Plekanec’s status will be a game-time decision

Tomas Plekanec, who missed Thursday’s game against the Winnipeg Jets with a groin injury, took to the ice Saturday morning with his Canadiens teammates in Brossard as they prepared to face the Boston Bruins Saturday night at the Bell Centre (7 p.m., CBC, RDS, TSN Radio 690).

P.K. Subban did not skate Saturday morning instead using it as “therapy” time, but will play against the Bruins. Plekanec will be a game-time decision.

Canadiens coach Michel Therrien had listed Plekanec as “day-to-day”, but his policy this season has been to err on the side of caution when bringing players back from injuries.

The forward lines for the morning skate were: Gionta-Plekanec-Ryder; Pacioretty-Desharnais-Gallagher; Galchenyuk-Eller-Prust ; Moen-Halpern-White; Blunden-Dumont-Bourque. The defence pairings were: Gorges-Weber; Markov-Emelin; Bouillon-Drewiske; with Kaberle the odd man out again.

Carey Price will be in net.

As for the Bruins, they’re missing 2012 Selke Trophy winner Patrice Bergeron. He’s out with what has been described as a “moderate” concussion after getting hit with an inadvertent elbow from Ottawa’s Colin Greening. Moderate or not, there has to be concern because this is Bergeron’s fourth concussion since 2007.

Bergeron’s absence leaves a large hole in the Bruins’ lineup. He’s Boston’s top scorer with 31 points and leads the NHL with a 61.5 per cent success rate on faceoffs.

(File photo by Dario Ayala/The Gazette)

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  1. GGtheHab says:

    Really had to put some thought into that poll, but looks like most agree with me that little dicknose is the most hated..even moreso than the gorilla Chara and cromagnon man Lucy.

    • 100HABS says:

      For me, definitely Chara.
      1 – what he did to Pacioretty
      2 – he’s a cheap shot and gets away with it because he’s so f*&îng big
      3 – of all those players, he’s also the ones who hurts us most on the outcome of the game

      • GGtheHab says:

        Chara was my initial reaction as well for those same reasons, then lucic because he only fights with smaller guys..but Marchand is a weasel…Bruins lead the league in ugly players when u think of it..horton..the 4 on the list..HATE the bruins…c’mon habs lets win tonight

        • REB says:

          Komisarek wasn’t smaller. Let’s admit it, Lucic is an excellent power forward, and if he was on the Habs, we would love him.

          • Dunboyne Mike says:

            Lucic has many qualities: size, skill, competitiveness, etc.

            But he’s dirty, prefers to play Big Boy with guys who are smaller than he is, hits goalies.

            As with Marchand (who’s even worse), he is too impoverished in the class department — for me anyway — to be welcome on Montreal.

          • D Mex says:

            I’ll just point out that Rick Nash left his feet to hit Price this week, and it was the 2nd time he left his feet to deliver a cheap-shot in the slot area in a 7-day stretch without so much as a ” whoa ” from the league.

            Not a Bruin, I know, but he deserves DIS-honourable mention here IMO.

            ALWAYS Habs –
            D Mex

      • Danno says:

        I do however like he how takes stupid penalties which cost the Bruins the game and also how he scores on his own goal. Poor Lurch then has to go and play some sad songs on his harpsichord!

        Ferrence the finger should also be up there as well.


        “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
        Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        I’m sure you were watching and therefore saw how Chara can also HELP us on the outcome of the game!

        17 mins in the box! We win!

        9 seconds on the clock, Chara tips in the tying goal… for us!

        Go Big Z!

  2. habsfan0 says:

    Pleks to be a game time decision.
    I think it would be prudent of MT to err on the side of caution and rest Pleks tonight. What’s the point of him playing,reaggravating his groin injury,and then having to sit out additional games down the stretch? Galchenyuk did not look out of place playing centre,his natural position,the other night against the Jets.Grant it, the Bruins aren’t the Jets,but competing against superior opposition is how an athlete hones his skills.

    • JF says:

      Agreed. We need Plekanec to be 100% down the stretch and into the playoffs. And it’s good for Eller to have more responsibility as well as for Galchenyuk to play centre.

  3. WindsorHab-10 says:

    We should cream those guys tonight. 4 pt game, I don’t want to hear any excuses. Biggest game of the year. I hate those friggin bastards. Bury those SOB’s.

  4. AH says:

    LOL!, just read the poll question, where’s the “all of the above equally” option? When I read that list I think about when there are potatoe chips placed in front of me, impossible to eat just one; in this case, impossible to pick just one of those dicks!

  5. Storman says:

    From Stu Cowan above
    “Bergeron’s absence leaves a large hole in the Bruins’ lineup”
    Should read slight correction
    “Bergeron’s absence leaves largely only aholes in the Bruins’ lineup”

  6. Storman says:

    Pk Subban misses morning skate to go for therapy , I guess you can only take so much abuse from the officiating before you need to go talk to someone about it..

