Habs tee up new season at golf tournament

(Photo: Dave Sidaway The Gazette)

George Parros and Danny Brière made their official debuts as Habs Tuesday at the Canadiens’ annual golf tournament at Laval-sur-le-Lac.

Parros, who was acquired by the Habs from the Florida Panthers in July, said he was looking forward to playing in a “hockeycentric” environment.

“It’s such a storied franchise. There’s a lot of history here and certainly you capture the attention of a greater audience here in Montreal, so I’m looking forward to that,” Parros said.

Parros estimates he has 20,000 new followers on Twitter since he was acquired by Montreal, including probably 9,000 within minutes of the trade.

Parros had surgery in May for a rotator cuff tear and isn’t sure if he’ll be ready for the Canadiens’ season opener on Oct. 1 at the Bell Centre against the Toronto Maple Leafs. He has been rehabbing the injury all summer.

“It’s been going really well. So I hope it continues and I hope to start the season on time,” he said.

“But … we’re just not sure. We’ll see how the shoulder responds coming up here.”

Former Philadelphia Flyers centreman Brière grew up watching and rooting for the Canadiens and signed with the team as a free agent in July.

“To finally be here, to be part of this family is something very special to me,” Brière said.

“I’m not coming here to be a passenger. ..I want to make a difference,” he added.

“I want to be a guy that they can rely on for offence and someone that can help at any time.”

Twenty-two Canadiens’ players attended the golf event to raise money for the Montreal Canadiens’ Children’s Foundation. Tomas Plekanec, whose father passed away on the weekend, was absent, as was Davis Drewiske, whose mother is ill.

Below you can watch video of interviews with Canadiens owner Geoff Molson, GM Marc Bergevin and players P.K. Subban, Parros and Brière:

Habs GM Bergevin has guarded optimism about new season, by Pat Hickey

New Hab Parros stands tall at golf tournament, by Dave Stubbs

Briere gets first taste of being a Hab, by Brenda Branswell

Back on the links, Canadiens.com

Former Hab Hal Gill still looking for a team, Stuonsports blog

Some golf bloopers as Habs tee up for new hockey season, Stuonsports blog


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  2. frontenac1 says:

    What the hell is a “hulking” defenceman? Is that the opposite of a “pussy” defenceman?

  3. Strummer says:

    Re: Crosby 1-on-1 with Mansbridge tonight on the National.

    Mansbridge “softball question or statement framed as a question”

    Crosby: “cliche- athlete- response”


    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  4. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    Here are my predictions, so I can see if I’m Nostradumbass or not.

    a) a bounceback season for Desharnais
    b) a solid if uneven season from Price, who will steal one or two games
    c) a decent season from Gionta, a slight slump from Gallagher, and a solid run by Pacioretty.
    d) Bourque will be back in the 27 goal range. Briere will be very good.
    e) Gorges will be solid, as he will bounceback too. Drewiske will be a trivia question.
    f) there will be several useless fights involving Parros and Murray
    g) Eller and Galchenyuk will continue to grow – 20 goals for each
    h) my unpopular statement – Subban will have a bit of a hard time with consistency. He’s young and still learning.
    i) if Markov stays healthy, they will make the playoffs comfortably
    j) we will soon hate the Red Wings like our grandfathers did.

  5. HabFab says:

    Alex Belzile added to the Rookie Camp roster but Gervais-Chouinard will not be there.

    Guillaume Lefrançois @GLefrancoisRC

    Alex Belzile ajouté à la liste de joueurs au camp des recrues des #Habs. Avait fini la dernière saison à Hamilton
    Et le gardien Jacob Gervais-Chouinard n’y sera pas

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Alex Belzile was one of the roster fillers on the Bulldogs last season, he did better than the Olivier Fortiers and Philippe Lefebvres and other longshots. I wonder if he’s going to get a serious look, or just be training camp fodder. He’s a right winger and not a bruiser, so he’s not optimal as to fit, but he did show something last year.


      Dan Kramer of AllHabs had this to say about him this spring:


      AHL Numbers: 14 GP, 3-5-8, -4, 11 PIM

      The Skinny: 21 years old, 5’11″, 188 lbs. A late season addition you’ve never heard of who outplayed Danny Kristo. And speaks French.

      His Role: A native of St-Eloi, Quebec, Belzile was signed to a tryout late in the year after scoring 30 points in 40 games for the ECHL’s Gwinnett Gladiators. At the time, it was likely expected for him to serve as a placeholder until some of Montreal’s junior prospects could join the squad.

      His Performance: Belzile performed beyond all expectations, quickly producing and earning a larger role. He found himself almost immediately on a top line with Patrick Holland and Joey Tenute, not looking out of place there. He was moved from the wing to centre once some of the prospects joined the squad, moving to a secondary scoring line to try to spread balance through the team’s units. Belzile plays a simple game. He has a hard shot, though it lacks accuracy. Despite a lack of size, he goes hard to the net, and while not a real hitter, isn’t afraid to engage physically.

      Future Outlook: His play should have earned him a longer look with the organization, though I’d be inclined to offer strictly an AHL deal until he can show continued effort over a larger sample size. I could see him starting on such a contract with the Bulldogs, and perhaps earning a two-way NHL contract by year’s end. Would certainly like to see him back.


      Here’s another writeup.


    • B says:

      “The Habs have added some pieces as well, although it can be argued enforcer George Parros and hulking defenceman Douglas Murray amount to doodling on the margins.”

      –Go Habs Go!–

  6. Maritime Ronn says:

    Good Evening HIO

    RE: PK Subban

    Don Meehan is the most smart/brilliant – agent/Agency (Newport) in the Industry.

    PK will get (if he wants to be in Montreal) 8 years/$60-$64M.
    Geoff Molson will tell Bergevin to “Get It Done”

    Geoff Molson is the owner that certainly cares about winning ( what owner doesn’t?), yet he also cares about the bottom line and paying the bills….and making money

    In 3-4- 5 years with the big Cap increases projected, that will be a discount deal for not only a perennial Norris candidate, but a guy that can move revenues with his Gazillion dollar marketing smile and presence.

    • Habitant in Surrey says:

      …unless PK does something stupid out-of-character, it will be that supercharged personna that will be more than worth $ 7 to $ 9 million/year over the next several years

      …Habs Fans NEEDS PK …does PK NEED Habs Fans …THAT is the question

      …let’s make Life pleasant for the Turdranna native, shall We ? 🙂

      • Maritime Ronn says:

        Habitant in Surrey

        You actually present a GREAT question

        Does PK feel he is a NEW YORK, or LA kinda guy…or a Montreal long timer?

        • Habitant in Surrey says:

          …My gut tells Me He is a Turdranna kinda Guy, unfortunately (mind-space and roots-wise)

          …like being gay, there’s NOTHING wrong with that, of course

          …unless, One is a Habs Fan

  7. HabFab says:

    The Coach takes a look at the Habs Team depth this season. He is missing a goaltender (Mike Condon), whom I’m curious to see how he does after his post college season last year and his play at the Prospects Camp;

  8. HabFab says:

    The Hockey Writers look at what Hamilton can expect for prospects;

  9. HabFab says:

    HabsWorld’s Hockey Fantasy projection for Diaz;

  10. habs11s says:

    Mathieu Garon gets a tryout with the Kings



    “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” -Jacques Plante

  11. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Of course PK does not want to talk contract extension…duhhhh…what brilliant reporting. Why would he want to negotiate now when he has the edge? Unless he tanks, he has 7mill pretty much locked up. That number can only go up with a Team Canada spot and another Norris Trophy (win or nomination). If he negotiated now the Habs would only lowball him so there is no point.

