Habs aim to end skid; game on RIS

Confirming: tonight’s game will be telecast in French on the RIS network. Check your cable/satellite grid for availability

C’mon, we’re KIDDING about the “skid” headline… it’s preseason, let’s all have some fun!

The Ottawa Senators are at the Bell Centre tonight to face the Canadiens in the Habs’ second game of the preseason. The visitors show a 5-0 win and 4-1 loss in consecutive-night games against Toronto, while the Canadiens dropped a 4-2 decision to Boston to open their exhibition season.

The Senators’ lineup for tonight:

• Goaltenders: Pascal Leclaire, Mike Brodeur.
• Defence: Eric Gryba, Erik Karlsson, Geoff Kinrade, Chris Phillips, Craig Schira, Patrick Wiercioch.
• Forwards: Cody Bass, Eric Condra, Kaspars Daugavins, Mike Fisher, Colin Greening, Ryan Keller, Chris Kelly, Alex Kovalev, Francis Lessard, Corey Locke, Peter Regin, Jarkko Ruutu.

Boone will blog the action live, Stubbs will be on Twitter through the game beginning late afternoon, before committing a column, and Hickey will type the game story and Habs dressing-room for The Gazette, his words to be linked here.

If you don’t get RIS TV, pretend it’s the early 1950s and hear CJAD radio’s Rick Moffat and Sergio Momesso call the action here beginning at 7:30.


  1. SeriousFan09 says:

    Have people forgotten that pre-season means nothing and many goalies have rust in the pre-season?


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  2. matraque says:

    Did Price went from Humility (golf tournament) to Arrongance (yesterday)?


    Canadien en 5!
    Never go Full Retard

  3. smiler2729 says:

    I brought my wife (who is American) to a Bell Centre game in 2003. She was blown away by the fact that the Montreal faithfull booed not only The Star Spangled Banner but also O Canada.

    She asked why and all I could think of was they’re idiots and then explained the whole lingering ongoing separatist crap that ruined the province and sent millions of Quebeckers packing to Ontario and points west.

    She wondered why the rest of Canada put up with that and said if California or Texas wanted to separate, the sentiment would be dealt with pretty quickly and firmly.

    You know, defending my hometown and province gets embarrassing when there’s really no excuse for this kind of crap.

  4. VintageFan says:

    I hate to run the risk of raising the level of the debate, but….

    Many of you talk about your ‘rights’ to boo, to criticise, to jeer, etc.  What you are overlooking is your “privileges”: to write and behave intelligently; to be informed; and to reason.  Give it a try, you might just enjoy it!

  5. matraque says:

    Ontario?  You have 2 teams over there… Pick one.


    Canadien en 5!
    Never go Full Retard

  6. matraque says:

    Halifax sucks…

    it’s like zzzzzzzzZZzzzz


    Canadien en 5!
    Never go Full Retard

  7. slapshot777 says:

    BINGO, you hit the nail on head, peope don’t realize it, but the booing does carry it consequences. Sometimes we may see it in short term like in the case of Patrick Roy, or maybe longer term and in maybe 2 years from now when Prices contract is up.

    The fans say they want a winnner, how do you supposedly get a winner if all you do is boo a player for having a bad streak, again in Prices case a goalie takes longer to develop, that’s a fact ask anyone who has experience with drafting and developing young players at NHL level. The goalies are the longest followed by the defense and the forwards are the quickest.

    Patience is something Habs fans don’t have, so the only suggestion that I can think of is never draft anymore goalies, instead trade for superstar ones. Tey should come cheap, then the fans can complain about how much it cost to get a good goalie. I guess then they boo that goalie for a different reason.


    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  8. Mattyleg says:


    Talk about your rookie mistakes…

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  9. derfab says:

    Depends which anthem, where and why it’s being sung. I love my country and I continue to enjoy hockey, but I really could care less about whatever they decide to blast at people through a stadium P.A. system before the puck drops.

    Didn’t know we had such a ong-standing relationship.

  10. Mattyleg says:

    What absolute tripe.

    That’s bordering on racist. If you read closely on this very site, you’ll see that anglo fans are just as stupid and enjoy booing just as much.

    I love your ‘us versus them’ concept. Must make you feel VERY superior.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  11. Chuck says:

    Lucien Bouchard is a moderator on HI/O?

  12. Mattyleg says:

    I disagree completely!

    Hal Gill said it himself that when the crowd boos someone on the hometeam, it hurts the ENTIRE TEAM. They are not deaf, and they are human beings.

    You seem to have the idea that going to a hockey game is like going to a movie or watching tv, where the people on the screen can’t hear you. It’s not like that. Be supportive, or you’re cheering for the other team.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  13. smiler2729 says:


    Ya better watch what you post, I posted a comment last week about Lucien Bouchard and it was quickly removed!

  14. joeybarrie says:

    I don’t think the team plays in front of a particular goalie better than another. I do think the team let Price down a few times, and played pretty badly in front of him. On the other hand of that argument is Price needs to be making some of those saves to pick up the team, and he has, just not as much as we want.

    I think that the team figured out how to pick it up vs the Bruins after about 30 minutes. Same time as Price was in the goal. I have noticed a few times this season that we play very differently in the first period than in others. Our coach and players find holes and expose them. That creates a shift in the game. OFTEN, the shift is forced when we pull the goalie. This is a way to wake up the players. It often works, and then we at home think to ourselves. This team doesn’t like Price because they play better without him.

    The thing is we are looking for an excuse. So we make one up. It’s especially easy when our backup goalie plays so consistent and steals the show.

