Habs’ Gallagher won’t be cheering for Bruins in Cup final

Who is the Canadiens’ Brendan Gallagher cheering for in the Stanley Cup final?

“I don’t want to see Boston win,” Gallagher told Elliott Pap of Postmedia News.

Gallagher, who works out with the Bruins’ Milan Lucic during the offseason, added that the reason he’d rather see the Chicago Blackhawks win the Cup has to do with the bitter Boston-Montreal rivalry.

“I mean, I’m happy for Lootch and I’m glad he’s doing well,” Gallagher said. “But I just don’t want to see Boston win.”

Gallagher said he wishes Lucic all the best in everything except winning another Cup.

Gallagher must have been happy after Game 1 of the Cup final, which ended early Thursday morning with the Blackhawks’ Andrew Shaw scoring on a double deflection at 12:08 of the third overtime period for a 4-3 win over the Bruins.

Game 2 of the Cup final is Saturday night in Chicago (8 p.m., CBC, RDS).

(Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images)

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  1. Cal says:

    I awoke this mornin’
    And what did I see?
    The Black Hawks had won
    By 4 to 3.
    (Coming for to carry Stanley home)

  2. commandant says:

    Only one thing to say

    Do doo do doo do do doo doo doo do dooo doo doo do doo do

    Love hearing the Chelsea Dagger for the next couple weeks.

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I was at the pub, with a lot of conflicted Canucks fans, who hate the ‘Hawks and that song, but hate the Bruins even more. Fun to jump up and cheer when the non-evil guys scored.

  3. The Teacher says:

    Yesssssssss. That’s all. Good night.

  4. Chuck says:

    Good for the guys in red!

  5. The_Truth says:

    Anyone notice Seguin is terrible?

    Right now I would take Kessel over Seguin and Hamilton pretty easily.

    • The Jackal says:

      You gotta be kidding mate!
      Seguin and Hamilton have not even developed fully yet. Kessel will never be better, he will start to decline.
      Seguin was battling all night and has had some really terrible luck.
      Hamilton was not bad at all when he has played, Bruins got 2 good players that will be either very good or elite. Laffs got robbed so bad.
      And not to mention Rask….. Laffs gave away Rask. I hope the Laffs keep screwing the pooch.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  6. mksness says:

    i really love watching cam neely looking sad…

  7. Timo says:

    Cam Nealy – what a disgusting looking pig.

  8. johnnylarue says:

    WOOOOOOOT! The Good Guys win it! And Shaw, to boot!

    That loss + Horton’s injury should pretty much do it for the Bruins. And thank God for that.

  9. Adidess says:


    Exactly the kind of loss I wanna see the Bruins suffer. Leading 2-0 and 3-1 and their fans yelling like mad in the third… Next thing you know game is tied, then they go on to play 3 tough overtime periods, and finally boom they get KO-ed after 120 minutes of hockey. What a night! I’ll enjoy great sleep tonight.

  10. The Jackal says:

    This is some great hockey. I gope the Habs can get to this level soon. Great play by both teams.

  11. Timo says:

    Seabrooke pulled Benny Pouilot there.

  12. habs001 says:

    Well they are off till Sat…

  13. JayK-47 says:

    Don Cherry #poppinbennies

  14. Timo says:

    Bruin score on that PP.

  15. Harditya says:

    Loving this. Triple overtime.

  16. Timo says:

    Johnny, is it just you and me now? Everyone else asleep?

  17. Timo says:

    What’s the deal with Horton? Is he injured? Please tell me the SOB is done.

    • johnnylarue says:

      Looked like he hurt his shoulder. And the fact that he’s out of the game means he’s probably seriously compromised. Which means the Bruins, scientifically speaking, should definitely lose this series now.

  18. Timo says:

    I like watching Jagr. On that last play – a player that is truly there for the love of the game. Good on him.

  19. Wintercount says:

    Take that kid Shaw on my team, put him on Lucic all day long. And you keep Bickel.

  20. HardHabits says:

    Sleep is the winner. I will read about it tomorrow morning. Night all!!!

  21. johnnylarue says:

    OMG–Ron and Don reminiscing about drugs!! Anyone else seeing this??

  22. Marc10 says:

    What a game! Go Hawks!