  7. HabinBurlington says:

    Amongst all the stories of concussions etc.. here is a nice story on how the kid from Winnipeg, Redmond is making a recovery from a near fatal freak accident a couple months back.

  8. HabFab says:

    HabsWorld ranks the top prospects for March;

    • ABHabsfan says:

      I like to think I know pretty much all of the Habs prospects and where they play due in large part to links from this site; buy who is Joey Tenute and where did he come from?
      Tokarski putting up great numbers despite not winning a lot.

      “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
      Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Local Hamilton player who has played in Europe the last few seasons. Originally drafted by Devils in 2003, appears to be career AHL/Europe player.

  9. WindsorHab-10 says:

    After the game tonight I’d like the media to ask that fat useless coach of the Bruins to explain himself about calling the Habs divers & embellishers also whether or not he watches any film of his team doing just that every friggin game.

  10. HabinBurlington says:

    Evidently Randy Carlyle has asked the Maple Leafs organization to customize this product in order to make it usable for his players while on the ice.


  11. piter says:

    I was checking the team rankings on tsn, and of course Boston is still ahead of our Habs. We’re 3rd, Boston is 2nd, and Chicago first. It says Boston has been struggling on the pp, and the addition of Jagr will help. They are 2-4-2 in their last 8 games. All season they have been ahead of us on them rankings. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, they do have the Laffs in 6th. 6th!!!!! Ahead of alot of teams that should be in front of them, Ottawa, L.A. It shows TSN has a definite bias when making up this list. We all knew that already, it’s just so “in your face” now. Just like TSN loves the Laffs, they really don’t like the Habs making waves. I’ve tried to leave messages after a game, but the moderator never posts them. They choose all messages to be displayed, and if you criticize a star player, the officiating, a dirty play, or even their own bias to certain teams, you will not see your post. No post, no explanation why it has not been posted. If you can’t praise them for their story, or take their side, your post will be ignored. They really should change their name to “Toronto Maple Leafs Sports Network”. Their love for the Laffs is fine, but just give credit where credit is due. It must really bug them that the Habs have improved sooo much from last season. This year they can no longer take the spotlight away from how bad the Leafs are, by shining it on a team that was almost last in the league. Now thats a real story for them to write, from almost last in the East, to almost first in the East. Anyway, sorry everyone, just clearing my head before the big game tonite. We will win tonite, the key is to use our speed. Chip the puck in and blow right by the pylons like we did in the playoff games last season. I feel better, thanks. GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Loonie says:

      TSN’s love for the Leafs is matched only by CBC’s for the Bruins.

    • The Cat says:

      Why dont I ever hear about their bias for Carey Price?

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

      • Loonie says:

        That isn’t a bias, it’s a consensus among the vast majority of hockey media, executives, management, coaches and players.

        They’re all wrong about Price, you’re right about him.

        • The Cat says:

          Well yeah, the media’s always wrong about praising rival teams but when its raving about the habs theyre always right…But thanks for saying Im right, Im sure its hard for a know-it-all to admit such a thing.

          [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

          • Loonie says:

            What does praising an opposing team have to do with dismissing another?

            Had you noticed that the Bruins typically play their weekend games in the afternoon and that the reason the game tonight is to be nationally televised is because it’s the Bruins and not the Habs?

    • otter649 says:

      The guy who does power ratings for The Toronto Sun has had Bruins ahead of Habs all season last two weeks Bruins 3rd & Habs 5th…….

    • The Juice says:

      Everything written above is 100% accurate.


      “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high!”

  12. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Hudon took some big shots last night in his debut last night…won’t survive if he’s not more wary. The last shot was given by Deveaux who started throwing punches at Tinordi with a full face shield…what a coward. Welcome to the pros…

    “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  13. Strummer says:

    The “World’s Greatest Rock ‘n Roll Band” takes a backseat to the NHL playoffs.

    Stones’s 50th anniversary tour stops

    “which kick off with a Los Angeles date in early May on a date to be determined by the NHL playoff schedule”

    Edit- It used to be the other way around when NHL teams would have to accommodate concerts at their home rinks

    “I was born in a crossfire hurricane”

  14. jimmy shaker says:

    Well Budaj should be starting, but c’mon carey make a big statement to the cubs tonight!

    Shaker out!

  15. Caesar says:

    Does anyone know where Mac Bennet is and has he reached the end of the line? Seeme he faded into the background after the last draft

  16. adamkennelly says:

    time for Ryan White to do something tonight..maybe a scrap w/ Campbell…

    • Mr. Biter says:

      Only if MT lets go on the reins he’s got White on. My only complaint about MT’s coaching this year. Look at the eyes on White. Last year when he came back fire in the eye’s. Earlier in year the same. Now just a dim light.

      Mr. Biter
      No Guts No Glory

  17. HabFab says:

    The scouts from NHL Central Scouting begin 5 day meetings to determine their Final Rankings of the Draft Eligible kids for this year;

    • Loonie says:

      Items on the agenda.