    I think we are over complicating a very simple situation. We have a GREAT young goalie. It takes awhile for a young goalie to gain experience and confidence. 3-4 years is just the start. Especially in a city that expects immediate results or they stone you. AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, THE CITY AND MEDIA HAVE BEEN MUCH TOUGHER ON PRICE THAN THE REST OF THE TEAM. Similar to Latendresse. I don’t care what anyone says, 25 goals in 55 games as soon as he left says it all…

    Just because you don’t buy into the hype doesn’t mean the hype can’t come true. There is a reason that these PROFESSIONAL scouts and managers think Price can be one of the best goalie’s ever. There is a reason Ken Dryden said DONT trade him. Now the question is this… Will it come this season or not? We will only find out in the end, and I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side in the end. Especially considering the Price is not a BAD goalie. His save percentage is above average. I will risk a mediocre goalie for little bit  for a chance at a GREAT one.

    Lastly I will say this. People get angry because apparently we rushed him into the NHL. So basically what we are saying is if we kept him in the AHL for 3 years and he was a Rookie this season we would not be so hard on him. Why does it matter if he has been with us or with Hamilton? His age would be the same, the only difference is he has experience in an inferior league. To me if you want to be the best yo must play and learn from the best. So THRU NO FAULT OF HIS OWN, we get angry at him cause he was rushed and so we BOOOO… I mean is it just me that this makes no sense to???

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  15. Habsrule1 says:

    Easy mistake. I thought they were twins from the first time I saw them.

    Go Habs Go!! “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  16. Habsrule1 says:

    Listen to Hal Gil’s interview after the game. He said it affects the team…and that is normal. When a team hears their own fans booing their own player, it is bound to have some affect, whether or not you think they are supernatural beings.

    Go Habs Go!! “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  17. Mattyleg says:

    Of course it’s your right to boo.

    It’s also your right to be racist if you choose, or to point and laugh at mentally handicapped people.

    It just makes you an a-hole. That’s all.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  18. HFX-HabFan says:

    Maybe the fans boo because they’re protesting other losses.  1995, 1982, 1980, 1759, etc.  This is their outlet for protesting when things don’t go their pompous, self-entitled, dramatic heart-bleeding way.

  19. derfab says:

    Sorry about PK. I just remember it was a right-handed shooter blocking the empty passing lane while Bergeron got 37 seconds to deke Price. Rookie play, so i thought it might be PK. I guess it was Weber?

  20. Habsrule1 says:

    Booing your own player is stupid. Booing the anthem (either one) is even worse….but I guess you do “have the right”.

    Go Habs Go!! “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  21. HFX-HabFan says:

    Unless you had your eyes glued to the press box, you wouldn’t have seen PK flopping like a seal.  Given how crowded the press box would have been, I doubt PK would have had room to flop.

  22. TommyB says:

    Not something you have ever done in the past, right?

  23. derfab says:

    These elite players have been followed around and yelled at since they were 6 or 8 years old. I think you overestimate their consideration for the “fans”, who were long-ago zoned out. They like full stadiums (the noisier the better)but play for the cash and to out-compete the opposition. The fans and the media are little more than a means to these ends. We think we are smart, influential and important. They don’t.

  24. JIMVINNY says:

    So you think Booing an anthem is okay, and you think PK was playing wednesday night.  I guess the second one proves how wrong you are about both.  You don’t have the right to disrespect a national anthem by booing it.  Just because you don’t get sent to jail, doesn’t mean it’s your right.

    Do you want to know how upset I would be if I heard that some dude got beat up for booing a national anthem?  Not one little bit.

  25. TommyB says:

    Did PK flop around because he dropped his hot dog in the press box?

  26. slapshot777 says:

    PK didn’t play in th first pesason game. I can’t remember who it was, but it definitely wasn’t PK.


    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  27. JF says:

    If you get RDS, you should get RIS as well; it’s part of RDS.  But this LNH sur le vif is frustrating to watch; it consists of long segments of chat interspersed with a few minutes here and there of the game.  You sit there wishing they’d shut up and just show the action.

  28. JIMVINNY says:

    124.  should be directly above the standard def RDS.

  29. Natrous says:

    “I reserve the right to boo anyone at a pro hockey game, even the national anthem.”

    Wow. Now I understand why I have never agreed with you in the past.

  30. derfab says:

    Though I agree with you on Price, I reserve the right to boo anyone at a pro hockey game, even the national anthem.

    Spacek looked particularly out of sync to me and PK flopped around like a seal on Bergeron’s first goal.

    It ain’t Church or the Supreme Court ladies!

    It’s just part of the fun. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  31. smiler2729 says:

    You’re missing the point, the fans didn’t run Patrick Roy outta town but they boooed him enough to get under his skin that fateful night which in turn most likely got his emotions going to the point of stating to Ron Corey behind the bench that he’d played his last game as a Hab. Yes, I KNOW, the Tremblay power struggle was the biggest factor but you can bet the booing was the proverbial icing on the cake on that one.

    Hab fans also booed Lafleur in his last season… hell, they booed Beliveau!

    Booing your own home team players is stupid and f***ing ignorant. It throws off the whole team and puts them on edge. PK Subban’s gotta wonder if he’ll hear it after his first turnover.



  32. matraque says:

    Martin Mcguire on Carey Price… Brillant.


    Canadien en 5!
    Never go Full Retard

  33. Laramy87 says:

    So i have bell tv and i dont have this RIS station. I have the package with RDS and RDS HD and all these french stations and i dont even speak french lol….. What channel is RIS?

  34. Max_a_million says:

    We don’t have any French Canadiens to punch out a ref on the team, we will have to settle for an Ontarois glaring in the general direction of a ref, or an American having an arrogant attitude.

    ”Last season we couldn’t win at home and we were losing on the road. My failure was that I couldn’t think of any place else to play.” – Harry Neale

  35. Mark C says:

    Boy, that’s one weak Sens lineup, at least Carrie Underwood might be there.

