Habs leading all-star voting … by a lot

As of 7:05 am ET today, the six Canadiens on the ballot for January’s All-Star Game in Montreal are atop their categories by a healthy margin, Habs fans clearly keen on seeing six – can you imagine that? – of their favourites on the Eastern Conference starting lineup.

(Geez, their numbers are so high that you’d swear they were a blogger who’s hired a chimp to hit the Refresh key a thousand times a day to spike the hits to their site.)

We’ve never been the biggest fan of the popularity contest that is the All-Star Game, but it is what it is. If the NHL is going to encourage fans to stuff the ballot box, why not do it for the team that will host the event?

Go here to vote often, as you’ve already been doing, and good luck to Koivu, Kovalev, Tanguay, Markov, Komisarek and Price. And to Roman Hamrlik, who’s garnering decent support as a write-in candidate.




  1. Ian G Cobb says:

    It may be simple for you ,but it is sure over my head, I’m 5ft 6in.
    You guys in LaSalle were always to sharp for me. Ian

  2. Mattee. says:

    lol I agree with you. But on the other hand, knowing that my team was the only one to have a starting line-up in the All-star… feels good.

  3. Chuck says:

    If you just want the Montreal players, use this:

    javascript:players=new Array(8459442,8458529,8467338,8469460,8467496,8471679);for (x in players){p=player_info[players[x]];p.nhl_id=players[x];addPlayerToBallot(player_info[players[x]], ‘eastern’);}document.getElementById(‘edit-vote-button’).click();


  4. Steve C. says:

    remember Mickey Ribs, we want him OUT!

  5. Steve C. says:


    i am definitely NOT a Red Wings fan by any means. I just think it would be interesting to have them start vs. our Habs. i wouldn’t have a clue how to cut them out of the script. i say just do the right thing and vote for them too 🙂

    i honestly think it would be a super awesome publicity campaign to have the Red Wings and Canadiens square off to open the All-Star game. 2 classiest organizations in the game. but again, i’m not a Wings fan lol.

  6. Habsrule1 says:

    Say NO to the Wings! We want our Habs to measure up against the BEST in the West. We can beat the Wings in the Final!

    “I can’t hear what Jeremy(Roenick) is saying because my Stanley Cup rings are in my ears” – Patrick Roy

    Go Habs Go!!


  7. Mattee. says:

    I hear you loud and clear!

  8. Chuck says:

    Never mind the number of votes; it sure saves the old clicking digit from extra wear and tear!


  9. Mattee. says:

    nothing against detroit, but I like seeing our numbers destroying everyone elses.
    anyway i can cut them out of the script? Or should I just do the right thing and vote for them too?

  10. MikeMcLaren says:

    Fair enough and I’ve understood your point better now – I think some people don’t get that this is ONLY for the *starting* lineup – if three habs top the defenders only the top two will be in the game.


  11. Mattee. says:

    stuff it while we still can!!!

  12. Mattee. says:

    this is genius. I copied the code down… i’m on my 35th vote or something !!

  13. Chuck says:

    Sweet! Hopefully the NHL doesn’t catch on… 😉


  14. Steve C. says:

    yesterday on this website, as well as on Facebook, i tried to get something started where we would vote in the 6 Canadiens players but also the 6 Red Wings players so that we could have a historic start to the game. i guess a few people took notice and one created a code where when you are on the voting page, at the top, you take out the address bar and replace it with the following code:

    javascript:players=new Array(8459442,8458529,8467338,8469460,8467496,8471679);for (x in players){p=player_info[players[x]];p.nhl_id=players[x];addPlayerToBallot(player_info[players[x]], ‘eastern’);}players=new Array(8467514,8466148,8468083,8457063,8467856,8458568);for (x in players){p=player_info[players[x]];p.nhl_id=players[x];addPlayerToBallot(player_info[players[x]], ‘western’);}document.getElementById(‘edit-vote-button’).click();

    By doing this you don’t have to fiddle around with clicking the guys names, the names of Tanguay, Kovalev, Koivu, Komisarek, Markov, Price, Zetterberg, Hossa, Datsyuk, Lidstrom, Rafalski, and Osgood get voted for automatically. once you do that, simply go back to the voting page and repeat!

  15. cautiousoptimist says:

    Hmm, you’re right; you’d think they’d be updated automatically every time someone voted. Unless, of course, the league wants to maintain the ability to “tweak” the results. : )

    1. http://www.flickeringpictures.com – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Josh Gorges on Montreal’s attack: “They’re comin’, they’re comin’ and they keep comin’. Just line after line, wave after wave…”

  16. Chuck says:

    How do you do that?


