Habs Fan Summit arrives; join us today for the fun

summit-banner.jpgFrom Jay Weiss:

When we first started talking back in July about getting together for a game, I put up HabsFanSummit.com to handle the logistics.

I added a countdown timer to the website, and it started counting down from 88 days. At the time, 88 days seemed like it might as well be forever. Well, now the timer is reading in mere hours and minutes – the first annual Habs Fan Summit is happening today!

This is my final invitation to the Habs Inside/Out community to come out and join us for a 4 p.m. pre-game dinner at Baton Rouge on de la Montagne, across the street from the Bell Centre, and a post-game party at Hurley’s on Crescent St.

It’s your chance to meet the other members of the community, and to say hello to the Gazette guys who run Habs Inside/Out. Again, no reservations are necessary, and there is no extra charge for any of the events – you just pay the restaurant or bar for what you eat and drink.

Click on the banner above for all you need to know – and directions to the fun.

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