  36. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I posted this yesterday on another thread

    I was watching TSN earlier tonight while feeding my 4 month old, and I got to see a clip from Price’s interview. People need to listen to his advice. But I do think a positive impact could have been made last night. It would have shown the imbeciles, he is not bothered by idiotic antics.

    He wasn’t great last night.

    I think he knew it, I think his team mates knew it, I think everyone who watched the game knew he was not ‘on’. But he should NEVER have been boo’d. The fans are fickle, ridiculous and it pisses me off that I rarely luck out with great seats (and I drive 10 hours one way for these games every year) and some have horseshoes up their arse, and boo a preseason game.

    BTW…Boone, Stubbs, or Hickey, can you pull some strings (my wife and I have tickets for the home opener this year…waaaaay up at the top). Anyways…(worth a try)

    Now booing Mike “The Traitor” Komisarek, I can understand 😉

    I have always been a fan of Price, but I became a fan of Halak first and enjoyed the moments he gave, he was brilliant last year. But from now I am 110% Price-Fanboy, if you will. He deserves better from fans of the Montréal Canadiens. I want an angry Price in the pipes (I will still reserve the right to call it as I see it…in my own words).

    I hope this episode gives him the edge to shut the little pukes up…make ’em eat it Carey…served blue rare.

  37. derfab says:

    Eller gets 2, easy.

  38. habs03 says:

    IMO, Halak was the better goal last year, that is why the team played better, he made saved he shouldn’t have made, while Price couldn’t get a break. While Halak was better last year, I think it was the right choice to keep Price. I think the one important thing people need to understand is the team choose Price expecting him to peak in 2-3 years. While Price wasn’t as bad as people make it seem last year, he wasn’t great, and do people expected him to be an amazing goalie all of sudden over the summer. Like him or not, P.G. seems to be building the team the right way, 3 scoring lines, 1 shut down line, a tougher bottom 6 that can play, while it might take 1-2 years its heading in the right way.

  39. CBrady12 says:

    Dude, 90% of people on here are smart asses…like Price said, its easily to talk smack when you aren’t face to face, just know that that guy NEVER would have said anything to you face to face..

  40. derfab says:

    The fans had nothing to do with Roy’s departure.

    I don’t know where people get this idea. He got into a power struggle with the coach, and management panicked, making a terrible trade,

    Roy loves the intensity here and has been circling like a shark for a coaching gig since his retirement.

  41. Bryan says:

    Yikes.  That Sens D looks weak.


    The Habs are making me Bi-Polar.

  42. Mark C says:

    In the context of other night’s game, zero of the goals had to do with Price playing the puck. If this is the secret, then wouldn’t you think the coaches with over 100 of hockey experience and a team of professional hockey players would have figured this out? Breakouts and how the team should play with different goalies was something practiced in high school.  

    I’ll grant you, your theory is interesting. I will be keeping a close eye on the breakouts over the next few games.  

  43. Habsrule1 says:

    Interesting theory.

    I personally just think he needs to relax and play his game. He looked a little nervous, and understandably so. he probably knew he’d get jeered for any small mistake he made….and he was right.

    I think he needs to grab the bull by the horns (should be easy for him) and just play his game. He’s the man and he has to act like it and not worry about a few ignorant fans.

    That’s how I see it anyway.

    Go Habs Go!! “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  44. Ian Cobb says:

    Great night for sports tonight. Alouetts at 8pm on TSN and a Habs second pratice exhibition game at 7pm.

    All teams play these exhibition games to work themselves somewhat into game shape before the real contests begin in a couple of weeks.

    Gives the coaches some casual experiment time to judge a little better how to pick the team and gauge where players are in their individual game. The club is not interested in winning points as there are none given.

    Good pond hockey at best this time of year boys and girls. We can start judging them in a week or two.

  45. habs03 says:

    When you have such a huge fan base like we do here in Montreal and also in Toronto, those bad apple are bound to happen. It really sucks becuase it makes the really fans look bad.

  46. Habsrule1 says:

    Excellent post CP31…sums up my feelings exactly…except the part about Roy. Take Tremblay out of the mix and Roy retires a Hab.

    Let Price, and everyone else work out the kinks in the first 5 preseason games. The last 2 or 3 might mean a tiny bit. That being said, Price is working very hard from all accounts, and he most likely will get better and better all year.

    So many positives in that first preseason game that we should focus on. We totally dominated the second half of the game….wasn’t even close!

    Go Habs Go!! “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  47. derfab says:

    No. This is not a theory. When handling the puck, Halak is often awkward, limited and predictable to the opposition, and typically, with weaker clearing attempts and footwork behind the net, gets into much more trouble than does Price.

    He does not need to be reeled in, just pushed hard and encouraged in his efforts, like everyone else.

  48. Lafrich says:

    Has he scored?

    Did I say definitively we should have kept that guy?

    I think you guys are annoyed about talk about some more high profile guys. I am talking about COREY LOCKE!

  49. Lafrich says:

    I knew to what regular argument you refer, however I have NEVER heard about it with Corey Locke. In fact, I was looking for some feedback that may help clear up why he hasn’t made it yet. Had you replied to my original post with: “actually he sucks at the NHL level”, or “his size does hurt him at the NHL level”, or any other hockey talk I would have actually appreciated it. I also understand that my comment may have annoyed you, but instead of ANYTHING useful, you felt the need to comment like you did rather than read it and just move on to the next post. Think about that next time. As for your sarcastic comment about my feelings, get a life dude. No need to be a smart a–.

  50. pic1983 says:

    He’s right though.  Every single time a former habs player/prospect puts on another teams jersey and scores a goal, someone comes on here and posts “we should have kept that guy”.

