Habs Fan Summit: From idea to reality for Inside/Out visitors

Regular visitors to Habs Inside/Out will have seen an idea take wonderful shape in recent days: many of our site’s visitors are organizing a trip to the Bell Centre for the Oct. 20 game between the Canadiens and Buffalo Sabres, with a Bell Centre tour, meals and refreshments along the way.

Jay in PA has undertaken much of the organization, including establishing a website to keep participants informed as the event approaches. Below is Jay’s note to kick off the site. Looking forward to seeing many of you there!

October 20, 2007: The Habs Fan Summit

It started out as an idea: We enjoy watching the games together, so why don’t we get together and go to one? On October 20, we will. Fans are coming in from all over Canada and the USA. We’ve got 65 tickets on request for the Buffalo game, plus a number of season ticket holders joining in as well. There will be a tour of the Bell Centre, dinner, and a get-together after the game. It’ll be the event of the year for the Habs Inside/Out community!

To make communication and coordination easier, I put together a website: www.HabsFanSummit.com. The website will hold all of the information as our plans come together, and offers a more straightforward way to manage logistics compared to e-mail.

What’s on HabsFanSummit.com now?

We’ve got an update on the status of our ticket request, information on the Bell Centre tour, plus a reservation form for the all the events surrounding the game (tour, dinner, party) so we can get a sense of the number of people joining in. In the future, I’ll add forums to handle ticket exchanges (need a ticket/have a ticket to sell) and ride sharing for those traveling in from Ottawa and Toronto.

Please visit the website to sign up for the events, which are open to everyone, whether you’ve requested tickets with the group or not. Please note: As a security precaution, you must register on the website to reserve your spot for the events!

Bookmark HabsFanSummit.com and keep checking back – I’ll keep it updated as we finalize details.

If you have any questions, suggestions, etc., please e-mail me at rjweiss@gmail.com

I look forward to seeing you on October 20th!

– Jay in PA

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