No changes expected to Habs lineup against Leafs

The Canadiens are expected to use the same lineup that beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 6-5 in a shootout Thursday when the Toronto Maple Leafs visit the Bell Centre Saturday night (7 p.m., CBC, RDS, TSN Radio 690).

Carey Price, who is still recovering from a lower-body injury suffered at the Sochi Olympics, won’t dress, with Peter Budaj making his third straight start. Dustin Tokarski, called up from the Hamilton Bulldogs to replace Price, will fill the backup role again.

Price, who is listed as day-to-day, will travel with the team on next week’s West Coast road trip.

“He’s doing well right now. He’s doing better, so that’s a good sign,” coach Michel Therrien told reporters about Price after Friday’s practice in Brossard.

Michael Bournival, recovering from a concussion, took part in Saturday’s morning skate wearing a no-contact jersey and isn’t ready for game action. Ryan White, who is battling the flu, also skated but isn’t expected to play tonight. George Parros would take White’s spot. Brandon Prust is also out with an upper-body injury.

Therrien is looking forward to the Hockey Night in Canada showdown against Toronto.

“Teams understand, especially at this time of the year, that two points are crucial,” the coach said Friday. “So I’m expecting an intense game like we always have when they’re playing us. It’s always a special time when you play the Leafs, especially on a Saturday night. They’re fun games to be part of, but both teams understand that this is a race to make it to the playoffs.”

After facing the Leafs, the Canadiens will head out on a four-game West Coast trip next week with stops in Los Angeles on Monday, Anaheim on Wednesday, Phoenix on Thursday and San Jose on Saturday.

On Friday night, the St. Louis Blues acquired goaltender Ryan Miller and forward Steve Ott from the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for former Habs goalie Jaroslav Halak, Chris Stewart, William Carrier, a first-round draft pick in 2015 and a third-round pick in 2016.

Here’s the projected Habs lineup to face the Leafs:


 (Photo by John Kenney/The Gazette)

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  1. BriPro says:

    New thread.

  2. NiagaraHabsFan says:

    With the recent St. Louis Buffalo trade, some are saying other contenders in the west are feeling the pressure to “keep pace” with St. Louis. The trade value for Markov must have jumped. Will he be traded? What will it take for MB to pull the trigger?

    • ProHabs says:

      It will take balls and a realization that it is the right thing to do to move this franchise closer to its ultimate goal.

      • NiagaraHabsFan says:

        As much as I’d like to see it happen- not because i don’t like AM, I really do- its hard to see it happening. One can only hope..

        A first rounder and a prospect is better than nothing.

  3. BriPro says:

    The HIO fans and our Habs!

    I don’t want to work
    I want to bang my keyboard all day
    I know what to say
    I want to bitch about the coach all day

    Ever since I was an HIO boy
    I don’t want bad hockey
    I don’t want to be toyed
    I read some shtick on our old hockey clan
    I bang on the keys ’til I got
    Blisters on my hands because

    They don’t want to work
    They want to bang their keyboards all day
    They know what to say
    They want to bitch about the coach all day

    When I defend MT they think I’m a fool
    The commentariat think that I should be schooled
    Games catch me pounding on the desk with my hands
    But their licks are so hot
    Habs make the die-hards wanna dance
    And that’s why

    I don’t want to work
    I want to bang my keyboard all day
    I’ll mostly complain
    Catch my whining about the coach all day

    Listen to this
    Every game watching our team work
    I feel so frustrated
    The coach is a jerk
    And I get my sticks and go out to the shed
    And I pound on the puck like it was the GM’s head

    I don’t want to work
    I want to comment the game all day
    I know what to say
    I want to bitch about the team and PK

    I can beat that bum
    Hey, you wanna take a shot at it?
    We can do this all day

  4. Habilis says:

    Saw a few Leafers in downtown Montreal this morning, sporting their jerseys of course.

    Is it legal to punch someone in the neck because of their hockey affiliation? Asking for a friend.

