz just to make room for him but Caps may go for it not due to Diaz’s injury.

    • Loonie says:

      I’d bet a third round pick would get it done.

    • jols101 says:

      What’s interesting about Erskine is he has been playing 19+ minutes a game for the Caps. I’m not sure if they are quality minutes because I don’t get to see the Caps play enough. But the man is tough as nails and would give the Habs a much needed boost in the toughness department, all while being able to play some good minutes.

      • piper says:

        Habs definitely need more muscle on the back end. I’d over pay a bit for this guy. Erskine and a big tough winger that can skate would be great additions.

        • jols101 says:

          Totally agree. Wouldn’t have to give up too much to get this done.

          • piper says:

            Where is Anthony Stewart playing these days?

          • jols101 says:

            Not sure. He has been a suitcase this year. Would his brother, Chris, ever be nice. Bergevin would have to give St.Louis a lot to get him though…

          • piper says:

            Yep, Chris would be great but costly.
            I remember thinking the year Anthony was drafted that he was the power forward Habs should take. LOL. That would have been a bigger waste of a first round pick than Andre Kostitsyn was.
            But he I think he could fit in on the 4th line.
            Never mind, checked him out in Manchester. Not a regular there.

          • frontenac1 says:

            Last I heard Ex Frontenac Anthony Stewart was playing hockey in some league in England.

    • Cable Guy says:

      No way I would give up Diaz for Erskine, not a chance.

  39. FunkyCrabChairNF says:

    Stoppppp! I am begging!

    Ryane Clowe is already my least favorite Hab…

  40. frontenac1 says:

    @phil. What I was thinking. Habs not to take Montador but for hawks to clear space.Marc knows the Hawks org. Inside/out. Also different conference. Some sh*t comin down? Just chuming the water amigo.

    • Phil C says:

      Hey you never know with Bergevin. Despite their winning streak, the Hawks are still thin down the middle and could use a good second line centre, an area where Montreal has some depth.

  41. scavanau says:

    Iginla and Montador? Why don’t we get Chelios out of retirement? They’re all about the same age…

  42. jols101 says:

    I am sure Bergevin will feel some pressure to upgrade the team because they really do look like they can make some noise in the playoffs. I just hope he doesn’t go all in on a guy that will retire in a few years and having played his best years already (Iginla) or a guy who will be a sought after UFA(Perry). You have to mortgage too much of your future for these guys.

    My hope is he goes with what we have but adds a fourth line tough guy who can play 10 minutes a night and a big, nasty crease clearing Dman. Both of which he should be able to get without giving up an Eller, Beaulieau, Tinordi or a 1st round pick. I would hate to give up someone with a possible great 15 year Hab career in front of them for a rental player.

    • Loonie says:

      I believe this will be his dilemma annually as it was Gainey’s.

      Trade pending ufa’s when the team’s in the middle of the pack or add pieces when things look great?

      Hopefully he makes moves that can improve the team in the short term and over the long haul. Doesn’t always work like that though.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      I don’t think MB feels any pressure. Molson does not seem like a meddling owner. The team was projected to battle for the playoffs at best. They’ve pretty much assured themselves of a playoff appearance already. He’s following a plan he laid out and I don’t think he is willing to waste high draft picks and prospects…especially in a 48 game season.

      β€œYou’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  43. frontenac1 says:

    C”mon guys! Front threw a little chum in the water. Montador waived,Hawks making room? Marcs old club.Other conference.Deal or No Deal happening?Drop the Needle!

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      “Drop the Needle”…LOL!…I haven’t heard that in a while..

      β€œYou’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • Mattyleg says:

      What can he bring to the table?
      All I know without doing any research is that he played with the Flames for a while.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Phil C says:

      No deal, Montador coming off a concussion for which he almost retired, Hawks must feel he is not worth making room on the roster, especially a $2.7M/season. Pure salary dump. I can’t see Chicago doing anything crazy unless Sharp is not coming back.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      The only roster player of interest to the Blackhawks is Carey.

  44. Loonie says:

    More desirable trade for Bergevin?

    Desharnais, Ryder and a 1st for Perry


    Eller and a 2nd round pick for Iginla

    • piper says:

      I like the first deal but I think Ducks will get more for Perry.

    • HabFab says:

      Iginla is yesterdays news…nyet nyet sovet!!

