Habs prepare for busy Super Bowl weekend; Thomas to make debut

Christian Thomas will make his Canadiens debut Saturday when the Habs take on the Tampa Bay Lightning at the Bell Centre (1 p.m., CBC, RDS, TSN Radio 690).

Michael Bournival is the latest Habs player to come down with the flu and won’t be in the lineup against the Lightning, with Thomas taking his spot. Brandon Prust missed Friday’s practice with the flu, but is expected to play.

Thomas, who was called up from the AHL’s Hamilton Bulldogs on Thursday, skated on a line with Rene Bourque and Lars Eller at Friday’s practice.

It will be a busy Super Bowl weekend for the Canadiens with a pair of games at the Bell Centre. On Sunday, the Winnipeg Jets will be the visitors (1 p.m., CBC, RDS, TSN Radio 690).

Thomas’s father, former NHLer Steve Thomas, is now an assistant coach with the Lightning.

“It would be awesome to play, especially against a team with my dad on the bench,” Thomas said after Friday’s practice. “I’ve worked hard in Hamilton and shown some good stuff. I think I deserve (the call-up).

“I’m just happy to be here,” added Thomas, who has five goals and nine assists in 23 games with the Bulldogs this season.

The Canadiens won’t have a morning skate Saturday.

Carey Price will start in goal against the Lightning, but coach Michel Therrien wouldn’t confirm on Friday who will start Sunday. Before the start of Saturday’s game, Price will receive the Molson Cup for January, based on three-star selections. Price was selected as the first star twice in January and was the third star three times to finish ahead of Tomas Plekanec and Brendan Gallagher in the Molson Cup standings. Plekanec and Gallagher each had one first-, one second- and one third-star selection.

“It’s a different crowd, an opportunity for young kids to see the Canadiens and the atmosphere there is always great for these afternoon games. I’m expecting the same thing,” Therrien told reporters in Brossard after Friday’s practice. “I have no problem playing at 1 o’clock on weekends. It’s a different feeling and it should be a lot of fun.”

Here’s how the forward lines and defence pairings looked at practice Friday:

Bournival – Plekanec – Gionta
Pacioretty – Desharnais – Gallagher
Bourque – Eller – Thomas
Parros – Moen – Briere

Subban – Gorges
Emelin – Markov
Murray – Beaulieu
Diaz – Bouillon

(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

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  1. HabFab says:

    Don Cherry turning 80. I see from #19 that the “hate” was on even 59 years ago;

  2. geo_habsgo says:

    Just started thinking about how much I’d wanna try out these d-pairings:

    Subban – Pateryn
    Gorges – Beaulieu
    Markov – Tinordi

    It would probably be a mess putting 3 vets with 3 rookies and I guess that’s why I am not a general manager but if i was a GM or a coach I would take the chance and see what this experiment could bring.

    Although to be honest seeing as how we have players like Emelin already I think that one of those 3 defensemen are gonna be moved at some point. I think they are all gonna be studs in their own right though.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Morning Geo.

      Any chance you’d swap Pateryn and Beaulieu?

      Subban and Beaulieu together would provide the vet-rookie mentoring thing that you like, but also potentially explosive offensive upside as well as pretty solid D.

      Pateryn could add a bit of heft to a pairing with Gorges, and again the mentoring thing.

      Poster who see Hamilton games don’t seem to think Tinordi is doing that well in the AHL, pointing out that really big D men take the longest to evolve.

    • aroma says:

      Don’t think so; PK and Pateryn are both needed to man the right side.

  3. Hobie Hansen says:

    @twilighthours – This household supports and enjoys Rene Rancourt! You’re allowed to actually have fun watching a hockey game instead of always being stressed out of your mind! Rancourt gets us laughing and he’s very entertaining!

    • Morenz7 says:

      I salute your attitude, but some of us derive enjoyment and relaxation from hating the Bruins and everything about them–right down to their cheesy anthem singer.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Morning Hobie.
      Couldn’t post yesterday, but really enjoyed your various posts on the Bruins game. You and I possibly disagree somewhat on the role of fighting in hockey, but I’ve always thought we saw eye-to-eye on the game’s physical nature. So, judging from your posts, we saw the game the same way. Well said.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        The reason I’ve become somewhat enraged on this site regarding fighting is because I hate seeing the Habs manhandled. Until Prust arrived and most recently guys like Murray and Parros, we were pretty much the softest team in the league.

        The beat down in Boston a few years ago, along with a few other incidents really ticked me off. I don’t care if we are the toughest but being the softest is too much.

        I grew up watching guys like Shayne Corson, Lyle Odelein and Stephane Quintal step up and protect their teammates and the CH when need be! I’m not used to watching Habs players get beat up and taunted all night long.

        I don’t get as worked up about it as much as before, now that we aren’t the laughing stock of the NHL.

        If were were one of the top teams in the league and took pride in turning the other cheek and not getting involved fighting, that’s one thing. Unfortunately we’ve been a mediocre team that often gets beat on the scoreboard and in the fights.

        I get sick of getting laughed at by Bruins and Leafs fans for having a team of pussies! I have some pride when it comes to that I guess.

        • Lafleurguy says:

          There was a mini-beatdown by the Sens the game after Elvis ko’d Lars.

          “Bends but won’t break”

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Agree Hobie, I am not a proponent of fighting for the sake of fighting but rather a proponent of our team being filled with players able to play to their strengths. Over the past couple of seasons teams have been able to take liberties with our talented players and our goalies having no fear of receiving a pushback. This pushback does not need to be a dropping of the gloves but can be as subtle as a large Swedish Crankshaft moving a body 4-5 feet after the whistle, or perhaps a quiet word from a large ‘Stached individual in a players ear.

          Teams knew they could enter our zone on the fly and head right for our goalie knowing they wouldn’t be “Challenged”. Obviously we will need an upgrade on Murray as he is a temporary stop gap, Parros also is probably a temporary stop gap. But when players like that are in our lineup, a player like Emelin can play physical, knowing his thunderous clean hits won’t require a fight hopefully as Prust, Parros and Crankshaft are in the vicinity. I may be overstating the point, but I have no doubts that teams view our team differently now, and hopefully will continue in the future. It is for this reason, I am so excited about McCarron and Crisp type players being developed in our prospect pool

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          Well, I wouldn’t be that different in thinking. Bruins and Leafs taking liberties because we were beefless and the refs didn’t mind just made me sick. Parros and Murray are like nuclear deterrents — their presence simply makes the other guys keep their gloves on (as we saw vs Boston — there were some VERY sweet posts celebrating that fact!).

          So if the deterrent works, no fight needed. (Which of course is different from guys just losing it and starting to swing). (Also different from guys in the playoff circle saying, “Wanna dance?”, “Sure, but can we leave it til the second period?”, “Great, no prob. Text you after.”)

          What I would NOT oppose would be a tactic reserved exclusively for that minority of really dangerously dirty scumbag players like Marchand. Assign a speedy, very hard-hitting guy just to shadow him when he’s on the ice and destroy him with legal hits at every opportunity until he wants to sit on the bench holding Linus’s blanket and sucking his thumb.

          (Sorry if I’ve been amongst those to enrage you! Sorry, but can’t guarantee it not happening again!)

