Habs given day off after win over Lightning

The Canadiens, coming off a 3-2 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning Thursday night, were given the day off Friday by coach Michel Therrien to rest up for Saturday’s game against Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals at the Bell Centre (7 p.m., CBC, RDS, TSN Radio 690).

Thursday’s win ended a three-game losing streak for the Canadiens, while the Capitals saw their eight-game winning streak come to an end with a 3-1 loss to the Senators in Ottawa Thursday night. The Capitals’ loss also ended a streak of eight straight road games with at least one point.

After a slow start to the season, Ovechkin now leads the NHL with 28 goals (one more than Tampa Bay’s Steven Stamkos) and ranked fourth in the NHL scoring race with 48 points heading into Friday’s games.

Canadiens goalie Carey Price made 32 saves to pick up the win against the Lightning after being pulled in his previous two starts.

“Carey Price was an enormous factor in this game,” coach Michel Therrien said. “I’m satisfied and proud of Carey Price tonight. He bounced back with the key saves. He was lucky at times, but you need some luck, you need some breaks to win hockey games. You need breaks and you need calls at the right time and we got that tonight.”

Saturday will be the Canadiens’ final home game of the regular season before they go on a three-game road trip next week to wrap up the schedule with stops in New Jersey on Tuesday, Winnipeg on Thursday and Toronto on Saturday.

(Photo by Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press)

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  1. frontenac1 says:

    Rasslin” is Theatre amigo. If you don’t get that,then you don’t get it.

    • Bill says:

      Have you ever read Barthes’ essay on wrestling? It’s fantastic. Warning, most people will find this link pretty dull:


      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • The Jackal says:

        U of T represent!

        Hockey sine stercore tauri.

        • Bill says:

          Well, it was nice of someone at U of T to post it, for sure, but we can’t let U of T claim Barthes, haha.

          Full Breezer 4 Life

          • The Jackal says:

            Hehe, you are right! Just giving the link a shout out 😀

            Hockey sine stercore tauri.

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        Nowadays it is not about the “good guys” vs the “bad guys”…it is about who the crowd likes and dislikes. You can be bad and a cheat and still be loved by the crowd. Maybe it is a reflection of society today as many are lauded for their success no matter how they achieved it.

        “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

        • Bill says:

          Everything about wrestling reflects society, for sure. I think a crowd today can “like” a heel for his performances, but they generally don’t want him to win. People “like” CM Punk, but almost everyone was cheering for the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

          A “good guy” is always going to be more popular and they won’t cheat.

          Full Breezer 4 Life

          • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

            “And that’s the bottom line ’cause Bill said so!” 😉

            “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  2. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Don’t think Plekanec should be on that list. He’s the team’s number 1 center…he’s supposed to be good. Prust has to be the team’s unsung hero this year. He single handedly changed the team’s attitude.

    “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        Sorry..what reason?

        “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

        • Loonie says:

          Prust’s alleged transformation of the team.

          • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

            Just think he has added an element of toughness that the team desperately lacked last year. He’s had a positive effect on every line he’s played on…especially with AG/BG early in the year. He has been a huge leader on the ice. The Lucic fight, for example, was a huge boost to the team morale. That’s all….

            “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  3. Loonie says:

    I didn’t see this mentioned today and forgot to bring it up earlier.

    Anyone else think last night was the best officiated game the Habs have had this season?

    When I saw that it was Chiarron and Meier I remarked to the woman half asleep on the couch that it was a sign of good things.

    I thought they proved me correct.


  4. frontenac1 says:

    Even the midget wrestlers were good back then. Little Beaver and Sky Low Low. Classic.

  5. bellcentre hotdog says:

    Final game of the season is a week Sat vs the Leafs.

    In light of that, and given that the Habs are playoff bound, I humbly suggest this:

    Rest Markov. He looks tired and slow.
    Rest Prust. He injured the shoulder vs TB weeks ago, and then seemed to re injure it vs the Leafs last week. He doesn’t look 100 per
    cent. He needs to be to be effective.
    Rest Ryder. Another guy battling injury and has not been effective in the last few games played.

    I think these 3 players and the team as a whole would benefit in the long run if they were healthy heading into the playoffs.

  6. frontenac1 says:

    Mad Dog Vachon,the Leduc Brothers, Haystack Calhoun, Sweet Daddy Seeky,Don Leo Jonathan.! Man that was the Golden age amigos.The Pro circuit today is a travesty.

  7. secretdragonfly says:

    Self-correction from earlier today – for some reason I thought Hartnell had sliced Karlsson’s achilles tendon – oops


  8. frontenac1 says:

    Grabovski is a puke. The only biting permissable in pro sports is Wrestling. And then Only the Toes,like Mad Dog Vachon would do.

  9. Bill says:

    People calling for Tinordi to be put into the line-up universally seem to think he’s a one-man wrecking crew who will flick forwards out of the crease with his pinky finger, beat up up Chara, and generally strike the fear of God into the opposition.

    What is that based on? Because it’s not based on the way he played when he was called up the first time.

    I’m not criticizing him, because I think he’s gonna be a good defenceman, but I don’t think he’s gonna be what these people are fantasizing about.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

    • Loonie says:

      When he’s a finished product I think he’ll be exactly what the people you’re referring to expect of him.

      Until he’s around thirty years old, just a solid two way defenseman with the ability to clear the crease.

    • Seps says:

      I’ve seen him play many times for the London Knights, and let me say he is an intimidating physical force when he’s relative to his opponents. Let him beef up and become nhl size and he’ll be what people are expecting.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      I think people are looking for a D-man that has some physicality. I don’t think anyone thinks he is Scott Stevens. They just want someone that can clear the net, give a hit and not get clobbered in the corners.

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  10. The Dude says:

    Wooh…bad day to be Mr Green jeans in Boston.. http://tinyurl.com/54pz9e .. :mrgreen:

    • Bryant Mac Lean says:

      Could would someone please tell me why Hab fans think that Plecanic is the reincarnation of Guy La Fleur,(the last time I looked he didn’t have 50 goals). Plecanic can’t give a pass without it being intercepted & can’t take a pass, usually loses the faceoff(esp. if its a very imp. one). Takes selfish penalities any time he feels like it(doesn’t seem to matter to him if the team loses a game because of it). Almost never wins a battle for the puck in the corners. For 5 million a year I believe the money could be better spent. Get rid of this pretender and sign someone worth 5 Mil.

  11. 24 Cups says:

    Unless the NHL changes things, Boston will now have to play 6 games in 9 days. If their game with Pittsburgh gets cancelled tomorrow afternoon it will be 6 in 8.

  12. Loonie says:

    Who voted for Josh Gorges?

    Smarten up!


  13. Bill says:

    Alex Galchenyuk is in the top 50 in the NHL in even strength points. And we all know he plays very limited minutes compared to the guys ahead of him on that list.

    I can’t find stats for points per minute played anywhere, but I imagine his is pretty good.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

    • Loonie says:

      21 minutes per even strength point.

      That’s damn good for a rookie. Disregarding development if he were playing 17 even strength minutes today he’d be among the league leaders in points

      Edit: He would project to 35 even strength points at 17 minutes per game.

    • christophor says:

      That’s really impressive. He probably logs 3-5+ min a night less than most of the players ahead of him.

