Habs aim to end skid; game on RIS

Confirming: tonight’s game will be telecast in French on the RIS network. Check your cable/satellite grid for availability

C’mon, we’re KIDDING about the “skid” headline… it’s preseason, let’s all have some fun!

The Ottawa Senators are at the Bell Centre tonight to face the Canadiens in the Habs’ second game of the preseason. The visitors show a 5-0 win and 4-1 loss in consecutive-night games against Toronto, while the Canadiens dropped a 4-2 decision to Boston to open their exhibition season.

The Senators’ lineup for tonight:

• Goaltenders: Pascal Leclaire, Mike Brodeur.
• Defence: Eric Gryba, Erik Karlsson, Geoff Kinrade, Chris Phillips, Craig Schira, Patrick Wiercioch.
• Forwards: Cody Bass, Eric Condra, Kaspars Daugavins, Mike Fisher, Colin Greening, Ryan Keller, Chris Kelly, Alex Kovalev, Francis Lessard, Corey Locke, Peter Regin, Jarkko Ruutu.

Boone will blog the action live, Stubbs will be on Twitter through the game beginning late afternoon, before committing a column, and Hickey will type the game story and Habs dressing-room for The Gazette, his words to be linked here.

If you don’t get RIS TV, pretend it’s the early 1950s and hear CJAD radio’s Rick Moffat and Sergio Momesso call the action here beginning at 7:30.


  1. SeriousFan09 says:

    Have people forgotten that pre-season means nothing and many goalies have rust in the pre-season?


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  2. matraque says:

    Did Price went from Humility (golf tournament) to Arrongance (yesterday)?


    Canadien en 5!
    Never go Full Retard

  3. smiler2729 says:

    I brought my wife (who is American) to a Bell Centre game in 2003. She was blown away by the fact that the Montreal faithfull booed not only The Star Spangled Banner but also O Canada.

    She asked why and all I could think of was they’re idiots and then explained the whole lingering ongoing separatist crap that ruined the province and sent millions of Quebeckers packing to Ontario and points west.

    She wondered why the rest of Canada put up with that and said if California or Texas wanted to separate, the sentiment would be dealt with pretty quickly and firmly.

    You know, defending my hometown and province gets embarrassing when there’s really no excuse for this kind of crap.

  4. VintageFan says:

    I hate to run the risk of raising the level of the debate, but….

    Many of you talk about your ‘rights’ to boo, to criticise, to jeer, etc.  What you are overlooking is your “privileges”: to write and behave intelligently; to be informed; and to reason.  Give it a try, you might just enjoy it!

  5. matraque says:

    Ontario?  You have 2 teams over there… Pick one.


    Canadien en 5!
    Never go Full Retard

  6. matraque says:

    Halifax sucks…

    it’s like zzzzzzzzZZzzzz


    Canadien en 5!
    Never go Full Retard

  7. slapshot777 says:

    BINGO, you hit the nail on head, peope don’t realize it, but the booing does carry it consequences. Sometimes we may see it in short term like in the case of Patrick Roy, or maybe longer term and in maybe 2 years from now when Prices contract is up.

    The fans say they want a winnner, how do you supposedly get a winner if all you do is boo a player for having a bad streak, again in Prices case a goalie takes longer to develop, that’s a fact ask anyone who has experience with drafting and developing young players at NHL level. The goalies are the longest followed by the defense and the forwards are the quickest.

    Patience is something Habs fans don’t have, so the only suggestion that I can think of is never draft anymore goalies, instead trade for superstar ones. Tey should come cheap, then the fans can complain about how much it cost to get a good goalie. I guess then they boo that goalie for a different reason.


    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  8. Mattyleg says:


    Talk about your rookie mistakes…

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  9. derfab says:

    Depends which anthem, where and why it’s being sung. I love my country and I continue to enjoy hockey, but I really could care less about whatever they decide to blast at people through a stadium P.A. system before the puck drops.

