Habs closing in on home ice for playoffs

The Canadiens moved closer to clinching home-ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs with Saturday’s 5-3 win over the Detroit Red Wings at the Bell Centre.

Coupled with Tampa Bay’s 5-2 loss to the Dallas Stars Saturday, the Canadiens moved four points ahead of the Lightning in the battle for second place in the Atlantic Division. Any combination of Montreal wins and Tampa losses adding up to two during the final week of the regular season will give the Canadiens home-ice advantage.

The Canadiens are in Chicago Wednesday night and finish the regular season with home games Thursday against the New York Islanders and Saturday against the Rangers. The Lightning plays host to Toronto Tuesday, then has home games against Philadelphia and Columbus before wrapping up the season Sunday in Washington.

“We’re shooting for that home ice and we want to win out there and climb as high as we can get,” Canadiens captain Brian Gionta, who scored twice in Saturday’s win to give him 17 goals for the season, told reporters after the game.

Max Pacioretty scored his career-high 39th goal Saturday and could become the Canadiens’ first 40-goal scorer since Vincent Damphousse during the 1993-94 season.

“People keep talking about 40, but I’m just worried about winning games,” Pacioretty told The Gazette’s Dave Stubbs after Saturday’s game. “I contribute to this team most by scoring. If 40 happens, it happens. If not, we’re in a good position right now. We’re in a good spot in the standings and we feel good about ourselves.”

The Canadiens are also feeling pretty good about defenceman Mike Weaver, who was acquired at last month’s NHL trade deadline. He had an assist and was plus-4 against the Red Wings and is plus-11 in 14 games since joining the Canadiens. He logged 19:19 of ice time against the Red Wings, more than P.K. Subban, who had 18:52.

“We like the way he plays,” Therrien told reporters after Saturday’s game about Weaver. “He has a lot of passion He doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. We like the way he kills penalties. He’s always in the shooting lanes and he sacrifices his body. This is a great addition for us.”

Defenceman Alexei Emelin also had a strong game, credited with eight hits in 20:49 of ice time.

“It took him some time (after knee surgery last year) and that’s normal,” Therrien said of Markov. “We said we were going to be patient with him. Lately, he’s been really good and he works well together with Andrei Markov. He’s back where he was physically and he’s tough to play against.”

The Canadiens will practise at 11 a.m. Monday in Brossard.

(Photo by Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press)

(Videos by The Gazette’s Brenda Branswell)

Pacioretty closing in on 40-goal season, by The Gazette’s Dave Stubbs

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  1. habsr4ever says:

    We WILL sign PK.
    We WILL sign Markov.
    We WILL sign Weaver.
    We WILL re-up with Eller. Don’t trade him when his value is low. MB knows this as we all do.
    Not sure we’ll get/sign Vanek – he’s going to Minny as we all know. I am on the band wagon here that we have a chance now (even though a month ago I said NO WAY EVER will he stay here) if we have a deep run cuz Vanek knows it ain’t always greener in Minny. In the East he knows we can make it to the finals in his contract term (I assume we’ll give him 6 years or more and hopefully not 8). He knows the city is electric and his a hockey mad city. In Minny he knows the chances coming out of the West and actually having a chance at a Cup is not very high. So does he take the money or does he actually want a Cup?? He already has made enough dough so hopefully he stays in Montreal.

  2. HammerHab says:

    Is there any better #1 center and #1 winger dollar for dollar than DD & Patches? Hope this lines up when I hit post….

    GP $ G A PTS
    Pacioretty/DD 146 8M 55 56 111
    Kessel/Bozak 134 9.6M 55 72 127
    Toews/Sharp 155 12.2M 61 83 144
    Getzlaf/Perry 152 16.875M 73 91 164
    Thornton/Pavelski 158 12.75M 50 100 150
    Crosby/Kunitz 154 12.42M 71 98 169
    Koivu/Parise 124 14.288M 39 64 103
    Backstrom/Ovechkin 152 16.23M 64 85 149
    Duchene/Landeskog 148 11.571M 49 85 134
    Krejci/Lucic 155 11.25M 41 73 114

    edit: $ amounts are mostly based on next year’s cap hits….guys like duchene & landeskog are due for hefty raises


    It’ll always be Habs Inside/Out to me

  3. Storman says:

    Summer Wind

  4. Storman says:

    Habs u guys loved, but were not studs, mine –Ron Flockhart, Lyle Odelein expos Brett Barberie, Rex Hudler

  5. Storman says:

    Lafleurguy Alfie turcotte classic name from the past

  6. stephen says:

    I wanted to chime in with this thought on Saturday during the game, but wasn’t able to, so here goes…

    I don’t think enough can be said for the quiet way in which Gionta has taken on a changed role with the team. That role has become an invaluable veteran presence on the 3rd line, as well as a tireless effort on one of the league’s best penalty kills.

    For the longest time, while Therrien kept putting him out on Pleks’ line, I wondered if Gionta was stubbornly resisting any perceived demotion to another line, but now I don’t imagine that was ever the case. Might have been more stubborness on Therrien’s part than anything.

    So here’s a glass raised to our captain, seldom celebrated, but still much appreciated.

  7. RetroMikey says:

    Life does not center on PK Subban with this club.
    This is a team game, Bergevin will do his best hopefully to not break the bank and sign him and bankrupt our payroll.
    If he walks, so be it, we get draft picks or prospects.
    I like PK and once had discussions with PK’s father when he was principal where my wife was teaching.
    All he said at the time was he was proud of PK, and PK is old enough to decide what he wants.
    The Subban family is blessed all coming from being raised by good parents and being a close knit family.
    I don’t want him to go but the evil color of green will entice him away form this club.
    PK will decide what’s best for him but the disadavantage as well is having the arrogrant, greedy Don Meehan as his agent.
    I give praise to this club, the goal for this club was first and foremost to get home ice advantage, and it looks good!
    I would start playing Tinordi and Beaulieu more.
    Prime time in Montreal!

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  8. Sportfan says:

    I’m really hoping that Vanek looks at this team and says wow this is a well run team, with two great line mates I’ll stay! Also the City is alright 😛

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  9. Speaking of the ‘Dogs and the possibility of them moving to Laval, I was at Universite Laval for a Summer Language Bursary program in 1996 for a few weeks. It was a nice place, but there seemed to be a very high number of separatist-leaning people about. Maybe because it’s an academic community and it was the fashionable thing to do? Anyway, because another referendum was looming, we organized a student Unity Demonstration through the downtown and held a rally. No one was injured, btw. =)

    Defense wins championships

    “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.” St. Thomas Aquinas

    • alain58 says:

      Moving to Laval, the town in the suburb of Montreal, or in Quebec city where is Laval University? Probably the first.

