Plekanec’s status will be a game-time decision

Tomas Plekanec, who missed Thursday’s game against the Winnipeg Jets with a groin injury, took to the ice Saturday morning with his Canadiens teammates in Brossard as they prepared to face the Boston Bruins Saturday night at the Bell Centre (7 p.m., CBC, RDS, TSN Radio 690).

P.K. Subban did not skate Saturday morning instead using it as “therapy” time, but will play against the Bruins. Plekanec will be a game-time decision.

Canadiens coach Michel Therrien had listed Plekanec as “day-to-day”, but his policy this season has been to err on the side of caution when bringing players back from injuries.

The forward lines for the morning skate were: Gionta-Plekanec-Ryder; Pacioretty-Desharnais-Gallagher; Galchenyuk-Eller-Prust ; Moen-Halpern-White; Blunden-Dumont-Bourque. The defence pairings were: Gorges-Weber; Markov-Emelin; Bouillon-Drewiske; with Kaberle the odd man out again.

Carey Price will be in net.

As for the Bruins, they’re missing 2012 Selke Trophy winner Patrice Bergeron. He’s out with what has been described as a “moderate” concussion after getting hit with an inadvertent elbow from Ottawa’s Colin Greening. Moderate or not, there has to be concern because this is Bergeron’s fourth concussion since 2007.

Bergeron’s absence leaves a large hole in the Bruins’ lineup. He’s Boston’s top scorer with 31 points and leads the NHL with a 61.5 per cent success rate on faceoffs.

(File photo by Dario Ayala/The Gazette)

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  1. Danno says:



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  2. piter says:

    Well I feel better after getting my rant off my chest earlier. That TSN is something else. Anyways, it’s gonna be a great physical game tonite. I have a bad feeling that the Broons are gonna be taking liberties with our top guys. I think we got in their heads last game, and they are going to play dirty tonite. I hope I’m wrong, but someones getting tonite, by a cheapshot. It’s going to get out of control. I was surprised that Lucy didn’t go after Subban last game, after he missed him with that beesting. I’m sure last year he would have. GO HABS GO

  3. Le Jadester says:

    Why no Ferrence in the poll question ?

    Habs, OLE !

  4. Shakewheat says:

    With the listed lines, is there a chance Bourque plays?

  5. Psycho29 says:


    And I’m first, Losers!!


    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Save the losers for Boston fans… 🙂

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  6. Bill says:

    I’d leave Pleks out if he’s nursing a groin injury. Those are easily aggravated and can become much worse when that happens. Give him a few more days off, we need our MVP for the playoffs!

    Full Breezer 4 Life

    • Loonie says:

      I don’t know if you intended on starting a war with your mvp comment Bill but I agree with you.

      I think he’s been our best player by a wide margin this season.

      1. Plekanec
      2. Subban
      3. Gallagher

      • Le Jadester says:

        I agree with your top three.
        Arguments would be mostly regarding the first and second selections.
        I would argue that Soobie is the MVP?……but it’s hard to argue against Plex as of today.

        Habs, OLE !

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Agreed. Also re Chara. Also re Marchand and plate glass.
      Chara knew it himself immediately, that he had given in to rage and come close to killing someone. Remember he didn’t play several games (“exhaustion”), including the next one vs the Habs? I don’t believe either player has been the same since.

      • GGtheHab says:

        that night was so scary, couldnt watch the replays..still dont like to..he knew what he was doing..I dont think he realized how devastating it would be, but he did intend to do harm..

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          I haven’t watched the video posted above because I presume that hit will be in it. I’m sure you’re right: full intent, brought on by rage, without thinking through the consequences. And the league let it go.

  7. Mavid says:

    4 hours to go…gotta keep busy..

  8. Say Ash says:

    So what’s with Flanders on Budaj’s mask, is he a thumper?

  9. Habilis says:

    So it looks like Randy Carlyle attended the Mark Recchi Medical/Clown College. He probably graduated with honors.

    What an ignorant dummy.

    • Timo says:

      Wow. That sounds like a well conducted, thorough and well argued research. Definitely supervised by Dr. Recchi.

      • Habilis says:

        It really is amazing that a professional coach can be that off the mark. You’d think that the man would read a book or two before spouting off crackpot theories to the press.

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          Indeed, or before being put in charge of a commodity portfolio as expensive and valuable as a hockey team.

          The word imbecile was applied to Carlyle yesterday.