    Didn’t know we had such a ong-standing relationship.

  10. Mattyleg says:

    What absolute tripe.

    That’s bordering on racist. If you read closely on this very site, you’ll see that anglo fans are just as stupid and enjoy booing just as much.

    I love your ‘us versus them’ concept. Must make you feel VERY superior.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  11. Chuck says:

    Lucien Bouchard is a moderator on HI/O?

  12. Mattyleg says:

    I disagree completely!

    Hal Gill said it himself that when the crowd boos someone on the hometeam, it hurts the ENTIRE TEAM. They are not deaf, and they are human beings.

    You seem to have the idea that going to a hockey game is like going to a movie or watching tv, where the people on the screen can’t hear you. It’s not like that. Be supportive, or you’re cheering for the other team.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  13. smiler2729 says:


    Ya better watch what you post, I posted a comment last week about Lucien Bouchard and it was quickly removed!

  14. joeybarrie says:

    I don’t think the team plays in front of a particular goalie better than another. I do think the team let Price down a few times, and played pretty badly in front of him. On the other hand of that argument is Price needs to be making some of those saves to pick up the team, and he has, just not as much as we want.

    I think that the team figured out how to pick it up vs the Bruins after about 30 minutes. Same time as Price was in the goal. I have noticed a few times this season that we play very differently in the first period than in others. Our coach and players find holes and expose them. That creates a shift in the game. OFTEN, the shift is forced when we pull the goalie. This is a way to wake up the players. It often works, and then we at home think to ourselves. This team doesn’t like Price because they play better without him.

    The thing is we are looking for an excuse. So we make one up. It’s especially easy when our backup goalie plays so consistent and steals the show.

    I think we are over complicating a very simple situation. We have a GREAT young goalie. It takes awhile for a young goalie to gain experience and confidence. 3-4 years is just the start. Especially in a city that expects immediate results or they stone you. AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, THE CITY AND MEDIA HAVE BEEN MUCH TOUGHER ON PRICE THAN THE REST OF THE TEAM. Similar to Latendresse. I don’t care what anyone says, 25 goals in 55 games as soon as he left says it all…

    Just because you don’t buy into the hype doesn’t mean the hype can’t come true. There is a reason that these PROFESSIONAL scouts and managers think Price can be one of the best goalie’s ever. There is a reason Ken Dryden said DONT trade him. Now the question is this… Will it come this season or not? We will only find out in the end, and I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side in the end. Especially considering the Price is not a BAD goalie. His save percentage is above average. I will risk a mediocre goalie for little bit  for a chance at a GREAT one.

    Lastly I will say this. People get angry because apparently we rushed him into the NHL. So basically what we are saying is if we kept him in the AHL for 3 years and he was a Rookie this season we would not be so hard on him. Why does it matter if he has been with us or with Hamilton? His age would be the same, the only difference is he has experience in an inferior league. To me if you want to be the best yo must play and learn from the best. So THRU NO FAULT OF HIS OWN, we get angry at him cause he was rushed and so we BOOOO… I mean is it just me that this makes no sense to???

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  15. Habsrule1 says:

    Easy mistake. I thought they were twins from the first time I saw them.

    Go Habs Go!! “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  16. Habsrule1 says:

    Listen to Hal Gil’s interview after the game. He said it affects the team…and that is normal. When a team hears their own fans booing their own player, it is bound to have some affect, whether or not you think they are supernatural beings.

    Go Habs Go!! “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  17. Mattyleg says:

    Of course it’s your right to boo.

    It’s also your right to be racist if you choose, or to point and laugh at mentally handicapped people.

    It just makes you an a-hole. That’s all.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  18. HFX-HabFan says:

    Maybe the fans boo because they’re protesting other losses.  1995, 1982, 1980, 1759, etc.  This is their outlet for protesting when things don’t go their pompous, self-entitled, dramatic heart-bleeding way.