    • Seps says:

      The second trade would be a reeeeeally bad choice as we’re still a young team, even though we’re doing well we don’t want to make this a one-season thing. 1st trade works.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      The first one of course (especially if he signs afterwards). Eller is turning into an excellent two way big center. Those don’t grow on trees…

      β€œYou’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • Mattyleg says:

      Poor Eller.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Ozmodiar says:


      /the 1st if i had to choose.

    • Gerry H says:

      Eller and a 2nd for a rental on the downside? Holy crap. If that’s the going rate, stand pat.

      The Perry deal would be worth considering, maybe, but even there the pain down the road would be huge.

      • Loonie says:

        Hey it was a lesser of two evils kinda post Gerry.

        And while Iginla’s on the downside of his career I really don’t think you’re doing his career due justice by referring to him exclusively as a rental.

        He’s probably the best rental available since Marian Hossa.

      • Habfan17 says:

        Since Bergevin seems to be looking to the future and long term, Iggy does not fit. That would be like having Cole and his contract.


    • Phil C says:

      Neither of these deals make sense because you are giving up too much of the future. The Habs have a lot of good young players, so the window to win it all will stay open for a while unless they do something foolish.

      The deals like this are more suited to teams where their window to win is closing, like the Canucks, Sharks, or Red Wings. In those situations, you might as well empty the clip.

    • Habfan17 says:

      Eller and a 2nd round pick for Iggy, ate you nuts? I like Iggy, but at his age and the contract, I would rather keep an up and coming Eller and the draft pick. If Eller was going to be in a trade, it would have to be for. Perry, or Ryan. possibly Saad from Chicago.

      Maybe the Habs should trade Moen, DD, and Weber to Chicago for Saad and Beach?


  45. frontenac1 says:

    @matty. That’s not a scrap amigo. Just. A couple of Lads having some fun.More importantly,Hawks have waived Montador.Making room for a deal with Marc and his old team in the other conference?

  46. Seps says:

    Sportfan just brought up the big Ryder glove save below… How could you?! It’s bringing back all those emotions where Boston wouldn’t have won the cup and making me dislike Ryder although he’s doing well on our team :'(

  47. HabFab says:

    FriedgeHNIC – Players informed today that escrow taken off paycheques will go from 10 per cent to 20 per cent starting Friday…

    Maybe Brooksie was wrong on the $2.4 bl.

    Edit; revenue projections are lower than expected, so this is the defence mechanism… Elliott
    DarrenDreger – A $70.2 mil salary cap was predictably going to impact players. A 20% escrow still seems very high.

  48. How about these trades?

    To Flordia Yannick Weber, Colby Armstrong 2nd & 3rd Rd 2013 for George Parros & Nolan Yonkman.

    To San Jose David Desharnais, Ryan White & a draft pick for Ryane Clowe.

    Habs lineup would look something like this? Mat require some tweeking.

    1st Line – Bourque – Plekanec – Gionta
    2nd Line – Pacioretty – Eller – Gallagher
    3rd Line – Clowe – Galchenyuk – Ryder
    4th Line – Moen – Prust – Parros

    What do you think? I like it!!! Get er done!!! MB. Still under the cap of $2,153,585.

    Go Habs Go

    • Loonie says:

      Take the draft pick out of the first deal, put it into the second deal, remove Desharnais and now we’re talking!

      Who goes on the third line next year?

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Could we get Neil too?
      (running and hiding with Cal)

    • 24 Cups says:

      Yonkman was on waivers a few weeks ago and wasn’t claimed. That means four assets for a guy (Parros) who plays 7 minutes a game and can’t suit up for the playoffs. Yikes.

      Right now, DD is playing better than Clowe (different styles to be sure). Hell, White’s playing better than Clowe. We’re going to give up three assets for three months of Clowe?

    • JUST ME says:

      Good job ! We are in first palace , we do not need those draft choices anyway so let`s give them away against a goon that will play 3 minutes a game. Wise move !

      I just do not understand how any of those moves make sense. I do not either understand how your lineup is better than the one we have now.

      We are in first place ! 13 players with more than 10 points, one regular time loss in the last 15 games…
      I do understand that getting some muscles is usually the trend at this time of the year just in case we play the

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      DD and Colby are not going anywhere. Chucky is probably staying on the wing this season and next. If MB wanted to trade a roster player, I would hope it is Moen (overpaid for a fourth liner).

