Gionta’s season is over; Prust, White out for Game 5; Price listed as day-to-day

The Canadiens returned home following Tuesday night’s 3-2 overtime loss to the Senators in Game 4 of their Eastern Conference quarterfinal series in Ottawa.

Down 3-1 in the series, the Canadiens will be facing elimination in Game 5 Thursday night at the Bell Centre (7 p.m., CBC, RDS, TSN Radio 690).

The Canadiens announced Wednesday that captain Brian Gionta will undergo surgery on Friday to repair a torn left bicep and will not return this season. Brandon Prust and Ryan White will both miss Thursday’s game with upper-body injuries, while goalie Carey Price is listed as day-to-day with a lower-body injury. Gionta had surgery on his right bicep last season.

Hear what Gionta had to say Wednesday about his injury by clicking here.

Hear what goalie Peter Budaj, who replaced the injured Price in overtime Tuesday, had to say Wednesday by clicking here.

The Canadiens held a team stretching session Wednesday afternoon in Brossard, while goalies Budaj and Robert Mayer hit the ice for a practice session along with Mike Blunden, Yannick Weber, Tomas Kaberle and Davis Drewiske. Lars Eller skated alone earlier Wednesday for the first time since being injured in Game 1 from a check by Eric Gryba, who was suspended for two games by the NHL. Eller was briefly hospitalized after suffering a loss of consciousness, a concussion, and facial and dental fractures from the hit.

Defenceman Josh Gorges felt the Canadiens sat back too much while trying to protect a 2-0 lead in the third period of Game 4 in Ottawa.

 “We sat back,” Gorges told reporters after the game. “We were all right, We got pucks when we needed to, but then we allowed them to come into our zone too easily and then there was a scramble at the end. We did some good things but we didn’t win.”

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(Photo by Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press)




  1. rocket5050 says:

    The habs will win if theystay focused and beat both the sens and nhl ref corruption.

    It’s always been open season on Canadiens players.
    That’s what makes the great Canadiens dynasties so great. Like overcoming apartheid, anti-Semitism, misogyny or misandry, Les Bleus Blancs Rouges have to overcome massive prejudice to succeed. The blatant favoritism circus of the corrupt ref’s and media’s heavily preferred teams like the Toronto make beliefs and Boston (Chara) divers and intentional killers make others exist on a much higher feudal playing surface where rules and common sense are often optional. If the lowly peasant Habs refuse to acknowledge this reality and to build a team to win accordingly in the face of such adversity then they deserve to fold and move into oblivion. The bar is much higher in Montreal. C’est la vie!

    Rocket Richard overcame massive prejudice like the baseball bat type swing that knocked him out cold and caused the riots. The ref’s response was to hold rocket down while bruin players beat the #$%$ out of him. Koivu had his eye skewered out by a Boston stick . Patch’s broken neck was ok because Chara looked away when he committed attempted man slaughter. None of these blatant crimes were ever acknowledged or punished. History is littered with many more such examples. Hockey is a blood sport where the Habs are the hunted like medieval peasants were by the nobility.
    NHL safety video of Gryba’s leading head shot, not incidental, on Eller showed Eller was clearly blindsided and out cold with blood spewing before he hit the ice. The media propaganda by tsn, rds, cbc, etc to the contrary is just bigoted brainwashing with the integrity of Bernie Madoff running a ponzi scam.
    At least gryba got a few games so the nhl has a shred of humanity left, but not much. Butchering opponents is in enormously profitable in the NHL. Gryba is cashing in on while laughing and mocking eller, the habs and the pathetic nhl suspension standards.

  2. Strummer says:

    Go Leafs! err Bruins!! em, er Leafs eeeeeeeeee yikes!!!

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  3. FlyAngler says:

    1-0 Leafs yeah! I don’t like them but living down here in the shadows of the Evil Empire it’s easy to root for them as they battle evil incarnate.

    “Elever le flambeau!…Raise the Torch!”

    • johnnylarue says:

      Wrestled with this a long while and decided that I actually have respect for the Evil–so long as they are not our opponents on a given night.

      In other words, I acknowledge that they’re a good hockey team. There is honour in losing to the Bruins.

      The Leafs are a long ways off from that. I just see them as a bunch of loser goofs who basically shouldn’t be in the playoffs. There is no honour in losing to the Leafs.

      • FlyAngler says:

        I can respect that. I guess because I have to live here I am a Habs fan first and then an ABB fan- anybody but Boston…absolutely anybody.

        “Elever le flambeau!…Raise the Torch!”

    • Brad says:

      SAD that you are talking about the Bruins when your team is not even playing them !!
      Here is why I am the #1 HAB HATER:
      Every Habs fan should watch this and understand how your fanbase is viewed by everyone else….especially Bruins fans. Watch, u might learn something.

