Happy 81st birthday to Habs icon Jean Béliveau

Jean Béliveau sifts through his fan mail at home in the 1950s. The mail still arrives in great volume.
Gazette file photo

Happy 81st birthday and a great many happy returns to Canadiens legend Jean Béliveau, who blows out one more candle on Friday.

The Habs icon continues to make strong progress in his recovery from a February stroke. Here’s a feature look at Mr. Béliveau’s rebound from his latest challenge, one of too many he’s had to face in the past few years.

A nice slideshow produced by the Canadiens is here.

Below: Jean Béliveau is still signing autographs, 59 years after having first joined the Canadiens. He’s signing a photo at home, here with his wife, Élise.
Pierre Obendrauf, Gazette

Below: Jean Beliveau, with the Quebec Aces in the early 1950s, gets a rubdown under the watchful eye of Aces coach Punch Imlach.
Gazette file photo


  1. HabFab says:

    Charles Hudon apparently suffered a serious injury last night in an exhibition game.

  2. HabFab says:

    Video interview with new Bulldog coach by new Bulldog PR girl, might as well get used to them if you plan on watching hockey this fall;

  3. JohnBellyful says:

    Mini-summit time?
    Toronto Marlies and the Hamilton Bulldogs face each other in an exhibition match to be played in Cobourg Oct. 6.
    “Tickets go on sale Tuesday, Sept. 4, 10 a.m. at the reception desk of the Cobourg Community Centre, 750 D’Arcy St. Each ticket purchased for the local game also includes one ticket to ‘Cobourg Night’ at Toronto’s Ricoh Coliseum on Dec. 16, when the Marlies take on the Grand Rapids Griffins, the Detroit Red Wings’ AHL affiliate.”

  4. habs-hampton says:

    The first game I ever saw was an exhibition game at the Halifax Forum in 1969. I was 10 and the details are blurry, but the Habs beat Detroit 4-2. I still remember walking into the stands and the warmup was underway. The first player I saw was my favorite, Jean Beliveau! I had goosebumps! My Dad’s favorite team was Detroit, and his player was Gordie Howe, so it was a thrill for both of us. I remember the Habs scoring the first goal an I jumped up and kicked a man in the back.

  5. JohnBellyful says:

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Beliveau, a living legend whose reputation remains as sterling as ever.
    (BTW, Jean, FYI, if they were add all the goals you scored in the NHL and the ones I tallied in your name, playing pond hockey and street hockey, we’d have well over 600 goals. Impressive, eh?)

  6. Un Canadien errant says:

    I’ve told the story before of how as a very young kid I’d watch the Canadiens play and Jean Béliveau was held in such high esteem by my father, the uncles and cousins and neighbours, I thought he was royalty. When they told me at the end of the ’71 playoffs, the Stanley Cup win brought to us by Ken Dryden and the first one that I remember, that it was Jean Béliveau’s last game ever, I thought it meant that he was going to die. I had a fuzzy notion of death at the time obviously, when I watched Hawaii Cinq-Zéro, every episode a character would fall or be pushed off a cliff to his death, and I thought they used criminals for the filming, since they were expendable. Anyway, I started crying until it was explained to me that he was only retiring, just because he wasn’t going to play hockey anymore, that it was his last game ever, that didn’t mean he was going to die.

    I learned to adapt. I learned how to pronounce Frank Mahovlich’s name and he became a favourite, although not as much as my sister, who liked him because his jersey number was her birthdate. I started to like defencemen, and Jean-Claude Tremblay and Jacques Laperrière became favourites.

  7. Hobie Hansen says:

    My first memories as a kid are of Guy Lafleur, Steve Shut and Larry Robinson. I wore number 10 because of Guy during my very early days of hockey as a 6-year-old.

    Jean Beliveau was a head of my time but I’ve read many stories and I know he’s considered by many as one of the the top 10 legends to ever play the game.

    It’s been a bit saddening watching Beliveau squirm in his seat, a few rows up behind the Canadiens bench, during the last two decades because of some very bad Habs teams playing in front of him. He deserves better.

    Happy birthday Jean!

  8. EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

    it was Funkadelic you guys!


