Habs hold Sunday practice without Price after Game 1 loss to Rangers

The Canadiens haven’t held a lot of Sunday practices this season, but they did after Saturday’s 7-2 loss to the New York Rangers in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference final.

The players hit the ice at 11 a.m. Sunday in Brossard to prepare for Game 2 of the series Monday night at the Bell Centre (8 p.m., CBC, RDS, TSN Radio 690), but one of the players missing was Carey Price. The goaltender did go on the ice in Brossard with goalie coach Stephane Waite for about five minutes earlier in the morning and did some stretching before deciding to skip the optional practice.

The other players who decided to skip the practice were Tomas Plekanec, Lars Eller, P.K. Subban and Josh Gorges. Goalies Peter Budaj and Dustin Tokarski were in the nets.

Budaj has a 3-1-0 lifetime record against the Rangers and made 27 saves in the Canadiens’ 2-0 win over New York on Oct. 28. In seven career playoff games, Budaj has an 0-2 record with a 5.13 goals-against average and .843 save percentage.

Price was pulled after the second period of Game 1 with the Canadiens losing 4-1. Price was shaken up early in the second period when the Rangers’ Chris Kreider plowed into him in the crease. Canadiens coach Michel Therrien said after the game he thought the collision was accidental and added he didn’t pull Price because he was injured.

“The fact is I took him out to protect him,” Therrien said after Saturday’s game. “We were not sharp in front of him.”

After Sunday’s practice, Therrien told reporters in Brossard: “Today is an optional practice,  and this is a therapy day for (Price).  I reviewed the incident, and obviously  it  was  an accidental contact.  Put it this way, (he) didn’t make much effort to avoid the contact.”

When asked if there was any doubt Price would play in Game 2, Therrien said: “We’ll see tomorrow.  I can’t tell you that right now.”

As for the Game 1 blowout loss, Therrien said: “We turned the page and I’m not going back to yesterday’s game. What’s important to us is how we play tomorrow.”

The coach added: “What I’ve liked about our team all season is how we’ve responded to losses. Tomorrow I expect our team to have a good attitude.”

Alex Galchenyuk, who has been sidelined for more than a month with a knee injury, spent extra time on the ice after practice with assistant coach Gerard Gallant and has been cleared for contact.

“He’s doing really good,” Therrien said about Galchenyuk. ” He’s cleared for contact, he practised well, and we’ll see for tomorrow.”

Therrien added “it’s always a possibility” Galchenyuk could play in Game 2.

Meanwhile, the entire Rangers team attended the funeral service in Laval Sunday for teammate Martin St. Louis. St. Louis’s mother, France, died suddenly of a heart attack in Montreal on May 8 at age 63.

“Well, what I can say is that the New York Rangers family  has been touched by a little Quebec family in a deep, profound way,” coach Alain Vigneault said when he met with the media after the funeral. “Today  was  very  emotional,  very  moving  time  for  our team to have the opportunity to be there and share that with Marty and his family.

“Marty  took  the stand or the podium or whatever you want to call it, and  shared some incredible moments.  It was a very deep message.  It was a challenging day for us.”

Vigneault was asked how his team can focus its attention back on Game 2 Monday night.

“Well, I think considering we’ve got basically the rest  of  the  day  off  and guys are going to do what they normally do the night  before  a  game,  and  tomorrow morning we’re going to practise, and we’re  going  to  start focusing on what we need to do hockey-wise.  That’s the  only  thing  we can do.  Today is a day where we think about Marty and his  family  and his mother, and tomorrow life goes on and we’ve got to get ready for a big game.”

Vigneault was also asked if Price doesn’t play in Game 2 if that would change his team’s approach.

“I’m  sure  Price  is  going to be there, so we’re getting ready for him,” Vigneault said.

(Photo by John Kenney/The Gazette)

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  1. Psycho29 says:

    On this date in 1971, the Habs beat Chicago for the Cup (my favourite one out of the 12 that I remember watching).
    Ken Dryden won the Conn Smythe. Only player to win the Smythe BEFORE winning the Calder.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:


    • BJ says:

      It wasn’t looking good going into the third. But Lemaire almost center ice slapshot gets by Esposito and then the Pocket Rocket takes care of the rest. 3-2 good guys. Beliveau and my favorite all time Hab number 22 John Ferguson play their last game.

      • New says:

        22 was my favorite as well. Brought it every game. Hard to believe he only played 8 seasons, 500 games. The Big M coming over for Redmond (If HIO had been around then people would have thrown themselves into the river for sure :-). Then the guy goes and gets 27 points in 20 playoff games. The entire hockey world talking about Tony 0 in Chicago and unstoppable Bruins. Heck of a bunch of guys that came together and showed what a team can accomplish where individuals fail.

      • Psycho29 says:

        Just reading an old Gazette from the day after:


        Each player on the Habs got an extra $3,000 for winning the final series…Pocket change for today’s players!!

  2. habfan100 says:

    Well, in my humble opinion I think Price is injured. Therrien is making it sound like a game time decision but I think we will see Budaj in nets tomorrow. If the boys play with passion and make a statement out of this game we will win and even this series. If Budaj lets in a bunch of floaters then you have to go with Tokarski in Game 3.

    3 Powerplay goals on Budaj in Game 2 and lets face it, he was rusty. He hasn’t played a game in over 6 weeks. Hopefully that third period shook off a few cobwebs.

    For anyone interested in going to the game, stubhub prices have dropped significantly since I bought tickets for Game 2. You can get a pair of blues for $300.00.

  3. CJ says:

    Good afternoon folks.

    Our luck is about to change….. I got a haircut this afternoon, and will finish the refinement with a beard trim in the morning.

    Kidding aside, the team is undefeated when our youngest wears his Canadiens uniform PJ’s to bed. So, I’ll leverage that as needed.

    In unrelated news, Karlsson, Methot and Josh Bailey joined our golf club this weekend. Good times ahead. You know who’s not golfing though – the Canadiens. With any luck, they won’t be for another month.

    I don’t have a crystal ball, nor am I in Price’s inner circle, but echoing the comment I shared yesterday, my buddy, who was at the game, said he was hurt. I’m not certain that we can win with Budaj, but it would be a rallying point if ever there was one. I truly hope we haven’t come this far only to lose our best player. All teams face adversity though. How we manage this challenge will speak to our character. I would like to think that we have the players capable of a much better showing.