  4. Mark C says:

    Great coverage by Thornton on that goal. Why can’t we get players with size like that? NAG!

  5. Marc10 says:


  6. TheDagger says:

    Man, Jack Todd nailed that article on Subban. I’m as huge a fan of anybody when it comes to Subban. The kid’s skills are insane, and they are just being realized. He has the passion to win and succeed like few in the league. Not succeed as an individual, but as part of the team. I wish everyone on the Habs wanted to excel like PK. All indications from anyone that has had the opportunity to meet him shows he is a genuinely nice guy that has an infectious love for life. Sadly, many of those that hate him don’t even know why they hate him or why they boo him, other than they have heard some stuff from their king rednecks that are given TV time. Accusing people of being racist is a serious thing, big or little, but I can’t help but think that a large amount of the dislike towards him has racially based, whether they realize it or not. Sad. But PK being the guy he is just continues to go about his job and his life in a way that these haters should try out. Black, white, purple… I don’t care, I love guy and want him on the Habs for a long, long time.
    *Maybe not purple, that might be a serious medical issue.

  7. zephyr says:

    i think the refs are fixing games on bettman’s orders. ottawa needs the revenues & the habs don’t. the cup has been moved around the u.s. geographically in an attempt to get the big u.s. tv contract. carolina, tampa, anaheim, l.a., boston, chicago, detroit, pittsburgh. canadian teams don’t stand a chance any more.
    i imagine the nhl would like san jose to go to the final. boston would be the ideal matchup. ‘the boston heroes do it in spite of the bombing’. great headlines.
    anyone with eyes could see that the habs games are reffed with bias. it’s an endless list. in game 4, we had 30 secs of pp time. look how many more times the habs centres were turfed from faceoffs too – almost always in the off or def zone. that’s a new one.
    the last thing the nhl wants is a canadian team in the final. once ottawa beats montreal, they’re done. if they play like they are now, they’ll be in the box half the game.

    • Strummer says:

      Ottawa ranks 13th in revenue and 8th in profits for the NHL so wouldn’t other teams be in greater need of a fix than Ottawa?

      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

      • zephyr says:

        according to forbes, in 2012 the sens ranked 16th in value & dead last among canadian nhl teams to make the playoffs this year. only winnipeg finished lower. dead last in the nhl was st. louis.
        all 7 cdn teams were profitable. the nhl is chasing american money. 13 of 23 american teams lost $. last time a cdn team won the cup was the habs in 93.

  8. habs12 says:

    the hardest game (if it gets to it) will be game 6.

    Game 5, at home, facing elimination one can see the habs winning.

    Game 7 if it were to happen, would have meant the habs won the last 2, and were going back home on back-to-back nights with all the momentum

    It is Game 6, in ottawa where they have not won yet, against a team trying to finish them infront of their home crowd, which will be the toughest game if the habs were to overcome this 3-1 deficit.

    one game at a time though i guess..

  9. Willy the bum says:

    At least we’re not worse than Vancouver. That’s just sad for the ‘Nucks.

    • johnnylarue says:

      There was ‘nary a whiff of playoff fever in this town. Barely saw any flags on cars, jerseys in the street.

      It’s as though the fan base knew they were toast from the word ‘go’.

      Time to clean house. Coach and GM. Too much stale air at the top.

      • Willy the bum says:

        They already knew once Luongo open-mouthed about his contract. Or maybe before, where the whole goaltender controversy began.

      • Strummer says:

        I guess everyone’s too bummed out to riot

        “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  10. thebonscott says:

    hope we draft subbans brother

    Carey Price meet Matt Foley.

  11. ihabto says:

    Do we actually think the refs and league are out to get us and are doing this stuff on purpose?

    We shouldn’t forget the words of Robert J. Hanlon when considering actions taken by the collective braintrust we call the NHL:

    “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

    • ont fan says:

      Everybody hates the Habs. It surprises me. They think we are a bunch of self righteous whiners, who think everyone is out to get us. If you have been reading anything below, we know that ain’t true.

  12. Habilis says:

    With Gio and Prust out tomorrow night, who gets the “A”?

    My vote goes to PK. Maybe this sounds nuts, but I think he’s the type of player who would elevate his game even more with a letter on his jersey. Responsibility, honor and all that jazz.

    Not that he needs motivation, just a gut feeling on my part.

  13. Habcouver says:

    Can the habs win 3 straight to take this series? Sure they can. Anything is possible.

    Regardless, the Habs have had a very successful season under MT and MB. So many positives to build on. There will be changes next season to make our team bigger and tougher. True Hab fans are the most knowledgeble fans on the planet. Building a championship team takes time and investing in strong draft picks and player development.

