Habs’ Desharnais shoots 88 at Royal Montreal

Canadiens centre David Desharnais took part in Monday’s RBC Canadian Open pro-am at the Royal Montreal Golf Club on Île-Bizard, firing an 88 in his first round ever on the course.

Desharnais has a 14 handicap.

“I’m normally shooting 85 to 90,” he told The Gazette’s Dave Stubbs.

Desharnais told Stubbs he took a two weeks off following the Canadiens’ elimination in the Eastern Conference final before starting dryland training for the 2014-15 season and that he will be back on the ice later this week.

“I’ve got two months left until training camp, so that’s pretty good,” he told Stubbs. “The rest after the season was more mental than physical. You have a couple injuries, nothing serious, so the two weeks off were perfect.”

Desharnais also noted that the Canadiens’ dressing room will be different next season following the departure of captain Brian Gionta and Josh Gorges.

“It’s going to be different, for sure. The wheel is turning,” Desharnais said. “Everybody needs to step up and show more leadership, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Desharnais added that he will miss Ryan White, who was not offered a contract by the Canadiens and is still looking for a job.

“Whitey is a big friend of mine,” Desharnais said. “It will be a big loss for me personally and I think for the room.”

(Photo by Phil Carpenter/The Gazette)

Desharnais stickhandles around Royal Montreal, by The Gazette’s Dave Stubbs

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  1. CHicoHab says:

    Is it possible that the huge injuries to both Eller and Patches changed their outlook on how they play the game now going forward. I mean Patches yes it was a great goal scoring season just past but he’s still missing a step out there. I don’t see the same guy pre Chara hit. Same for Eller. After his knock out hit versus Ottawa he doesn’t seem as aggressive as he could be. In aggressive I mean racing for the puck like it belongs to him and him only.

  2. Un Canadien errant says:

    I just posted an article on Tim Bozon that the gremlins are flagging for moderation. You can follow the link below if you’re interested.


    It’s somewhere between a toothless attack and a vicious homage.–Paul Rudd

  3. Un Canadien errant says:

    Great, in-depth article on Tim Bozon from RDS.


    Main points are:

    – He feared never being able to play again after his bout of meningitis, but deep down he always believed he’d be back.

    – He’s going to play 6 games in 10 days with French youngsters against club teams in the Czech Republic. It’s a training/selection camp for the French team, and he normally wouldn’t take part, he’d be exempted, but he’ll take part to benefit from the training and ice time and to regain ‘game shape’. He’ll be better able to decide after if he’ll be ready to take part in the Canadiens’ training camp later this summer.

    – Few of his family or doctors thought he’d be this far along in his recovery so soon. He’s following his program, being cautious, but is definitely ahead of schedule.

    – He lost 18 kg due to what he calls his “accident”. There’s a picture that shows him after his illness, and what he looks like now. He feels he looked more like a cyclist than a hockey player. He says he’s done a tonne of pushups and situps in his life, and could barely do two of each after his illness.

    – He’s now about 5 lbs off where he was (200 lbs), and thinks he’ll be all the way back in a month and a half, in time for camp.

    – He’s working hard, it’s intense and exhausting, but he thinks he has got almost all the way back in terms of his on-ice play, he just needs to work on ‘finishing’ and timing. He’s loving it, felt like a kid in a candy store when he was allowed back on the ice.

    – His main goal before his illness was making the Bulldogs next season, and it still is now (the alternative might be to return to Kootenay as an overager). That’s what he’s working for, to play pro next season in Hamilton.

    – His illness and the struggle to get back has given him new perspective on his life and career. He thinks it might even make him a better player, that instead of being an obstacle it will help him attain his dreams.