    • JUST ME says:

      You are talking about university of Laval in Québec city.
      A new arena is being built in Laval city suburb of Montreal.
      Not the same place at all.

    • Yes, not sure what I was thinking. It was Universite Laval in Quebec City. I’ll blame it on Monday Morning and the class of grade 2’s I’m teaching. Good thing it’s not social studies right now. *embarrassed face*

      Sorry if I offended anyone with my brain paralysis/geographical faux pas. =/

      Defense wins championships

      “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.” St. Thomas Aquinas

  10. Mattyleg says:

    Thank you all for your very thoughtful suggestions.
    I’ve put my headphones on and am listening to this:

    I really recommend Songza. It’s got playlists for every taste.
    Going through an 80s synth-ambiance phase these days.
    Jean-Phillipe Jarre, Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk…
    Great stuff.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  11. habitual says:

    A little help, please, as I have standing bet with a Leafs fan:

    What is the Habs record against the Leafs this year (ie W/L?

  12. twilighthours says:

    Chris, you wrote….

    “The PK Subban thing is a story, because…..Defencemen of Subban’s ilk don’t come around that often. When they do, they are highly coveted by everybody…. he is a 24 year old defenceman that is one of the top-10, if not top-5, in the entire league….”

    Thanks, dog. I really feel like a lot of us are missing the bigger picture here. Losing this player means we spend the next 10-20 years looking for one just like him.

    My brain hurts with all of this.

    If only Therrien would just be better at his job, it would all go away.

    • habitual says:

      How are PK’s brain farts the result of Therrien?

      • zephyr says:

        by ur logic, markov farted his brains out on sat.. markov had 5 giveaways against the wings & some were really painful to watch. he’s been doing that for some time now plus being caught out of position. if subban had had a fraction of those, he’d have had his arse nailed to the bench. markov played too much & subban too little. lately, subban looks like a thoroughbred that the jockey won’t let run full out. I’d rather see mt & mb fired than screw up or lose subban.

        • habitual says:

          By my logic Subban is responsible for his on ice mistakes, not Therrien. It’s not as if he and the other coaches, including Daigneau, aren’t trying to grow him.

          Subban has undeniable talent, but why do you imagine that Babcock did not play him in Sochi?

          And, by my logic, if Marky makes mistakes, they are his and not anyone else’ s.

          • shiram says:

            so why only Subban gets the bench treatment and not Markov?

          • habitual says:

            Good question, Shiram.

            Has Marky lost his check, leading to two goals in 30 seconds and not been benched?

          • neumann103 says:

            Murray and Bouillon have each been responsible for multiple goals given up in a short period of time on many occasions and have not been benched despite the fact that they bring almost nothing to the table.

            From the start of the reign of Therrien there has been a totally different standard for “discipline” for Subban and Eller than for others.

            “Et le but!”

  13. B says:

    How much would arbitration give Subban this summer? As much as a $7.5M cap hit? Only Weber ($7.857) and Suter ($7.538) currently get more.

    –Go Habs Go!–

  14. stephen says:

    Regarding my attendance at the Jays game yesterday.

    It seems my visits to the SkyDome are few and far enough between for me to forget just how miserable a place it is for the glorious game of baseball to be played.

    They didn’t even have the decency to open to roof on what was a gloriously sunny day. That, at least, would have helped a smidge.


  15. HabinBurlington says:

    Kooch made a very good analogy down below regarding Nygren, where he compared this scenario to getting Emelin to leave Russia.

    Nygren is an excellent defense prospect playing in a very good league in his home country. I can completely understand why he doesn’t want to leave those comforts unless it is for the NHL. The challenge for the Habs will be in determining when he is ready to actually challenge for a roster spot on the Habs, as it appears he will only come over when that opportunity is presented to him.

    I am not 100% sure on his contract status with Habs, but believe he is signed through spring/summer 2015. I would think this summer the Habs will spend some time discussing with him, his future with the Habs.

    • shiram says:

      Capgeek shows him being signed for this and next season.
      He’d still be a Habs “property” even when that deal runs out.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I wonder what MB thinks. It would be hard to trade him with his current situation. We would need to clear room for him being in the bottom 5 to 6 role to play.

      The only difference between Emelin and Nygren would be the age. Nygren was decent in his games with the bulldogs

    • neumann103 says:


      I am not normally an optimist but I took it as a positive sign that the Habs seemed to be fine letting him go back to Sweden last year. My assumption was that they agreed that if he did not have a chance to make the Habs, they would not keep him buried in Hamilton but instead let him go back where he can get paid and still develop against professional competition.

      My hope is that the player and the team are on the same page and that he will be given a good shot at making the Habs next year, and if not then let him go back.

      I don’t know offhand how performance and signing bonuses work on entry level contracts but I assume that having played in Hamilton a bit this season he got his $92.5K signing bonus but not his perfomance bonus. I expect he makes a lot more in the SHL than the $70K he would earn in the AHL.

      It would seem that the thing that makes sense for all parties is letting him go play in Sweden if he does not crack the Habs roster. I expect that – like emelin – there may be some tacit agreement on that.

      “Et le but!”

  16. Mattyleg says:

    This is a serious question: What do you do when someone sits in front of you in the library and sniffs every 20-30 seconds?
    Do you tell her to go blow her nose?
    Do you go and buy tissues and give them to her?
    I’m going effing crazy.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  17. habs-hampton says:

    In regards to Vanek wanting to go to Minny in the summer. Maybe I’m naïve, or I missed something in the reporting, and obviously Minny can’t discuss Vanek yet, but is it a sure thing that Minny even wants Vanek? I can’t imagine any team not taking him, but who kmnows, and I’m guessing they have the cap space with Heatley coming off the books this year, but is it a foregone conclusion that they will even offer him the 7-8 Million he will command? Will they low-ball him because his wife wants him there so bad?

  18. Timo says:

    I assume on such beautiful warm sunny morning it would be too much to hope that Therrien would be fired?

  19. Old Bald Bird says:

    Re. Hamilton. Most of the city is suburbs and much up on the escarpment and not too shabby at all. Stoney Creek is a part of Hamilton IMO. It’s not a bad place — if you’re okay with the burbs, that is.

    • Storman says:

      last time i was in Hamilton broken windows on abandoned store fronts seemed like a city going through tough times

    • Mattyleg says:

      A friend lived there, was doing his PHD in McMaster, and the area he lived, near the bar area, was pretty nice.