    • Talik Sanis says:

      At even strength, our top four point producers per minute are:

      Pacioretty: 2.89 points/60min (1.08 goals)
      Gallagher: 2.66 points/60min (1.33 goals)
      Galchenyuk: 2.65 points/60min (1.01 goals)
      Eller: 2.29 points/60min (0.60 goals)

      It should be noted that Eller plays a less sheltered role than the others, having 10% higher defensive zone starts than Galchenyuk (weird, isn’t it, considering how they have been line-mates for a while now) and more than 15% more than Gally and Patches.

      • LizardKing12 says:

        Are special teams factored into those defensive/offensive zone start stats? If so then I’m guessing Eller’s PK minutes would account for that.

      • B says:

        ES pts / ES TOI * 60
        MaPa: 25 / 534.8 * 60 = 2.80
        AlGa: 23 / 493.06 * 60 = 2.79
        BrGa: 21 / 461.33 * 60 = 2.73
        LaEl: 19 / 531.55 * 60 = 2.14
        DaDe: 21 / 593.55 * 60 = 2.12
        BrPr: 13 / 388.43 * 60 = 2.00
        MiRy: 18 / 551.3 * 60 = 1.95
        BrGi: 19 / 643.45 * 60 = 1.77
        ReBo: 8 / 302.65 * 60 = 1.58
        ToPl: 16 / 612.05 * 60 = 1.56
        CoAr: 5 / 329.73 * 60 = 0.90
        TrMo: 6 / 400.53 * 60 = 0.89

        –Go Habs Go!–

        • Talik Sanis says:

          It’s been a while, so you probably will not see this, but your numbers are more up to date. I didn’t calculate mine; I simply went off numbers produced from a few games back.

    • Habilis says:

      We could work out everyone’s numbers ourselves, but it would take a while.

      For perspective, Galchenyuk currently ranks 369th in total TOI. That’s alot of numbers to run, LOL.

      Galchenyuk’s total TOI is 539:29. That works out to a point every 22 and a half minutes.

      As an aside, Guess who ranks 10th in TOI?

  14. Loonie says:

    For the people out there who think the measure of a goaltender is wins(Ahem Halak/Price)


    • Seps says:

      They can’t even agree on who stopped arguing first hahaha


      • Loonie says:

        Haha. So true. Reynolds is acting like a moron though. I remember one of Roger Clemens final seasons.

        He had over thirty starts but only won thirteen games while posting an era in the high ones and a whip in the low ones.

        Wins are bogus. Same guy on a different team would have won 25 games.

        Edit: The only time Reynolds’ argument makes sense is if a pitcher has the bases loaded and has a guy like Joey Votto, Albert Pujols or Ryan Braun at the dish. At that point you can consider walking in a run but that doesn’t make it the right move and I can’t even remember the last time something like that happened. Can’t believe I overlooked Miguel Cabrera just then.

        • Seps says:

          I think wins matter a lot but to a certain degree. I mean you want someone who’s going to get things done, and while Reynold’s had a moronic argument of letting them score while you’re winning, it is human nature to lapse when you’re winning by a lot. If you look at hockey though, there’s goaltenders who have made a career out of high sv%’s and little wins (Anderson) and goalies who have made career’s out of mediocre-bad sv%’s and a lot of wins (Osgood). I don’t think there is a clear cut stat that defines how good someone is, except GAA which is THE most useless stat for goalies, it’s pretty much “how good is your team.”

  15. Seps says:

    Is it just me or is that poll question a back-handed compliment. “Hey congrats, the league may not recognize you but we sure do”

  16. Alex_425 says:

    Do we have a cadre of secret government-funded supersoldiers playing in the NHL or something?

    I mean, Patches already has Wolverine-like healing abilities, and now Karlsson is nearing a return after only nine weeks?

    Hell, they might even have earlier, failed experiments that still linger in our league, too.

    I can think of a few.

    But I’m no expert….

    • Seps says:

      Ray Lewis is selling the Deer Antler spray now that his NFL career done.

      Edit: See it’s even red and underlined as a link, he’s advertising on HIO 😉

    • jo_maka says:

      Grabovski thought the same thing when he decided to have a bite.
      Open-mindedness is not a skull fracture

  17. Mattyleg says:

    A couple of people have mentioned below that Habs’ management is putting pressure on Therrien to finish in the top so that we can get home ice advantage so that Molson can earn some more money from the extra home games, of which there is a maximum of eight, if we win the Stanley Cup after going to seven games in all four series.

    Anybody else having a difficult time swallowing that concept?

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Timo says:

      Depends. Hockey today is about money, so to me it is totally not inconceivable. However, the goal should always be to finish as high as possible, should it not?

    • Loonie says:

      If there were that much pressure for an extra playoff game or two Molson would have had Bergevin add somebody significant at the deadline.

      I’m sure Geoff Molson wants home ice advantage more than anything else for this team right now, but I don’t believe he’s holding conference calls or meetings with Bergevin and Therrien about it.

    • Habsrule1 says:

      Hmmm…nah. I’m sure they’re telling Therrien that as long as he finishes in 8th, that should be fine.

      Of course they’re telling him to finish as high as possible. Who wouldn’t?

      Go Habs Go!!

      “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

    • Caesar says:

      It’s 16 home games if they have home ice advantage all the way through to the cup final with 4 game 7s.

      • krob1000 says:

        you beat me to it…not to mention that in a season there is normally 41 home games without playoffs, given the lockout and the loss of 17 home games during the season a long run could easily make up for things for some lucky owners.

    • krob1000 says:

      How is there only 8 games at home is you win the cup?
      You could have 4 at home in every series if you are assuming 7 games.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Makes no sense…how can anyone predict accurately how many games they are going to play each round?

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • Propwash says:

      Whoever stated that rumor is trying to make Molson look like s greedy selfish person, which I truly think he isn’t.


    • Stuck_in_To. says:

      Who are these idiots? Actually, I believe what I said was

      “I disagree. I think management really wants home ice to slightly improve the chances of early wins (via line matching choices) and thus increased confidence.

      As well, financial management is probably exerting more pressure than we know in this shortened season … games 5 and 7 are home ice gates and I’d think that matters more than ever this year.”

      Now maybe I am overly sensitive, but what I wrote sounds different to me than what you wrote.

    • wjc says:

      First of all 5 game series gives you extra home gate.

      Molson is probably happy to be in the playoffs with the extra home game.

      Money is shared anyways, for example the finals is shared among
      all the teams. So league wants the teams to have the extra home game that brings in the most revenue.


  18. bel33 says:

    Bruins game postponed as per my RDS app.

    Darn.. was looking forward to seeing if Lucy was a healthy scratch.

  19. Garbo says:

    Interesting that the western conference only has 2 players in the top 10 for points.

  20. Sportfan says:

    Wow the poor Jets have to play us next week. We dominated them this season BUT we are in their building that game 3-2 overtime you pick the winner!

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  21. Loonie says:

    Andrei Markov’s lawsuit against Great West Life will proceed in Quebec.

  22. Steeltown Hab says:

    Hitting up another Bdogs game tn, does anyone know if Colbergs playing?


    Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

  23. Habitforming says:

    Its almost faster to come back from a severed Achiles than a concussion. (refering to Karlsson v Diaz )

  24. The Dude says:

    Looks like Stubbs voted 23 times for Gorges 🙂

  25. frontenac1 says:

    Tinordi”s services are required.Game intensity is increasing.This is the best training for him.I think he will do fine but the experience will be golden.

  26. Habilis says:

    Pictures of Boston today:


    Like a ghost town. All to find one psycho who’s probably in a hole somewhere, trying to turn back time.

    They’ll get him.

  27. CalgaryHab says:

    I wrote down what Marc Bergevin had to say as he drove through the streets of Montreal on Ch24. keep in mind that this was recorded on the trade deadline before the pastings the Habs have taken of late:


    The difference today is, I make the final decision. In the past it was the General Manager with whom I worked who made the final decision. We obviously discuss the different scenarios, and my opinion mattered.

    It is the same way now. I value the opinion of people I surround myself with.
    That’s how I work.

    I find there is no pressure in all of this. The trade deadline is part of being a GM so we’ll see what we have today. But, I’m happy with the team up to this point.

    One thing I strongly believe in: you don’t have to wait until the final hour of the final day to make a move.

    If you think something is going to improve the team…

    …we have already made a trade involving Michael Ryder. That wasn’t a trade right at the deadline, but it was an important trade which helped the team. The deadline is really the final hour of the final day, but not necessarily the day or two when everything needs to be done.

    Yesterday was a trade which happened quickly (Drewiske), but why wait if you have an opportunity to get what you want at the price you want? Why wait until today (deadline day) and risk losing it, or paying a higher price?

    You mentioned Rick Dudley. He’s a man who’s managed in four different places. Larry Carriere also has a lot of experience. Scott Mellanby has been involved in hockey at many levels? Our scouts are good hockey people.

    When we talk things over, we all put out heads together and look for ways to improve the team without causing long-term damage.

    My goal is to bring a first class team to Montreal, not just for one year, but for many years to come.

    We placed many calls over the past six weeks and we’ll touch base again with those people to see what’s going on.

    We’ll be patient.

    When I say ‘patient’ I mean to have confidence in where we’re going with the team… ….to be in control.

    I don’t want to lie to you either by telling you I expect us to be at the top of the Eastern Conference.

    As I said from the beginning, I was going to evaluate the team. I’ve put solid hockey people in charge of the team.

    Michel Therrien, Jean-Jacque Daigneault, Gerard Gallant, Clement Jodoin, Pierre Grouix… ….god hockey people.

    I looked at what happened last year. We brought in pieces which, for me, we’re very important. Perhaps the Canadiens’ fans didn’t see it that way, but I, as well as the team…. …names like Prust, Bouillon. These are good people, good character guys in the locker room, for me, these are important guys.

    I knew we already had better team. Michel and his assistants are extraordinary. The players believe in them.

    I think one of the most important things they’ve seen is last year – how things were going in Montreal? How it was a pitiful place to be. Hats off to our players.

    Montreal is my city, I was raised in Montreal, I grew up in Montreal until to age of sixteen. It’s my home. My family, my sisters, my brother, are all here. I have a lot of relatives in Montreal.

    So there is pride that our group was able to bring stability to Montreal with the Canadiens. I have always realized how important the Canadiens were to Montrealers and to the province of Quebec.

    There is still a lot of work to do. We’re not yet where we want to be. But we’re heading in the right direction.

  28. secretdragonfly says:

    Good news that Erik Karlsson has been cleared for contact. Wonder if he’ll be back on the ice when Ottawa plays the Flyers on April 27?

  29. Loonie says:

    Before everyone flips out in the event the Bruins game is cancelled and re-scheduled at their convenience.

    It’s important to note that the TD Garden is attached to the Subway system in Boston.

    High traffic area with potential for huge casualties if it’s a target.

  30. Timo says:

    Is it massage Friday yet? Yes, yes it is.

  31. Mattyleg says:

    Hi everyone!

    I have a feeling that the Boston game will go ahead tonight either behind closed doors, or to a small crowd of locals.

    The NHL doesn’t have scheduling room to move the game.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  32. Danno says:

    You may or may not have seen this, but I think it’s worth a second look if you already have. Just for fun:

    Slickness In A Shootout


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  33. Loonie says:

    I think the Habs will need to take seven of a possible eight points in these next four games to win the division.

    That would force the Bruins to take ten of a possible twelve points in their remaining games.

    I think anything less than seven points will leave them in fourth place or worse.

    • Mattyleg says:

      I don’t really care where we finish up, and I’m sure management doesn’t either. Once we’re in the playoffs, it doesn’t matter who we face.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • Loonie says:

        I’m sure they don’t care, you’re right. I care though.

        Winning the division would be a significant achievement after last season.

      • Stuck_in_To. says:

        I disagree. I think management really wants home ice to slightly improve the chances of early wins (via line matching choices) and thus increased confidence.

        As well, financial management is probably exerting more pressure than we know in this shortened season … games 5 and 7 are home ice gates and I’d think that matters more than ever this year.

        • Mattyleg says:

          Fair enough, but I don’t believe that the ‘home ice advantage’ exists.
          There’ve been plenty of examples of home ice being a disadvantage, with players at home entering a series with too much passion and not clear enough heads.

          And I doubt that the financial division has any access to Therrien, or that Molson would bother him with post-it notes saying:

          “Hey, Mike, work on home ice adv. pls: need $$$ from lockout! Thx!”

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • Stuck_in_To. says:

            Yeah, I’m not convinced it matters either but think there are many whom believe it does, however, on the gate side, I think that definitely trickles down.

            The rich get rich by penny pinching and regardless of how much we love the Habs it is an organization that has to be driven by a bottom line of dollars and cents.

      • Garbo says:

        I’m sure they do care… a lot.

        Home ice advantage ensures more games at the Bell, which equals much more money in their pockets.

  34. Steeltown Hab says:


    1) Does Tinordi suit up in one of the last 4 games before the playoffs?

    2) Does MT keep the lines the same for the next game?

    3) Where does MTL finish in the standing, what’s the matchup?

    4) Is MB re-thinking his DD extension at all right now?


    Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

    • philip says:

      1) with Diaz probably coing back, I don’t see why

      2) same line, but with the pressure of those previous losses I think icetime with be better distributed (unless the other team score à couple of fast goals)

      3) 4th, Toronto

      4) nope he’s paid like a 50-60pts player and that’s what he will have (even this season, prorated)

    • Loonie says:

      1. No – seeding will come down to the final game.
      2. No – Pacioretty and Desharnais will be back together, or Desharnais will be put with Galchenyuk(imo).
      3. Fourth, and get the Senators in the first round.
      4. Nope. He’s probably looking ahead to the draft.

    • Timo says:

      1. No
      2. No because Armstrong and Prust and Diaz are coming back
      3. 4th playing the leafs or senators
      4. He would never admit to that if he did. Besides, DD is not the only contract he has to re-think.

    • Habsrule1 says:

      1) I doubt it, especially with Diaz back. I’d like to see him in the press box ready to come in during the playoffs, if necessary.
      2) For a while, but he’ll change them as he sees the need.
      3) Optimistic view – 2nd…playing the NYI
      4) Not at all. He’s paid like a 50 point guy, which he is.

