Multimedia: Emelin felled by Weber shot in practice, should be OK for Lightning


Back at practice, the view from the press gallery.

• AUDIO: Randy Cunneyworth | Lars Eller

Canadiens defenceman Alexei Emelin took an errant Yannick Weber shot in the left cheek (upper-body cheek) near the end of practice in Brossard Friday morning, a puck that dropped the Russian and kept him down on the ice for a good while. Emelin finally was helped off the ice by two athletic therapists.

Weber told me he apologized to Emelin. “I think it looks worse than it is,” Weber said. “That part of the face (the cheek area) swells pretty quickly.”

Coach Randy Cunneyworth suggested that Emelin, who was caught “in the meaty part of the face,” should be OK for Saturday’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Captain Brian Gionta looks ready to return, having skated on a line with Tomas Plekanec and Michael Cammalleri. The decision will be his at game time.

The Lightning had a 2 pm practice scheduled for the Bell Centre downtown, but they’ve cancelled that.

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Video below of Habs’ Gionta, Subban and Gill.


  1. HABZ24 says:

    sux nhlpa turned down realignment hope a better idea can be hammered out. bored watching same old teAms we play

  2. Natty-Dread says:

    IF – and its a big if – Getzlaf, Perry, or Ryan were available, Getzlaf would be the clear 1st choice. He’s a solid defensive player, he can hit and fight, he makes a ton of space for his line-mates.
    Also, Gorges for Captain next year.

    • Marc10 says:

      You’d need to trade Price or PK. Not bloody likely we’d trade the first and not likely they’d trade for the second…

      Still, we need scoring and we need a number 1 center. Getzlaf’s work ethic is questionable, but he brings everything else with spare change…

    • Clay says:

      The only way Gorges is the captain is if Gionta is gone. It’s extremely rare to change captains yet keep the old one, and I don’t see the Canadians doing that.
      I would like to see Getzlaf here as well, but two things regarding that:
      1) I don’t care if a player can ‘fight’ – I care if he can play. I would like to see fighting in the game go the way of the dodo. It’s both barbaric and dangerous. Save fighting for the UFC (which, incidentally, I have nothing against)
      2) Our team looks to be sellers, not buyers at the trade deadline. I find it highly unlikely we will be picking up players at that time…

      ☞ “Talent is a gift from God, but you only succeed with hard work. Yvan was proof of that.” – Jean Beliveau. ☜

    • price365 says:

      not sure I’d give up price or PK for a 20-25 goal scorer

  3. Habs Requiem says:

    I really think that in the next month not the weekend of the Trade deadline we should have our work all sorted out and 95% COMPLETED. Those UFA players AK, Moen etc all should have been approached and re-signed if possible. The same goes with RFAs Price and Subban. Back to the UFAs…..anyone not on board for bing a Hab 2012 and longer needs to be primed up and moved prior to the deadline. We cannot wait to 2pm on the 27th Feb. hoping to get a last minute deal for one of these guys done. We all know they don’t work. So we need some BOLD strokes done by PG to make it happen. This goes to Gainey & Molson as well. Time will be of the essense and they cannot handcuff PG by sittting on a propsed deal and losing it because they dithered. If this team it is determined by that time is incapable of securing a playoff position then two tough decisions must be made. 1) Do you play Gomez minutes at the expense of the development of DD and Eller? 2) If Markov is not back by this time do you make the decision to shut him down for the year and save him for potentially 2 full season of play in lieu of potentially causing irrepairable damaage to his knee for a lost season?

    “I reject your reality and substitute my own”.

    – Adam Savage

    • aj says:

      1) No I suppose, RC would be risking DD and Eller’s development at Centre the same way JM did. If Gomez is to be sent to the Minors, the time is Now. If the Rangers can do it for Avery, they should do it as well to Gomez.

      At the moment, we have 4 centres working well in the lineup:

      Tomas Plekanec
      Lars Eller
      David Desharnais
      Petteri Nokelainen

      Can’t see a Gomez fit here anytime soon (I hope).

      2) Yes to that. Markov’s a liability to the team and its high time to trade him than for Gauthier to waste money on him. Its silly at this point for making to much expectations even after the All Star break for Markov to be back 100% as promised. In other words – Forget It!!

      EDIT: Also, if we see that Kaberle will be working productively as signed, i don’t see Markov as an additional help to the team. If not, Gauthier should take another gamble at both Dmen.