  19. derfab says:

    Sorry about PK. I just remember it was a right-handed shooter blocking the empty passing lane while Bergeron got 37 seconds to deke Price. Rookie play, so i thought it might be PK. I guess it was Weber?

  20. Habsrule1 says:

    Booing your own player is stupid. Booing the anthem (either one) is even worse….but I guess you do “have the right”.

    Go Habs Go!! “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  21. HFX-HabFan says:

    Unless you had your eyes glued to the press box, you wouldn’t have seen PK flopping like a seal.  Given how crowded the press box would have been, I doubt PK would have had room to flop.

  22. TommyB says:

    Not something you have ever done in the past, right?

  23. derfab says:

    These elite players have been followed around and yelled at since they were 6 or 8 years old. I think you overestimate their consideration for the “fans”, who were long-ago zoned out. They like full stadiums (the noisier the better)but play for the cash and to out-compete the opposition. The fans and the media are little more than a means to these ends. We think we are smart, influential and important. They don’t.

  24. JIMVINNY says:

    So you think Booing an anthem is okay, and you think PK was playing wednesday night.  I guess the second one proves how wrong you are about both.  You don’t have the right to disrespect a national anthem by booing it.  Just because you don’t get sent to jail, doesn’t mean it’s your right.

    Do you want to know how upset I would be if I heard that some dude got beat up for booing a national anthem?  Not one little bit.

  25. TommyB says:

    Did PK flop around because he dropped his hot dog in the press box?

  26. slapshot777 says:

    PK didn’t play in th first pesason game. I can’t remember who it was, but it definitely wasn’t PK.


    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  27. JF says:

    If you get RDS, you should get RIS as well; it’s part of RDS.  But this LNH sur le vif is frustrating to watch; it consists of long segments of chat interspersed with a few minutes here and there of the game.  You sit there wishing they’d shut up and just show the action.

  28. JIMVINNY says:

    124.  should be directly above the standard def RDS.

  29. Natrous says:

    “I reserve the right to boo anyone at a pro hockey game, even the national anthem.”

    Wow. Now I understand why I have never agreed with you in the past.

  30. derfab says:

    Though I agree with you on Price, I reserve the right to boo anyone at a pro hockey game, even the national anthem.

    Spacek looked particularly out of sync to me and PK flopped around like a seal on Bergeron’s first goal.

    It ain’t Church or the Supreme Court ladies!

    It’s just part of the fun. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  31. smiler2729 says:

    You’re missing the point, the fans didn’t run Patrick Roy outta town but they boooed him enough to get under his skin that fateful night which in turn most likely got his emotions going to the point of stating to Ron Corey behind the bench that he’d played his last game as a Hab. Yes, I KNOW, the Tremblay power struggle was the biggest factor but you can bet the booing was the proverbial icing on the cake on that one.

    Hab fans also booed Lafleur in his last season… hell, they booed Beliveau!

    Booing your own home team players is stupid and f***ing ignorant. It throws off the whole team and puts them on edge. PK Subban’s gotta wonder if he’ll hear it after his first turnover.



  32. matraque says:

    Martin Mcguire on Carey Price… Brillant.


    Canadien en 5!
    Never go Full Retard

  33. Laramy87 says:

    So i have bell tv and i dont have this RIS station. I have the package with RDS and RDS HD and all these french stations and i dont even speak french lol….. What channel is RIS?

  34. Max_a_million says:

    We don’t have any French Canadiens to punch out a ref on the team, we will have to settle for an Ontarois glaring in the general direction of a ref, or an American having an arrogant attitude.

    ”Last season we couldn’t win at home and we were losing on the road. My failure was that I couldn’t think of any place else to play.” – Harry Neale

  35. Mark C says:

    Boy, that’s one weak Sens lineup, at least Carrie Underwood might be there.

  36. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I posted this yesterday on another thread

    I was watching TSN earlier tonight while feeding my 4 month old, and I got to see a clip from Price’s interview. People need to listen to his advice. But I do think a positive impact could have been made last night. It would have shown the imbeciles, he is not bothered by idiotic antics.