  23. habs001 says:

    This is the type of game you need solid face off man at key times..the Habs have cared very little the last few years on having good face off man…

  24. habsfor25 says:

    Oh how I wish I was watching the habs in this game:(

  25. johnnylarue says:

    They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

  26. The Dude says:

    One hell of a game man! I’ll say Jagr with the winner.

  27. HabFanSince72 says:

    Players getting tired.

    Rask can only be beaten by a perfect shot or a fluke.

    • SmartDog says:

      Writer too

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • mksness says:

      maybe the refs should call a few things like hooking and interference… nah refs let them play but will always call too many men instead of letting it slide

      • johnnylarue says:

        In their defence, illegally having more guys on the ice than the other team is kind of the most egregious way to cheat in hockey… Granted the extra guy seldom really gets involved in the play, but whatever!

        • mksness says:

          i know but it’s always on line changes and the puck which is being dumped out hits them. it affects the play far less than a two handed slash before the puck is even close to you. both teams are getting away with it. chicago hooked the shat out of one of the bruins and spun him around and no call.

  28. HabinBurlington says:

    Brandon Bollig has barely played, Stalberg would have been much more useful now.

  29. SmartDog says:

    Love the Hawks hitting that little piece of rat excrement named Marchand.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  30. johnnylarue says:

    Game really picked up in OT.

    If Horton is hurt for real that’s a MAJOR game-changer, even if the B’s manage to eke out a win here.

    • SmartDog says:

      Let’s hope.

      I am feeling good about my Blackhawks. They are better than the Pens. Much more difficult to handle.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  31. The_Truth says:

    A very worthy game one to the Finals. Evenly matched play so far. Rask was very good in that OT period.

    At this point, it will be a lucky break that wins it.

  32. The Dude says:

    I love my Habs but….their not in the same league as these two teams!Actually two leagues down 🙁

    • Adidess says:

      I agree. Maybe once a team gets on a roll, goes through a few rounds of playoff hockey, every player finds an extra gear and they can play like this as a collective.

      But looking on the surface, we don’t have more than a couple of guys who could perform at the level I’m watching right now. Or maybe they’ve been out so long, we forget how good they were at times this season -)

  33. Adidess says:

    Whew! Goaltending out of this world. Unbelievable!

    • mksness says:

      goaltending is only good because there is zero space to cut into the fron of the net. all the shots are from the outside. both teams are getting away with tons of interference, hooks and slashes.

      if crawfoird doesn’t have his forwards back checking and his D scrambling back to cover up some of those rebounds this game would have been over.

      rask is getting awesome protection from his D

      • Adidess says:

        Yes D is good, disciplined and aware as a unit at this level. Everyone knows and sees that. But the stops through traffic, the aggressive saves on 2-on-1s and breakaways by goaltenders are breathtaking. It’s been like that for a couple of rounds, especially out West. It’s incredible.

  34. Mark C says:

    How was Lucic on side?

  35. jols101 says:

    With any luck Beaulieu will become a more physical Leddy. Both great skaters with high hockey IQ.

  36. otter649 says:

    NBC must hate The NHL when games go to overtime as it screws up their late night tv scheduling….

    – Stanley come home…..

  37. ProHabs says:

    That defenceman #4 for the Blackhawks with the long name is just brutal.

  38. Sportfan says:

    Bollands first of the post season wow.

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  39. jols101 says:

    Besides the 1 game our Habs won, this has been my favorite game of the playoffs so far. Great game. Both teams battling hard.

  40. Adidess says:

    Lucky Crawford didn’t get injured there

  41. The_Truth says:

    The sign of a great team, is one that doesn’t panic when they are down. They have poise and understand a game or a series isn’t over until the end and keep playing their game, even elevating it.

    The Bruins and BlackHawks have that trait.

  42. habsfan0 says:

    The Hawks have now scored more goals in 1 game vs the Bruins than Pittsburgh did the entire series against Boston.

    • The_Truth says:

      Unbelievable. I still can’t believe what happened with Pittsburgh. It really boggles my mind and everything I think I know about hockey.

      I had Pitt in 6 lol.

  43. Dust says:

    Ohh yeah tie game. This has been a great start to the Stanley cup Final. What a game so far

  44. frontenac1 says:

    Screw the Bruins! I’ve hated them since the 70″s. Bast*#ds.!

  45. Just A Guy says:

    Well.. I’m still impressed with Krug overall.