      My sister, however, worked at a dental office in the Centre (what’s it called? The Square or something…?) and from how she described it, it was pretty dismal.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

  20. Storman says:

    Burly , Matty Danno front Hobie mavid all my hio brethren. ok i will ytu to talk hockey this sucksssssssssssss sorry,,,,no more dogs never again,,,jeff hackett my favorite hab goalie of all time

  21. Storman says:

    i wonder if there is a site for single farmers who are devastated cause they put there dog down,, ok hockey Ron Flockhart my favorite hab of all time

  22. Old Bald Bird says:

    So, HH and others (not trying to single anyone out but just read a recent HH post). Are we thinking that PK is uncoachable or at least a slow learner? Could it be possible that as good as this coach’s record is that he may not be perfect, maybe stubborn? An elder once informed me that anything short of perfection is subject to criticism, so what’s PK’s part in this, and what’s MT’s part? If a “running back” has won the Norris, should he be changed into a “quarterback”? Is that a good plan, or is it trying to pound a square peg in a round hole?

    As good as the team has been playing, mostly recently (after a fluke comeback in which the coach had given up and was sulking behind the bench) how much is on the coach and how much on the players? Remember that before that spark ignited US, WE were in danger of falling out of the race.

    Oh, I have so many questions and so few answers.

  23. shiram says:

    Vanek or Moulson?

    If the Habs do good in the playoffs, but Vanek decides to take his talent elsewhere, the Habs should inquire about Iginla.

    I know the Bruins deflected some of his bonuses to next year, and they might feel the cap pressure, and Iggy would be the type of players the Habs need.

  24. Lafleurguy says:

    Flabbergastedly flabbbergasted by who the richest owner is.
    1. David Thomson – Winnipeg Jets – Net Worth: $22.5 Billion.

  25. Storman says:

    miss him so much ,, i am going to ramble sorry,,, hope i make u guys and gals laugh sometimes on live blog nights,, and never mean to offend anyone,, just love to make people laugh

  26. Storman says:

    i keep getting ,modded lol

  27. shiram says:

    Could the Habs farm team move to Laval?
    Molson is building an arena there, Place Bell, a 10k seat rink.

    When the rink was announced he mentioned wanting a high caliber team there, though he would not confirm the Bulldogs, he would say a team of that level was what he was aiming for.

    Now I don’t know Hamilton, but you have to figure Laval might be a better place, and it might not spook Europeans away.

    And if not the Bulldogs, which team will take residency there?

    • Mattyleg says:

      I don’t know which is worse, Hamilton or Laval…

      Do you know where in Laval?
      The south shore would be better – higher population density and easier to access from Montreal.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • shiram says:

        Right in front of Métro Montmorency is where it’s supposed to be.

      • Stanley Cup or Bust ! says:

        Comparing Laval to Hamilton, bad ,very very bad!
        I grew up in Laval. Very suburban. Quite the population base as well.
        Still has some farms. The south shore just sucks. Bridges about to fall any minute.

        • Mattyleg says:

          I’m sorry.
          There are nice areas in Laval, but lots of shitty new bedroom communities now. And dismal strip-malls.
          There isn’t the same population density as on the South Shore, which is why I was thinking of that.
          I’d never live either place, though. Grew up in the suburbs, couldn’t wait to leave, never going back.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • Stanley Cup or Bust ! says:

            Seems to be every where now, develop develop develop.
            In the mountains now and loving it. No freakin traffic!
            Ps. just as many potholes though.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      The interesting question in that is the Bulldogs owner Michael Andlauer. He purchased the Dogs and also has a minority ownership in the Habs. I don’t think he has been too happy with the quality of team he has been trying to sell tickets to in the Hamilton area for a few years now.

      I can definitely seeing it make sense to move the team to Laval, but there are lots of behind the scenes decisions involved also.

      • shiram says:

        Yup there’s bound to be a contract between Molson and Andlauer about keeping the team in Hamilton for a set period of time.

        But that new rink is quite costly, I’m reading between 150 and 200 millions.
        It won’t do to have it there with not team to use it.

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      In 2013 they signed a 3 year renewal lease with Copps with another 2 year option.

      As for ownership, the team is owned by Michael Andlauer who also has a small stake in the Habs.

      • shiram says:

        Still begs the question of what are they going to do with that arena.
        A 10k seat NHL sized rink, a 2.5k olympic size rink, and a practice rink.
        Lotsa money.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          shiram, I am sure it is just a technicality and a matter of when the farm team moves there. There may be some higher travel costs for the team, but the practicality of having your prospects close to home, give the fans a chance to watch future Habs at a reduced price, etc. etc.

          I am sure it will happen.

          • Maritime Ronn says:

            Like the Leafs?

          • shiram says:

            That’s what I figure too.
            Could hold a QMJHL team too.
            Either is good though, I’m sure if there were a team in Laval I’d go watch a game once in a while.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Marlies do quite well with attendance, doesn’t hurt that they were able to get a sweetheart deal from City of Toronto for that Ricoh Center they play in.

    • JUST ME says:

      Bulldogs or not there will be a new arena built in Laval but as it is the case with every contruction project in the province estimate price just keeps on rising and the thing has not begun to be built as of now.
      Laval would be a much better place than the south shore because Laval is the 3rd biggest city in the province as the south shore is populated by small to middle size cities wich would make the building being in the middle of nowhere. Since no bus company or subway can serve all those cities correctly traffic is more of a mess on the south shore thus the new Champlain Bridge.

      Furtermore, Hamilton or not, this team badly needs new players and more than the third of the roster should arrive during the off season being choices from the Bergevin management. Most of the guys in Hamilton right now are from the Gainet and Gauthier era…

  28. Stevie.Ray says:

    Bryan Bickell has 14 points in 56 games this season.
    He had 17 in 23 games last playoffs.

    Bullet dodged? Or do you still wish we had signed him?

  29. dunanyqc says:

    Therrien has done a good job however nobody is perfect.
    He has pushed the right buttons in many case.
    Still looking for the right ones for Eller, Bourque and Subban.
    Of the three I believe PK has the best chance to bounce back to where he has been for the past few years.

  30. Hobie Hansen says:

    Subban has not been not picking up his assignments resulting in goals and coughing up the puck like a mad man this year, also resulting in goals. There is no disputing that if you have been watching the games?

    Is Therrien being a bit rough on him, absolutely! If Subban sulks and cries and doesn’t want to play here next year because of that, is it Therrien’s fault? No, Subban has to pull up his socks and be man.

    I don’t think Subban is sulking and crying and I do think he’ll be signing a huge contact this summer. I also think he’s going to do awesome in the payoffs.

  31. stephen says:

    I’m probably (unfashionably) late to the party with this, but I figured it’s good for a laugh on a Monday morning.