      • habs001 says:

        Please adv how you would trade Markov…Right now there is not one team that would touch Markov…

        • aj says:

          If a trade will not be possible, then a buyout should suffice for Markov’s contract. The last thing the Habs won’t need is a lack or insufficiency of funds to sign contracts for Price, Subban, Eller, and so on….

  4. LA Loyalist says:

    Tony Marinaro on TSN describes the return of Gionta as

    “He will be a welcomed weapon on offence.”

    Is that hilarious or what? Gionta at this point is a weapon like kraft slices ™ are cheese.

  5. Bill H says:

    5 Questions:
    1. Kaberle – GOOD (TRADE) DECISION or BAD? Originally I was pissed about the long term cap space lost to get a washed up dman. He’s doing quite well to my surprise. He may be tradeable after all. I say trade him at the deadline. If he continues as he has done so far, we could get a decent prospect and be done with him. If we can do that, then it was a good trade.

    2. PK – ROUGH PATCH or IS HE OVERHYPED? Its hardly unusual for a guy to have problems in his second year after a stellar first year. He’ll bounce back.

    3. Pleks – GIVE HIM A BREAK or RIDE HIS ASS! He’ll come around. He deserves a little slack on that rope that some people want to linch him with.

    4. Moen – TRADE AT DEADLINE (good playoff guy) or RESIGN? That’s a tough one. It would depend on what you can get for him. He’s not untouchable for the right price. Problem is, he might be asking for too much to re-sign him.

    5. Gionta – GOOD CAPTAIN OR “OK”… AND IS OK ENOUGH? Better than OK. He leads by example. I don’t care if he argues with the refs. His problem is his linemates.

    • G-Man says:

      1. Good trade- 8 points in 11 games and -1.
      2.PK- rough patch and over-hyped- will be better
      3. Our best center surrounded by idiots (joke)
      4. Re-sign- perfect 3rd liner
      5. Thus far- ok. Needs to come around this 2nd half.

  6. J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

    Kaberle: It boggles the mind that there are those who still see this as a “good trade.” A 33-yr old d-man with a minus 12 +/- coming in and a 4 & 1/4 mill. hit for another 3 years in exchange for a d-man who has not had a minus season in the last 7! And whose contract is up at the end of this season. Thus freeing up cap space. AND Gauthier didn’t even take the 2nd round pick Rutherford was dangling as bait. This move sealed Gauthier’s fate.

    PK: of mixed minds about him. The talent is undeniable, but hand-in-hand with that goes the attitude. And that just may sink him in the end. Tough call. I’m still inclined to wait and see if Markov’s presence doesn’t temper his antics. Doubt it though.

    Pleks: the Cdn’s best forward for the last two seasons. Obviously a dip this season (fatherhood can do that to a guy), but still an extremely valuable asset for any club. I don’t care about 1st line/2nd line designations. Whatever you want to label him, he’ll rebound in the second half of the season.

    Moen: still in his 20’s, and can we find another rugged, hard-working forward capable of netting 15+ goals for just a mill. and a half? I would sign him for another season for sure.

    Gionta: 32. Small. Streaky. And to my mind, not a great leader. 5 mill. hit for another two seasons. I would trade him if anyone comes calling with an enticing offer (including high picks).

    I remember Dec. 31, 1975

    • slychard says:

      What a waste of post. I should have bought a scratch ticket and hoped for the best. You have nothing to share

      Kiss my hAbSS!!!

    • showey47 says:

      Kaberle is only a -1 with us and has 8 points in 11 games. Not really sure what more you expect from him. The guy gets close to 50 points a year, is rarely injured and is only here for another 2 years after this one not 3 as you say. Kaberle will probably get more points this year then the spacek got in his entire 3 year contract.What 2nd rd pick are you talking about? Are you saying gauthier was offered a pick as well in the deal and just decided to not take it? Funny,less then a year ago kaberle was traded for the equivilent of 2 first round picks and a 2nd rounder and now you feel he isn’t worth a 38 year old injury prone,out of shape defenceman who is probably on his last contract.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      High picks? What are you smoking? Gionta is only marginally tradeable.

      Sorry. Yeah he’s better than Gomez, but that’s like saying a Volkswagen is better than a Yugo.

      Leadership? Did anyone even notice he’s not played in 11 games.

      • Rob says:

        “Leadership? Did anyone even notice he’s not played in 11 games.”

        You mean other than the Habs, who have been completely lost since he went down?

        The Montreal Canadiens: sporting the best AND worst fans since 1909!

