Gionta helps lift Habs over Red Wings (Video)

(Photo: Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press)

Victory looked like a sure thing for the Canadiens in the third period on Saturday with a three-goal lead over the Detroit Red Wings.

But that bullish feeling evaporated in a flash when the Red Wings scored twice in a 37-second span, then tied the game at 10:44 on a power-play goal by Nicklas Kronwell.

“We certainly lost some momentum…let them get back into the game, but we showed a lot of poise sticking with it and not getting rattled by it,” said Canadiens captain Brian Gionta, who scored twice–his 16 and 17th goals of the season–including the game winner.

Canadiens’ coach Michel Therrien called a timeout after the back-to-back goals by Detroit.

“He just said calm down and get back to what’s working,” said Gionta who was playing in his 300th game as a Hab.

“We weren’t pressuring the puck. We were second on the puck, took a couple of penalties for that reason and they got some momentum from it.”

The Red Wings outshot the Canadiens 37-26.

“We have to play much tighter hockey if we want to have long-term success,”  Therrien said.

It’s something they’re paying attention to, said Therrien, adding they hadn’t really had a chance to practice lately, but will have a bit more time this week with two practices before leaving for Chicago.

Max Pacioretty scored his team-leading 39th goal of the season. Defenceman Mike Weaver picked up an assist on the goal, his fifth point in the past four games.

Weaver finished the game a plus-4.

“We like the way he plays. He’s got a lot of passion,” Therrien said of the 35-year-old Weaver, who the Habs acquired from the Florida Panthers last month before the trade deadline.

He’s a stay-at-home defenceman who doesn’t make a lot of mistakes and is always well positioned, Therrien said.

You can hear what Gionta had to say here:

You can watch what Canadiens goaltender Carey Price had to say here:

And you can listen to Weaver here:

(Video: Brenda Branswell)


  1. jmac21 says:

    “No time to work in it” weird can’t work on tighter D-zone on the beach Mikey???

  2. The Juice says:

    Habs magic number to clinch home ice against Tampa is down to 2

  3. habsfan0 says:

    So,how early can the Habs clinch home ice vs the Lightning?

  4. Maritime Ronn says:

    Was at the Bell Centre tonight for the first time this year.
    So many things not seen on television and without the play by play distraction.
    That will be for tomorrow…..

    The highlight of the night was….the wonderful opportunity to share a few precious moments with Tim Bozon and his family who were present for the game.

    The young man looked much better than expected, yet what was truly frightening was the actual life reality of the situation. This was not television or some fiction movie….
    Here was a young man of only 20 ( he looks much younger) that was a few heartbeats away from life and survived.

    The eyes are the window to the soul, and those brief moments shared showed some eclectic combination of relief, fatigue, yet also a quiet and humble sense of determination in the soft and humble words.

    Without getting into specifics, somehow there was a sense from here that the support and prayers received by the young man and his battle scarred – some may say, shell shocked parents, was positively overwhelming and of paramouht importance in the bigger picture of basic survival.

    The game and its result was truly enjoyable, yet became so secondary to a real life battle that appears to be moving in a positive way.
    Somehow there is a feeling that Habs fans have yet to see the end to this story – perhaps it is just the beginning….

  5. Timo says:

    On the bright side, all 4 lines scored tonight. But man, they need to tighten up on defense. Badly outshot again.

  6. Say Ash says:

    Everyone who thought we’d be six points behind Pittsburgh and Chicago with three to go raise your hands!

  7. 24AW says:

    IMO Boston is cream of the crop in the east, unless someone gets lucky they will be playing for the Stanley Cup. Best all around team in the east but like the other 7 they can be beaten!!!!

  8. BobbySmithWasClutch says:

    My concern and question is why did we blow that 3-0 lead and allow the game to become tied? Honestly I felt it coming before it happened. The Gionta goal was lucky and was probably offside anyway.

  9. Habitant in Surrey says:


    …Gerald, I wasn’t aware You attended the Jets game tonight …I came home late, missed Our Habs game, but watched the last half of the third between da Weeds and the Jets

    …doing so, I thought about how sweet it must be for You that it was the Jets that pretty well nailed the coffin shut

  10. Habitant in Surrey says:

  11. Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On says:


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