Habs deal Cole to Stars for Ryder


Out of the fog and back to Montreal comes Michael Ryder.
Ronald Martinez, Getty Images

The Canadiens have traded forward Erik Cole to the Dallas Stars for Michael Ryder, who returns to Montreal, and a third-round draft pick this year.

To say that the deal is a stunner would be to understate the truth. It is also the first trade for new Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin.

“He was shocked, but it’s a place where he’s been and where he’s had success,” Bergevin said on a conference call Tuesday night. “He loves the city of Montreal. I told him we’re extremely happy to have him. He brings an asset to our team that I felt we could use – he’s already had success this year and last year in Dallas. He was surprised but happy.”

Bergevin added that “there’s a very good possibility” Ryder will be in the lineup Wednesday night when the Canadiens visit the Toronto Maple Leafs (7:30 p.m., TSN, RDS, TSN 690 Radio) and that he would help the team’s power play. The Canadiens rank 10th in the NHL on the power play with an 18.9 per cent success rate.

In 19 games this season with the Stars, Ryder posted 6-8-14 totals and was plus-4. A UFA at season’s end, Ryder is earning $3.5 million this season. Ryder is on a six-game point streak with two goals and seven assists in his last six games. His 14 points are the same as Canadiens team leader Max Pacioretty, who has 4-10-14 totals in 15 games.

“He’s a sniper, he won the Stanley Cup in Boston and he understands the market in Montreal,” Bergevin said.

The GM added: “Nothing against Erik (Cole), but (Ryder) helps us in areas we need right away.”

Bergevin also said that Cole’s comments before training camp about a possible early retirement didn’t factor in his decision to make the trade.

Cole, 34, who signed with the Canadiens before last season as an unrestricted free agent for four years and $18 million, was the Canadiens’ leading goal-scorer last season with 35, a career high. He played on the top line with Max Pacioretty and centre David Desharnais. He had three goals and three assists in 19 games this season.

Ryder, 32, was chosen by the Habs 216th overall, in the eighth round, of the 1998 draft. He eventually fell out of favour with the team, a healthy scratch for much of the 2008 playoffs. He signed for three seasons with the Boston Bruins before moving on to the Stars, where he scored 35 goals last season.

“Erik Cole is a top-six, power forward who skates well, adds size, and is under contract for the next two years,” Stars general manager Joe Nieuwendyk said on the team’s website. “We thank Michael Ryder for his contributions and look forward to what Erik will bring to our group.”

Bergevin said that he is always looking to make the Canadiens better and didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on this deal despite the fact the Canadiens are in first place in the Eastern Conference.

“We’re happy to have him,” Bergevin said of Ryder. “He brings an asset to our team we can use. We don’t make trades on stats alone, but that was definitely a big plus. He’s already had success this year.”

Canadiens trade Cole to Stars for Ryder, by Dave Stubbs

Ryder has had great NHL career for an eighth-round draft pick, by Stu Cowan

Habs’ Bourque sidelined by a concussion, by Pat Hickey


  1. Say Ash says:

    MB’s plan is to get one Stanley Cup Bruin per year. 20 years from now, look out!

    • Saltwater Cowboy says:

      Markov, Diaz & Gorges for Chara?

    • DickandDanny says:

      I’m not buying anymore habs jerseys. Each time I do my guy is gone the next year and so is my $. So, if anyone has the right to comment on this trade, I think I do, as i spent the money, got the jersey, and lost the player. I think Cole was really struggling this year. He spent most of his time on the ice floundering around. Never have i seen a guy knocked down so easily or so often, especially for a big man. Speaking of size Ryder is no slouch and I believe he learned to play tougher while a Bruin. I agree Cole could be a physical player at times, but i’ll clarify that and add only when he wanted to be. He really did turn away from a lot of hits he could have thrown. This deal is also good in that we get a younger guy, at less money, and we get a 3rd round pick, which in itself could net us quite a good draft pick in this rich draft year. Lastly we get a guy who has a great shot and who can find open space, especially on the PP. We need that. we have a ton of speed, we need a guy with net presence and Michael will bring that. Good luck to both, and does anyone want to buy a jersey? Or, maybe i’ll switch the numbers around and change the name on the back ! That other guy wearing 27 should be around for a long while, at least I hope.

      “A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur”

    • Good Habit says:

      Remember that glove save that Ryder made against the Habs in 2011? Turned the series around for the Bruins. They might not have the cup without it. After the softie that Price let in, he might need some help back there.

  2. Saltwater Cowboy says:

    I’m heading up Team Ryder.

    Sign up here!

  3. doug19 says:

    You have to offer something in a trade. I loved Cole too,but he is a catch Ryder may be a fill in or sign if he likes it back in Habs land. The salary dump for two years and a 3rd round pick is good. Ryder is also two years younger and a proven sniper.Much better than waiting for Coles UFA year and getting zip.

  4. hockeymaniac31 says:

    Wake up People. This is a good trade. Cole is not gonna ever put up the goals like he did last year. Also I see people on hear saying we are losing grit and size. Well Ryder is still 6’0 and 200lbs. Plus wat good is the size if you dont use it. The only time Cole used his size was to cut in front of the net when he was skating in from the wing. I hardly saw him standing infront of the goalie like hes supposed to. Only once I noticed it when it was last Saturday against the Rangers. Hes too old to stand in front of the net constantly and with his injury history thats the reason he doesnt do it anymore. Bottom line the Habs finally got the better end of a trade for both short and long term.

    • jols101 says:

      I’m a fan of the trade but don’t tell me Cole didn’t use his size. He threw bone crushing body checks on a regular basis. The habs will miss that. I like the trade cause I realize the habs need to dump salary and get younger. I hope this continues with Kaberle and Gionta and will get crucified for saying this but Markov should go as well…

      • kirbhabs says:

        Not marky… say it not so.

      • hockeymaniac31 says:

        @jols101 He rarely hit people but when he did you noticed it. I agree with the Markov statement. I thouhgt he would be faster than what he is but thats what 2 knee surguries do to you. But i still beleive Cole got softer this year than last especially skating wise. He hardly ever turned on the jets like he did last year.

  5. Stevie.Ray says:

    It was said on the last page that this move makes room for Kristo, otherwise he may not re-sign and move to another team. I could see him being a holdout (but I’m sure he’ll be offered the max entry level deal), but I thought the new CBA got rid of the loophole that lets College players like Schultz wait it out and sign with whomever they want.

    • kirbhabs says:

      I certainly hope so

    • Chris says:

      To the best of my knowledge, Kristo is still free to walk away.

      It wasn’t a loophole, to be honest. Players drafted from the CHL can refuse to sign a contract with the team that drafted them and go back into the NHL entry draft after two years. If they do this twice (i.e. wait out four years), they can also become free agents.

      It is no different, except that NCAA players can’t re-enter the draft after two years.

      I’m all for it. I think the draft stinks and is unnecessary, though, so most would disagree with me on this front.

      • Bill says:

        Kristo can still walk, you are right. Or to put it more accurately, he is an unrestricted free agent as of this summer. He doesn’t exactly have to walk, just wait.

        Now, if you are Danny Kristo, do you sign with the Habs? Or do you wait a month or two and then sign where you want or to the highest bidder?

        Kristo is gone.

        Full Breezer 4 Life

        • Stevie.Ray says:

          Then trade him for Cole, then sign Kristo in the summer

        • Chris says:

          If I’m Kristo, I wait it out unless I want to play in Montreal. Few players get to choose the team they break in with.

          That being said, Montreal is a much more attractive place to break in with. The opportunities given to Gallagher and Galchenyuk, the expanded support for youngsters (Brisebois, Lapointe, and Mellanby joining Trevor Timmins is helpoing develop youngsters)…it’s not a bad set-up these days! 🙂

    • Mike D says:

      Whomever it was that said this makes room for Kristo can’t see the forest for the trees. Moving Cole had nothing to do with Danny f’n Kristo.

      Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player and prospect but with B. Gally, Leblanc, and Collberg already in the pipeline, Frosty Toes isn’t the big deal he once was when our cupboards were bare.