    “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • Haberoooo13 says:

      I think MB knows that he can’t risk low-balling (and risk alienating) PK. He needs to throw a competitive offer right off the bat.

      Na Na Na Les Canadiens Les Canadiens

  12. sweetmad says:

    All this talk about PK not being happy,is absolutely rubbish,if PK didn’t like it here,we would know.He wouldn’t play his heart out,be so close to his team mates,or stand up and say how much he loves it,I know the players have to follow a line,but PK is not a liar.
    He has not been brought up that way,he would say nothing at all,rather than say outright lies.All he said was that he was focused on the season and not on contract talks,he knows what he is worth and what he can get,and the team will pay him that,so why the hell should he worry about contract talks,I think he has already been promised his big pay day,load of gobbledygook.

    As for every one saying that Crisp and McCarron are no good.I think that is really bad,the kids are doomed to failure, if they read that,you have to give them a chance to succeed,before you write them off.
    I trust MB & TT,did their homework,I see these kids as filling a need.

    Surry HAB,the first preseason game is the 15th,I have to get my French package,before that as well,do you have optic or cable,I get HD free on optic,so I pay only the $5.

    I am really beginning to wake up after my summer hibernation.

    • Habitant in Surrey says:

      …optic from Telus Maddy …same here, $ 5

      • Timo says:

        How is Optic? I hear such polarizing opinions about it. Read from some readers that sports in HD can get choppy. What say you, oh wise ones?

        • Habitant in Surrey says:

          …speaking only for Myself. I get a crisp beautiful picture …not sure if that is increased because I also have a high-end TV

          …but I believe optics may have more instances when there is a service interuption compared to cable …overall though picture is very crisp

          • sweetmad says:

            I have a very low end TV ,I have a very good picture,and no problems with the sports being choppy.Had a few problems at the start,but it was my box.
            I must say I like it better than cable,but as with everything,it is far too exspensive for the rubbish programs you get,and the choices for packages, where you get all the programs you never want.
            GO HABS GO

          • Timo says:

            Sweet, that’s the case with ALL providers. Other than promo deals there is little in price difference anymore. There should be a true pick and choose type programming selection, but then of course, that would eliminate 3/4 of TV channels so that’s not gonna happen.

            Thanks for the info though.

          • Habitant in Surrey says:

            …Maddy, with Telus I lucked out on a promotion some of their Indian-based sales marketers promoted 18 to 24 months ago

            …it was called ‘The Best Of HD’ bundle …offered for $ 20

            …it included virtually all the HD channels/stations I was interested in across all their individual bundles, from local, sports, nature, entertainment/movies, CNN/news, etc. …something like 100 channels

            …they found they were losing money because it eliminated it’s customers from having to accept all the crap channels to get the few channels We really want …they stopped offering that bundle, but allowed customers that had subscribed to keep the special offer bundle

            …it has saved $ 30 to $ 40 per month at least

            …when they say that they can’t give you only the channels you want they are full of the stinky 🙂

            …for once I listened to a Bangalore huckster and didn’t regret it 🙂

          • Timo says:

            Did you get free porn? You never really lucked out unless you got free porn, man.

    • D Mex says:

      I don’t really see the concept of ‘ lying ‘ as part of the discussion about PK (or other players) being happy or not in Montreal. But it sure seems to be that, early on, players are enthusiastic to be in the league, and whichever franchise they sign with is storied, rich in history, and / or a great hockey market, etc etc …
      Subban is thrilled to be in Montreal – especially with his dad being a lifelong Habs fan … anyone who believes Malcolm isn’t mouthing something similar for the Boston media is naive IMO. Parros is happy to be playing in a hockey-centric market, and Briere grew up watching the Habs.
      It’s all scripted to a degree, but better that than the fiction Laracque spewed about this time 5 years ago. Good old-fashioned loyalty is fading fast : as long as they play hard while they’re here, that’s all that can be asked and expected. 2¢ worth …

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

  13. Haberoooo13 says:

    Golf Tournament? Check!
    Price is overpaid/over-rated? Check!
    Habs are too small (smurfs)? Check!

    2013-14 HIO is alive and well!

    Na Na Na Les Canadiens Les Canadiens

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Golf Tournament? Check! -Ya sure
      Price is overpaid/over-rated? Check! – No he’s pretty good and generally people rate him correctly.
      Habs are too small (smurfs)? Check! – Not really. A bit small on forward but have made improvements and are shaking that distinction.

  14. Habitant in Surrey says:


    …I just re-subscribed the French bundle which includes RDS HD with Telus …channel 2080 …$ 5/month

  15. B says:

    “P.K.Subban not ready to talk extension”, Garioch trying to make something out of nothing.


    –Go Habs Go!–

  16. Forum Dog says:

    Looking forward to the season. I’m mostly positive about what the Habs have done this summer. One fish got away, but I’m glad they didn’t go out an overspend like some other teams. It’s gonna be an EXTREMELY tough division this year, and it wouldn’t surprise me if 5 of the eight playoff teams come out of the Atlantic. No team will be able to afford a slow start (i.e. the kind of start they had in 2011-12).

    That in mind, I read an article earlier on TSN, but when I went back to it I couldn’t find it. Did find it elsewhere however, and the reason I went looking was because of Price’s comments re: the new regulations on sizing for goalie pads. Says he hasn’t tried the newly mandated size restrictions, has been practicing in his old ones and “might be in for a bit of a shock” (6th & 5th pars from the bottom).


    Here’s hoping he figures them out quickly. Tonnes of talent, but to this point I don’t think Price has proven that he has the drive or prep skills required to take his game to the next level. I get that you don’t want to over think things, and you want to be cool and calm, but I highly doubt that Marty Brodeur would go into a new season governed by new goalie equipment restrictions without having spent at least part of the summer getting used to how they would affect his game. A difference of a couple of centimetres might not seem like much on its face, but to NHL level shooters it is the difference between a post, a pad and a red light…..

    Not trying to create something out of nothing, just wish that his response had been more along the lines of “I’ve been testing the smaller pads since they made the announcement at the beginning of August. Still getting used to them”.

    • shiram says:

      Have you seen the size difference from last year? It’s quite a small change, I don’t think it will have much effect really.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Speculation on my part, but we have to remember Carey injured his knee to finish out his season. He may not have spent a lot of time on the ice this summer while rehabbing. I understand what you’re saying, but Carey might tell us to “chill”.

  17. Bill H says:

    Crosby 1-on-1 with Mansbridge tonight on the National. He will be discussing his concussions, recovery, and his views on concussions in the NHL today.

    • krob1000 says:

      wow…I love Crosby the player but he is not the most exciting interview…and paired with Mansbridge? might be better than a sleeping pill…what time is it at?

  18. christophor says:

    Continuing the discussion of Crisp below and the idea that you can’t acquire “Thorntons” by trade and so must draft and develop them:

    Thornton, Prust, and other grinders have had several NHL homes. You can, in fact, get these guys by trade or free agency. It’s best if you get them before they’re recognized as valuable commodities, and it should be easier to project the career paths of 22-25 year old lower-line players than the development of 18 year old kids.

