Habs fans in evidence

There were hundreds of fans wearing Canadiens jerseys at the Nassau Coliseum last night and they made themselves heard during the pregame wrapup. They booed former Canadiens Mark Streit and  Yann Danis when they were introduced and cheered when the Montreal starters were announced. 

The Islanders received more bad news before the game. It turns out that goaltender Rick DiPietro’s lower body injury was a torn meniscus in his knee. He has had arthroscopic surgery and will be out 4-6 weeks. Since the end of lst season, DiPietro has had his second hip surgery and two knee surgeries.  


  1. Mr Dobby says:

    Yeah I agree Habscolor, Maurice Richard, Jean Beliveau, think of the people who wore the jersey that you have on your chest and cheer for the Habs but the booing is so unclassy and makes us look like the degenerates of the NHL when it’s just the opposite. It has to stop.

    Scott Dobby

    We’ll Just Call It 25%

  2. Shadowhunter says:

    Yeah I saw it and it was exactly us, I was in section 324. From Chicoutimi (for me at least), Ahuntsic, Rosemont, Lionel-Groulx, Limoilou, Montmorency and a few other colleges too, I think even Sept-Îles did the trip. The guy is right in the fact that there were cute girls too.

    We started the game on chants of Ole, Ole Ole Ole! that according to my friends who stayed here could be heard on tv. When the Islanders lead, we said to ourselves that they were just a New York teams like the Rangers, and proceeded to cheer even more. At 4-2, we screamed in joy. At 4-3, we were chanting “Remontée, Remontée, Remontée”, at 4-4 we went crazy and at 5-4 we were going “Kovalev, Kovalev, Kovalev”. The whole arena was more Bleu Blanc Rouge than Blue and Orange, and we’d like to believe we made a difference.

  3. HabFab says:

    Did you read the quote from the Islander fan in regards to you fans posted on either present posting here or Boone’s ?

  4. Shadowhunter says:

    Yesterday, a lot of colleges (cegeps) in Quebec organised a trip to Long Island, we were at least a thousand from every cegep at Nassau Veteran’s memorial coliseum and it was really awesome. Being at that comeback in person was something.

  5. Chorske says:

    On a somewhat related note, I’m in Chicago over the holidays, so I’m catching the Hawks vs Flyers game. If we were staying longer I’d have gone to the outdoor game vs Detroit (sure to be a classic), but this will do. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Hawks, especially now that they’ve got some cool young kids and the team seems to be turning around. Plus, Huet, Bowman, etc. Anyway: looking forward to it.

  6. obrien says:

    Hundreds of fans? Try thousands! There were more Habs jerseys than at the Bell Center!

    A lot of fans where wondering what we were chanting (“Go Habs Go”).

  7. xaverian001 says:

    How many years left on that contract? 14??? How many million left???

  8. gincognito says:

    Booing Streit and Danis. Seriously? Real classy.

  9. habs haven says:

    Price is brain dead tonight. Maybe he thinks he’s still playing the Flyers in the playoffs!

  10. HabsColor says:

    “booing” habit is the shame as a Habs fan.

    Boo on Chara, boo on Briere, boo on Hossa, now on Steit, on Denis,… Nothing to boo, then American Anthem (remember last playoff).

    This becoming a serious problem.

  11. spirit of the Habs says:

    Relax people I see nothing wrong with booing these Traitors.

    Canadas Team, Gods Team You name it The Habs are it

  12. Mr.Hazard says:

    Traitors?? TRAITORS? Streit wasn’t offered a contract by the Habs!! Danis had no future with the organization!! Are you serious??

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  13. carmine007 says:

    1st of all I like to say Streit is a great player and I’ve posted just days ago stating it would have been great to keep him. Then came the dreaded free agency! He took off for a little more $$$ and Gainey from what I remeber Streit saying didnt even offer a contract? Not certain if thats true or not. So the booooing sometimes comes with the disatifaction of fans loosing a good player. Sometimes..

    It’s NEVER over til it’s OVER!

  14. obrien says:

    I don’t remember any “Boos” from Danis or Streit. There were actually some cheers for them.

    Nobody has strong feelings about losing Streit or Danis.

    This is not a Ryder or Briere type of player.

  15. HabsFanFromLI says:

    I’ve been going to Canadiens/Islanders games at the Nassau Coliseum for 30 years. I’ve never seen so many Habs fans in that building. The place was going absolutely nuts during the comeback like it was happening in the Bell Centre. What a game!!!

  16. spirit of the Habs says:

    Streit whined about icetime and position he was playing. He seems happy now that hes on the Isles. Hed rather be a big player on a losing team than a contributor on a winning team. NOT a team player.

    Canadas Team, Gods Team You name it The Habs are it

  17. gincognito says:

    I find your opinion and outlook a touch frightening…

  18. Exit716 says:

    Read Pat Hickey’s article. He said he would have stayed if he was given the chance to prove himself on defense. But he wasn’t. He said he would have signed for $2 to $2.5 million if they had given him 20 or 30 games on defense. But no. Those games had to go to Brisebois. Would you rather have Streit there now as a number 6 at $2.5 million or Brisebois sucking up those minutes?
    Streit did his job, it looks like perhaps management was a little too inflexible. They also thought Gorges wasn’t worth a crap either.

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