    The game is in your hands gentlemen (did the coach in the movie Rudy not say that – I digress). I am looking forward to joining the 21,272 other fans tomorrow night and pushing, prodding and screaming our team to victory.

    Go Habs! Cheers, CJ

  4. Habcouver says:

    Our boys beat the Gooins because they learned to neutralize them over the season with key players and strategy. The same can not be said when playing the Rangers. I hope MT and staff have a plan to answer Game 1.

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

    • habstrinifan says:

      Similar to my thinking. Which is why I am suddenly very worried. I think Rangers has a better goalie than Boston did. I dont think their series against Penns was as physical as ours against Bruins. I admit that I didnt see their danger .. but that 7-2 score woke me up.

      We have to get our guys scoring period.

      • Habcouver says:

        I guess I’m not so much worried as much as I realize the Habs have deficiencies that need addressing now if they are going to make it to the big dance.

        We can’t deny that our Boys have exceeded our expectations this year. I rationalize that everything from here on in is gravy :).

        Tomorrow, we might be pleasantly surprised. You won’t know until then. In the mean time, enjoy the ride cheering on the best team in history!!!

        We Are (Not) All Canucks.
        Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

    • habsfan0 says:

      What is the difference between the Rangers squad of yesterday and the one that played in the season finale at the Bell Centre on April 12 and lost 1-0 in OT?


      Yesterday’s game was an aberration,nothing more.

  5. Timo says:

    Watching LA/Hawks… what great hockey. Habs are still light years away.

    • Habcouver says:

      Both teams are scary good: speed, hitting, transition, goaltending… did I leave anything out?

      We Are (Not) All Canucks.
      Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

  6. Timo says:

    People are right.. time to extract revenge and inflict some injuries was last game when Habs were down by 5 goals. If Habs come out looking for that kind of retribution tomorrow they will lose badly again. They need to forget the incident, no matter who is in nets, and focus on playing tight hockey in their own end and putting the puck behind Lindqvist.

  7. Psycho29 says:

    You bunch of losers. Go cheer for the Leafs.

  8. 24 Cups says:

    Mike Weir is just 2 back with seven holes to go.

    24.6 Cups

  9. CHicoHab says:

    Defend against Kreider that is.

  10. CHicoHab says:

    Mike Milbury says Prust and the Habs should send a message or defend better against him. Says Prust shouldn’t be yapping about it to the press.

    • Timo says:

      I agree. Too much talking… Prust isn’t the one to talk about anything. He is not getting the job done.

    • 24 Cups says:

      MIlbury, Chery and Stock – three guys whose opinions are totally meaningless to me.

      24.6 Cups

      • RJ says:

        Add McGuire to your list.

        “My face is my mask,” Gump Worsley

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          No! Wait, RJ, WAIT!

          It was McGuire who craftily unearthed AV’s secret strategy when interviewing the coach mid-game yesterday:

          Try to play most of the game in the other team’s end.

          Credit where it’s due, RJ! Now we know what to expect from the Rangers! The element of surprise is now gone! A great and magnanimous gift from one who was so bitterly disappointed not to be made the Habs new GM. Oh thank you, Pierre. Thank you for saving the day.

      • frontenac1 says:

        Crank and Stache! Bounce those Broadway pretty boys out of the Rink! WTF? They ran our goalie.

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          Front, we would have to blindfold Kreider, point him in the direction of the net, give him the puck, shout “GO!”, and 10 minutes earlier have organised to have Crank standing in front of the crease.

          Get your cameras ready!

      • frontenac1 says:

        I can put up with those guys because they are “Real Assholes”. Ron McLean is a Smarmy Little Puke of an Asshole. I have experience in this area of being an Asshole.

  11. Commandant says:

    Alex Ovechkin possible major knee injury at World Championships? Video here.

    Go Habs Go!


  12. habs-fan-84 says:

    Anyone else notice how much Bollig looks like Robert the Bruce from Braveheart? The resemblance is uncanny.

  13. slapshot777 says:

    Guys this déjà-vu, but you have to go back to 1979. The Habs played the Rangers and opened the series in Montreal on a Saturday afternoon and lost 4-1. They then went on to win 4 straight and win the series and the cup. History will repeat itself.

    • PK says:

      That 1979 win over the Bruins was even more emotional than this year. Rangers in 1979 were almost an afterthought.
      A Habs Cup was almost expected back then.

      This year is not lost … Habs not as strong as the 1979 version
      … But … only one game so far … The whole team has to rally

      >>>>> Les Canadiens sont là

  14. Just went back and read the comments after game five loss in Boston last weekend…….that was a very bad game, and you know what? The Habs learned from it……why is it that after every bad loss, the same posters come here spew the same crap. Here’s a question to you. You know why people are successful in life…forget it I’ll answer it for you. People are successful in life because of hard work, and the main reason…They learn from their mistakes. Now realize there are younger members here, but I’m reading crap from fans in their 40’s. Let’s go for god’s sake. You don’t give up until the game is over…..and even then you don’t go online and cry about it, and whine about events out of your control.

    I had a blast yesterday afternoon. We had three families here. 72 cans of coors light, copious bottles of that wine stuff. 36 Sholi2000.com hamburgers, 12 hotdogs, and some of the best homemade chip and nacho dip that’s out there. Like Carey Price said to his guys, have some fun out there. We were bummed out, but we were laughing over the loss, what else are we to do, let it ruin our day, no….we partied like it was back in the summer of 69.

    It’s all good troops, learn from your mistakes, and stay away from the internet when you’re angry,and feel the need to say something stupid 😆

    Shane Oliver
    A Little fun during the Intermission
    Don’t Poke The Bear

    • RockinRey says:

      Its not your ability to see a silver lining that bothers me. Hell not its not even your ability to embrace free loading families that come to pack the feed bag on.

      Its the 72 cans of beer and copious amounts of wine and food you had on hand. That and the fact I was not invited!!!

      ‘This organization going forward must set its sights on competing for the game’s ultimate prize every season — and no lesser standard should be accepted.’
      —Geoff Molson, Canadiens owner and president

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Hey! For some of us the “fans in their 40′s” ARE the younger members!

  15. johnnylarue says:

    Just saw the overwhelming poll results in favour of scratching Prust.