    The fact that it’s more reliable and easier to find developing, undervalued grinders (like New York did with Prust), than it is to find undervalued and developing offensive talent is a reason that you don’t use the 71st (or whatever #) pick on an at-best grinder when there are some offensive wildcards on the board that have the chance (however small) of panning out. For example, Jordan Subban could become a good offensive D-man that could be paired with a bigger partner (see Enstrom). GMs can pick up guys like Crisp from other teams, and they can do it early in those players’ careers, when they haven’t made it to the show but might turn into Brandon Prusts.

    • JohninTruro says:

      Or instead of picking them up from other teams you can try to draft them. Or you pay a lot of money for their services like Bickell is getting, or like Prust is getting. Cheapest way to acquire the type of player you want is to draft, could also be the easiest. People have wanted Prust, Thornton, Neil, Bickell, etc. What you said of course isn’t wrong, these are just two of the good arguments around it.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Exactly JohninTruro! How many flip-flopish 20 goal scoring forwards have come and gone through our organization over the past 10 years and how many 5’10” or 5’11” 190lbs potential 20 goal scorers do we have in out organization now?

        Crisp was a great pick! It would be fantastic if he developed into a Prust, Bickell or who knows, maybe even a Lucic.

        Or we could continue down the path of drafting Chris Higgins, Andrei Kostitsyn and other floaters like that with no passion or balls at all.

        Have trust in Habs management and don’t listen to the other doorknobs around here who are afraid of their own shadow. Tell them to go watch soccer instead.

        • christophor says:

          Great point: “you’re not a fan of the sport if you don’t agree with me”

          No use trying to discuss anything with you when you’re in one of these moods. Edit: where, from what I said, do you think it’s reasonable to say I’m “afraid of my own shadow”? What an absurd comment.

          Chris Higgins is a fine player, by the way, and would have been useful had he not been pushed into a high scoring role.

        • JohninTruro says:

          Ya a 3rd round pick no big deal. At some point we should draft for a need. We have a ton of smaller skilled forwards, we need some 6’4 monsters that can fill a different role down the road hopefully. They are all prospects for awhile until they become something or bust. It is a crapshoot when you pick almost any player in any round, we have Crisp now and it will be a ton of fun to watch someone who brings something different to our prospect pool than the 20 similar guys we have now.

          • christophor says:

            I hope Crisp turns out, and nothing I said implies that the team should be small. I proposed an idea for maximizing the chance for talent while ALSO getting Prusts and Crisps in other ways. I agree that these kind of players are valuable.

      • christophor says:

        Ok, you can overpay for grinders, but I don’t see your drafting ‘argument’ as a way around what I said.

        I argued that it’s easier to pick up lower line players from other teams than to pick up skilled players. I also suggested that GMs pick them up early in their careers, before they become recognized. Of course it’s no sure thing at that point, nor is it easy to find proto-Prusts, but it’s easier to find those types of players on other teams than skilled players, and it’s easier to project their future success in their early to mid-20s than in their teenage years. Therefore, you should focus more on skill in drafting.

        Saying “or you could just draft grinders too” doesn’t address my argument. That’s called denying the consequent (i.e. rejecting an argument without engaging with it). But I suppose you’re right that a GM could just overpay for proven grinders, though I wouldn’t prefer that to what I said.

        • JohninTruro says:

          Well plucking early 20 somethings from a team before they become recognized is like drafting them a few years later isn’t it? Except you have to give something up to get this “project”, the same as they are a “project” when you draft them on your own giving up nothing. As I mentioned above, what you have said isn’t wrong, it is just one way of doing it, like what I have said. But I find it ironic that your idea is a later version of mine in a sense, except you have to give up to get.

          • christophor says:

            I think you’re missing the point that if you don’t use the pick on Crisp, you get to use that pick on another type of player. So our ideas aren’t the same with the difference that I give up something. On my idea, you use more picks (especially earlier ones) on high-talent gambles. You don’t have that. Also on my idea, you have a better chance of predicting the future success of the lower line players you get in their early to mid 20s than you do if you draft them as kids. Those are two important differences between our ideas and I think they’re well worth the small compensation of picking up undervalued players on occasion, if you don’t get them in free agency, which costs nothing. What did New York pay for Prust? Boston for Thornton?

          • JohninTruro says:

            Chris you have to do a bit of both unfortunately. I would prefer to draft, and use a 3rd or later rounder on a guy like Crisp. As I said above we have a ton of the “skilled” guys and zero Crisp’s. IMO Crisp was a great pick for us 3rd round or not. He may turn into nothing, but I like it today.

          • christophor says:

            As I said in another comment, I don’t think anything either of us said implies that we want different types of teams. I think Prust-type players are important. I just think that these types of players aren’t as expensive as skilled players, so why not use less assets to acquire THOSE guys instead of more assets to acquire skilled players. This would allow you to draft more skilled players, which means you have more valuable assets. Also,you save on what you give up in trades. Importantly, you don’t have to give up getting grit for your team… just not through relatively high draft picks, or at least not through picks when there’s still skill on the board.

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      Lots of discussion on Conner Crisp. This guy was an all around solid player last year, scoring 22 goals, great in the corners and in front of the net. Big, tough, and described as “very athletic” by Hockey’s Future. All this after missing much of the prior season to injury. The habs may have drafted him a round to early, and he is by no means a sure thing, but this is a solid prospect and if he ever makes it to the NHL, will be the kind of tough winger fans love. His current style of play is Exactly what this team has been missing the last few years. He may never play in the NHL, but he just as easily may be home run.


  19. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …if anyOne knows the date of Our first preseason game I would appreciate to know it, because Telus is anxiously awaiting word to add the extra $ 5 charge for the French channels bundle I must have to renew RDS

    …My ears are twitching

  20. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I was hoping Parros’ first dance-partner would be Briere …that photo above is a bit disappointing

  21. commandant says:

    Gionta was

    Habs leader in goals his first season. (tied with Cammalleri)
    Habs leader in goals his second season (outright).
    Injured his third season.
    3rd on the Habs in goals last season (1 goal behind Patches/Gallagher).

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

    • Mr. Biter says:

      For some reason many posters don’t give him the respect he deserves. Good you pointed that out.

      Mr. Biter
      No Guts No Glory

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Pearls before swine, commandant. Half these guys only watch hockey for the fights.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      The habs also have a team that is well balanced scoring wise. I believe one of the best in the league if I am not mistaken. So the scoring is pretty spread out. We really don’t have a true sniper

      You can skew the stats though as well. Last year he was 9th on the team in points.He has also never cracked 50 pionts as a hab and gets 5 mill a season.

      Gionta is a good player with strong leadership but he is on the decline and is starting to be injury prone. His next contract would have to be well below 5 mill a season

      Gallagher and Galchenyuk oustcored him in their rookie seasons with less ice time as well

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

      • shiram says:

        Gio is taking on tougher opposition and playing more of a 2-way role though, so he fills more aspects of the game than those 2 rookie do now.
        He would have had 62 points pro-rated in his first season, had it not been shortened by injuries.

        But yeah he is on decline and should he re-up with the Habs it would have to be at a much lower cap, maybe a deal with alot of performance bonuses to try to bend under the cap.

        • Kooch7800 says:

          Don’t get me wrong I like Gionta. He gives it everything he has every shift and can still pot a decent amount of goals. I am just getting worried about the injuries wearing him down. The problem is going into this year it is also another cramped sched with the Olympics

          “Keep your stick on the Ice”

          • shiram says:

            He’ll get a nice rest during the Olympics, that might help him out.
            And last years injury did not seem to hamper all that much, so I’m hoping it’s the same this year, seeing as it’s the same injury, just on a different arm.

