Habs’ Bouillon gives back to his community


Canadiens defencemen Francis Bouillon hasn’t forgotten his roots in east-end Hochelaga-Maisonneuve or the concept of giving back.

As a boy, like many other children over the years, Bouillon received hockey equipment from Jeunes Sportifs Hochelaga. As an adult, Bouillon has kept close ties with the non-profit organization and even came to its rescue in 2010 when it was headed toward bankruptcy.

On Saturday afternoon, Bouillon and former Habs Steve Bégin and Maxim Lapierre will take part in three outdoor ball hockey games with the proceeds going to Jeunes Sportifs Hochelaga.

People have signed up to play in the four-on-four games — two of them for adults and one for kids. Participants are supposed to make a “symbolic donation” to the organization. The public can watch for free.

The action will unfold on Préfontaine St. in front of the building that Bouillon bought with a friend and an entrepreneur from Jeunes Sportifs Hochelaga when it was struggling financially. It’s just down the street from the arena that now bears Bouillon’s name.

You can read Brenda Branswell’s story about Bouillon giving back to his community by clicking here.

One of the unlikely figures in the new documentary film The Last Gladiators, focusing on NHL enforcers and especially former Canadien Chris Nilan, is Ryan Walter, who recalls a fight with the Boston Bruins’ Terry O’Reilly that is shown in the film. You can read sports editor Stu Cowan’s column on Walter and “The Code” of hockey by clicking here.

The Hamilton Bulldogs lost their third straight AHL game Friday night, dropping a 5-4 overtime decision to the Toronto Marlies. You can read Pat Hickey’s report on the game by clicking here.


  1. JohnBellyful says:

    By the time you read this, fellow HIO members – wait, they might not want me to give their names for reasons that will become apparent, so I’ll just use aliases instead of, well, aliases.
    Okay, as I was saying, by the time you read this, Habfan10900 and Americens (one of the few ******* on HIO), Y Elle and her friend Poutine, and HabinBurlingtonVermont could be millionaires. I kid you not.
    When I left them this morning, one, they were sober (thanks to Ontario’s liquor laws), and, two, they were about to head out to Niagara Falls to win their fortune at the Fools’View casino – despite a topical storm (meaning, of course, the one that’s been in all the news for the last 48 hours) headed this way.
    I wished them well, thanked them for breakfast, and made a solemn vow to myself to return the 50-dollar bill I found lying on the floor (well, lying inside Y Elle’s purse on the floor behind the potted plant in the ladies’ washroom) at the soonest opportunity – say, when Gary and Don come to their senses.
    Also, for the record, it should be noted that all five generously agreed to share their winnings, should any such winnings occur, with yours truly – yours truly, of course, referring to moi (in French, mwee in English).
    If we haven’t heard from them by 6:00, I’d say it’s a sure thing they’ve hit the jackpot and are now celebrating.
    (They better be deducting the drinks from THEIR share of the winnings.)

  2. Rad says:

    Frankie the bull and his truculence will be a nice asset to have this year. I like the idea of pairing him with Subban. Then put Markov with Josh Gorges, Diaz with Emelin. Kaberle can be the spare, or traded for another 2nd Round draft choice next year.

  3. jonny55 says:

    Always loved Frankie. Back in the early 2000s when the Habs were small and very bad, he was the only player who could play the body. I’m happy he’s back and hopefully the league and PA will get their heads out of their a***s and sort this thing out!

  4. Mavid says:

    do you ever have anything good to say…

  5. Timo says:

    A choice of music for this video could have been better… a lot better. Hopefully Boulion can still play as tough as video shows. Currently, the Habs’ D depth suggests he is #3 D after Subban (still unsigned) and Gorges. Markov and his knee are #4 if knee is able to skate.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      #3 in terms of overall value to the team on defense or toughness? If you’re ranking him as our 3rd best defenseman overall, you’ve got some issues. But that’s why we love you Timo!

      The top four on the blueline are Markov, Subban, Gorges and Emelin. I’d say Kaberle is the 5th guy at even strength with Diaz and Bouillon rotating in and out of the 6th spot, depending who we’re playing. Weber will be in the press box, sent down or traded.

      If the F%&$ing season ever gets going!

      In 2-3 years from now Subban will be leading the charge with Gorges. Beaulieu looks good so far in Hamilton and there’s no question Tinordi will at least make the team, not sure if it will be on the botton, middle or top pairing though? And hopefull someone like a Nash, Pateryn or Thrower steps up and becomes a regular NHLer as well.

      The only reason to not but mega depressed that the season is probably out the window is that the Habs really don’t have a great chance of being great until some of the current players move on and guys like Galchenyuk, Beaulieu and Tinordi are hitting their stride in the NHL.

      I don’t think guys like Gionta, markov, kaberle and possibly Plekanec are going to be around when Montreal is actually a top team for once, in 3-5 years.

  6. naweed235 says:

    Holly, is this Yakupov kid on fire in the KHL… Edmonton’s gonna be extremely scary in a year or 2…

    • Timo says:

      Nah. Edmonton has been drafting in top 5 for what seems like a decade now. Hiring old buddies and running a good ol’ boys club will ensure they continue drafting top 5 for years to come.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      I hate to agree with Brian Burke but Kevin Lowe is a jackass and is in large part responsible for driving up player salaries by throwing all that money at and offering those asinine contracts to Tomas Vanek and Dustin Penner.

      Other players and agents around the league point to those guys and say “well if Vanek or Penner is worth that much money than I most certainly am.”

      Hard to feel sorry for the owners when crap like that goes on, along with what happened this past summer in Minnesota and Nashville.

  7. fun police says:

    i was really hoping to read another summary of a fantasy hockey game played by EA sports. if we can’t be at the summit this weekend at least let us read how digital price gets another fantasy shutout.

  8. Mavid says:

    Love Frankie…pound for pound there are not to many tougher…oh and he is HOT…

  9. 24 Cups says:

    Another full year lockout could end some Hab players’ careers. Guys like Bouillon, Budaj, Noke, Armstrong and one of Diaz/Weber could face the end of the line. Even White might be officially on the clock.

    Younger players from the AHL and junior will have a double cohort impact on the job pool all across the NHL.

  10. piper says:

    I could never understand the dislike for Frankie on his last tour here. He was the kind of player that we needed more of and we got rid of him.

  11. geo_habsgo says:

    A diminutive player but so strong. He hits just as well as anybody in the NHL. Definitely an underrated defensemen in the game. Him and Subban would be pretty good line-mates I think.

    They are both able to lay out players with hits, he will give Subban the mentoring he needs, and Subban can focus on the offence with Frankie the Bull behind him.

  12. Hobie Hansen says:

    Now that’s a great video!

    Too bad about the lockout cuz it would have been nice to see Franky Bouillon back in the lineup along with Brandon Prust, Travis Moen and Ryan White during a rough and tumble game against the Bruins. Who knows, maybe call Zack Stortini from the Dogs for a game as well ;-).

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