        • HabFab says:

          I don’t want fighters on my team… I want players who can fight!

  4. Marc10 says:

    Big game. Big weekend! Can they do it again? Go Habs Go!

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Hey Marc, good question, I can’t help but wonder if the phrasing shouldn’t be “Will they do it again”. Crazy thing about this team is we know they can, just seems hard to figure when they want to. Not trying to be negative, just wondering out loud.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Good morning Marc, Burly.

      Are you watching the Super Bowl Marc? Or will you only be on coffee-break at work?!

      Burly, I hear you on expectations. If we’ve actually turned a corner, then we start winning four in every five. If the Bruins game was another Chicago aberration, then more agony for us!

  5. Psycho29 says:

    Good Morning all!
    Great weekend to win 2 games!
    Will make it 4 in a row and put the Habs at .500 over the past 12 games.

    • Blondie says:

      ‘Morning Psycho.

      Without checking, I don’t think our record in matinees is all that good. Back-to-back matinees has me a little concerned but all I can do is hope for the best.

      It would be nice to pass the leafs in the standings this weekend.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Morning Psycho and all the rest of the fine folks here this morning. For a minute I thought I was at a United Nations meeting as i read the morning banter, sure is pretty neat indeed what we have hear.

      On a non Hab hockey related point, why is it that the L.A. Kings need to find scoring help? If we had the roster L.A. presently puts on the ice every game, wouldn’t we think/expect that roster to score? Seems to me the system they play is the cause of low goal scoring. Sutter has that team playing a box and 1 in their own end with every player required to backcheck and play defense first, then worry about the puck going in the other net.

      Seems to me a roster with Kopitar, Brown, Richards, Carter, Williams, Doughty has plenty of proven offensive talent to go with young talents like Toffoli, Frattin etc…

      Having received a scouting report from our own Habfan10912 if the Kings acquired Vanek, I wonder how much goalscoring he would actually help given his defensive propensities.

      • Blondie says:

        ‘Morning Burly. Yeah, that’s a strange one. If the Kings are in need of scoring help how does one describe the Habs predicament?

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Exactly, I think this is where a coach has to review his strategy/systems and make the decision on how to juggle what is more important, scoring goals or preventing them.

          I don’t dispute for a minute that Johnathon Quick is one of the top goalies in this league, but have any of their various goalies looked below average since Sutter took over?

          • Blondie says:

            Scoring and preventing goals are equally important. If you are going to succeed you have to be able to do both. (80’s Oilers and 90’s Devils notwithstanding) We can do both; everybody just has to play like Brendan Gallagher. :)

      • Lafleurguy says:

        Burly, way to give a subtle endorsement of Habs’ coaching performance. Well played, as the hipsters would say.

        “Bends but won’t break”

  6. twilighthours says:

    I don’t care what all y’alls think, I love Rene Rancourt

    • Lafleurguy says:

      His looks remind me of a fine actor, Rene Auberjenois-or-something-like-that. Mornin’ twi.

      “Bends but won’t break”

      • twilighthours says:

        Morning. It as my birthday yesterday. Celebrating today with a day on the ski hill (2deg C here and calm), then Thai with cheesecake for dessert. It’s going to be fine. Will miss the TB game, but December and January took my zest away for this season. Hopefully the boys can string together some convincing wins.

        • HabFab says:

          Happy unbirthday bro!

        • Lafleurguy says:

          Hang in, bud, and belated HB. I smile a lot with the wins, but am not caught off guard with the losses. I still think, even with lots of season left, the two points arising from Pleks bouncing the puck off Anderson and Cowan’s foot may have prevented a season like the recent 15th place finish. Of course, Subbie had to come through and score the winner, but Subbie has done and will do that many more times, whereas those kinds of bounces happen once-a-season.

          “Bends but won’t break”

    • Blondie says:

      I’m with you twi. Who cares if he’s an overt Bruins fan? He does a commendable job on the anthems. Much prefer him to Ottawa’s singing cop.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Happy Belated Birthday Twi’ enjoy your weekend festivities in your honour!

  7. Lafleurguy says:

    To be pensive momentarily, quite awe-inspiring that Walmyr, Turku, Habs-Norway, Dun’s sprite, and several others are Habs fans because of the far-reaching mystique and aura of the Montreal Canadiens.

    We now return you to the regular programming.

    “Bends but won’t break”

    • twilighthours says:

      Being a Habs fan is something special. I was at a game in TB and there were 6000 Habs fans cheering during warmup. No other team could possibly have such a following. It was great.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      I think slovakhab and Marc10 are both in Oz. There must be many others.

      I was trying to describe the site to someone yesterday, trying to reckon the numbers. The Gazette poll seems to plateau at about 3000, but would you guess there are normally around 100 regular posters?

      That’s a lot of silent onlookers! Makes me nervous about my spelling and participial phrases….

      • twilighthours says:

        Slovakhab lives in Australia? I’m so confused.

      • HabFab says:

        BJ in Germany plus several on the Pacific rim.

      • Blondie says:

        A hundred at any one time sounds about right. There’s a bunch that have stopped posting and a bunch of fairly new posters but the turnover’s about the same for any blog I would guess. I’m sure a lot of former posters still check in from time to time.

        If you consider that the Habs mystique extends far beyond the participants of this blog the reach is, indeed, awe inspiring.

      • Lafleurguy says:

        Brill to include the buds, but I’m thinking of folks who have never set foot in Montreal, or even Canada. The ex-pats in Seoul, Land of Oz, Majorca, Netherlands (rhino514), and really foreign places like Virginia, Tampa, NY, Boston,LA, and Vancouver are much appreciated.

        “Bends but won’t break”
        P.S. Inevitable that even more foreign places like Phoenix, and Washington were overlooked.

        • Marc10 says:

          Was on vacation in Bali over Christmas. Show up at the bar and there’s some kid wearing the CH. Couldn’t speak a lick of English or French. Took a look at the kid… Though he looked Scandanavian. Said two words: “Saku Koivu”? Got the thumbs up.

          It’s a small world… and a big community.

  8. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Sholi must have slept in.
    Anyone able to post an alarm call? Don’t want him to miss practice this morning….

    And what about Maritime Ronn? It’s high time he got his spoon out of his Corn Flakes and into HIO!

  9. CJ says:

    Good morning! Game day! Looking forward to running the snowmobiles for a few hours this morning before the game starts. If Prust can’t go, I’d like to see what Thomas can bring. I understand that he was injured in camp, so this could be his first real test.

    I see Tampa has recalled two goaltenders, so if we face a backup we need to pounce early and often. Look forward to checking in after lunch.

  10. Lafleurguy says:

    Steve Thomas is an assistant coach for the Lightning. Nice gesture to allow dad to see sonny boy in person even if junior doesn’t suit up.

    “Bends but won’t break”

    • twilighthours says:

      Very classy.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Agreed. Furthermore, I hope the kid plays. The prognosis on Gionta and his arms — as speculated here a few days ago — is awful, including, for example, that he can only really slap, not a wrist a shot properly any more.

        And if Briere is going to continue “saving” it for the playoffs of big games like Thursday, then what could be wrong with seeing what another sub-5’10 guy can bring?