  17. Mattee. says:

    I got bored in class today and voted 20 times! I’ve voted for Hamrlik while alternating between komo and markov. Don’t ever stop!

  18. Steve C. says:

    i’m voting with the javascript and it’s a breeze

  19. Mitch.sc says:

    there’s a huge gap between laraque, bouillon and hammer, also, if anything maybe this will serve to show the nhl that the current voting system is ridiculous, what better way to make our point than by putting in and entire habs lineup including some guys who wouldn’t otherwise be there.

  20. Mitch.sc says:

    one could make a case for him over komie, at any rate, while i do disagree with the way the voting is being done, we may as well take advantage.

  21. georgesd says:

    I’ve continued voting since noon hour without any delays. Perhaps you should log out and log in again. Read my post below: for ex. try voting via French voting. I’ve been successfully doing it for over an hour.

    Best of luck, GD

  22. krob1000 says:

    There hasn’t been a change in vote totals in a loooooong time. Cautious Optimist’s post below is at 11:52 and the totals haven’t changed.

  23. Le.Bon.Serge. says:

    NHL.com better fix the problem because its very slow and I cant vote since

    “No way! Thats unbelievable! Thats the save of the year and its not even the year yet!”
    (on Carey Price stick save against Detroit)

  24. Habsrule1 says:

    I see your point, but I personally still want GREAT players at the game. I voted for all the Habs that are on the ballot, but I’m not adding Hammer, Bouillon, or Laraque in cause they are Habs and I like them.

    “I can’t hear what Jeremy(Roenick) is saying because my Stanley Cup rings are in my ears” – Patrick Roy

    Go Habs Go!!


  25. MikeMcLaren says:

    Here’s the thing: This game has been a joke for a loooooooooooooooong time. Before voteforrory.com, probably before North America vs the World.

    As much as it could be considered a “joke” to have an all-Habs starting lineup, I’m not sure if it WILL be considered a joke if this campaign is successful.

    For starters (and my apologies for the gratuitous Lloyd Bentsen reference): I remember Rory Fitzpatrick. I saw Rory Fitzpatrick play. And, Mike Komisarek (nor Roman Hamrlik), sir, is no Rory Fitzpatrick.

    Komi’s a young Scott Stevens in the making, and he was an allstar, no?

    Here’s when it stops being a joke and just looks cool:

    When Michel Lacroix is announcing the starting lineup for the Eastern All-Stars, every one of them are Canadiens, in Montreal, and oh yeah, it might be hard to hear him because the building will be crazy loud.

    Might the NHL be pissed that Crosby, Ovechkin and Malkin or Semin aren’t the starting three? Maybe. But instead of those particular stars what it showcases is the passion, the mad loyalty of the fans for a team that Gainey rebuilt to be glorious.

    They shouldn’t have fan balloting at all. It’s silly. But we can take a silly system and actually do something kind of special here. I really don’t think it will be a joke.


  26. georgesd says:

    Just thought I’d add my 2cents, no pun intended two cents.

    I’ve registered with All-Star voting. Took quite a bit of time. It had trouble accepting my P code, even after I added the space. I had to re-index it a couple of times for it to work. So:

    1. Be patient.
    2. Go to the French vote site, it seems to permit multiple, consecutive postings. I’m at my fifth, no wait between votes. Could be there is less traffic. Who knows. Or go Intnl or USA.
    3. Don’t feel guilty about multiple votes. The six Habs who’ll start the All-Star game next year will be representing 100 years of Habs history, unparalled in sports history.
    4. Take your time and give yourself enough time. Don’t try to do it in 2-3 minutes. Just to register, incl lag time, it could take 10-15 minutes there alone.
    5. Don’t feel sorry when you see Lecavalier below Kovalev and want to vote for a Quebecker who’s one of the best. Kovy is too!!!!!!!!!
    6. Sip a coffee or a tisane or smoke a j..t between waits.
    7. Keep your connection open so you don’t have to log in anew.

    Enjoy, Georges D

    BTW: you might have noticed that I changed my image from Lats to the FAB 6.

  27. Habsrule1 says:

    I still want to see great players at the game. I like Hammer, but he should not be in the starting lineup, or even at the game.

    Let’s not turn the game into a joke at our home.

    “I can’t hear what Jeremy(Roenick) is saying because my Stanley Cup rings are in my ears” – Patrick Roy

    Go Habs Go!!


  28. Mitch.sc says:

    We need to rally and vote for hamerlik, markov will get in either way probably komy too, (though he’ll need more of our support) right now hamer’s been passed by kaberle, which is embarrassing. I think this forum alone has enough power to cover the 2000 vote gap.