      Go Habs Go!!

      “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

      Go Habs Go!!

      “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  35. Buzz Lightbeer says:

    Great to see Price get some luck then play like a warrior last night. But watching the defense still made me go “uhg”.
    If Diaz is coming back i would give Markov some days off. Maybe at least against the Devils and Jets next week. And stop playing him on the penalty kill.

    • Steeltown Hab says:

      It’s insane how much PK time he gets.


      Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

    • Cal says:

      Habs have 30 power play goals allowed in 44 games. They have 40 power play goals for. Might that be why MT doesn’t change who is on during PP and PK?

      • Steeltown Hab says:

        Markov needs a cut down in minutes he’s physically burning out. Simple move to take him off a special team unit that isn’t his strong point.


        Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

      • Buzz Lightbeer says:

        Of course. But at some point MT has to see that Markov is starting to struggle out there and needs to shave some minutes off his ice time. If not on the PK then at ES. Maybe it’s out of respect for a veteran? No doubt that he is a world class player but a twice rebuilt knee and an aging body are starting to show. Ideally i would like to see him as a #5 D-man and 1st wave PP. But obviously that won’t be happening this year.

  36. krob1000 says:

    When Armstrong returns and Prust as well what do we do? Do they sit Galchenyuk? If you has asked me two weeks ago I would have said definitely….but the kids is looking more and more comfortable out there every game. Good problem to have I guess but seriously..who sits? what do they do with the lines? I have no idea but here is a rough chart and you can see tons of options but here are a lot of able bodies in there…..arguably too many. We actually have 10 top nine guys as I consider Prust one. Do you sit
    oen or Armstrong? Does sitting Halpern make sense? and buming Prust down to 4th center and plugging Bourque into Eller’s line? or do you drop Prust and have him play wing and go with PRust-Hapern-(armstrong/Moen/White)? I personally like Prust out there with Galchenyuk and Eller.

    • Steeltown Hab says:


      Pacioretty – Plek – Gionta
      Galchenyuk – Eller – Gallagher
      Bourque – Desharnais – Ryder
      Prust – Halpern – Dumont / White

      but MT will likely draw in Moen or Armstrong over Dumont/White


      Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

      • krob1000 says:

        But I can’t help but think how much Prust can help if he is on the ice with those kids…then they aren’t getting creamed as often. Bourque will also step in for guys if need be…and now he’ll be expecting the Colton Orr sucker punch.

        • Steeltown Hab says:

          Rather see Bourque with them considering he has a bit more speed and scoring tough, but I can’t go back to Pacioretty – DD – Gallagher it was painful to watch Gallagher carrry those two.


          Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

        • Habsrule1 says:

          The kids are alright. They’ve shown they don’t really need Prust to be with them to contribute.

          Go Habs Go!!

          “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

          • krob1000 says:

            oh I agree they are alright and wil produc eoffensviely no matter who is there..I just think Prust is better than 8 minutes a game and also that he would protect the kids from being targets for to be charged at a bit….maybe not protect but at least hold guys accountable.

      • Habsrule1 says:

        I would put Armstrong instead of Dumont/White also, but I like the lines. Those are 3 lines that can score….almost not even worth numbering. Give them similar ice time, unless one is having trouble or one is playing exceptionally.

        Go Habs Go!!

        “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

        • Steeltown Hab says:

          Pleks line gets 1st line minutes, and the other two get minutes based on how they play. Last night Galchenyuks line was shorted, and DDs line got too much ice, resulting in them all going -1.


          Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

          • krob1000 says:

            see I don;t even know what PLeks line is right now….this is what I mean…everything is confused with so many healthy bodies…in the last two weeks he has had Gio-Ryder, Gio-Bourque, Patches-Gio for bits here and there last night.

      • Say Ash says:

        White is done.

  37. Habilis says:

    Red Sox game scheduled for tonight in Boston has been called off.

    The whole city is on lockdown at the moment. No way the B’s play unless they catch this coward in the next little while.

    Friggin terrorists. Just jump off a bridge next time. Jerks.

  38. jedimyrmidon says:

    Pierre LeBrun’s NHL Awards:

    I think Gallagher definitely deserves the Calder over Huberdeau. Galchenyuk is also creeping up.

    And McClement for the Selke… really???!

    • forskis says:

      His reasoning makes some sense…but if I recall correctly, the award goes to the forward who is the amongst the best defensively but can still put up lots of points….seeing as how forwards are supposed to put up points, giving it to a player who sacrifices points to keep others from getting them makes some sense.

      “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  39. Skeptical says:

    Over all Team performance rating for today:

    1. Pittsburgh,
    2. Montreal,
    3. Toronto,
    4. Washington,
    5. New York Islanders,
    6. Boston,
    7. Ottawa,
    8. New York Rangers,

  40. Seps says:

    I’m not trying to stir the pot here, but with Price there are people who argue for him and against him. But with DD, I haven’t seen one person try to defend him. Is no one pro DD on this site or am I missing something?

    • Loonie says:

      You’re missing a lot


    • Timo says:

      Have you missed Commandant’s posts?

      • Seps says:

        Guess I have haha, I just always see these gigantic posts ripping on DD, than everyone chimes in agreeing. I find it amusing because I don’t disagree.

        • The Juice says:

          Agree with you Seps regarding # of pro/con posts regarding DD…and you can put me down in the pro DD column as well. Fair salary given production…



          “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high!”

        • commandant says:

          I don’t think DD is the greatest player in the world, just that he gets way too much hate for trivial things.

          Go Habs Go!
          Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

          • The Jackal says:

            He does. It’s not even his fault, MT plays who he plays.
            If other players stepped up and produced more, then there would be less pressure on DD to get going again.

            Hockey sine stercore tauri.

          • Steeltown Hab says:

            He gets way too much support and opportunity from MT vs his teammates.


            Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

    • I look at Desharnais as a player on the team. It doesn’t bother me he’s there as there are people more important than I making those decisions.

      He’s paid to contribute and he does that.

      He’s just a player, and Desharnais is not the reason we are in 2nd overall, and he’s not the reason we lose.

      I feel the coach may be making some system and lineup mistakes, but again, why rant over something we can’t control. Some fans like to do that, some fans do it so much that no one replies to them, and some fans just smile and wave. 🙂

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures

      • Steeltown Hab says:

        You rant and rave because that’s what being a diehard fan is, riding the ups and downs and playing arm-chair gm/coach with fellow fans.


        Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

    • Phil C says:

      I have at least two posts below defending him. Maybe they are getting buried.

    • Sportfan says:

      Poor DD 😛

      Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      You must have missed Ed’s posts.

    • Habsrule1 says:

      I like Desharnais. I think he’s a 50-60 point guy and makes the money he should. I also think he’s been lucky to have good linemates, but I also think his linemates sure have slowed down as much as he has so who’s making who better and who’s making who worse?
      I think he gets too much ice time and I’d rather see Galchenyuk and Eller get the same ice time and see what they can do. I picture DD as a pretty decent 2nd line centre and very good 3rd line centre on a team that needs that.
      In my opinion, he is being replaced slowly by bigger, better players on the Habs….assuming those guys are afforded the same chance he has been. If not Eller, certainly Galchenyuk.

