Habs prospect Weber has fastest shot in OHL

Canadiens prospect Yannick Weber grabbed some of the headlines during the Ontario Hockey League skills competition on Tuesday with a slap shot that clocked in at 99.2 miles per hour.

The Kitchener Rangers defenceman was selected 73rd overall by the Habs in 2007. In 41 games this season, Weber has 19 goals and 27 assists for the OHL team. He also has 65 penalty minutes.


  1. kenny_galloway says:

    gyea gyea doggies

  2. nightmare_49 says:

    Weber i’ve only seen once playing against Belleville and a period of a game earlier in the season and what i like is his poise , confidence and his smarts to go along with his shot. He may not be big but i noticed he was sturdy on his skates with good balance. I wish i could get a better look at him when he is pressed so i guess i’ll have to wait till the OHL playoffs. i actually don’t think he is far from the NHL even though he is small after seeing Kris Russell taking a regular shift with Colunbus. A big “D” man as his partner wouldn’t hurt.

  3. joe-hab-nuno says:


  4. joe-hab-nuno says:

    did you take my pic?

  5. Mr.Hazard says:

    Swiss Power!

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  6. RS says:

    Nice to see Weber, Suban and White progressing nicely. The odds suggest that they won’t all make it. That’s why it’s good to have a bunch of prospects. You need depth in the system, because developing talent is such a crap shoot. Well it’s more than just luck, because coaches and teams can help along the way, but there are also a lot of intangibles.

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