      – Honestly yours
      Twitter: @de_benny

  6. jeffhabfan says:

    It was a good trade got the much better player this year a nice pick this year in a deep draft year and save cap space next year.

  7. kirbhabs says:

    So…. PK needed a 3 hour meeting and a few days to learn the MT system… to grow as a man. But Ryder will just drop right into the MT system and play the leafs no problem cause he is already a man…. is that right? LOL good times in HABS land.

  8. Steve C. says:

    I love how this has turned into a Newfie-speak party.

  9. HardHabits says:

    Let the Games begin:


  10. Max says:

    I wonder if Pierre Dagenais is doing anything these days

  11. habstrinifan says:

    The definitive post:
    The Chicoutimi Cucumber /February 26, 2013 at 10:56 pm

    But this is ridiculous. UNLESS Cole is washed-up – a possibility, but so is a slow start – he is an imposing and physical power forward who drives the net. THAT is far closer to what the Habs have needed for years than Ryder is. That they have similar stats in no way means that they are comparably impactful players. Everyone knows this. Suddenly we choose to forget it.”

    I am shocked by the revisionist history. I dont know if the deal is good or bad. But to say that Ryder is a finisher and Cole isnt? To say that Cole has been inconsistent and Ryder hasnt. The BIG question… did we get softer…again! Which is why I like Habsolutely’s take that MB has something up his sleeve…. else why make us ‘softer’?

    • Bill says:

      Ryder isn’t just soft, man, he’s verging into “soff” territory. We’ll how Therrien deals.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

    • Habilis says:

      It makes us softer, but how much softer, really? Cole’s days of crashing and banging on a nightly basis are behind him. I’m not saying he’s washed up, but we’ve all watched him this year and it’s not like he’s been laying people out or running over D-men. It’s safe to say he’s on the downslope of his career.

      Maybe Ryder is too, but he plays a different game, he doesn’t have the same mileage as Cole. Ryder also makes us better on the PP immediately.

      Maybe MB just sees the opportunity before the team. The season’s a few games from being half over and the Habs are in a pretty good position. This move adresses one of the team’s main weaknesses, the PP. It should make the Habs better right now.

      If it does spark the PP and they actually improve their play, will you really care if anyone calls them soft?

  12. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …just learned the proposed realignment of team divisions/conferences include Detroit joining Ours with Montreal, Loserville, Bean-Town, Buffalo, Ottawa, Detroit and outliers Tampa & Florida

    …hmmm, Detroit makes it feel as close to the Original 6 We are likely to ever see again …Chicago and the Rangers missing, though the Rangers will be in Our conference

    …disconcerting is the name given to Our division, the Central Division

    …doesn’t make any sense geographically

    …WHY ??? can’t they go back to the Patrick, Smythe, Norris and Adams Divisions, or other that reflect the History of the League rather than meaningless, inaccurate, unimaginative generic division descriptions

    … 🙄

    …nothing makes sense anymore 🙂

    • HardHabits says:

      Those Florida teams will never make the play-offs ever again and will be moved in a few years if they do that. Can you say Quebec and Hamilton?

    • Steve C. says:

      The re-alignment proposal is moronic. It makes no sense. I can understand the divisions, even though I prefer the current format, but 16 and 14 teams? Worst. HH is right.

    • Habilis says:

      I posted on this earlier also, and I’m with you. I’ve never seen anything so ridiculous. The playoff system is more complicated than the NFL’s.

      I’m at a loss as to why they are making this so difficult. Flip Detroit and Winnipeg. Done.

      Oh wait, Columbus doesn’t like it? Tough luck, you’re Columbus.

      Winnipeg wants to be in a division with Calgary and Edmonton? Don’t let your team leave next time then.

      Detroit doesn’t want to travel to Florida every week in the middle of Michigan winters just to completely dominate the southeast for the next century? Yeah, I think they could live with it.

  13. well there goes some true grit and presence. what comes after in terms of heart is yet to be established. I saw Ryder previous to this when he was with our Habs. I attributed his departure the first time from antics in the community and or the dressing room – he wasn’t a fit. Hope he makes connection this time round. That aside, Cole was/is an important player on any team. He scored some nice goals. His willingness to hit and sustain to play the game…well we just traded it away. The Leafs are laughing in terms of tomorrow night. Hope Ryder is in the line up. Go les Canadiens

  14. Renegade says:

    Not sure I like this trade at all. If there was one player I was never really sad to see gone, it was Ryder.

    The Habs already were lacking some size, but it was acceptable given they had two big bodies in Cole and Pacioretty. Not to mention Cole was picking up his game as of late. Now they have Ryder, who can score (Hopefully) but that’s about it. Montreal needs the big bodies to get in front of the net (as Cole demonstrated with Eller’s goal against the Rags). Ryder simply won’t fill that role. Cap savings are great and all, but at the end of the day, where are you going to get another power forward without overspending again on a UFA or trading away a significant amount of assets? Sure, you can draft one, but it takes time for a player to establish themselves as a legitimate power forward. Look at Patches, for example. He only really broke out last year, three years after his NHL debut, and going up and down from the AHL.

    I just don’t know how to feel about this at all. You’d think a team that is now vying for a top 4 spot in the east would stand pat right now. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it all pans out.

    • i question Cole’s departure too. faith in one’s team is like this. the unexpected happens. and the wild and wacky season continues. hope Ryder can have more puck luck than Cole has this season. That crossbar against the Senators…ugh

      • Renegade says:

        Yea, I wonder if that being a goal, and even the game winner, instead of a crossbar would’ve meant this trade never happens. I doubt it, but can’t help but wonder.

    • Saltwater Cowboy says:

      Your mother loves Ryder!

    • Bill says:

      I actually always liked Ryder. He used to get ripped here on HIO (not many posters from those days left to remember it) for being one-dimensional and streaky, but my defence of him was that he was always going to score you thirty goals, just accept that and don’t expect any more from him. Pay someone else to grind.

      I like Cole because he brings more than thirty goals: he can use his size to keep the puck in the offensive zone, cause problems in the slot, he hits, he doesn’t get knocked off the puck, great speed … youname it.

      I still like Ryder. Would rather have Cole. But I hope the people who are celebrating Ryder’s return aren’t complaining about him for being the same Ryder he always was in a month’s time.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • Renegade says:

        I remember those days well. I was actually fine with him as well, until his last year under Carbo. Maybe it wasn’t entirely his fault, but when you stop scoring goals, and that’s all you’re paid for (see: Cammalleri, Michael), then you fall out of the good graces.

        I don’t want to get stuck in the past though. I think you make great points in comparing them both. Ryder has certainly proven that he is very much a legitimate sniper, but I just don’t know if Montreal needed to shake things up to get one. I felt like Gallagher was starting to fill that role quite nicely. I imagine there were other forces at work that led to this trade, perhaps related to information we’ll never be privy to.

        I won’t sit around and sulk about it though. What’s done is done, and I am hoping for the best.

        • Bill says:

          It’s true that there is obviously stuff we don’t get to know. Like someone else said, it’s very likely Cole wanted out. Quebec taxes and politics (“my kid has to go to French school??”) must be pretty hard for Americans to adapt to.

          No choice but to welcome Ryder back, appreciate what he brings, and hope for the best. I still think Bergevin fails on this deal, but we will see.

          Full Breezer 4 Life

        • boing007 says:

          Two snipers instead of one. Beaucoup mieux.

          Richard R
          Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  15. HabFanSince72 says:

    Cole says MB told him it was a cap issue.

    The old it’s not you it’s your cap hit.

  16. Steve C. says:

    I wonder if there’s any player other than Mathieu Schneider who has worn as many as four different numbers while playing for the CH.

    • otter649 says:

      One player Cliff Goupille (1935-1943) wore 7 different numbers for The Habs 2-4-10-11-16-17-19. A bunch of players have worn 4-5-6 different numbers as a member of The Canadiens. Jean Beliveau wore 4-8-12-17-20 before sticking with #4…….

  17. Saltwater Cowboy says:

    If Carbo didn’t screw over Ryder he may have still been here

  18. Curtis O Habs says:

    I wonder how Brian Gionta is sleeping tonight.