        (Twi, there was never a reply. Not even from your good self! You are, aren’t you, in a position to say the guy’s ok?)

    • Habfan17 says:

      Maybe they are looking to make a deal with the Lightening!


  11. third generation haber says:

    Thomas called up????

    Do MB need to try and make the Kristo trade look good???

    I feel like I’m taking f$%&ing crazy pills!!!

    Gionta will be gone next season, Briere the following season, but their replacements may be Thomas (5-9) and Andrighetto (5-9).

    MB better hurry and trade for Torey Krug to replace the cube.

    Does MB not understand why we’re constantly a laughing-stock???

    I don’t care the reasoning, the smurf trend has to end now!!!

    j.p. murray

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      That’s a lot of punctuation marks this early in the day, JP!

      I’m not intimately acquainted with roster strategies and trading etc, but is it possible that either of those two young guys would bring more to today’s game than the two vets you mention?

      Or even if not, that this might be a good time to try them out, possibly even just in the shop window?

      Or if the team’s committed to them, and Gio and Briere will be gone, why not try and measure how much guys might improve the team? And why not start now?

      Like I say, I don’t know. Just attempting to get inside the management mind-set.

  12. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …attended the Bulldogs’ Heats’ AHL game in Abbotsford tonight

    …Heat 6 Bulldogs ZIP

    …I am in no mood to discuss what I viewed tonight :(


  13. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Good morning all.

    I had to watch the Bruins game on NESN. Here’s what you missed:

    1) a live viewer-feedback graphic showing % of Boston fans who preferred to meet the Sens/Leafs/Habs in the playoffs. When I first noticed it in the 1st, the Habs were favourite (around 65%). WONDERFUL to watch the figure tumble as the game progressed! GREAT feature, NESN. You’re all geniuses!

    2) The colour commentator Andy Brickley could simply see no wrong in Marchand blind-side cross-checking of Gally into the goal post, could not even concede that it was a call SOME refs might make. Brickley never let it go all night, kept coming back to it and ultimately blamed the loss on that one call. Space and good manners prevent me from elaborating on how much of a sub-human life-form I consider him to be.

    3) By shocking contrast, I thought the normally insufferable Jack Edwards actually called the game like a normal play-by-play guy, giving full credit to both teams evenly throughout the game, nor do I recall any insinuation that it was all down to Boston having an off-night. Weird!

    What does it mean?

    Please, Montreal. No post-biggie let-down this weekend.

  14. B says:

    Bozon scores his 21st in a 4-1 win over Prince Albert.

    –Go Habs Go!–

  15. B says:

    Thrower’s not playing tonight, he’s been out a week with an ankle injury. Here is an article that says good things about him:


    –Go Habs Go!–

  16. formerly known as the hc says:

    I don’t know if it’s already been covered here: Mike Chambers of the Denver Post “PK Subban to Denver for PA Paranteau and prospects.

  17. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Looking forward to the same effort this weekend as we saw Thursday night in Boston. Is that too much to ask?

  18. Mike D says:

    The below is an excerpt from the Boston Globe article linked above. Does anyone else think “What dafuq?” when they read this?

    “There have been many times when the Habs have tried to antagonize the Bruins to get their blood boiling. They have a long line of irritants, from Maxim Lapierre to Andrei Kostitsyn to P.K. Subban. The Bruins have been good at turning the other cheek.”

    – Honestly yours
    Twitter: @de_benny

  19. Plekasuares says:

    Revis > Sherman

  20. GL says:

    you guys call the connor crisp fight a fight. looked like they were doing a round waltz without music.

  21. BCG says:

    First off – it might be an idea to put the comment option at the start of a really looooooong thread.

    Anyways, saw Connor Crisp play in the Colts v. Wolves game. This guy looks like exactly what the Habs need. His skating is good, big body, lots of grit, great shot and he just plays with jam. Put a good beating on Lemieux. He even has some moves, although I’m unsure if they would work at the pro level.

  22. frontenac1 says:

    2-1 Volts QMJHL after 1 period. on sportsnet now. Good game amigos! A couple of fights,big hits, very entertaining.

  23. boing007 says:

    Manning could end up being carted out on a stretcher by the end of the first half if the Seahawks apply a dynamic and relentless pass rush.

    Richard R

    • Mr. Biter says:

      That’s why he gets paid the big bucks.

      Mr. Biter
      No Guts No Glory

    • ABHabsfan says:

      Not very likely. Manning as only been contacted once in the entire playoffs so far. Never mind sacked, knocked down or hurried; he has only been touched once. O-line of the Broncos is very good and they know how their bagel gets buttered.

      “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
      Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

    • Saintpatrick33 says:

      Manning is on a mission and I can wait to see that bitch Richard Sherman crying on the side lines

    • dr. gesundheit says:

      That defence will not have the benefit of having the twelfth man…might be a little different for them not having home field advantage…

  24. Phil C says:

    Trading Markov would essentially be throwing the towel in on the season. Yet the Habs just beat one of the two teams in the East who are considered a complete team, and have beaten the other one (Pittsburgh). They have beaten the defending Cup champs (Chicago), and the 1st place overall team (Anaheim). All four of those wins were not flukes, they deserved them, so we know they are capable of competing with the best.

    If they stay healthy and pick up a couple of pieces at the deadline, I think they could make some noise in the playoffs this season. There is certainly no evidence to suggest that they will be any better 2-3 years from now other than faith that some of their prospects will blossom into stars, which is far from guaranteed.

    The East is there for the taking this year, and whoever comes out of the West will have played at least two very tough series’ and could have the stuffing beat out of them by the finals. They would be crazy to pass up the opportunity.

    If the Habs are worried about losing Markov for nothing, they should hedge and get him signed. If the season goes in the gutter, they could still flip him at the deadline, in the off-season, or next season.

    • ffenliv says:

      Those wins may not have been flukes, but they got *spanked* by LA, San Jose, and Pittsburgh. They also got eaten by the caps recently.

      While I agree they might make noise, though, is ‘noise’ worth it? I mean, we hear a lot about getting playoff experience, but is it worth it this year? Maybe trade for some roster pieces (not just prospects and picks), and make more noise next year?

      As a life-long Jays fan, I’m not lover of ‘next year’, which is probably worth keeping in mind.

      • Phil C says:

        I admit it is a tough call. What makes it tougher is even a team like Pittsburgh is not guaranteed of anything, Vegas has them at 6 to 1, which would be a long shot in most cases, but in the NHL is about as good as it gets for odds.

        My “making noise” comment was vague at best. What I mean is that this year may be as good a shot at the Cup as any with the East being considered a two horse race.

        If MB really thinks they have no chance, he should dump everything he can at the deadline. I agree making the playoffs should not be the goal, it should be winning the Cup. I’m just not convinced that their odds are that bad this year. Eventually you have to take a shot.

        • ffenliv says:

          And of course, there are factors well beyond winning the cup at play here. Money talks, walks, and does, well, every other verb, too.

          I like a good playoff run, even if it was just to the second round. So, I’m personally all for keeping what we have, and maybe making a 3rd-line, or almost-second-line type move to pick up some talent.