  29. Nahlsy says:

    The way I see it, the All-Star voting is a popularity contest anyway to allow the most popular players to join the other stars in an exhibition game. Who’s more popular than the Habs? Nobody obviously, and they’re in Montreal so use this as a chance to send the league (Buttman and Colon) a message that the Habs are still the most popular team by far and we’re tired of them screwing them over.

  30. Chuck says:

    Close the page, then log in again.


  31. solomone12 says:

    Being able to use that javascript code to game the system is retarded, even though I’m using it myself 😛

    Seriously, it makes the whole all-star voting system a joke (I mean more than it already was). And what’s up with Ribeiro leading the West?

  32. cautiousoptimist says:

    Wow — methinks a lot of people are voting, because that site is slow as molasses and crashes half the time. I opened six tabs to vote in, and only managed to get through the entire process in one of them.

    Koivu having more votes than Ovechkin, Crosby, Malkin and Lecavalier put together doesn’t entirely pass the sniff test, but I really don’t mind so long as we see this as a game for “players with the most rabid fans” instead of “all-stars.”

    Here are the leaders as of right now:

    Leading forwards:

    KOIVU, Saku
    KOVALEV, Alex
    TANGUAY, Alex
    SEMIN, Alexander
    OVECHKIN, Alex
    LECAVALIER, Vincent
    GAGNE, Simon
    CROSBY, Sidney
    MALKIN, Evgeni
    SAVARD, Marc

    Leading Defensemen:

    MARKOV, Andrei
    TIMONEN, Kimmo
    CHARA, Zdeno
    GREEN, Mike
    KABERLE, Tomas
    HAMRLIK, Roman
    WARD, Aaron
    COBURN, Braydon
    GONCHAR, Sergei

    Leading Goalies:

    PRICE, Carey
    LUNDQVIST, Henrik
    THOMAS, Tim
    FLEURY, Marc-Andre
    MILLER, Ryan

    1. http://www.flickeringpictures.com – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Josh Gorges on Montreal’s attack: “They’re comin’, they’re comin’ and they keep comin’. Just line after line, wave after wave…”

  33. krob1000 says:

    Uh oh….I just got a message saying I wasn’t authorized to access the voting page!!

  34. Habsrule1 says:

    I don’t really see it as what you or I want, but rather as what the players want. I believe most of our Habs would be very happy to be at the All-Star game here at home, and that is why I did vote for them.

    But I suppose your wants and needs are more important 😉

    “I can’t hear what Jeremy(Roenick) is saying because my Stanley Cup rings are in my ears” – Patrick Roy

    Go Habs Go!!


  35. cactus says:

    the allstar game is the biggest dive in the league- more acting by more players than in the rest of the season combined.

    making the habs “compete” in this travesty is so distasteful to me, i can’t bring myself to vote for them.

    it wouldn’t be so bad, but the idea of the game is to acquaint players with everyone else. its still about the drive for the cup, but the on ice live feel of the game is supposed to let out players key-up for the matches that are coming down the line.

    games are lost in the playoffs waiting to compete with the like of crosby, and zetterberg, and all the rest, but they change from year to year, and its as big a disappointment for some that the team one is psyched to beat isn’t in. that’s when the biggies look inward from this game and pull something big out of the hat.

  36. Greg says:

    I agree. I don’t like Mickey Ribs. I’ve been voting Iginla/Nash/Doan. I know Doan won’t make it but I really like him. Rick Nash is in the top 5 forwards in the NHL, I don’t know why everyone ignores him just because he’s stuck in Columbus.

  37. Greg says:

    Me too man! Let the conspiracy theories begin!

  38. Greg says:

    Me too man! Let the conspiracy theories begin!

  39. Greg says:

    I did! That’s how i’ve been voting. But now it says I can’t vote more than once per minute, and I haven’t voted since last night!

  40. Neil says:

    Why is Mike Ribiero leading the west. Am I the only one who is sickened by that? If we can vote our 6 in surely we can vote him out. I keep voting in the west for Morrow Koivu Zetterberg in hopes that they pass him.

  41. Le.Bon.Serge. says:

    The voting page is now under maintenance….I dont like that, numbers havent changed since at least 30 minutes. Price is stuck at 106,000.

    “No way! Thats unbelievable! Thats the save of the year and its not even the year yet!”
    (on Carey Price stick save against Detroit)

  42. Le.Bon.Serge. says:

    Jan 2

    “No way! Thats unbelievable! Thats the save of the year and its not even the year yet!”
    (on Carey Price stick save against Detroit)

  43. moser17 says:

    When does voting end?

  44. HabsFan2 says:

    I guess my voting time is over. All I keep getting is this message after I try and submit my votes…

    You may not vote more than once per minute. Please try again in a moment.