    I’d like to take a moment to point out that my vote takes into account Prusty’s current state of health and consequent weaknesses on the ice (i.e. inability to shoot, pass, stick handle, hit with his shoulder, as well as his diminished speed).

    A healthy Prust would be a different story altogether.

  16. Dulljerk says:

    For all you analytics freaks (not to be confused with hockey fans):

    Our weekly analytics update, brought to you by the department of statistical incongruence: Sid Crosby, who scored once in the post-season, is the playoff leader in puck possession, according to extraskater.com. That’s nice. Jonathan Toews is 50th in that category while Patrick Kane is 56th. Crosby has one goal in his last 17 playoff games. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, FREAKS!

    No eternal reward will forgive us for wasting the dawn.

    • punkster says:

      Puck possession does not guarantee goals scored (see: Gomez, Scott). It does tell you who possesses the puck and how often…hence the name “possession”.

      I realize that’s an advanced concept for some to grasp but if you’re looking for goals scored you have to look at the stat called “goals”.

      Release the Subbang!!!

      • Dulljerk says:

        Thanks for the clarification, we are all better people because of your insight.

        No eternal reward will forgive us for wasting the dawn.

  17. JF says:

    Therrien says we’ll know Monday morning whether Price can play. Brandon Prust thinks he’s OK.:


    • johnnylarue says:

      It’s a head-game-y time of year.

      I personally think Price will be fine, but unlike “Kid CONFIRMED”, I don’t claim to have VIP access to the Twitter account belonging to the muscle tissue in Carey’s right knee/ankle.

      • Mr. Biter says:

        Johnny, new picture? I’m hope I’m wrong but me thinks Price has suffered an injury on the Rangers 4th goal where Nash gave that nifty stop/back pass (hey gotta give credit where it’s due) where Price and all the Habs thought Nash was going around the net.
        Carey seemed to IMO stretch his leg back and may have pulled a muscle there (whole body weight going one trying to kick leg back the other not good for muscles). Hope I’m wrong and he’s in the nets tomorrow. The old saving him for Monday is like a “Lower Body Injury”.

        Mr. Biter
        No Guts No Glory

  18. Mavid ® says:

    Throw in the towel..and you call yourselves habs fans..meh..

    Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  19. 19yan65 says:

    does anyone know of a team coming back and winning a series after such a bad start.The only comfort I have is that thought out the season the habs have always had a bad game following a bruins game.I wanted to let everyone know that yes living here in Orlando is not a bad thing considering the winter you all had up north. You might all be happy though at this point in the playoffs living up north. twice now
    I ve gone to local bars which have TVs only to find out that not one single TV was showing hockey not one. Even yesterday the habs playing the rangers I though that a bunch of new Yorkers would have asked to have the game on.It s amazing that such an awesome sport like hockey does not get the attention like the other three sports do.

    • FormalWare says:

      Are you kidding? Happens all the time. Happened in the first round (Kings vs. Sharks). Habs have done it numerous times in their storied past.

      WWSD (What Would SubbieDoo?)

    • Puck Bard says:

      1979 Finals. Habs lose the opening game to the Rangers 4 -1. Dryden is pulled in 3rd and replaced by Bunny Larocque. Habs go on to win the Cup.

      Not as lopsided, but interesting.

  20. Puck Bard says:

    I just gotta know who said bench Gionta? Show yourselves.

  21. johnnylarue says:

    Re: Buds vs Toker (a little BC-flavoured humour for you there)

    I’m all for playing Budaj in NYC, if required–he tends to play better on the road, far from the raucous Bell Centre zealots. And he’s solid enough to steal us a game if we catch him on a good night.

    But if Carey can’t go tomorrow night (God help us all), I think Tokarski might be the better choice. This will force to the Habs skaters to double down on defence and play with an extra degree of alertness in their zone–as was the case in Anaheim. And the kid will be so adrenalized he’ll practically be levitating… which is great, so long as he’s not quite high enough off the ice that a puck could get through.

    As for Kreider? Accident or not, the fact that he’s hit three goalies hard enough for people to notice in his very young NHL career–including the consensus MVP of the 2014 playoffs to date–should be enough to make him a marked man. I’m not advocating any retaliatory BS here–but I’d certainly be casting an occasional precautionary glance over my shoulder if I were him…

    • Le Jadester says:

      Agreed RE: the Toker
      He should start if CP is hurt IMO.
      Budaj to me, will always be just a backup.
      Can’t see him taking us to the Cup Finals ?

      Habs, OLE !

  22. 24 Cups says:

    HI/O fans lament the bending of the rules and Neanderthal actions by teams such as Boston, Toronto and Philadelphia. Then they say that the Habs should run Lindqvist or hurt one of the Ranger stars. I don’t think we can have it both ways. You either take the high road or scratch and claw in the gutter. Obviously, there are ramifications for both trains of thought.

    24.6 Cups

    • johnnylarue says:

      I agree. The bloodthirst doesn’t reflect particularly well on us.

      But I’ll confess that Kreidergate adds a much-needed dash of spice to this series, which up until now was feeling a bit too much like watching two rival aunts playing tiddlywinks.

    • JF says:

      You’re right, Steve. I admit that my initial reaction was that we should try to take out Lundqvist, and I even posted that thought. But on maturer reflection, I guess we just have to hit Kreider repeatedly and hard, but within the rules, and hope to at least make him a bit more cautious. The thing is, this isn’t the first or even the second time he’s done that.

    • Puck Bard says:

      That’s the ticket, focus on hurting Lindqvist and Kreider and forget about playing your game: exactly the mindset that defeated Boston.

  23. habstrinifan says:

    Here are my two surprising changes for the 2ND game against the Rangers.

    I am taking the word of those who say Alex Galchenyuk is ready.

    Insert White and Galchenyuk.

    Sit Prust and Bournival. Yes Bournival.

    Bournival is a nice speedy player and I see him in HABS future long term. But I think we need more potential for scoring and Galchenyuk brings that. I also believe that White (if coached well) is as tough a ‘deterrent’ as Prust and may even be more dangerous offensively.

    • Le Jadester says:

      Can’t really take Bournival out IMO.

      Habs, OLE !

    • johnnylarue says:

      I love you, but you’re out to lunch re: Bournival, Trini. He’s one of our few forwards who can actually match the Rangers’ speed stride for stride. There’s no way White takes his spot.