          The East is widely described this year as being as open as it has been in a while. I don’t think the Habs could realistically make it through, but hey, who knows! I think the biggest hurdles will be the wear and tear on guys like Markov, Emelin’s up-and-down play, and whether or not any of the forwards show up on a given night.

          So, to sum up: many things could happen, and I’m to chicken to pick one of them.

    • Marc10 says:

      Tough one. It’s been dead silent on that front. Here’s hoping he has a good Olympics and comes back healthy.

      • Phil C says:

        Dumping his agent suggests to me that he is only interested in signing in Montreal, so I think the ball is in the Habs’ court. Term would be the tough part.

      • CJ says:

        Agreed. Very tough decision. The next week will go a long way to determining the course of action. Unfortunately, what is the correct decision will not be evident for another few months. If we don’t trade either of Markov or Gionta then lose in the first round or miss the playoffs, we will have missed a huge chance to boost our talent pool going forward.

        Conversely, if we win 5 out of our remaining six, it will be terribly difficult to sell that kind of trade (vet for prospect) to the fanbase.

        I recall, all too vividly 2009. This is one of the primary reasons I’ve suggested we at least explore options. I can’t see Gionta back next season. Markov, maybe, if the deal was short term. Look at the Rangers. It’s not easy to part with a player like Callahan, but you can’t afford to lose him for nothing.

        • Phil C says:

          The Rangers are essentially admitting that they are not a contender this year and are building for the future if they can’t get Callahan and Girardi signed. Are the Habs in the same boat? That is the million dollar question I guess.

          • CJ says:

            Good points. I think though if the Rangers could flip Callahan for Stewart, it would be a lateral move and allow them to compete this year. I also think they have the defensive depth to absorb the loss of Girardi.

            I think we could absorb the loss of Gionta, without taking a step backwards. Markov is the wild card. When he is on, like we was against Chicago, he would be difficult to replace. Unfortunately, his play most recently has been very poor. I don’t know if this is the Olympic effect, but he has really been fighting it. As others have suggested, this will be a defining moment in Bergevin’s tenure.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      MB gets paid the big bucks to make such decisions — either way. The Habs are conservative, so they will likely keep him if there’s any chance of making the playoffs. There may not be much of a market this year anyway.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Sorry but the regular season is not the same as playoff hockey so predicting playoff performance based on regular season results is incorrect. Anyway, how do you think the Habs got players like Max, de la Rose and Fucale? By trading declining veterans at the deadline. Markov is not the future. The only way I can see not to trade Markov if he signs a discount 2 year deal. There is no reason to have a +35 long multi year deal with this CBA when your team is not a legitimate Cup contender. As for signing Markov then flipping him…makes no sense. If you end up having to trade him it will be because he has deteriorated further…nobody will want him (see DD, Bourque and Briere).

      • CJ says:

        Rough, but totally true. Good post.

      • Phil C says:

        You wouldn’t be trading because he deteriorated, you would be trading him while he still has value to renew your roster because your window to win has closed. If they think he could be worthless as soon as next season, letting him walk is not that big a deal.

        • piper says:

          Like DDO says, the playoffs are a different game all together and this team isn’t built to get through the grind.

        • HardHabits says:

          I am not a fan of letting players walk. Better to trade them to acquire assets than let that happen. It’s a business not a fairy tale.

          • Phil C says:

            The business is winning the Stanley Cup, not maximizing assets year over year. Trading your current #2 defensemen and elite PP QB almost guarantees you have no chance to win it this year. You don’t get many real chances to compete for the Cup. You better be sure you have no chance before you throw the opportunity away.

          • dr. gesundheit says:

            Chances are not good that they will be contending this year so why would you not try
            And get maximum value while you can .

          • Habfan17 says:

            @ Phil C The business is winning the cup and part of that is recognizing when it is tile to move out ad maximizing assets for players or picks that will enhance the chances and help make the team competitive every season not just for one with the hope of making some noise!


  25. HankHardball says:

    The NFL is “not actively considering” allowing players to use marijuana…” – NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

    However since Colorado and Washington are the first US states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, Super Bowl XLVIII will be unofficially known as the inaugural Marijuana Bowl.

  26. GGtheHab says:

    How important are the 2 games in hand?
    This much:
    Montreal Canadiens Playoff Chances
    Beat Boston 4-1, playoff odds up 6 to 87.5%
    Toronto Maple Leafs Playoff Chances
    Beat Florida 6-3, playoff odds up 5.6 to 61.2%

  27. D Mex says:

    Not hockey, but news regardless :
    Conrad Black loses Order of Canada.

    ALWAYS Habs –
    D Mex

  28. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    “They have a long line of irritants, from Maxim Lapierre to Andrei Kostitsyn to P.K. Subban.”

    ????? AK46?????

  29. Marc10 says:

    “We’ll have a goalie in net (Saturday),” coach Jon Cooper said. “I just don’t know what league his last game was from.”

    Here’s hoping the guys don’t play to the opposition’s level and come out like they did against the Bruins and impose their will. Do that and we’ll beat TB.

    BTW, nice to see the crow eaters pissing on this team… again. That took a while…

    • Habilis says:

      You know they’re gonna start Desjardins if Bishop can’t go. Queue the random Quebec goalie playing lights out vs the Habs.

      I can’t believe I’m writing this, but thank beer for Michel sitting Price last night. Methinks we goan need ‘im sharpish.

      • Marc10 says:

        Just as long as TB don’t trade for Martin F or Ryan Miller, I think we’ll be OK. They’re really hurting right now. Les Boys need to come out and slug em hard in the first to force them to open up. We’ll then beat them on the counter.

        Fearless prediction: Both Lars Eller and Rene Bourque will score this weekend. I liked that combo in Boston. Should have been rewarded for their efforts… That happens this weekend. Go Habs Go!

  30. CJ says:

    Good afternoon.

    I promised Front that I would share the Connor Crisp fight from last night. I’m at the cottage and unable to link the fight, but it is available at Habs Future. If anyone could provide the link, it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, CJ

  31. adadi says:

    Heehee. Pierre Maguire just said that the reporters in Montreal should put their pants on and ask MT what the game plan actually is for this team because no one seems to know. Pierre telling it like it is. The big question is does MT actually know.

    • Habfan17 says:

      funny, on the radio this morning in Ottawa, he was praising Bergevin saying after the 5-o loss to the Capitals, he went quietly to the dressing room and settled everyone down an got them to relax and refocus and he managed to keep it out of the media. He went on to say he was doing a great job in a media crazy market!


    • Habfan17 says:

      I guess that shows that it was MB not MT that helped get things back on track! Maybe he had a quite one on one with MT too!


      • adadi says:

        If he is a real GM you would think so. Be careful. Somewhat premature to say that things are back on track. Remember that this team has really been awful since their streak ended. Carolina was a win but i wouldn’t call it a classic. Last night was better, but the Boos are saying that it was their worst game of the season. Would be nice to see the Boss have an awful stretch, heh.

        • Habfan17 says:

          Yes, I did post this morning that I have not changed my opinion. I still think the Habs need to expedite the retool and move out some veterans at the deadline for long term pieces. Especially move the UFA vets.