    • Frank2468 says:

      I hear you. I was talking to one of the crew that looks after the team during practice in Brossard. It was a couple years ago and the guy was telling me he spoke to a few Leafs fans coming out of the Bell Center. They were being typical Leafs fans yelling carrying on cheering making fun of the Habs. Well he told them “Guys I know your happy the Leafs won and that’s good, but remember where you are cause if you continue someone will walk up to you and punch your lights out so behave.

  5. Timo says:

    So no changes to the lineup means Murray, Parros, Tiny are in. That’s not bad in case things start getting a bit dicey. If it were last year I’d say hopefully Emelin smokes Kadri but the way he’s been playing… let’s hope he just doesn’t cause 2-3 goals tonight

    • Mr. Biter says:

      All 3 would have been in any circumstances and also White if he was not with the Flu.

      Mr. Biter
      No Guts No Glory

      • Timo says:

        Can Weise throw them?

        • ProHabs says:

          He had a great scrap with Nathon Horton the first game back between Boston and Vancouver after they met in the Stanley Cup final. He doesn’t win much but he is not bad.

          • Mr. Biter says:

            Yeah a game competitor but loses more than he wins. Having said that since he arrived or record has been pretty good and with White and Moen/Prust/Parros you have a an excellent 4th “Energy” line. Probably the best 4th line we’ve had in years. Now if MB could fix the 2nd and 3rd line as easy, we’d be laughing.

            Mr. Biter
            No Guts No Glory

  6. Frank2468 says:

    Well it could very well be a tough night, no Prust shoulder Again!!! no White think he’s still blowing chunks from the flu and No Price lower body. Well thank god we still have Gorges with his Rahh Rahh and pom poms. I just have one request can we send Parros on the ice when Kadri is on just for one thing and that would be to drive that little punk through the end boards and have the ice crew use a spatula to remove him from the boards please. Everyone talks about PK when he celebrates a goal. Kardi looks up to the sky yells his head off and it looks like he thinks he’s the hulk.

  7. Prop says:

    I’ll be watching the game at the Irish Embassy tonight. Hopefully the Habs burn the Leafs!


  8. Plekasuares says:

    Montreal has easily the worst goal song in the league. It’s brutal.

    • johnnylarue says:

      Agree. In all seriousness, if I were a Hab that song would act as a deterrent to scoring goals.

      Celine singing “‘Cuz I’m your laaaaaaaaadeeee…!” every time the home team scores would be a marginal improvement.

    • CJ says:

      It’s too bad, because we have the best song IMO. It’s just not in use. L’Oreille I think…

  9. habsfan0 says:

    What’s a better bet this weekend?
    Habs beat Leafs,or Toronto mayor Rob Ford cops an Oscar tomorrow night when he appears at the Academy Awards?

  10. punkster says:

    I’d like to see Larry and Chucky used more often and particularly on the PP.

    Release the Subbang!!!

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Dave, that’s my biggest beef with Therrien (Matty’s not looking is he?). For all intents and purposes Galchenyuk is the best player in his draft class. He should be playing top line minutes with all of its important assignments.

  11. SmartDog says:

    — A Preview of the 2014 NHL Draft —-
    “Hi everyone. And Welcome to the 2014 NHL draft!
    “I know you’re excited. I am excited. So I know YOU are excited. That’s how I know.
    “With the Buffalo Sabres holding 29 of the 30 first round picks, we’re going to save time by just listing their 18 player picks on the wall.
    “There. That’s done. Congratulations to all the players and their families.
    “And now we’ll jump to the other team with a first round selection – the Montreal Canadiens – who will pick effectively 19th.
    “Congratulations to Montreal for being the one team not will to ‘gamble their future’ on a trade or attempt to make their team better in any significant way. Way to hold the course Montreal. Vive la defference” as they say in French. And I know how important French is to you – and to your fans. The other 29 teams and their fans would like to thank you for your loyalty to the French language as it helps to make the league more competitive.
    “Speaking of fans. Let me take this opportunity to say to we have the best fans in the world. That’s you. The best fans. In the world. The best. And thank you.”
    “And now back to Buffalo. I think you’re gonna like this. Really, you are…

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  12. thebonscott says:

    i got a feeling the offers for markov are gonna be irresistible, say bye bye to markie guys and gals

    C’mon guys this is not rocket surgery!!!!