    It’s somewhere between a toothless attack and a vicious homage.–Paul Rudd


  4. on2ndthought says:

    What I like about Lars:
    1. Yes he has size. Not just size but growing stronger size.
    2. That size carries over to the playoffs. When it matters (I know, it always matters), Lars doubles his ppg. There is a reason Grubby Gryba targeted Eller, he was our best forward at the end of the year and heading into the playoffs.
    3. He competes every shift. A lot is made of his lack of top skill offense or top-line hockey sense. It doesn’t matter. He is there consistently battling on all fronts. He may end up a third or fourth line center, but I doubt it. He still has two years to develop and I think he will become a more consistent offensive threat. Even without that happening I want him a Hab for the next 4 or 5 years.
    4. He came back from that Gryba hit. Perhaps he is now even a bit more truculent than before. I know hockey players are tough (and we expect no less) but Hab fans have been blessed with seeing MaxPax and Lars both return from horrifying injury. Perhaps the Markov effect is there somehow, but as a human being, watching Eller play fearlessly is a special treat
    5. He is fast. Speed is difficult to catch up on, and maybe Lars’s biggest adjustment will come when he is able to deal with his own speed on the ice. (I feel that the Habs have an advantage over all but a handful of teams in the speed department, it is not something I want to see relinquished).

    So yeah, I’m concerned about the arbitration procedure. I would prefer a settlement today or tomorrow so that the nasty business side is not allowed to taint player/club relations.

    “a cannonading drive”

  5. shiram says:

    New thread.

  6. Luke says:

    Wow. the ’06 draft (David Fisher) was a brutal draft for defensemen.

    Check it out:

    It’s a wasteland. How odd. Very odd.

    It wasn’t the Habs that missed. It was EVERY defenseman except for Erik John$on, Jeff Petry. Mike Weber and Andrew McDonald. (Theo Peckman would sort of count as well).

  7. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    I want to see these guys deliver before they get the big bucks. I understand why an offer of 1.65 would go to Eller. I also know that I would take 1.65 to teach my Grade nines next year. The guy isn’t hurting.
    For a guy who make big bucks, he should:
    a) score consistently (or defend or assist) over at least 2 or 3 seasons;
    b) show maturity in his decision making every night by putting the team first, competing and not making too many dumb plays;
    c) show up every night and play hard;
    d) work hard in the off season and be ready to go.

    But more than anything, he has to perform at a high level, productively, for several seasons. Not for one playoff run or the end of a year. Otherwise, you should give the salary for the performance, and if you play like a 5 million dollar player for the last 20% of the season, you were good for a million.

    • Cal says:

      Excellent points.

    • Forum Dog says:

      I think Eller has done most of those things. He has not scored consistently, and he still makes mistakes, but he has improved his physical play immensely, has obviously worked hard in the off-season, and he competes hard more often than not.

      As a young player who has not received any real PP time and gets only about 15 minutes/night, he has put up respectable point totals. He has been given a regular PK role and has done fairly well with it, and has shown the ability to step up in big games.

      The biggest problem I have with him is his decision making, which is not where it should be after almost 300 NHL games. If there was any reason to balk at giving him $2.5M/year, that is it IMO.

      • CharlieHodgeFan says:

        In the crazy world of sports salaries, he’s a 1.5 to 2 million guy. It’s a crazy amount for what he has done, but it would be a fair rate.

        The elephant in the room is that to make big bucks in hockey, you really should be intelligent. Eller may be bright as can be, but easily stressed out there. You don’t give the big money til you see if the guy can learn and apply.
        I feel, for example, that PK’s decision making is young for his age and experience, but that he is learning to be a better defenceman, and he has begun to make better decisions as a team player. In 2 years, maybe he’s worth potentially crippling the cap room on. But if I’m running a team, I want to see that first, before the big payout.
        All the talent in the world gets you Kovalev. All the talent plus an understanding of team play and intelligence out on the ice gets you Beliveau or Robinson.
        Eller is still a marginal player with spectacular upside. I’m afraid Latendresse, Ryder and Pouliot had that look. Pacioretty had it too, and Plekanic at the start. You want to see which way the guy is going. That takes time.

  8. Un Canadien errant says:

    from: http://www.si.com/nhl/2014/07/22/penguins-blackhawks-and-bruins-dominate-nbc-broadcast-sked-2014-15

    The NBC Sports Group announced this morning that it will carry 103 regular-season NHL games in 2014–15, with 14 on the main network and 89 on NBCSN. The schedule is heavy on heavyweights, with the Blackhawks appearing 20 times (4 NBC, 16 NBCSN), the Penguins 19 times (4 NBC, 15 NBCSN) and the Bruins 17 times (2 NBC, 15 NBCSN).

    While that’s not much of a surprise, this is: the Maple Leafs and the Canadiens will get more exposure on American TV (two appearances each) than the Panthers (0), the Islanders (0), the Coyotes (1), the Blue Jackets (1) and the Predators (1).

