Habs prospect Pacioretty, at a glance

Thanks to Habs Inside/Out reader Mike McLaren of Richboro, Pa., who spotted the following one-page profile of Canadiens prospect Max Pacioretty of the University of Michigan in USA Hockey Magazine’s February 2008 edition.

(Uh, Max? About the New York Rangers being your favourite NHL team?)

From USA Hockey Magazine’s February 2008 edition:



  1. Third Eye Clear says:

    I agree with you Chorske, I would have rolled my eyes had he said the Habs…but…I did a double take when I saw Joe Dirt listed as a favorite movie lol JOE FREKIN’DIRT

  2. Chorske says:

    I SO don’t care, what a non-issue. The kid grew up in Connecticut post-Whalers, who else is he going to cheer for?! I would’ve rolled my eyes if he had said “the Canadiens”.

    What, we gonna get pissed off because he doesn’t list Celine as his favourite singer?! That he doesn’t say poutine is his favourite food? Come on. Arretons de chercher les pepins, les boys.

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