    Its like my favorite, poolies who see a guy score two goals in a game and immediately pick him up only to be disappointed because that two goal game was a fluke. 

  51. pic1983 says:

    Interesting point, but Halak also had some brutal giveaways when he ventured out of his crease. 

    I think the exact opposite, to me the problem is that they are reeling price in too much.  He needs to be confident, thats all he needs.  Starting to question him and making him question himself I think would detrimental to his development and success. 

    I would say his biggest technical flaw is he sometimes pushes off too hard in his lateral movements and ends up out of position. 

  52. Ian Cobb says:

    Latrich,! I belive that Tommy mentioned this responce because of the volume of people on here knocking size of some of our players all the time is all.

    I always liked Cory Locke, and was pleased he was drafted by us when he played with the 67s, Don’t know why he did not fit into our future plans.

  53. CP31 says:

    As much as it pains me to say this, you select so called “Habs fans” are making us TRUE Habs fans look no better than the one’s that support the Leafs.

    All over the internet people, including myself, were mocking the Leaf fans for booing their team in their 1st PRE-SEASON game because they stunk! Wait a day or two and sure enough we end up doing the exact same thing! PATHETIC!

    Previous comments from posters defending the boos with “the customer’s always right” or “we pay good money for tickets” isn’t an excuse to boo. Maybe if we were coming off another losing season which we lost 60+ games………………….WE JUST FINISHED A MAGICAL RUN THAT SAW US COMPETE IN THE EASTERN CONFERENCE FINAL…………..I MEAN COME ON………….WILL NOTHING MAKE YOU IDIOTS HAPPY!

    Get off your high horse and for once in your life use common sense and better judgement! But then again IGNORANCE IS BLISS, so I don’t really expect these fickle “Habs fans” to change.

    If you “Habs fans” take nothing else from my post, at least take this; “Stupidity is defined by continously repeating the same mistake”……………you know how the Roy debacle resulted, so why would you chance fate again?!?!?!?!? (I’m in no way comparing Price to Roy……………but the situation remains exactly the same)



  54. SmartDog says:

    Bring back Carbo!  Fire Carbo!  LOL

    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

  55. le_vrai_jacques says:

    Make it C. F. Lee

  56. coachdoug says:

    I wonder if someone will stream that on Justin TV…was really hoping to catch this one…

    “Six more years…God Bless You Turtleneck Man!”

  57. avatar_58 says:

    This kind of sucks, I wanted to see Eller play :(

  58. avatar_58 says:

    Maybe true, but the goals happened on rushes and defensive lapses – not because he turned it over. Also the team played quite well in front of Price they just didn’t cash in on any of their scoring chances.

  59. 100HABS says:

    I have a theory. It was formed last year and Wednesday’s “game” brought it back to mind.

    about the idea that the team played better in front of Halak than
    Price. Yesterday, they played better in front of Sanford than Price.
    Clearly. WHY?

    My theory: Price is an excellent puck-handler, but
    he tries to do too much. He does things no one on his own team expects
    and throws them off-balance. No one is ever really sure what he’s going
    to do, they’re all just looking at him and around and when he sends it
    to some guy who’s half-covered and not expecting it, it turns over.

    was not as good a puck-handler, but he always made the simple,
    standard, easy play. The guys knew what to expect and were ready to go
    on the attack.

    My solution: Management has to reel Price in. Tell
    him to stick with 4 or 5 standard plays that they practice and all
    know. In a few months, Carey will be making tape-to-tape passes and
    everybody will be on the same page. No more getting a surprise puck with
    the whole team off-balance.

    If you’re not convinced, check out the players’ reactions whenever Carey’s handling the puck in his next game.

  60. TommyB says:

    It sure seems to me that every time a one-time Habs prospect who was either cut, traded, left on his own, or whatever, puts on another team’s jersey…someone will come in here and make the statement you made. You are not such a stranger to HIO. You have been around here long enough and often enough to know what I am saying is true. My statement was a more off-the-cuff general statement to all who read it, rather than a personal attack on you. Sorry to have injured your feelings. I’ll take note of your frailities and be more careful in the future.

  61. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    Nah, listen on the radio and pretend the players have no helmets or teeth.

  62. Lafrich says:

    Not sure about you, but I post here once in a blue moon, so I am not as aware of the constant talk about Corey Locke. I saw him play as a junior, and I always liked his style. He was instrumental in the Bulldogs’ championship run a few years back as well. So if you read this “obvious” statement about someone that is not so front and center, and wish to make your statement that is purely negative in nature, please keep it to yourself next time. On the other hand, if you have something constructive and positive to convey, please share.

  63. Chorske says:

    MAB sucks. Euros play soft. NAG! NAG!

  64. SmartDog says:

    Hope so.  This is our more veteran line-up.  If we don’t have a good outing against these guys, somethings wrong.

    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

  65. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    A breath of fresh air, that.

  66. SmartDog says:

    I like to keep it original.

    Oh, and we should trade Price too!

    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

  67. TommyB says:

    Of course someone had to say that. Just like death and taxes, something you can always count on.

  68. Chorske says:

    Finally some new ideas around here.


  69. Bill J says:

    Dave – the game IS televised…. Just not in it’s complete state.

    RIS will be showing the next 3 games as part of their program “NHL sur le vif”


  70. Lafrich says:

    Corey Locke. I have a feeling he is someone we let go too early – only because of his size.

  71. derfab says:

    That’s a pretty lame Ottawa lineup. The Gomez line will light it up if they are at all interested in skating against these minor leaguers. People will be going lady ga ga over Eller by 8:00 pm. Good move by martin. Hopefully, Pouliot et. al. will accept the challenge and step it up.