    It’s easy to criticize but I trust the current Habs management team.

    Gally, Chucky, PK and (yes) Carey will be the future cornerstone to the new wave CH. I believe that there will be other young players coming up through the system to make solid contributions to our team in the years to come.

    Go Habs!

    Waiting patiently for #25

    • lavie says:

      You said “Gally, Chucky, PK and (yes) Carey will be the future cornerstone”. Carey Price? Give me a break!

    • billylove says:

      Not saying that I disagree with anything you say, but I cringe when I read “waiting patiently for #25.” Not me! Patience? I want the Cup, NOW! And, that’s right, I want the Cup next year, and the year after, and on and on. Will it happen? Hell no, but that attitude will bag more Cups than a “patient” one will.

      • Habcouver says:

        Welcome to the “new” NHL. There’s no more dynasties. I wish my habs would prosper like in the 70’s when I watched them win 6 cups! As you know, today hockey is a business. The successful team will be short-lived unless more Ken Hollands or Stan Bowmans… or perhaps Marc Bergevins manage teams.

        I remain… waiting patiently for #25

  14. lavie says:

    With Budaj in we will win game 7!!!

    Bergevin will have a busy summer. In September I want to see
    Subban, Gally, Chucky, Prust and Eller.

  15. Propwash says:

    The NHL is turning into FIFA


    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Definitely one of your best…the soccer ball puts it in perspective…LOL!

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  16. thebonscott says:

    R. Bourque has played well.

    Carey Price meet Matt Foley.

  17. thebonscott says:

    The Zibanejad goal should not of counted, but like the brett hull foot in the crease goal, they are not going to call goals back for slight foot in the crease or slight kick in the net. Unless the guy makes a field goal kicking motion, expect the goal to stand. This creates a problem, either have kicking the puck in the net allowed or not, can”t have it both ways and get right…,….just like the crease rule.

    Carey Price meet Matt Foley.

    • mksness says:

      the rule should be no kicking or using your skate to direct the puck. break into the puck, that would be redirecting.

      loonie early in the day said it was crystal clear on a kicking motion. but i heard what boby mac said on tsn 690 and i’m more of that opinion.

      next game we’ll need our top guns to lead the charge. time for a huge game from pleky, subban and company.

  18. VancouverHab says:

    Excellent column by Jack Todd.

    There: I said it. It was the hardest thing that I’ve ever done, but it was the right thing to do.

  19. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Besides the officials robbing us, I thought MT coached a terrible 3rd period. Had to look twice & make sure JM wasn’t behind the bench. I guess it’s true what they say that a 2 goal lead is the worst lead in hockey. Gee, I wonder how many of those we blew this year.

    I know Therien won’t do it, benching DD, but I’d love to see his minutes cut in half as he has stunk out the joints in Ottawa & Montreal. Much rather have Dumont.

  20. showey47 says:

    Its so funny to read and hear today that unbiased commentators on nhlxm92 and other officials say the kicked in goal should not have counted but then cbc and tsn says the league got the right call. But then again it was the same cbc and tsn that also said the hit on eller wasn’t a head shot.

  21. habssince1909 says:

    Call me an optimist, but I still feel we can pull this off, a series is not over until 4 games are won. Ottawa is still one short. We can do this, one game at a time. If the team plays like it did most of the game last night, and there is no more ref interference, then I feel confident it CAN be done. Teams come back when down 3 games all the time. BELIEVE !!
    GO HABS GO…..

    • Willy the bum says:

      One game at a time, buddy.

    • billylove says:

      Sure, many have come back from 3 – 1, but this time it’s much more difficult. If the team was healthy and just in a funk on the ice is one thing, but this team is battered. They tried their best last night but keeping that up for a full 60 proved to be too much. Think it’s just a coincidence that the Sens own the 3rd period. We are a physically beat up team plain and simple. BTW, love Prust’s heart, but anyone else think he sometimes is way over the top and too out of control?

    • steste11 says:

      I wouldn’t call you an optimist, I’d call you a idiot.

      P.K 2013 Norris Trophy Winner

  22. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I’m still pissed off about the officials last night, more for the icing calls than the goal that was kicked in. What got me even more upset is listening to s.o.b’s like Glen Healy, PJ Stock & Ron McLean saying the officials got it right. I pray to God that the same thing happens tonight against the Leafs just to see how these tools will look at it. We’re getting no respect whatsoever from the biased media. Thankful that at least Kerry Fraser saw things our way.

  23. HabFanSince72 says:

    According to the “You may also like” links:

    1) Habs send Tinordi and Dumont back to Bulldogs, call up Beaulieu

    2) New wireless communication device allows people to communicate their phone number to you anywhere, any time. Device will be called a “pager”. Fits in the palm of your hand and clips to you belt.