    • B says:

      Gionta was the outright Habs goal leader in both of his first two seasons here (2 more than Cammalleri his fist season here). I am not complaining about Gionta, just using him as a comparison. He had more PP TOI and the same 7 PP pts as Desharnais last season, yet Desharnais is the target who gets gets WAY more negative posts about PP TOI. You were quick (and correct) to point out that Gionta twice in a row lead the team in goals when he first arrived. Desharnais led the team in PP pts the season before last and has been slightly more productive as a Hab than Gionta. Some players get credit for past deeds around here, others not so much.

      –Go Habs Go!–

  22. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Bergevin, absolutely a preferred golf partner …better than boring stolid Molson platitudes and the drool and heavy-breathing of Therrien …Marc would be a hoot of a partner

    …even though golf itself bores Me to tears

  23. frontenac1 says:

    @maritme. Agreed amigo! And don’t forget a current owner who wants to remove the pictures of their Veterans.Frikkin joke of a franchise. And the Hogtown Media says squat.

    • Strummer says:

      Tim Leiweke was taken to task many times by the Toronto media on this issue and his demeanor in general, Front.

      However the whole picture thing was a mountain made of a molehill by the same Toronto press
      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  24. Maritime Ronn says:

    jackbutt says:
    “….. Some idiot on London fm 96 was just saying PK is not happy in Mtl and doubt he will resign next year and Habs DON’T have the cap to do so.”
    Perhaps just another disgruntled and confused Southern Ontario Leafs fan that is still trying to exorcise the lost, false fandom-wasted, and stolen 47 years of NO Stanley Cup – all the while, being $$$ duped by the ‘Barnum and Bailey’ characters that have occupied either ownership, or important hockey decision making positions.

    The Leafs Half Century clown list is endless…

    Our Habs are in professional tranquility mode vs. the Leafs,

    RFAs Kadri and Top 4 Dman Franson want huge increases, and the Leafs have about $4.8M left in Cap space with the present Roster set-up.
    Not good.

    After Reimer played great last year (.924 SP season-.923 SP playoffs) GM Nonis decided to trade for LA Kings J. Bernier – a goalie that in his career, has played all of…30 minutes of 1 playoff game, and has a grand total of 62 game appearances in 5 NHL seasons.

    To add insult to injury, Nonis gave Bernier a contract of 2 years/ $2.9M per year….that is $1.1M more than Reimer will earn next year.

    If anyone believes that Reimer was the cause of the Game 7 meltdown Leafs loss to the Bruins when leading 4-1 with 10 minutes left in the game, the reality was that Coach Carlyle panicked, and Leafs Captain Phaneuf was exposed as not only slow, but cowardly in fighting off the Bruins in front of the net.

    Video doesn’t lie:

    To complicate matters further, pending 2014 UFA Kessel said he would NOT negotiate a new contract during the season ( Hello Minnesota and Team USA buddies Suter/Parise) and their Top minute Dman in all situations – that being pylon Phaneuf will also become a UFA along with Nicky Kulemin-Dave Bolland, and a tough solid 3rd pair Dman in Mark Fraser.

    In Bergevin We Trust.

    • shiram says:

      Some were saying Nonis is one of the worst GMs in the league, and his success were just inherited from Burke.
      Interesting thoughts for sure.
      That Clarkson contract is a doozy…

      • mrhabby says:

        i don’t think the leafs care that much about Clarkson contract. They will get 3-4 good years from him and then try and trade after his value goes down. he will be mid 30’s by then and on the down side of his career.

        • shiram says:

          That’s if he can maintain the caliber of play he had in the past 2 seasons, he was not a top 6 player before, and also his style of play usually comes with a sharp decline once those types of player go north of 30.

    • Mr. Biter says:

      To reply about my saying about PK bolting next year (posted earlier) I realize he’s a RFA but someone could throw him a pile of money next year and Habs would have to match or he could sign for 1 year and be gone for nothing the following. Also friends of mine who follow other teams all e-mail me telling me PK hates it Montreal (hear say from one person, more believable when many say the same thing). MB should sign PK before the season starts to end the speculation and let many Habs fans sleep better.
      BTW we now have 3 of the Hardest 25 Hitters in the NHL in our lineup. PK, Emelin and now Murray (the highest ranked) according to Bleacher Report.

      Mr. Biter
      No Guts No Glory

      • shiram says:

        Who are those friends, and what are their source?
        I mean, anyone can start a rumour, all it takes is for people to listen.

        • Mr. Biter says:

          Just ordinary guys like us who follow the Jets, Canucks, Flames Bruins, Leafs and read or hear what on the sports in their towns. No hockey experts from RDS or TSN. Like I said hear from one person bad rumor hear from more may have some basis. Remember PK was not a happy camper with his contract and initial dealings with MT last year. He might have a long memory.

          Mr. Biter
          No Guts No Glory

          • shiram says:

            I don’t remember him being “not a happy camper”, sure the negotiation was long and that must have been frustrating, but he still grew up watching and loving the Habs.
            He’s always saying he loves Montreal in his interviews also.

            I’m sure he’ll try to max out his next contract, but that should not be an issue for the Habs, we should have the cap space, and since it’s been so long since the Habs have had such a star I have no qualms with him getting a large chunk of change…

          • Mr. Biter says:

            That’s why we should sign him before the season starts. Another great year and his value goes up even more.

            Mr. Biter
            No Guts No Glory

      • OakvilleHabsFan says:

        Complete BS. Reminds me of the idiot from TSN (Dregger) saying Price had signed his last contract with Montreal a couple of years ago.

    • savethepuck says:

      Not trying to cherry pick here Ron, but this statement;

      “If anyone believes that Reimer was the cause of the Game 7 meltdown Leafs loss to the Bruins when leading 4-1 with 10 minutes left in the game, the reality was that Coach Carlyle panicked, and Leafs Captain Phaneuf was exposed as not only slow, but cowardly in fighting off the Bruins in front of the net. ”

      If it was Price in nets and the same scenario happened to the Habs, instead of Reimer in net for the Leafs, a lot on here including yourself would be asking that Price be run out of town. Price was largely blamed for the game 1 loss against Ottawa because the team blew a 2-1 lead in the 3rd. He was criticized on the tying goal which was referred to a deflating goal, but when I watched it on PVR, it was obvious to me it went off Gorges stick. He was then criticized for the go ahead goal but he was obviously screened. Seems a double standard.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

      • Maritime Ronn says:

        Hi puck

        First off. I’m not a Carey ‘disliker’ – just want him to earn his money and steal a few games…especially in the playoffs.

        I posted the leafs Meltdown video for a reason.
        Reimer could never be fingered as to fault.
        He was let down.

        Look at his season/Playoff SP vs, Price last year…..
        No matter how many goals the habs score in the playoffs, they don’t win with a goalie that posts an .894 SP in the past playoffs…or gives up, and loses 3 out of 3 OT games in the last 4 games of 2010.11 playoffs.

  25. Sportfan says:

    I have a scenario, say the Habs are in the hunt for the last two playoff spots and the Habs won’t be able to sign Gio. Would you trade him for a pick or prospect, or hope you make it and Gio is healthy enough to perform in the playoffs.