    • habitat says:

      Great trade regarding Cole and Ryder and third round pick.

      Agree, Gionta days have to be numbered, even if take a second and dump salary it is a win win situation for us. 4 second round picks in this draft is huge. Use the money and obtain Bobby Ryan or Perry.

      Another thought and probably wishful thinking on my part, but maybe if we package Gionta and Leblanc we possibly could obtain a 2013 first round pick. Keep Eller and Gally and Gally on the same line. Let them develop.

  19. deuce6 says:

    VIA Dave Stubbs:

    “Bergevin suggested in a conference call Tuesday evening that this is not a quick-fix parachute drop, and that Ryder might be around past the expiration of his current deal.”

    Yes, I’m a Hab fan..Wanna fight about it?

  20. Steve C. says:

    So does the true original 73 reclaim his number? Or does he choose a new one and let the rookie keep his?

  21. HabFanSince72 says:

    PJ Stock likes the deal.


  22. Saltwater Cowboy says:

    Frum one Newfie to anudder – “Welcome Ryder my duckie” Glad to ave ye on board b’y

  23. piper says:

    I don’t like this deal much but Cole looked to me like he didnt want to be in Montreal anyway. Habs will miss the size and grit that he provided but also need the scoring. Lets just hope that Ryder continues to score and that Timmons works his magic with the pick. And MB uses the cap space well.

  24. HardHabits says:

    In case anybody needs some memory refreshing. Thank H-P for this recollection.

    The Biggest Comeback in Habs History | 5-0 to 6-5

  25. HaBo says:

    Wait til you see the release Ryder has.
    He’s the finisher we don’t have and could really open up the PP.
    The cap space allows MB to shape the team how he sees fit, whether by UFA or by trade.

  26. Vid says:

    More fodder for those not in favour of this trade…


    • ross says:

      That’s the dumbest title I’ve ever….

      He “dropped” the Cup by setting it down, turning around, stepping away, and *then* having the table tip over in front of the two guys supposedly there to make sure that sort of thing doesn’t happen?

  27. 24 Cups says:

    I just checked. Ryder turns 33 next month. Cole turns 35 in November.

    • krob1000 says:

      so look at it this way…they have produced very similar numbers (Ryder is not the defensive liabilty people make him outto be…Carbo actually fixed that part of his game and he was plus 17 ona minus 14 team and Cole is no defensive juggernaut)

      ask yourself this ….would you sign Ryder right now for 4 years for 4.5 per…that is the same age the Habs did that with Cole…
      would you sign Cole at his current age for 2 more years at his current price? I would not

      • The Chicoutimi Cucumber says:

        But this is ridiculous. UNLESS Cole is washed-up – a possibility, but so is a slow start – he is an imposing and physical power forward who drives the net. THAT is far closer to what the Habs have needed for years than Ryder is. That they have similar stats in no way means that they are comparably impactful players. Everyone knows this. Suddenly we choose to forget it. It’s bizarre.

        • krob1000 says:

          When they signed Cole Patches future was uncertain and Gallagher was a thousand to one longshot to be playing right now and the idea of lanmding a Galchenyuk and COllberg was unthinkable. They alspo had Cammalleri instead of Bourque who also produces and has size and goes very hard to the net

        • krob1000 says:

          Howis Ryder less impactful? cole is not tough…cole is no defensive star…they both score goals and patrol the wing….they are very similar players…one plays his off wing which makes passing difficult, one is more of a shooter than an off the rush guy. Goals are goals…..and the other aspects of their game are not stellar in either case and an argument could be made Ryder is more responsible defensively since the Carbo treatemnt.

          • The Chicoutimi Cucumber says:

            The answer is simple, buddy. Cole is a power forward. Ryder is in no way a power forward. But if you’re glad to get softer and smaller without any added offence, hey, be my guest.

      • 24 Cups says:

        Good point, Rob. I was never happy with the four year term for Cole. But that’s what you will always have to do when you sign UFA. Gionta, Hamrlik, Spacek, Cammy and Prust are all examples of that point.

        Hey, I get it. The team’s unreal start got me excited. I realize that it is still year one of the rebuild. Rationalization carries the day.

        The biggest issue I have with HI/O is how a new GM, coach or player can be fantastic and then be a scapegoat before he can even take his empties back to the beer store.

        I wonder what the over/under will be on Prust.

  28. Mike D says:

    I really don’t like this move. I agree there are some positives to be found in it, but for me, the negatives outweigh those.

    I think it was Bill who said it very well before. We essentially traded Cole for a 3rd round pick and two months of Michael Ryder.

    Gotta say, I’m a little surprised the commentariat is generally supportive of this move. I hope you all are right and see something I don’t.

    – Honestly yours
    Twitter: @de_benny

    • otisfxu says:

      As I said below, I’ll take Ryder for the next two – 4 months over Cole for the next two years,,,,Cole looks old and done.

      • The Chicoutimi Cucumber says:

        Fair enough. But if he’s just suffering his usual slow start and turns it up, this trade suddenly doesn’t look so hot. Everything depends on Cole truly being finished, and/or on our hitting some hypothetical UFA/3rd round jackpot. There is no cause to be especially happy about this result.

        • Mike D says:

          Exactly. If we were gonna move Cole, why not do it last summer when his value was super high? Trading him during his slow start is selling at a low. Even if he never broke out of it this year and got hot like he usually does, I don’t see his value being much lower than it is now.

          – Honestly yours
          Twitter: @de_benny

    • CanadienBoy says:

      They had to dump that contract that ‘s all folks

    • Whatever says:

      The cap space will be used. Always is.

      Not only did Sather trade Gomez for McDonagh, Higgins etc. He also got Gaborik out of it as Gomez’s cap hit made that signing impossible.

      If we can’t sign someone, a trade for a higher salary player will be made.

    • Bill says:

      The commentariat is not “generally supportive”, they pretty much freaking love it! I am very surprised myself. Though I expect a lot of these opinions to be short-lived and flipped by this time next year.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

    • mike3131 says:

      Or you can consider it as Erik Cole for a 3rd round pick, 2 months of Michael Ryder and a significant UFA acquisition (like Corey Perry) thanks to the cleared cap space. I’ll take it.


      • Bill says:

        Hey, no one told me we were getting Corey Perry out of this. Hold the phone! That changes everything.

        Or less ironically: when Corey Perry signs with the Habs, I’ll gladly eat my hat.

        Full Breezer 4 Life

      • Mike D says:

        If that happens then I understand the move. But that’s an IF. If it doesn’t, this trade on it’s own merit is not good. That’s not a knock on Ryder either, I just like what Cole brings better.

        – Honestly yours
        Twitter: @de_benny

        • mike3131 says:

          Either way, it gets rid of a declining Erik Cole’s $4.5 M cap hit that will likely become impossible to move sooner or later. And with the cleared cap space, Bergevin has plenty of options at the end of the season. Corey Perry is just one option. Could also target Clarkson, Getzlaf, Clowe, etc. He could make a blockbuster trade… MB can do pretty much anything because he is not being held back by long term contracts to aging vets (Kaberle will be bought out).


          • Mike D says:

            We have no use for Getzlaf as he is a C and we already have a logjam there. If we wanted Getzlaf then trading one of Pleks or Eller would have made more sense than trading Cole.

            With Prust and to a lesser extent Moen, adding Clowe doesn’t really add value or fill a need. That move wouldn’t make sense.

            I’m wary of Clarkson. There’s no denying his stats the past two years, but I think he’s found the perfect situation in Jersey. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him flop if he played elsewhere. Not many undrafted players suddenly become goal scorers at/around the age of 30.

            Of the players you mention, Perry is the only one I have any interest in given the current composition of our team. There will be a LOT of interest in him should he make it to free agency and if we land him, the price will be incredibly high. Personally I’m not a fan of signing late-20’s UFA’s to big contracts. Over recent years, most have not lived up to their contracts, or have ridiculous contracts that are impossible to live up to.