          • CJ says:

            Agreed. We can’t let last nights success cloud our judgement. The bigger picture needs to prevail. If we can turn Markov, Gionta and Diaz into picks, prospects or roster players it’s got to be explored.

          • Propwash says:

            You’re essentially saying to throw the season out the window. The team is still in a playoff spot. The Habs aren’t bottom feeders and aren’t going to trade the UFA’s away for pics and prospects when they’re in the position they’re in.


          • CJ says:

            I’m not prepared to throw the season away. We could, potentially, have our cake and eat it to. If you could get a Tyler Toffoli and prospect for Markov, we could sustain continued success. I’m looking forward to seeing Thomas. He has the potential to replace Gionta down the road. How long that road is, I really don’t know.

    • Propwash says:

      It’s not up to MT to make his game plan public anyway.


    • The Jackal says:

      The real question is do YOU actually know anything or do you just throw shit at the proverbial HIO walls and see what sticks?
      Actually that wasn’t a real question, it was a rhetorical question.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  32. DipsyDoodler says:

    Having Parros, Prust et al. at the end of the game prevented Julien’s patented goonery. But having Gallagher, Desharnais, Gionta (and Briere!) for the first 55 min is why we could forego putting out our scorers at the end.

  33. DadidolizedDougHarvey says:

    Can I just say that I love it when the Habs play the Bruins, my disgust for Chara and Marchand nothwithstanding. I look forward to the games, and when we get beaten, I can accept it, with the exception of that stupid slugfest a couple of years ago. I hate when the Habs play the Leafs, I feel like I’m being suckered into a schoolyard rivalry that I don’t respect. I feel like I’m being forced to fight the 7th grade bully AGAIN!

  34. PeterD says:

    I think Thomas is being auditioned for scouts as part of a bigger Trade.
    Have a feeling that was true for Leblanc as well.
    We’ll see what transpires over the weeks.

    • JUST ME says:

      Hopefully you are right. I think that they are looking at who will be ready to fill in next season if there are movements in the roster.
      Thomas has been called in to fill in probably for Prust who has the flu and/or Parros who will for sure not play 2 games in 2 days this weekend.

    • Habfan17 says:

      Maybe the Habs are seeing if Thomas can take someone else’s spot so they can be traded! If MB is still looking at trading Bourque!

      Then again, they could just be checking how close Thomas looks to making the transition. Or, you are correct and they may be looking at a trade involving him!


      • CJ says:

        I agree completely. I would like Bergevin to shop Gionta. I’d rather get something then lose him as a pending UFA.

        They could be auditioning players (Beaulieu, Leblanc, Thomas…..) in an effort to see what they have and by extension, who could be made expendable.

    • JUST ME says:

      We will not be waiting for much longer to have our answers. It`s either in the next week or the week after the olympics before march 5 th. If there is anything brewing we should smell it soon !

  35. Danno says:


    The Habs Toque-O-Meter


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  36. krob1000 says:

    LEafs traded Mark Fraser today? that kind of flew under the radar…he is a tough customer they are now without….I am surprised bythat deal..I know they had too many guys but jsut a bit surprised that they moved him

  37. Habitoban says:

    Looking forward to seeing Thomas on the big stage, but I sure hope that this doesn’t mean that LL is done with this organization. Like many here, I thought Leblanc played pretty well when he was called up. As you’d expect from a player like him, and with coaches like ours, his play with the big club was maybe a bit too cautious. In addition, one of his “problems” is that he isn’t a flashy player so he doesn’t show that well. For example, he’s not a big guy, but there is a lot of subtlety in his stick work, which he seems to use to good effect on the boards. Also, his positional play is strong, so he doesn’t have to make those heroic plays that are so visible to cover for defensive lapses. I suspect that with his vision and hockey IQ, he could surprise some peolpe if he got to spend quality time with some offensively-minded line mates. Sadly, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen, unless injuries hit in a big way.

    • Mr. Biter says:

      Me thinks showcasing Thomas for a trade to somewhere to forget Kristo.
      I like LL , but as I’ve posted about numerous ex Habs prospects (compared to some like B Gally, Beaulieu, White who came up and in the time they where here made it impossible to be sent back down) who had many chances with the Habs just could never quite show management enough in their (perhaps) brief time here that they were NHL material. Thomas is in this group also and for him to stay with the Habs I’d advise him to bring his “A” game as this could be his only chance to show what he’s got.

      Mr. Biter
      No Guts No Glory

    • scotland says:

      watch louis in hamilton often. that was a great was a very accurate scouting report . he will catch on and play that way you suggested with better players. ……however it will be for another coach on another club. in habtown under therrien salary and seniority dictate how much and where in the pecking order you play.

      like the way they do it in ottawa, boston and colorado…..rookies come in and play on a line with with two vets on the top 6. and thrid line too. sens beat the habs in the play offs last season with call ups getting large ice time. that would never happen in montreal under current mgt.

      call ups from hamilton ( 8 or 9 ) total a combined 50 plus games………….. grand total of two points…….. both from beailue. why? always on 4th line with miniscule minutes. player developement?……under therrien?…….thats a laugh

    • CJ says:

      Problem with Leblanc right now is he’s not good enough to play on the top two lines, and doesn’t fit on the fourth. He needs to unseat a third liner to find a permanent place on this team.

  38. Phil C says:

    For sale: one “Fire Therrien” sign. Will consider trade for “Free Torts” sign.

  39. DipsyDoodler says:

    Last night and the last five games against the Bruins showed us what the dinosaurs found out a long time ago. Small quick and intelligent beats big and stupid anytime.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      What about when they beat us in playoffs and won the Stanley Cup a few years ago?

    • Mr. Biter says:

      But having Parros, Prust and Murray out for the PP in the last 2 minutes also dissuaded any truchelence by the Bruins in the end of the game.The Bruins were getting Frisky near the end and MT sent the lads out to make sure there was no repeat of the infamous beatdown.
      As someone else posted earlier today B Gally and Eller were given rough times in front of the Bruins net but Parros was given a wide berth and in front of our net when Murray was out nary a Bruin was seen giving Budda a hard time.

      Mr. Biter
      No Guts No Glory

    • scotland says:

      yea right. so how did the big sens take us out of the play offs in 5 easy games…….where they did not even break a sweat………and the small and quick habs had 6 players unable to finsish the series, one carried off in a stretcher ………. what did that “show us”

      • Just a Habs Fan says:

        It’s called Carey Price couldn’t stop a beach ball…didn’t you watch the series at all ?

      • Mr. Biter says:

        Hey I agree with you however Last year by start of playoffs. Emelin was gone. Prust and White injured. No Parros for retribution and no Murray clearing the front of the net (Sens set up camp in front of Price and ran him over numerous times in Playoffs. Same team in many aspects but also bigger and tougher and without all the injuries the Habs had at the end of the year the out come would be different this year.

        Mr. Biter
        No Guts No Glory

  40. Ncognito says:

    Any truth to Bergevin asking the Avalanche about Jamie McGinn, and the Avs countered with Parenteau?

  41. jols101 says:

    Anyone else sick of the daily Stamkos watch? Special talent, hope he is a 100% for the Olympics as it gives Canada a better shot at gold but just let us know when a decision is reached. The day by day updates aren’t required.