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Gio has a no-trade, wife&kids and has won the Cup before. He’s not going anywhere…

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  26. sweetmad says:

    I really think some thing,is occuring,
    I can feel something,deep inside stirring.
    People are talking,about preseason games
    Here are the all important names.

    With Murry there to protect Carey Price,
    Should give him some comfort,that will be nice.
    Gio as always will be fine,
    Can’t wait to see Diaz on the blue line.

    PK will continue his merry dance,
    Eller will be great, given the chance,
    Prust and Gorges will continue to lead,
    They will help us to a very good seed.

    Markov will be more like his old self,
    Briere will be an irritating elf,
    the two Gallys are,one year ahead,
    Nows the time to prove,all thats been said.

    Patches will play with a little more grit,
    DD will improve quite a bit,
    Borque will have his best year yet,
    Pleks will be great you can bet.

    Moen will have got over his fear,
    White will have a suprising year,
    Frankie will do all that he can,
    You must admit he’s a hard working man.

    Emelin we will miss you oh so much,
    Other teams are afraid of your touch,
    Budaj will continue to give of his best,
    As backup he’s as good as the rest.

    Drewskie will you get to be at the show,
    About Parros I really don’t know,
    Will Tinardi get a chance to shine,
    He really would, if the decision was mine.

    So thats the team, for this season,
    They are all there for a reason,
    Just to excite us and give us a thrill,
    A chance for the cup, I hope we will.

  27. HabinBurlington says:

    Despite the fact there shouldn’t be big calling for a new captain since we presently have one, I will weigh in with a thought on a Captain. If a team is going to name a new one, it generally is a player that appears to have a long future with the team. A player who wouldn’t be questioned as the Captain as long as they are on the team.

    To name Prust as Captain now seems ridiculous to me given that within 3 years you will have players like Max, PK, Galchenyuk, Eller who very well could be the obvious leaders of this time and for the foreseeable future.

    Prust is a wonderful role player, a player who could be very deserving of a letter A on his jersey. But to make him a Captain probably means having to remove it from him in 2, 3 or 4 years, and that is something you wouldn’t want to do to a player while he is still on that team. Let Gionta finish this season and after this year we will have a much better look at what the future holds, including potential Captains.

    • The Cat says:

      I dont see why you would have to remove the captaincy from Prust in 2-3 years in order to give it to one of those guys. You gotta have crust to be captain, those guys dont have it, maybe they will but in 5 or more years.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        How many 3rd or 4th line players do you see in the NHL as Captains? If our team continues to progress that is where Prust should be playing. No disrespect to the guy, but today’s NHL appears to give players the Captaincy whom are a combination of highest talent and leadership. Prust has the leadership, but is far from a leader in talent. I am not saying that is right, but the days of 3rd line grinders being captains doesn’t seem to be around anymore.

        • The Cat says:

          Well Im of the thought that the habs dont really need to have a marquee player be everything (the face) in order to sell stuff/tickets etc. And to me he is the best guy for the job.

          [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      Hi burli

      ‘Habs NHL Nature’ will take its normal course, and while we can speculate as much as we wish, GIO is still Captain and until he goes away – and this season is played out, and whom emerges in a true leadership role, we can only guess.

    • shiram says:

      Nicely put Burly.
      I’d also add that a captain has to play significan minutes, or else it somewhat misses the point, as his role includes talking to officials while on the ice.
      Gio is captain for now, and I don’t see it changing unless he is traded or does not re-up with the Habs.

  28. frontenac1 says:

    Trade Gio? Why?He was the least of the Habs Problems last year.

    • krob1000 says:

      Sorry front…that isn’t the drinks…I posted this in the wrong spot.
      I think this season if guys take uncalled for runs at the likes of gallagher, Gionta, Dd, Pleks,etc…they will be held accountable….it will deter some..not all but it will help in some cases. It should also allow for the Canadiens to be more of a net presence and take that extra poke at pucks in scrambles not expecting to get clobbered for being in the general vicinity of the net.

    • Sportfan says:

      I think with the lack of news people are starting future scenarios the habs will be in lol

      Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • B says:

      Last season:
      Capt Gionta 141:42 PP TOI 7 PP pts
      Desharnais 138:48 PP TOI 7 pp pts

      Capt Gionta 694:01 ES TOI 19 ES pts
      Desharnais 645:51 ES TOI 21 ES pts

      Capt Gionta $5M cap hit
      Desharnais $850,000 cap hit

      Career as a Hab
      Capt Gionta 222 games 133 pts .59 ppg +2
      Desharnais 178 games 111 pts .62 ppg +4

      Other than some recent “ditch the captain” posts, Gionta typically gets decent treatment here while Desharnais has a lot of folks repeatedly posting crap about him. Check out last season’s PP stats above and then tell me how many posts you read here outraged over Gionta on the PP?

      –Go Habs Go!–

      • krob1000 says:

        and that is why Brier was brought in….anoffensive righty to paly he pp on that side…
        gio is the captain, a respected vetran leader with a cup ring and is defensively responsible. Gio does not get as much respect as he deserves and the tendency on here is to rush to get to the future but the future is unpredictable…ask the Edmonton Oilers if you don;t believe me. Guys like Pleks, Gio, Markov….they are the ones showing the young players what it takes to be a pro and to win…without them you have talent. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Dd has been signed for multiple years moving forward….Gio is approaching the end of the line unless he is willing to accept a lesser role.
        I see nearly as mnay posts re Gio as I do Dd….but I think most would prefer Gio over DD…even at this stage of their careers. I actually believe this year will be a bounce back season for DD…..just not sure I want to see him be the reason the team moves Pleks or Eller…..two of my favourite Habs and two very well rounded hockey players.

        • B says:

          I figured Briere was brought in to replace the outgoing Ryder.

          –Go Habs Go!–

          • krob1000 says:

            Ryder was brought in to boost the pp from the right side because Gio was not cutting it(on pp that is)…..Ryder did his job magnificently and was very good on the pp. Now Ryder is gone and Gio would be the default righty for the pp so they pick up Briere. Gallagher may get his chance as well but they have to be wary of the sophomore issues.. So in a sense yes Briere is replacing Ryder on the roster…but is a better pp option IMO than Gionta.

            A pp should have guys who are threats to shoot, pass or drive to the net and create their own chance….Gio is a shooter, Ryder had surprisingly good passing ability but was clearly a better slot guy, DD is a passer first but if given enough time will shoot……Patches is a shooter,
            Galchenyuk can do both, Glalagher is a better shotter but can pass , Bourque is a mucker who can shoot, Pleks can do both pass and shoot. Eller is a better passer and can shoot but still needs to add a clapper or half clapper a la Pleks to his repetoire IMO to be really good on the pp. He can stickhandle in a phone booth but PP guys should ideally have all three skills…shooting, passing and ability to go to net/stickhandle ability.

          • B says:

            After the departed Ryder, who had the best shooting percent on the Habs last season? 🙂

            –Go Habs Go!–

  29. Habfan17 says:

    @ Chanchilla

    I would not be so quick to write off Connor Crisp.
    I am not saying he will be another Lucic, but I will say look at his stats. The season before Lucic was drafted he played 62 games, had 9 goals, 10 assists and 149 pims. last season Crisp played 63 games and had 22 goals and 14 assists with 139 pims. Crisp is 6’4″ and 225 lbs ( Erie Ottors site ). Lucic is listed at 6″4″ 220lbs.