  46. jols101 says:

    The Krejci, Lucic, Horton line has been incredible tonight.

  47. ont fan says:

    Heard we aren’t getting Fleury. 40 wins just sitting there. To bad, we could have used him.

    • The_Truth says:

      For now Pitt is going with MAF. If he doesn’t get it together this season, that will be it. Ryan Miller still isn’t signed in Buffalo and will become a UFA next summer. He seems to be waiting to see how things proceed in Buffalo before commiting. He would be a very nice fit in Pittsburgh.

      • Dust says:

        I think the sabres are going to trade him at the draft. No sources or anything just a feeling I get

        • The_Truth says:

          Not this draft. They will do everything they can to sign him this season. You don’t do anything less for a guy like Miller. Probably next trade deadline if he hasn’t signed.

          IMO he is a top 5 goalie in this league. You have to fight to the end to keep a goalie like him.

  48. JF says:

    The Hawks’ defence is nowhere near as good as the Bruins’. They do a fantastic job of protecting the front of their net and scooping up rebounds. As for the Hawks, their powerplay had too much fancy passing, no real attack on the net. On the 5-on-3, they had chances to come right in but didn’t do it. I reluctantly predict the Bruins will win the Cup; they look the better team to me.

    • Dust says:

      meh it’s one game and it’s only 2-1. I think it could go either way. I remember watching the Det-Chi series and thinking that that Det would win they were outplaying them big time adn went up 3 games to 1. Chi found another level and took them out.

  49. jols101 says:

    The “Mad House” has been anything but, really quiet in that place tonight. Surprising.

    Hawks PP has been miserable or the Bruins PK is incredible. Hard to tell which one.

  50. Savardian Spin-o-rama says:

    Chara has a neck fetish.

  51. habsfan0 says:

    An Original Six team has won the Stanley Cup 4 out of the last 6 years.

    Habs turn next year.

  52. The_Truth says:

    Huge kill. Only 1 scoring chance. Great sticks by the Bruins

  53. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …so do We care which of these teams win ?

    …all I can identify with the Blackhawks are that great sweater, Toews and Crawford (from Chateauguay)

    …the Beans ? …Jodoin, Bergeron, Lucic (so, shoot Me ! 🙁 ) and Krejci (a better Pleks) …plus a reluctant respect for Marchand

    …hmmm ?

    … 🙂

    • Mark C says:

      The fact that Bruins fans loath the Habs and their fans doesn’t do anything for you?

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        …what do the fans of the Beans have to do with it Mark ?

        …I like those players , whom by the way are but carpetbaggers

        …I hate, or I should say, disdain the sweater they cheer for

  54. The_Truth says:

    Awesome offensive battles in this game, by both teams. Very tough hockey right now.

  55. EricInStL says:

    I love Krug.

  56. frontenac1 says:

    Bolland gets wacked in the head with a stick,almost knocked his helmet off and no call?

    • 1010 says:

      Isn`t it grand. Bolland takes a stick in the face with his team losing 2-0 in their home building. The ref, five feet away, decides he`s gonna pretend he didn`t see it. Meanwhile, the CBC twit starts chirping about embellishment. After seeing the replay the CBC goof can`t- or is it won`t -say the ref messed up. How can you not conclude that this is wrestlin,`WWE style.

      • Dust says:

        what cbc are you listening to. When they saw the replay they said the refs missed it big time. At the end of the second how many penalties do the Bs have and how many do the Hawks have? This BS conspiracy crap has to stop. it’s getting sad and pathetic

  57. HabFanSince72 says:

    NHL refereeing …

  58. Habitant in Surrey says:

    Andi Petrillo,CBC: ‘…Marc Streit rumored to want $ 6 million…’

    …Holy Crappola !!!

    …PK’s negotiations with Marc will make some nail-biting headlines before it’s over 🙂

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

    Campaign to Retire Toe Blake’s Number 6 !!!

    • H.Upmann says:

      Those are almost PK numbers…..

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        …if Streit is worth $ 6 million, PK is worth $ 10 million

        • The_Truth says:

          No way Streit is worth 6 million. Closer to 4; 4.5 as a UFA max. He will get 5. Philly is desperate.