    • Mr. Biter says:

      MB may have no choice. How often do Habs GM’s go public with contract offers , like never. If AM wants 6M for 3 years MB is crazy to give him and his knees (and age) that type of money. perhaps a 3 year for 12M would be livable. MB coming out early offering 6M for 1 year and AM saying he wants 3 years and then the sudden recall of Tinordi, may bring in the end of the AM era.
      Having said that, there may not be all that many teams who also would want AM for 3 years as now everything’s in the open.

      Mr. Biter
      No Guts No Glory

  13. Timo says:

    Ok, chicken wings have been purchased. You all might as well just save 3 hours of your time and watch/do something else tonight.

  14. DipsyDoodler says:

    Anyone else watching True Detective?

  15. jols says:

    66% of fans on this site think Therrien is a buffoon. Much lower than other sites like HF boards or even the number geeks over at EOTP. It’s running closer to 80%. The minority that like him are fooled by our position in the standings – this team is going to get demolished in the 1st round of the playoffs like it did last year.

    Those that dislike him see a coach that wouldn’t have a job in the NHL if he didn’t speak French. See a guy who treats our Norris trophy winning dman as a second class citizen. We see that he has already ruined Eller’s confidence this year. We also see a coach that is treating our best young talent in decades as a 4th line grinder. If Galchenyuk’s confidence isn’t yet shot like Eller’s is, it soon will be. We see a coach that is killing the young core of this team in favor of playing vets with no future on this team and nobodies that will never bring this team to the promised land. Therrien has no meritocracy whatsoever, if he likes a player, that player can make turn over after turn over, miss assignment after assignment and keep getting ice-time out his pie hole. If he dislikes the player, one mistake, and your benched for an entire period. Those that don’t see this must be watching different hockey games than the majority of us.

    • D Mex says:

      66% huh ? Wow !
      Good thing a hockey team isn’t a democracy.
      Good thing ” we ” the mob isn’t running the Habs.

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

    • showey47 says:

      I agree. PK gets benched for one mistake and gorges who is probably our worst dman has never ridden the pine. Another example is DD and eller. It also seems unproductive vet forwards like gionta doesn’t get ice time taken away. Does anybody really think if the 29 other teams had to hire a new coach MT would be on their top 5 or even 10 list? I don’t hate the guy personally,i just don’t think he is a good coach.

      • johnnylarue says:

        Gorges plays to his potential most nights. When PK gets benched, it’s not necessarily because he’s playing worse than Gorges or Douglas Murray–it’s because he’s not playing to his potential. It’s intended as a wake-up call. Same goes for Eller.

        Whether or not this is an effective strategy is up for debate, of course.

        And DD was sent to the press box early in the season, lest we forget. I don’t believe Eller has been a healthy scratch yet this year.

    • JUST ME says:

      Use the word humiliated when you talk about the coach`s treatment towards Eller ,P.K. or whoever millionnaire that needs to be treated as if they were in kindergarden. It makes your argument against anything french stronger…geez…

      I stopped when you used EOTP as a reference…

      The coach is there to coach ,take decisions and make his team win. Period.

  16. habs001 says:

    The Habs have 3/4 points in the last 2 games but if they were playoff games they could be down 2 games…

  17. Ian Cobb says:

    BIG 4 point game tonight! Play off spot at stake!
    Then onto the west swing against L.A., Anaheim, Phoenix,& San Jose. And when we get back, we get Boston.

    Going to be a very tough grind over the next 8 days. We are going to be in or out of the play offs after this road trip me thinks!

  18. The Jackal says:

    MT will be let go one day, and then 5 losses later, the new coach’s job will be in jeopardy. Those who blame the coach all the time will never be satisfied, no matter who is behind the bench.
    There is a small contingent of fans here who blame the coach for everything and who are concerned that he is “ruining” PK as if he was some fragile flower.