  72. SeriousFan09 says:

    About the same time that Travis Moen is in contention for the Art Ross.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  73. SeriousFan09 says:

    pretend it’s the early 1950s

    So I should look forward to seeing a French Canadian on the team punch out a ref?


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  74. HardHabits says:

    Over/under on when Sanford threatens JM’s job?

  75. SmartDog says:

    Price is benched because of his last game!

    Martin is an idiot!!!  Fire Guathier!!


    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

  76. adam76 says:

     pretend it’s the early 1950s”

    Damn – I got the polio.

  77. Puck Bard says:

    Ok Stubbs… keep it up, Laughing Boy.   Go Habs Go!

  78. The Cat says:

    Probably best that its not on tv.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  79. notbigbird says:

    Do we ever beat the Sens or the Bolts?

  80. coachdoug says:

    No TV coverage?  T#barnac!  Someone sneak an Iphone in and webcast this sucka on Justin TV…

    “Six more years…God Bless You Turtleneck Man!”

  81. CanadienBoy says:

    So Orpik take out Frezeen with knee again get 10 min. and wing loose frezeen 3 to 5 games ??

  82. SmartDog says:

    Me no understand.


    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

  83. observer says:

    Only a couple of NHL players on this list #4 the highest one   – —  –  –  – – – – – – – – – –      http://www.sportingnews.com/mlb/feed/2010-09/smart-athletes

  84. observer says:

    Habs should have signed him. TSN: “Colby Armstrong scored the game-tying goal, then added the winner in the 11th round of a shootout”

  85. Mark C says:

    Why aren’t you happy your Leafs signed him?

  86. 24 Cups says:

    J.T. delivers a message to all those Hab fans (and H I/O posters) who lack patience.

  87. 24 Cups says:

    Speaking of JT, I noticed that Peter Mueller sustained another concussion. That’s three and he’s just 23 years old. This could be Brett Lindros all over again.

  88. nick says:

    Might wanna add any who lack basic common sense.

  89. SeriousFan09 says:

    One reporter for the Denver Post questioned why Mueller was not wearing a new M11 helmet he said he was planning to use this season. Seems it wasn’t ready yet but management, with a player who had two previous brain injuries decided to not wait until it was ready.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  90. Chorske says:

    It’s so sad, the guy is so much fun to watch.

  91. Chorske says:

    I was expecting something like the supposedly concussion-proof football helmets, which basically look like a larger football helment is attempting to mate with a much smaller one. Not sure whether it does actually reduce the risk of concussion, but I am sure it’s awesome at toning those neck muscles. But the M11 isn’t like that- it pretty much looks like a regular helmet.

    Any sudden movement of the head can cause a concussion- especially side to side or rotational movement. It isn’t the actual contact that hurts the brain, but the subsequent rotation of the head… and I don’t really see how any helmet could have protected Mueller on that play.

  92. SeriousFan09 says:

    The new M11 design is meant for the helmet to absorb the energy of the impact and spread it so the focal point of the hit doesn’t take all of directed impact. The helmet is meant to soak up more of the hit, not sure how effective it might have been but anything that might have lessened the severity could have helped.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  93. coachdoug says:

    This “anti-concussion” helmet stuff is hype…The only helmet on the market these days that shows any marked improvement over the old designs is Easton’s new one piece S19…Cascade is marketing a fraud like most mouthpiece manufacturers…No real medical data to back up their claim…

    The impact and subsequent movement of the head is what cause the concussion…No piece of equipment can stop that…Keeping your head up is the only proven concussion preventive measure…

    “Six more years…God Bless You Turtleneck Man!”

  94. Mark C says:

    Yikes, now I’m depressed. Good read nonetheless.

    edit: Meant this to go under J.T.’s link. Head injuries are depressing too, thank goodness it’s Friday.

  95. Storm Man says:

    There’s a difference between criticizing an athlete’s poor quality of play and vilifying the athlete. Some fans, for whom hockey is a release, Fail to make that distinction. Thay take revenge on a third party for frustrations thay are suffering at the hands of a boss,spouse, ect…

    Quote from the book (Winning nothing else)

  96. TomNickle says:

    Exactly, and the only guy with a stand alone starting position on the team other than Jacques Martin is the easiest target.  Surely not a coincidence that the Head Coach, starting goaltender and highest paid player are the three people associated with the team that take the most abuse.

  97. BJ says:

    I just read an article whose origin is Martin McGuire at CKAC (he’s usually well informed) and he says in short that Price is getting fed up and tired with Montreal and its fans and the way he’s treated. He goes on to compare Price with the Komisarek situation and Komisarek couldn’t wait to get out of town. Hopefully he can feel supported because if not he will probably crack if this continues. McGuire compares it to being in a hostile working environment, where the worker eventually packs it in….

  98. Corio says:

    The athlete has to grow some balls!  It is the way it is and you can’t take it personally!  If he packs it in because of jeers and boos it is a sad display of a weak character.  


    Ignore the fanatic fans Carey!  We support you bro!

  99. Tobiass says:

    And that explains why Price chose to resign. He could have easily told the org how he felt and we would gone with Halak and jetisoned Price. I get Martin’s point, but he knows nothing about what is going through Price’s head. Same with Komi, Komi chose money which we didnt want to give considering his limited skill set.

  100. thorandresson says:

    Comparing the situation to Komisarek?  Komisarek was loved in montreal until he decided to leave, he got voted into the all-star game for f’s sake!  Besides he bolted to Toronto where he should expect similar fans.

  101. pic1983 says:

    Especially because its the first PRE-SEASON game.  The funny thing is, all the price booers are probably Halak supporters, and even halak let in 3 goals on his first 12 shots or something like that in his first pre-season game. 

    You could see in the post game interviews that the team really wasnt impressed at all with the fans.  If there were any questions last season about whether or not the players truly had price’s back, I think its clearly evident this season that they do. 