      BTW I never thought in my hockey watching life people would be so willing to get a rental with ZERO goals. I know he is physical and the Habs need a physical player but…ZERO goals? Even Gomez has more…

      β€œYou’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • Ozmodiar says:

      Where’s Yonkman in your line-up? Did you put him on waivers already?

      The Florida trade is fair if you remove Weber, the 2nd and the 3rd.

      The SJ trade isn’t fair and I don’t even know what round the pick is in.

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        “Did you put him on waivers already?”…LOL!

        β€œYou’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • The Dude says:

      Replace Deharnaise with Gionta . DD is better and way cheaper.

    • Habfan17 says:

      Where is Yonkman?


  49. Cal says:

    (*Runs away and hides behind a rock*)

  50. 24 Cups says:

    I see that swordfights are back in vogue on HI/O.

    AND it’s when we’re in first place without a care in the world!

  51. frontenac1 says:

    Big news amigos! LaLa is back in the lineup for tonight! He should fight Marchand,I think he might be able to take him.

  52. Loonie says:

    My apologies to the rest of the group. Two bouts in one week, I’ve filled my quota.

    I’ll read more than I write for a while.

  53. frontenac1 says:

    Get in line Hobie. I think about a third of my posts get censored. Probably for good reason.Saludos amigo!

  54. habstrinifan says:

    I have to go make supper.. am the cook tonite. But look at ‘lead’ celebration picture in this thread. See how everyone is trying NOT to make eye-contact with Subban. Don’t tell me there isn’t a Subban problem. They say a picture is worth a thousand words… I am sure you fine gentlemen(are there still ladies among us) will use them all in respon. Go to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Edit: I would like a Lyle Odelin type please.

  55. Mattyleg says:

    A fun video to end your day!

    Guaranteed to make you smile. Watch with the sound on.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  56. Lafleurguy says:

    Gino Odjick with the Habs was a failed experiment. I think Dave Semenko landed in Toronto and was a shell of an enforcer. For some of the longstanding enforcers with their original teams who subsequently get traded or released, a lot of the “fight” is no longer with them. Unlike Austin Powers, they cannot back-travel in time to reclaim their mojo.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  57. frontenac1 says:

    I hope Neil kicks Lucic”s arse tonight.

  58. HabFanSince72 says:

    If Calgary has a fire sale, what about Michael Cammalleri coming back?

    He’s on pace for a 36 goal 70 point season this year.

    I always liked Cammy.

    (I realize it’s not going to happen.)

  59. Chuck says:

    In accordance with Therrien’s ‘team first’ mentality, everyone on the team chipped in during last night’s rookie dinner.

    Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

    • Loonie says:

      That’s nice to see.

      I wish I could buy a happy meal for some people here but I’m afraid the toy that comes in the well marketed bag would confuse them so much they’d fill their pull-ups with a litre of watered down soda.

      • Mattyleg says:

        You fighting with someone again?
        Haven’t seen this silliness out of you in a while.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • Loonie says:

          I don’t doubt your literary ability Matty. You can read for yourself.

          • Mattyleg says:

            Okay, just scrolled down.
            You and Hobie.

            Couple ‘a hotheads!!
            Brawlin’ on the interwebs!
            Been up to my man-teats in work, so didn’t have time to read it all.

            I’m sure it was a slug-fest.

            —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • Loonie says:

            You know what they say about fighting the unarmed and all that.

    • Mattyleg says:

      I sincerely doubt that.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • Chuck says:

        Aaaaaaand Matty’s bullsh*t detector is in fine form. See how easy it is to start a rumor on the interwebs?

        So…. when are we getting Neil from Ottawa? I hope that they sit him tonight so that he doesn’t bust a hand on Lucic’s helmet.

        Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

  60. Propwash says:

    Re: Niel, I wouldn’t take him as he is a born and bred Senator, and I sincerely doubt he would play nearly as intensely if he were traded to the Habs. For a playoff run, you need a guy who can produce.


    • powdered toastmann says:

      Possible…but sheer conjecture. I’d take my chances (though I would prefer him to be a couple of years younger)

    • Landof10000lakesHab says:

      Same as Prust has been a significant part of this teams’ attitude upgrade, Neil has been a huge part of Senators success this season, probably more so as the Sens have had significant injuries. A stand up guy, team first, an old timey NHL face, and has hands to chip in a few timely game winners. Would be a great fit in Habville, but I do not see it happening as Sens will be fighting for a playoff spot until last possible game and it is rare to exchange players within conference, let alone within division.