    Why are you so prepared to ignore PK’s shortcomings and to ask that he never be reprimanded? They say that PK is the only guy that rides the pine when he makes a bad mistake, but that’s not true – Our coach benches other players – veterans and young players alike after they make bad mistakes. There is no way in which PK is singled out. Then they say that PK wants out because he has not gone to bat for the coach – so what? PK doesn’t have to like MT or be a supporter, he just has to play the team’s game – most of the time he does, but other times he strays too far from the plan and it ends up being costly – he is indeed still learning… what the heck is wrong with that? It only means he is getting better and better.

    I think the exaggerated posts about PK and MT are just made in a blind dislike for MT. You don’t have to like the coach at all but it is important to keep a level perspective of the facts. PK is not being mistreated or driven out of town, neither is Eller. Whatever started this chatter is long dead but the media blew it up enough that it remains a talking point, and some people just want to believe it because it gives them justification.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • showey47 says:

      The thing that bothers me about MT is sure he benches PK but when somebody like gorges makes a mistake there is no benching. When he was hired last year, his first speech was basically “ice time will be earned on performance, not where you were drafted or how much money you make”. Now you can say what did DD do to earn Gallagher on his wing when he had 1 assist in 17 games and all that pp time? What did gorges do to earn PP time? (he has like 2 points in 4 years on the pp). What has gionta done to earn top 6 minutes and PP time? What did Eller do to deserve getting demoted in playing time and wingers? How does your most skilled player in galchenyuk get virtually no PP time? You can go on and on but basically MT has pretty much done the opposite of how he claims ice time is earned. Players are not dumb,they pick up on this stuff and its how dressing rooms become divided. Briere has the 2nd most goals per minutes played behind max pac despite getting 4th line minutes. You would think that would get him more ice time on a team that struggles to score goals. MT gets a lot of slack but most of it he brings it upon himself. Before anybody says “look at their record”, Price is the only reason this team isn’t the buffalo sabres right now.

    • Timo says:

      Not true. Win the cup and we might be satisfied. Of course, provided the cup has been won the right way 🙂

  19. Thomas Le Fan says:

    What happened to Beaulieu, by the way? He was playing well and got sent back for the O break. Tinordi was called up instead? Is Boiler injured?

    Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      Eric Engel’s opinion is that Tinordi is auditioning. If he does well, Murray gets traded.

      • 24 Cups says:

        They’re not trading Murray. He’s here because of what happened in Ottawa last year. The word on the street is that for the past few weeks Tinordi has been outplaying Beaulieu even though they play different styles.

      • boing007 says:

        I wouldn’t trade Murray. He could show Tinordi a few tricks.

        Richard R

        • Mr. Biter says:

          If Tinordi plays well which IMO he is, Beaulieu comes up to replace Markov if he’s traded.
          Don’t see Murray going anywhere and maybe sticking around 1 more season. Big body and mean.

          Mr. Biter
          No Guts No Glory

    • The Jackal says:

      Boiler eh… that’s a great example of a hockey nickname.
      I think Tinner was called up to evaluate how he is coming along and they don’t want two rookies on D at the same time.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  20. habstrinifan says:

    @BJ.. while your proposition that a trade for a #11/2 to pair with P.K may ‘help’ P.K is interesting, I think if you look at the facts. If Markov is traded for one such D-Man, I would bet that that D-MAN would not be used to ‘complement’ P.K.

  21. Psycho29 says:

    Bob McKenzie‏ @TSNBobMcKenzie·14 mins

    Rumors abound of a potential shakeup in the executive suite of Buffalo Sabres. I’ve asked the principals for comment. No response thus far.

  22. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Subban had a terrible game. Let’s just acknowledge it and move on. If every player who had a terrible game immediately got traded we’d need a new program for every team, every game.

    Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

    • Savardian Spin-o-rama says:

      He’s had more than one terrible game. Since Xmas he’s a minus 7. His point production has fallen off sharply as well with a scant 3 goals and 9 assists, which might not seem so bad until you factor in all the PP time he gets. Everybody has a slump so let’s cut the kid some slack. Not too much though because like the Good Book says,

      “For unto whomsoever much is given [as in talent], of him shall be much required: and to whom men [read: Geoff Molson] have committed much [read: money] , of him they will ask the more.”

      So PK, like Don Cherry says, go forth and multiply your efforts and everythink like that. And no stupid plays tonite either.

  23. DipsyDoodler says:

    To those of you who believe the problem with the Habs is that the coach must speak French, can you name a team that has produced more successful coaches? I mentioned yesterday that Lemaire, Burns, Julien, Therrien, Vignault (who all got their start with the Habs) all went on to either win the cup or coach in a game 7 of the finals. What other team comes remotely close to that record? (I left out cup winner Jean Peron for obvious reasons.)

    The coaching problem in Montreal isn’t the language requirement per se. It’s the crazy fans (hello H I/O) and media gobshites who want the coach fired after the first 4 game losing streak.

    The pressure to win every single game and the responsibility for everything that goes bad but nothing that goes well, as exemplified by this site, is what makes the job impossible.

    Even guys like Gainey, Lemaire and Carbonneau were essentially driven out of town by the mob.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      As an example:

      Eller doing poorly – Therrien’s fault.
      Gallagher doing well – in spite of Therrien.
      PK playing poorly lately: Therrien.
      PK winning the Norris: in spite of Therrien.
      Montreal losing in OT to Detroit: Therrien.
      Montreal winning in OT vs Pitts: in spite of Therrien.

      • Psycho29 says:

        @ Dipsy
        So you’re one of them good old Therrien apologists, or as they call you at the anti-Therrien meetings, a Therrapologist™ 😉

        I’m not his biggest fan, but the team has a great record over 2 seasons. It can’t be the players because from what many posters say the team is crap (too small, not tough, no heart)

    • GL says:

      Dipsy – Sure they went on to win cups and coach in a game 7 because they were given better players if they had stayed with the Habs nothing would have changed. It’s all about player Quality on the ice and that is why the fans on HIO complain. Get on with it and Improve the dam team and the fans will write better comments …..

      • D Mex says:

        Habs are 6-2-2 in their last 10, and 33-21-7 on the season. Currently occupy 2nd spot in the east with 21 games to play. Seems evident the griping can’t be overly tied to results.

        ALWAYS Habs –
        D Mex

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      When you’re right, you’re right. That doesn’t make Therrien a great coach, however. The demand for instant success and the need to perform well under a microscope has lost us a lot of talent though. No argument there.

      Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

      • DipsyDoodler says:

        It doesn’t make his a great coach I agree.

        But I think he is competent.

        I view it like a conductor of a symphony orchestra. Most are good enough that they can make great music with any orchestra as long as the musicians are good. They can’t all be Toscanini, but they don’t have to be.

        • Thomas Le Fan says:

          I’d like to think competence is expected to get any kind of job in the NHL from stick boy to G.M. Not so much for ownership. The real problem is chemistry and the coach’s #1 job because, don’t forget, all the players are competent too, is leadership and motivation. This is where Therrien falls down if anywhere. But Montreal is a tough place to work.

          Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

    • The Jackal says:

      You are 100% right Dipsy, good post.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Jeez Dipsy, you’ve negated the need I’ve felt to write a mammoth post on this subject. I’d been dreading having to sit down and bang it out, then having to answer to the inane replies it would inevitably draw. Thanks a heap.

    • TheSleeveen says:

      Stop living in the past, your list is nice but it means nothing. Thierren is not a good coach, he has never had success at the NHL level and the team is doing well in spite of him. His treatment of players is terrible. Subban is a prime example. Rather then treat him like a child, MT should have put him back out the next shift to give him some confidence, instead he benched him. Bet that Big eyed fat walrus that outcoached him last year would not have benched Karlsson.

      time for Thierren to go, plane and simple. A coach should be hired for his ability not his language, if you can find a bilingual coach great, but Thierren is not the answer. He needs to go ASAP .

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