  7. habs001 says:

    pk 22 years old…118 reg nhl games 17g 39a…this is the type of player that you can build with and be a real contender in 3 years…why some posters are suggesting trading him makes no sense at all….

  8. habs001 says:

    rangers 19 points ahead of the habs but have scored only 10 more goals but given up 30 less…looking at the standings it will be very tough to make the playoffs as not only do the habs have to win at a great pace..we need many teams to falter…

  9. Marc10 says:

    Assuming the season’s over and we’re shipping pretty much everyone over 25 with any value, I started looking at what talented prospects were out there from would-be contenders.

    Here are a couple that might be on offer should we dangle something interesting in front of contenders…

    #18 in Top 50
    Evgeny Kuznetsov – RW – Washington Capitals
    Height: 6-0, Weight: 175
    After a 2010-11 season that saw him play a starring role in Russia’s gold-medal victory at the WJC, not to mention a strong season with Traktor in the KHL, Evgeny Kuznetsov has quickly become one of the top offensive players not currently playing in North America. The young Russian already possesses the size and skill to play in the NHL but will remain in Russia for at least one more year. When he does decide to begin his career in North America, Kuznetsov will give the Washington Capitals an embarrassment of riches, joining talented forwards Nicklas Backstrom, Marcus Johansson, and Alexander Ovechkin.

    #26 in Top 50
    Cody Hodgson – C – Vancouver Canucks
    Height: 5-11, Weight: 182
    Once viewed as a top talent with first line upside, Cody Hodgson now projects more as a responsible, two-way, second line center. After a lost year due to injuries in the OHL 2009-10 season, he had a solid but unspectacular AHL rookie season. This past summer was the first time in three years that Hodgson was healthy and able to train full time. He has all the offensive skills and the hockey smarts to play at the NHL level, it is just a matter of him staying healthy. Hodgson has showed increased speed and a strong desire to make the Canucks starting roster as a possible second line center out of training camp. Vancouver’s injuries at the center position give Hodgson his best opportunity to make the NHL on a full-time basis but he will have to make the most of his chances.

    #27 in Top 50
    Chris Kreider – LW – New York Rangers
    Height: 6-2, Weight: 201
    Now in his third season with the Boston College Eagles, Kreider is a power forward with excellent speed and good hands. Kreider was drafted out of high school by the New York Rangers, and since that time has played in the World Junior Championships for the United States, as well as the Men’s World Championships. This is expected to be Kreider’s final season with the Eagles, after which he will compete for an NHL roster spot next fall.

    #33 in Top 50
    Tomas Tatar – LW – Detroit Red Wings
    Height: 5-11, Weight: 186
    In his second season playing North American professional hockey, Tomas Tatar showed immense growth and maturity. Aside from adding a decent amount of strength to his slight frame, Tatar dramatically improved his defensive game while further refining his offense. His overall game was so much improved he saw a brief cup of coffee with the Red Wings, a team who historically does not place their youngsters in high pressure situations. Tatar will start the 2011-12 season in the AHL. If he continues to progress as he has over the past two years, though, his time in the minors will be short.

    Imagine grafting one or two of those to Pricey, PK, Patches, Larry, DD, Beaulieu, Tinordi, LL, Kristo, etc…

  10. RiverviewCanadien says:

    @SD (good questions)

    1. Great trade.
    Has done everything asked of him. Work the PP and generate offence. Did you see how happy his team mates were when he scored his 1st of the season (let alone with the Habs). I bet he is becoming a good mentor for the young guys. All that Tomas needed was to come back to a Canadian market, a big one at that
    2. Rough Patch
    Coach Cunneyworth will get the best he can out of him, I think he is going to be just fine. Could yield a high return and he is right now replaceable IMHO with what they have, Weber has not really been any worse. Very similar stats. Long term?…I am glad I am not a GM
    3. Ride his ass
    Plekanec knows he can be better, he is his worse critic, the chances are coming, he just needs to cash in. Playing with Cammalleri and Gionta will be good for those vets in the long run. Imagine all 3 starting to heat up at the same.
    4. Resign
    Obviously he works with this group of players. He reminds me of a Smolinski type player. Great atmosphere around this guy, will stick up for his linemates, and can cash in on great chances this season, give him a little raise. Really who could replace what he is bringing to this team for a better price?
    5. Good – borderline OK…
    And I say that because I think he just needs to really grab the team by the testicular fortitude once in awhile, and tell them what to do (maybe it is me, but I don’t see him do that on the bench during games). From his on ice play, he is great, exactly what the kids need. He reminds me somewhat of Saku, both play hard every night, miss chances, but never complain. Brian is like Pleks, takes ownership of what you have to do. He is not a great Captain IMHO but I like him. Unlike Saku, how could you not listen to Koivu anytime he spoke. Model player, exactly why ANH said he was untouchable right now.