            – Honestly yours
            Twitter: @de_benny

          • mike3131 says:

            Getzlaf brings size, elite skill, and experience of winning a Stanley Cup. Not to mention he can win a face-off to save his life (lol). He wouldn’t be my first option in terms of the UFA market, but if we strike out on Perry, I have no problem trading Pleks in favor of Getzlaf. Galchenyuk, Getzlaf and Eller as our top 3 centres sounds pretty darn good to me.

            Edit: Even if we don’t make a prized UFA acquisition, we can still make a blockbuster trade. At the end of the day, MB will have many options in summer 2013 and unlike PG, we can actually trust Bergy.


      • ross says:

        I think this is a good way to put it.

        At the end of the season we have room for a FA signing of our choosing, *or* we could re-sign Ryder. With Cole, we’re stuck with Cole or trying to trade Cole, potentially after a lacklustre season (as opposed to now, with a high value after a 30+ goal season), and potentially with a retirement in his near future.

        MB is betting (safely, I think) that the cost of re-signing Ryder will be less than the cost of bearing Cole’s contract, or that an appropriate impact player will be available for less, and/or that the draft pick will make up for the difference in players acquired. MB is also shedding himself of the risk associated with Cole underperforming (or retiring) this year to the point that his trade value bottoms out.

        • Mike D says:

          If Cole would have retired then his cap hit would also come off the books as he signed his deal prior to turning 35. In that regard it wouldn’t have mattered either way as far as his cap hit being freed.

          – Honestly yours
          Twitter: @de_benny

  29. Say Ash says:

    The fatty on L’Antichambre – that’s Eller’s sports psychologist?

  30. emann_222 says:

    It’s not just about the points that EITHER player has gotten over the course of this season, or the fact that Cole is traditionally a slow starter to any given season. It lies more in the fact that Cole was talking (Out Loud), saying that this season was prob the end for him. That doesn’t exactly instill a lot of confidence in him performing for the rest of the season.

    Cole clearly is not in the game anymore – sadly because he’s a loveable and talented player – and I think that Ryder can thrive here under the new regime and the new system.

    I’m looking forward to the results.

    Feel free to read “Habs Dump Cole for Ryder” (http://bleedbleublancrouge.com/?p=579&preview=true) for more insight.

    Visit me at http://www.bleedbleublancrouge.com

  31. Saltwater Cowboy says:

    Why is everyone certain that Ryder will be gone at seasons end? Would much rather keep Ryder & dump Gionta!

  32. otisfxu says:

    It’s a np win no lose trade. Looking at Cole this year, would you want to pay him for anoter two years? Ryder ‘s contract is up at end of year so you canl et him go if doesn’t do anything for rest of year.
    I lke the trade. Ryder can score, was traded because Carbo didn’t like him.
    In a shortened season like this you don’t worry about character, team guy, yada yada,,,,it’s about what a guy can do for you in the next 30 games.

    Smart move by MB,,,now just pound the Leafs tomorrow night,,,,I love paybacks,,,

  33. naweed235 says:

    semin RW NO
    Perry RW YES plz
    Getzlaf C NO
    Ribiero C (could you imagine) HELL NO
    Horton RW *Spit he has bruin dirt all over him now so he is no good
    Clarkson RW (I imagine NJ will be trying very hard to sign this guy, but I bet he’s a character guy MB would like) YES PLZ
    Boyes RW NO
    Stalberg LW Meh,,,,
    Antropov C NO
    Clowe LW Meh….
    Raymond LW NO thank you

    • Sportfan says:

      lol this made me laugh cause of some of the reactions


      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        My turn:
        Semin RW NO
        Perry RW YES OMG YES
        Getzlaf C NO his name sounds like a Leaf
        Ribiero C NO we’re running a hockey club not a real club
        Horton RW NO two characteristics I hate the most: Bruin and injury prone
        Clarkson RW YES tired of him kickin our asses…
        Boyes RW NO sounds like a rapper not a hockey player
        Stalberg LW Who?
        Antropov C NO ex-Leafs are good for nothing…see Armstrong
        Clowe LW Zero goals…Ahhhhhh…NO!
        Raymond LW Couldn’t hit the boards let alone an empty net..NO

  34. Stevie.Ray says:

    Possible free agents we can sign with the money we save:
    Semin RW
    Perry RW
    Getzlaf C
    Ribiero C (could you imagine)
    Horton RW
    Clarkson RW (I imagine NJ will be trying very hard to sign this guy, but I bet he’s a character guy MB would like)
    Boyes RW
    Stalberg LW
    Antropov C
    Clowe LW
    Raymond LW

    • The Dude says:

      Clowe RIberio Clarkson sounds great too me!

    • 24 Cups says:

      SR – That’s a point that has been mentioned all night. This frees up cap space. There’s a bit of irony to that seeing that the team used free cap space to sign Cole 18 months ago and Hab fans thought he was great. Twenty games in and the guy is shit.

      As for the list (which should also include Ryder) I figure it breaks down like this:

      No chance – Perry, Getzlaf, Semin, Ribs

      Will re-sign with present team – Horton and Clarkson

      Not interested – Boyes, Antropov, Stalberg

      Legit options – Clowe and Raymond

      I still think this move helps Kristo’s chances.

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        Who said he was shit? Declining yes but shit…I don’t think so. I thought you “knew your poop”…oops…confused you with another “doggy” poster…

      • Stevie.Ray says:

        I’m not positive Horton will resign. He would be my top choice, but I think he might try to cash in big. Or re-sign.

        I like Clowe but I don’t know a lot about him. Is he like a bigger, more offensive Prust? How many points can he put up away from Thornton?

        You’re right I should have included Ryder. I think if we did re-sign him he would be cheap, but if he goes to FA a desperate team might throw him some dollars.

        This move definitely helps Kristo’s chances but I think they would be a lot better if one of Gio, DD, or Gallagher wasn’t on the team :/

      • The Chicoutimi Cucumber says:

        Well said, 24. That list is pretty much a joke. The only real target on there is Perry, maybe Getzlaf (notwithstanding our glut at C).

        And then I guess if whatever UFA we sign struggles for 20 games, we’ll have to turn him into a ‘salary dump’ too…no wait, 30 games of an impending UFA and a 3-rounder. Wa-hoo.

      • krob1000 says:

        But was you know we all were unahppy with the term…the first two years were the good ones and the third was expected to be ok…the last year waas oging to be a killer likely. Cole is underperforming nearly half way through the expected good year…. we alos didn’t expect Gallagher and Galchenyuk to be ready this year…may not even next. We all thought Boruque was the player he was last year…we hadn’t drafted Collberg, Kristo was ahuge question mark after his antics in college…Eller was stilla huge question mark,etc….The addtion of the kids and organizational depth, Patches evolving into a better Cole, and the aforementioned things make the cap room more valuable adn the pick is just a clincher. That pick can be used to earn engoitating rights before July 1, could be used to neta stay at home d rental if stars continue to drop in the East, could be used just as a pick, etc…that 4.5 could be used in a likely less expensive market to get something that suits the team better, etc

      • Chris says:

        I think this is probably true. I wonder if the team is sweating a bit at the numbers that Kristo is putting up and the fact that he can dictate his own terms by not signing with the Habs next summer.

        At 23 years old come June, Kristo probably has no interest in an AHL apprenticeship or even toiling away on the third line. He’ll want an opportunity right out of the gate. If Montreal can’t offer it, somebody else will given the rate at which he has been tearing it up for a very good hockey program (recent alumni in the NHL include Matt Greene, T.J. Oshie, Zach Parise, Drew Stafford, Jonathan Toews, and Travis Zajac, and the current team has some high picks: Kristo (56th), Grimaldi (33rd), Forbort (15th), and Schmaltz (25th)).

    • fastfreddy says:

      I think MB is beginning to think long term, ie, future for habs. More moves coming I think, MB has an agenda for this team.

      CH = Les Glorieux!!!

  35. Chris says:

    Ryder had 9 points in his past 6 games, which has made him look mighty good. In his first 13 games, he had 4 goals and 5 points and was drawing some ire from Dallas Stars fans.