  9. habstrinifan says:

    Happy Birthday Monsieur Beliveau!

  10. Habitant in Surrey says:

    PostScript: Campaign to Retire Toe Blake’s Number 6 !!!

  11. Habitant in Surrey says:

    Frank, ‘ 4 blueys ‘ …but whose counting ? 🙂
    …sitting here eating a Frankenburger, and psyching Myself to get back inline for another ride
    …before doing so, showing Quentin the photo Dave posted of Jean and Punch Imlach …’splainin’ the History
    …the beautiful sunshine here suits the scene
    …gotta teach these young whippersnappers where it all began, don”t We Frank ? 🙂

  12. EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

    happy friday!!!!!!!!!!


  13. The Juice says:

    Happy 81st to the classiest of them all!

    “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high!”

  14. habs-fan-84 says:

    Am I the only one not shocked?

    I think a lockout is a possibility, but I also think it’s just as likely that we’ll see an 11th hour deal. Both parties have been positioning themselves for when the real negotiations start (a few days before the deadline).

  15. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …that was FUN !!!
    …Guyz, there are blue skies and sunshine outside …get on a REAL roller coaster …enjoy the last dayz of summer
    …futz The Fehr n Butzman Cluster Futz
    …both these mothers are smart …like watching a cobra and mongoose battle
    …but would be surprised these 2 would not take this to the wire
    …my personal opinion is both too smart to not know that the loss of more than a couple months, if that, is worth the potential consequences
    …relax !!! …go find a roller coaster of your own 🙂

  16. HabFab says:

    For some reason this enrages me every time he says it… wonder if he knows what Montreal and Expos fans think of him… SOB!!

    RenLavoieRDS Don Fehr: “the only sports stable in America is baseball.”

  17. HabFab says:

    @DarrenDreger: As ominous as things may seem, the real negotiating won’t start for either the NHL or PA until or around Sept 10.

  18. HabFab says:

    mckennaconor – The latest CBA news is extremely disheartening. Anyone looking for a bartender?


  19. HabFab says:

    RenLavoieRDS Gary Bettman: “I did not decide to recessed. We are happy to meet anytime.”

    Gary Bettman: “the union stood on their initial proposal.”

    Gary Bettman: “I’m disappointed. We offered to talk a year ago. The first session was on June 29th. “

  20. HabFab says:

    News flash as they used to say;

    RenLavoieRDS Don Fehr: “at this point the talks are off.”

    Don Fehr: “the proposal we made today was not accepted.”

    Fehr still talking. Bottom line: talks have gone to hell.”

    • Bripro says:

      It looks like it’s going to be a looooong winter.
      Egos and money, what a mix!

    • SmartDog says:

      I think Fehr is smart.

      Saying “they said no” to our proposal instead of saying “we’re talking” is him saying – “your turn to try to solve this mess Bettman – we’re not going to jump at it just because your last proposal wasn’t CRAZY like the first one.”

      Bettman is really on the hot seat here. The owners are making better money now – they don’t want to miss the season, and Bettman doesn’t want to be the guy who killed hockey again. I think Fehr believes the pressure is more on the league. And I think (and hope) he’s right.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  21. Habilis says:

    Happy birthday to one of the classiest men in all of sport.

    In other news; Don Fehr: “at this point the talks are off.”

    That’s from Lavoie’s twitter feed.

    We’re so screwed.

    • Goderichab says:

      From the Citadelles, St Pat’s, Martins Dairy to the Aces and the Habs, you have been an icon and an example of what a gentleman should be!
      What a model for those coming up now..Be more like Gros Bill and show your prode and committment!
      Thanks for the memories
      Happy birthday!

      I remember the dynasties…

  22. Habitant in Surrey says:


    …Norm, I’m in line with The Kids close to boarding the PNE Roller Coaster
    …read Your request to petition RDS for Bulldog games in lieu of a strike, which I also hoped they will do this season, strike or no strike
    …so here’s The Deal …I’m on board Team UCe and will send My e-mail to RDS as soon as I survive this coaster ride
    …in return, You get Your letter written and sent Canada Post, attn: Molson & Gilmore supporting Retire Toe’s Number 6 !!!
    …Deal ???