    • Habsrule1 says:

      Considering I’ve gone from 1st to 7th in my pool since he got injured, no, I am not sick of it. I need my daily update!
      Can they make it hourly?

      Go Habs Go!!

      “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

    • JUST ME says:

      Never did believe he would heal in time for the olympics but medecine today makes miracles happen and what used to take much more time before can be healed faster now.
      But he is far from being really healed. Latest report says the bone is o.k. now but the muscles remains to be strenghten wich is a huge part of the process.

      He is my favorite player,exciting,dangerous and soooo talented but i do not think it would be at his advantage to rush things and go if not 100 % healed.

      Anyway we should have the final verdict within days now.

    • likehoy says:

      they’ll probably take him to Russia, but he’s not going to be effective

  42. Habsrule1 says:

    About the poll…who voted no?!?

    Even the bruins think the Habs can beat them in a playoff series this season.

    Go Habs Go!!

    “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  43. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I’ll leave at this, the worst racists on this planet most often are those whom call others ‘a racist’

    • Say Ash says:

      Um, no. Hitler was a racist. There. I said it.

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        …You are only stating the obvious, aren’t You ? …apples and oranges

        …are You comparing Don Cherry to Hitler ?

        …hurling, bludgeoning or insinuating upon a group or individual the complex adjective of racist to argue Your world-view, when You have Your own racist viewpoints, is the height of hypocrisy based on My Life experience

        …the word is today most often irresponsibly used, as per said Cherry, and other daily examples

    • Habsrule1 says:

      Can’t help but disagree for the most part. I doubt those who have been victims of racism and call out the offenders, are racist.

      I’ve also seen some pretty obvious racism and had no problem pointing it out.

      Go Habs Go!!

      “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      Sorry but that doesn’t even make any sense.

    • John Q Public says:

      We are all the same.
      All of us are screwed !!!

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Anymore insights from the Wong Coast, your epithet, not mine? So calling someone something they are is worse than lynching or genocide.

      “Bends but won’t break”

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        …first of all, it’s THE WRONG COAST …not the Wong Coast !

        …hope You are not being subliminally ‘racist’ Guy :)

        …PS; I already addressed the subject above

    • monmick says:

      You can usually spot a racist when someone begins a sentence by: “I’m not a racist, but…”

      ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  44. HabinBurlington says:

    OK time to start SuperBowl Weekend!

    CHeers everyone!

  45. jols101 says:

    Anyone know exactly what White’s injury is? Is it a concussion?

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Many of us suspect it was shoulder based on the game he got hurt, laid out a big hit, immediately had to fight and fought one handed, couldn’t move his arm evidently.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      I think it was shoulder…

      Big question is when he’s ready to go, who sits?

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I think then Parros and he rotate to start.

        Edit: Wouldn’t mind seeing Prust getting a few therapy days either. Still think he is nicked up.

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          Oh ya for sure, Parros. Wasn’t thinking :-).
          Unless we’re playing a goonish team.

          In one of the articles today it was written that Prust has been battening the flu and he wasn’t at practice. He didn’t look very good last night.

          He hasn’t look very comfortable in many games this season though. He has looked fine in most of his fights though. kinda strange.

    • jols101 says:

      Tx guys, hope he is back before the Olympic break. Very happy for him if it is not a concussion.
      Maybe it would be better for him to take the next week plus the entire Olympic break off and come back 100%.

  46. shiram says:

    Sens – Nucks Heritage Classic in trouble?

    They lament the lack of rivalry between the 2 teams, the fact that it could be an indoor game and I’d say the ticket prices are quite high too.

    • Say Ash says:

      Ironic, eh? The lack of response to this post.

    • habs-fan-84 says:

      What a lame idea.
      Why not Edmonton or Calgary vs. Vancouver?

      As I’m typing this I just realized Ottawa and Vancouver are the two Canadian teams who have yet to play an outdoor game (at least to my knowledge), so I guess I see what they’re trying to do. Nevertheless, what a dumb idea. If they wanted to throw Ottawa a bone the NHL should’ve scheduled an outdoor game against Montreal.

      • monmick says:

        The game will pay tribute to a game played in 1915 between the Ottawa Senators and Vancouver Millionaires when the Sens represented the National Hockey Association and the Millionaires were part of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. Vancouver went on to win the Stanley Cup later that year while Ottawa went on to titles in 1920, 1921, 1923 and 1927.

        ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

    • johnnylarue says:

      Those tickets prices are beyond unreasonable for a game that will likely wind up being like any other game, only played in a bigger, crappier arena.

      Canucks fanbase is pretty much saturated at Rogers Arena, and the Senators, to my knowledge, have no fans outside of Ottawa.


    • Mattyleg says:

      So expensive.
      Why would you pay that much and not be able to see the game?

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Mavid says:

      nobody cares about the sens..especially in Vancouver..dumb idea even if it was honoring a game from 5000 years ago

      Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  47. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Hobey, I like most of his politics as well

    …not all Habs Fans are pinko commies :)

    • bwoar says:

      Thumbs up buddy, can’t let the commies win! (As long as we’re using my definition of “commies”, eh)


    • Forum Dog says:

      Yeah, some are “left wing kooks”….

    • Ghosts of the Forum says:

      Is this Cherry we speak of?

      Regardless of whether you like his politics or not, the first intermission of a hockey game is not a political soapbox from which to espouse your views. Secondly, if they want to make the intermission a political one, then, particularly as a national broadcaster, it is responsible and good journalism to ensure that conflicting views are also presented and given equal airtime.

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        …maybe his ‘politics’ just flew over My head when I have watched Coaches Corner (which I only do occasionally by the way)

        …I do not remember he discussing his preferences for any political parties or doctrines when I have

        …I do, though, see him often being upfront on his concern and encouragement to those inimitable core Canadian men and women that serve our military, police, fire departments and emergency responders that make Yours and My lives more secure

        …I usually enjoy Your posts Ghosts, but on this one not so much :)

  48. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …like the Chicago game, don’t become too over-rad of last nights win over da Beans

    …Chicago was not at it’s best and in a short funk that night. as were da Beans last night

    …yet, over a series, I like Our chances much better vs da Beans than da ‘Hawks

    …speed kills !!! …and Chicago matches or surpasses Us in that department

  49. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …the ONLY thing wrong with Don Cherry is he was a Bruin and he loathes the Habs

    …other than that he is entertaining and knows his poop

  50. Forum Dog says:

    I like the Bourque-Eller-Thomas line on paper. Will be interested to see them go.

    Also, knowing he doesn’t have many fans on this site, I figured I’d post the link to the CBC timeline for Don Cherry in case it hasn’t been already.


    If you set his politics and abrasive personality aside, you have to respect Don’s hockey knowledge and his mind for the game. He knows what he is talking about, and he has seen, played and coached more hockey than 99% of people out there. I for one always enjoy his segments, which either inform or inflame my own love for the game. 80 years old and still going strong. That alone is worth some props….

    • frontenac1 says:

      Grapes is out of his mind. But I like his show.i like Torts also. Saludos!

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      When it comes to hockey he’s usually bang on. Politics is another story.