    He wasn’t great last night.

    I think he knew it, I think his team mates knew it, I think everyone who watched the game knew he was not ‘on’. But he should NEVER have been boo’d. The fans are fickle, ridiculous and it pisses me off that I rarely luck out with great seats (and I drive 10 hours one way for these games every year) and some have horseshoes up their arse, and boo a preseason game.

    BTW…Boone, Stubbs, or Hickey, can you pull some strings (my wife and I have tickets for the home opener this year…waaaaay up at the top). Anyways…(worth a try)

    Now booing Mike “The Traitor” Komisarek, I can understand 😉

    I have always been a fan of Price, but I became a fan of Halak first and enjoyed the moments he gave, he was brilliant last year. But from now I am 110% Price-Fanboy, if you will. He deserves better from fans of the Montréal Canadiens. I want an angry Price in the pipes (I will still reserve the right to call it as I see it…in my own words).

    I hope this episode gives him the edge to shut the little pukes up…make ’em eat it Carey…served blue rare.

  37. derfab says:

    Eller gets 2, easy.

  38. habs03 says:

    IMO, Halak was the better goal last year, that is why the team played better, he made saved he shouldn’t have made, while Price couldn’t get a break. While Halak was better last year, I think it was the right choice to keep Price. I think the one important thing people need to understand is the team choose Price expecting him to peak in 2-3 years. While Price wasn’t as bad as people make it seem last year, he wasn’t great, and do people expected him to be an amazing goalie all of sudden over the summer. Like him or not, P.G. seems to be building the team the right way, 3 scoring lines, 1 shut down line, a tougher bottom 6 that can play, while it might take 1-2 years its heading in the right way.

  39. CBrady12 says:

    Dude, 90% of people on here are smart asses…like Price said, its easily to talk smack when you aren’t face to face, just know that that guy NEVER would have said anything to you face to face..

  40. derfab says:

    The fans had nothing to do with Roy’s departure.

    I don’t know where people get this idea. He got into a power struggle with the coach, and management panicked, making a terrible trade,

    Roy loves the intensity here and has been circling like a shark for a coaching gig since his retirement.

  41. Bryan says:

    Yikes.  That Sens D looks weak.


    The Habs are making me Bi-Polar.

  42. Mark C says:

    In the context of other night’s game, zero of the goals had to do with Price playing the puck. If this is the secret, then wouldn’t you think the coaches with over 100 of hockey experience and a team of professional hockey players would have figured this out? Breakouts and how the team should play with different goalies was something practiced in high school.  

    I’ll grant you, your theory is interesting. I will be keeping a close eye on the breakouts over the next few games.  

  43. Habsrule1 says:

    Interesting theory.

    I personally just think he needs to relax and play his game. He looked a little nervous, and understandably so. he probably knew he’d get jeered for any small mistake he made….and he was right.

    I think he needs to grab the bull by the horns (should be easy for him) and just play his game. He’s the man and he has to act like it and not worry about a few ignorant fans.

    That’s how I see it anyway.

    Go Habs Go!! “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  44. Ian Cobb says:

    Great night for sports tonight. Alouetts at 8pm on TSN and a Habs second pratice exhibition game at 7pm.

    All teams play these exhibition games to work themselves somewhat into game shape before the real contests begin in a couple of weeks.

    Gives the coaches some casual experiment time to judge a little better how to pick the team and gauge where players are in their individual game. The club is not interested in winning points as there are none given.

    Good pond hockey at best this time of year boys and girls. We can start judging them in a week or two.

  45. habs03 says:

    When you have such a huge fan base like we do here in Montreal and also in Toronto, those bad apple are bound to happen. It really sucks becuase it makes the really fans look bad.