    It’s somewhere between a toothless attack and a vicious homage.–Paul Rudd


    • Cal says:

      I guess they don’t realize the Kings have won 2 Cups recently. I wouldn’t be Penguin heavy as they haven’t done anything noteworthy since their Cup win.

      • Dust says:

        there is a man named crosby who plays for the penguins. You should check him out. People like to watch him play. He is the reason NBC go heavy on Penguins. Its about ratings.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        The schedule is East coast heavy. NBC is trying to get the better ratings from showing teams with big population centres, and earlier games. The Kings are getting less of the spotlight as a result.

        NBC should go double-header every time, East coast then West Coast game.

  9. Cal says:

    Eller will be signed. So will PK. Quit fretting over nothing.
    Patience has been the first thing lost with all the new info technologies and instant information available, despite the lack of confirmation from trustworthy sources. Myself, I await the Habs official announcement.

  10. Un Canadien errant says:

    Seems the Coyotes’ relocation saga is not settled quite yet.


    It’s somewhere between a toothless attack and a vicious homage.–Paul Rudd


  11. twilighthours says:

    Lowball! Lars must be bad in the room!

  12. jon514 says:

    Kreider deal is seriously bad news for Habs. Lots of comparables to Eller in terms of points. If we lose Lars it will be a terrible thing. 13 points in the playoffs and he still can’t get any respect.

    • Luke says:

      26 points in the regular season, he gets too much respect.

      Keep in mind, I actually like Eller, I want him on the team.
      I just can’t understand the devotion.

      He’s basically Shawn Matthias.

      • Kooch7800 says:

        I think it is because he has the size that everyone seems to covet and he shows bursts of offensive flare. He also then looks lost offensively for long stretches. Fans on here think he should be the number 2 centre but he hasn’t looked ready for that yet. Everyone blames his linemates and coaches but never Eller…..why because he his size. Do you really think if he is 5 11 and 190 pounds people would look at him the same….I think not. Eller has never ripped it up offensively at any league really. I do think he could be solid 3rd line two way centre.

        It is just like DD cause of his size he gets zero respect around here. Meanwhile he has was amazing in the Q, lead the AHL in scoring before being called up and has been our best offensive centre for the last couple of years but that is only because of his line mates and powerplay opportunities.

        perspective is everything.

        • New says:

          I like Eller but I have to agree. He goes all Malkin suddenly, then disappears. I doubt any coach would fail to recognize Eller’s potential. Fans might, including me.

          As for DD and several others. Never bet against a guy who has excelled at the next lower level. Some guys want to win and take it up a notch when challenged. They’re the ones who look at team mates funny when they hear “Well…no team goes undefeated…and we certainly know we will lose our share…put in a full 60 minutes…and get the bounces…with luck any of those shots hitting the post from center could have gone in and we’d have a different outcome.”

          • Kooch7800 says:

            Just to be clear, I like Eller as well. I just see him as a solid 3rd line Centre who can fill in top 6 and when he is on his game you give him more ice time.

          • New says:

            Naw, you were clear. I think a lot of athletes in various sports have been brought up in the pay your dues concept. Their agents weren’t 🙂

            Eller has the talent but he isn’t progressing. His ice time is but that is all. I think he might be expecting it will come to him by seniority or simply want to go to a team that is a better fit.

    • Max_a_million says:

      He’s an RFA going to arbitration. We can’t lose him. It’s zero pct chance.

      • New says:

        Yes, the Canadiens can lose him. The arbitrator can award an amount the player will not accept, and he can go play in another league. If the amount is one the team will not accept the Canadiens can decline and the player is an immediate UFA. Or they can be moved if the Canadiens don’t like where it is heading.

  13. knob says:

    So Travis Moen at 1.85mil
    Habs offer Eller 1.65mil

    Does MB really believe that Moen is better than Eller?

    MB is starting to look bad, imho. Low balls Subban and Eller; throws money at Briere. Small sample but hey, that is how I see.

    • Luke says:

      Eller – RFA.
      Moen – UFA.

      Apples and Oranges.

      If Eller was Unrestricted he would be asking for more than 3.1
      and MB would be offering more than 1.65.

      • knob says:

        I get that there is a big difference between RFA and UFA and who holds leverage in each respective camp.