    Being an educator, I’m hardly one to make light of someone’s learning difficulties, but…well…yeah…


    edit: not sure how Maclean kept a straight face through that mangled mess.

    • Mattyleg says:

      They made a good point this morning on TSN690 that for a guy who constantly complains about the limited amount of time he is alotted on Coache’s Corner, he spends a hell of a long time with that pointless story about baseball.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

  32. AceTen says:

    Habs have the most wins in their last 10 games out of all teams in the NHL.

  33. DipsyDoodler says:

    Back to Vanek.

    With the way he is playing, if he goes to free agency there will be a major bidding war. Remember when Brad Richards was the marquis free agent 3 years ago? His contract is now illegal but he earned $33M in the last three years.

    I think Vanek might get offered more than $7M/year.

    Moving. Forward.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      If he does, he will not be a hab. We will have to target Moulson or Statsny.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I am far from sold on Moulson, if Vanek is not resigned then i think the team would have to go via Trade route to try and replace his skill set on that line. He is a unique elite talent, power forward body with high skill hands.

        • Mattyleg says:

          Moulson does have the added advantage as being a Habs-killer, like Vanek and Erik Cole were.

          …but unlike Sergei Samsonov was.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • Kooch7800 says:

          Moulson is not as good as Vanek and they play different types of games. Vanek is exactly the type of player Montreal is missing, he is big and goes to the net and has great hockey IQ.

          Moulson is a decent top 6 guy and could be a nice bonus on our team if we can’t get Vanek. Personally I would go get Statsny if Vanek isn’t signed and then would move our Eller as part of a package for a good winger.

          If Vanek can be signed long term he fill an immediate void. If he can’t be retained they have to get someone as there is no one on the farm who is ready for a top 6 role

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      If you look at next year’s top Cap Hits – and then when the contract was signed along with the age of the player and the huge increases in Salary Cap coming down the road, $7.5M may be the extreme low starting point for Vanek.


      If Alex Semin and Spezza can get contracts at $7M, Vanek may be able to scoop $8M…then again, for a guy that has already earned $52M USD, money may be 1B after total happiness of team, city, and family

    • Stevie.Ray says:

      I think the Habs will pony up 8m a season.

      8m is a lot but for a point per game player that is standard.

      The issue is term. Is he worth 8m eight years from now?

      I think he is. This was the first season the cap had ever gone down. With a new CBA, new huge television deal, and the eventuality of expansion, look for the the salary cap to skyrocket over the next few seasons. In eight years, 8m will be relative to a 5m contract today. Can Vanek be as good at 38 as Gio is now? I think he will at least be close.

  34. Maritime Ronn says:

    “I believe you have players that get you IN the playoffs, and you have players that get you THROUGH the playoffs.”
    — Marc Bergevin.
    It’s a lot of fun speculating on player’s hockey and fiscal worth, yet from here I want to see how all these guys play in the playoffs.
    Who will have the physical and mental toughness to get the Habs THROUGH the playoffs…and that includes Carey Price.

    Last year was hard to judge with multiple players out and some playing injured that should not have played.

    Most likely, a lot of questions will be answered concerning guys like Gionta-Markov-Briere-Bourque-Moen-Eller…and yes, even Desharnais as a # 1 Center, along with P.K. Subban’s worth and future in Montreal.

  35. dhenry1234 says:

    For those that are jumping on the “WTH IS PK DOING” bandwagon;

    Remember when Price sucked?

    This happens to players. There are ups and downs.

    Just sit back, quit your bitching, and enjoy what the Habs have in store for us this season.

  36. DipsyDoodler says:

    Richard B.

    Moishes is special but it wouldn’t be my first choice, as there are few cities where you can’t get a good steak.

    Schwartz’s is good but you have to wait in line.

    Someone told you about Joe Beef (their sister restaurant Liverpool House is equally good) and that is currently one of the best restaurants in town. You need to reserve way ahead of time however.

    My suggestion would be to go up to the Mile End neighbourhood. There’s a large number of really nice restaurants up there. Also a nice place to stroll around.

    Moving. Forward.

  37. Take the pressure off of PK. Make him a winger! That’ll be fun to watch!

    I’m speechless! 20 years and counting…

  38. rljmartin says:

    There is no doubt that some players have taken a step backwards this year, all at HIO know who they are. Most credit for Habs place in the standings must go to Price followed be the DD-line.

    Question is this: For anyone who saw P.K. break into the league in the heat of the playoffs, the famous Halak run, what was so wrong with his game that had to be fixed? I for one would rather see that version of Subban for the playoffs than the one we have now.

  39. habs-fan-84 says:

    Let’s be realistic:

    -This is arguably the best team we’ve had in two decades

    -The coach has done a heck of a job these past 2 seasons. This is a result based business and the results speak for themselves

    -Subban hasn’t been very consistent. Some nights he looks other-worldly and others he looks terrible

    -PK fan boys are just that; fan boys.

    -The “controversies” in Montreal are usually dumb, i.e. Subban vs. Therrien, Cunneyworth can’t speak french, Koivu can’t speak french, Subban doesn’t get enough ice time, Prive vs. Halak debate etc.

  40. Storman says:

    Thanks guys,, i am sorry for venting ,, hockey site but, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, you guys all rock that’s all,, i want to take my dog for a walk ,,, damn sorry guys..

    • stephen says:

      Take comfort in knowing that if/when you are ready again, there will be another furry friend out there just itching to jump into your life and to show you every day thereafter how thankful it is that you chose him/her.

    • L Elle says:

      I feel your pain through the computer screen. So sorry Storman.
      Hope time passes quickly for you.

      • Storman says:

        thanks guys gggggggggggggggggggggggg ggggggggggggggggggg ffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffffff,, thanks guys appreciate your thoughts big time

    • Mavid says:

      awww so sorry for your loss..gawd..don’t be sorry..vent away..it must be so hard for you..I would be getting another one soon, there are so many in the shelters in need of a loving dog owner like you.

      Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  41. Luke says:

    Re: PK.

    I’m a fan. I’m pro-PK. I like him on the team.
    I do not think the benchings are a big deal. I do not think MT is evil.
    I do think he needs to simplify his game a bit. Carry the puck less.
    Some (many) of his rushes are rush killers. They are very much like Gomez’s.
    There is some Ovechkin in his game, which is good to a point. I’m worried that there might be too much Ovechkin in his game.
    Has PK ever scored a goal on the rush? Carried the puck through the neutral zone, gained the offensive zone and scored on the rush? I honestly cannot recall him ever doing so.

    The comment below, about being more of a Quarterback than a Running Back, is spot on. I think it’s a really good way to describe it.