  102. G-Man says:

    Aww, does the poor widdle baby feel that no one should ever fault him for all those floaters going by him, too? Everything must be the spectators’ fault! It’s not the player; it’s the paying customers watching him (not) perform.

  103. adam76 says:

    Yes – Price deserves no criticism for his embarrassing play the last two seasons.  Its all about poor defence, bad luck and the position of Mars as it lines up with Venus.  


    Also – I blame Prices inability to pick a mask.  If he would have stuck with the mask number 4 instead of mask number 5 – he would have been streets ahead.


  104. habs03 says:

    I’ve always wanted to know what players said to eachother, but I think we can all figure out what guys are going to be saying to Mike Fischer tonight 😉


  105. Corio says:

    She ain’t that hot..

  106. habs001 says:

    right now the only way an unexpected player makes the opening forward line up is if they show some scoring touch,,hard work and effort will probably not do it as we allready have moen and pyatt who do that but just cannot score.

  107. habs03 says:

    I get what you are saying, and the Team 990 reported the other day that Gill asked Price last year if he was happy the season ended and maybe he can move on, but Gill was suprised that Price said he wanted to stay here. But sometimes it becomes too much, when a player says hockey doesn’t become fun, there is a serious problem. This is why some players we’ll never play in MTL, Toronto, etc, why would Vinny L want to come play here and put up with all kinds of stuff when he isn’t playing well, when he can stay in sunny Tampa? With that said, some guys like the attention and winning in Montreal/Toronto/Boston, etc is a lot better than in Tampa or Nashville, it all depends on the person, look at Cammy, and Subban, they seem to play better when the attention is on them all the time.

  108. Corio says:

    Cammy and PK are more tough between the ears!  This is the difference!  They know the situation in MTL and can take it in stride..  Carey seems to have trouble dealing with it..

  109. Tobiass says:

    Yeah, but even though Gomez has had some cold streaks, the crowed doesnt boo him…

  110. habs001 says:

    gion,camm and plecks are the only consistent and reliable scorers on the team…we need pouliot and ak46 to be like them…we cannot have ak46 score 8 goals in 8 games and not score any for 15 ..same with pouliot… 

  111. thorandresson says:

    Eller should serve as insurance if those 2 can’t produce, we’ll see how that works out tonight, but I’m optimistic about Eller.

  112. TheDagger says:

    Why can’t we just save our booing for Chris F. Lee?

  113. pic1983 says:

    Agreed! That guy is THE worst.

  114. mike g says:

    Just to let ya’ll know…

    Due to recent Bell Center events, I was forced to search deeply for a term or nickname that could best describe our #1 target here in Montreal.

    Upon further review, the new HIO name for Carey Price is, Caribou Price.

    I highly doubt the name needs any explaining. I was considering making that name a trademark, but I’ll be nice with all you guys and let you use it boo….I mean too.


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

    I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  115. SLONCOLD says:

    this is gold lol

    Alpaca Auld


  116. bwoar says:

    Funny like a baby in a car crash.  Next.

  117. SeriousFan09 says:

    PP units in practice from @amandacstein of Team 990 at Brossard:

    1st: Eller-Gomez-Gionta


    2nd: Pacioretty-Desharnais-AK46



    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  118. derfab says:

    Ditto. It’s conceivable that the kid might have a doubt or two about his career here, but he has the team and a few million other reasons to be reassured. A winning record next month will have the little girls happy and wild again.

  119. BJ says:

    He may not know what Price is thinking but as he’s very close to the team he is privy to information. I know when I covered the Habs as a photographer from the late 60’s to the late 80’s that you hear and see a lot of stuff that doesn’t make the headlines and the airwaves. I really do think that if the scenario continues that Price will not last here. It would be a bloody shame if that becomes the case.

  120. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Quite right. Oddly though, the other player most liable to scorn is the 6th/7th defenceman. I swear the amount of vitriol heaped upon a healthly scratch most nights defies belief. :)

  121. Laramy87 says:

    hahah WTF so i checked my Bell tv and i have channel 123 (RDS) then 125 (SRC-O)… it completey skips 124. I dont get it though because every single french channel including RDS and RDS HD i get.

    Could this possibly becuase i live in Ontario? Stupid Bell!

  122. Bill J says:

    I live in Ontario & I get RIS on 124.

    Is it possible you blocked 124 in your Bell receiver ?

    Press the Guide Button & choose “All Channels” – see if 124 shows up.

  123. Storm Man says:

    Off topic here a little. I went to this movie last night this quote is one of the best in years.”Bulls make money, Bears make money, The pigs get slaughtered” Damn greed is good : Wall Street Money never Sleeps great movie :)

  124. kirkiswork says:

    I think that when people Boo somebody that is also a sad display of weak character.

    Bunch if ignoramusi.

    The athlete has to grow some balls!  It is the way it is and you can’t take it personally!  If he packs it in because of jeers and boos it is a sad display of a weak character.  

  125. observer says:

    so after 2 years is it not long enough a period to see that he is not the great goalie gainey/gauthier thought he would be? no one mentions these last 2 years of his. just how can 2 years of poor play be ignored? i understand gainey/gauthier 100% – these stubborn old men refuse to admit they were wrong the booing fans will continue even worse until the 3 are gone. was this booing at price’s first stumble even if it wasnt his fault, unexpected the day halak was traded? by fans with any knowledge it was guaranteed to happen yet gainey and gauthier still threw all that more pressure on price AGAIN.

  126. Storm Man says:

    Here is something for the booo birds to booo about today… Mr Facebook aka Mark Zuckerberg at the age of 26 is worth… now don’t fall over or crap your pants… 7 Billion dollers and just wait till his company goes public. And who said greed is not good :).