        Here is the problem, as I see it anyways: players that get low-balled and forced into an arbitration process will likely lose any desire to continue with their current club. If I’m Eller and MB submits that offer…I go to arbitration, sign the resulting deal and when I’m an UFA I say smell you later.

    • joeybarrie says:

      The current team must extend a “qualifying offer” to a restricted free agent to retain negotiating rights to that player. Qualifying offers are for one year contracts. The minimum salary for the qualifying offer depends on the player’s prior year salary.
      Players who earned less than $660,000 in the previous season must be offered 110 percent of last season’s salary. Players making up to $1 million must be offered 105 percent. Players making over $1 million must be offered 100 percent

    • Max_a_million says:

      It’s a negotiation silly. Travis Moen was an experienced UFA, whose contract feels a tad high right now. Eller is a young RFA. He can’t be Santa Claus and run a proper team. This is how negotiations work. If Lars wants more money, Lars must become consistent. They will settle somewhere in the low 2’s. 2-4 years, probably 2 years.

      • knob says:

        I get that MB can’t be “Santa Claus” but seriously, MB can do a little bit better than 1.65. Eller is a solid player and will contribute in otherways than putting up points.

    • habs-fan-84 says:

      Haha PANIC!
      Wow, the things I read on here right after a trade or during negotiations is cringe worthy.

  14. Un Canadien errant says:

    I get that the NHL system of arbitration has a better chance to resolve disputes fairly, but seeing these big gaps in ‘ask’ from both sides in the recent cases makes me wish the system was like MLB’s.

    In baseball, both sides have to submit a figure they feel is appropriate, and then the arbitrator has to choose between one or the other, and can’t ‘split the difference’ as we tend to believe NHL arbitrators will do for Lars, or Ryan O’Reilly (who has now come to an agreement with the Avs). This motivates the parties to submit reasonable figures, instead of low-balling or inflating them.

    In fact, it has happened more than once in MLB arbitration that when the sides submit their official figures to the arbitrator, the team submits an amount higher than the athlete’s agents did. Both sides got cold feet when it got down to brass tacks, found God, and moved their position to a more reasonable one, and they overshoot each other.

    So let’s say the player was asking for $4M, and the team was offering $2M in negotiations, but on arbitration day, the player submits for $2.75M, and the team submits $3.25M. The MLB arbitrator, in these specific cases, is obligated to award the amount exactly in the middle of those two figures, so both sides in our example would get $3M as the number they get awarded.

    While both systems have advantages and disadvantages, I think that the MLB system has a much greater chance of both sides being more reasonable in their arbitration positions.

    It’s somewhere between a toothless attack and a vicious homage.–Paul Rudd


  15. krob1000 says:

    If the Eller camp wants 3.1 ….I would love to see Montreal offer Eller 11-12 million for 4 years and get into his UFA years.

    • John Q Public says:

      I see something like 2 yrs (2.5 2.9) getting it done.
      Unless this feeling I have about management not being too high him comes true, then a 1 year deal.

  16. Chelios24 says:

    How can The Rangers sign Kreider and Zuccarello for so little (relatively speaking)? Makes me sick. And we’re paying $4M/season long-term for Emelin?

    Also, giving that 3rd year to Markov at his age at $5.75M/season was a big mistake. Our best prospects right now are defensemen!

  17. mdp2011 says:

    Re: Eller.

    As Luke pointed out, these are numbers that have to be submitted for the arbitration hearing which are made public. This doesn’t mean the Habs and Eller are not negotiating and are close to a deal.

  18. Luke says:

    RO’R signed as well. 2 years. 5.8 & 6.2.

    Becomes an UFA at the end of it.

  19. John Q Public says:

    Hockey swastikas.
    You learn something new every day.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Thanks for the reports Ben. Phil Housley was always tough to play against, he was the player that I hoped Petr Svoboda and Tom Kurvers would become.

      And good writeup on the Calgary Flames. We can’t overstate how good a job Bob Hartley did with that team. Despite management clearly intending to sink to the bottom of the standings and draft high, they played hard all year, no one gave up as opposed to the Oilers with their shiny new trinket of a coach, or the sad-sack Islander. I wasn’t a fan of the goon tactics Mr. Hartley used a couple of times, but it was indicative of the fact that they never stopped trying to win, they fought for every game, sometimes literally. That’s more than we can say for the Leafs and the Sens, for example.