    As for MB and a PK trade. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times in the past. Usually in response to the thought that PK quit on MT & the Team after the Philly benching. If he did indeed do that, then, yes, trade him. I don’t think he quit on MT or the team, though.

    I think MB should always listen to offers. He should know what people are willing to give up for PK. He doesn’t have to make a trade. But if, as we are postulating, Edmonton came knocking, offered this year’s 1st rounder as part of a package, and Ekblad was still available… well, I’d would hope MB wouldn’t hang up right away.
    I don’t see an offer sheet. Montreal should be able to match it, so aside from Cap Sabotage it really isn’t a concern.
    The 4 first rounders? Very tempting.

    (Oh, and the Beer Festival was awesome. Happy Monday folks!)

    • JUST ME says:

      I like your way of seeing things. We should move on and let things be as they should. With P.K. being P.K. it`s hard not to see what he should work on and when he should take a step back .

      For fans it has to do with feelings, we like the guy, he gets to us ,some on the wrong side but for most fans he is priceless.
      Price less…fun word suddenly…

      But hockey is a business and when the time will come to negociate a new deal, feelings will have nothing to do with it.

      I think that for a player,any player, the Habs organization as it is today is a fun and promissing challenge to be part of. P.K. is a big part of the team and the ambiance ,hopefully he wants in,if he does he will get the jackpot, if not we cannot do anything about it but to think as a team wich is the reason of our successes this season.

    • JF says:

      Subban scored off the rush two or three years ago against Minnesota – the game we won 8-1 (which was followed by being shut out for three consecutive games).

  42. HabinBurlington says:

    Since most of you don’t seem to understand why we know Vanek is going to Minnesota at the request of his wife…..


    • Kooch7800 says:

      I think he will def test Free Agency and see what offers are on the table. I put money on it he doesn’t end up in Minny. Not convinced he will be a hab but he will take the best offer on the table

    • JUST ME says:

      The only thing we can do about it is to make his stay in MTL fun. I think that we are 100% on target. Money is no object in pro sports, having fun and wining sometimes are…

    • HammerHab says:

      The Mall of America (MoA) is a shopping mall owned by the Triple Five Group.

      So if Subban and Price bring back the triple low five does that mean Vanek stays?


      It’ll always be Habs Inside/Out to me

  43. EastCoastJoe says:

    Here’s an idea for a name for our #1 line.

    The Pac’D Van Line (pronounced packed).

    Loaded for bear and ready to move into the playoffs and keep on rollin’ to the final.

    GO HABS!

  44. HabinBurlington says:

    Here I thought the Nygren story with no talk between player and team since his departure back to Sweden would be the lead story here today.

    • Stevie.Ray says:

      He did not enjoy his time in Hamilton

      • Mattyleg says:

        Strange, from what I’ve heard, Hamilton is a beautiful place…

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • Kooch7800 says:

        Hamilton isn’t a bad city nor is it dangerous. I read that article and was quite shocked with Nygren’s comments.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I posted below, I wonder if he makes more money playing in Swedish Elite League than his AHL contract. Also think he was homesick, and until he gets an NHL paycheque he will enjoy Sweden.

          If he is good enough, I don’t blame him. He could be our diamond in the rough.

          • Kooch7800 says:

            It will be interesting to see how the habs handle him. Maybe they will need to bring PG back to convince him to come over.

            We knock PG a lot but that was a big move to get Emelin over

        • Chris says:

          Downtown Hamilton, where the arena is, is terrible. One of my friends was stabbed not too far from there just walking home one night, and I was not at all comfortable at a couple of the Bulldogs games that I’ve been to. There are parts of Hamilton that are decent, but the downtown is as ugly as you will find in Ontario.

      • HammerHab says:

        He must not like waterfalls


        It’ll always be Habs Inside/Out to me

  45. JohnBellyful says:

    Is it true that PK came out in favour of sovereignty?
    Or was that PK?
    (I get them mixed up, they’re about the same height.)

  46. Hobie Hansen says:

    The people who are trying to blow up this Subban thing into something that it’s not are giving the rest of us a bad name.

    Elliott Friedman was in complete disbelief again on Saturday, as are many other intelligent hockey analysts, over the treatment of Michel Therrien by a portion of people in Montreal.

    Subban is bad defensively people and Therrien is trying different things to correct this. he is a hockey coach, that is his job! So suck it up and stop acting like spoiled little brats.

    Has the team not won 9 of its last 11 games? Are we not looking at the best team we’ve seen in 20 years here? I think Therrien knows WTF he is doing.

    The fans and media in Montreal always have to be bitching about something to cause turmoil and a distraction. They are addicted to chaos!

    • You Therrien Supporters are all alike 😆

      Hockey drama is awesome until you believe it, then your apart of it.

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures
      Congrats Carey Price and PK Subban, Montreal’s Gold Medal Members!

    • Paz says:

      Now Subban has become “bad defensively”. Really Hobie?


      Doesn’t sound like Bergevin should be risking 50 million on him.

      See? That’s the story.

      Should we keep benching him, or should we let him walk? Should we give him 2 or 3 million more than other important players on the team if we still have to bench him like he’s 16 years old?

      That’s the controversy.

      Have a nice day folks. It’s time to give the Separatists the freakin “business”

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        I guess you haven’t noticed him giving up the puck late in games like crazy? Maybe not bad defensively but making lots of costly errors.

    • frontenac1 says:

      I approve this post.Saludos!

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I agree with your statement Hobie. Unfortunately, in Montreal people are never are happy. MT isn’t not my fav coach but you can’t argue he is getting results.

      PK hasn’t been amazing all season. He started off really well and then his play has not been great since. I hope he finds his game before the playoffs because PK can be a major factor when playing well.

    • kalevine says:

      I agree he has been playing badly defensively for stretches this season, but in general he has been strong defensively and well above average offensively, a potent package. I expect him to get back to this, hopefully playoff time

    • neumann103 says:

      Subban is not bad defensively. You are just repeating a stale internet meme.

      “Et le but!”

  47. stephen says:

    Went to the Blue Jays game yesterday (Yankees fan). Walking toward the stadium before the game, there was a buzz on the streets about people atop the CN tower who were insisting on doing the SkyWalk experience without safety ropes.

    Turns out they were just Leafs fans.

  48. nek25plus says:

    PK is the player they should want to keep. He has skill, ability and is seemly able let all the histrionics that is Mtl roll off his back. He’s young and makes mistakes at times, but immediately corrects himself. He can change the game at will. Reminds me greatly of Doughty in his first 3 years. And Doughty made mistakes, still does. But his ability to change the game out weighs any errors on D. If the Habs brass doesn’t deal with this problem effectively they won’t live it down. If they trade him and he gets better and better, they will never live it down. Essentially, PK has something that they should not overlook…he likes it in Montreal and wants to be a Hab. Not many do. For reasons that we are all aware of. Pacioretty is one of those players that want to be elsewhere and will not sign here again. He wants to be in New York- with any of the 3 teams.