      Go Habs Go!!

      “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

      • ed says:

        DD plays 1 shift of ice even strength more than Eller per game. Eller plays penalty kill minutes and no power play and DD plays 2nd line power play and NO penalty kill minutes.

        • Habsrule1 says:

          Exactly. Eller needs to be given the same chance as DD. I hope it happens so we can say for 100% certainty what eller could do with that kind of usage. He’s young. He can handle PP & PK if need be.

          Go Habs Go!!

          “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

    • The Dude says:

      Well ,you missed me and last night DD set up Ryder and Borque with open nets on numerous occasions only too have them miss or wif the shot!

  41. Luke says:

    Sometimes I think I shjould clean my desk and re-organize all my filing stuff.
    But it never really gets any further than that.

  42. Skeptical says:

    After watching the game last night. If TB had Bishop all season. I think they would be in a playoff position. They’re not that bad.

    Habs is just a bit better all around and that’s the reason they won last night. As for Goal post, Crossbars. That happens to the best. Sometimes it cost you a game as well as missed shots on net. Part of the Game.

    Good Game by both teams.

    • Phil C says:

      Coaching change helped as well. They play more defensively now and Boucher was butting heads with the star players which was not good.

      • The Jackal says:

        What has been said about Boucher?
        I’m interested as to what happened with him, seemed like a good coach.

        Hockey sine stercore tauri.

        • Phil C says:

          I read somewhere (Friedman?)that he and Yzerman disagreed on the team philosophy for defense, with Yzerman wanting a more conservative system. The first period blowout in Toronto in front of all the GMs was the last straw. Boucher may have lost the room with his veterans as well, with rumours that St. Louis was not happy with how rigid Boucher was with how he was expected to play.

          I think Boucher is a good coach if he learns from this, but it goes to show that at the highest level, sometimes you are only as good as your worst mistake. Experience matters. I’m glad the Habs chose an experienced coach.

          • The Jackal says:

            How was Boucher’s system, wasn’t it working out?
            I’m sure he would have done way better if they had some goaltending.
            Hopefully he learns, he is a good coach.
            Maybe he will coach the Habs one day!

            Hockey sine stercore tauri.

          • Phil C says:

            The Lightning were scoring a tonne of goals, but they were also giving up a tonne of goals. The losses started piling up, a couple of games in a row where they were blown out in the first period (4-0 in the first period in Toronto for example). If you are going to disagree with your Boss, you better win the games!

      • Skeptical says:

        Phil: you’re right on.

    • Loonie says:

      Bishop was a product of the Senators and the Lightning will soon find this out. They made another huge goaltending mistake and it’s going to cost them dearly.

      Bishop’s save percentage by game since going to Tampa…..


      What they’ve done consistently is completely ignore their defensive issues. Bishop is a very good goaltender but he isn’t in that elite category of goalies who can mask awful defense. It isn’t a coincidence that Lehner, Bishop and Anderson all have excellent numbers.

      Like St. Louis, it isn’t a case of them having three great goalies. It’s a case of them being a very responsible team defensively.

      Edit: To put it another way Bishop won’t give them anything that a solid free agent goalie can’t. They’ve now spent two second round picks and a Calder candidate on good but not great big goalies who need good defensive play(like most) to be successful.

      Yzerman should win the worst executive of the year award.

      • Actually I’ve been watching Ben since the day the Blues drafted him, and I feel his talents are no better or worse than Price.

        Only difference is this. Elliot, Halak, and Allen meant more to the blues, and Anderson will be in Ott was a very long time and moved him to improve their team.

        TB’s defense is horrible, and in turn makes good goalies look bad.

        Conacher I feel is the results of Stamkos, I in turn think Yzerman stole Bishop and the Blues got a free second round pick in 2013 from the Sens.

        Shane Oliver
        Twitter @Sholi2000
        Custom Sports Figures

  43. rhino514 says:

    Agree that the D has looked atrocious, I was definitely more confident about our chances of going deep in the playoffs with Emelin playing. But Diaz will help; he´ll take away minutes from Markov and Subban if nothing else. The next four games will give us an indication of how the team can play with the Yodler back in the lineup.
    Let´s not get too down on the team. The team has a decent core of proven playoff performers. Gionta, Gorges, Pleks, even Halpern; these guys bring it up a notch in the playoffs. Plus I think the addition definitely of Prust, and possibly Armstrong (he´s my darkhorse for a key goal in the playoffs, though I know many will laugh at me for this) gives the team a bit of an extra dimesion they haven´t had.
    It´s been a very enjoyable season in my mind. But now that we´re there, man is it a great feeling to win a round in the playoffs!

    • krob1000 says:

      I am hoping guys are making conscious or possibly even subconscious efforts to avoid injury right now. I cringe when I see the forwards blocking those ahrd low shots at their feet right now. lor unfortunately there haven’t been many of late.

    • The Jackal says:

      Take minutes from all but Subban.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  44. Habilis says:

    Karlsson cleared for contact. Unreal.

    The Sens jut got dangerous.

  45. Maritime Ron says:

    Regarding DD and the Time on Ice for Power play and comparable production from other forwards and centers:

    DD’s PP time of 128:48 ranks him 41st for ALL NHL forwards and 18th for ALL described NHL Centers.

    DD’s PP goal production ranks him 151st for all forwards and tied for 62nd for all Centers….and his 4 assists ranks him 295th for all forwards and tied for 39th for all NHL centers.

  46. Timo says:

    Bruins and Penguins cancel the morning skate. Looks like there won’t be a game tonight in Boston. I wonder if league will have to postpone playoffs for a couple of days so that Bruins can catch up on their games.

    • Say Ash says:

      Make the Bruins play double headers.

    • Habilis says:

      Good question.

      They actually cancelled the Celtics game because it had no impact on the playoff seeding. I wonder if they would consider something similar with the B’s games.

      • Timo says:

        Well, B’s have missed game with Ottawa and now Pitts. Both have seeding implications so I doubt it. Besides, no way league is going to miss a chance to have Boston move ahead of Habs.

        • Habilis says:

          Yeah you’re right, there’s no way they cancel them with the point totals as close as they are.

          They could do something unprecedented like simply giving each team a single point from the games. People would flip though.

          Looks like some playoff postponement as you said. I can’t see any other way.

    • Fansincebirth says:

      I can’t see where they can fit a game in before the 28th unless they have them play 3 nights in a row or extend it past the 28th.

  47. habs001 says:

    In the future Galchenyuk will be a centre that scores for the Habs but right now Plecks is the only centre that can score goals regularly…The other centres get minimal chances in a game to score..they are mostly passers or puck carriers…

  48. habs001 says:

    Can a team buy out a player and than resign him?.and if not..how about some behind the back dealings where a player is bought out and signs with another team and gets traded back to the original team for a good draft pick/players…

    • habs11s says:

      I believe you have to wait a year to re-sign them.