      I’ll have to go back and check, but the fan boards weren’t very happy with Mark Jankowski though, most seemed to think he was underperforming and it was a wasted pick. But maybe he had a better year last season than I know of. This was the player who Jay Feaster announced was the best player of the entire 2012 draft class, over Alex Galchenyuk, Nail Yakupov, and Brian Burke’s choice as best-in-show Morgan Rielly.




  20. plum says:

    For those who have some time to kill:


    It was pretty funny going through Sam Pollock’s trade history and seeing how he absolutely fleeced other teams’ GMs around the league.

    • Phil C says:

      He was able to exploit the expansion teams who were desparate for NHL talent. Although he deserves full credit for figuring out the importance of the draft right away, something that the Habs seem to understand again under Bergevin.

  21. Un Canadien errant says:

    Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, one of the best in the NFL, steps down due to Alzheimer’s disease.


    It’s somewhere between a toothless attack and a vicious homage.–Paul Rudd


  22. on2ndthought says:

    don’t know if this has been linked. Gally11 says nice things about Gorges, and how he likes to compete with Lucic:
    “When you’re racing him, you want to beat him. When you’re running up the hill, you want to beat him. You want to do more in the gym lifting weights”


    “a cannonading drive”

  23. shiram says:

    Elliotte FriedmanVerified account ‏@FriedgeHNIC

    Eller (MON) requests $3.1M…Canadiens counter with $1.65M

  24. mdp2011 says:

    Elliotte Friedman ‏@FriedgeHNIC 1m
    Eller (MON) requests $3.1M…Canadiens counter with $1.65M

    Yikes, that is a real low offer on the Habs part.

    • shiram says:

      Well it’s high on Eller’s part, but if they can split the difference it would not be too bad, something like 2.4 per.

    • Paz says:


      Thanks, but no thanks.

      Eller should go to arbitration, play his butt off, then walk.

    • habs-fan-84 says:

      That’s not bad. Look at what happened with the Franson deal; they were also more than 2M apart and essentially split the difference prior to arbitration.

    • on2ndthought says:

      I think most of us value Eller closer to $3M than $1.65M. I’m a bit disappointed in the lowball.

      “a cannonading drive”

      • Luke says:

        (I was a bit more disappointed with the 26 points).

        I’m officially saying 1 year, 2.2 million. I believe Eller will still be an RFA after this arbitration, so they aren’t going to lose him. He can go out and produce 50 points and get his 4 year deal for 4 or 5 million.

        I actually think MB will work harder on the Eller gap than on the PK gap. I’m not sure why, and I can’t quite explain it, but to me overpaying Eller by $250,000 is a lot worse than overpaying PK by $250,000.
        Probably a percentages thing…

        • Mattyleg says:

          Totes m’gotes.
          I too find it difficult to understand how a player who has an average of 27 points over the past two seasons can expect to get $3.1m.

          But I guess he reckons has $1.45m worth in intangibles.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • bwoar says:

          Agreed 100% Luke, if we’re gonna toss around a loose quarter-mil, toss it to the next captain!

          • B says:

            I think the Subban gap right now might be closer to $2.5M per than $.25M per.

            –Go Habs Go!–

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        I think we tend to overvalue our players on HIO? At least those that we like? So Brendan Gallagher and Lars, fan favourites, we’ll compare favourably to more established players, but those we discount, the Travis Moens and the Josh Gorges we’ll discount.

        I am surprised at the low figure submitted by the Canadiens, but we have to remember that it’s the lower bracket that is suggested to the arbitrator by the team, nothing more.

        • Paz says:

          Overvalue? He killed it in the playoffs

          • Un Canadien errant says:

            I’m making a general point.

            Specific to Lars’ case though, yes he had a strong playoff, but that doesn’t erase his uneven season prior to that, and the one before. How many times did we bound off our couch this winter yelling at him to stop stickhandling the puck backwards away from the net?

            I’m very prepared to give Lars more time, I don’t want him gone or traded, I see the potential, but in a cap world, I want Marc Bergevin to be fair but frugal.

          • Luke says:

            So did Rene Bourque.

        • B says:

          Gallagher’s at $.685M next season.

