Habs lead NHL in 40-point players

The Canadiens have seven players with 40 or more points, leading the NHL in that category.

And here’s a quick look at the all-time series between the Habs and tonight’s visitor, the New Jersey Devils, along with some interesting Devils-Canadiens connections.

The Canadiens’ 40-point players, how the Habs have fared lifetime against the Devils and some Devils-Habs connections:



  1. bantamcc says:

    Habs fan Since ’54…

    Right on Triplex… lol !

    They coulda also gone to that other ‘walk on water’ Leaf , that ‘Splendid Swede’ , Mats Sundin.


    Well ok, maybe that wasn’t a T.O. fabrication but as link above shows,our own LLSJ, Red Fisher. Maybe ‘ole Red has spent too much time in T.O. lately. LOL !

    There’s T.O. then there’s the rest of the hockey universe. Although it seems that they are actually starting to smell the coffee. Too bad John Ferguson Jr. had to take the fall. I betcha if John Sr. was still alive that c*%p would’nt have gone down last month !

    I can just see Fergy crashing an MLSE board meeting. Steve Stavro ‘woulda cr*&ped his pants !

    Too bad CBC broadcasts ‘outta there. Was listening to Bob Cole screw up the game again last night. Sure glad I got the RDS HD feed !


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