        • D Mex says:

          Brian Burke brought Carlyle to Anaheim, and then to TO. For what it’s worth …

          ALWAYS Habs –
          D Mex

          • Dunboyne Mike says:

            SHOCK HORROR!
            Burke hires imbecile. Twice!

          • Dunboyne Mike says:

            DM, just saw your hours-ago post re. Rick Nash. I didn’t see all of the Rangers game — is there video of the Price hit?

            Saw the other one. The commentariat explained his league impunity well: NHL wants NY in, very hard for them without Nash. Ergo diplomatic immunity.

          • D Mex says:

            Howdy Dunboyne :
            An aside – Burke has also been replaced by Dave Nonis – twice !

            I’m not the guy to ask about video footage, but can tell you that Nash jumped as tho someone was holding a cattle prod near his n#t$ and landed about 3/4 on top of Price. PK was there almost immediately and, not that he would have done much, Price appeared to wave him off.
            If memory serves, Nash went to the box and I recall him skating sheepishly to the NYR bench (head down) after Habs scored on the resulting PP where Mother Torts awaited, no doubt, with a congratulatory refrain.
            Sitting here hoping I am not having hallucinations about the above but, if yes, what the h#ll 🙂 lol

            ALWAYS Habs –
            D Mex

  10. Loonie says:

    Galchenyuk at centre is a dynamic playmaker offensively.

    Galchenyuk on the wing is a kid with nice moves who occasionally gets a good shot or pass away.

    This is a little frustrating.

    • Shamrock says:

      From a purely offensive angle I agree 100%, but from a defensive responsibility perspective, not sure he is quite ready from a knowledge of responsibility, maturity and strength has to improve, in time this will all come , also has to get much stronger on the draws, IMO, Super Stardom awaits him…….playing both positions i find will also pay some benefits for the future star center..

      • Loonie says:

        My only bone to pick with the defensive opinion is that he from my view is not of a lesser quality than one of our regular centreman who shall remain nameless.

    • habs_54321 says:

      let’s not forget he played center a few weeks earlier in the year and struggled just like he was struggling on the wing, we cant get to excited about one good game.

      • Loonie says:

        Galchenyuk played at centre exclusively through the February 16th game against the Flyers.

        In the preceding fourteen games he scored eight points.

        He has nine points in the twenty-three games since the move.

    • joshbenn says:

      Galchenyuk on the wing is a kid being shielded from defensive responsibilities by his coach so he can focus more on offense.

      Surely you have seen him watch the puck when he should be staying with his man.

      That almost always leads to a scoring chance or goal by the opposing team.

      Have you seen what Boston did with Seguin? Slowly easing him into the lineup as a young rookie. Montreal is following the same strategy and it works.

      • Loonie says:

        +7 in his fourteen games at centre and only one minus game. If your analysis is accurate it would probably be better to tell him to stay with his man that it is to sacrifice offense and move him to the wing.

        And yes I see how Seguin’s been handled. Galchenyuk has miles more maturity than Seguin did at that age too.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      The DD signing worried me with respect to Chucky’s playing time…can’t see when he will move into center permanently.

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

      • Loonie says:

        Me too, bad move in my opinion. And despite what many think it isn’t logical to presume that Bergevin signed Desharnais just to trade him in a year or two.

        You don’t give an extension to a guy you think you’re going to trade later, you trade him now while his value’s high.

        • ont fan says:

          With the cap, I wonder if it’s easier to move players with 2 or 3 years of term left? Like Cole. Maybe DD gets moved.

          • Loonie says:

            Maybe is okay. What I find delusional were the comments that Desharnais was signed by Bergevin and the GM having full intention of trading him when Galchenyuk’s ready to play centre. That and the notion that he isn’t capable of playing centre now.

        • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

          Yup…never understood the rush to sign him. At least let’s see what he does in the playoffs first…

          “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • Timo says:

      I would be all for moving Eller to center Pacioretty and Gallagher, put Galchanyuk in the center and scratch Desharnais. He’s been utterly useless since the day he signed that ridiculous contract.

  11. Habilis says:

    Brad “Rat-Boy” Marchand leading the hate poll by a wide margin. Not a shock.

    Personally, I hate him more than 99% of the players in the NHL. The 1% being Matt “I didn’t mean to hurt him” Cooke.