          –Go Habs Go!–

      • Forum Dog says:

        Kreider just signed for $2.475M/year in order to avoid arbitration. Eller comparables are all in the $2.5M/year range, and he shouldn’t expect any more than that:

        Kreider – 2.475, 23 yrs old, 40 points/89 NHL games (.45 PPG)
        Schenn – 2.5/year, 23 yrs old, 87 points/192 NHL games (.45 PPG)
        Killorn – 2.55/year, 25 yrs old, 60 points/120 NHL games (.50 PPG)
        Eller – ?/year, 25 yrs old, 103 points/286 NHL games (.36 PPG)

    • Cal says:

      Considering that MB’s ship has no leaks, this must be coming from Eller’s agent. Not smart, leaking that crap out. The public has no effect on contract talks, especially with MB in charge.

      • Luke says:

        I think they have to formally submit the numbers and those are public.

        • B says:

          It sounds odd to me that the numbers would have to be submitted this early, let alone that they would be made public prior to the hearing.

          Edit: I just read “In arbitration, player and team must submit figure 48 hrs before hearing”. I am still wondering if the numbers are made public or leaked as the seem to be coming out as “scoops” from various sources rather than from a single league or PA source.

          –Go Habs Go!–

        • Cal says:

          I thought we’d only see those numbers on the date for the hearing. Thanks, Luke.

    • B says:

      The team is offering a 25% increase for a player who after 4 seasons has shown flashes but really hasn’t taken it to the next level yet. His salary for those first 4 seasons was just under $5.2M. The player meanwhile is asking for a 235% raise.

      This assumes Friedman’s information is accurate. I wonder where he might have got the inside “scoop” on the negotiations, from the Hab’s side or from Eller’s? Edit: Both had to submit these numbers at least 48 hours before the hearing so this may have came from the league or PA.

      –Go Habs Go!–

  25. on2ndthought says:

    ant news on who will do the Habs play-by-play for sportsnet? cannot be worse than Bob Cole

    “a cannonading drive”

  26. bwoar says:


    This is just for you, since you asked on the last page: 88 is a neo-Nazi “code”, for HH (H being the 8th letter of the alphabet.)
    HH = “Heil Hitler”.

    So if you see anyone with prominent 88 or HH tattoos, good change they have a less-prominent swazzy on ’em too and need a dozen good arse-kickings.

  27. Phil C says:

    Krieder signs for 2 years, $4.95M contract. Does this set the bar for Eller?


    • shiram says:

      Well it is Kreider’s bridge contract, while Eller already has had his bridge contract.
      Eller’s played a lot more games too.
      I don’t think they are comparables.
      But a cap hit of 2.5 would be great for Eller, though I’d prefer 4 years to 2.

      • Phil C says:

        I guess if they go 4 years, they will be paying for some UFA years which could be more expensive.

      • bwoar says:

        Shiram, Eller had his bridge but only crossed it halfway. He has yet another bridge to cross, while Krieder at 23 has lived up the hype to date. That’s the point of that contract, a bridge between your ELC and your big payday once you’ve established yourself. Eller is late in doing that and still only showing signs he’s got it upstairs; he’ll get his payday if and when he puts it all together.

        The more I think about it, a one year contract makes sense. Still keeps him as RFA at the end, and allows him the opportunity to show he’s worthy of a bigger contract at the end.

      • DipsyDoodler says:

        How much of that is payment for the hit he carried out on Price?

        Moving. Forward.

    • bwoar says:

      Certainly no where near the 3.5M brought up yesterday. Term will come into play here big time. I mentioned 2 yesterday, I think the same today. 2 years, 4M seems in line.

  28. boing007 says:

    DD shot an 88. Wowie Zowie! Scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    Richard R

  29. John Q Public says:

    The berries are deliciousness.

  30. Luke says:

    Does this mean the Leafs reporters, columnists and Toronto media types can start the:

    “I don’t have a problem with advanced stats. They support what you see with your eyes and feel with your gut. They give you the numbers to show what I mean when I’ve been telling you all that ‘you can’t knock him off the puck!’ It’s the way the game is changing, and the Leafs are leading the pack.”

    (Please note: I didn’t watch or listen to sports broadcasting last night, so they may have already started this).

  31. Luke says:

    Good Morning Folks!

    Can’t wait to see what nonsense we get up to in here, today.