      1. Better ways to transport a half ton of coffee.
      2. Is 6’2 the new 6’0 and how it translates to better skill.
      3. Video review of cowardly European hockey.

  18. HabinBurlington says:

    Islanders, Rangers and Devils could all creep closer to Leafs in standings tonight, should be some interesting scoreboard watching to go along with watching our Habs tonight. If indeed the Leafs go on a few game losing streak, all bets are off on how the media here in T.O. will start screaming. Could be entertaining!

    • frozengolf says:

      Wouldn’t it be funny to see the Leafs go on their annual year end loosing streak and miss the playoffs for the 8th straight time! I would love that!

      “We know that hockey is where we live, where we can best meet and overcome pain and wrong and death. Life is just a place where we spend time between games.”

      • Caesar says:

        I would love to play the Leafs in the playoffs. 4 games of
        Bob Cole trying to compare Reimer’s gsaves oooh baby with the puck hitting Price square in the chest.Then there would be Don Cherry… an there is only 1 way that series would finish Mtl 4-0

    • Mike D says:

      Morning Gerald. I’d love it if the Leafs were teetering between 8th and 9th when we play them to close the season, and a Habs victory knocks them out of the playoffs.

      On the other hand, those truculent Leafs could soften Pitt up for us if they remain in 1st.

      – Honestly yours
      Twitter: @de_benny

    • Loonie says:

      The only games the Leafs should be easily favoured to win the rest of the way are a pair against the Panthers and Lightning, and they’re in a back to back set.

      Leafs’ opponents over the next eight games are Devils, Rangers, Rangers, Habs, Devils, Capitals, Islanders and Senators.

      They need ten points out of that set to assure themselves a playoff spot.

      Two losses to the Devils could have them on the outside looking in.

    • Mavid says:

      include the Sens in that..I am hoping the wheels fall off..three in a row..

  19. Danno says:

    He’s no doctor, but Leafs coach Randy Carlyle certainly is an imbecile


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

    • Mike D says:

      Mark Recchi is both a doctor AND an imbecile. Take that Carlyle!!!

      – Honestly yours
      Twitter: @de_benny

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      I don’t remember him being such a neanderthal as a player…a shame.

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • Red says:

      For some reason this paragraph in the Michael Grange story stood out for me.

      Meanwhile the Leafs are in sixth place and poised to make some noise in an Eastern Conference playoff picture that features the Pittsburgh Penguins and perhaps the Boston Bruins as clear favourites but is otherwise wide open.

      • The Juice says:

        Makes your blood boil doesn’t it!


        “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high!”

  20. mdp2011 says:

    Hmm, lets hope it’s just a maintenance day for PK.

    @MAGodin: Subban the only one missing this morning.

    Edit: @CanadiensMTL: Therapy day for P.K. Subban. He isn’t on the ice for the morning skate.

  21. Stanley says:

    My Prediction is that whoever wins tonight’s game will win the Division.

    “Good things happen to those who hustle.”

  22. Loonie says:

    Rene Bourque taking part in the morning skate too.

  23. Fransaskois says:

    What happens in 2016 when our forwards could potentially look like this?

    Pacioretty – Galchenyuk – Gallagher
    Bourque- Eller – Kristo
    Leblanc – Desharnais/Plekanec – Collberg

    Tinordi – Subban
    Beaulieu – Gorges
    Dietz/Nygren – Emelin


    I am excited but I really hope that this next draft brings in some grittier/2 way forwards like De La Rose or Horvat. The future looks… interesting. Kinda small but interesting nonetheless.

    • habsgod says:

      your also forgetting hudon,vail ,bozon,holland,,bournival,thrower, and this years draft class because timmins will find us some real gems

    • Loonie says:

      I think it’s too early to judge what the team will look like in two to three years(and I’m look ahead as much as anyone).

      Price, Desharnais, Pacioretty, Moen and Prust are the only players to have been given long term contracts by Bergevin and your lineup includes only two players drafted under his leadership.

      This team could go any number of ways in the next couple of years.

      But agree with you that it will have to acquire more players with the combination of size and skill.

      • Fransaskois says:

        Well, not so much forgetting those players as I am not including those players. Kinda just chose guys that I thought could be on the team by then based on their maturity (like fine wines) and where their potential could land them. I might switch Collberg and Bournival.

        I think the whole Plekanec-Desharnais situation will have a huge impact on the team in regards to what they’ll get back in the trade. If Desharnais stays it’s hard to see the team icing Desharnais, Hudon, Gallagher, Collberg, Leblanc and Kristo in the top 9. I think it’s possible but boy o boy is that a tender group.

        • Loonie says:

          Well I don’t want to put fear in your mind but Desharnais isn’t part of that conversation in my opinion.

          I think the decision will be between Eller and Plekanec.