      There are teams that I hate with a passion, Bruins, Flyers, and Leafs, but very few players.

    • Mavid says:

      and he is a jerk..

  61. Habs_Fan_In_San_Diego says:

    I just noticed something while checking the standings today…

    Aside from our Northeast Division, no other division has more than ONE team with at least 30 points.

    The Northeast alone has FOUR teams with at least 30 points.

    Two other divisions have ZERO teams with at least 30 points.

    Conclusion: Habs are in a tough monster division this year, which makes their current record even more impressive.

  62. Sportfan says:

    Hey look the Neil rumors are starting up again haha how bout Konopka guys!


  63. HabFanSince72 says:

    hey Hobie.

    it’s Neil.

    Chris Neil.

  64. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Somebody posted below that the future on D looks good. Hope so as after next season: PK is RFA and Markov, Emelin and Diaz are UFAs. If they keep it up, it will be hard for MB to keep them all.

    β€œYou’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • Habfan17 says:

      Maybe yes, maybe no and who knows where the cap will be by then. With players like Nygren, they may not want to resign Diaz. Who knows if they pick another decent dman again in this draft!


    • Stevie.Ray says:

      It always made sense to me that if you’re going to rebuild then you should try to get as many blue chip dmen through the draft as you can for a couple years, and then focus on forwards the next couple years. It takes longer for D to develop and this way they should all start entering the league at the same time.

      The Oilers did this backwards and by the time any of their D are NHL ready, they won’t be able to afford their top notch forwards.

    • habsnyc says:

      Montreal will have 35-40million to sign 11 players.

      Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

    • Habs_Fan_In_San_Diego says:

      Good thing Bergevin was able to get rid of Gomez and Cole, which gives him much needed flexibility in 2 years time.

  65. Loonie says:


    If you don’t mind. I’d like you to find one post of mine wherein I mention Therrien is an idiot, Bourque is useless or that Lars Eller is our best centreman.

    Your wildly imaginative stretching of the truth in an effort to paint me as somebody out of touch with reality is among the most desperate things I’ve seen a member of HIO try during a disagreement.

    You don’t like that I chalk your mentality up to countless hours of soaking in Rock’Em’Sock’em?

    Then maybe it would be a good idea to offer up an opinion that has something other than fighting at its roots.

    This is a hockey board and fighting’s relevant. But the neanderthal mentality that is oh so prevalent in each of your posts fits perfectly with the children of Cherry group in Canada.

    I’m fine with you loving fighting and while I don’t favour it in hockey, I acknowledge there are times when it’s necessary but hope for a day when it won’t be.

    Having said that, you don’t need to fabricate opinions and pass them off as mine. Enough people have agreed with you on this subject without your lies being needed.

    So please refrain from that crap.


    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Loonie. I 100% guarantee that you were furious with the hiring of Therrien and went on and on about how bad of a hiring he was. As the wins pilled up you started to…shut up.

      And all summer or during the lockout you went on and on about how Eller is the number one guy and it’s so unfair that he’s not in there a head of Plekanec and Desharnais and how they should rid themselves of plekanec. Now that Plekeanec and Deshanais are playing amazing, Eller is playing good too, you don’t bring that up anymore.

      Same holds hold true about Bourque.

      You personally told me, I hoped you were right, that Tinordi was making the team this year.

      I think any regular on this site knows that I’m not making up or exaggerating one thing in the slightest.

      So suck it up big boy and accept that you have your own opinion about the Habs but most often, it is not accurate.

      And if you haven’t noticed, every person that looks at the canadiens agrees that size and toughens and depth is what they need. And it’s been that way for three years. Sorry for pointing out the obvious.

      • shiram says:

        Sorry Hobie, I think you are exaggerating.
        Loonie said something related to what you posted, but not in the terms you’ve said them.
        He hoped for more TOI for Eller, but never annointed him #1.
        He clearly showed his dislike for Therrien, but I can’t recall Loonie calling Therrien an idiot.
        One thing I can say about Loonie, he always post very precise posts, and I think you might have put your own spin on his posts.
        About Bourque, I seem to recall Loonie preaching patience, but could be wrong, and I don’t remember him talking about Tinordi.

        • Loonie says:

          Thank you. For the truth pal.

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          Well if i could rund a search and pull all of Loonie’s comments, i think he changed his name from Tom becasue all he does insite fights and wanted to hide, kinda funny for a guy who doesn’t like them, I’d galdly display them here for you.