    …anyway, Gotta go ! …boarding ! …need 2 hands now
    …this ride is for Gros Jean …never could get use to calling Him ‘Bill’ 🙂

    …wheeeeee !!!

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      What, my idea doesn’t stand on its own, you have to counter-offer?

      What? You want your share of riding the roller coaster to drop from 57% to 43%?

  23. Hoegaarden says:

    Great quotes from Mr. Béliveau;

    “These last few times we have won the Cup have been more satisfying than when we won it five times in a row from 1956 to 1960. We had a great team in those years…Maurice Richard, Doug Harvey, Jacques Plante, Bernie Geoffrion. But these past few years we didn’t have so many stars and we won by working hard.
    -Pro Hockey Preview magazine, 1968-69 edition.

    ” At my age (37), these things (individual records) are not too important anymore. To know that I have done my best, that is important. That is very important. I have always said I do not play for records, when they happen, they are nice but hockey is something I want to do.”

    Jean Béliveau (Maple Leafs program, Oct 30, 1968)

  24. kempie says:

    I’m pretty sure that I am a Habs fan because of Mr. Béliveau. I remember watching hockey when I was like 7 or 8 years old with my grandad, who was a big Leaf fan, and noticing that every single time this #4 guy was on the ice, stuff would happen. I had no real team allegiances formed yet but JB won me over quickly. I can recall games, some against the Leafs, where the Habs were trailing by one or two with a couple of minutes left. The old man was already gloating and calling it game over but I knew what was about to happen.

    I’d tell him that there was lots of time left and that Beliveau would make things right. I’d have no doubt at all in my mind, if I’d owned anything of value, I’d have bet it all on this. Sure enough, le gros bill would pop a few clutch goals, Habs win 5-4!

    Gramps would shuffle off grumbling, leaving me sitting there thinking damn, this dude is sooooo clutch.

  25. Dave Stubbs says:

    The Canadiens won the Stanley Cup from 1956-60, then not again until 1965. In his autobiography My Life In Hockey, Jean Béliveau made mention that the ’65 team was happy to have ended the drought. Yes, the six-team NHL was different, but “drought”? The spring of 2013 marks 20 years since the Habs’ last Cup.

    Dave Stubbs

    Hockey Inside/Out
    Sports Columnist/Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette
    • On Twitter: @Dave_Stubbs
    • Email: dstubbs@montrealgazette.com

    • Strummer says:

      Just think that had they won in ’67 which they should have- they were heavily favoured- it would have been another 5 year Cup streak just like the last half of the 50’s

      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

      • habsfan0 says:

        I was so upset when the Habs lost the 1967 Final to the Leafs that I placed a curse on them: “May the Toronto Maple Leafs never win another Stanley Cup for the rest of this century!”

        The century is long over, but the curse is still going strong!

        • HabFab says:

          And here I always thought it was the Big M and moi 😉

        • habstrinifan says:

          That’s when I applied for my visa to come to Canada and set things right.. so that that most infamous day in Sports shall never happen again.

          The leafs shall never defeat the Habs and go on to win the CUP in the same year…. ever again!

          And since 1969, when I touched down in Toronto Leafs have sucked big time. No need to genuflect folks!

          On the topic of big time suck… seems the population of Quebec, and not only the English, is getting worried again.

          Real estate reports are that ‘listings’ to sell are abnormally rising and listings to buy drastically falling.

          Sucks that Canada’s soul may be in for another gut wrenching by political opportunists.

    • Bripro says:

      Please don’t remind us.
      The last year they won the cup, my son was born. He’s 19 now.
      I try to explain to him that there’s nothing like a Montreal Canadiens’ Stanley Cup Parade, but he doesn’t understand.
      Because of this drought, he’s a Bruins’ fan. I hope that we’re able to turn his allegiance soon, so that he can experience one of the great moments on St Catherine street.

    • piper says:

      Given that there are 30 teams now, that slump was as bad as this one.

  26. Bripro says:

    Bonne fête, Gros Bill!
    Our true Canadiens’ ambassador.

  27. EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

    Happy Birthday Jean Beliveau!

    A Legend!!!!

    an many more years hopefully!

    Dieu vous bénisse Gross Bill!