          • Fransaskois says:

            There is real fear, Loonie. I would much rather have two centres that can fill tougher minutes and take up equal parts offensive and defensive zone-starts, with Galchenyuk taking up the soffer offensive minutes rather than Desharnais. Versatility to play at both ends of the ice among forward/center groups could be a real bonus.

            Guess it depends on how Eller progresses.

          • Loonie says:

            I suggest you get in touch with Eller and Plekanec’s agents in an effort to have them convince their employers to change their last names to Allaire and Plantier.

  24. kempie says:

    Just saw this:

    John Lu ‏@JohnLuTSNMtl 3m
    #Habs Plekanec prior to morning skate in Brossard. Appears good to go tonight vs. Boston.

  25. Adidess says:

    Morning all,

    These Montreal-Boston games are the best. Division lead is on the line again tonight.

    Can’t wait to see us ’embellish’ our way through another win…

    • Loonie says:

      If the Habs win I think Bergevin will feel obligated to add a piece to the puzzle at the deadline…..

      • HabFab says:

        What is this about you wish Emelin would learn to fight that you posted the other day? Guy was a major scrappier before he got his face broken… cannot take a punch to the face so has to hang on with his head down to protect himself. Of course, a-holes like Kane who makes comments like “First time I played the guy without him wearing a cage. And you know he likes to give the big hits so I want to smash his face” All the brownie points he scored with me for punching out Cooke…gone!!!!!!!
        Now where in blazes is my baseball bat?? MARTHA!!!!!!

        • Loonie says:

          I want Emelin to be able to protect himself better than he has been.

          • HabFab says:

            That will be hard with a face that can’t take a hit.

            After watching Moen fight the other night and his general lack of physical play this season. Have to wonder that after his concussion last season, he has been told that he can’t afford another.

          • Loonie says:

            Regarding Moen, is it possible he was told not to skate hard because of this too?

          • HabFab says:

            If my high school physics serves me correctly, doesn’t Acceleration factor into calculating the Force?

          • Loonie says:

            Haha. What did biology tell you about heart?

    • Danno says:

      Just on that, did you know Bruins’ coach Claude Julien has his very own brand of Embellish Mints?


      “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
      Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  26. HabFab says:

    NHL Central Scouting releases their NA top ten list by league;

  27. Mavid says:

    you better include me in your brawl..thats all I have to say..gamma or not..I want in..

  28. HabinBurlington says:

    So when the Bulldogs faceoff today against the Dallas Stars AHL team, they will see a familiar face. Mike Commodore signed a tryout with the Texas Stars in March.

  29. HabinBurlington says:

    So James Neal took an elbow to the head from Del Zotto last night and didn’t return to the game. Seems in the past week, players are really starting to drop like flies. If the Pens have lost Neal for any amount of time, they really could struggle down the stretch.

    • JohnBellyful says:

      Maybe HNIC could incorporate a second segment in the first intermission: Concussion Corner. Clips of the previous week’s head shots could be shown to prepare young kids who dream of playing in the NHL. Let them know what lies in store because we’ll still be talking about head shots by the time they’re ready to play professional hockey.
      BTW, here’s one definition of professional, courtesy of the gang at Merriam-Webster: “characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession (2) : exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace.”

      • Loonie says:

        So not every professional is professional?

        • JohnBellyful says:

          That was one definition of professional.
          Another, minted by Bettman, Campbell, Shanahan et al, is: “any action resulting in head trauma that, in the unlikely event a penalty is called, may require supplementary discipline, as determined by a nebulous concept generally, and generously, referred to as a hockey play.”

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Not sure if you saw TSN this morning, but they were interviewing Carlyle regarding Lupul’s injury. Coach almost scoffed at the suggestion of concussion, he clarified that they only use the C word when they are 100% sure. Sure sounds to me like he thinks most of these guys should be playing through the pain almost.

        I always thought from a distance that Carlyle was pretty good coach, but watching him closer now that he is T.O. I am starting to think one day he should be coaching the Bruins.

    • Sportfan says:

      Dropping like flies close to playoff time seems suspicious, imagine if this was a full season we’d be at the mid way point with this injuries. Hopefully this trend stops soon!

  30. Red says:

    Give us a break. Tim Peel in a Montreal/Boston game. Record against Peel this year: 0-2-1

  31. Loonie says:

    I don’t know if that TSN top 50 AHL players ranking is supposed to be indicative of future success but if so their rankings are pretty darn short sighted.

    Here are the top ten scorers in the AHL last season…..

    Chris Bourque, Cory Conacher, Patrick Maroon, TJ Hensick, Keith Aucoin, Trevor Smith, Tyler Johnson, Travis Morin, Ryan Potulny and Kris Newberry. Those players have a combined 59 years of AHL experience during their careers and only two of them have less than three straight seasons in the AHL.

    Needless to say that those players aren’t the cream of the prospect crop being fed into the NHL.