          • Loonie says:

            You have poor retention skills and a wild imagination.

          • shiram says:

            I think it pertained more about protecting his identity, the name change. Again I’m only going from memory too, but as I said, Loonie is always making sure to express his opinion and thoughts quite clearly, and sometimes even a little forcefully.
            I think you both are both very passionate and that can lead to sparks, but there’s no need for anger and insults.
            We’re all Habs fan and the team is winning.

      • Loonie says:

        I was furious about Therrien – not true.
        ***Disappointed, yes. And have gladly admitted I was wrong about him****

        I have never once said a bad word about Rene Bourque. Ever. I have called him inconsistent. That is literally the worst thing I’ve ever said about him.

        I’ve also never said that Eller is the best centreman on this team. I’ve said there are times when he has periodically played like it. But never once that he was “the best” on the roster.

        You seem to equate your suggestions(like Neil) as the answer to everyone’s prayers about what this team needs and speak as if they are some unanimous choices to fill your checklist of team needs.

        Here’s a site that can help you work through your literacy problems Hobie


        • Hobie Hansen says:

          Take that site and shove it right up your wazoo.

          Again Loonie or Tom. You don’t know your ass from your elbow regarding anything about the Canadiens.

          Sorry for acting childish people. But when you see the name Loonie, I’m sure you’ll understand.

          • Loonie says:

            What’s the problem Hobie?

            Level one got you frustrated?

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            I smile and nod and stay away from all the fights you get into here “EVERY DAY” but some days you need a cuff right in the back of the melon.

            But just like Grapes, as you’d say, I’m a good Canadian boy, and it will be all forgotten when i turn off my PC for the day in about 19mins.

          • Loonie says:

            No you don’t Hobie.

            You’re right about one thing though. You are a boy.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            Well, a boy is better than a biatch, like you are :-).

            Oh wait, Tom is going to go crying to the mods now who will just laugh and leave the comment up, as they always do, cuz they agree.

          • Loonie says:

            Cry to the mods?

            Hobie. I feel awful for you.

      • habstrinifan says:

        Have to agree with Shiram below Hobie. I think Loonie is wrong on the Neil thing, but you have unfairly exaggerated in your staements re his posts on Therrien and Eller etc.

  66. HabinBurlington says:

    Who is a better scrapper, Neil on the ice or Loonie online?

    Tom, I say this tongue and cheek. But you can scrap as hard online here as I have ever seen Neil scrap on the ice.


  67. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Would love to see Ryder keep it up and help the Habs bury the Bruins in the playoffs…

    β€œYou’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  68. Ian Cobb says:

    See the longest shootout in hockey history
    Kemptville 73β€²s, Ottawa Jr. Senators miss 48 shootout attempts in row (VIDEO)

  69. Loonie says:

    Who wants Matt Cooke? He brings more offense than Neil, can fight and despite the prevailing opinion are incredibly similar players.

  70. frontenac1 says:

    I’d take Neil in a heartbeat.

  71. youngwun says:

    Has anyone seen pk subbans stats ? 18 points in 20 goals . First in goals amongst Dmen. Just a few points shy of first in points behind letang! What a guy!!

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      He’s probably just behind Letang in the Norris race right now.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      And he missed how many games at the start of the season??

    • habsnyc says:

      With Karlsson out and Lidstrom retired, there should be at least two new nominees for the Norris. Chara and Letang are likely nominees. I would guess PK along with Shattenkirk, Weber and maybe Keith or Petrangelo would be possible candidates.

      Last year, Subban led all defensemen in penalty minutes. This season he is helping the team by taking only six minor penalties in 20 games. PK leads NHL defensemen in shots taken per game and the shots are finding the back of the net.

      Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

  72. Hobie Hansen says:

    I have to agree with the TSN 690 AM morning show that Chris Neal is EXACTLY the type of player Montreal needs heading into the playoffs.

    He’s similar to Prust, more hits actually. And a quick tutorial from the master, Michel Therrien, he’d fit right in.

    Ottawa would NEVER trade him though, especially to Montreal.

    But man oh man, take Armstrong (who isn’t playing bad) White or Dumont out of the lineup an put in Neal, we’d be laughing.

    I’ve seen him fight Orr and Chara in the last year and do very well in both scraps btw. So people who say he isn’t a heavyweight are nuts.

    • Loonie says:

      He is completely gutless and takes bad penalties.