  28. Strummer says:

    Currently on Spotsnet is the UEFA SuperCup Match between Chelsea and Atletico Madrid.

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  29. Hoegaarden says:

    Watching the video at the end of the slideshow just made my day.

    Bonne fête monsieur Béliveau !

  30. SmartDog says:

    I am a bit reluctant to admit it but I’m more optimistic about this coming season than I think most. I think this team can make the playoffs, and not just squeak in. Assuming the new CBA lets us break free of the stinking albatross-on-skates that is Scott Gomez (and this seems likely given how negotiations are going), except for one top 6 left winger – it’s a strong team. IMHO.

    Happy 81 Jean… a nice Beliveau Story from the article “BrianSkrudland” posted below –
    “Jean always refers to the late 1960’s as the forgotten dynasty. In an interview I did with him on one occasion he remarked how it’s forgotten that Montreal team played in five straight finals winning four Cups. Their depth and excellence is described perfectly by a teammate and line mate of Beliveau’s at that time, Yvan Cournoyer, who told me that when Montreal would get a power play Cournoyer would remark to Jean, ‘let’s not score right away, I need the ice time, let’s move it around a bit first,’”

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • Hoegaarden says:

      A great book to read; Cold War – A decade of hockey’s greatest rivalry 1959-69 by Mike Leonetti. Great pics and quotes, mostly from Toe and Punch.
      Re the comment below about the 4 – 0 win to clinch the cup in the 1964-65 finals. It was the first time the finals went into May and Mr. Béliveau did score the winning goad 14 seconds into overtime.

    • bleedhabs81 says:

      I am hesitating on being to optimistic, so I have been stifling my gut feeling about this and keeping myself believing they are a bubble team… who can make the playoffs IF… (insert IFs)

      However, I don’t disagree with you at all.

      I am not hating this version of the Habs.

      I think there bottom six have enough skill and size to be consistent and not a liability… and maybe chip in a few more goals than last year (assuming the good 3rd liners stay on the 3rd line (Moen).

      I think the Max is in for another good year.

      I think Cole will regress slightly, but only because he was so productive last year.

      I think the PP will be good with the Markov and Kaberle. Maybe near or at the top of the league if PK and ???(Weber) can hit the net with their slapshots.

      I can see Gionta still being a decent goal scorer… Which mean Pleks will have a much better season (since he will finally be playing with someone other than himself who can actually get a puck behind a goalie)

      Price, despite what the haters say, showed he was the only reason the habs had so many close games

      and I think the overall D is a little bit older and a little bit wiser (PK, Emelin). Finger crossed Markov is back and once again a dangerous D-man (the overall quality of D hinges on this, IMO).

      The only major subtractions from last year are Gill and cammy but the PK didn’t slide with the loss of gill (and he wasn’t great 5-5)…

      so ya, missing a decent LW… and stay of the infirmary

  31. HabFab says:

    Well that didn’t last long…maybe an hour?

    RenLavoieRDS – NHL CBA talks are done for today.

  32. Un Canadien errant says:

    A copy of the email I sent RDS today. Please add your voice to mine and pressure RDS into giving us Hamilton Bulldogs hockey this season, at least during the lockout.

    Their email address is info@rds.ca


    Bonjour RDS.

    I’m a Shaw Cable subscriber in British Columbia as of Thursday September 6. When my service resumes, I won’t be subscribing to RDS as I have in years past, strictly due to the planned lockout of the NHL. Please provide this feedback to your partners in the NHL. I suspect I won’t be the only subscriber outside Québec you will lose because of this work stoppage.

    One reason I would pay for RDS is if you would broadcast Hamilton Bulldogs games. I would love to see the next crop of Canadiens playing this season in the AHL. If you can see fit to plug the holes in your schedule by providing us with a couple games a week of Jarred Tinordi and Nathan Beaulieu, I’ll gladly pay the extra for your programming.

    This isn’t “Billionaires vs. Millionaires.” Only a willfully uninformed fool would apply that sloppy shorthand designation to this disgraceful power grab crafted by some of the wealthiest individuals and corporate entities in North America aimed against professional athletes.–Larry Brooks of the New York Post


    • Cal says:

      Great idea, UCE. If they know there’s a market, RDS2 may think about full-time programming of the Dogs.

