Habs’ Eller one of more than 200 NHLers playing in Europe


More than 200 locked-out NHLers are playing in Europe during the lockout, including the Canadiens’ Lars Eller, who has four goals (five including shootouts) and two assists in four games with Finland’s SM-Liiga’s JYP Jyväskylä Oy, the defending champion in the 14-team league. Eller is seeing plenty of ice as JYP’s first-line centre, coach Jyrki Aho using him at even strength, on the power play and the penalty kill.

“It’s a lot of fun, getting that kind of playing time,” Eller, who averaged 15:19 in 79 Canadiens games last season, scoring 16 goals and adding a dozen assists, told The Gazette’s Dave Stubbs. “So it’s up to me to produce and hopefully that’s going to turn into more wins for our team.”

Eller and his wife Julie (with him in photo above) had their first child about six weeks ago.

You can read Stubbs’s column on Eller by clicking here.

Meanwhile, the Boston Bruins’ Tyler Seguin is lighting up the Swiss league with EHC Biel. The 20-year-old has 20 goals in 20 games.

 “I had no idea what to expect when I came to Switzerland,” he told the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper. “The league is very competitive — the speed and the talent level of the players has surprised me. It took me some time and effort to get used to it.

 “Scoring goals is never easy; I didn’t do very well at the beginning. Now I just hope to continue playing well like I have been lately.”

You can read more about NHLers in Europe by clicking here.

(Photo by Michelle Berg/The Gazette)



  1. HabFab says:

    Bob Mackenzie looks at the D for the WJ team;


  2. JohnBellyful says:

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    • Bripro says:

      Y’know? I came on a little earlier asking where you were, and no one answered… no one seems to care. Either about your whereabouts, or my questions, or me….
      See? You post on a new thread, and even Stu Cowan dismissed you.
      Started a whole new thread, leaving you here alone with your hysterical perspective (and I mean that in the funniest sense of the word).
      Speaking of word, John……

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      Remember them? They’re not around very long…. seeming rather frail…. yet invite them into a negotiation session boy, and they’re guaranteed to offer an all-out assault by gumming and caning their counterpart.

    • HardHabits says:

      I truly appreciate that in this case you are being an educator and an innovator, but you have forgotten that what the two parties need is an arbitrator rather than fall victim to this dictator who is becoming quite the agitator. Even though he is a good communicator many people see him as a traitor and a hater because he isn’t trying to be an administrator of good will or common sense, rather he is an instigator of ill-will and an imitator of his previous stint as detonator of another league. A collaborator in its demise. I’d like to see a gladiator take down this perpetrator because he is a cunning calculator and manipulator.

    • Cal says:

      Thanks, JB. You made my morning. 😀

  3. Timo says:

    More than 200 NHLers playing in Europe because of the lockout. It means that more than 200 European players are not playing because of the NHLers.

    On the other hand, europeans do come hear and take some canadian joe blow’s spot as well. So I guess it’s just fair.

  4. HammerHab says:

    whats worse….what the kostitsyns did or what this guy did?



    It’ll always be Habs Inside/Out to me

  5. HammerHab says:

    Woulda been first but was distracted by Eller’s wife…..wow


    It’ll always be Habs Inside/Out to me

  6. Timo says:

    Good for Lars. (I am referring to the blondie by his side)

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