    • Marc10 says:

      Yes… Great question from SD!

      1. Trade bait. He’s been good, but he’s not the future.

      2. He is the future, but he’s struggled mightily this season.

      3. Lucky for him, there’s no Big Center we can get our hands on. Still he’s been our best Hab for the past 3 years and a pro. Give me a true #1 center and he’s gone as DD and Larry will take his spot (or in DD’s case… already has…)

      4. Trade while his value is high. You’re building for the future and in two years, Trav will be a very marginal player. He’s been terrific this year so we’ll be getting full value.

      5. Brendan Gallagher gets his spot. He’s a leader and a gifted player, but we have too many small players. If you can get something for Captain G, don’t hesitate. It’s not personal… It’s about rebuilding here.

      Gill is also on is way in this scenario as well as AK and Markov if he comes back and suddenly transforms the PP. I’d keep Cole unless I got a sick offer (ie, future true power forward or #1 center prospect). Gomer is buried.

      I’m of the view we get full value from our current crop of vets and play kids next season. The Gainey Habs have had their opportunity and unfortunately, they failed. Time to rebuild.

  11. habstrinifan says:

    This is a bummer post!

    Checked TSN standings, 10 game record etc.

    It looks real BAD for us.

    There’s hope but………….

  12. nova scotia vees says:

    Am I the only one who can’t read the articles that HIO is listing? Why list the links if The Gazette won’t let me open them. Is this a new policy? I might as well give-up trying to get news on the Habs. I don’t speak French and TSN only cares about the Leafs.

  13. HabFab says:

    Prospects Dustin Walsh (NCAA) apparently played tonight on NBC Sports and Scott Kishel (NCAA) played on CBS Sports. Did anyone catch either game and how did our guys look?

  14. habs001 says:

    plecks has done well since he has been with the habs…the only thing he is poor at is winning key faceoffs … will be interesting who team canada picks in goal for the olympics…price is an option but i am not sure how confident people would be having price in nets in the third in a must win game tied and the potential of going into a s/o….

    • Bill J says:

      Canada was fine with him in that role at his last WJC, when he has support he excels in those situations.

      If you want to add an avatar here, read this and follow the steps

      Go Habs Go!

    • Le Jadester says:

      Sochi ’14 talk already……I love it !

      Really though, who out of our current roster would

      a) Make Team Canada
      b) Make their own respective national teams

      IMO and trust me I don’t know $hit and am not an expert when it comes to this stuff, but I’m a huge follower and fan of Hockey in the Olympics…….

      a) Mabey PK , Mabey Price……doubt either for now though mabey by 2014 (you would think so anyways)

      b) AK – Belarus, Eller Danemark, Plekanec Czech, Emelin Russia and obviously Markie if he returns ? MaxPac, USA, mabey Cole ? Diaz, Webber ? Swiss,

      Off the top of my head….who did I miss ?

      Either way, with all things considered, I thought Pleks was one of the best players in Vancouver, obviously NHL and Olympic style hockey are a bit different and the Olympics suit him a bit more. But 2010 was the year Pleks became a household name and one of the world’s elite centermen, no ?

      PS – Is buttman gonna let the NHLers go to Sochi ? What happens if just the Russians go only ? Interesting to see how this plays out in the next couple ?

      Oh, and a Merry Christmas to Markov, Kostitsyn and Emelin !

      Habs, OLE !

  15. Anybody from HI/O provide an update on Andre Markov? He had surgery on 5th of December and have not heard any news since his knee was operated on again. Also, give an update on the rest of injuries on the Habs. Thanks

    • habs001 says:

      i heard 4-6 weeks but that may not include at least another 2 weeks of training

    • powdered toastmann says:

      Don’t know. He’s completely off the radar as far as I’m concerned.
      After all the BS earlier this season from our illustrious Hab mgmnt team concerning his anticipated return date(s)…meh. If he comes back, fine, but let’s face it, he has not seen game action for ages. My expectation level is low.