      “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” -Jacques Plante

      • habs001 says:

        Thanks…But how about if there is no $$$ spending issues and an organization just wishes to have cap room so they buy out lets say Ovvie but it is pre-arranged with another team that he will sign for a much lesser amount and gets traded back …

  49. rhino514 says:

    Regarding DD, though I fully agree there are three centres who should play before him NEXT season, I think he is being overly criticized. If he were to have a couple of good games, his production prorated over a full season would be in the fifties. If you take into account that last year he had the two hottest wingers on the team with him all year, his level is about the same. I´d be very curious to see his production 5 on 5 this year compared to last year, I´m sure someone has that stat handy.

    If he were to have just average production on the PP his point totals would actually be as good as last years, quite possibly even better. But the PP is a job of five men; it can be argued That the second wave has not done well DESPITE him as easily as one could argue it hasn´t performed BECAUSE of him. The most important man on the PP is probably the D who quarterbacks it, and if i am not mistaken Markov is usually on the first wave, and no one else can replace him on the second wave. With Diaz back they are deeper on both waves, so we shall see.
    I am a convert and believe Eller is already a better overall centre than DD (perhaps not as consistent yet), and is still getting better which is the great thing; but I do not necessarily think the second wave would be better with Eller in DD´s place. There is no way to know, but if i were to guess (and it´s just a guess) i really don´t think it would be better. I think there are other issues, as stated earlier, on the second wave which are dragging it down.
    Eller is much more rounded, but on the PP, where you have time to create, I feel that DD still has more poise, more experienced and less jittery than Eller. I really don´t think DD is the main reason that wave hasn´t worked.

    • Phil C says:

      “Eller is much more rounded, but on the PP, where you have time to create, I feel that DD still has more poise, more experienced and less jittery than Eller. I really don´t think DD is the main reason that wave hasn´t worked.”

      You have hit the nail on the head here. As well, Eller has been killing penalties, somewhich which I cannot see DD doing. So splitting their even strength time and having DD on the PP and Eller on the PK is a very nice distribution of responsibilities. Part of the team concept. The PK is not as glamourous as the PP, but equally important to the team and winning.

      The result is that DD gets one more shift per game than Eller on average. Seems like much ado about nothing.

  50. Bob_Sacamano says:

    Now for something completely different: Who sits when Armstrong and Prust are back? I personally would love to see Prust, Halpern, Dumont on the fourth line but I absolutely can´t see MT sitting both Armstrong and Moen. So who´s it going to be, Armstrong or Moen?

    Will never happen but I´d also consider Dumont centering the third line with Bourque and Ryder and sit DD. He isn´t as good as a passer but faster, more physical (okay less would be impossible) and stronger defensively.

    • Timo says:

      Safe to say that Dumont will sit, but yeah… who else? Moen? Could it be? Nah.

    • habfanacrossthed says:

      Well put Bob. I had this in the about last night’s thread.

      Army in for Moen. With Prust and Halpern. If Army can’t go Saturday, then the 4th line is Prust Halpern Dumont.

      GHOD – Go Habs Or Die

      • Timo says:

        You realize that Prust Halpern Dumont won’t happen if Moen is healthy. It’d be nice but won’t happen. Therrein is going to keep riding Moen for god knows what reason until he either walks out or gets hurt.

        • habfanacrossthed says:

          I do understand, maybe it could spark a fire under his arse. Even watching 24CH pay attention to Moen when MT is talking. Does not care the slightest. Still feels he should be getting top 9 minutes.

          GHOD – Go Habs Or Die

    • rhino514 says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Habs are deep in fourth line players. Halpern it seems has to play because of his faceoff ability and he´s the only centre, Prust is automatic. So it´s between Armdog, Moen, and Dumont for the last spot.
      Normally Moen would be automatic, but he there is definitely something wrong with him this year; he´s a ghost out there.
      I´d replace him with Armdog, but I just don´t see Therrien doing that.

  51. habs-fan-84 says:

    Apparently Erik Karlsson is skating with the team today…

    Also curious, does anyone have any idea how long Emelin will be out? I know it was said he’s done for the season…how hard of an injury is this to overcome? Will he be ready for training camp in September…??

    is there ANY chance Emelin returns for the finals lol?

  52. thebonscott says:

    I understand that chucky is young and learning, but he is not a defensive liability, like DD, give him 15 mins, cut moens or DD’s ice time if necessary.

    Buck the Fruins.

    • Phil C says:

      If you look at the season TOI stats, Galchenyuk has been doing okay, averaging just over 11 minutes a game. This means that at even strength, he takes a regular shift on a four line team. Moen only gets more icetime because he kills penalties. The only way to increase Galchenyuk’s icetime is to give him more PP time (I can’t see him killing penalties).

  53. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Loonie, you were involved in discussion yesterday about how Price would focus for the game. You mentioned that he would concentrate on always being in the best position.

    Good call, and I wonder were you also impressed with the (fairly numerous) saves he made in which he had to react and abandon position (thanks to sloppy D)? Also, I didn’t see the whole game: did he go down less, spend less time on his knees?

    • Loonie says:

      Thanks Mike. I saw him do what he does when he’s confident. He stayed low and moved when he needed to but not out of desperation. The best example of him not cheating to make a save was a play in the second period. I believe it was Panik got a glorious chance because Gorges was tied up with somebody on the post Price was hugging and couldn’t see Panik walk out in front of the net with the puck. Price was doomed and Panik hit the post with a WIDE open net.

      But the good thing about that play was that Price didn’t lean the wrong way trying to guess where the puck was. He was controlled and appeared to resign himself to the fact that he can’t control blown assignments or passes getting through traffic when they shouldn’t.

      When his positioning failed he reacted.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Cheers Tom.
        A win (not to mention a complete game) is the first vital step in activating the professional amnesia so essential to the goalie’s trade.

  54. Small_Town_Boy says:

    MB before the first game of the playoffs:

    “Release the Hounds MT, release the Hounds” – Chucky & Eller

    Dat’s wha me tinks

  55. Maritime Ron says:

    commandant says:
    “DD has taken so much crap this year its ridiculous. The guy is a good, not great player. People can’t accept him as a good set up man, because they expect perfection and greatness IMO.

    His new contract is cheap for his production, and he’ll continue to be a valuable member of our top 9 going forward, either at C or on the wing down the road.
    First of all, I enjoy your web site, yet on this one I respectfully disagree and the criticism is warranted as is questioning the contract extension.

    1) DD has been blessed with “Preferred” Ice time meaning he has played the MOST Power Play minutes of any Habs forward this year at 128:34.

    2) With all that time on the PP, the Habs have scored 40 goals, yet DD has only chipped in for 1 PP goal and 4PP assists.

    2) Even with that, his production is way down from last year and his 9G -17A would mean a 16 G 47 pts. 82 game season

    3) He has scored goals in only 7 of the 44 games and has 1 goal in his last 18 games.

    4) He loses more faceoffs than he wins.

    5) His Contract:
    There was NO need for a preemptive long term deal.
    If that new deal was not given, DD was to be an RFA-not UFA.

    Last year was his first full season after playing 43 games in a very average 2010/11 season. Having 1 decent season on a 28th placed team when several teams didn’t take us seriously and on many occasions played their backups did not warrant 4 years @ $3.5M per year. Did he make Cole and Max, or was it the other way around?

    Cap Comparables moving forward?

    6) Moving forward in the next 2-3 years, our 3 Top 9 Centers will be 3 of Plekanec-Galchenyuk-Eller-Desharnais. Who is the odd man out?