      Prust on the other hand? The game was possibly already lost, but his absolutely ineffectual slashing of Kreider helped turn a bad game into one of the Habs’ all-time worst. He’s obviously injured and/or not playing his best hockey right now. I think sitting him for a game for Chucky–provided the kid’s wheels are at 100%– would make some sense.

      Edited to add “I love you, but…” 😉

      • habstrinifan says:

        OK with the exception you took to my scratching Bournival. I can understand it. And you know I’m a Bournival lover.

        But with Prust out as we both agree, we need White’s pugnacity. Simply put we have no one else who can do that job and while we dont want mayhem, we need to be able to get in some Rangers’ faces… so we will need a White.

        I think if Galchenyuk is healthy you gotta get him in.

        So if not Bournival… who?

        You may want to say Briere but we need Briere’s veteran scoring possibility.

        Sorry my friend, I just cant see another solution.

        You need Galchenyuk IN and you also need the ‘fist factor’ that a healthy Prust would have brought.

        Bottom line is I hate to do it but I see no other alternative for this one game.

  24. jrs10069 says:

    thankfully wasn’t able to watch the game yesteday, stuck at a late mother’s day bash for the inlaw…

    Just saw the Kreider incident. No f’n question he did it on purpose. Remember these guys are proferssionals, they know where their limbs are at all times. Go ultra hard at the net and if you happen to go down, take him out.

    If carey is ok (and he is) then we could bounce off this to create some much needed animosity. Too f’n friendly.

    Person who should be most pissed is Henrik as I fucken guarantee he’s getting smoked game 2. Bourque? Eller? Someone needs to “drive hard and fall skates up”

    Let the games begin.

    PS wtf is the league doing allowing super stars to get f’d up like that. Total idiots.

    Go Weir.


  25. HardHabits says:

    After a gruelling 7 game series against Boston the Habs seemed to forget how to play hockey.

    They also forgot that turning the other cheek is great against the Bruins but not when your all-world goaltender gets categorically pummelled and possibly injured. What’s done is done and it’s too late for retribution. The Habs have to beat the crap out the Rags on the scoreboard. I think they can do it with Budaj in nets as well as with Price. But the Habs need to step it up… to the level they played against the Bruins in game 6 and then some. You’re only as good as your last win.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Lots of great discussion today, but this is the first post that makes me lament having to wait another 24 hours for Game 2!


    • Habs4LifeInTO says:

      I am not the toughest guy ever, and I don’t like bullies either. Hate Marchand’s hijinks. But when push comes to shove you kinda have to shove back. Kreider’s move was intentional (seems to be his MO) and there needs to be a response. First thing Habs need to do is win game two at all costs. Then Krieder needs to feel some heat. Again don’t like fighting in hockey and I hate bullies but sometimes you just gotta let people know you are pissed. Chr*st I still have some testosterone left, unlike some opinions on here who still seem to be undecided about this. I hope I don’t have to share a foxhole with some of the mamby pambies on here!!! Go Habs go!

      24 cups and counting….

  26. CH Marshall says:

    I’m mot into this retribution stuff. The time to do it may have been game 1. If Carey needs time to heal, and could play by game 4, then I say find a way to win or buy him time. We have our mission and the sense of urgency will increase with each game.

  27. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Ok, NHL Rules-Hounds:

    What exactly are the rules relevant to Kreider’s slide yesterday? What’s the worst he COULD have got?

    You can argue that the slide was a) deliberate; b) accidental (caused by the D, similar to the Anderson episode); or c) reckless.

    I suspect that not one of those is actually outlawed in the NHL rulebook, nor by NHL culture. If I’m correct, then a 6’3, 230lb player skating full speed directly at our gold-medalist, franchise, red-hot goalie may well have an imprecise feeling that something beneficial will come of it: a goal, a penalty, a scare for the goalie, or even game-ending (or worse) injury.

    In the post-game discussion, the only potential penalty I noticed being discussed was 2 minutes for interference. Had he been given it, the trade-off would have been one PK in exchange for the disabling of the star goalie.

    Therefore what is there — other than some private moral misgivings — to stop a big, fast player like Kreider from doing what he did?

    Nothing. As things stand, it’s part of the NHL’s version of hockey. As Timo mentions on the previous thread, the league has no class.

  28. Puck Bard says:

    I love the people on here saying “throw in the towel”.

    Yes, because that’s what you do when you have a possible 6 games left to play.

  29. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Your avatar! It has suddenly become clear to me: Bob Gainey and my Auntie Lavinia must have been separated at birth! (And yet still somehow went to the exact same hairdresser!)

  30. Danno says:

    There needs to be a measured and proportionate response to Chris Kreider’s accidental-on-purpose collision on Carey Price.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Even apart from retribution, just making him a little more cautious would slow him down a bit and make it easier for us to cover him. So could we perhaps pound him ceaselessly? Within the rules, but ceaselessly and unpleasantly.

  31. RockinRey says:

    Anyone thinking we should sub in Crankshaft? ( I kid no need to make things even more hilarious by exposing the D)

    ‘This organization going forward must set its sights on competing for the game’s ultimate prize every season — and no lesser standard should be accepted.’
    —Geoff Molson, Canadiens owner and president

  32. CrankFSU says:

    Whatt were the line combinations at practice?


  33. FlyAngler says:

    I am generally opposed to deliberate attempts to injure opposition players, but most moral norms do have exceptions right? For instance, I would not shed any tears for Chara if in fact it was Mikael Bournival’s stick that injured Chara’s hand- what goes around comes around right? Even for 7 foot tall freaks with pole vault length hockey sticks.
    Sooooo, I am sure that the Habs are well aware that Monsieur Kreider is wearing a shield over his left hand after having surgery to repair it. Maybe that’s what Prust was aiming for yesterday afternoon when he got the 4:00 in penalties for slashing and unsportsmanlike conduct. If so, Prust deserves praise not blame and I for one only regret that Prust’s actions did not achieve the desired result.

    The puck daddy video that I posted earlier is not Kreider’s only “brush with the law”- He was suspended for boarding while playing in the AHL and there was this questionable hit in a game against Columbus:


    I say “Ban Him!”

    “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

    • Jimmy Page says:

      Fedor Tyutin
      Scott Upshall
      Craig Anderson
      MA Fleury
      Carey Price

      Kreider is amassing a nice little history of being a reckless fool. A full speed charge on Price? Sitting down skates first? Accident? Yeah right.