    Is that year an aberration? Nope. The previous year had Corey Locke, Alexandre Giroux, Jason Krog, Darren Haydar, Nigel Dawes, Marc Antoine-Pouliot, Brad Moran, Keith Aucoin, Ben Walter and TJ Hensick. 74 years of AHL experience among that group.

    I’m not sure what that TSN list is supposed to indicate.

    • The Juice says:

      Its an AHL player ranking, not an NHL prospect ranking…


      “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high!”

  32. HabinBurlington says:

    It may be interesting to see how Leblanc finishes out the year in Hamilton, there is a bit more talent upfront on that team now. Should help him.

    • christophor says:

      I’m not counting Leblanc out yet. I still would bet on him becoming a good 3rd line player who can step into the top lines if need be. Really, really, rough year, and his time in Hamilton has coincided with Hamilton’s dark ages.

  33. Skeptical says:

    Don’t take the Bruins lightly. Two totally different teams. They play to win at all cost. If it means breaking your legs, back, arms, oh yes driving your head into a stanchion as long as they win. All that stuff is good stuff to them.

    The Habs come to win with speed and skill very little dirty stuff. Not to say we’re angels, sometimes we get a little carried away but not to the extreme of the Bruins. If we don’t try to play their style. We’ll have a good chance of winning.

    Not to be fooled by Bergeron being out, MR. Jagr will fill in for him just fine and the Bruins won’t miss a beat. Good Luck Habby’s.

  34. cbcsucks says:

    God how I hate the Bruins! But the best rivalry in sports,bar none. Out in eastern Canada and have to put up with the freakin leafs, thank god for RDS. Here is hoping CBC loses their contract but not before we put out the leafs and then the bruins in the playoffs. They might even acknowledge that Montreal has a team, but will more likely talk about the bright future of the laffs

    • DadidolizedDougHarvey says:

      25 years ago if you’d asked me about the possibility of HNIC disappearing, I’d have been horrified. Now, well it would be fine with me. The Leaf bias is ridiculous. Personally, I’d like a feed without any voiceovers or commentary at all. Flash the goal/penalty/injury info across the bottom of the screen when necessary, then just amplify the sounds from the rink.

  35. Ian Cobb says:

    Jameson! Boston & Hab fan flash brawl. I’m in! Where do we meet?

    Suggested strategy== Do not hit them in the head, there is nothing there. Just ask them a skill testing question! when they scratch their head, kick to the groin !

  36. Clay says:

    Paying homage to Danno’s sig, here is the video that made the line famous:

    ☞ The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool. ~ Richard Feynman ☜

  37. SlimDiggity says:

    Apologies if this has already been posted. Highlights from last night’s Hamilton vs San Antonio game:

  38. Sportfan says:

    All quiet on the HIO front is this what happens when we win, or the heat is making everyone go outside 😛

  39. habstrinifan says:

    Thank you Monsieur John Bellyful for your wonderful post containing your recommendation for instilling ‘crease clearing’ properties into our defensemen. Not only do I approve but I can vouch to the increase capacity for ‘truculence’ and, as you put it ‘alewill’, that your prescribed medicine gives. I harkened back to my old rabble-rousing days, when similarly fortified, I was known to friend and foe alike as The Black Hellebore. Partly for my good looks of course.

    I have obtained for use this weekend two wagons. One slightly listing and un-sturdy ‘Tank Wagon’ and one koolaid-drenched dusted-out ‘Parade Wagon’. And Mr. Molson has donated a small warehouse of his ill will ale and the wagons are loaded and ready. So in keeping with Boone’s theme of rivalry and John Bellyfull’s veiled call to arms I am asking the following question.

    No guns or weapons! No arrests! Just some real mano-a-mano brawlin’ where you would taste blood..yours and Bruin supporters.
    Are you in? Those under 50 not allowed… You have family and kids who still need you to be ‘setting a good example’.

    Please register below! Don’t worry, we’ll have you home and cooled off just in time for opening face-off.

    Are you in? In this age of Twitter.. we shall have ourselves a flash-brawl.

  40. Mavid says:

    Good Morning all..
    what a great doesn’t get much better than a Habs/Bruins rivalry game.a real rivalry that comes from decades of history and lots of hate…bring it…

  41. HabFab says:

    Habs web site with a NCAA prospect update for the season;

  42. JF says:

    I have a premonition that the Bruins will turn the tables on us by winning tonight and jumping over us in the standings.

  43. Danno says:

    The Habs/Bruins/Simpsons Connection. Homer Simpson is a Habs fan


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  44. JarryPark says:

    How about that Anaheim game. Starting goalie had the flu, back up goalie was late arriving so they went with a 42 year old retired roller hockey goalie. Just imagine if that happened on our team. Price with flu, Budaj late.

    I know Ryder would be available. 🙂

    Sorry for bringing back that memory

    • frozengolf says:

      He was the warm-up goalie, as per

      Drama unfolded before the game when Jonas Hiller was too ill to serve as Fasth’s backup. Rob Laurie, a 43-year-old former professional roller hockey goalie, was signed to a one-day professional tryout contract and took warmups in a No. 43 jersey. His NHL career lasted less than four minutes until minor-league call-up Igor Bobkov arrived to take his place.
      “We know that hockey is where we live, where we can best meet and overcome pain and wrong and death. Life is just a place where we spend time between games.”

