Habs bully Broad Streeters

The Gazette’s Pat Hickey reports from Philadelphia after Thursday night’s win that the Canadiens improved to 2-0 against the Flyers this season after a 4-1 win, improving their road record to 10-5-1. The win moved Montreal into sixth place in the Eastern Conference, one point ahead of Philadelphia. The Canadiens got a pair of goals from Mark Streit and single from Christopher Higgins and Andrei Kostitsyn.

"We scored on the first power play and that gave us some momentum and took the pressure off," captain Saku Koivu said.

"There’s something about playing on the road; even if we don’t score in the first 15 minutes, we have more patience. But tonight, we had a great start."

Carey Price stopped 30 of the 31 shots he faced in the game, including several key saves during a 5-on-3 disadvantage.

"I felt comfortable out there tonight. There were a lot of rebounds, but the guys did a good job of blocking shots for me," Price said.


  1. RiverviewCanadien says:

    The HABS looked like the bullies last night.

  2. Habs_008 says:

    Habs Win, All is right with the world again! I like the brother’s K, I thought they played great tonight. They will skate circles around the Laff’s defense on Saturday. I hope they keep it up. They need to show up at home. It was a great win, but they have to string two, three or four wins together.

  3. habsguy says:

    I didn’t see the game, how did the younger of the K brothers look, how much ice time ???

  4. Corio says:

    The K Brothers were awesome together. Their first shift together they almost scored like 3 times with beautiful passing between them, you can tell they grew up playing together..

  5. 24 Cups says:

    The Richards’ contract in Philly makes little sense to me. He better continue his development to the point where he’s an all-star and he better stay healthy. His contract also throws the entire RFA signing process out of whack. But who cares about Philadelphia’s problems? Their loss could be our gain. They are basically out of cap space for this year and next. They also have to look at resigning Carter, Umberger, and UFA Jason Smith. They won’t be able to do that, especially in light of their contracts to Gagne, Briere, Timonen, and Hartnell. Jeff Carter would be a perfect solution to our basic problem of a big centre who can score and hit. He’s ready right now – no waiting for him to develop, no distant draft pick that may never pan out. He eventually would become our number one centre which frees Koivu to be more comfortable at #2 or go to the wing so Pleks can be #2. Philly can’t ask for an arm and leg with this trade because they don’t have the leaverage. There would be other bidders but I think we could get him for say Grabovski and Fischer. Philly won’t want any players with salary so you can forget people like Ryder, Smolinski etc. They will want long term assets. (I personally don’t want to trade our first round picks in the next two years just in case we don’t make the playoffs which with parity is still a possibility). There’s no room for Grabs once Carter arrives and we can afford to give up a defense prospect. Let’s be honest guys, Vinny, B. Richards, Marleau, and Jokinen are not coming here. We need to make a move at a different level. Jordan Staal in Pittsburgh is another young guy I like but he would cost more and they don’t have cap problems (yet) so he’s probably not available. In my view, these are the realistic deals that could help us get to the next level.

    The Original 24 Cups

  6. krob1000 says:

    I still think Richards at some point (Brad) is a very real possibility. Carter is a good player but I don’t think they will give him up. I think he is one of their untouchables.

    Richards is going to be the one to go fromt hat Tampa team. We have the cap room, they need a goalie, we need a scorer, they need cap room, we have the young affordable talent…..it all makes too much sense but I am sure there is a heck of a lot more it to it than that.

  7. joeybarrie says:

    3 teams in the NHL have less losses than the HABS. I think we are doing just fine. I would love to see more home wins, but less BOOS and more support might help. We are one win behind 4th place, and tied to the 3rd place team. ITS OK, WE ARE HAVING A GOOD SEASON. DO NOT GET ON THE BUS THAT MUCKED IT UP LAST SEASON.

  8. rogus says:

    Anyone feel sorry for Booere today? Poor little guy, he could have been a Canadien. Now he’s cream cheese. At least he gets to hang out with Richards for the next 7 or so years…

  9. rogus says:

    You must have missed the Habs game last night. They made the Flyers look like a ringette team! Even without Begin they looked gritty last night and with speed! When the Habs play a fast, hard hitting game – as a team, there are few that can hang with us. Wasn’t it Philly that drubbed the Pens, only to get embarrased last night by our kids. 2 years tops and we will be dominant again!!!

  10. sholi2000.com says:

    Your a Leaf fan then!

    God Bless Our Infantry
    Death to the Taliban

  11. rogus says:

    Richards is the most overpaid of Tbay’s big 3. He got a contract based on a career year. We should be working a trade with someone from the WESTERN conference. Think of someone that makes stupid trades and needs a goalie…Colorado andEdmonton both have players we could use and not tie up too much cap space. Remember we HAVE TO re-sign Higgy and Komi.

  12. krob1000 says:

    He is overpaid but given the same dollar figeres approximately for Gomez and Briere (which unfortunately means that is the gioing rate as the demand for these players is high in a tradeless market)I would take Richards in a heartbeat. He is as complete and smart as Gomez and as offensively gifted as Briere. I’d take him and be happy to pay him.

  13. N.B. habs fan 50 yrs says:

    LETS BRING MORE OF THE FARM CLUB UP,seems to make a difference .What have we got to lose at least they want to win…..

  14. rogus says:

    I would then ask you to define grit. If winning battles along the boards, parking in front of the net, and throwing monster hits isn’t grit – then what is? Philly is known as a rough team, and we made them look like little girls. You must be a Laffs lover as you clearly have no concept of hockey.

  15. rogus says:

    And YES I am defending this team, I bleed rouge, bleu et blanc!!! Habs Rule!!!

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