    • HabFab says:

      Gionta, B – IR, Groin, Injured Dec 8, practicing w/ team. Should be back tomorrow.
      Gomez, S – IR, Groin, setback, skating on own.
      Markov, A – IR, Surgery Dec 6, out till mid-February.
      White, R – IR, Sports Hernia / Groin, skating on own. Original timeline would be next week. RDS reports that he will soon go to Hamilton for conditioning stint (3 games max)

    • aj says:

      Word has it from Gauthier himself that Markov could be back right after the ASG in Ottawa in late January. Other than that, everybody, include the media is basically clueless on him condition.

      We’re here at this time doing this guessing game on whether he can make some spark to the Canadiens. Honestly, he should be traded instead of waiting for this guy to play IMHO. Total waste of time for the anticipation if you would ask me.

    • Apparently he should be in by October 2011.

      • Habs Requiem says:

        Thank you so much for that “Link”. I haven’t laughed like that in some time…well maybe some of those games on the last road trip. Seriously, thanks for the link…great reading.

        “I reject your reality and substitute my own”.

        – Adam Savage

  16. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Looks like the NHLPA is trying to rattle some sabres and use realignment as a negotiating point.

    Not stupid as far as negotiating tactics go, but pretty absurd to think that they won’t eventually agree with it.

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      Can’t really imagine a different realignment solving as many issues as this one will, and as such it looks like you’re right about posturing for the sake of posturing.

      My only real objection was I want any two teams to be able to compete for the cup, and that can’t happen in this format. Could you imagine how awesome a Montreal- Boston Cup Series would be? Or Philly-Pitt? Or Chicago-Detroit? I hate that rivalries can’t happen in the final.

      EDIT: my dream set up would be the top 4 seeds are reserved for the division winners, and then 5-16 would be purely on points, regardless of division. That would allow any two teams to play for the cup, and also solve the issue of teams in the 7 division having an easier time making the playoffs.

    • aj says:

      sadly, the NHLPA don’t give a damn on whatever plans the league is doing right now, especially realignment.

      They know that by this reason, the player’s association is getting into the skin of Bettman and the owners. What then do they want to do next, make another lockout to pressure them for a new CBA? Gosh, the PA should realize the players are already covered by those lucrative contracts they’re signing and the can afford to do this?

      Here’s what bother’s me the most too: with the current economic recession, these kinds of pressure tactics should be toned down and not drag what’s going on for the best of the NHL.

      As an example, the Habs are thinking about making a deal for Carey Price once his contract expires. Projected estimates of about $7 Million a year is what will happen to #31 if he signs again for long term.

  17. SmartDog says:


    1. KABERLE. His numbers are very good since we picked him up. Of course we’ve lost a lot of games anyway, and our cap space is now like being snowed in for the week-end with four friends and only one box of Kraft Dinner.
    ….Kaberle – GOOD (TRADE) DECISION or BAD?

    2. PK. He was awesome last year, this year he’s the goat on too many goals, and too many games, and he seems rarely to show the talent that he us all so impressed.

    3. PLEKS. He’s been our top scorer and most versatile player the last couple of years. His salary is fair (more than you can say for most of our top-6 guys) but lately he’s been playing like a little… um, less than to standard.

    4. MOEN. He’s been one of the few consistent bright lights on this team, playing above his contract level. With 9 goals he’s only behind Cole, Patches, and AK. But those 9 goals are more than he scored the entire year last year (by 3) and the year before. And this IS a contract year. So…
    ….Moen – TRADE AT DEADLINE (good playoff guy) or RESIGN?

    5. GIONTA.
    Captain, my captain, wherefore art thou? Gionta is the same guy he was when he was made Captain amid all the hoopla. And maybe that’s the problem. He hasn’t sprouted wings, the ability to leap tall buildings, or argue convincingly with referees.


    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • powdered toastmann says:

      1. Don’t mind him as a (lower level) defenceman…as long as you don’t have the level of redundancy that the Habs have back on defence. (Also, don’t mind the 4.25 per but do mind the term) so, going to have to say BAD

      2. GIVE HIM A BREAK – he’s young…given too much responsibility too early…

      3. RIDE HIS ASS…except that he may be nursing some type of injury of late?

      4. MOEN – Tough one…would like to keep him, but as many have said…this may be as high as his value goes. Not sure how old he is…Like to reward guys for their dedication and hard work though.
      On the Fence.

      5) Like him…but is OK and don’t think this may be enough

    • neumann103 says:

      1. KABERLE.
      GOOD for this season. Iffy for the future, although I believe that taking on Kaberle for the next two years signalled that Gomez would not be counting against the cap after this season.