  46. Habsrule1 says:

    Excellent post CP31…sums up my feelings exactly…except the part about Roy. Take Tremblay out of the mix and Roy retires a Hab.

    Let Price, and everyone else work out the kinks in the first 5 preseason games. The last 2 or 3 might mean a tiny bit. That being said, Price is working very hard from all accounts, and he most likely will get better and better all year.

    So many positives in that first preseason game that we should focus on. We totally dominated the second half of the game….wasn’t even close!

    Go Habs Go!! “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  47. derfab says:

    No. This is not a theory. When handling the puck, Halak is often awkward, limited and predictable to the opposition, and typically, with weaker clearing attempts and footwork behind the net, gets into much more trouble than does Price.

    He does not need to be reeled in, just pushed hard and encouraged in his efforts, like everyone else.

  48. Lafrich says:

    Has he scored?

    Did I say definitively we should have kept that guy?

    I think you guys are annoyed about talk about some more high profile guys. I am talking about COREY LOCKE!

  49. Lafrich says:

    I knew to what regular argument you refer, however I have NEVER heard about it with Corey Locke. In fact, I was looking for some feedback that may help clear up why he hasn’t made it yet. Had you replied to my original post with: “actually he sucks at the NHL level”, or “his size does hurt him at the NHL level”, or any other hockey talk I would have actually appreciated it. I also understand that my comment may have annoyed you, but instead of ANYTHING useful, you felt the need to comment like you did rather than read it and just move on to the next post. Think about that next time. As for your sarcastic comment about my feelings, get a life dude. No need to be a smart a–.

  50. pic1983 says:

    He’s right though.  Every single time a former habs player/prospect puts on another teams jersey and scores a goal, someone comes on here and posts “we should have kept that guy”.

    Its like my favorite, poolies who see a guy score two goals in a game and immediately pick him up only to be disappointed because that two goal game was a fluke. 

  51. pic1983 says:

    Interesting point, but Halak also had some brutal giveaways when he ventured out of his crease. 

    I think the exact opposite, to me the problem is that they are reeling price in too much.  He needs to be confident, thats all he needs.  Starting to question him and making him question himself I think would detrimental to his development and success. 

    I would say his biggest technical flaw is he sometimes pushes off too hard in his lateral movements and ends up out of position. 

  52. Ian Cobb says:

    Latrich,! I belive that Tommy mentioned this responce because of the volume of people on here knocking size of some of our players all the time is all.

    I always liked Cory Locke, and was pleased he was drafted by us when he played with the 67s, Don’t know why he did not fit into our future plans.

  53. CP31 says:

    As much as it pains me to say this, you select so called “Habs fans” are making us TRUE Habs fans look no better than the one’s that support the Leafs.

    All over the internet people, including myself, were mocking the Leaf fans for booing their team in their 1st PRE-SEASON game because they stunk! Wait a day or two and sure enough we end up doing the exact same thing! PATHETIC!

    Previous comments from posters defending the boos with “the customer’s always right” or “we pay good money for tickets” isn’t an excuse to boo. Maybe if we were coming off another losing season which we lost 60+ games………………….WE JUST FINISHED A MAGICAL RUN THAT SAW US COMPETE IN THE EASTERN CONFERENCE FINAL…………..I MEAN COME ON………….WILL NOTHING MAKE YOU IDIOTS HAPPY!

    Get off your high horse and for once in your life use common sense and better judgement! But then again IGNORANCE IS BLISS, so I don’t really expect these fickle “Habs fans” to change.

    If you “Habs fans” take nothing else from my post, at least take this; “Stupidity is defined by continously repeating the same mistake”……………you know how the Roy debacle resulted, so why would you chance fate again?!?!?!?!? (I’m in no way comparing Price to Roy……………but the situation remains exactly the same)



  54. SmartDog says:

    Bring back Carbo!  Fire Carbo!  LOL

    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

  55. le_vrai_jacques says:

    Make it C. F. Lee

  56. coachdoug says:

    I wonder if someone will stream that on Justin TV…was really hoping to catch this one…

    “Six more years…God Bless You Turtleneck Man!”