    I’ve waited more than 10 minutes before trying again only to get the same message.


    When you talk about the Canadiens, you have to put the word ‘family’ in front of it.” – Patrick Roy

  45. Le.Bon.Serge. says:

    We cant say: Well, we are ahead and we will make history easily.

    Fans from all over will rally and try to beat us at the end so we have to vote as much as we can so they cant catch us!!! I already voted at least 100 times.

    Why not 6 Habs facing Sakus brother, ex-Habs Ribeiro, Carbos brother-in-law as Morrow, ex-Habs Sheldon and ex-Habs Robidas???

    I agree this voting system sint the best, but its not our decision, so lets make history and show people that we are the best fans in the world!

    “No way! Thats unbelievable! Thats the save of the year and its not even the year yet!”
    (on Carey Price stick save against Detroit)

  46. Chuck says:

    It sure seems as though an all-Hab starting lineup is the desire of the league; both as part of the 100th celebrations and as a nod to the past. Otherwise, why would they conveniently have a Hab available for each starting position and allow you to vote as many times as you want?

    Actually, it would be pretty cool if there was an all-Red Wing lineup to face them, too.


  47. Chuck says:

    You have to create an account with your email and a password. Then login… and vote, vote, vote!


  48. Chuck says:

    No, we should not pause. That would be the equivalent of the Habs being up by three goals going into the third, and taking their foot off of the accelerator. Next thing you know, you’re going to a shootout!


  49. Greg says:

    Hmmm… I seem to be blocked from voting!! This is Florida 2004 all over again. It says i’m unauthorized! I blame the Bettman administration.

  50. Dave Stubbs says:

    Since fan voting began, this would be a first. Decades ago, the Stanley Cup-winning team would play an NHL all-star team. But since fans began voting for the starting lineup, a single-team starting six has never happened.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  51. DMAN says:

    I am foggy on this.
    Is it not true that the top votes in every position denotes the starting lineup? I think it would make history if the entire starting lineup was from one team. Correct me if I am wrong!
    Although it would make us Habs fans even more giddy and nutty!(if that is possible in the centennial season where Habs fans are already crazy enough) <----I speak for myself! ------------------- Individual records are nice to get, but before the season starts, you want to play to win the Stanley Cup! ~ Guy Lafleur

  52. mdm says:

    So far , after my first vote :
    KOIVU, Saku97446
    KOVALEV, Alex95806
    TANGUAY, Alex94994

    followed by :
    SEMIN, Alexander50725

    Keep voting guys , our Habs deserve to be leading all the way.

  53. Habs4Me says:

    how many times can you vote? I voted about 20 times and am taking a break. i even stopped voting for the west and only picked habs so i could vote faster lol

  54. RGM says:

    It’s a good time voting. Being the huge fan of democracy that I am, I exercise my right to vote as often as possible. 🙂
    Go Habs Go!

  55. krob1000 says:

    We should all pause and give ourselves a hand….we are easily the best and nuttiest fans in the world!!

  56. McManager says:

    During the last update of the ranks, our top 3 forwards jumped from 82-85K, to 93-96K. Semin went up just 411 votes.

    Mikko Koivu made up some 8000 votes to move back to 3rd. I get the feeling there are some Habs fans voting for the Montreal 6 (and Hamrlik occassionally) Mikko Koivu and Luongo. They jumped 4000+ votes.

    As for Dallas, isn’t the city another IT hub?

  57. moser17 says:

    Ah, the joys of starting the day with “Looney Tunes” (which is what the folks at the TSX do everyday).

    Those old WB cartoons sure were violent. Nothing like a wide availability of TNT and dynamite and other dangerous weaponry. And the final joke? lol morbid….

    “I can’t hear myself a-speechin’!”

  58. coutNY says:

    Thanks, I’ll check back periodically… I get nervous when we’re not maintaining at least a 2:1 ratio in the forwards category and that 3:1 in DEfensive category 2:1 in the goalie ratio….

    Update: It changed and Markov and Price just broke the 100K mark in there respective positions…

  59. McManager says:

    The counts aren’t as “Real-Time” as they claim… They seem to be on a ~10 minute refresh cycle. Maybe longer.

  60. coutNY says:

    I was noticing in voting after my 5th enteree the ballot tallie hadn’t moved… making the conspiracy theory that hab player voting being block having some weight???

  61. Steve C. says:

    that must be why the Stars have garneshed so many votes over the past 4 hours (during my nightly pee break i went to check and the Stars were far, far behind)

  62. Moey says:

    (Geez, their numbers are so high that you’d swear they were a blogger who’s hired a chimp to hit the Refresh key a thousand times a day to spike the hits to their site.)

    Some of the bloggers actually are chimps.

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