    Erik Cole had 2 goals and 4 points in his first 13 games. Unfortunately for him, he hasn’t had his customary hot streak yet.

    If this trade had been made 10 days ago when talks started, I doubt very much that Cole vs. Ryder would be seen as anything but a neutral move on the ice.

    Like others have said, it is a salary dump to free up space. That works out if there are worthy players to sign in this off-season and no other teams with money to join the bidding.

    Unfortunately, the marquee free agents are one of Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf (I think Perry gets re-signed as he is able to play centre or the wing, unlike Getzlaf) and Nathan Horton.

    But the Habs aren’t the only ones looking for UFA’s that have some nice money to play with.

    Detroit has plenty of cap space to sign a marquee free agent with the retirement of Lidstrom.

    Toronto is looking like a decent destination with their improved play…anybody really think that they are not going to be tossing a wad of cash at a marquee free agent this summer given an opportunity?

    Boston has most of their big guns locked up and can use compliance buyouts to ditch Marc Savard (~$4.5 M). That leaves them ~$11 M to re-sign Rask and make a pitch for one of the marquee free agents, a pitch that could be helped greatly by another deep playoff run.

    I wouldn’t be looking at free agency for Bergevin moves. I think the more likely target for his new-found spending ability is via trades, and your guess is as good as mine as to which direction he might go.

  36. Saltwater Cowboy says:

    Gallagher should be respectful and give up the #73 to Ryder

  37. habstrinifan says:


    February 26, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    It’s clearly salary dump. MB has plans.

    I see this as the only justification really…unless straight cost-cutting.

  38. habstrinifan says:

    WOW! Been hibernating… under the weather… and just signed on and saw this. WOW WOW WOW!

    Haven’t read all the posts. And don’t know how itbalances out. But has anyone asked and answered the question that comes foremost to mind.

    Ryder for Cole…. does that make the habs ‘smaller’ or should I say more precisely ‘less rugged’. Cole may have been having his slump but without delving deeper into it, I saw Cole as ‘tougher’ in the offensive zone than Ryder ever was.

    This is an intriguing move. If it i sonly for ‘money’ then I say Molson is giving some directives re cost-cutting.

  39. The Chicoutimi Cucumber says:

    Cole is a bigger, more complete, faster, more consistent (discounting his slow starts), and more physical player than Ryder. So UNLESS Cole really has lost a step, rather than just suffering his traditional slow start, we lose this trade in pure hockey terms – and by some distance.

    OK. So we gain cap space and a third-round pick. That’s great. But it all depends on what ends up being done with that pick and with that space. Maybe we’ll bag some awesome UFA(s) who take us to another level. Or maybe – realistically, the more likely scenario – we won’t. Maybe the 3rd round pick will yield Tomas Plekanec. Every bit as likely, it will yield Jozef Balej.

    I don’t understand how people can be so ecstatic over hypothetical returns we haven’t even come close to realizing yet and may never realize, in exchange for our best player from last season. I guess 19 games proves that Cole will never again be the player he was last season. Because I doubt ANYONE on this board would have countenanced this trade last year.

    If Gainey or Goat had made this deal, people would be out for blood at the ‘wasted asset’ Cole represents, being dealt for an impending UFA and a middling pick.

    • TheDagger says:

      What makes Cole more consistent? The identical career points per game, or the fact Ryder has been more productive over the past four years?

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      2 main reasons some of us are ecstatic:
      1) Cole’s slow start this year was a concern to some of us. If he did not turn it around, the Habs would have had a difficult time getting rid of him (Kaberle is the buyout this summer).
      2) This saves up money for a potential run at a free agent. MB hit a home run with Prust. Maybe he can do it again with a Perry or at least a Clarkson.

    • mtl8 says:

      And Balej landed us Kovalev.

      As for Cole’s speed, 19 games into the season and I still haven’t seen him able to blow down the RW like last year. Great year last year, yes, but power forwards tend to age like milk not wine.

      Am I convinced it’s a great deal? No… but if his season progressed at this pace, there’s no way we’d get this return in the summer or coming years. MB sold high, good on ’em.

      • The Chicoutimi Cucumber says:

        Yes, if Cole really is finished, or if he just really wanted out, then this trade makes sense as a salary dump. We’ll soon see whether he is in fact washed up. If he’s not, then this is a cruddy trade in pure hockey terms. Like I said, NOBODY on this board would have endorsed a Ryder-for-Cole trade last season. The thought would have been laughable. Precisely because Cole is 2X the player Ryder is, unless he is terminally in decline.

        ‘Consistent’ – look, Ryder is streaky. Whatever. As for point totals, sure. Suddenly everyone thinks we’re playing Yahoo Fantasy Hockey. Last I checked, physicality and power forwards are what everyone has been crying for in Habsland for, oh, two decades or so. But now we are ecstatic to trade that for a fairly one-dimensional scorer.

        IF we turn the cap savings into a major UFA signing, then clearly it’s a good trade. Note, though, that whatever UFA we sign – if any – will very soon be condemend on this board for his overlong, way-to-expensive cap hit. And in 2-3 years people will probably be calling for his salary to be dumped too. Similarly, IF we turn a middling pick into gold, then yeah, long-term it’s a good trade. Talk to me in 5 years when that pick has panned out (or not).

        There is nothing to be excited, or even happy about, in this trade as it stands right now. People are confusing hypotheticals for reality.

    • habstrinifan says:

      Just hit the submit button on my post and saw your first line. I agree. And people who start talking better consistency aren’t looking at the comparative stats… both players can score when they get going… Cole has obviously had more success …longer career.

    • Whatever says:

      I don’t understand this slow start stuff. We’re 20 games into the season. Does he need a soother too? The Cole we traded wasn’t near the Cole we had last year. The speed and the effort weren’t there, so I have a hard time thinking anyday now.

    • The Dude says:

      Just remember all the years Cole was a Habs killer”mass murderer,lol” ….never seen Ryder play like that! Just saying….

    • HardHabits says:

      I liked Cole a lot last season and felt he was the on ice leader, however his cap hit and age for the next two years worried me since before this abbreviated season even began.

      The Habs have the better player on paper and the pro scouting department thinks they have the better player on the ice. Add to that a 3rd and 4.5 million not tied up on a player who this years looks too out shape to even play a 30 second shift. He’s not getting any younger. The Habs by extension are.

      This is a new regime. Let’s see how their moves pan out before we sharpen our knives.

    • jaymtl514 says:

      another one bites the dust….

      cause that’s what Quebec does best….ruins the lives of english people and NHL careers. The trade itself is good for the “habs”, but there’s a bigger story here….

      Don’t be sad Erik, your better off anywhere in the world but in this rotten province! Enjoy Texas, I wish I could move there….or to Iraq….cause like I said, anywhere is better then here!

      • otisfxu says:

        Chill out man,,,I think Pauline is getting to you

      • Habilis says:

        Have you ever been to Texas? It’s an arid hellhole filled with armed racists. You really want to trade high taxes and a language debate for gun-toting bigots? Go right ahead. I’m good here.

        And Iraq? Really? Bon voyage, bring a helmet, that’s all I can say. I’ll be at Hurley’s.

  40. mtl8 says:

    One thing no one is mentioning is that our boy Ryder is also a right-handed shot. Gonna open up a lot more plays on the PP.

    Less term, less cap, younger player, better stats, plus a 3rd rounder. Certainly doesn’t bring some of the intangibles that Cole did but this looks like a solid trade and provides interesting flexibility in the summer.

    I like!

  41. Say Ash says:

    Who did Ryder play with in 2007-08, when he wasn’t making airplanes? Plecky was mostly with AK1 and AK2, right?

    • nek25plus says:

      This was an unfortunate contract dump…we need to reduce cash and this is something that MB had to do. We need the size Cole brought. Ryder is ok but lets not get ahead of ourselves and be honest…its a temporary measure.

  42. Chris says:

    Bill, you remind me of me on the day that Higgins, McDonagh, and Valentenko were traded for Lord Voldemort and Pyatt. 🙂

    • Bill says:

      Oh God no, that was much worse, and I was just as mad as you, haha!