    Big lull in the Habs news.

    Which, while boring, is good. I’m not a fan of the front office leakers. Everyday a new rumour. A different player’s name being dragged around by the Dregers and Kypreosii as a foil for some executives trying to see if there is any traction… MB seems to keep it quiet and go about his business like a professional. I prefer that.

    He must have been plenty steamed when Nonis leaked… oh, I’m sorry, when the “Insiders” broke the Gorges trade refusal.

    • mdp2011 says:

      Morning Luke,

      I am not a big fan of front office leaks either, but it would be comforting to hear whispers that the Habs and Subban/Eller are close to a long term extension though.

      • Luke says:

        I am so remarkably indifferent.

        PK is our best player, aside from Price, and I’m not worried.

        I really expect that he signs. 5 to 8 years 7.5 – 9 million. Something like that… but here’s the scary thing? If it becomes drama, I’m OK with a trade (once allowable under the CBA rules).
        He will (should) bring back a King’s Ransom. Top prospects, decent roster players and picks would all be in the mix.
        Certainly no single player would be equal to PK, but the package in return could be more impactful.
        (This assumes that MB doesn’t make a bone-head deal).

        • DipsyDoodler says:

          The only good thing about trading PK is that people would no longer talk about the McDonagh trade.

          ‘ Ryan McDonagh, was he ever a Hab?’ is what people would say. ‘Traded you say? Ah yes, I had forgotten about him’.

          Moving. Forward.

          • Luke says:

            Some Nordiques fans probably thought the same about trading Lindros at the time.

            (Yes, I know, different scenario with the non-report), but a mega-star deal for many ‘lesser’ pieces.

        • Paz says:

          You have every right to be OK with trading Subban.

          Some of us would not be as OK with it.

          I’ve seen how the Habs trade away their superstar players and its not pretty. Chelios, Roy, are just two examples.

          It’s difficult to get fair value for a superstar.

          Oh, sorry, maybe I shouldn’t be calling Subban a superstar, I might be offending some people here.

          Everyone can be traded. Gretzky etc. yes, I’ve heard the whole story.

          Just my opinion, but I am thoroughly entertained watching Subban play hockey, and a trade involving a few top notch prospects and 2 first rounders just doesn’t do it for me.

          • Luke says:

            Oh, sorry, maybe I shouldn’t be calling Subban a superstar, I might be offending some people here.

            Why would you think that? Please Explain. I don’t recall too many discussions around here where this would offend anyone.

            I wonder how often a ‘Superstar’ trade leads to success for the acquiring team. 3 Loungo deals and 0 Cups. Thornton helped the SJS become relevant but 0 Cups. Lindros to Philly, 0 Cups. Chelios to CHI, 0 Cups. Roy in COL – Yes, for sure (but thanks in part to what came back in the Superstar Lindros deal).

            A Subban deal would probably be similar to the Seguin deal.
            Though I believe a stud centre is harder to find/draft than a stud defenseman.

            Again, not saying “GO TRADE PK! HE”S THE WORST!!”
            Saying… “I expect, and am very happy, that PK will re-sign. BUT… meh. Pro atheletes move all the time. I hope, should MB trade anyone, he gets good value for them and that the world keeps spinning.”

    • CharlieHodgeFan says:

      I hope Subban isn’t traded. If he is, I hope they get something for him. It’s nothing personal. He isn’t my hero. I think he will be a phenomenal player. He’s already the number 2 talent on the team, and if the NHL goes to the next Olympics, he may be top 6 in Canada by then. He is the best non goaltending talent the Habs have had in a number of years. He could have played with Robinson, Savard and Lapointe. He’s good.
      But it’s a salary cap league, and he may have to go for Cap reasons. You can’t build a team with too much cap tied up longterm, in one player who has not yet reached his potential. Imagine what Markov would be without the knee injuries? Imagine what Subban could be with knee injuries, and 7 years to go?
      We’ve seen one holdout, and if it makes to arbitration, we will see another soon enough. I love to watch him play and wish he could remain a Hab. But I’ve been a fan for 40 years and they all retire and have to be replaced anyway. If the guy gets the Habs Cap space, two young scorers and a half decent young puck moving D-man, why say no?
      8 years. The cap could plummet in that time, and then the Habs would become pretty dull to watch.
      If there were no Cap, there’s be no discussion.