    What I will say is it is not impossible that Crisp ends up being a Lucic type player in time. Someone who can keep the other teams defence looking over their shoulders, wreak havoc in the corners and in front of the net, and pop in a few goals. I don’t think any of us thought much about Lucic when he was drafted.

    If Crisp and Fournier can become NHL players, even on the 3rd or 4th line, it will give the Habs energy guys with size that play tough and can pop a few goals.


    • Timo says:

      I would so love for Habs to have a Lucic type player. Man, do they ever need one.

    • krob1000 says:

      I just compiled a list of guys taken in latter rounds (meaning they likely weren’t on many scouting lists either) byt the Habs
      Brian Savage 171
      Craig Conroy 123
      Steph Robidas 164
      Thomas Vokoun 226
      Andrei Markov 162
      Michael Ryder 216
      Jaro Halak 271
      Mark Streit 262
      M Grabovski 150
      M Dagostini 190
      B Gallagher 147
      S Kostitsyn 200
      D Deitz 138
      Charles Hudon 122
      Darcy Tucker 151

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Wouldn’t be surprised if Crisp makes the Habs one day before McCarron. Crisp was drafted to be a 4th liner who can take a regular shift, fight, bring energy and who is a good teammate. He probably could take on most of the Habs right now.

      I think the Habs were thinking Scott Thorton, not Lucic, when they drafted him. Are you telling me that nobody here wants a Scott Thorton type on this team? Posters bemoan the use of a 3rd pick but these guys seem to be more scarce nowadays (apparently small players with offense are not). MB can’t even trade for one and none, except Prust, are available as free agents. The Habs have to start developing these type of players on their own and last draft was a good start.

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • chanchilla says:

      Anything can happen, and i’ll advocate MOAR size/grit all the time, but not when it comes to sacrificing speed, his skating is pretty brutal. He could very well end up being a Moen type player(when moen wasnt terrible) and bury the garbage goals, but he needs to be able to get to the net first :p

  30. Maksimir says:

    Mentioned this below – going to propagate this idea:

    When Emelin comes back: Gionta & Gorges for Marleau

    Gio & Gorges = 8.9 mil
    Marleau = 6.9 mil

    Gio = ufa 2014
    Marleau = ufa 2014
    Gorges = ufa 2018

  31. Sportfan says:

    I have a question, what is the “proper” way to get rid of a captain? I always hear about how trading them and not offering them a contract means the captains are poorly treated. If that’s the case, when you want a new image and new captain, how do you change it without seeming like you treated them poorly?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • shiram says:

      that rings false to me, both Iginla and Morrow were traded last season, though I guess the “chase the Cup” clause was involved.

      “The game isn’t played on the weight scale and it’s not played in the gym, it’s played on the ice and it’s whoever wanted it more.” #81

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Nowadays when a captain gets traded, it is not take as a reflection on his leadership. Usually the team is not performing and a rebuild has started.

      This year will be a “changing of the guard” for this team. With so many UFAs, a part of me does not mind if they do not do well. Clear them out for prospects and draft picks and keep restocking the system.

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Perhaps you should consider re-phrasing your question. In one instance you ask about making change the “proper” way, and then you finish the question with “get rid of”. Sounds to me like you want your cake and eat it to. Getting rid of a captain doesn’t fit with doing it properly.

    • Timo says:

      Isn’t hockey a business? Isn’t it supposed to be about $$$ and victories (secondary)? Who cares how things are perceived by the Joe Blow who coughed up half of his salary to take his family to a game? Players don’ care. Management doesn’t care. Owners don’t care.

  32. SmartDog says:

    5 Reasons why Prust would make a good captain:
    1. He is a leader who brings it every game.
    2. He is a mensch with a hot wife.
    3. It would be great to see players sticking up for HIM instead of the other way around. He makes space on the ice and is a valuable contributor.
    4. He won’t be here for too long which gives PK and Galchenyuk time to grow into possible Captain shoes…. also long shots Patches, Eller, others.
    5. Having a badass Captain would solidify this change of image and direction. Koivu was awesome – heart like a lion. But still not tough really. Gio to me has been too quiet… too invisible. He’s like Koivu lite. Give us someone with BITE.

    Can you smell what the dog is sniffin?

    • Timo says:

      I think Prust is a good choice, although I can’t help but wonder if a leader really needs a letter on his sweater to be a leader. Leader will lead no matter what. If Habs need someone to talk to the refs, Gorges has been practicing for a couple of years running his mouth in front of reporters.

    • Sportfan says:

      I think Prust does deserve to be a Captain, he’d probably be a great one, but I also agree with Timo he doesn’t have to wear a letter to prove he is a leader. That being said an done if he wasn’t getting the C, he definitely deserves an A

      Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • Maksimir says:

      5 Reasons why Prust should not be Captain:

      1) the captain should lead on the scoresheet not in the penalty box
      2) his wife could leave him – then what?
      3) his role is to make space
      4) I hope he is around for a while
      5) partially agree – Gio too quiet – but who in the league has a ‘badass’ captain? Phaneuf?

      I’d go with Subban now.. he can handle the talking part, he would take pride in his captaincy and lead on the ice by example. He’d learn French and get commercials in two languages.

    • Hstands4Hockey says:

      Last time I checked Montreal has a captain.

      Rule #76: No Excuses, Play Like a Champion!

    • longbow says:

      If Gionta is traded sometime this season Markov will close out the season as captain. Beyond that it’s a toss-up.Gorges probably.

      ” Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm ” – Winston Churchill

      • Maksimir says:

        Gio gets traded.. no one will replace him until next season… not Gorges.. he doesn’t look good in Therrien’s system and might be gone too..

        When Emelin comes back Bergevin has the luxury of dealing Gio & Gorges as part of a package. For… wait for it… Patrick Marleau.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      1. Most players bring it every game in reality.
      2. Girlfriend.
      3. But the main reason for making capt is that he sticks up for the others.
      4. OK.
      5. Having a grinder as captain would certainly signal a new image from the Beliveaus and Cournoyers of yore.

      • SmartDog says:

        1. I know what you’re saying. I should have said “he’s a presence every game”.
        2. Right. Long-standing though. Same dif.
        3. Yes, but want to see that both ways. It would be good for the team.
        5. See any Beliveaus or Cournoyers on this team?

        Can you smell what the dog is sniffin?

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I wouldn’t exactly say Galchenyuk doesn’t have the ability to become a great Habs forward, and PK seems to also be shaping up into a great Defenceman….. but your right the names don’t sound Quebecois to me….

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          I think Galchenyuk could well become a great player, and Subban’s already won the Norris at age 23. So those two are potentially in that league.

          • SmartDog says:

            Right. But neither is ready to wear the C.
            Which is why a short-term Captain is a good idea. If you give it to Gorges you’re gonna have to trade him to give it to one of these guys later. Unless you like having the shot-blocking king as Captain. Not exactly Beliveau.

            Can you smell what the dog is sniffin?

  33. Un Canadien errant says:

    I didn’t get an answer on the previous page, so I’ll ask again.

    What’s the effect on Connor Crisp that he gets traded to the Sudbury Wolves? I was hopeful that playing on the same line as Connor McDavid was going to be a benefit, he’d learn to be the disruptive force in front of the net who gets the rebound goals and deflections. Now what?

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Doing my Googling my own darn self, and apparently he wasn’t going to be on the first line in Erie, so he requested a trade. Sudbury has a lot of small forwards, he’ll bring size.