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • krob1000 says:

        we were all teammates that day…I still remember the awful feeling in my gut…for that magical Halak run I sort of bought into Martin and teh attempted change in organizational values…but they lost me when they kept throwing Gomez out there shift after shift and sending kids packing. But hat day…oh that dreaded day…. that was up there with hearing they traded Roy for a Kovalenko ..

  43. boing007 says:

    Rangers lost, Penguins lost.

    Richard R
    Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  44. HardHabits says:

    Team krob is winning over Team Bill. 🙂

  45. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Love this move in more ways than one…the player (age, skill-set, cup winner, etc), the salary dump, bringing a fellow newfie back into the fold. What’s not to like about this?

    Marc is doing a great job along with the entire club. I absolutely love the direction this team is headed in. Sunny Days are here again and ain’t nothing better 🙂

    What’s the news on Nokelainen? Is he done for the season?

  46. Chris says:

    My only concern is that even trades that make a ton of sense on paper (and you can certainly argue that getting out from under Cole’s contract is a good move) can sometimes have negative ramifications that were not even dreamed of.

    One of the comments I’ve heard occasionally is that part of the reason that the 2008-09 Montreal Canadiens imploded (apart from an absolutely horrific injury toll) was the loss of two very important glue guys in the form of Cristobal Huet (at the trade deadline the previous season), Mark Streit (UFA the preceding summer) and Bryan Smolinski (unsigned the following year). Huet and Streit were both popular among their teammates and served team unity by being able to bridge the cliques, while Smolinski was a respected veteran.

    As hockey decisions, you could defend all three moves. But they may have contributed to tipping a somewhat fractured room.

    I’m not in the dressing room of the Montreal Canadiens (which means I could become a regular panellist for l’Antichambre), but who knows what kind of effect the Cole trade might have.

    Last season, there were all sorts of people pumping Cole’s tires for team captain. His leadership didn’t stop with his complaining about the lockout…he just became less likeable. Anytime you trade leadership for a player who is happy to do his own thing (the relatively happy-go-lucky Michael Ryder will probably not ever be a dressing room leader, even if he is well liked), you might suffer some unintended side effects.

    Trading Craig Rivet for Josh Gorges and the pick that became Max Pacioretty was undoubtedly a smart hockey move, especially with the benefit of hindsight. But the isolation of Saku Koivu’s leadership of the Montreal Canadiens also really began with that move and the decision to let Sheldon Souray walk away as a UFA. Koivu’s captaincy never recovered from losing his leadership clique.

    Brian Gionta is Montreal’s current captain, and two of his leading supporters have been Erik Cole and Josh Gorges. And if there is one other player who I think might be also getting a long look by Bergevin, it could easily be Gorges, who is signed to a rather expensive contract for a player who brings nothing in the way of offence. I think I’m in the minority on this point, but I think that Gorges has been substantially weaker this season than he has been the past two seasons.

    We’ll see if there is more leadership on the 2012-13 Montreal Canadiens than there was on past editions. My own belief is that there is leadership (Price is stepping into that role now, and Pacioretty is poised to join him), but time will be the ultimate judge.

    • Jay_habs says:

      Point taken but when did we forget the importance of a quality stay at home defensmen. He’s always playing against the other teams best players and has managed to keep our goals aloud to a reasonable percentage. He’s a valued investment

      • Chris says:

        I’m not sure that we’ve forgotten. But Gorges has an awfully rich contract for what he brings. You can justify it so long as he continues to bring that elite shutdown ability.

        Last season, Josh Gorges was heroic in helping anchor one of the best penalty kills in the NHL. Gorges was on the ice for ~320 short-handed minutes, during which the Habs were scored on 23 times (1 PP goal against per ~ 14 minutes).

        The year before that, Gorges was equally adept, being on the ice for 10 PP goals against in ~135 minutes of ice time (1 PP goal against per 13.5 minutes). More revealing was that the PK really went into a funk when Gorges was shutdown for the season.

        This year has been a bit more rocky. Gorges has already been on the ice for 8 PP goals against in ~ 65 minutes of short-handed ice time (1 PP goal against per ~8 minutes).

        The loss of Hal Gill is a huge hole. But Gorges just hasn’t been quite as efficient as he has been the past couple of seasons. Andrei Markov earned Mike Komisarek a huge contract. Did Hal Gill perhaps help Josh Gorges?

        Gorges plays tough minutes and he plays well. I’d be stunned if he was dealt anytime soon. But I would like to see him step up his play a bit, which he has in the past week or so.

    • krob1000 says:

      I think Ryder was also part of the Koivu clique….and I see your point re leadership but I think Markov and PLeks are leaders and they have been through both Koivu and Gio,etc…..they are the constants. MB is not missing out on any chances to rid the team of large contracts that he doesn;t feel were warranted…after his holding is gourn on Subban, paying what it took to land Prust,buying out Gomez, sitting kaberle,etc…he is on a mission to build this team his way and they are evaluating and moving very deliberately. I also suspect Gorges is being evaluated…as is everyone. I am confident in MB and I see the move making sense…I see what people are saying but Ryder was every bit as good as Cole last year…heck he was plus `17 on a team that was minus 11 and put up 35 goals…he isplaying fine. There are just too many reasons to make the trade and remembering last seson is not areson to not make it IMO. I don’t see Cole as the leader I did after the offseason…he was one of the guys who really needed to just stop commenting…I found him to be a bit embarassing.

  47. ThirtyThree says:

    I find this to be a very shrewd move. Cole was struggling this year and it looked like he had lost a step from last season. Ryder’s doing well so far, on pace with a good season last year, and he can help the power play, which has been struggling as of late.

    I also find this to be a pro-active move, as it clears up cap space and gives the Habs more options in the future. For me, it’s a no-brainer: this is a good trade for the Habs.

    Next up is Brian Gionta.

  48. IamShepherd says:

    This is a better trade for habs, a couple reason why:

    1. we have just cleared up 4.5 million in cap space next year and we are in need for a top 2 center.

    2. this will make room for our new and used prospects by freeing up more ice time for the Gally’s and allowing potentials from Hamilton make the roster.

    3. Ryder is a better scorer than Cole and would be a nice fit with the younger Gally

    4. Cole was having a bad year and Ryder is having one of his best ever.

    5. Seeing how our point production comes from all 4 lines, one missing link isn’t going to make us lose games.

  49. since1988 says:

    According to Cap Geek Habs have just over $12M in cap space next year with Weber, Diaz and White all RFAs and ARmstrong, Nokia and Budaj as UFA.

    Even if Cole wasn’t traded team still would have been $8M under the cap. Not taking into consideration a likely buyout of Kabrle (I only say Kabrle because he is going to be a healthy scratch until someone is hurt or benched).

    Yes it gives the team more cap flexibility over the next two years. The main question is though how is Cole/Ryder replace by MB at the end of the season. If he manages to sign a FA that can put up similar numbers for a reasonable $ amount then the trade can be worth it. Possibly one of the Gally’s move up with Borque or Gionta moving down to the third line is another possibility.

    I say the only way to truly evaluate MB on this trade is how he uses the cap space.

    “I savour it every day, sometimes before practice I’m skating around and I’ll look at the logo on my jersey – I’m playing for the Canadiens!”
    – Mathieu Darche

    • Stevie.Ray says:

      Financial flexibility is important to a new GM. MB will need to use that money to bring in players that will make the team better moreso than just trying to replace Cole’s production. The team is in first place without Cole’s production, and it opens up a spot for a player in the system (Kristo? Collberg?).

  50. Sportfan says:

    If Ryder has a good season do you see the Habs signing him to a 1-2 year deal? I know he’s tired of getting one years from us haha but still what do you think>?


  51. jols101 says:

    It could be a very short lived return to MTL for Ryder. I see this as a much needed salary dump and Bergevin has no plans to sign Ryder to an extension. So, instead of loosing him for nothing to free agency, at the trade deadline he could get a late 1st or early 2nd round pick…

  52. lavie says:

    I guess Ryder will wear a temporary number while Gally will keep the #73 until the end of this season.