  32. thebonscott says:

    I have been listening to under the sun on Montreal hockey talk, this summer on Tuesday nights, i must say it is highly entertaining and i recommend it to anyone who is in complete Montreal canadiens hockey deprivation like myself. It is an hour well spent.

  33. Psycho29 says:

    Former NHLer gets up to 30 months in prison for bank robberies


    • DipsyDoodler says:

      There’s our enforcer! Do it MB.

      Moving. Forward.

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      …but what does 30 months really mean in the Canadian Judicial system?

      •Offenders serving sentences of two to three years are eligible for day parole after serving six months of their sentence.

      •Most offenders (except those serving life sentences for murder) are eligible to apply for full parole after serving 1/3 of their

      •By law, most federal inmates are automatically released after serving 2/3 of their sentence if they have not already been released on parole. This is called statutory release.

      Then the cost to Canadian taxpayers.
      According to CBC:
      ” It now costs an average of $110,000 a year to house a male inmate…”


      • John Q Public says:

        At least we don’t have for profit prisons, yet.

      • DipsyDoodler says:

        Too bad we live in Canada eh?

        Moving. Forward.

      • Paz says:

        Ronn, what is the rate of criminals being released early who then committ another crime? I don’t know the number, but it would seem to be a key one in this analysis.

      • Phil C says:

        I don’t see parole as a bad thing. It allows the judicial system to legally monitor the offender to make sure they can integrate back into society. It would be scarier for the public if all inmates served their sentences and then were released without conditions.

      • Cal says:

        “Many of the same problems that fuelled that explosion are still with us, crowding, too much time spent in cells; lack of contact with the outside world, lack of program capacity, the paucity of meaningful prison work or vocational skills training and polarization between inmates and custodial staff.”

        First and foremost, how about NOT breaking the law?
        Too much time in a prison cell? Tough shit.
        Meaningful prison work? Vocational skills training?
        That’s better than what most law abiding citizens get.

    • frontenac1 says:

      Patrick Cote. I remember Tony Twist and Probert using him as a punching bag a few times. The guy would take on anyone.

  34. plum says:


    I go to sportsnet this morning and there are at least 5 articles written by different “insiders” on the website about the leafs new assistant gm hiring.

    I guess with rogers getting the NHL rights over tsn, it’s gonna be more of the same leaf loving…

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      Leafs Ownership/Management reminds me of the Seinfeld episode called The Opposite as Jerry Seinfeld nails it:
      ” If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.”…..only in the Leafs case, that may not be so.

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      It is an interesting and big story. MB got almost the same kind of press when he was hired, this is a bit different because it is a kid hired out of the blue.

      If another team gets more press than the habs, who cares. It’s not personal, it’s not a popularity contest, and I cannot come up with any way at all in which it matters. Do you think Leaf fans get all up in arms because the Gazette posts more Habs stories than Leafs Stories?

      • plum says:

        I’m not saying that it wasn’t interesting, I think it was a great move by Shanahan to bring in a bright young guy with an analytics background. Seems like pretty good foresight in the modern NHL, especially for the Leafs who have a history of lagging behind the rest of the league.

        My point is that our national broadcasting networks carry on with a leaf bias and tend to focus their resources more on them, when their are plenty of other interesting teams around the league too. I’m not bothered by it, I find it more comical than anything else.

        Well, I wouldn’t expect Leaf fans to want more Leaf stories in the Gazette, just like I wouldn’t expect to see a lot Habs stories in the Toronto Sun. Seems kind of silly to think otherwise.

        • Maritime Ronn says:

          It’s all about population and demographics and advertising revenues.
          Ontario easily has the largest English speaking population with Leaf fans scattered throughout Canada.
          Not very many Anglos left in Quebec.

          A similar scenario is RDS.
          They cover the NHL well, yet concentrate on the home Province Habs as their market demand dictates that.

          • plum says:


          • Dust says:

            ha. RDS covers the nhl well. That was a good one. RDS only covers the habs or french players on other teams. RDS has a bias way worse than any other national network. (Although they are a regional supplier now, which they should be)

    • Cal says:

      No other hockey news, aside from former player Patrick Cote being arrested for bank robbery.
      If there is any other news, let’s hope they cover the hell out of it.

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