    • D Mex says:

      Peewee Herman 2.0 – just close your eyes and listen to the voice.
      lol ! 😀

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

    • Bill says:

      It’s Chara for me. Will never forgive that assault on Pacioretty.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • Habilis says:


        I still hate Marchand more though. I don’t even know why. Maybe it’s because I have no desire to punch Chara in the face, mostly because he would pile-drive me into the ground like a cartoon. Marchand though? I just wanna smash his face through a plate glass window every time I see it.

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        My impression is that Chara has some remorse for what happened to Max. If Marchand did the same thing, he would not care…

        “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • The Dude says:

      Lurch and Chara we can’t deal with but Marchand is a slap down away!

  12. Danno says:

    The Habs/Bruins/Simpsons Connection. Homer Simpson is a Habs fan

    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  13. HabinBurlington says:

    Habs forward lines as per John Lu.

    John Lu ‏@JohnLuTSNMtl 3h
    #Habs lines vs. Bos: Ryder – Plekanec – Gionta; Pacioretty – Desharnais – Gallagher; Galchenyuk – Eller – Prust ; Moen – Halpern – White

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Roll 4 lines with short shifts and skate them into the ground…

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • Loonie says:

      Galchenyuk at centre is a dynamic playmaker offensively.

      Galchenyuk on the wing is a kid with nice moves who occasionally gets a good shot or pass away.

      This is a little frustrating.

      • Fransaskois says:

        I agree. Obviously don’t want to rush his development but it’s easy to see that’s where he excels.

        Eller on the wing is like a labrador puppy fetching toys. Big, blonde, lost.

        • Loonie says:

          Yeah well I think the choice of who should be moving to the wing is obvious, but he scored 60 points on Pacioretty and Cole’s backs last year so he isn’t goin anywhere.

  14. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Interesting about Thornton’s 2% in the poll.

    It’s partly because the scumbags above him naturally suck up votes like vacuum cleaners on ecstasy.

    But it may also be because Thornton isn’t particularly dirty — really just a big doofus with energy and aggression, does what he’s supposed to do. (Although he has definitely become an embellisher: you couldn’t make it up, could you?!)

    The other three tarnish the sport of hockey.

    • New says:

      Thornton just plays like he has been told to. Lucic plays like he needs to. Marchand plays like the wants to. Chara plays like he can. Together they cause the Canadiens all sorts of issues. If the Habs held open tryouts and none of those guys belonged to other teams they would all likely make the team.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        I’m happier they do their tarnishing on a team other than the Habs!

        Meanwhile Lucic has had a poor season, Chara is good but nowhere near as good as the hype.

        Marchand is the most repellent but this year the most valuable. He makes things happen, has speed and skills and scoring ability, goes to the right places.

        Don’t know how all that sits with needing and liking etc!

        And agreed, Thornton does what he’s told. His 2% vote suggests that not even the Bruins-despising Habs community hold that against him.

  15. leehammer says:

    Bet you’ll never guess (without checking) which ex-Hab is tied for the league lead in +/-

  16. Shamrock says:

    Funny how this time last year this site was filled with draft talk debate,, not sure we will have much time to debate our draft picks before the actual draft this year..

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      I hope commandant does his Top60 again. Gives a very good perspective on how the draft may play out.

      Plus, with the Habs having so many upper tier picks, they may be able to snag players that dropped in the first round of the draft for unknown reasons, but have a lot of upside. High risk-reward picks.

  17. HardHabits says:

    Looks like CBC is finally waking up. Leafs-Devils only being diffused in Ontario. Habs-Bruins nationwide.

  18. Shamrock says:

    I was reading some earlier posts and Holy Crap this was funny From Storman another one of his beauties this deserves a re-post

    From Stu Cowan above
    “Bergeron’s absence leaves a large hole in the Bruins’ lineup”
    Should read slight correction
    “Bergeron’s absence leaves largely only aholes in the Bruins’ lineup”

  19. leehammer says:

    Interesting to compare the leading scorer pt totals for Bos and Mon:

    Mon: 31,30,30,27,24,22,22,
    Bos: 31,30,30,27,26,22,21,

    Very similar. The two teams have quite a balanced attack at the top.

  20. Timo says:

    So in the lineup tonight:

    – Moen
    – Prust
    – Blunden
    – White
    – Brewskie
    – Boullion

    If Habs get physically dominated tonight get rid off all these bozo’s before next year.

    Wouldn’t hurt if Pacioretty decided to play his size.

  21. leehammer says:

    That poll question is really begging for an “all of the above” option

  22. LePriceisRight says:

    Pleks will only play if he’s 100%. I don’t think we need him to beat this team. Halpern and White have the that 3rd and 4th line grit down the center. Gallychenyuk has much to prove and all the talent to back it up unlike those ugly big nosed plug Booins minus Seguin.