      • The Juice says:

        Wonder what he got paid for that appearance?


        “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high!”

    • Gerry H says:

      Second time that’s happened this year, no?

  45. geo_habsgo says:

    Edit, this comment should not have been here.

  46. JohnBellyful says:

    If you’re like me – and those who are, why do we wake up every morning with swollen ankles? – you know the Habs are going to have a tough time making it to the Stanley Cup final. One of the main reasons, cited frequently on this site, is the team’s ineffectiveness at clearing the crease.
    I have the answer, and funnily enough – okay, I’ll let you be the judge of that – it’s the same one Geoff Molson put forward two years ago this week. It didn’t work then only because the experiment wasn’t given enough time to prove its worth.
    With 12 games left in the Canadiens’ schedule – and especially so with the Bruins being the next opponent – I think it’s time to resurrect that earlier scheme.
    Not to put too fine a point on it but the consumption of alcohol has been a part of hockey since the very beginning; how else to explain those hideous uniforms from days gone by?
    Today, alcohol continues to play key role in the sport, for most fans at least, whose enjoyment of the game depends to a large degree on the amount of beer they imbibe, which is perhaps less a reflection on their character than it is a statement about the quality of competition to be seen most nights.
    The truth of that assertion could be turned on its head, however, if it were the athletes who did the imbibing and the fans not so much. How so – hey, there’s no need for name-calling! – you ask. Well, as many fans will tell you – and even post to prove it — alcohol removes inhibitions, the kind that bind one’s tongue, or in the case of Hab rearguards, render them useless in front of the net.
    Consumed in the proper amount, fermented drink can induce an altered state of consciousness, and as I’m suggesting, a superior level of play.
    Yes, that’s what I’m saying: The play of Canadien defencemen in their own end would be greatly improved if they were to down a couple of bottles before every match. Every intruder would be greeted with a measure of hostility so intense, so fierce, so … unrecognizable, that foes would think twice – or, if you’re a Bruin, once, leaving you stunned by the novelty of it all – about setting up camp at Carey Price’s doorstep.
    In unenlightened times this was once referred to as Dutch courage. Today, we’re sophisticated enough to discredit any nationality when labelling this form of artificial bravado.
    Given the capability of the Molson empire to supply an endless supply of liquid combativeness, or alewill, the Canadien brewliners would enjoy a natural advantage over their opponents.
    Let’s be clear, I’m not advocating Hab rearguards become falling-down drunk. I’m talking knocking down drunk, as in toppling the other side’s forwards – while still retaining the ability to skate, pass, shoot and block shots (okay, that’s where the falling down does come in handy).
    Now there is a risk that a few beers before the game won’t have the desired effect on some athletes but will instead reduce them to maudlin heaps of sappy emotions who are more likely to hug a foe than whack him. People, as we know, behave differently while under the influence (Don Cherry being the exception).
    But hyper-gregariousness can be as off-putting as aggressive behavour, so shouldn’t be much of a concern (although the thought of Bouillon wrapping his arm around the upper thigh of an opponent and warbling “Ole, ole, ole” off-key unsettles the mind).
    Speaking of that infernal refrain, I look forward to the day it’s replaced with: “CHug, CHug, CHug!” (akin to what the fans now mutter when they see Moen labouring up the ice.)
    To summarize: As good as the Habs are now, for them to go all the way they will need to be in their cups to win a Cup.
    No two-five without a two-four or two.

    — “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.” —

  47. Captain aHab says:

    OK…let’s say that Eller and Galchenyuk continue the good work while Pleks is away, would you consider trading Pleks before the draft along with our first to move up in the draft? How about with a first and a second to get a top 5 pick? This would not surprise me one bit.

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Not Pleks but I think DD may be the of odd man out here for all the reason you pointed out above, Capt.

      • Captain aHab says:

        The reason I think it would be Pleks and not DD is the francophone factor.

        Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

        • Habfan10912 says:

          You probably are right but on the ice Pleks is our best forward. Sad that language/heritage comes into play at all, eh?

          • B says:

            If Bergevin is presented with a deal that will improve the team he would do it. If he was offered Calgary’s first round picks for Desharnais, I really doubt he would try to talk them into taking Plekanec instead.

            –Go Habs Go!–

    • Habfan17 says:

      Yes I would and Gionta too. The right side is sticked and if the Habs do resign Ryder, then they have Ryder Gallagher and White/Blunden leaving room for only one player on the 3rd line. Perhaps Kristo. It woud also free up cap space to resign Subban and Eller when he comes due.


    • The Juice says:


      Hard to believe as good as Pleks is and has been playing that he continues to be so underrated, even to Habs fans…


      “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high!”