  57. avatar_58 says:

    This kind of sucks, I wanted to see Eller play 🙁

  58. avatar_58 says:

    Maybe true, but the goals happened on rushes and defensive lapses – not because he turned it over. Also the team played quite well in front of Price they just didn’t cash in on any of their scoring chances.

  59. 100HABS says:

    I have a theory. It was formed last year and Wednesday’s “game” brought it back to mind.

    about the idea that the team played better in front of Halak than
    Price. Yesterday, they played better in front of Sanford than Price.
    Clearly. WHY?

    My theory: Price is an excellent puck-handler, but
    he tries to do too much. He does things no one on his own team expects
    and throws them off-balance. No one is ever really sure what he’s going
    to do, they’re all just looking at him and around and when he sends it
    to some guy who’s half-covered and not expecting it, it turns over.

    was not as good a puck-handler, but he always made the simple,
    standard, easy play. The guys knew what to expect and were ready to go
    on the attack.

    My solution: Management has to reel Price in. Tell
    him to stick with 4 or 5 standard plays that they practice and all
    know. In a few months, Carey will be making tape-to-tape passes and
    everybody will be on the same page. No more getting a surprise puck with
    the whole team off-balance.

    If you’re not convinced, check out the players’ reactions whenever Carey’s handling the puck in his next game.

  60. TommyB says:

    It sure seems to me that every time a one-time Habs prospect who was either cut, traded, left on his own, or whatever, puts on another team’s jersey…someone will come in here and make the statement you made. You are not such a stranger to HIO. You have been around here long enough and often enough to know what I am saying is true. My statement was a more off-the-cuff general statement to all who read it, rather than a personal attack on you. Sorry to have injured your feelings. I’ll take note of your frailities and be more careful in the future.

  61. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    Nah, listen on the radio and pretend the players have no helmets or teeth.

  62. Lafrich says:

    Not sure about you, but I post here once in a blue moon, so I am not as aware of the constant talk about Corey Locke. I saw him play as a junior, and I always liked his style. He was instrumental in the Bulldogs’ championship run a few years back as well. So if you read this “obvious” statement about someone that is not so front and center, and wish to make your statement that is purely negative in nature, please keep it to yourself next time. On the other hand, if you have something constructive and positive to convey, please share.

  63. Chorske says:

    MAB sucks. Euros play soft. NAG! NAG!

  64. SmartDog says:

    Hope so.  This is our more veteran line-up.  If we don’t have a good outing against these guys, somethings wrong.

    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

  65. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    A breath of fresh air, that.

  66. SmartDog says:

    I like to keep it original.

    Oh, and we should trade Price too!

    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

  67. TommyB says:

    Of course someone had to say that. Just like death and taxes, something you can always count on.

  68. Chorske says:

    Finally some new ideas around here.


  69. Bill J says:

    Dave – the game IS televised…. Just not in it’s complete state.

    RIS will be showing the next 3 games as part of their program “NHL sur le vif”


  70. Lafrich says:

    Corey Locke. I have a feeling he is someone we let go too early – only because of his size.

  71. derfab says:

    That’s a pretty lame Ottawa lineup. The Gomez line will light it up if they are at all interested in skating against these minor leaguers. People will be going lady ga ga over Eller by 8:00 pm. Good move by martin. Hopefully, Pouliot et. al. will accept the challenge and step it up.

  72. SeriousFan09 says:

    About the same time that Travis Moen is in contention for the Art Ross.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  73. SeriousFan09 says:

    pretend it’s the early 1950s

    So I should look forward to seeing a French Canadian on the team punch out a ref?


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  74. HardHabits says:

    Over/under on when Sanford threatens JM’s job?

  75. SmartDog says:

    Price is benched because of his last game!

    Martin is an idiot!!!  Fire Guathier!!


    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

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