          • Dust says:

            Gonchar got 5. He will get 5 minimum. I am thinking he will end up at 5.5 per over 3 years

          • The_Truth says:

            Dallas was desperate as well. Overpaid by a million for sure. Desperate teams do desperate things. Think Gainey getting Gomez and PG picking up Kaberle. On a short term deal, I guess Dallas and Philly feel it is worth it.

            Not that I would shop him at this point, but makes me think Markov is worth a lot on the trade market.

          • Dust says:

            I know if i was MB i would listen to offers for him. Only problem is the habs don’t have enough Defensive depth to cover losing Markov

    • 1010 says:

      PK will want 18 per.

      GO HABS…

      • The_Truth says:

        Ryan Suter got 7.5 as a UFA, Chara is making a touch less than 7. Doughty is getting 7, Karlsson 6.5. Subban should get around 7 for 7.

        Bergevin could have had him for 5 million a year on a 4 or 5 year deal if he had signed him this past summer.

        • ont fan says:

          Oh for a crystal ball. We could all make those great decisions.

          • The_Truth says:

            Yes, true. Easy in hindsight, but Bergevin was generous with Moen and DD. Maybe he should have done the same with Subban. They got a little caught up in PK’s perceived attitude issues and now will have to pay for it.

  59. frontenac1 says:

    Lucy scores again?WTF!

  60. habs1992 says:

    I hate the Bruins, But i give credit where credit is due. And the Bruins are a Great hockey team, to win 2 cups in 3 years is really something

    I support Carey Price

  61. Psycho29 says:

    Is it pronounced “Lucheech” or “Lusic”…..Old Don can’t even get the Bruins names right..

  62. John Frodo says:

    I am not sure who to credit, but I read the Bruins have figured out how to overwhelm the system. Just like the Federal Conservatives. The powers that be can only catch so much, and then your free to do what you like. Its all about resources, and what the power structure is going to do. The Bruins answer to no one, fortunately Harper has real bosses that can vote.

  63. EricInStL says:

    The Hawks have not seen a team D like Boston’s in these playoffs,

  64. Un Canadien errant says:

    @ Dunboyne Mike, a lot of the time I post about how things should be, not how they are. So I whine about the refs and rue what could have been had the Canadiens not drafted Terry Ryan, or yes, Alfie Turcotte.

    So, agreed, the NHL is a commercial venture, but it is also the highest expression of our national sport, and has a responsibility to protect and promote our game. The fact that they’re doing a very poor job of it doesn’t invalidate that duty. The fact that it relies on public subsidies for its arenas and funding for special events and on Hockey Canada to supply it with players cements it.

    We’ve seen various degrees of government scrutiny or even outright direction when a putatively for-profit league or sanctioning body wasn’t satisfactorily acquitting itself of this duty. Think of the Black Sox Scandal, college football being forced to introduce the forward pass (horrors!), or criminal charges and imprisonments in match fixing incidents in international soccer.

    It’s the same as if a local opera house or ballet company used all the grants and civic funds and the fund-raising and tax-deductions to put on Cats musicals or resorts to ‘pie in the face’ gags. Misappropriation of funds shouldn’t be allowed.

    Or, Jeffrey Loria.



    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Good morning UCE.
      We see it the same way. But when you say, “The fact that they’re doing a very poor job of it doesn’t invalidate that duty”, I’m wondering do they even acknowledge that it as a duty. If they don’t, the job they’re doing can’t even be described as poor because they seem to have chosen not to do it. Profit only. And the reason they succeed at that is because, as Twilight pointed out, we just keep watching. So we fans are in a capitalist full-nelson.

  65. EricInStL says:

    Healy is so correct in saying teams try to out-Boston Boston. Hasn’t worked yet….

  66. HabFanSince72 says:

    Hawks D losing its cool.

  67. frontenac1 says:

    Lucic scores. 1-0

  68. The Dude says:

    My new Kegerator and this game are ‘excellent’! 🙂

  69. habsfan0 says:

    I liked Don Cherry’s outfit tonight.
    He looked like Al Capone.
    Very appropriate for Chicago.

  70. Maksimir says:

    man – hawks are all over them – do something Claude!

  71. Savardian Spin-o-rama says:

    Don’t know who’s gonna win the hockey war but the battle of the anthems goes to Chicago. Man that guy can belt out a tune.

  72. H.Upmann says:

    Enjoy the playoffs folks!

  73. Maksimir says:

    Chicago looking good… this is definitely the toughest test Bruins have had so far…

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