    • mfDx says:

      About 30 years ago, Cherry stated on his show that the reason there were no black NHL players (except Grant Fuhr) was because they had genetically weak ankles. (my argument has been the cost to immigrant families of putting 4 boys through 15 years of hockey vs buying them 1 basketball.

      About 3 years ago, HNIC pid a special tribute to Willie O’Ree, the first black player to make the NHL. Cherry opened his Coaches Corner segment showing a photo of O’Ree, his face covered in his own blood, courtesy of Don Cherry’s stick.
      “That’s how I welcomed him to the league” Cherry boasted
      Love him all you want, bro.

      Sent from my CHphone

      • Forum Dog says:

        I’d say your take on the small number of black players is far more accurate. I also wouldn’t doubt that good old fashioned racism at all levels of hockey – from the pond on up – didn’t help matters. A lot of that shit gets institutionalized and makes it hard to break through, something that happens even to this day.

        For the record, my post wasn’t intended to celebrate Cherry and his personal biases, just acknowledge his contribution to the game. Just goes to show how difficult it is to separate his hockey and his politics….

      • Lafleurguy says:

        @mfDx, well timed factual input from an infrequent poster.
        People do not remember him calling Borje Salming a “Chicken Swede,” or that only French-Canadians and Europeans wear visors. There are many other incidents in which he unfairly put down and insulted innocent people.

        “Bends but won’t break”

  51. Hobie Hansen says:

    Good news my friends. Zdeno Chara is due to turn 37-years-old in just over a month. The clock is starting to tick on the big guy.

    Milan Lucic is a big piece to the Bruins but without Chara the Bruins don’t make it to the finals or win the Stanley Cup. Chara is everything to the Bruins.

    Chara has been a huge thorn is the side of the Canadiens for a good seven or eight years now. He’s the reason the team has the moxy they do and he makes little pukes like Brad Marchand act tough. He makes the whole team play a foot taller.

    When Chara is gone the Bruins will be ripe for the picking. Can’t wait! A guy like Chara only comes a long once in a blue moon.

    It was real nice to see Doug Murray take him off his feat and level him into the boards last night too!

  52. krob1000 says:

    Does Nathan Beulieu have an extremely short stick a la Kaberle? Might be the way he skates but a couple times it looked odd (will mean a very limited poitn shot and will be an issue later in his career when his skating deteriorates).

    • Say Ash says:

      It’s not the length of your stick.

    • Forum Dog says:

      I noticed that too actually. Not sure whether it’s true, but it does look short for his height. Guys who are puck-handlers/danglers tend to like shorter sticks, and he definitely has that component to his game.

      • krob1000 says:

        not dmen though…limits his ability to pick passes off, limits his clapper, means either a smaller gap he has to maintain or guys with elite releases will get shots off if he backs in too far,etc. Hard to have someone change something like that at this stage…but there is no doubt about it that it is a disadvantage for a dman. Dmen stand more upright and keep their weight back when they skate backwards and in general where as forwards are often hunched over. THe shorter stick is better for passing and keeping the puck close to him…but at times you need to keep the puck away from you to maintain posession as well. Pros and cons I guess but I still don’t know why any dman would wanta shorter stick….oh ell…I am at my computer writing about the Future top pairing dman with the short stick so that likely says it all..but it sure doesn’t seem like the right choice to me.

        • Forum Dog says:

          I agree, it can be a bit limiting defensively, but as you say it could be hard to change. He looks like he has a natural feel for the puck, and since that (aside from his skating) is probably his best attribute, I’d hate to see them mess with it. At least at this point in his development. Be interesting question for a reporter to ask though….

    • Cal says:

      He looks a lot like Svoboda when he used to play for the Habs.

  53. tyshow89 says:

    Would anyone consider taking Erik Cole back?
    If he played the way he did his first year here I would love to have him back… would have to shift a contract like bourque’s along with something of a little value but might not be a bad thing…. bring back the kid line, when healthy . Cole back with DD mpac. Plecky gionta, ___ …. breiere/ bournival/ Prust/…. just a thought

    • tyshow89 says:

      but maybe the wound is a little too fresh, trading him away…. but I thinking it was poor coaching that pushed him out.

    • bwoar says:

      He’s a spoiled jackwagon and his face is a dead tomato squashed with moldy purple spots. He’s a three-decker sauerkraut and toadstool sandwich with arsenic sauce, and a crooked jerky jockey who drives a crooked hoss.

      So no, thanks. Don’t really have a yen to see him in the CH uniform again.


  54. Sholi2000.com ‏@Sholi2000 Jan 28
    @HunterZThompson @RickMoffat @TSN690RadioMtl Tonight is the start of a 7 game win streak! Headlines at 10:05 #BellLetsTalk and Rock! GHG!

    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures
    Summit Member

  55. bwoar says:

    Sobering thought: what if Markov becomes Kaberle part 2 and suddenly can’t make the PP work?


    • jo_maka says:

      That’s not even my concern at this point. What I want to know is: can Gallant make the forwards more efficient on the PP so we can’t just be choked by cutting off Subban and Markov ?

      “All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us…they can’t get away this time”

    • JUST ME says:

      Having Bouillon and Diaz on the squad is a much more important problem to solve cause they can`t play every game and should be replaced by permanent players.

      • bwoar says:

        Those guys are a dime a dozen. If MB gives Markov a 3 year deal this summer, and he suddenly craps out to Kaberlean Falls, that will be a much bigger problem than Diaz’s $1.25M a year.


        • HabinBurlington says:

          I just don’t see the dropoff happening to that level. What needs to happen if re-signed is his minutes need much better managing.

          Understand the concept you are wondering about, but I think he has way to much skill and smarts to become Craperle.

  56. Mattyleg says:

    Can’t wait until Sunday!
    Going to the game with my little girl!
    She’s going to freakin’ love it.

    Last night she watched most of the 1st with me, and I told her that Budaj was in nets.
    She said, “après, c’est Carey Price, eh Daddy?”

    She’s 3 in March.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Enjoy Matty. Try to keep a positive outlook if things don’t always ho our way. CHerrs and enjoy. Your daughter is precious.

      • Mattyleg says:

        Thanks Jim!
        I think that this may be the only game that I won’t really care what the result is, as long as we manage to score a goal!

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • Psycho29 says:

          Yeah, we know what a Debbie Downer you can be when it comes to the Habs. Always harping on MT being a crap coach and how MB hasn’t got a clue!
          Oh and stay away from that Coors America watered down saltpeter beer at the game!!!!!

          Have a great time Matty!!! 😉

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Dress warm, I’ve never been to a Superbowl! Oh wait just read the rest of your post, it is the hockey game you are going to.

      Okay, good news is your bringing your girl, that should reverse the jinx you bring to the Bell Center.

      So enjoy!!!! :)

    • Habsrule1 says:

      Nice Matty! Enjoy it. I’m waiting for next season to take my boy….he’s 5 in March, but just wasn’t confident he would want to sit for 3 hours at a game. I’m pretty sure he would now, but I’ll still probably start him off in a pre-season game, just in case. I don’t want to pay big bucks and have him want to leave after the 1st period.
      Really can’t wait to walk into The Bell Centre with him though!

      Hope the Habs win it for your daughter!

      Go Habs Go!!

      “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

    • Cal says:

      Have a great time, Matty!
      You bastion of something or other you.