      • Eddie says:

        No way Crisp could play with Mcdavid.

        Mcdavid is so good that he recorded 14 points in only 7 games at the U18 as a freakin kid who was barely 16.

        If Mcdavid was eligible in 2014 for the NHL draft he would be picked #1 by 30/30 teams, but he’s only eligible in 2015.

        “requesting a trade’ in Quebec major junior is usually frowned upon.

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          Yeah, I know Connor McDavid is an exceptional talent and all that, and certainly wasn’t thinking that they could run and gun together. I was just under the impression that the Otters were going to use him in a ‘protector’ role for an underage, undersize kid who might get picked on by teams wanting to intimidate him. As a bonus, Connor Crisp was going to work on getting ‘garbage’ goals around the net to be useful. That was what I thought was going on, and why there was a chance the pick could pay off. Apparently that’s what Connor Crisp thought also, that he’d be on the first line, but was disappointed when it didn’t materialized and asked for a trade. Strange.

      • Bill says:

        According to the scouting on him, the strongest part of his game is making life miserable for the other team in front of their net, so there’s that. He can develop that further wherever.

        Full Breezer 4 Life

    • chanchilla says:

      A wasted pick at this point, you win some you lose some, i think most can agree we’ve lost on this one. I think he’ll still be a force in front of the net, but this is just gonna be a pick that probably won’t pan out.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Yikes, that seems like a quick rush to judgement. Power Forwards are probably the slowest developing players to come into their own. I am not saying he will be the 2nd coming of John Leclair, but I would like him to at least finish his Junior career and have a some time in the AHL before calling it a wasted pick.

        • chanchilla says:

          Meh, he wasnt even ranked in the draft, it was a pick that really confused me to begin with. Maybe I’m biased because of that, but i have infinitely more hope for andrighetto.

          *You are of course right about not writing him off, and I do think he’ll have a solid net presence, I just have a feeling he won’t be NHL material in the end.

          • Bill says:

            Professional hockey teams don’t use Central Scouting rankings. They have scouts. I am sure many NHL teams had him on their lists, as big, mean forwards who can score are valuable commodities.

            I imagine he was a little under the radar after missing almost all of his draft-eligible year and thus being passed over.

            There are no sure picks (outside of the top five and even then …) so therefore there are no “wasted” picks. As for your feeling that “he won’t be NHL material in the end” … it doesn’t really need to be pointed out that the vast majority of players picked never become “NHL material”, does it? The implication is that the Habs passed over a “sure thing” in the third round to take Crisp. That is certainly not the case.
            Full Breezer 4 Life

          • SmartDog says:

            Good smackdown. Bang on. 🙂

            Can you smell what the dog is sniffin?

          • chanchilla says:

            Sorry Bill, im confused at what any of this had to do with my opinion on UCE’s question…

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Excellent question, hopefully they didn’t acquire him just to be a crowd favourite for scrapping. I don’t know much at all about the Sudbury team so have no way to answer, but hope someone from that neck of the woods can perhaps help us. Isn’t Showey up near Sudbury?

    • savethepuck says:

      It’s a head scratcher to me too. Reading on here last week about Crisp getting hat tricks in intrasquad games in Erie, but maybe that was hype from people hoping here that he is going to be the next great power forward. I still trust our scouting staff though, I’m sure they had their reasons for picking him when they did, so I’m not going to lose any sleep over a junior trade involving a 3rd round draft pick who was our 5th pick in this draft.
      Edit:. Glad your Google search answered your own question. I think it answered the question for me too. Thanks.
      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

  34. Un Canadien errant says:

    9 Pirate Hotspots You Should Avoid on Your Travels FROM THE WEB
    9 Pirate Hotspots You Should Avoid on Your Travels Travel and Places

    There goes my Christmas trip to the Barbary Coast…

  35. Timo says:

    Man, I am grumpy today. Everything about the Habs irritates me, especially their coach, GM and the new homeboy who always dreamed about playing for Montreal Canadiens.

  36. mrhabby says:

    Speaking of expiring contracts..how about PK and Kessel swap jerseys.

  37. arcosenate says:

    And so begins one of the best sporting periods of the year:

    NFL opens;

    NHL opens;

    MLB Playoffs.

    Ah, and it’s still warm enough to watch on the patio for a while.

    Must suck to be a wife these days.

    Woohoo, let the games begin…

  38. commandant says:

    The london fm story is completely ridiculous.

    I’m sure that some small city DJ in western ontario got that scoop… makes sense.

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

    • mrhabby says:

      london is not a small city…

      • commandant says:

        London is 366,000 people or a little over 10% the population of the Montreal or Toronto areas…..

        Its the 11th largest in Canada, much lower when you look at all of North America.

        As far as cities go…. its on the smaller side.

        Its bigger than many “towns” but it is what it is, which is a small city.

        Go Habs Go!
        Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      Bad Dj creating rumors but I have to agree with Mr Habby that London isn’t that small.

      People want there to be problems with PK so they can get him on their team. He isnt’ going anywhere

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

      • commandant says:

        Less than 400,000 is small when you compare it to other cities….. its not a big league sports city…

        Go Habs Go!
        Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

        • Kooch7800 says:

          I honestly think they could have an NHL team and be successful. The Hunters have done a great job with the Knights and the John Labatt Centre is sold out for every game and if you put an NHL team there I think it would also sell out. They would need a bigger arena though

          “Keep your stick on the Ice”

          • Kooch7800 says:

            I disagree Florida Hab. They would have no problem in getting sponsorships as you are only thinking London when in actuality you will be pulling on Kitchener, Guelph,Cambridge, Brantford, Woodstock, Sarnia, Windsor etc. You can’t get seasons tickets to Toronto so any city west of there would go to London with no problems

            “Keep your stick on the Ice”

          • commandant says:

            Wait, why are people in Windsor going to do a 2 hour drive to London for games instead of a 15 minute drive to Detroit?

            Why are Brantford people going to do the same when Buffalo is closer?

            London is a little over 1/2 the size of Winnipeg which is probably close to the smallest size for a city to be with an NHL team to survive.

            Go Habs Go!
            Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

          • Kooch7800 says:

            I am in Brantford Ben, and Buffalo is an hour and a half and the border is a question mark at all times . London is 45 minutes with no border or customs. I hate going to Buffalo mainly due to the border and not knowing how long you will be and when their is a game it is much worse.

            Windsor may be a bit of a stretch with Detroit right there but the Kitchener/Waterloo Guelph, brantford, Sarnia area isn’t. They are all about an hour or under from London. With toronto being about the same distance people will drive if they can get NHL tickets

            “Keep your stick on the Ice”

  39. Dr.Rex says:

    Wednesday Random Questions?

    a) Which player is most likely to make a impact on the team this year. TInordi, Beaulieu, Bournival or Dumont?
    b) Would Briere fit best on a line with Eller and Galchenyuk?
    c) Would Prust be best served in the top 9 or on the 4th line?
    d) WIll Budaj play more then 15 games?
    e) Who gets more goals Pacioretty or Gallagher?

    • Haberoooo13 says:

      a) Tinordi
      b) interesting, I think on the PP is where we’ll see him excel
      c) depends on opponent, 3rd line against Bruins, Leafs and Sens
      d) Yes
      e) Patch

      Na Na Na Les Canadiens Les Canadiens

    • 24 Cups says:

      a) None
      b) Yes
      c) If everyone is healthy he has to be on the 4th line
      d) Only if Price gets hurt. The Habs are going to be life and death to make the playoffs so Price will start tons of games.
      e) MaxPac

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I endorse these answers, with a mild change to Question 1, as I think Tinordi will play more than 20 games for the Habs this season.