    Stick to the system and don’t chase the puck in the D-zone on breakdowns.

  23. Timo says:

    I’d say sit Pleks tonight. No need to rush him. With Carey Price in net his presence might not matter anyway.

  24. D Mex says:

    Hindsight Poll Question :
    — WHICH team won the Taylor vs Tyler draft lottery : EDM or BOS ?

    ALWAYS Habs –
    D Mex

    • Storman says:

      Hard to answer but i know who did not win,, Toronto,,

    • Vinny Red says:

      Depends how you look at it. Boston won a cup, which Seguin contributed towards, however Hall is on FIRE this year, it really has been his coming out party IMO (41 pts, 13g, 28a in only 34 games). I think it’s a wash. Both players bring something to the table, tyler is the better all around player, but hall will always put up more points

  25. L Elle says:

    I pick Bergeron as my poll choice. He grew up a Nordiques fan. He has stated repeatedly that he hated the Habs growing up. He’s a Bruin – automatic hate. 😉

    What’s worse? A man stabbing another, or a guy just standing around watching, not doing anything?

  26. B says:

    A goal and an assist for Nokelainen last night, he must be starting to get his timing back after not playing for so long during his injury. It doesn’t hurt to have another right handed center on the depth chart, especially one with significant NHL experience. I noticed he was drafted higher than Leblanc.

    –Go Habs Go!–

    • LizardKing12 says:

      When Nokelainen was draft he was expected to be much more of an offensive threat than he turned out to be. A big part of that might be the fact that he blew out his knee early in his career and apparently was never the same afterwards.

  27. Storman says:

    Tomas Plekanec is day to day, but in the picture above he looks just about ready..or minute to minute

  28. frontenac1 says:

    Hola Amigos! Big game tonight. Going to the store for provisions. Single Malt,Guinness and smokes. Then stopping off at the Legion for some pints with the Lads.TU-74 will be laying out Bruins like those Ruskies did to the Nazis in Berlin. Vas-y les Boys!!!

  29. HardHabits says:

    IMHHO they shouldn’t rush Plekanec. Groin injuries are deceptive and easily aggravated which could lead to a worse injury. Plekanec 100% for the play-offs is more important than tonight’s 2 points.

  30. Timo says:

    I think Budaj should start tonight.

  31. savethepuck says:

    Glad to see only a few posts saying it should of been Budaj instead of Carey (the Rodney Dangerfield of H I/O ). I will never understand the dislike for him by some on here. There are at least 25 other GM’S who would love to have him. All hockey media, including those that never gives Habs any credit, consider him an elite goalie. That fact that a new GM came in this summer from another organization and realized his first priority was to sign Carey long term should tell people what management across the NHL thinks of him.
    Some just don’t respect or like him, but there are a few that give the impression that they hate the guy. I just don’t understand it.

    “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
    Carey Price

    • D Mex says:

      Agree, and I would add just one line to your post above :
      >> Name one (1) NHL starting goaltender you would rather see in CH.

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

      • savethepuck says:

        I was just thinking there may be 5 stupid NHL GM ‘s. ;).

        “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
        Carey Price

      • Vinny Red says:

        Brodeur, today, 10 years ago, even in a back up role, I’d take him. And that’s not a slight against Price, because other then Marty there is no other goalie I’d like to see in the CH (and that being said, how many other goalies could stand living in a constant pressure cooker that Montreal is??)

  32. s33saw says:

    I’d like to point out that we will probably also be missing our best player so net-net we’re not at a huge advantage for tonight imo

  33. Stevie.Ray says:

    I hope Mantha flips the bird to 29 other teams when he goes in for draft interviews.

  34. piper says:

    Bergeron is IMO the Bruins best player and he’s out but I’m sure someone like Seguin will step it up for them. Still gonna be a very tough game for the Habs. Hope we don’t get more injuries but probably will tonight.

  35. Stu Cowan says:

    Have some people asking why not an “all of the above” option for latest poll question. That would be too easy. You have to pick one … which won’t be easy for Habs fans.

  36. HabinBurlington says:

    Can’t wait for game tonight, feels like the playoffs. Thought I would rekindle why I am so passionate about being a Hab fan. So if you have 8 minutes click and enjoy!

  37. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    PK getting his back ready for Marchand…my all-time favorite hit…

    “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

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