      2. PK.
      ROUGH PATCH. Let PK be PK. But I would be content if he just hit the net more.

      3. PLEKS.
      GIVE HIM A BREAK. x1000. He had a less than stellar December. Other than that he has been the Habs best player for the last 4 or 5 seasons.

      4. MOEN.
      Negotiate now. If he wants to stay, sign him. If he doesn’t trade him at the deadline if there is some return (prospects or picks).
      Ditto for AK46.
      Would love to keep both guys but it comes down to whether they want to be here, and if not, getting something before they hit UFA.

      5. GIONTA.
      “OK” AND IS OK ENOUGH? For now. But if someone wanted him for a playoff run and offered prospects, trade him, thank him for his service and give the C to Gorges.

      “Et le but!”

    • rogus says:

      1. I’ve never had a problem with Tomas, but he has to play with an agressive shut down guy. Either Gorges or Emelin. I think mgmt knows more about Markov than they let on, and maybe Kabs is more than just a short term fill in. I’m ok with that.

      2. Not sure what to think about PK, but his buddies the squid and Price have been having a bumpy year too. I think that JM messed up a lot of players in the room forcing them outside of their roles, and hopefully the coach can fix this. As soon as they figure out that Cunneyworth is actually the man for the job, after he learns francais.

      3. Pleks has been in a slump before. Take him off the PP, he plays enough minutes on the Pk and 5 on 5. Too much work and responsibility on our #1A centre.

      4. Moen. A lot depends on White. They are the same type of player, but White has slightly more upside.

      5. Gionta was a safe pick as C. Not going to rock the media boat, quite PC. This team will likely look to Gorges going forward, but if Cunneyworth can get the Vets going Gionta is still the man.

      I think this team has what it needs to go far, but the confidence has to be there. The game against the Jets was a start, keep it going against an underacheiving Franco-american team that always seems to overachieve against MTL.

      As a suggestion, and I know I’ll get killed over this, but Torts would be the coaching answer needed to turn this team around. Maybe he’ll learn French?!?!

    • habsfanforever7631 says:

      1. Good trade, for the future I’m not sure, but we can always trade him, he’s getting his points. Our pp is doing better since he came. RC is also using him well.
      2. Give him a break, he’s only our number 1 dman, I think and hope he’ll break out of it.
      3. Lots of people are talking about trading him, but I don’t think so, even though he’s not playing like normal he’s on pase for more points then last season. And like Kaberle RC seems to be using him well, like 16 mins the last game, maybe he will actually have something in his tank now. JM used him alot! Oh yeah, he’s still good in boath ends of the ice.
      4. Resine, Moen is only like 29 i think so there is still some years ahead of him. Good team guy and can drop the gloves, even though he’s been scoring more. Give him 3 years, we’ll need him, we don’t have players like him.
      5. This is the hardest question for me, only the players know if he’s a good captain or not, I’d say he’s okay but I think we could a used him in those few games. His play, he seems that he lost a step this year, not the same as last season. Maybe he’ll pick it up starting tomoro.

      Go Habs Go

    • habstrinifan says:

      Kaberle… bad in the long run. You cant solve every problem by picking up a player. I think the power play could have been solved by better coaching and different strategies. Some of the new strategies are evident under RC.

      P.K We are seeing more of his flashes in last few games. I just wish that we could get Robinson in to coach our D. He may be ‘overhyped’ but P.K has ALL the stuff to be spectacular…. needs coaching and to watch more game videos.

      Plekanec: Give him a break, but let’s not expect too much of this guy. He is what he is a very good all-around, unspectacular, just below elite player. Musthave guys like this on our team too so not a knock against him.

      Moen: if we dont pick up the right other pieces to upgrade the team then trade him. If we do he would be needed. Moen does not make a bad team good, but he will make a good team way better.

      Gionta: Not a good captain. I find it har dto say that because I admire the guy.. or least the guy he was historically. I think there PG and JM met with Gionta before the captaincy and dictated terms which he adopted and he lost his identity in the process. I refer to the Markov/Price issue and his ‘lie’ to the public. The real Gionta would have answered differently.

    • HabsinLA says:

      1. Unless we can flip him at the deadline, bad.

      2. Rough patch

      3. Give him a break, he should bounce back

      4. Resign if it’s under 2mil/year.

      5. Ok & ok is not enough given our history of captains.

    • CanadienBoy says:

      Come on PK bs getting stupid the guy still play 20 to 25 min.. a game, sure not as good as last year’s but still out there U not as smart as u dog

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