  48. Captain aHab says:

    Didn’t see the game last night but I saw that Leblanc got some sort of player of the game award so maybe he’s getting tired of being passed up on call-ups and the arrival of Kristo is going to kick him into a higher gear.

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

    • HabFab says:

      That award is given out per game to the player deemed to be the “Hardest Worker”.
      Leblanc has played better lately in that he has been working harder. Remember he and Kristo played together back in the AJHL before they went to University.

  49. 25Stanleycups says:

    When is Plex back?

  50. Garbo says:

    It’s gonna be a blowout. 5-1 Habs!

  51. Sportfan says:

    Sigh Jays blew it again…. Not good time to freak out baseball wise? Not yet, but I think they need to wake up soon, or Toronto will go insane haha.

    Ideal day tomorrow Jays win and Habs win!

    • DadidolizedDougHarvey says:

      Starting in the mid-80’s, the English Canadian media (Toronto) and the Blue Jays conspired to marginalize the Expos’ exposure, even though the Expos were as popular across Canada as the Blue Jays. First CTV stopped broadcasting, then CBC, then they were reduced to RDS. A team that had previously commanded healthy interest was reduced to 3rd world status. The Blue Jays can rot in the basement.

    • D Man says:

      The Jays are from Toronto. I could never support a TO based team. I remember when Harold Ballard wouldn’t let the Leafs play the Russians in the 70’s. Everyone feared and hated the Russians then even to the point of cheering for the Flyers. My dad famously said that he hoped Ballard would allow the game so he could watch the Russians kick some Leaf butt.

      You can’t be both a Habs and a Leafs fan

      • DadidolizedDougHarvey says:

        The question was not “did the Expos fans let their team down” that’s a complicated question, they let each other down a lot over the years. And the Blue Jays fans aren’t much better, attendance at Blue Jays games was sinking faster than a Wallace Johnson liner into right field (and if you don’t know who Wallace Johnson is, then the argument’s over and shame on you). And as usual, in true Toronto fashion the splashy trade or big money free agent signing is the salvation. We’ll see…The question is, can/should Montreal Expos fans smoothly transfer their allegiance to the Blue jays? I think only in ignorance of what happened in the 80’s. The national networks decided that Canada needed only one baseball team, and they followed through.. it was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  52. habsfan0 says:

    The visiting team has won each time this year in the 3 games played between the Habs and Bruins.
    The trend will be broken tomorrow night.

  53. Mr. Biter
    We could meet in the middle somewhere? Tavern United or Boston Pizza by the MTS Center would work.

    Can’t confirm anything until I know what the team is doing, there is are a couple Habs fans on the team, so it could be a good one!

    Talk to you tomorrow.

    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures

  54. Storman says:

    Baby Habs win in San Antonio, 4-2 , goal and an assist for Nathan Beaulieu +1, and as previously mentioned Danny Kristo with an assist on the game winning goal in his first AHL game and a +1 on the night

  55. Danno says:

    Buck the Fruins


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  56. Mr_MacDougall says:

    7 points to clinch a playoff spot.

  57. Mr. Biter says:

    Dumont recalled to Habs.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

  58. Mr_MacDougall says:

    Jussi Jokinnen was 13-2 in faceoffs, only regulation goal for Pts along with the SO winner..

    Not that I’d want him a Hab, interesting that he couldn’t be given away a week ago..

  59. immortalhab says:

    Mtl looks so hungry for wins this year. They have restored second period authority and winning has become a habit. MT has done a lot of great things but I think what he really did besides build great chem– no, alchemy to the team is encourage them to continue playing hard, even when were in the lead. For years, Mtl would be up one or two goals and just quit. It was pathetic. It’s fun to watch the multi-goal games they are putting on. Meanwhile, the Boston Tear Party can barely get 2 goals in a game. Not that they should be taken lightly.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Good post. I agree about Boston — don’t take them lightly, but at the same time, let’s not spot them any kind of psychological edge by imagining that they are as good or as big-and-bad as the league and media like to pretend. (Obviously this only an issue for us fans, not for the players).

      Also, I’m finding it hard to recall a previous occasion on HIO when the nebulous qualities of alchemy were invoked in attempting to describe a hockey team. +1!

  60. Sportfan says:

    With the signing of Kristo where does Leblanc go on the depth chart he seems to be losing his place slowly.

    • likehoy says:

      First Line centre.

    • Bill says:

      I don’t think Leblanc and Kristo were projected to be similar players. Leblanc is supposed to be a reliable two way player, while Kristo is supposed to be a dynamic offensive player.

      Comparisons are crude, but I always saw Leblanc as more of a Carbonneau type player, and Kristo as more of Courtnall type player.

      So I don’t think the signing of Kristo really affects Leblanc or his future role on the team. And that’s providing either of them even sticks in the NHL, which remains to be seen, as it does with every prospect.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • Mr. Biter says:

        Unless LL can shake the injury bug he will have trouble making the line up in the future. Having said that,I hope he does play to his full potential as all it will do is make us stronger.