    • Max? Where’d you get that? He’ll get a bump up in his $4.5 million and be a Hab for a long time.

      I’m speechless! 20 years and counting…

    • kalevine says:

      Max is certainly playing like he wants to stay right here, and I hope he does. Re Vanek, the key will be playoff performance. If he is a strong contributor, even if the run falls short, I think every effort will be made to keep him. If he pulls a Ryder, along with the rest of the team a la 2013, then he will be gone whether he forgets meet the press day or not

  49. Mattyleg says:

    Burly made a very good point below:
    I’ll paraphrase:
    People say that PK and MT don’t have a good relationship.
    There’s a good chance that he would have a similar relationship with any good coach (Babcock, Julien, he mentions).

    *end paraprhase. Extrapolation follows*

    This is because he probably doesn’t do what he’s told – he’s impulsive, and probably lets that get in the way of follwing instructions.

    Defence is a position that requires immense discipline.
    Forwards don’t have to have that kind of discipline, they can just play with exuberance, instinct, and impulse. Backchecking can wait for later in their careers a lot of the time.
    With defence, you need to follow the game-plan because your mistakes (not just messing up with the puck, but mistakes as in not going with the team strategy) are amplified at that position.

    If you want a coach who is going to treat PK like a star, then you’ll end up with a bloody disaster, not only for PK (for whom that kind of treatment wouldn’t work) but for the rest of the team as well.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Ahhh your paraphrasing skills involved some interesting extrapolations there Leggo!

      • Mattyleg says:

        Heh heh.
        I thought about that when I was writing it, but forgot to indicate where your thoughts ended and mine began.

        Duly edited now!

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Paz says:

      If Subban is not doing what he is being told to do, he should not be signed long term, because that would be foolish.

      No one should give 50 million to an idiot who doesn’t listen to his coaches.

  50. jamman says:

    Lots of talk about P.K lately, I recall someone saying yesterday that his ego took a hit at the Olympics. Now I have to ask, would P.K be playing better had he been be left off the Olympic team? We were all rallying for P.K to be there and rightfully so. But at the end of the day, P.K only played roughly fifteen minutes against Austria in the preliminary round and his play has continued to falter even more after the Olympic break. Maybe he would have been better off relaxing/taking a vacation. Maybe he’d be more motivated having been snubbed. Know that I am not trying to stir up sh*t when I ask this, just promote discussion.

    Cheers, jamman

  51. L Elle says:

    Other than Montreal and Minnesota, there could be several teams interested in Vanek, and able to afford him. If he’s all about the money, nothing much can be done there.

    I don’t know if my friends on HIO are all henpecked or what 😉 ,
    but I can’t see Vanek’s wife pulling him out of Montreal, if he’s really happy here. Ultimately, he’s the one that will decide.

    We’re assuming he is happy here, playing on a great line, in a great hockey city. If he calls his wife everyday and raves about his line mates, his goalie, the organization, and the city, how can she tell him, too bad sucker, we’re going to Minny. Seriously, who wants a grumpy, complaining husband?

    I hope “we” sign him, and I think “our” chances are about 50/50.

    • habsfan0 says:

      Why can’t Vanek attempt to convince his wife to move to Montreal?
      The climates are the same.

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      It’s going to be a 7 or 8 year decision.
      A last contract.
      Too bad it wasn’t a 2-3 year decision.

      I don’t know the Vaneks, yet one has to wonder how family plays in all of this.
      Over and above familiarity with Minny, there are probably other considerations…some being surroundings, upbringing, and education for their four (4) children.

      At the age of 30, Vanek has already earned $52M USD before taxes, and is in line for another guaranteed $50M regardless of performance or injury.

      IF money is not going to be the issue, then all Habs fans could hope for is that both he and his family could find some adventurous choices this summer.

      So much to consider, and while the Habs are a 1st class organization, they are far from being alone.

    • Who wants a grumpy complaining wife?!

      I’m speechless! 20 years and counting…

    • Mavid says:

      thats exactly what I said yesterday..L Elle..most wifes like to see their husbands happy..and if he is happy here and I am sure he has a say..then maybe..just maybe…

      Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  52. Storman says:

    I have lost two labs in the past 6 months, never getting a dog again. devastation

    • habsfan0 says:

      Sorry about your loss, Storman.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Oh that is tough. I lost two Bernese Mtn. Dogs, neither got to age 6, I have now gone a year without a dog. I miss them dearly but am not ready yet to go through those emotions again.

      All the best Storman, that is terrible.

      • Storman says:

        so true Burly so trueeeee, i cant stop crying ,,the worse putting a dog down,,fffffffffffffffffffffff

        • punkster says:

          Hang in there. I’ve had to do that a few times over the years and it never gets any easier. But the pain is so quickly forgotten when the new one works his/her way into your heart. And they always do…you know they always do.

          That’s why I go for shelter dogs. They seem to know “this is my last chance so I better make the best of it”. They also seem to know that I’m a soft touch.

          Release the Subbang!!!

          • frontenac1 says:

            So true Punkster. It empties your heart out when they go, but the new one gradually fills it up again.
            Hang in there Storman. Saludos.

          • Wintercount says:

            Nice thoughts, Punkster. Shelter dogs are good for the soul.

        • stephen says:

          Sorry for your loss, Storman. I’ve been through that with a number of beautiful Goldens over the years. They really do give us everything of themselves while they’re with us. Best wishes to you, from another loyal friend to canines.

        • Wintercount says:

          Chin up, Storman.

    • Mattyleg says:

      I’m so sorry, Storman.

      Losing a dog is a terrible thing.
      Totally tears you up.
      Stupid dogs… makin’ us so happy and then so damn sad…

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • frontenac1 says:

      Holy sh#t Storman. That’s awful! I have always have had dogs at my place(out in the sticks), one took off during deer hunting season a few years back. I was devastated until he made his way back home after a few days. I installed a “Dogwatch System” electronic invisible fence right after that and haven’t lost one since. If you do get another dog,i would highly recommend it. I am sorry for your loss amigo.

  53. habsfan0 says:

    Election Day in Quebec and all this talk about possibly trading PK.
    It must be a Monday.

  54. Mattyleg says:

    Good morning everyone!
    Hope you all had a good weekend.

    Just want to say that from where I’m sitting, the PK story is a non-story.

    It’s a non-story because most people who are blowing this up into a big deal (posters and pundits alike) are the SAME ONES who said that Therrien had lost the room earlier in the season.

