Habs hoping Christmas doesn’t come early

In each of the last two seasons, the Canadiens have started to slide down the standings around the holidays, The Gazette’s Pat Hickey writes. And after a promising start to this season, the Canadiens are in a slump, having lost two straight and four out of their last five games.

More worrisome, Hickey writes, is the way in which the Canadiens have played during those games, something that has to be a concern for the coaching staff.

"The players who are supposed to be doing the job aren’t getting it done," head coach Guy Carbonneau said.

Things don’t get any easier on Tuesday when the Detroit Red Wings – the best team in the NHL at the moment – fly into town to take the on the Habs.


  1. linp says:

    Carbo: “The players who are supposed to be doing the job aren’t getting it done”

    I just don’t like Carbo keep blaming the players. What job is he assigning the players to do. He needs to be more specific. I suspect all his said was “Go out and play hard. You have new line mates now”.

    A good coach should exercise a good system and has the players bought into it. Your team can recover even if you lose your star players. Look at Baffalo and how Lindy Ruff coaches the team.

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