  53. naweed235 says:

    The only thing that worries me about this trade is taking out a big part of the leadership group. Guys like that are definitely needed within a young team. We all saw what happened when Gill left… right now, the veteran leadership is very thin with Gio and Gorges being the only two …

  54. Bill says:

    Okay, so everyone loves this trade, fine. I don’t see how the asset exchange balances out, but that’s obviously just me. I’ll shut up about it now.

    By the way, I like Ryder, and I will be cheering for him all the way … well until the end of the season, when he’s gone and the Habs are left with a third rounder for Cole.

    My objection to the trade has nothing really to do with Ryder, just the contracts, and how much I value Cole’s contribution to the Habs.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  55. frozengolf says:

    I like this trade despite the fact I like Cole. Great hustle and character last year, but to me it looks like he has lost half a step. Last year he would fly down the right side and power around d-men to create scoring chances, but it looks like he dosen’t have that speed this year. Ryder has been a hab killer for the last few years, so it’s nice to have him back on our side. He should be a good trigger man for chucky and Eller. But the biggest thing is the salary dump. MB saw the chance to dump the big salary that would weigh us down for the next couple of years and took it. It works on multiple levels this trade, and I really like what I seen from MB so far.

    “We know that hockey is where we live, where we can best meet and overcome pain and wrong and death. Life is just a place where we spend time between games.”

  56. Habitforming says:

    Sure we get some cap relief for the immediate future, but if we re-signed Ryder to a 2 year deal he would be Cole’s current age when the deal ended. The 3rd rounder is moot unless we can use it to sneek another 2nd rounder (package both 3rd’s?) from someone.

    All around a good deal for both sides I think, but we did get a bit smaller again.

    • jols101 says:

      I could be wrong but I don’t think the plan is to re-sign Ryder. I think Bergevin needs that money to sign DD and some others and maybe get a free agent. Remember, the cap is going down to 64 million. Losing Coles 4.5 and Kaberle’s 4.5(when he is bought out or traded) puts the Habs in decent shape cap wise for next year. Habs would be in great shape if they talked Gio into waiving his no trade and trading his 5 million cap hit. Habs would be sitting pretty.

      • Habitforming says:

        I didn’t mean to suggest they were intending to re-sign Ryder, just pointing out if they did, he would be Cole’s current age when a 2 year deal finished. Either way, the cap dropping was an issue before Gomez was paid to play for the sharks, but not so much now (especially when Kaberle is off the books too, one way or another)

        Habs have $12M in space right now?

  57. Don Carnage says:

    The Prima-dona Cole gone .. did not want to stay in Montreal, was out of shape this year 4.5 on cap for this season and 2 more to follow. Welcome back MR a right handed sniper we needed for the powerplay.

  58. durocher says:

    I hope Gally gets to keep the 73 and Ryder wears something else.

  59. piper says:

    Leafs are laughing about the chance of retribution for the bite. They are actually hoping something happens.

    • smiley says:

      GREAT TRADE for the Habs. Ryder is a pure sniper-like Phil Kessel. Cole has a bad attitude. Cole was great last year but he’s on the downside of his carrer. Ryder the NEWF will thrive in MTL.

  60. Stevie.Ray says:

    What are your thoughts on MB asking Cole to waive his NTC? I understand when GM’s ask players at the deadline when there is a lot of interest in making trades and names are being thrown around, but this appears to be MB trying to make a trade before he knows if the player wants to be moved. Kind of disrespects the idea of a NTC. Granted it was not MB who gave the NTC

  61. Shane1313 says:

    I try not to be negative – But damn, Cole was one of our best players easily last year. It was so refreshing to see a player hustle every night like he did last year. He had a few slow games that’s year and he gets traded for the last guy I want to see back here. Ryder shows up 1 out of 5 games, I don’t want more recycled players, sorry that’s you too Bouillon…
    Damn, you will be missed Cole..

  62. Harditya says:

    Sad to see Cole go, but this is a good trade for the Habs. Both scored 35 goals last year, so it’s not like the Habs are giving away a scoring machine for nothing. Ryder is cheaper, younger and a UFA after this season. I didn’t expect Cole to score at the same pace this year, but he’s been pretty ineffective.
    Most importantly, this team finally gets a sniper!! This team had no snipers!

    • Bill says:

      Since Ryder is gone at the end of the year, isn’t it exactly like they traded Cole for nothing?

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        Since Cole was picked up as a free agent, didn’t they give up nothing to get him?

        • Bill says:

          It’s still lousy asset management. You don’t just trade a 35 goal scorer for zip and say “oh well, we didn’t give up anything for him”. It’s like buying a really nice car and then selling it for a dollar to someone willing to take over the payments. Now you don’t have to pay for the car … but you still ain’t got no car.

          Full Breezer 4 Life

          • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

            But isn’t a car a depreciating asset anyways? Sometimes it is better to get rid of such an asset before its value drops below what you are paying for its use.

          • Max says:

            It’s great asset and salary cap management.They get rid of a potentially bad contract and in return get a guy who they have the option of signing next year,plus a 3rd round pick in a supposedly deep draft. They also save about 10 mill in salary which can be used to strengthen the team in the years to come.

          • mdp2011 says:

            The way Cole was playing this year, he was a diminishing asset. MB got what he could before it was too late, he would be stuck with another un moveable contract next year.

          • Mr_MacDougall says:

            Bad analogy Bill. Very bad actually. Hockey players are contracted employees that perform a service. Cole was either deemed by management to not be in the long term plans or a risky contract moving forward (or perhaps he wanted to be traded and it was kept quiet) therefore removing his contract was the objective. Replacing him with Ryder for the remainder of the season means the team “still has a car” … a very similar offensive “car” … with a lot less commitment long term. Not to mention a 3rd round pick, that’s a potential player.

            Also, MB did not sign this deal, he is putting his stamp on the team. Perhaps there are more commitments on this team that will be removed in the future. You would have to think that he is evaluating ALL the aging players on the team including Gionta, Kaberle, Budaj, Markov, Boullion, Bourque (front loaded contract) and Pleks.

      • Old Bald Bird says:

        But aren’t you assuming that Ryder will be gone, and also assuming that no one will replace him if he does go?

        • Bill says:

          I am assuming Ryder is gone. And if he stays, will it be for less than what Cole was making? I mean, if they ditch Cole and sign Ryder for the same money they were paying Cole … does that make any sense?

          And someone will replace Ryder, but we still lose an asset. No way around that.

          Full Breezer 4 Life

          • Stevie.Ray says:

            Cole= 1 asset for 2 more seasons.
            Ryder=1 asset that expires July 1.
            3rd round= 1 potential asset that potentially expires ~5years.

            Every year teams are able to gain about 7 assets through the draft. There is a certain number of contracts a team can hold therefore only a certain number of assets can be held by a team. Assets have to expire at some point, and with the salary cap going down next season, an asset needed to be surrendered. I would have liked to have gotten a good young cheap player that could fill the role of Cole, but nobody will trade those away. I would have liked to have gotten a first round pick, but we need somebody to replace Cole for this season. So we grabbed a guy that can fill in for Cole, and a good draft pick (in a very important year: deep draft with lots of picks is how you create a team of a lot of good, young, cheap players entering the league at the same time. Thats how championships are won).

      • Stevie.Ray says:

        Or, they bought out an overpaid player for nothing

      • habs-hampton says:

        yup, and freed up $4.5 M a year while borrowing a goal scorer for the rest of the year.

      • Harditya says:

        Not really, Bill. I am sure Ryder will be re-signed for a similar price tag if he can produce like a 30 goal scorer. If not then I don’t mind the addition of another rookie. After all this team is supposed to be rebuilding and promoting youth movement. I was hoping Kristo would crack the roster soon, if not then it’s just means more ice time for Gallagher or Galchenyuk.

  63. piper says:

    It was only a matter of time before PK got blamed for the trade. According to the goof on tsn PK and Cole didnt get along

  64. HardHabits says:

    Gionta to the Hawks for Kane. Kaberle for O’Reilly. Just kidding. I wish. But I do think Gionta or Kaberle could be next.