        Mr. Biter
        No Guts No Glory

        • Sean Bonjovi says:

          I think Louis Leblanc (post leg injury) will be, at least a more skilled version of Gabriel Dumont with the potential to someday possibly become as good as Brian Gionta is today. I can see Leblanc breaking into the NHL as a fourth liner.

  61. HabFab says:

    Danny Kristo scores his first AHL point with a 2nd period assist.

  62. HabFab says:

    dogsplaybyplay .@BulldogsAHL – forward lines: Hudon-Tenute-Holland / Bournival-Nokelainen-Leblanc / Archambault-Belzile-Kristo / Hagel-Stortini-Quailer

    Vail appears the odd man out tonight.

    • Mr. Biter says:

      I wondered what happened to Noke. Did he clear waivers or is he on a 2 way contract?

      Mr. Biter
      No Guts No Glory

      • J Haul says:

        My guess would be he’s down on a 2 week conditioning stint after injury. Don’t need to clear waivers for that.

        Just an educated guess though, based on the fact that I hadn’t heard any announcement from the team. I could be totally wrong. :p

  63. jols101 says:

    Sens and Leafs both have their sights set on 6th place. Playing the winner of the SE division is the easiest possible 1st round match up.

    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      I think that whichever one of Washington or Tampa Bay wins the SE would beat the Toronto or Ottawa if Toronto and Ottawa can even hang on to playoff spots. I predict that the Capitals will finish with 50 points, and I think the Caps have a better team than either city in Ontario. The Lightning could lose their last twelve games or Ben Bishop could have twelve more 45 save shutouts, and I haven’t a clue which is more likely, but if they make a run I wouldn’t want to play them in the first round If I’m the Leafs or the Senators. Also, I believe both Winnipeg and Carolina are out of the race.

  64. The Teacher says:

    To be honest. I have not one iota of sorrow for Boston’s injuries. Karma, I say.

    • The Juice says:

      Bergeron is not a bad guy and I wish him well in his recovery…but I won’t miss him tomorrow.


      “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high!”

  65. Mr. Biter says:

    Sholi2000, sorry no way I can meet with you. Like I said the boy is also in a tournament and plays at 1:30 and damn it at 6:30 so I’m going to have to VCR the game on CBC and watch it after.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

  66. Harditya says:

    That Rangers-Penguins game has become really nasty. Rangers score with 4 minutes left in the game to make it 1-1.

  67. zorro says:

    Rangers score 1-1

  68. SnowManHabs85 says:

    Pits 1-0 against Rangers…

    Win is a win, but I hope we win.

  69. sreuel says:

    Boston has a whole at defense ? They got a shut out last game ??

  70. Mondou6 says:

    This is a weird season for us, because we had low expectations, and now we find ourselves up there in points with the favorites.

    We’ve already beaten the Bruins a couple times, I don’t feel any sense of urgency with this game, as if we have “something to prove”.

    The playoffs are a new season, and it doesn’t matter at all where you are seeded. I’d almost prefer that we didn’t have the top seed. I don’t think it matters at all for our team. Maybe it’s better we have a lower seed to prevent our team from thinking they are better than they really are.

    I’m at the point where I’m ready for the playoffs to start, and I’ll take any seed. I think we have a puncher’s chance, as much as anyone, outside of maybe Pittsburgh.

    • habstrinifan says:

      This game isnt important so much for seeding, although if we beat the Bruins and add to our lead atop the division it will be a huge confidence boost. The team has to be mentally gearing themselves for the playoffs. They know they are in. So the challenge would be to maintain, as Gionta said on RDS, a consistency of effort and rythym. That consistency must be maintained against the ‘better’ or ‘more difficult’ teams which have historically been our fiercest competitors.. Philly/Boston/Leafs. Gionta himself said their effort against Philly was sub par.. and must be avoided.

      You may not feel a sense of urgency. But every player today on every ‘playoff bound’ team is starting to feel that sense of urgency. And playing well, with success, against teams recognized as top playoff teams will lend excitement to that ‘sense of urgency’ just as losses to these teams will inject doubts and thoughts of ‘reworking your game’.

      I havent been in the situtation in hockey. But I have been in high level soccer as player and as coach.. and I know whereof I speak.

      The coaching staff of course is very important at this stage. But nothing gears you up for championship series like success well earned in preceeding games.

      It’s not a case of ‘having something to prove’ but more of ‘proving that your game is sound’.

      • HardHabits says:

        This is the proverbial 4 point game, unless it goes to OT in which case it becomes a 2 point game (NHL math is advanced math). This game is all about seeding and all about sole possession of 1st place in the Eastern Division.

        Measuring stick.


  71. lavie says:

    Pricey or Budajay?

  72. slapshot777 says:

    So no chance we see Plekanec on Saturday, or Bourque for that matter.

    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  73. Mondou6 says:


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