      Neil is a lightning rod to officials’ ire. If we could take the bad out of Chris Neil I would be completely on board.

      It’s my opinion that Senators fans should be more ashamed of Neil than we were of Lapierre or Ribeiro.

      He is scum on the ice.

      • BrianSkrudland says:


        Wedding Crashers Rule #71: No excuses. Play like a champion!

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Bah, again, one man’s opinion. Put that as the poll question and you’d see 90% in favor. The other 10% would be people holding grudges cuz he’s beat up many Habs in the past.

        Pose that question to any person involved with the NHL and they’d say Neal is a slam dunk for Montreal on the 4th line.

        • Loonie says:

          Hobie. It depends on how you view gutless I suppose doesn’t it.

          I consider a guy who routinely hits with his hands above his own shoulders and a guy who also routinely pins opposing players heads back against the boards and starts to fight them with them pinned gutless.

          He’s trash, gutless, a coward, scum, a waste of skin.

          He is to the Senators as Matt Cooke is to the Penguins.

          Cooke just happens to be more effective at being a menace(not a good one).

          It is my opinion, but it’s an opinion that would draw more support than you seem to think.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            I love it! I’d be doing back flips. If he was in a MTL uniform and we were playing Boston or Toronto, I’d want him doing exactly what you just said.

          • Loonie says:

            Ata boy Grapes.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            “Ata boy Grapes.”

            Your standard go to answer when you’re proven wrong.

            If you haven’t noticed the entire city of Montreal, broadcasters and fans are calling for a Neal type of guy.

            So I guess you should say “Ata boy Grapes.” to everyone.

            If you want a tough 4th line you must be a Don Cherry fan?

          • Loonie says:

            There are several players around the league who aren’t scum like Chris Neil Hobie. And I’d be in favour of adding many of them.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I would take Neil as well Hobie, I just don’t know if he plays as hard for the Habs as he does for Senators. I suspect he has a Senator tattooed on his Ass.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            Anybody would.

          • Loonie says:

            There have been two people reply and say they wouldn’t want him and two who agree with you that he would be a good addition.

            Hardly the unanimous vote you’ve projected.

          • habstrinifan says:

            Great observation.. which is why I dont see Ottawa trading Neal.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Hobie, quick lets you and I create about 30 new identities for this site and vote for Neil! πŸ™‚

            P.S. I don’t think Mavid helps us though.

          • Curtis O Habs says:

            I`d prefer an out of conference guy.

        • The Dude says:

          In a heartbeat and you really don’t like the Habs if you don’t grab Neil if he could be had!

          • Loonie says:

            I despise Darcy Tucker, always have and have been a fan of this team since I began watching hockey.

        • LeHabfan13 says:

          Agree with you Hobie 100% Chris Neil can put up 20-points a season, He’s tough and can fight what more does a team need from a 4th liner. He would fit perfect with Montreal. I’d take him right now.

          I wonder if Loonie would call him gutless to his face.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            Loonie, who I but heads with on occasion but think is a good guy, has his own vision of exactly “what is what” and becomes very aggravated when the real truth is brought to light.

            He also said Therrien was an idiot, Bourque was useless and Lars Eller is the best centerman we’ve got. And that Tinordi would make the team out of camp this year. And got very angry when people said otherwise.

          • Loonie says:

            Imagine the irony of somebody saying that person x has no idea what real is while claiming to have full comprehension of that supposed reality.

        • smiley says:

          I’d take Chris Neil in a second. So it’s 3-2 for Neil. He will play hard for whomever is signing his paycheck. That’s what professionals do.

        • Habfan17 says:

          I would not want Neil, he is the biggest hypocrite! He calls out players or dirty hits and he is one of the worst at it. I have seen him blindside at least 5 players and connect with their heads. He is aas bad a Lucic or Marchand, except that he will fight all comers.


      • habstrinifan says:

        WOW Loonie! Usually I share almost all your perspective, if you dont mind me saying so. But on this one I totally have to disagree. I would pack his bags and drive Neal to Mtl myself if we could get him. He is a prototype useful big guy in my opinion and has proved it over the years. No way Ottawa parts with him though…. they are too far into their ‘rebuild’… Couple years ago maybe… but not now.

        • Loonie says:

          He is useful. While at the same time cowardly and beyond dirty.

          He wins fights yes. How he wins some of them and starts most of them is what bothers me and many others.

          Hitler did some good things too when you disregard the genocide.