    Here’s my abstractly tangential train of thought… there’s a logjam at smurf… which has become a position on the Habs in the past few years… and another logjam on soft and suspect puck moving defence men.

    At any rate I think Ryder provides more than just a small upgrade to Cole on the ice now and a 3rd and some cap room and no more 2 years of a 4.5 million cap hit equals ka-ching, ka-bling and badda-bing-badda-boom.

    • Shane1313 says:

      I think you’re right on Gionta and Kaberle..
      But I don’t see how we have a logjam at smurf or at “soft” puck moving defenseman..

      • HardHabits says:

        Gionta, Desharnais and Gallagher is one smurf too many. Logjam.

        Weber and Kaberle, both “soft” puck moving defenseman, are 7th and 8th on the depth chart… actually really 9th and 10th if you consider Tinordi and Beaulieu. Logjam.


        • Shane1313 says:

          I love the logjam at the end. But come on man,
          Three players, 3, constitutes a logjam?? Every team in the NHL has that. I get that those guys are very small. But a guy like Desharnais, never gets hit, he’s way too craft and quick.

          And again Weber and Kaberle both don’t even play, so yes I would gladly get rid of them..but the guys that play aren’t soft.

  65. Mattyleg says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but does this mean we have 6 picks in the first 3 rounds of next year’s ‘deep’ draft?

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  66. Pieboy says:

    I think that Cole is the better all-around player, and I don’t love the deal. I don’t think that Cole’s career was over, and its a reasonable guess that Cole would have been more productive as the season wore on. As many here have noted, Montreal loses depth, but gains cap freedom. I’m curious what MB has planned for the future, because right now the organization would not seem to have the depth to replace Cole, and the team looks weaker going forward.

    Some of you may have forgotten that Ryder was much maligned during the last part of his time in Montreal, and that he struggled mightily. At the same time, Ryder has a natural nose for the net, and he may flourish if he gets to play alongside Galchenyuk.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      Didn’t most of his struggles occur when Carbo tried to turn him into a grinder?

      • JayK-47 says:

        Yup. Carbo cut his ice time because he wasn’t producing because Carbo was cutting his ice time. Was a pretty stupid situation.

        • Mr_MacDougall says:

          It wasn’t ice time with Carbo it was NO powerplay time..
          2006: 12-18-30
          2007: 13-17-30
          2008: 13-1-14 Carbo
          2009: 17-10-27
          2010: 11-7-18
          2011: 10-8-18
          2012: 28-7-35

      • krob1000 says:

        yup…then he went and single handedly eliminated thge Habs, won a cup in Boston, and then scored a career hiugh 35 in Dalls last year and instantly becomes the teams leading scorer…..and is now going to be put back into an offensive role…it may haveactually proved to be a bonus as it actually caused ryder to round out his game and he has been a huge plus player inboth Boston and Dallas since then

      • Pieboy says:

        Didn’t Carbo push Ryder to play more defensively when his offensive game waned? And yes, Ryder did a lot of damage to the Habs on a Bruins team with a lot of depth.

    • habs-hampton says:

      Cole left the team weeks ago. Today was just the official announcement.

  67. Odie Cleghorn says:

    Welcome back Michale Ryder! Now I won’t have to worry about you making another phenomenal save against us in the playoffs! It’s amazing how many people overlooked your value to the Bruins in their playoff run two years ago; while everybody remembers Tim Thomas, you were, in my opinion, the MVP in their first round, seven game win against us.

  68. frontenac1 says:

    Hey, Stars/Jackets game going to OT. Jackets playing without the Wiz and Jack Johnson.Bonne Chance Eric!

  69. HabInToronto says:

    Wow…So I was in AjSportsWorld for a signing with Desharnais, Gionta, Prust, Gallagher, Price and Gorges tonight when I heard the news……and apparently none of them knew he got traded yet ……that was pretty akward……good trade for us though, i like that we got the pick aswell.

    • 24 Cups says:

      How is this a good trade? Montreal gives up the better player in the deal who is signed for two more years. Ryder is an UFA this summer. He was also run out of town by Gainey. He’ll get some points but he’s not going to be a complete player.

      I don’t know the stats, but not many 3rd rounders become productive NHLers.

      • Mr_MacDougall says:

        Not that simple… Ryder is a lethal PP player, he will bring a lot more to the PP than Cole, provided he gets himself in open shooting positions. Also, he will be a right handed shot on the left boards for an easy pass from Markov.

      • Harditya says:

        Tomas Plekanec was a 3rd round pick. Just saying 😉

      • krob1000 says:

        Didnlt expect you on that side of the fence in this one….I just don;t see Cole as any better….and only going downhill moving forward and ending up like Kaberle by year 4. I think Ryder gets knocked unfairly for his game….he is no more one dimensinal than Cole..he has been a large plus player onboth Dallas and Boston, he hs had productive playoff runs, has scored his goals with 3 diff’t teams and just kept producing…is off to a great start and gives flexibility moving forward. I actually think I would have given up the 3rd pick to make the deal…..there are too many wingers moving forward and getting rid of Cole while it is still possible is a wise move IMO. That 3erd pick could also land us a stay at home d for the playoffs if need be or could be aprt of a bigger package….that space could be used in a deal, used for a kid next year plus a stay at hiome dman,etc,etc….it jsut is a win win IMO.

        • 24 Cups says:

          Rob – During the summer, I was ready for the Habs to have another year of being a bottom feeder. Grab a top five pick and then start to make a move.

          The team gets off to a great start and I think that maybe I’m too negative. I’m excited. Then out of the blue the Habs trade Cole for cap space and a 3rd round pick. If Ryder re-signs (how ironic would that be) then it might make sense. For me, this is a harsh reminder that we are truly in year one of a long term rebuild.

          A few short months ago, almost everyone on this site was in love with Cole. Some said he should be captain. Now he’s crap. LOL.

          Ryder will score right away and be a hero on HI/O. I’ll judge this deal a year from now.

          The big winnner in all of this is Danny Kristo. Maybe Collberg the year after. I get that and assume it’s all part of MB’s plan.

      • deuce6 says:

        Yannick Weber
        Ryan White
        Alexi Emelin
        Ryan O’Byrne
        Tomas Plekanec
        Francois Beauchemin
        Arron Asham
        Craig Rivet
        Mathieu Schneider
        Jyrki Lumme
        Patrick Roy

        Just a list of significant Habs that have been drafted in the 3rd round over the past 20 years…That is just 1 team, BTW..So yeah, there are a share of 3rd picks that become productive NHLers..


        Yes, I’m a Hab fan..Wanna fight about it?

      • habs-hampton says:

        Cole was a 3rd rounder.

        • 24 Cups says:

          I wouldn’t call that much of a study (not meaning to sound harsh).

          I did a casual examination of 2nd round picks during the past dozen years and found the success rate to be around one out of four in terms of productive players.

          Not sure what 3rd rounders would be but I think we would have to expect it to be less.

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        You are assuming Cole’s production will be the same as last year for the next two years. It’s not even the same this year. It was too much of a risk for MB so bye bye.

      • Old Bald Bird says:

        I see them as similar in the sense that both are best from the blue line in.

  70. HabFanSince72 says:

    Rangers fall to 11th.

  71. HabFab says:

    The BC peewee coach that tripped the opposing player while doing the handshakes last year has been sentenced to 15 days in jail.

  72. frontenac1 says:

    Redmen are Deadmen!!Stingers All The Way Amigos!!!

  73. helluva habs fan says:

    From the Stars’ perspective, this is a pretty risky trade. They’re currently in 8th and they move out their leading scorer and a pick for a 34 year old player who has struggled all season. Nieuwendyk must really feel Cole is just the type of player they need and also is putting a lot of stock into his numbers from last season. I believe he can turn it around, but it’s definately a bold move and one that could put the Stars’ season off the rails if #72 can’t replace #73’s offence.

  74. HabFanSince72 says:

    Re: Perry. It seems he and Getzlaf are the only really great pending UFAs.

    If Getzlaf signs with the Ducks, then Perry is the only prize.

    He will have his pick of teams.

    He won’t get Kovalchuk money but he’ll get a lot.

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