  24. HabFanSince72 says:

    The “no excuses” mantra is tedious.

    Saying the refs robbed us isn’t an “excuse”. We outplayed them comprehensively. They could barely get a shot on goal during their power plays.

    The goal with 8 min left SHOULD NOT HAVE COUNTED.

    Simple really.

    If you adhere to the Omerta, those mobsters will just keep on ripping you off.

  25. Willy the bum says:

    Such a tough loss last night, and I was laying down my head in shame. But I woke up and the beautiful weather outside just make the problem goes away. Maybe I’m too easy to turn optimistic in life.

    It’s tough to win first round ’cause every team need a good start on a playoff run. Whatever the Habs win or lose, look at what’s accomplish. They got to where they are, being 2nd in the Eastern Conference after a terrible season last year, and that’s more than enough to know they are an elite team. Winning the first round is like a cherry on top at least, but somehow we gotta take the whole picture of knowing that the new management are taking steps in becoming a better team. It’s a process, and they’ve lots to do in the few years.

    I hope we can’t push the team in taking first round with all that officiating and scrutiny on bad goals and suspendable checks; they got as far as they can this year. And now, with three games in hand to win out the round, they will do their very best.

    I’m still optimistic about the Habs right now: with the next loss, we should be proud of where they are. With one or couple of wins, at least they have a little fight left in them. With taking all three wins… well, I think it’s unlikely, but anything is possible.

    I’m proud of our team, and will wear the CH logo for a long summer.

  26. gumper says:

    Guys it would be real nice to see something extra from tomorrow, regardless of the result. Ryder, DD, Moen, Max.

    BTW condolences to all of those who had to put up with Sens fans gloating today. Worse than Leaf fans those guys. Saw them in small clusters muttering something about a parade route.

    The rule is perfect: in all matters of opinion our adversaries are insane.
    Mark Twain

  27. mksness says:

    so it’s the refs fault, we’re the better team, but we’re down 3-1 because we’re unlucky and getting screwed by the refs.

    right. so much for no excuses

  28. jon514 says:

    No Excuses! Budaj will Halak the Sens like it’s 2010!!!

  29. Edman says:

    Alright…no doubt that was a heart-breaker. I was fuming mad last night. I didn’t post anything, I decided to take a night off and think about the probability of a MTL victory in this series.

    We have to take this one game at a time, Price will most likely be out for game 5. Budaj can win us one game. We will be without White, Gionta, Eller, and Prust. The positives in that is Dumont and Halpern will be playing in Game 5, and they had EXCELLENT game 4’s. The other positive is that MT will have no options but to play Galchenyuk and Gallagher in more situations, and more minutes.

    Give Prust and Gionta full credit for playing hurt, but because of those injuries they were not playing great. This gets some healthy bodies in the lineup.

    We can only hope Price will be back for game 6 after we WIN game 5. I have full confidence and so should everyone else. This team has been the better team in 3 of the 4 games, we have finally cracked the Anderson code (go upstairs), we just can’t play a JM 3rd period. Go Habs Go, I will cheer until the last seconds, it is not over until it’s over. My lineup listed below:


    -Follow Me @EddieThoughts

    • DAVE. N says:

      not sure about breaking up the G’s…and to be honest, Galchenyuks’ got great offence, but that forecheck needs alot of work. The kids’ only 19, and I’m not expecting alot this year, but more minutes?
      And as for Galley, give that kid any more minutes and he’ll be in recovery all Summer…never saw a small man play that big!
      Seriously, he’ll be grinning all the way to a body cast…gotta admire the spirit and effort..
      Too young for more minutes..Ryder has to stop cruising, and if Patches isn’t injured, he needs to step up. Get 2 first and second line wingers entering the zone, N to S…not that E-W crap…head for the goaltender, and crowd him,screen him……but it’ll be a veteran that will need to do it…don’t kill Galley! lol

  30. scavanau says:

    Being a realist more than an optimist, I have to say this is one shatty end to what has been a delightful and enjoyable season.

  31. Sportfan says:

    Do you put in the injured Price or the Healthy Budaj?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  32. knob says:

    Here is what I ask of the refs:
    1. Please call the interference calls against our fore checking;
    2. Start calling all goonery INCLUDING Ottawa’s actions. Habs are not the only team gooning it up; and
    3. Call Anderson for unsportsman like conduct the next time he dives.

    Thank you

    • 1010 says:

      I think on your first point the refs were enjoying watching the Habs have to take the long way around everytime they pursued the puck in the offensive zone. It was clear that they watched it happening and quite clear they didn`t give a damn.