          • 2mins4lookinsooogood says:

            Uh oh .. first person to mention Hitler usually loses the arguement πŸ™‚

            Sorry for the tub thumpers out there but I say leave Neil where he is. Loonie may be a hyperbolic but he is really close to the mark. Neil can play, can fight etc but he takes too many bad penalties, has a reputation and is right down there with Cooke and Lapierre on the evolutionary scale.

            “Don’t crush that dwarf Alex Henry, hand me the pliers”

          • Loonie says:

            As long as Chris Neil isn’t a Hab I’m happy to “lose” any argument I’m involved in.

          • hab fan in leaf jungle says:

            Hitler’s regime did some medical research which has benefited mankind even though we hate to admit it. It was done by opening a window for evil deeds. Vivisection and hypo/hyperthermia research using real human beings is not something mankind will ever tolerate again but we have lots of data in the bank resulting from that and a lot of other atrocities. Back to hockey…I would pass on Neil. I would prefer to see Patrice Bordeleau from the Avs. A francophone heavyweight would please everyone and this kid can fight. Remember that in the playoffs the refs put away the whistles and the arms stay in their pockets as Vancouver learned much to their own chagrin.

        • BrianSkrudland says:

          He is an enormous part of the Sens team, no doubt. Countless numbers of Canadiens fans would love to see Neil sporting a Habs sweater, I understand.

          Chris Neil’s style of dirty play is simply not the type I respect. He isn’t fit to wear a Habs uniform, in my opinion.

          I do not have any time for some of the crap he pulls on the ice.

          Wedding Crashers Rule #71: No excuses. Play like a champion!

          • monmick says:

            What do you mean by “the crap he pulls on the ice”? How many times has he been suspended?

            Some would argue, perhaps rightly, that Pleks and Gionta are “dirtier” players with all of their behind-the-scene stick work…

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        Neil is a so-so hockey player – 10-12 goals per year and usually a minus player.

        He’s probably better than Armstrong or Moen but to think that what we need is another grinder is just wrong.

      • Timo says:

        Uh-huh… but Neil would enter Michael Therrien’s “Personal Development Program” and voila – you got yourself a completely different player.

    • monmick says:

      Chris Neil is the closest thing to Knuckles Nilan in today’s NHL. Not a pure heavyweight but tough as nail and would take on anyone to defend his teamates — and win more often than not. He is probably one of the best defensive fighters in the game (Purst is also very good) which means he almost never gets owned even when fighting above his weight class. On top of that, he has above average hockey skills for a fourth liner in that role (in fact, he often plays on the top three in special situations). Just my opinion, of course…

      • Habfan17 says:

        Except tha t Nilan was not a dirty puke! He hit you fair and square and then backed it up. He learned to be a valuable forward and contribute offence!


        • monmick says:

          I would venture a bet that, if you were to put it to a vote with the NHLPA, Neil doesn’t even make it into the top 50 dirtiest players as selected by his peers…

        • powdered toastmann says:

          I like Nilan (so don’t get me wrong) but I doubt that he (or any other Hab tough guy from the past) was a paragon of virtue.

          Neil would be an extremely useful addition to the Habs.

        • hab fan in leaf jungle says:

          You obviously never saw Nilan take the butt end of his stick and knock 3 or 4 chicklets out of Rick Middleton’s mouth without provocation. Middleton was a clean and skilled player. As a Hab fan and a fan of great hockey I was ashamed that he wore a Habs jersey.

  73. munch17 says:

    The future of our defense looks pretty good. Pateryn looked very steady and didn’t put the team in any trouble.

    Gorges – 28
    Diaz – 27
    Emelin – 26
    Weber – 24 ? if still a prospect
    Subban – 23
    Pateryn – 22
    Tinordi – 21
    Bennet – 21
    Beaulieu – 20
    Ellis – 20
    Dietz – 19
    Thrower – 19

    • Stevie.Ray says:

      Don’t forget Nygren. 22 years old. Won best defenseman award in Swedish Elite League yesterday

    • Habfan17 says:

      I think the Habs are fine at defence. You are right, given his limited time on ice, Pateryn looked fine. It looks like Therrien is doing the same thing with him as he did in the beginning with Gallagher and Galchenyuk. Yes, to Stevie.Ray, Nygren looks good as does Dietz, Ellis, Beaulieu, Tinordi, and the forgotten, Didier. Even better, they are all over 6′


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