      Watch the clip on Fleury and see how Kreider likes to lie on the ice after these hits pretending he is hurt. Its his MO.


      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Thanks for the vid.

        You can hear the NBC colour-man exclaiming “I don’t know what else Kreider can do!”, ie. to avoid hitting MAF.

        If the NHL had rules to protect goalies, then Kreider would not likely have chosen that angle of attack.

        Meanwhile, the NBC guy is correct. Within current rules and culture Kreider did nothing wrong except make contact with the goalie inside the crease. No extra sanction for it being at full speed.

        The NHL is despicably classless.

      • Habs4LifeInTO says:

        Now we are catching on!!! But what to do about it??? You can bet that the players are well aware of this….this should help them find the motivation to dig deep and win game 2. That’s all I’d like to see. Oh and If Krieder should find himself on the trolley tracks……

        24 cups and counting….

  34. Odie24 says:

    9 people voted to sit Brendan Gallagher in favour of Galchenyuk. You nine started watching hockey yesterday, right?

  35. Maritime Ronn says:

    If, and that’s a bid IF, Carey can’t go tomorrow night, it will be a tough choice for the Habs organization.

    Logic would say Budaj, yet that just may NOT be the right choice at this time for a host of reasons.

    While all quarters say Budaj is a great team mate and partner for Carey and the rest – and he has played some great ‘Back-Up’ games when there was little to no pressure, when Budaj was called upon to be the Real #1, he has underperformed….or even failed in that duty.

    Ex. 1:
    Game 5 vs Ottawa in last year’s playoffs after Carey was hurt.
    The Habs lost 6-1, and Budaj posted a terrible .793 SP.
    He gave up 3 goals on 18 shots in the first 2 periods, and was clearly nervous and overwhelmed.

    Ex. 2:
    When Price was hurt following the Olympics, Budaj was called upon to replace him and again, had the real pressure of a #1.
    His record was 2-5 and he surrendered 23 goals in those 7 games for a GAA of 3.29.
    In 5 of those games, his Save Percentage was < .880, with a low of .783.

    Most know of the pedigree of Carey Price before he entered the NHL and was handed the starting job.
    – He won a Gold medal at the 2007 World Juniors.
    – He won both the Del Wilson Trophy as the top goaltender in the WHL, and CHL Goaltender of the Year in his final season of major junior in 2007.
    – He won the AHL Calder Cup, winning the Jack A. Butterfield Trophy as playoff MVP.

    Now meet Dustin Tokarski:

    – He led Spokane to the 2008 Memorial Cup, and was named the top goaltender and most valuable player of the playoffs.
    – He lead Team Canada to Gold at the 2009 World Juniors.
    – In 2012, he won the AHL's Calder Cup with the Norfolk.

    Tokarski appeared in 3 games for the Habs this year.
    He shutout Buffalo in Buffalo on March 16th.
    He beat Anaheim in Anaheim in OT posting a .929 SP.

    Make your choice… if the nightmare comes true.

    • BJ says:

      I’m in full agreement. Its a no brainer to go with Tokarski.

      • 24 Cups says:

        This line of thought basically means Tokarski is a Hail Mary pass by the Habs just like Anaheim and Gibson. The only difference is that Tokarski ain’t no Gibson.

        It’s pretty tough not to start a guy with nine years of NHL experience. I don’t think MT could win either way.

        24.6 Cups

    • habsfan0 says:

      I believe Budaj is 5-0 at the TD Garden which isn’t the easiest place to play.

      • Maritime Ronn says:

        Budaj is 4-1 against Boston in a Habs sweater.

        While that is terrific, the point being made was that those were ‘no pressure’ games – almost games that were expected to be lost, or 1 point would have been great.

        When Budaj felt he was expected to be a #1 as mentioned above, he did not perform.

        • habsfan0 says:

          Well then,using that logic,if Budaj starts tomorrow night’s game against the Rangers in lieu of Price,it can be deemed to be a “no pressure” game as well, as not too many people will be expecting the Habs to win it as a result.

          And by the way,Budaj IS 5-0 at TD Garden,5-2 overall record vs the Bruins.

          • Maritime Ronn says:

            Big pressure game.

            Something tells me the Habs don’t want to be down 2-0.
            NHL teams already have a ‘book’ on Budaj.
            They don’t with Tokarski.

            Take the example of Rangers Backup Cam Talbot.
            He played his first games in the NHL this year.
            No book on him.

            He shutout the Habs in November, then gave up 1 single goal against the Habs in OT in the last game of the year and posted a .963 SP.

    • lavie says:

      Good analysis.

      If Price is not ready, Tokarski should be the #1 tomorrow.

  36. piper says:

    Put in Whitey, he’ll know what to do. Put in Parros to pound on Kreider. Time to send a message.

  37. Max says:

    I’ll sign up with the habs for one game for free and take Kreider and Lundqvist out myself.The boys need to man up a bit.

  38. Ian Cobb says:

    So we lost a game by 5 goals! Its only one lousy game.
    Bruins the best team in the league this year, lost to us by 4 goals!

  39. AH says:

    Habs need to get some hate on for this series? Well now they have it:


    Like CJ said how come no one destroyed him after he took Price out? Imagine if Max did that to Rask? He’d probably be concussed; that’s still a part of this team I don’t like, they sit back and do nothing after Price gets hammered!

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      It’s possible they were still in their Bruins-Strategy mind-set: let the OTHER guy take the penalty.

    • hockeyrealist says:

      Agreed, that is one of those times someone needs to send a message. If we get hit with a penalty, we can kill it but be sure to make players think twice before going recklessly to the net. When you take out a tender, you expect/deserve retribution. Kreider got up expecting trouble and almost looked relieved/surprised that no one was doing a THING.Commentators were boasting of how “fearless” and brave Kreider is for driving hard to the net, when in reality that is reckless and endangers a fellow player’s career. Watching habs stand around after Price gets taken out is most frustrating part of liking this team.

      “One defends when his strength is inadequate, he attacks when it is abundant”
      Sun Tzu

  40. CHicoHab says:

    Commandant your points are valid. But what if the refs had ruled it intentional?? He goes to box and the game could have changed. Also I am suspect to how NY didn’t get their first penalty until 15:53 if the second. Just sayin.