  57. commandant says:

    Sounds like Tampa’s top two goalies may be out… along with 2nd liner Valterri Filpulla, tomorrow.

    We could see Cedric Desjardins again.

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

  58. HankHardball says:

    Manning’s in consideration of being one of the top QB’s of all time. Wilson’s not even in consideration of being one of the top QB’s of this year.

    The Hawks like to talk. Manning will do his talking on the field. Wilson will have his day. But it won’t be Sunday. And Sherman will get his comeuppance.

  59. jrshabs1 says:

    the Bruins are the Habs biggest rival. Period. The Toronto media has taken it upon themselves anoint the Leafs as the Habs biggest rival subsequently turning the Habs into Canada’s “bad guy”. The Sens due to location and one playoff series it seems have also chosen the Habs as their hated rival. That’s 18 playoff type games throughout the year. That’s a pretty big burden for any team to endure.

    MOAR BIGGAR!!!!!

  60. Habitoban says:

    Funny how all fans sound just about the same after a loss. This is a comment sent in to the Boston Globe: “The Habs had done their homework. They closed off the drop pass the Bruins have been living on for weeks. That complicated every offensive zone entry for the Bruins. Hate to put this one on the Bs’ coaching staff, but they need to come up with another plan for gaining the zone against the Habs.”

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Good observation but don’t you think how you lose is a factor as well. I don’t think the Goons were as bad as the Habs were last Saturday night but they did appear to be out worked.

      For me and I assume most fans we just want to feel that the team gave a good effort. I suspect many a Goon fans is unhappy with their teams effort last night.

      I know Matty, it happens.

      • Habitoban says:

        Agree. What I found most interesting was that this Bruin fan thought that they we’re “outcoached.” How often have we heard that on this site after a loss.

    • Mattyleg says:

      Heh heh.
      The difference is that instead of saying:

      “Hate to put this one on the Bs’ coaching staff, but they need to come up with another plan for gaining the zone against the Habs,”

      Many posters/bloggers on here would be saying:

      “Yess! Yet another reason to put this one on the CH coaching staff!! They will never, ever be smart enough to figure out the simplest things like how to gain the zone against the Bruins! Fire everyone! Trade everyone except *insert favourite player*!!”

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

  61. Ian Cobb says:

    I gave Thomas a chance of sticking in the preseason games. Spending some time on the farm, learning how to become a pro was the best move. Let’s just see what he can do in this league now.! I like him a lot more than Leblanc!

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Ian, my Ranger fan friends spoke glowingly about Thomas. Many were sad to see him traded. The down side for us I think is his size or lack of. I’m guessing his stay here will be quick as White should be back soon. Hopefully next week?

      Enjoy your trip bud. I’m going out on a limb here but I’m guessing the weather in the Caribbean will be a tad better then Bellville’s.

    • veryhabby says:

      I don’t know much about Thomas, but the fact that he was a pretty high 2nd round pick means that there is high end talent in this very small player. I mean Gallagher and Andrighetto both went much lower in the draft. So I’m hoping we see some flash of why he was picked in round 2.

      As for comparing him with LL, it will be unfair if he’s playing on an offensive line, while LL only got 4th line duty his last call up. But with White ready to return, is there even room for him for a few games?

      He had a solid first year in ahl last year, this year. He’s been injured for awhile. Hopefully he’s back health wise so that he can show what he’s got.

    • Grimmly says:

      What is the reason you like Thomas over Leblanc if i may ask?

  62. JUST ME says:

    I like the superbowl weekend and the daytime games cause real fans attend those two games. The atmpsphere is loud and cheerful. Kids appreciate hockey for what it is, a game and look up to the players that made it to their team.Not like suits and ties grumpy fans that usually fill seats and sometimes roam over some blogs…

  63. jo_maka says:

    Gut feelings and fearless prediction:

    Thomas will do better than LL.

    Haven’t seen much of him but the little I saw showed me a kid with good wheels and a never-quit attitude. Reminds me of a younger Gio. He shoots a lot also it seems, but has been able to put it together only for the last few games.

    If he’s half the man Stumpy was, we got a good one.

    “All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us…they can’t get away this time”

    • GrimJim says:

      My gut feeling, because I’ve barely seen LL play and Thomas not at all, is that comparing the two isn’t really fair because they play different styles of game. Thomas sounds like a Gallagher clone (sniper that goes to the net) while LL plays more like Eller (digging pucks out in the corners – retaining possession along the boards). I also think that may be why MB chose to trade Kristo for Thomas. The couple of times I saw Kristo play in college he reminded me of Ryder and I think MB wants his forwards to go to the net more.

    • Cal says:

      He’s being showcased. How many small players can one team have?

      • Habfan10912 says:

        Afternoon Cal. Someone, I think it was Dipsy perhaps jokingly, posted that the organization is rewarding some of the AHL’ers with a weekend in Montreal for motivation.

        Is it possible that Bergevins team really is giving different players a small “taste” of playing in Montreal as part of their development? Or am I just reading way too much into these minor temporary assignments?

        • Cal says:

          I’m a believer in the “reward program” the Habs are running now, excepting what they did to Naatinen AND Leblanc. The problem is that Thomas is another small guy. If 1 under-performing small guy sits for a younger one, I’m okay with it.

  64. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    Will be interesting to see what we got in Thomas here…Kristo is having a pretty solid season in the AHL.

    Wonder if he’s been showcased — an alternative MB is offering to Avs instead of Andrighetto

  65. croozer says:

    from the Denver Post Jan 30

    “Parenteau, 30, has been rumored to be on the trading block, with some reports saying the Montreal Canadiens might give up defenseman P.K. Subban for Parenteau and prospect(s) or draft picks. Subban, 24, is a 2014 Team Canada Olympian who is scheduled to become a restricted free agent and will command a salary in excess of $6 million next season and beyond. Roy and the Avs don’t comment on trade rumors but Roy said Parenteau will be back playing for the Avs “soon.”


  66. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    Was anyone else surprised by the similarities between Bergeron and Plekanec’s career numbers?

    I love Pleks, but always thought Bergeron would be quite a ways ahead of him. Was only about a 30 or 40 point gap with Pleks playing 20 or some more games. Much closer than I thought it’d be.

  67. GL says:

    I like Price but what if price is a little overrated and what if the Habs like playing for Budaj better. A lot of what if’s we may never know.

  68. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    Article in the Boston Globe today saying the Bruins want no part of the Canadiens in the playoffs.

    Nice to hear from the other side :)

  69. RAM_TOUGH says:

    It will be a glorious day when Carey Price finally wakes up & demands a trade!


  70. Say Ash says:

    So if playoffs started today it’d be Habs/Bruins?

  71. Sportfan says:

    Managed to trade Plek, Bourque, Gorges and Moen for Tavares and Moulson in my game in real life Snow would be shot lol

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  72. RAM_TOUGH says:

    I posted this in the previous thread …

    WTF does this mean?

    “The team wanted to play a good game for Peter,” Therrien said.

    So they don’t want to play la good game for Carey?


  73. Sportfan says:

    I want a trade just to change the team a bit!

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  74. Mattyleg says:


    —Hope Springs Eternal—

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