      GO HABS…

  33. Sportfan says:

    Well I’m now in a good mood Jay Onrait thanked me for my kind words and Jeremy Taggart retweeted my blog. In some ways its sad to be happy at something like that, but I think its awesome my day has been made!

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • No it’s not sad, it’s good for the well being to be appreciated in any form from anyone.

      I did it every single shift as a first year coach, and kids will be better leaders because of it.

      Not saying you’re a kid, just that it can be good at all ages and no matter what skill/trade.

      Even the weakest soldiers I ever worked with we built up, and at the same time concentrating their short comings without them even knowing. Far from writing I suppose, but similar in a way.

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures

  34. SteverenO says:


    you wrote:

    Great analysis of the numbers but you missed a couple things that probably only show up if you were watching the game.

    When Montreal started its powerplay 14/17/73 were at the end of a shift; Plekanec had been on the ice for 1:09. So you go with the other guys while they get a quick rest.

    As for the second part, I think Therrien was just trying to bench Galchenyuk. Watching Galchenyuk (love him but…) all series he has been playing stick-waving pokechecking defence and gambling that he gets the puck, putting himself out of defensive position if he misses. So I think Therrien simply wanted to bench Galchenyuk and replace him with Moen on that line. The collateral damage was that Dumont and Armstrong had to sit because he didn’t want to mess with the other lines who were playing well on both sides of the puck.
    Good point re: the PP. Pleks line was just finished a shift. The DD line has not been productive all season long on the PP ( they were very strong offensively at even strength) I would have hope that the coaching staff had a better alternative.or at least mix it up.) e.g. put Prust on in place of Gally-11 to stand in front of the net) Ottawa is very strong on the PK. Putting out a line that has been totally ineffective on the PP was a waste of an opportunity, in my opinion.

    As for Benching Chucky in the third, I can accept that, even though I don;t agree with it. But benching Armstrong, and to a lesser extent Dumont, with a two goal lead in the third period,while playing, Pacioretty Gallagher, Desharnias, Ryder, is bordering on insanity. What ticks me off is that it was indicative of little forethought given as to how to “shorten the bench” to hold on to lead in the third period.

    With the amount of times the centers have been booted from the face off circle this season, NOT having a second capable faceoff man for every defensive zone face off is a coaching mistake.

    MT can blame the refs all he wants for facing off in the wrong circle, but I would like someone to ask him which circle is the “right” one for Brendan Gallagher to be taking a face off in the defensive zone with a two goal lead in the third period of a play off game.?


    Steve O.

    • ihabto says:


      As far as the PP goes, I can only say that I’m sure they have tried all kinds of combos in practice and for whatever reason these are the two Therrien is most comfortable with using. No insight into why, my only insight was into why he chose to start one over the other.

      As for the benching of Armstrong and Dumont, I would say it’s more a matter of not wanting to tinker with otherwise effective lines rather than punishing those two guys for anything. Why break up either of the other two lines that were very effective all night? I thought DD was an absolute pest forechecking and backchecking like mad all night. No big hits but lots of great body position work while poking at pucks and just being a pain the butt for whoever was carrying the puck. And Pacioretty looked great he was using his body well also maintaining defensive ground and even driving the puck to the net a bit. I could see Therrien not wanting to break them up. Plekanec and Bourque looked great also; in fact they made Ryder look like he was skating in mud, but the line was still very effective as a unit. So of the four players you mentioned Ryder is the only one I would have considered sitting in favour of Armstrong (Armstrong actually took a shift in place of Prust late in the third).

  35. 1010 says:

    On the fan 590: Doug McLean, after talking about the terrible icing calls, opines that he would like someone in the league head office, or perhaps Kris King, explain to him how the faceoff goes to that side of the ice after 15 people point out the error of his ways to the ref.

    GO HABS….

  36. commandant says:

    The Isles are exposing the weak link in Pittsburgh

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

  37. LizardKing1967 says:

    Read often, don’t post much, but here goes….
    Maritime Ron, I couldn’t agree with you more. The futur is soooooooooo bright! Only thing that’s hard to swallow is that you come from the same region of Canada as that “bug-eyed fat walrus”.


    But, seriously, you make all valid points and I agree 100%. With all the young talent here and coming up, 2014-2015-2016 looks great!


    Drive for 25. 2012-2013. Max-Pac for Conn Smyth.
    AG27 is the NEW AK27.
    The new “Kid” line: The “EGG” Line…..scramble the opponents

  38. Habitant in Surrey says:

    Ottawa Sun: ‘Personally, I agree with a scribe friend who, commenting on the ’10 Things To Hate About Montreal’ story, said: “If you hate Montreal, you hate life.” ‘

  39. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Kerry Fraser should have Shanahan’s job …Kerry would enforce the rules vis-a-vis head-contact much more consistently and vigorously than Shanahan

    • Chuck says:

      It makes sense that a well-respected referee would be the perfect person to make rulings on, y’know, the rules.