    • hockeyrealist says:

      Good point on lack of calls vs Rangers. Especially given the tight calls against habs (Bourque’s back to back were stingy calls given the amount of tugging that goes on). As far as the play/non-call on Kreider running Price: I’d gladly take offsetting minors in exchange for Kreider being pummeled. Rask got free shots on Pleky and a Bruin’s p.p. as recent example, so I think it is worth the risk. Price is this team night in night out (usually) and should be for another decade at least, he should be protected like the pope.
      “One defends when his strength is inadequate, he attacks when it is abundant”
      Sun Tzu

  41. UKRAINIANhab says:

    Watch Price be fine… Stop speculating we will never know…..

  42. Commandant says:

    Was it accidental? Intentional? Accidentally on purpose? Who cares… I don’t.

    It happened. Which means two things going forward.

    1) Price may or may not be injured. Lets hope he can play.
    2) The Habs believe it was intentional based on the words of Therrien and Prust. Given that, the team has a villain now…. and that wil allow the emotion of the Boston series to come into play.

    Go Habs Go!


  43. Mondou6 says:

    We have to go with Budaj, no chance of Tokarski.

    Either way, our season is over. It would be nice it we at least knocked out Lundqvist as payback before the Rangers move on to the Finals.

    Sucks, but this is a good example of a team that relies heavily on its goalie, and has absolutely no one to protect him. Krieder knew all to well that if he hurts Price, they win the series.

    • BJ says:

      We would win with Tokarski. I’ve seen him play enough this year to see that he could replace Price. I am not confident with Budaj.

    • kalevine says:

      Budaj was thrown in the Ottawa series at a key point and he failed. It’s maybe not fair to him but gotta go with Tokarski

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      This could be how it plays out, M6, but no way automatically. If you’re a fan of Pierre Mondou, you’re old enough to remember the 1991 Super Bowl when Jeff Hostetler (originally the Giants’ third-string QB) had to start for Phil Simms who was injured the previous month. I realise that, unlike Budaj/Tokarski were either to start tomorrow, Hostetler completed the Giants’ season (two games) and played for all the playoffs. Still, he had previously completed only 100 passes for the Giants in 7 seasons! Professional sports are full of these stories, man!

      (And I acknowledge that you have previously confessed to being a committed pessimist!).

      (Worst comes to worst and you stop watching, I’ll text you the scores!)

    • habs-hampton says:

      I’m sure TB would argue they lost because they lost Bishop and couldn’t replace him. Who knows, they may be right.

  44. habs-hampton says:

    I am getting so tired of hearing about Ryan Mcdonough being let go by the habs. Has something like this never happened before? If the Habs win and Prust has a good series, will the story be about NY letting him go?

    Management made a mistake. 29 teams made mistakes as well. How many teams passed on PK in his draft year? 30! and some of them passed twice!

    LET IT GO!!!

    • kalevine says:

      it was not simply a mistake, it was a colossal one on at least 2 levels. Losing McDonagh was not even half of it. Taking on a prematurely washed up player’s massive cap hit for 3 years was even more damaging as it constrained the team for that entire period

      • habs-hampton says:

        No argument here at all, but its over. Get over it. If you want a silver lining, Gomez helped up us finish last 2 years ago, and we drafted Gally.

        Now move along people, nothing to see here.

        • ont fan says:

          They were talking about McDonagh on the Reporters. Farber said he was told at the time, top 4 would have been high end if everything went absolutely right. Move on!

        • RockinRey says:

          I am going to continue lamenting for the simple reason that the Habs have had the fortune through the years to come across some pretty good defenseman . Rod Langway anyone? Chris Chelios? Desjardins? Schneider? Kurvers? Need I go on? These guys were traded away for next to nothing or for assets that were not fair value or past their prime.

          By all accounts he was a blue chipper. Gomez was smooth skating underachiever that really had not lived up to the productivity level that was projected for him.

          That and the fact the Habs didn’t have depth on the blue line should still bother us!! They are still paying for it.

          ‘This organization going forward must set its sights on competing for the game’s ultimate prize every season — and no lesser standard should be accepted.’
          —Geoff Molson, Canadiens owner and president

  45. RockinRey says:

    Anyone else becoming nauseous with the whole I am Martin St. Louis having been snubbed my whole life and I carry this major chip on my shoulder act….?

    ‘This organization going forward must set its sights on competing for the game’s ultimate prize every season — and no lesser standard should be accepted.’
    —Geoff Molson, Canadiens owner and president

    • JUST ME says:

      I would tend to agree with you but if he gets the same treatment as D.D. still gets in MTL then i say it`s a well justified source of motivation for him.

    • Max says:

      Yes,it’s an old and tired schtick.

    • BJ says:

      Yes, you get tired of the victim act …….

    • Habs4LifeInTO says:

      OH my..He throws a tantrum because he got left off the Olympic team. Then as the captain of Tampa Bay, he demands a trade from the team. Please do not hold St.Louis up as an example of a team guy. I am sorry about his Mom, she died young, but the media are really over playing this. Only fools buy in to this soap opera BS in my opinion.

      24 cups and counting….

  46. CHicoHab says:

    I just saw the Price injury again. Seems pretty much pre meditated on Kreiders part. He’s barely tapped by our D and definitely seems to have flung himself feet first into Carey. Wreck less.

  47. BJ says:

    RDS reports that Price was on the ice testing his knee with goalie coach Waite. He went through a few exercises and left the ice. I don’t want to be negative but it sounds like when he returned from Sochi.

  48. ACEEAGLE says:

    I would like to see our # 1 line during the last part of the year go back together. There is no chemistry between PLEKS and Vanek.

    If Chuck is ready then here are my lines.

    Patch DD Vanek
    Kid Line
    Bourque Pleks Gionta
    Wiese Briere White

  49. HabsPooch says:

    Report from TSN:

    Goaltender Carey Price tested a suspected knee injury briefly ahead of an optional practice on Sunday, but his fitness for Game 2 of the NHL Eastern Conference final remains in doubt.
    Price went on the ice with goaltending coach Stephane Waite for about five minutes, mostly moving side to side in the crease. Then they left the ice.
    There was no immediate word on his condition from the team.

    I remember the same thing happened when he came back from the Olympics and then missed a few weeks…not a good sign.