    7) We cannot win a Stanley Cup with 3 Top 9 forwards measuring 5’7″ and 170 something pounds.

    • HardHabits says:

      If not mistaken DD would have been UFA due to his age.

    • Steeltown Hab says:

      Agree with it all. Commandant is a massive DD supporter though.

      No one expects anything of greatness from him, we know what he is, and what he is doesn’t support the way he’s used in the lineup over other more deserving players.


      Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

    • munch17 says:

      I agree with you.
      My problem with DD is that he was anointed number one center over the summer – I was skeptical as I thought he played the entire year with the teams two top wingers.
      He continues to be the number one center on the PP and does not produce – this is a fact.
      He is never criticized for his defensive shortcomings ( as seen last night).
      I would have less problem if he was a third line center playing with a couple of big winger e.g. Bourque and Ryder and plaing 3rd line minutes.
      Unfortunately his defensive game may be too weak for this role.
      And I say all this having a lot of respect for him and for what he has accomplished as an undrafted player.

    • habs-fan-84 says:

      DD is terrible on faceoffs and the biggest frustration is seeing him attempt one in the offensive zone at the beginning of the PP…almost always within a few seconds the puck is back in our end…

      so much time is wasted trying to get set up again

      • habfanacrossthed says:

        It’s so bad MT now uses Halpern in the first period for key defensive faceoffs. Eller was a nice 8 wins for 3 losses.

        GHOD – Go Habs Or Die

      • Steeltown Hab says:

        Watch how bad his faceoff % gets with Gallagher off his line scooping up tied draws


        Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

    • Phil C says:

      1) DD earned the PP time by beng the team’s best offensive centre last year. DD has not been blessed with anything in his career, its been all earned the hard way. Even though he has not produced individually, the team PP has been working. With limited practice time, I hardly blame the coaches for not changing things around.

      2) His production is not way down, the team has a more balanced attack so they don’t need hI’m as much. 47 is not that far off 60. A couple of 3 point games and he is back on track.

      3) He is not a goal scorer, nor should you expect him to be. He is a playmaker.

      4) He needs to be better on faceoffs.

      5) $3.5M is a bargain, this is how you build a balanced attack, by not overpaying any one player. Check out Grabovski’s stats and cap hit. Cole had his best goal scoring season playing with DD. Playmakers need goal scorers and vise versa, it was a nice match.
      6) Very good problem to have. They are one injury or trade away form not having that problem. At worst, one of them plays the wing.

      7) Do you seriously think size is a problem for Gallagher and Gionta? Seriously? Do you watch the games and how they play? Outside of those two, the Habs have plenty of size up front. I wish they were bigger on D though, they are really missing Emelin.

      • Maritime Ron says:

        1) In the NHL, you don’t earn time by what you did last year yet how you perform in the present.

        2) We can agree to disagree about possible production

        3) Yes he is a play maker, but he is not making plays that warrant excessive PP time.

        4) Agreed. Hopefully he reaches out to Halpern

        5) Unknown if $3.5 is a bargain. Depends where he is slotted moving forward. I would not bet the house on that.

        6) Agreed, but can you ever imagine DD playing the wing?

        7) Size is a minimal problem for BG and BG if they are properly surrounded, but they may get worn down in a 4 series run to the Cup. Having 3 little guys is a problem and we go nowhere with that

        • Phil C says:

          Sometimes I think DD would be better on the wing, like St. Louis. He would have less defensive responsibilities in his own end, yet still work his magic in the offensive zone. It could especially work with a goal scoring centre like Jeff Carter.

          I like big, strong forwards as well as long as they play that way, so I get what you are saying. Penner is one of the biggest players in the league, yet plays a soft game. I see BG and BG as execptions to the rule when it comes to size. Gionta has proven he is durable. The jury is still out on Gallagher on whether or not he can last, although even big forwards who play that way can have injury trouble.

  56. HabsWinn-ipeg says:

    Haven’t been able to watch many Habs games lately. Two questions for those who see more than I do:

    1. Is there any reason (other than “protected minutes”) that Galchenyuk plays so few minutes? Is he a defensive liability etc?

    2. Assuming that our D is getting killed because Emelin is out (as has been theorized), is there a reason that Tinordi isn’t called up? Is he a defensive liability?

    Not trying to stir the pot – just wondering as I don’t get to see that many games.

    • Maritime Ron says:

      Although Plus/Minus is sometimes a misleading stat with so many variables, Galchenyuk is tied with Prust as best for all Habs forwards at +11.

    • Phil C says:

      When at even strength, Therrien has been rolling four lines most of the season. As such Galchenyuk has taken a regular shift. But he does not play special teams so he sits if there are a lot of penalties.

      Last night the coach was line matching Plekanec with Stamkos, which is starting transition to playoff hockey. As such, Plekanec’s line saw more ice at the expense of Galchenyuk’s and DD’s line. DD only played a minute more than Galchenyuk at even strength.

      The only way Galchenyuk gets more icetime is if he starts playing the PP. With Ryder, Gionta, Bourque, and Pacioretty ahead of him, I don’t see it happening without injuries.

  57. sudburyhabfan says:

    I agree with most of the posters here saying that our youngsters should be getting more ice time. Maybe the idea of protecting them at this point is accurate…accurate enough that they are being held for the playoffs.

    THese guys could really make some noise in the playoffs and maybe drive the rest of the teams adrenaline by playing more…I would try it for the first game of the playoffs…set the tone!!!!!

    its all about work ethic…we have proven that all year

  58. Habfan10912 says:

    Our old friend Scotty Gomez received a 10 minute misconduct penalty last night vs the Wild. Did anyone here see what he did to deserve that?

  59. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Did I read this last night on the live blog?

    “Maybe don’t leave St Louis alone in the slot — just a suggestion.”


  60. savethepuck says:

    In 3 years on this Site, I have never posted line combos or D pairings, so this is a 1st for me. Weber seems to be getting some praise for his play last night, so when Diaz returns, is it really that bad to have both Swiss D in the lineup?
    PK has the speed to insulate Markov defensively and nobody can Argue the offensive upside. Gorges And Diaz were mostly paired together before Diaz was injured.

    I would also not have a problem with

    ” They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
    Carey Price

  61. Danno says:

    Canadiens right the ship slightly by edging the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-2

    A Much-Needed Win By Canadiens


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  62. Small_Town_Boy says:

    Pouliot, though, hinted Subban dived to draw the penalty.

    “It depends on how you see it,” he said. “Usually with P.K., moves are overexaggerated.”

    Sour puss Poo Poo

    Edited: Never mind see below

    Dat’s wha me tinks

  63. arcosenate says:

    Pouliot blaming PK for his idiotic penalty in the final 2 minutes. Man, that guy is such a waste of talent, million dollar body and a 10 cent head:

    The most glaring error was Ben Pouliot’s holding penalty on P.K. Subban with 2:21 left in the third period, which led to Brian Gionta’s winner with 46.4 seconds left; Montreal’s first goal in six power-play chances.

    Gionta, to the left of the net, was able to gather Yannick Weber’s shot off the end boards and pop it past Bishop.

    Pouliot, though, hinted Subban dived to draw the penalty.