      X 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

    • FlyAngler says:

      What about Shanahan staying where he is at Player Safety and Fraser taking over for Murphy and/or Gregson at Hockey Ops

      “Elever le flambeau!…Raise the Torch!”

  40. habs1992 says:

    I like to apologize to Gionta for saying he is not playing good. With him even trying to play, shows how much of a warrior he is, and I apologize, it shows he is the right guy to wear the C, guy is a true warrior. He was seriousley hurt now he needs surgery.

    I support Carey Price

  41. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …with all the hurtin’ and injured, this is a good opportunity to measure some of Our Black Aces

    …I believe We will come back to win the series

  42. JF says:

    Two referees, Stéphane Auger and Kerry Fraser, both agreed we got robbed last night. And it’s not the first time that’s happened this year. Remember the Buffalo game in which a BS goal with a few seconds left was allowed to count, and we lost in OT? The difference is that game cost us only a point; this one could cost us the series.

    I like the optimism about tomorrow’s game, but it’s difficult to share it in view of our depleted lineup. No Emelin or Eller; we’ve gotten used to that. But now no Gionta, Prust, White, possibly no Price. A monumental task.

    The only thing the Habs can do is get so much better over the next couple of years that BS calls won’t matter. A kicked-in goal is allowed? No problem. Skate right down the ice and score one ourselves. BS penalties are called against us? No problem. Score a short-handed goal.

    Daydreaming, I know, but in a couple of years, when Galchenyuk has grown into his potential, when our stud prospects on D are in the lineup and P.K. is the hands-down Norris winner, when Danny Kristo is near the top of the scoring race…. Who knows?

    • Small_Town_Boy says:

      I feel that Budaj can win tomorrow but to win two more high pressure games in a row?

      Dat’s wha me tinks

      • B says:

        They are pretty tight lipped on injuries this time of year so who really knows the extent of Price’s injury. One game at a time.

        –Go Habs Go!–

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      Haha, I think it’s more likely Galchenyuk will be near the top of the scoring race!

      Maybe Collberg/Kristo will be on his right and Pacioretty on his left.

  43. jedimyrmidon says:

    I like PK’s attitude: stating outright that the Habs are a better team.

    And I agree!

    Doesn’t mean they’ll win tomorrow (see Game 1 and Game 4), but anyone who watched them play should know they have a good future ahead of them.

  44. frontenac1 says:

    Ok amigos, down 3-1 in the series,Habs backs against the wall,injuries; Seen it before over the last 50yrs. Don’t count out the CH yet,they won’t quit.Los Habs Para Siempre!!!

  45. Bripro says:

    I think they should pull Kerry Fraser out of retirement to officiate the rest of the series. And beyond!

    • Mr. Biter says:

      We were not so kind to Kerry when he said that there should not have been a suspension on the Eller hit. Refs blew the call on the kicked in goal.

      Mr. Biter
      No Guts No Glory

      • Bripro says:

        Is that what he ruled? I didn’t know that. Thanks for the heads up.
        So just retract my entire statement. 🙂
        I’ve changed my mind.

        • johnnylarue says:

          Fraser is still old school–he never worked a game in the “Concussion Awareness Era”. So I’ll cut him some slack for his take on the Eller hit.

          His column is generally a pretty good read.

  46. Small_Town_Boy says:

    Anyone here remember our 76 Habs? OH what a team that was.

    Anyone remember when we took the Cup away from the Broad Sreet Bullies. Oh what a feeling that was.

    All we have is great memories …. sob sob sob

    Dat’s wha me tinks

  47. Mr. Biter says:

    Obviously Gionta was hurt earlier in the year (playoffs?) and played like a warrior while injured. This should shut up the posters who said he was soft for sitting out one game for the lower body injury.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

  48. Small_Town_Boy says:

    It would make me feel a tad bit bettter if the Leafs get the smackdown tonight!

    Dat’s wha me tinks

  49. Lots of great comments, and respect here today!

    Well done to all.


    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures

  50. CrankFSU says:

    It is not over!!!


  51. frontenac1 says:

    Screw the Sens and their Hick fans! Habs in 7.

  52. habs-fan-84 says:

    Wow Gio looks heart broken.
    The boys are going to pull it together for the Captain tomorrow.

  53. frontenac1 says:

    @JLR. An excuse to drink? “No Excuses”…remember?Habs in 7!

    • johnnylarue says:

      Ha! Man, I can’t believe I forgot this season’s guiding philosophy.