  50. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Tell me if I’ve overlooked one, but here’s how I see the possibilities:

    1) Price is fine.
    1b) Price is fine and the practice precautions represent a bit of gamesmanship (Cheers, Charliehodge)
    2) Price is injured, misses some or all of semis. Available for Finals if we prevail without him.
    3) Price is gone til October.

    The suggestions of some (esteemed) posters are tantamount to saying, “Forfeit the remaining games!”

    But Hey! I want to watch! If Price can’t go, I want to see how these potential Champs adapt for playing in front of Budaj or Tokarski. It ain’t never over til it’s over.

  51. ooder says:

    Next game. Bournival winds up from our blue line and runs right into Henrik skates first. Accidebtly of course

  52. BJ says:

    I would actually feel confident going in with Tokarski. I remember way back when, Punch Imlach called a certain Habs a Jnr. B goalie, Rogatien Vachon and he did just fine. I watched Tokarski in about 20 games this year and he is an NHL goalie and will be a good one at that.

  53. HabsKid says:

    Price frequently doesn’t attend the optional practices. I wouldn’t worry. I think he probably told MT to pull him since there was an epic collapse occurring before his eyes. That game reminded me of the Sens series last year. Seems like that’s the team that showed up. The un scouted, unprepared group of “we beat Boston, we can best anyone” dumbasses. Time to realize every game is a big game now. They whine about not bring respected, yet don’t play well enough to earn it.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      I think your “dumbasses” description probably better sums up us fans than it does the team! There’s no way a group of professional athletes goes into a championship semifinal with that mind-set, no matter how much the way they played makes it look like they did.

      • BJ says:

        It took the Habs a period to adjust to the extra speed the Rangers brought in. With a bit of luck on the PK shot where Lundqvist made a great save and we’re tied. Emelin got caught (almost on a delay on his part at the offensive blue line) and we go into the third with momentum and the rash of penalties would probably not have happened. We are good to go for game 2, none of which will be easy either way.

    • kalevine says:

      it was sooooo much like the trouncings against Ottawa, one of which was 6-1 at home, just as bad as 7-2 IMO. Things get out of hand in the third, Habs take a bunch of penalties, and the opponents fatten their individual stats

      • Mondou6 says:

        I know, it feels exactly like it. Game 1 against Ottawa, everyone was excited for the series, then boom, Eller to the hospital. We collapse, series over.

        Game 1 against the Rangers, everyone was excited for the series, then boom, Price gets drop kicked, we collapse.

        Feels like series is over, again.

        • kalevine says:

          I’ll admit it looks bad, but let’s gives the Habs a chance to show some character and even things up. Then anything’s possible

        • scamorza says:

          I agree of the similarities up to a point this is a better team than last year full stop

          come to Dorion suits where you get no….”hassoles” _ Yvon Lambert

  54. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    I hope it’s gamesmanship with Price – if you were a Ranger and did convince yourself he was hurt and then when you skated out to play, he passed you doing ice ballet, it would give you the blues. If he’s not hurt, you might as well keep them guessing.

    • RoySubbanPrice says:

      If it’s gamesmanship, he’s not injured as bad and ready for Gm 2, and we’re just messing around with the Rangers, that’d be awesome!

      Rather than “upper-body/lower-body injury or it’s a gametime decision”
      No one remembers those who play average – PK Subban

  55. frontenac1 says:

    If Price is a no go for Game 2. Put in Toker. Sit the 2 rookies and put in Crankshaft and Parros to hurt some Blue Shirts and send a message. Then put the rookies back in for Game 3. Habs in 6. I’m down a Pint. Off to the Saloon to watch the Hawks game. Saludos Amigos!

  56. C-Sword says:

    All Bournival has is speed, he has no finish, but we need his speed, cause it can create scoring chances for his teammates. Briere has once again proven himself to be a clutch player in the last 2 series. Prust has been terrible in the playoffs with the exception of the last 2 games against the Bruins. Eller has been our most consistent forward and that’s with very few presences on the power play, if you voted for him, then you’re just a hater. As for Bourque, yes he took 2 penalties, the 2nd one was BS though, he still scored a goal, some people are just ungrateful, he was your hero a few weeks ago and now you want him off the team, he sure wasn’t our worst forward in the recent games.

    Max is simply getting a pass, cause he was our leading goal scorer in the regular season, the penalty he took against the Bruins in game 7 was just so lazy, yes he scored a goal, but we got a goal scored against us and gave the Bruins hope afterwards because of him. I don’t like the fact Desharnais and Gallagher are the ones doing all the battles in the corner.

    • BJ says:

      Eller and Bourque have been our two best forwards. Even though Bourque took some penalties, one for an elbow (he was showing some fight while most others on the team were on quit mode). Getting on Bourque’s case is not the way to get him to perform. I would say Prust 1st or Bournival second if someone needs to be taken out. And yes crash the net accidentally on purpose…..

  57. BJ says:

    Canada 3 2 OT win vs Sweden.

  58. Strummer says:

    ” Habs hold Sunday practice without Price after Game 1 loss to Rangers’

    What excactly does Price need to practice?

    “You are not T.J. Oshie. Do not shoot pucks at people without a helmet.”.

  59. Butterface says:

    Tokarski if Price is out.

    Regardless we should “accidentally” run Lundqvist skates first at 50mph… take our their goalie and have a back up vs back up series.

    We won’t get a penalty. They didn’t.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…..

    • RoySubbanPrice says:

      “accidentally” run Lundqvist skates first at 50mph…lol amen to that, if price is out for the whole series, what a ****y move by Kreider & the Rangers, very Matt Cookish of them.

      No one remembers those who play average – PK Subban

  60. 24AW says:

    Not to worry, LA or Chicago will be sipping out of the CUP!

  61. frontenac1 says:

    So Speed and Finesse won the first round. Speed and Rough won the second round. Now it’s time for a combo of both. Hit like hell and skate like the wind boys! Habs in 6.

  62. UKRAINIANhab says:

    So if we don’t have Price…

    Budaj or Tokarski?

  63. RoySubbanPrice says:

    I guess Price isn’t gonna be 100% for Gm2, delay in coming out saying “it’s not as bad as it looked” is says alot. When Habs faced Tampa and Bishop was out, they played the “Bishop is practicing but not game-ready yet” card, and once we sweeped them, oh he broke/dislocated his elbow or needs surgery.