    • mark-ID says:

      That is a really good call UCE. Would love it, if we got at least some extra Bulldog games this year(I know CBC will televise a couple)

      In fact, I could get 100% behind following the Dogs…if there is an NHL strike. Man would it ever take away from pain of having no Canadiens games to watch this winter.

      “I think I may have found a way for us to get Griffey and Bonds, and we really won’t have to give up much” -Costanza

  33. Bradzerker says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Beliveau.

    I had the pleasure of meeting him about 20 years ago and it was such a memorable experience. He was so very gracious with his time and was kind enough to sign his book for my father. We chatted briefly for 5-10 minutes. I will never forget that night.

    Look up classy in the dictionary and you will find a picture of Jean Beliveau.

  34. smiler2729 says:

    Happy birthday numero 4!

    Calling it like it is:
    Jack Edwards is a clam.
    Tim Thomas is a Nugentian lunatic.
    Boston Bruins, gutless diving weasel pukes.

  35. RobertAlanFord says:

    Bonne fête, M. Béliveau

    May your leadership and work ethic be an inspiration to future Canadiens.


  36. Propwash says:

    Bonne fête, Mr Beleveau!

    “Access Forbidden” gettin’ ya down?
    Hold down Shift while clicking refresh.

  37. Ian Cobb says:

    If only more people would strive to be like this great Canadian leader by example. What a richer world it would be.

    People that know him get goose bumps every time his name is mentioned. I know I do!

    Happy birthday!, you great big hearted man.

  38. bellcentre hotdog says:

    Simply the best.

    On and off the ice.

    Happy Birthday Mr. Beliveau!

  39. Clay says:

    Class act. True legend. Happy birthday!

    ☞ The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool. ~ Richard Feynman ☜

  40. habaholic68NJ says:

    Anyone know why TSN990 is not streaming in the USA today?

    *Listen to my instrumental tribute entitled “Habs at War” at http://petertoliasmusic.site11.com/Music_Site/OtherOriginalMusic.html

  41. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Joyeux anniversaire M. Beliveau!

  42. BrianSkrudland says:

    Liam Maguire shared some anecdotes and stats about Mr. Beliveau earlier this year.


  43. V says:

    Great to see Kaberle at BioSteel. Read him saying himself that he was out of shape last year… did not recover from the Stanley Cup celebrations well last summer.

    Intriguing to think what he might do if his conditioning accounted for some of his problems the last couple of years. He still has a great head on his shoulders.

    • bwoar says:

      Totally agree. Kaberle’s offensive production with the Leafs was pretty consistent. I don’t think he suddenly became terrible overnight.

      • bleedhabs81 says:

        Even with the leafs he was a bit of a defensive liability though. I watched a lot of toronto when I was in University and I always felt he was soft.

        In fact, when he played against Montreal, I remember thinking the leafs would either score or give up a goal because Kaberle is on the ice… a bit of an over exhaggeration, I know.

        • bwoar says:

          I don’t disagree about his defensive play, he’s never been strong in that regard.

          But if one were to, say, trade Jaro Spacek for him in order to get the power play going in Markov’s (neverending) absence, I would have to approve of the deal and feel confident it was the right decision. I hope in the end that Kaberle comes back strong and proves PG was right.

      • frontenac1 says:

        Seem to recall something about him splitting up with his wife and it screwed him up. Hopefully he is over it.

  44. habsnyc says:

    Wonderful when an athlete has an enduring legacy as a gentleman on and off the playing field. Athletes should strive to emulate the class with which he conducts himself.

    Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

    • HabsFan1111 says:

      Amen nyc, refreshing to see there are a few left out there with all the sorry excuses for role models we see nowadays on various pro playing fields.

      You are a class act JB.

  45. longtimehabsfan says:

    For me, JB is the greatest Hab ever. Period. Put it all together: talent, class, brains, etc. It is not even close.

    “It’s a moo point. Like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter. It’s moo.”

  46. ZepFan2 says:

    I used to see Jean Beliveau everyday while hanging out at a car wash behind Toe Blake’s tavern. He always stopped in the wash to say hello to us. Everything people say about this wonderful man is true. He is the epitome of class!!