      You’ve just made my lunch break better… by at least one pint!

  54. jrs10069 says:

    I live in Ottawa so you can imagine the BS that I have to deal with. The only defense for the idiots is to call us whiners, the guys that know hockey agree we got screwed games 3 and 4.


    • johnnylarue says:

      You know, I can stomach goony Bruins fans being goony Bruins fans, because that’s their identity and they’ll probably never change. They’re an established subculture at this point.

      But what I have very little patience for is all of these fair weather Ottawa bandwagon jumpers who probably couldn’t be bothered to sit through a single regular season game and yet are now, suddenly empowered by moronic local media trolls, die-hard trash-talking wannabe hockey experts regurgitating the institutionalized retardation they’re being fed.

      It’s all just… incredibly unfortunate.

  55. joedacrabb33 says:

    DD is playing like crap, if it was not for all the other injuries we had he should be scratched, way too soft of a player for the playoffs, is this what 3.5mil/year is getting the canadiens in the playoffs? Also Tinordi did not play that great yesterday, for a guy who is 6’6, not playing physical enough. Kinda hoping blunden plays tomorrow night for the injured prust, 6’3, maybe he can help the habs a bit. Then again, he is dust….

    SUBBAN > everything

  56. frontenac1 says:

    Ok jonnylarue , you are a Fatalist. I’m hammered. Habs win tomorrow. Saludos amigo!

  57. Small_Town_Boy says:

    What burns me is that not one Habs player or person in Montreal mangement called out the NHL for last night’s mess.

    I have lost all respect for the NHL (a glorified Bush League). They NBHL will never ever get another $ of my hard earned money until something changes.

    Dat’s wha me tinks

    • jrs10069 says:

      I’m in the same boat…for the NHL to expand, they need real fans to bring new fans to the party. If real fans are bailing because of the amount of influence external factors have on the games then what?


    • Alex_425 says:

      Why? You call out the league for that, they’re gonna fine the crap out of you before you can bat an eyelash. Not to mention the players don’t need any more distractions.

      But I’m no expert….

    • Maritime Ron says:

      What exactly do you want them to do?

      • Small_Town_Boy says:

        They can tell them like it was complete Bullspit.

        Dat’s wha me tinks

        • Maritime Ron says:

          ….there are repercussions and fines, and we really don’t need the refs against us for the next game.

          • Small_Town_Boy says:

            I understand that Ron I really do but the Zebras have been after us since the first drop of the puck in the playoffs.

            Dat’s wha me tinks

          • Maritime Ron says:

            Let’s look at this another way.

            If Galchenyuk is played more often last night in the 3rd period – and he was an offensive force, and if we score the 3rd goal, would the refs even be a conversation topic today?

  58. arcosenate says:

    Got ’em where we want ’em.

  59. habsfan0 says:

    By Friday night, both the Habs and the Leafs could be eliminated.
    CBC execs will be crying.

  60. MrNax says:

    There’s a reason you have to win 4 games to win a series. You have to win FOUR games. This series ain’t over yet! I remember a few years ago Montréal was down 3-1 to the mighty capitals and they managed to come back and win that series! They can still do it. Even with all the injuries. They’re not out yet!

  61. Maritime Ron says:

    Regardless of what happens, you have to feel great about what happened this year, and then what is to come!

    First of all, we have a superb owner that cares intensely about the team, yet is intelligent enough to allow the professional hockey people to make the decisions while giving them everything they want to build the ‘hockey infrastructure’ and spend vast amounts of money outside the Cap.

    We have a great management team with a mix of old and new with Bergevin-Dudley-Carriere-Mellanby…then 2 very active, key guys in Marty Lapointe and Pat Brisebois checking out and helping out our prospects (so very new)….a Donald Audette scouring the “Q” for the next Claude Giroux…and a revamped Pro and amateur staff lead by Timmins who will find gems this year from the agreed upon organizational needs.

    Then the players:
    The emergence of Eller – the discovery of Gallagher and Galchenyuk – the leadership of Prust – the glimpses of potential Top 4 D in Tinordi and Beaulieu…and what about our – for the next decade Norris candidate guy in PK …and a fiesty Gabby Dumont.

    We were never a true “Cup contender” this year, and really have not been for the past 20 years..
    We will be in 2-3 years, and for several years after that.

    • johnnylarue says:

      Heck, I’d be happy if all we had was Chucky. That kid will be reason enough to watch the Habs for years to come.

      The fact that the supporting cast is also headed in the right direction is just icing on the cake.

      • Maritime Ron says:

        Galcheyuk has Super Star written all over him.
        Imagine, he just turned 19 years old, three months ago!

        Just picture him with another 2 years under his belt at the ripe old age of 21!