    He had not.

    That PK was going to demand a trade and suffer as a defenceman after being benched for a couple of shifts.

    He did not.

    That ‘Not-an-NHL-player’ Desharnais would be traded or sent down for a terminal stint in the minors.

    He was not.

    That Therrien would be sacked by Christmas.

    He was not.

    That Bergevin is a dud/lame duck GM.

    He is not.

    That the Canadiens would not make the playoffs.

    They will.
    Probably with home ice advantage.
    And with games to spare.

    So have a look at your prediction history, appraise it, and ask yourself how much you like the taste of shoe leather.

    The PK thing is a non-story.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Phil C says:

      How is the PK thing a non -story? He is about to enter a negotiation that could shape the future of the team for the next decade. He has been struggling and benched recently, yet won a Norris last year, making the negotiation tougher. You could argue he didn’t deserve the Norris or you could argue he wouldn’t be struggling is he had a partner like Suter. It all makes for great theatre and fertile soil for speculation.

      • Mattyleg says:

        I’m talking about the ‘MT totes hatez PK’ non-story.

        As for the contract, there’s not much of a story there in my mind either.
        His agent will negotiate a good contract for PK, and one that suits the team.
        His recent form has nothing whatsoever to do with his overall value.
        Nilan was talking about this ‘his value is high right now’ concept, and was laughing at it.
        A player’s short-term form is no indicator of their ‘value’, which is made up of their past performace, and their long-term projected development arc.
        PK could finish the next three games at -30 and still get an $8m contract for 8 years.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • shiram says:

      He certainly has not been improving under Therrien/Daigneault.
      And that’s worrisome for me, if the team is committed to it’s coaching staff.

      I think taking him away from the penalty kill was an error, if Markov can eat ES, PP and PK minutes, Subban should be able to do it too, and there’s precedent for it, as he’s done it before under Martin.

      • Mattyleg says:

        That PK on the PK discussion is good one, and polarising, because I don’t see the risk of losing him to injury an acceptable one to take just to have him on the PK, when we already have good penalty-killers.

        …and as for ‘improvement’, you could argue that once you win the Norris, there’s not much room for improvement. There are two paths: plateau or decline.
        PK is very gradually declining.
        Nothing to worry about, in my books.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • shiram says:

          So why’s Markov on the PK, he of the wonky knees?
          It’s not about protecting a player, it is about the coaching staff not trusting Subban, in those situations.

          I think playing the penalty kill could be a sort of focusing tool for Subban, just focus on keeping the puck out of the zone, far from the net. Simple task at which he excelled.

          His Norris was polarizing too, I don’t like to wade in those discussions as it is a matter of perception, but clearly many thought he was not the right player to win that award.

          And the decline is worrisome, he’s not playing with the same gusto he had before, not the same energy.
          He’s the guy we need to have around for when Markov is no longer here, or no longer able to take the #1 D duties.

          At his age he should at least keep his momemtum.

          And since your focus seems to be on Subban vs Therrien, I’ll say this, and it is only my opinion, gathered from reading interviews, watching games and the like… Therrien does seem to lean the discipline his hardest on Subban.

          He’s not benched him for a game yet, but then he really can’t with the D core we have, especially with Gorges out.
          And Therrien is a dime a dozen coach, coaches are replaceable, Therrien more so as he’s not a great one either.

          A player of Subban’s talent physically and mentally does not come all that often.

      • neumann103 says:

        “He certainly has not been improving under Therrien/Daigneault.
        And that’s worrisome for me, if the team is committed to it’s coaching staff. “

        Agreed. And almost no-one has been improving under this coaching staff this year. Which causes one to ask could it be the great majority of players getting worse, or bad coaching?

        “Et le but!”

    • Chris says:

      Matty, I honestly believe that you sometimes completely miss the point of discussion forums.

      The PK Subban thing is a story, because he is an RFA that had a somewhat contentious contract negotiation last time and there is ample evidence that this next one could be more of the same. Insisting that there is no story there, even if he is eventually re-signed, is laughable.

      Blues fans were full of angst for Pietrangelo last season, as were Penguins fans for Letang. Kings fans went through this with Doughty, as Predators fans did with Weber (and they got the dreaded offer sheet, complete with poison pills) and Suter (who they lost). Devils fans went through it a couple of times with Scott Niedermayer.

      Defencemen of Subban’s ilk don’t come around that often. When they do, they are highly coveted by everybody. Subban is even more of a lightning rod because of his personality: opposing fans may love to boo him, but every single one of them would change their tune if their team managed to land him as a free agent or via trade.

      Subban will want to get paid, as he felt slighted in the last contract negotiations. At the time, it was all about how he needed to prove himself. Well, he did: he is a 24 year old defenceman that is one of the top-10, if not top-5, in the entire league.

      The Habs will have about $20 million with which to sign Subban, Markov (or his replacement), Vanek (or his replacement), Gionta (or his replacement), Weaver, Weise, Eller, and White. That is why it is a story. $20 million is a fair bit, but signing Subban, Markov and Vanek alone could take $20 million or more, leaving nothing for the other players. THAT is why it is a story that Habs fans are going to talk about.

      Will it change anything? Of ocurse not. But again, that is not really the point of a discussion forum. People get worked up about whatever the issue of the day is. Right now, it is Subban. In two weeks, you can rest easy that Subban’s contract will move to the back-burner as the playoffs take over.

      • Mattyleg says:

        Hey Chris,
        I obviously didn’t make myself clear, as you are the second person to get the wrong point from my post.

        As I mentioned to Phil C, it’s more about the MT vs. PK thing that I’m talking about.

        The contract thing is fine for talk, there’s food for discussion there for sure, but I don’t see it as being a polarizing debate; it’s more about how much for how long; we won’t lose him, and it’ll be fine.

        I get discussion forums.
        I don’t get invented scandal.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

  55. HabinBurlington says:

    If PK got an offer sheet from Edmonton the 4 first rounders could be especially tantalizing. If PK received an offer from Philly, Boston, or any of those perennial higher teams, 4 1st round picks would be of almost no appeal to me.

    You may get lucky and get a couple good players, but it would take years before we see the fruits of them.

    I think MB will handle the situation well, I’m not sure any of us have a handle on how this will shake down, but I am much happier it is MB dealing with this rather than our old friend PG.

  56. Stanley Cup or Bust ! says:

    By the time the next game arrives we will have traded and/or signed the whole team. 😯

  57. nellis13 says:

    PK looks like he needs a rest before the playoffs. They should sit him for a few games.