    “It depends on how you see it,” he said. “Usually with P.K., moves are overexaggerated.”

    Still, Pouliot put his arms around Subban and gave the referee an excuse to make a call. And he did it 29 seconds after Tampa Bay killed off Ryan Malone’s minor penalty for goaltender interference.

    “You can debate the calls. That’s not the issue,” Cooper said. “The issue is we put ourselves in position to take them. When you do that, you can only kill off so many. And we came up one short.”

  64. jo_maka says:

    Stamkos shouldn’t be worried about playing in the World Championship, he’s a lock.
    Open-mindedness is not a skull fracture

  65. Timo says:

    Anyone else starting to think that instead of Kaberle Habs should buy out Moen and bury Kaberle in the minors?

  66. Loonie says:

    On the previous page there’s some comments about heat that Desharnais has taken.

    In my opinion it comes from his limited contributions. He’s an excellent passer which is obviously tremendously valuable. But like every other player who isn’t elite he needs to find a way to contribute when “his game” isn’t working. When guys like Pacioretty and Gallagher aren’t burying the chances he puts on their stick his positive impact on the game is almost non-existent.

    I mentioned that last night was one of his best defensive games I’ve ever seen if not the best. That’s the kind of Desharnais that needs to show up more often. He’s billed as one of the hardest workers on the team and last night notwithstanding, I’m sorry but I haven’t seen it. This season at least there have been far too many times where he skates lazily toward the puck carrier and uses a laboured one handed poke in a feeble attempt to break up a play. Last night he was a man possessed. Skating hard, breaking up passes and eliminating his men with two hands on his stick and hard checking. Last night’s Desharnais deserved praise as a hard worker, the version of him that has shown up for most of the other fourty-two games hasn’t deserved that compliment.

    Ryder is similar in that when he isn’t scoring his value is minimal. Pacioretty’s figuring this out, it’s something Bourque has always understood, Gionta too.

    When things aren’t going your way you need to find other ways to be a good contributor.

    Jonathan Cheechoo is a an excellent goal scorer, look at him now.

  67. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Anyone else think Gionta’s gwg was an absolute beauty?

    I know it’s what he’s paid to do, but it was lightening-quick, working in a very confined space, tiny target.

    More, please.

  68. adamkennelly says:

    just in case anyone was wondering – Erik(with a K) Cole has 12 points in 42 games…buh bye.

  69. Good article by posted by Timo that shed’s some light on lack of Eller usage vs. favorite DD. Didn’t mention Chucky needing to be used more, but that’s a no brainer. Playing some favorites here and it’s hurting us. Sit DD and see if that lights a spark.
    As for Drewiske, he’s stronger than the Swiss cheese. Can’t believe some people are on the Weber bandwagon. How quickly people forget! Markov needs to play no more than 18 minutes. He is a liability after that. Boone hit it on the head last night. No rose colored glasses on me. Still don’t feel confident with this team heading into the first round. Wish I could know that every game they would bring it, but I can’t. Seems like baby-sitting to me.

    Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

  70. habfanacrossthed says:

    Question to Ed and the DD lovers out there. So how can he do no wrong in your eyes? Why because DD makes a couple “nice” passes to Bourgue? He had almost 6 mins of PP time! Habs went 0 fer until the late goal. No credit to DD. Too much ice time for the little lad. Make him a winger already. Give Galchenyuk and Eller opportunities on the PP at Center. -1 zero shots on goal, come on Davis Drewiske had two on SOG and he played 9 mins!

    GHOD – Go Habs Or Die

    • Captain aHab says:

      Not sure there are many people left here who think he can do no wrong. He has definitely overachieved over his career but he’s not great right now and I feel splitting him from Pax was the right move. I think they had too much comfort together and were expecting things to happen on their own.

      Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      ” So how can he do no wrong in your eyes? ”

      No one has ever made that statement or anything close.

  71. Luck is nice to have (thank you goal-posts), but as has been said before, it is hard work, perseverance, skill and a positive attitude that wins games in the medium to long run. We don’t have that yet. Still stinging from the 5 out of five recent tilt.

    Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

  72. commandant says:

    The other guy getting a lot of hate is Drewiskie.

    If you watch the first goal, that wasn’t on Drew at all… Bouillion abandoned his position, leaving Drewiskie to be forced to cover two players in front of the Habs net. That one is on Frankie imo.

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

    • krob1000 says:

      He only passes the puck laterally. I will gie him props though for trying to get pucks on net instead of always dumping to the corner like another long term Hab. I just don’t think he is physcial enough or good enough defensively to override his lack of two way game. Sure he will win a few more battles than someone like Weberr…but Weber will start 8 attacks a game….Drewiskie will pass across to his partner. This is what I found with Pateryn as well…they are playing safe but safe really hampers the ofrwars and creates that space betwen the d and forwards MT was talking about.

      • Cal says:

        He made a few passes up the ice. Do you see his number when he does it or is anything Drewiske does anathema?

        • krob1000 says:

          very,very few….and none I noticed quickly leading to any transitional opportunities but like anyone I am sure I miss some. I am not smart enough to understand that last word and am not motivated enough to look it up though. I have seen him play several games now and he is the least effective puck mover I have seen on defense this year with the exception of Pateryn who played very nervous. If he couldn’t play in LA with Voynov, Doughty, Martinez, Scuderi, Ellerby, Muzzin why can he crack the Habs top 6 and leapfrog Weber, Tinordi, Beauleiu and a a cup winning dman in Kaberle (yes I get the injury thing).

          You have your opinion I have mine…I do not see him being an upgrade….that simple. Since his arrival I have seen scores of opportunites of guys flying through the neutral zone and him not even consider it and instead pass it to a laterally positioned dman who is actually skating backwards while the forwards move up….creating a huge gap between our d and forwards. The forwards know when they are open….they aren’t just going to hang out standing still at the other blueline..they prefer to be moving. They have been getting pasted lately much due to long predcitable passes and/or getting the puck not moving.

          • Cal says:

            He was traded for a 5h round pick and you’re expecting Chris Chelios?

          • krob1000 says:

            re your post above as I can”t respond …no, I am not expecting Chris Chelios..but I am expecting him to take a backseat to the guys who are better than him….right now I believe that to be Weber, Kaberle, Beaulieu and Tinordi. I also wouldn;t mind seeing a fourth line that did not have Halpern on it.

    • I can’t believe fans would criticize Drew, he was brought in to fill a 6th pairing, and because of injuries he’s asked to help out in a role he’s never played. Fans are odd?

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures

    • Sportfan says:

      The hate on Drew is because everyone expected this big D who had experience to come in and help this team. The we got him so people figured ok Ryder and Halpern worked why not Drew. Patience is not a virtue with a lot of Hab fans and they haven’t given him much of a chance.

      Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • frontenac1 says:

      I don”t mind Wiskies play at all. Just wish he would use that 6ft.2in 220lbs frame to belt a few guys.

  73. Luke says:

    What’s the saying?

    The harder you work, the luckier you get.


    You’ve got to be good to be lucky, and lucky to be good.

    Both seem to apply.

  74. habs-fan-84 says:

    With regards to luck, we didn’t have much the past few games…finally we got some last night and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Price was solid last night and that save on St. Louis was a beauty!

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