        NOW, will Habs Management and coaches acknowledge that our 3 Top 9 Centers moving forward are Plex/Eller/Galcheyuk in whatever order their production warrants their play?

        And that the ‘other Center’ has NO place moving forward towards winning a Stanley Cup team?

        • johnnylarue says:

          I could see DeeDee being tried on the wing next year, unless Bergevin gets any unexpected offers in the off-season. They’ll certainly give him a chance to redeem himself before throwing in the towel.

          And to be fair, the little guy deserves it. Not like he doesn’t work his butt off–it’s just not clicking for him these days.

          • Maritime Ron says:

            I will not argue that he doesn’t work, yet how does he move to a Top 9 C’s with the guys mentioned above?

    • Small_Town_Boy says:

      I remember when Carbo took us to 1st in the east. We beat the Broons & beat them 5-0 in game 7. It looked very bright for the Habs back then as well.

      Dat’s wha me tinks

      • Maritime Ron says:

        Not sure I understand the point you are trying to make

        • Small_Town_Boy says:

          It looked bright Ron then they got set back again

          Dat’s wha me tinks

        • johnnylarue says:

          I think he might be trying to apply a wet blanket to our optimism regarding the future.

          I’d say the genetic makeup of this team–the youth movement–is markedly different from the prospects we had on hand at the time. For one, we haven’t had an elite offensive prospect since… Naslund?? I’m drawing a blank.

          My initial point is that, regardless of wins and losses, at least we’ve got an insanely talented kid who’ll be a lot of fun to watch for the foreseeable future, as opposed to a guy like Higgins who bagged lucky goals by the fistful at the peak of his offensive production.

  62. frontenac1 says:

    Don’t be negative Nancy Boys!Bodhisattva is in ,Kids up from the Farm, Sens and their fans getting Cocky…….Habs will win tomorrow Amigos. CH does not Quit. Saludos!!!

  63. Ton says:

    ok just got home from work and read the Kerry Fraser article…… does this happen! were they pressed for time to make the right decision or were we cheated……… does the NHL cover themselves when two referrees nowhave come forward…….again how does this happen and the fact that we have video. I don’t understand

  64. Mr. Biter says:

    If that goal was not kicked in I’ll go on the wagon for a month. Total bullshit call.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

    • D Mex says:

      Good news : drink up ! LOL 🙂

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

    • johnnylarue says:

      Bergie put it best on the AC last night:

      If the score had been 1-1, that goal would have been disallowed. At 2-0, with the home team pushing to get on the board, they let it count. I firmly believe this was the logic applied by the knobs in the War Room.

      Gotta love how the rules can change depending on the circumstances, eh?

      Still, Habs lost the game the moment they stopped putting the pressure on Ottawa. If the refs hadn’t screwed them, something else would have. Blaming the refs is convenient, but a bit misguided.

      • jedimyrmidon says:

        That’s the thing. If the refs hadn’t screwed the Habs… the Habs would have won! If ever there was a game where something else wouldn’t have cost the Habs the game, this was it.

        • johnnylarue says:

          I don’t buy it, man.

          I think I watched all but 3 or 4 games this season.

          Five minutes into the third period, Ottawa had the Habs pinned in their own end. This continued until the Habs finally started to push back after the first goal.

          That goal shouldn’t have counted–everyone agrees–but it was obvious to me that Ottawa was eventually going to score one way or another, and from there I knew there was a better than 50% chance the Habs would concede a second goal.

          Call me a fatalist, but I could smell it from a mile away…

          • jedimyrmidon says:

            The Habs were leading 2-1 until the last 23 seconds even after that joke of a goal. That 2nd goal came directly as a result of the two icings with Karlsson-I-skate-like-the-wind suddenly moving as though the ice were quicksand.

            The Habs would have won it without the fix.

  65. linojr says:

    they came a long way this season as compaired to last
    but they must continue to rebuild.


  66. linojr says:

    they also need at least two big guys who can score


  67. Max says:

    It’s disgusting to hear Senaturds fans gloat and beat their chests about where they are in the series.They are already talking about the next round and laughing at us as being “whiners” and “crybabies”.

    It seems they don’t listen to reason and just keep referring to the habs/fans as whiners even though the fix is in. Really starting to hate that team and its fans.I think they may be actually more annoying than the Leafs and that’s saying a lot.

    I could punch a brick wall today.

    • johnnylarue says:

      The sky will fall on them quickly enough, regardless of the outcome of this series.

      But I just can’t for the life of me understand how those people have managed to forget Ottawa’s epic Stanley Cup Final meltdowns…

      Gluttons for punishment, I suppose.

  68. commandant says:

    Today’s Profile is another power forward in the QMJHL

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

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