    Budaj for Game 2 – I hope that’s not the case, and wrong. He’s not bad, but would be way better if Price beats Lundqvist than the Budaj. But if Budaj gets us a series win then, great. Gives Price a rest. Hope Price is 100% and just had a minor setback.
    Habs medical staff do your thing!

    Hopefully Weise, and Briere are more factors as they’ve been in the Bolts and Bruins Series. They’ve done way more than Vanek has given the TOI.

    No one remembers those who play average – PK Subban

    • PK says:

      If Budaj can play a solid game without giving up soft goals, we have a chance (and he can be good at times, as we have seen).

      If the rest of the team plays well … we will be OK.

      >>>>> Les Canadiens sont là

      • scamorza says:

        If price is out and I think he will be we will have to go with Budaj . We will no longer be the favorites but I like us as underdogs and yes you are right the rest of the team will have to play that much better. This does not mean instant loss. And if Budaj falters bring in Tokarski . hope he can steal a few games like Gibson before that ship sunk. hopefully price is ready for the cup final against Chicago but why is it that I can see the NHL corp office love a NY vs LA final

        come to Dorion suits where you get no….”hassoles” _ Yvon Lambert

      • RoySubbanPrice says:

        eventhough he’s barely played in this year’s playoffs, when counted upon his demeanour wasn’t necessarily stabilizing “I got this, go mount a comeback”, mind you the team was playing like crap. But wth, realistically he’s the next goaler with playoff experience right!

        No one remembers those who play average – PK Subban

  64. JUST ME says:

    Would not be nervous one bit if Budaj was to take the goals for the Habs. Of course Carey is the best but Peter has had the Rangers` number.

    That being said, it does not mean anything either whether Price is practicing or not at this time of the year. To be perfectly fair, if the practice is to correct what went wrong yesterday , where do we start ?

    So for now let`s chill out !

  65. Seps says:

    All is not lost if Price is hurt, Tokarski is a proven big game competitor and played well when he was called up this year. He won gold at the world juniors, I was at the game when he won the memorial cup (then broke it haha) and I hadn’t ever seen a goalie stand on his head like that before in such a big game. He’s also won the Calder Cup with a ridiculous .944 SV%.

    He has a lot to prove in the NHL and I see him as a wildcard because he was so good this year when he was called up.
    3 GP .946 SV% 1.84GAA 1 SO

    You never know…

  66. C-Sword says:

    Deep down, I want to vote for the little girl or the perimeter guy.

    • UKRAINIANhab says:

      Great idea lets take out our best 2 way player and best goal scorer! Awesome!!!

    • RockinRey says:

      Little girl? Davey? I am not a big fan. But his the complete opposite of the start of the year. Perimter player? ARe we to assume Patches ???

      ‘This organization going forward must set its sights on competing for the game’s ultimate prize every season — and no lesser standard should be accepted.’
      —Geoff Molson, Canadiens owner and president

      • UKRAINIANhab says:

        Pleks is the little girl… Still don’t know why we still talk about him like that… Was like 10 years ago.

        • RockinRey says:

          That’s right . He was the one who said it too.

          ‘This organization going forward must set its sights on competing for the game’s ultimate prize every season — and no lesser standard should be accepted.’
          —Geoff Molson, Canadiens owner and president

    • Danno says:

      Or the Captain who can’t finish on wide-open nets


      “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
      Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

      • RockinRey says:

        Gio has no strength his arms. He can’t battle for pucks…..

        ‘This organization going forward must set its sights on competing for the game’s ultimate prize every season — and no lesser standard should be accepted.’
        —Geoff Molson, Canadiens owner and president

  67. Danno says:

    The more I look at it the more I feel Kreider knew what he was doing and meant to hurt Price.

    Kreider slammed into Senators goalie Craig Anderson last year and put him out for 19 games with an ankle injury.

    Without Price we can start un-planning the parade.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  68. 24 Cups says:

    Funny how the glass can go from being half full to half empty in a matter of 24 hours.

    Here’s hoping this is a precautionary move on the part of the Habs.

    Time to get outside and enjoy today’s abundant sunshine.

    24.6 Cups

  69. J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

    The Price knee-watch is on. Makes me very, very anxious.
    Meanwhile, might it be wise to break up Emelin and Markov? Maybe pair Emelin with Gorges and Subban with Markov?
    And while we’re playing the juggle game, when Galchenyuk is ready (likely Thursday), what about having him and Gallagher centered by Pleks? And move Vanek back up with DD and Patches? Not out of a sense of panic, but because DD is not a shooter. He’s always looking to dish, and he needs a second finisher like Vanek to make it difficult on defensive coverage.
    Plus, the two Gallys have a real synergy together, and Pleks can make up for some of Galchenyuk’s inevitable missed defensive zone coverages.
    The Eller line, I wouldn’t touch. Best, most consistent line all playoffs.

    I remember Dec. 31, 1975

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Good suggestions, and very practical about Galchenyuk’s line-mates.

      But who do you drop for him? FlyAngler and I are very interested to know!

      • J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

        I’d drop Bournival. I love him, and his forecheck was key against the Bruins. But he is awful around the net. We need goals against the Rangers. Bourny will be then ready to step in for Prust should he struggle. Or even for Bourque should he revert to his old brain-dead ways (like taking consecutive hooking minors).

        I remember Dec. 31, 1975

        • Bob_Sacamano says:

          Great idea! Just like the one you had last month. Remember? Eller should not play for us anymore…

          You go with the most talented lineup. That means either Prust or Weise sits and right now I´d prefer to see Weise in.

    • UKRAINIANhab says:

      Good ideas.

  70. 24AW says:

    Habs have to score or it won’t be a repeat of Boston, Rangers have a better defense than the Habs, Goaltending about even, More scoring or a Early exit. Boston had a better defense than the Habs and rangers but had problems scoring because of blocked shots and Carey Price. Gotta get back to playing that way or it’s Bye Bye Time. one game is not a series, but keep playing that way and it will be. Bottom line they didn’t come to play Saturday and we saw the results.

  71. Ozmodiar says:

    Hey, just noticed some people voted for Pleks, Eller and Gallagher in the poll. 🙂

  72. PK says:

    I guess we will have to wait a while to get a definitive answer on Price.

    >>>>> Les Canadiens sont là

  73. Ron says:

    Hope Price is ok..

  74. Habs4LifeInTO says:

    24 cups and counting….

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