  127. SLONCOLD says:

    i see it as they are booing management and not price… they’ll stop eventually but maybe people should start by ignoring them

  128. Mark C says:

    The new “Wall Street” movie opens today…hey, wait minute.

  129. mike g says:

    7 billion dollars,…Bah….peanuts.


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

     I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  130. Ian Cobb says:

    People that BOO or criticize all the time, are people that have not live up to their own expectations in life.  It is a way to dump their own frustrations of non accomplishments in their life.

    They are rude, loud and obnoxious life time losers.

    We have all met the type, they need 10 drinks for loud courage, and there is no possible way to communicate with these fools. Very weak character.

  131. observer says:

    Tired of hearing people saying he is young and needs time to develop. Carey Price was an exceptional talent so much so that he was selected at #5 overall in Crosby’s year which was 5 and a half years ago. Did you ever see a young highly touted rookie in any sport come up and continue his excellent play from day 1 in the pros? And then disappear the rest of his career? Price was excellent in Juniors, in the World Juniors and Calder Cup a star AND was excellent his first year with the Habs AND half the next year to just before the All-star game in January 2009. BUT from that point on all his personal numbers have dropped drastically – won/loss record, gaa, shutouts, sv %. AND his stats prove what you all see with your own eyes. Something happened around the 2009 all star game or some other reason then has changed the performance of Price. He was a couple of years younger HERE and played tremendously – flash in the pan. We are talking of almost 2 FULL YEARS NOW. http://canadiens.nhl.com/club/player.htm?id=8471679

  132. bwoar says:

    Carey Price is handling the Carey Price situation 10x better than most of the city’s fans, it seems.  Can’t say I’m shocked.

  133. showey47 says:

    I have to disagree,the mock cheers when he makes a rountine save shows their boos are targetted at price. The guy was named 3rd star in a game last year and he was still booed. I attended the last game of the season against the leafs and when carey’s name was said over the loudspeaker he recieved booes. Its not at management,its directed at carey. Between the booing of our own and of the ameican anthem hab fans are considered a joke around the because of the ignorance of these people.

  134. Say Ash says:

    Kovalchuk just bought “Building a Web Site for Dummies”

  135. bwoar says:

    Thank you Ian.  I love the few people here who keep things in perspective, and you are absolutely right.

  136. Bugs says:

    For those of you who’ve never “watched” a game on RIS, get ready for a maddening experience.

    “Gomez crosses the red line, along the boards. Spots Gionta in the middle! Nice move! Gionta all alone! Moving in on g..-

    We’ll return you to that game shortly. In other news, Jean Charest admits to attending Franco Fava’s épluchette de blé-d’Inde on June 26th 2005. Josée Thibeault has the full story. Josée?”

    Reprovingly reproof-proof, here sits

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant Head Honcho to what goes down in Chinatown, Big Cheese at Flannelcorp Media, and Lead Copy-boy at Habsbros Hard Data Factory: http://habsbros.blogspot.com

  137. showey47 says:

    Well said Ian.

  138. fbkj says:

    OMG are you serious? this is all NEWS…


    FIFTH overall you say?

  139. Ian Cobb says:

    Newfie Dog,

    That is something a dog would say, use your tongue to clean under your tail.!!

  140. observer says:

    People that BOO or criticize all the time, are people that have not live up to their own expectations in life. It is a way to dump their own frustrations of non accomplishments in their life. — Quite the opposite, it is people with no accomplishments of their own need to cheer for others and even use the term “we” as if they are part of the team themselves.

  141. light_n_tasty says:

    So, is Markov going to be ready for the season-opener?


  142. SLONCOLD says:

    well time for the silent majority to do more cheering instead of bitching about the select few who boo

  143. ZepFan2 says:

    Don’t forget the two clowns in black face.

    I’m sure that helped to bolster our image as, “knowledgeable fans”.


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  144. mike g says:

    And you know that because you’re Caribou Price?

    Or did you hear that from one of your friends’ aunt, who’s cousin knows the guy that washes cars where the electrician who worked on Carey Price’s neighbor’s house, goes to wash his car?

    Because IMO, the only person who knows how Price is handling the situation, is Caribou himself.


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

     I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  145. pic1983 says:

    “It’s just that when you get in a crowd, people are a lot more brave.”

    Such an accurate statement by Carey.  Glad to see he’s finally standing up for himself, and I like the way he positioned it.  If it was me, I would have told them all to F off.

  146. mike g says:


    I watched last years MTL-FLA game on RIS, and it’s really annoying.

    I still don’t understand why they just don’t show the whole game, it makes zero sense.


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

     I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  147. ZepFan2 says:

    Well in that case…



    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  148. likehoy says:


    boo-ing is part of life.. if someone does something that you don’t agree with, you have the right to boo.

    in fact boo-ing can be seen as a compliment beneath the layers of criticism, suggesting that they’re better than what they’re giving. an example of this is when the ref “misses a call” or makes a bad decision, the crowd will boo the ref, because they’re expecting better quality. Does anyone step-in and tell the fans to stop boo-ing the refs? but cause it’s a player on the team, the world goes to poops. double standards much? a common example of this can be casual drinking at the bar and your friend comes in with a smirnoff ice instead of an alexander keiths. you can’t help but boo your friend’s choice of alcohol.

    regardless of what an individual has done in his lifetime, he has the freedom of right to have expectations from people who are paid to be in the spotlight. 

    – I support Carey Price as the Number 1 Goalie!

  149. fbkj says:

    took mona to that game… they were sitting a few rows over from my seats

  150. habs03 says:

    Alright boys, got some good news, being working hard all day at work trying to find this, like last year, not all the Habs game were on RDS, but I remember I found a site that had a Sens Habs game last year when it wasn’t on TV, and i just found it, and I think they are going to be showing the whole game.