  58. Habitforming says:

    Does anyone know what Galchenyuk’s highest ice time has been to this point in his career? Just in one game, for example 18:26 is the most he has played in a single game

  59. Dear Marc-E Marc

    If you can’t sign Vanek to 4 year deal, don’t sign at all. Play the season out with what we have and McDavid all the way to town. 😆

    But right now, Let’s Get Giggy With It!

    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures
    Congrats Carey Price and PK Subban, Montreal’s Gold Medal Members!

  60. Phil C says:

    The worst case scenario for the Habs would be Subban getting a two-year arbitration award and then becoming a UFA. A least with an offer sheet it provides an opportunity to lock him up long term.

    • Paz says:

      Do you think Subban is playing like he wants a long term deal?

      Do you think Subban is playing like he deserves a long term deal?

      Maybe I’m wrong, but my instincts answer no to both those questions.

      • Phil C says:

        His game is a little off, no question. The reasons why could be many things, but your theory is plausible.

        • Paz says:

          I would like to see him jump into the rush more, like Karllson does. He controls the puck too long in the defensive zone, his forwards end up standing still at the other blue line, there is no flow and no transition to his game.

          Clearly this is how he is being asked to play, I figure, because otherwise there is a complete disconnect between Subban and the coaches. And we have a huge probem!

          And if this is how he is being asked to play, then he looks uncomfortable, awkward, and frankly more than a little off his game.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Of all our coaches, I think the one whom i most want to see changed is JJ Daigneault, I just don’t get warm fuzzies that he is as good as we could have at that position. I probably have no right to feel this way, as i don’t know any specifics, but it is how I feel.

          • Phil C says:

            I read somewhere, probably here, that the coaches asked him to play more like a QB than an RB. On one of the CH24 episodes, Jodoin is practically pleading with him to pass the puck, saying he is a completely different player when he does. Making it even more frustrating is that he has the vision and skills to pass well when he wants to, yet still tends to hold on to it too much as you point out. You could forgive him if it was a skill he didn’t have, but that is not the case. It must be frustrating for the coaching staff, and PK needs to hold some accountability for that. Perbaps if he had a coach like Robinson, he would be more likely to listen, but in the end Subban should listen to his coaches.

            So in short, yes, I agree he needs to move the puck and join the rush more.

          • Paz says:

            Phil, you are describing a player who does not listen to his coaches, and this may indeed be the case. This is a major problem.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Question 1 – I think most players want a long term deal, unsure why PK wouldn’t.

        Question 2 – I don’t think one can debate whether or not he deserves a long term deal, he has the talent, the abilities etc. to deserve it. How much $ over the term is the question.

        If he doesn’t want a long term deal with the Habs, then the Habs should trade him. As great as he is, as important as he is, I only want him signed if he wants to be signed.

        Many speculate the relationship with MT and PK is not good. I don’t think his relationship with Julien, Babcock or Hitchcock would be much different. So is our coach the one to blame as much as he gets it here?

        I still think there is more going on behind the scenes than any of us know or may ever know. Doesn’t mean it is bad or good, but we simply don’t know the inner details of his “real” relationship with coaches, GM or players.

        • Phil C says:

          Subban’s negotiations are following that of Weber in Nashville. Weber opted for arbitration and a one year deal at this point in his career even though he could have signed long term. If PK wants out, he may follow Weber. Trading PK is not easy as it would be almost impossible to get equal value back.

          My autocorrect keeps giving me either Sunbeams or Suburban for Subban. Sunbeams isn’t bad actually, and he hits like a Chevy Suburban.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Interesting comparison, and had to laugh at your autocorrections.

          • Paz says:

            I see Subban as the perfect player to Offer Sheet. One of the few, like Weber, who is worth more than 4 first rounders to some teams. Not all, but some teams.

    • Maritime Ronn says:


      Just a guess here, but I don’t believe there will be any Offer Sheets for Subban.
      A team would be selling their future, and if Subban gets injured or doesn’t work out, they would be left with a huge contract.

      Then there is the question of Pay Back when that team’s RFAs come due. Perhaps one of the last teams anyone wants to spite are the Habs. They are not Nashville.

      Actually, the worst case scenario in Arbitration is a 1 year award.
      If the team takes Subban to arbitration, Subban decides 1 or 2 years. If it is Subban that takes the team to Arbitration, then it is for the Habs to decide on 1 or 2 years

      • Phil C says:

        Good point. Either way, it gives him some leverage.

      • Paz says:

        I’m more cynical than you. I think the Habs, outside of Molson who loves Subban, would welcome an Offer Sheet.

        1) it makes Subban look bad because he is in effect accepting to leave. Only time an Offer Sheet goes public is if the player accepts the offer

        2) it sets the definite parameters of a long term deal and Habs management can not be “blamed” for over paying because they can claim to the media they had “no choice” but to match the offer

        3) Habs can refuse to match the offer and the claim they didn’t want to ruin their team’s salary structure, which has to be a real concern by the way.

        In other words, the Offer Sheet would not be “hostile”.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I understand where you are coming from and you may be right Ed. I just think that approach essentially is selling MB pretty short as a person who should recognize this opportunity is his for the taking in shaping the future of the franchise, be it a new contract or a trade. I don’t think we know MB that well yet, but aside from the Briere move, most things he is doing are working pretty well.

          And even the Briere signing could look good with a good playoffs from Danny Boy!

          • Paz says:

            Not trying to sell him short at all.

            I do not believe the Habs want to give Subban what he is worth to about 20 other teams.

            I do not believe they want Subban, a player still being benched like he belongs in Junior, to become their highest paid player by leaps and bounds.

            Therrien does not see Subban that way. Therrien does not treat Subban that way.

            And frankly, it has become a self fulfilling prophesy, because Subban is no longer playing like he’s worth it.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            I see your perspective and respect it Ed. I may feel differently, but doesn’t mean I am right by any means.

          • Paz says:

            If Phil is right above, and Subban is simply not listening to his coaches, then I would not blame the coaches for being frustrated and upset.

            I would NOT bench him though. That strategy has been tried several times and it does not work anyway.

  61. Paz says:

    Today Quebec will say No to The politics of division.

    • stevieray says:

      Being from outside Quebec this ole boot isn’t that familiar with the Parties and their platforms..BUt I was wondering what the CAQ is about. It is just Conservatives on a different horse ?

      • Paz says:

        The leader of the CAQ, the founder of the party, is a past cabinet minister for the Parti Quebecois. As a practical politician, he realized that Quebecers had no appetite for another referendum on Separation so he has promised to put that on hold. He has carved away about 15 to 20% of the vote, and made it very difficult for either the Liberals or the PQ to win a majority government.

      • Phil C says:

        CAQ!? Seriously? I guess SHART was already taken…

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