      • Timo says:

        Funny… how Habs go from second in the conference (“shut up Timo, we were second in the conference”) to life and death to make the playoffs. That doesn’t sound like much of an improvement to me. Could it be that opposition will have no problem shutting down the munchkins and letting them within a sniff of the crease?

    • Cal says:

      a. None of the above
      b. Briere would best fit in a Tonka truck
      c. 4th line with spot duty on 3rd line
      d. 18- if Price gets hurt- more.
      e. Patches

    • mrhabby says:

      1. dumont.
      2. yes.
      3. depends on injuries, opponents.
      4. Max P.

  40. youngwun says:

    Guys when does pre-season start ?

  41. SmartDog says:

    The Twitter Question on TSN690 this morning was “if Gionta doesn’t re-sign, who is the next captain?”

    Weirdly (to me) it was almost unanimous that it would be Gorges. Interesting though that PK came in a distant 2nd. (Pleks and Patches also got votes.)

    Is it just me or has Gorges window closed? And I think PK could be a good choice. I would love to see the team stick up for him – and follow his aggressive leadership. Though he’s probably not quite ready.

    Can you smell what the dog is sniffin?

    • Cal says:

      It’s not just you. Gorges has to play better this season and worry less about having his name in the paper spouting clichés.

    • Haberoooo13 says:

      I don’t think it will be Gorges. I think you can’t be a 3rd pairing d-man or 4th line forward.
      I don’t think it will be Pleks because I don’t see him finishing his contract in Montreal.
      I see one of the young guys getting it. Personally, I would pick Eller…but I see Gally or Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk…which I am fine with

      Na Na Na Les Canadiens Les Canadiens

    • D Mex says:

      Why not Prust – ?

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

      • Haberoooo13 says:

        I’d give him an A.
        I wouldn’t give him a C because I don’t think the C should be often fighting, but I think Prust to be the player we luv, he has to fight somewhat regularly.

        Na Na Na Les Canadiens Les Canadiens

      • SmartDog says:

        I’d have him on the short list. He plays hockey for keeps, is smart, and a hekcuva golfer. He does more than his share and is a good example to follow.

        It’s tough. Possible captains (in my eyes):
        – Plekanec
        – Prust
        – PK

        Basically anyone whose name starts with a P. Goalies excluded.

        We’re not spoiled for choice. Two-three years from now we could be. But not today.

        Can you smell what the dog is sniffin?

      • junyab says:

        Prust won’t be a long-term mainstay in Montreal. Those “type” of NHLers usually don’t have long careers.

      • habtastic74 says:

        Prust is a fantastic A and captain type of player, but I wouldn’t risk giving him the C because it could have a negative effect on his game. Prust doesn’t back down to anybody and does whatever it takes to help the team in any situation. As the captain he may not want to spend as much time in the penalty box or risk injury fighting guys like Lucic.

    • Timo says:

      IF he doesn’t re-sign? Man, I hope as hell that even for a second they don’t entertain a thought of re-signing him. Get rid of him and his ridiculous contract. Enough with the munchkin movement. Him, Briere, DD should not be on this team.

    • GrosBill says:

      Assuming he gets signed long term, I hope PK gets the C.
      -He is competitive, no doubt about it
      -He is their best player
      -Again, assuming there are no contract issues, he is also likely going to be here for a long time
      -His off ice work ethic (from what I have heard and read) should be a good example for others.

      Right now he is the face of the franchise. Crosby was not the most mature player either when he was given the C.

  42. Maritime Ronn says:

    jackbutt says:
    “….. Some idiot on London fm 96 was just saying PK is not happy in Mtl and doubt he will resign next year and Habs DON’T have the cap to do so.”

    The Habs Cap situation will be fine next year and for the first time in a while, they will actually be able to breathe.

    If the Cap Ceiling rises by the predicted $6 Million, then the Habs would have 14 players signed, and over $30 Million in Cap Space.
    Roster sizes are a Maximm 23 and minimum 20.

    If you wish, you can follow along here:

    For argument’s sake, let’s say PK and Eller receive the high end of a contract – $8M and $4M respectively, the Habs would then have 16 players signed with $18M left to spend to the Cap Ceiling.

    The other UFAs to consider signing – trading before the end of the year, or letting them walk:

    Gionta-Markov-Diaz-Emelin-Murray-Parros (Bouillon is done)
    RFA’s: White is a low cost one if the Habs keep him, and there are no other RFA contracts to deal with in the 50 Contract organization Max.

    The play of the above mentioned during the year will dictate and answer those questions.

    • mrhabby says:

      where do these people get this information. Do they know PK or somebody in his family always amazes me when this happens..just some donkey trying to get some press.

    • Haberoooo13 says:

      funny how it’s Southern Ontario again stirring up Hab crap

      Na Na Na Les Canadiens Les Canadiens

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Agreed that we’re in fine shape with the cap. Especially after reading this article by Tony Gallagher, where he makes the case that the salary cap will make a steep jump next season:

      Given the crunch that was bizarrely insisted upon by Gary Bettman and his parity-seeking associates which almost certainly include a majority of the owners, the Canucks are actually in better shape than might have been expected given what they were up against.

      But the question here is why is the salary cap, at $64.3 million US, is so artificially low this season. It was agreed upon even before the Collective Bargaining Agreement was reached and before anyone had any idea how the league would come through the lockout in terms of revenue.

      The number is totally arbitrary and it’s pretty much conceded by everyone revenue is going to exceed a cap commensurate with these numbers. The teams already know it’s going to take a massive leap next season based on the traditional ways the cap is calculated, and as such are already beginning to position themselves for that eventuality, with only some severe unexpected financial meltdown in the economy possibility preventing such an increase.

      • Mr. Biter says:

        I like PK and hope he stays with the Habs for many years, however if he’s not signed by the trading deadline I think he’s gonna bolt next spring. As the year drags on we’ll see by his comments what he will be doing.
        BTW probably want to golf with MT. Probably hear some cuss words to add to my list.

        Mr. Biter
        No Guts No Glory

        • commandant says:

          He’s a restricted free agent…. how is he going to “Bolt”

          Go Habs Go!
          Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

          • Maritime Ronn says:

            Hello Mr. Biter

            Here’s hoping this clears up any confusion.

            PK will be a Restricted Free Agent with Arbitration Rights next summer. He has a contract for this year.

            The only way the Habs could lose him is IF an Offer Sheet by another team was presented to him – then PK would have have to actually accept and sign the said Offer Sheet, and that the Habs would not match the Salary and Term.

            If that was ever the case (which it would not ever be…) The Habs would be compensated with multiple 1st Round draft picks moving forward.

            Without getting too CBA technical, PK could refuse to sign any long term offer with the Habs and take them to Arbitration as did Shea Weber some years ago.
            ( There are a few other CBA technical details, yet no need to go there for the moment)

            In Geoff Molson and Marc Bergevin We Trust!

  43. Propwash says:

    RDS told Dave Stubbs that they’ll be broadcasting all 7 preseason games. I can’t copy/paste the tweet from my cellphone though.


  44. frontenac1 says:

    Hola Amigos! Markov gets a Gordie Howe last year for Vityaz. Saludos!

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