    Happy B-day Mister Beliveau and many more!!

    Ka is a wheel.

    NHLPA vs The NHL: “Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right” – Stealers Wheel

    Stuck in the Middle

  47. Dave Stubbs says:

    I had a health issue 10 years ago this November. About a day or two after I returned home from the hospital, Jean called to check up on me. I can’t explain what that meant to me.

    It’s a privilege for me to speak with Jean and be able to relate to his countless fans and admirers the good news of his ongoing excellent recovery, and I’m honoured that he has the faith in me not just to accurately convey his words, but to properly reflect the spirit behind them.

    Dave Stubbs

    Hockey Inside/Out
    Sports Columnist/Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette
    • On Twitter: @Dave_Stubbs
    • Email: dstubbs@montrealgazette.com

    • Psycho29 says:

      Similar story here also…My Dad was a Sales/Public Relations rep with Molson’s from the late 1940s on, and Jean worked with my Dad in the off-season.
      Jean even attended my sister’s wedding in 1970. My Dad retired in 1973; and he saw Jean Beliveau maybe a handful of times after that.
      When my Dad passed away in 1995, who walks into the funeral parlor, Jean Beliveau. He probably hadn’t seen my Dad for 10 years, but he still showed up to pay his respects.

      Class always, and a great example for today’s “Stars” to try and emulate……

      Happy Birthday Mr. Beliveau……

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Thanks Dave. There’s a lot of cynicism about ‘the role of the media’ in society, journalists take their lumps regularly, but this article on Jean Béliveau’s recovery is a great example of the system at work. It’s great to be able to get news on him and how he’s doing, and that he can convey his thoughts and feelings to his numerous fans. I hope it helps to cut down on his correspondence work.

      Great job.

  48. shiram says:

    Biosteel camp is streaming for those who can watch it.
    Subban, Kaberle and Galchenyuk are there.

  49. frontenac1 says:

    Took my son to an autograph signing with Beliveau here in Kingston about 10yrs ago. We waited in line (which went about a block and a half) for about two hours. He signed an old hockey card and photo for my son. Shook his hand and chatted with him .He still talks about it. Pure Magic! A true gentleman.
    Happy Birthday Gros Bill, and have many more!

  50. Cal says:

    Le Gros Bill may have worn #4, but to me he is always #1. Best Hab ever, on and off the ice. 81 years young. Wow!

  51. habsfan0 says:

    May 1,1965. I was at home recuperating from a bout of appendicitis. That night, I saw my beloved Habs win their first Stanley Cup.(11 others were to follow). Jean Beliveau scores the fastest winning goal in a Cup clinching game,a record which I believe still stands to this day. He would become the first recipient of the Conn Smythe Trophy later that evening as well.

    Happy birthday, Monsieur Beliveau, and many more to come!

    • V says:

      I remember that game. Always my favorite player.

    • Strummer says:

      I remember that game as well. 4-0 final score.
      That final series with the Hawks went 7 games and neither team won on the road.

      Pocket, Duff and Cournoyer , three little guys, also scored
      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  52. kempie says:

    My favorite hockey player of all time.
    Joyeux anniversaire M. Béliveau.

  53. Lafrich says:

    Oh man. The way the headline is written made me think…well..Let’s just say I am happy he is around.

    Maybe the headline should start Happy Birthday Jean? Just sayin’…

  54. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …reading only the first few words of Dave’s header, My heart dropped fearing the worst
    …You would not be wrong I felt much relief when reading the heading in full
    …thanks for the memories Gros Jean …happiest and healthiest birthday
    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

    Campaign to Retire Toe Blake’s Number 6 !!!

    …and, last, but not least: FREE PUSSY RIOT !!!

  55. shiram says:

    Found this beauty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syMw1PujxVw

    Happy birthday Mister Béliveau!

  56. secretdragonfly says:

    A very happy birthday, M. Beliveau, and many, many more!

  57. Chips says:

    I’ll always remember the game he scored his 500th goal. I was just a wee wippersnapper, but I remeber that well. Happy Birthday Jean!!

    25 in 2013

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