    Here is the site,


  151. Caper says:

    You see his grey hair? He’s earned it and has the wisdom and knowledge to know what he is talking about. You and many others would be best served by soaking in what Ian is saying,

  152. fbkj says:

    ~so after 2 years is it not long enough a periosd to see that he is not
    the great goalie gainey/gauthier thought he would be?~

    in two years where was marc andre fleury?

  153. TheDagger says:

    He’s no Halak…

  154. ZepFan2 says:

    And you didn’t crack them one? Dude, you’re slipping. 😉

    I’d say you should have poured a cup of Molson’s on them, but at the price they charge for beer, maybe not.


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  155. Say Ash says:

    The Als and Molson disagree.

  156. SLONCOLD says:

    those guys weren’t doing it as a racist act though. they were pretty dumb about who they went about showing their appreciation as fans though…

  157. observer says:

    When CBC first started carrying hockey games – it was only on Saturday night and games at the Forum on Saturday nights started at 8:15pm. CBC radio in English broadcast would start at 9pm until the game ended. CBC telecast would come on at 9:30pm to conclusion. When the Ice Follies and Ice Capades were in for a week the Habs would play in Toronto(those 2 Saturday nights) and we got the treat of listening to Foster Hewitt here.

  158. von says:

    Is RIS airing the game in its entirety or are they just showing brief clips of it like last year’s preseason?



    “Obviously it would be great, but they don’t really hang conference titles in this rink. They raise Stanley Cup banners.” – Carey Price

  159. Say Ash says:


  160. Kristopher7 says:

    Take a bottle of chill pills, dude. He has a point, from the interview Price gave, he seems to not be too bothered by all this. He called out he fans, and I think he’ll do fine from now on.

  161. ZepFan2 says:

    and we got the treat of listening to Foster Hewitt here…

    This proves you’re a closet laffs fan.

    Yeah it was a real “treat” listening to Foster Hewitt mangle Cournoyer’s name.


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  162. Mark C says:

    Price has been in the league for 3 years. In your above post you called his first year and a half excellent, now in this post you call his last 2 years, poor play. How can that be? How can you be called the “observer” yet, you can’t even properly observer your own posts?

  163. ZepFan2 says:

    they were pretty dumb…

    Ya’ think!?

    Kind of like the idiots that boo over a PRESEASON game, wouldn’t you say?


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  164. observer says:

    fleury did NOT regress from how he played his first year and a half in the nhl. no one wants anyone to compare what price has done here the last year to what halak did – fine – well compare price of his first year and a half to price and his last year and a half. he is not the goalie he was when he first came here. these same booing fans a year anjd a half ago put him into the all-star game.

  165. fbkj says:

    we just kinda rubbernecked and raised our eyebrows… the kicker

    subban wasnt even playing in that game o_0

  166. fbkj says:

    ups and downs are part of development

    just ask scotty bowman and patrick roy who both are on record supporting price

    of course they are nobody’s when it comes to hockey so i guess ill just take your opinion as gold

  167. observer says:

    these same booing fans a year and a half ago put him into the all-star game

  168. observer says:

    you say only group thinkers are welcome? – repeat – these very same booing fans a year and a half ago put price into the all-star game

  169. fbkj says:

    these same booing fans a year and a half ago put him into the all-star game

    im gonna start repeating too

  170. bwoar says:

    You’re one good example, a clown just spouting off idiocy while the kid is actually trying to manage his career and the expectations in Montreal.

    Manage yourself a little, jackwagon, and you may know something about it.

    What I said was obvious to anyone with a lick of common sense and an ability to keep pre-season games in perspective.  Try it today, please.

  171. observer says:

    Wow with that much money he could pay someone to teach him how he can take it with him!!!!!!!!

  172. ZepFan2 says:

    Fleury: 1st overall pick

    1st year – 13 – 27 – 6

    2nd year – 40 – 16 – 9

    3rd year – 19 – 10 – 2 – Sent back to minors

    I see a regression. I don’t know what you see?


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  173. Ian Cobb says:

    Gosh I hope not. But then we can switch over to the football Alouettes game while they are cut away from the hockey play.

  174. observer says:

    You are 100% CORECT! I feel bad for Price – Gainey handled him wrong from the very day he recklessly traded Huet.

  175. fbkj says:

    oh noes its t3h pwnage

  176. mike g says:

    Since the booing topic is still popular today….

    I was listening to the always entertaining Ron Fournier on CKAC last night. He was asking the callers to tell him why booing should or should not be accepted, and to support their arguments. Some were saying it expresses their feelings, etc..Those who didn’t approve of it, gave their own reasons.

    And I couldn’t stop but think, “Tabarnack! Who cares why people boo or don’t boo.”

    You see, everyone was giving their own opinion, and you can’t slam someone for that. But that’s not what went wrong the other night. What went wrong was the way it happened, and to whom it happened. This has nothing to do with Carey Price. Whether it happened to him or to anyone else, it was plain wrong.

    Why? Why was it wrong, Mike G?

    Well, this is why:

    Thursday morning, I turned on the radio here in MTL and they were speaking about it; very normal. While I was at work, more and more online newspapers and bloggers started talking about this, and most were not Canadian based outlets; hmmm, getting a little weird. And finally, I turn on TSN when I get home and ESPN’s show called PTI is talking about it; seriously, WTF.

    First of all, when ESPN talks about hockey, something’s wrong. Anyways, all I’m trying to say is that if booing your own teams’ player for such unfair reasons wasn’t frowned upon, all of these non-hockey media outlets would not have wasted their time talking about it. If booing a player the way we did would be normal, it would not be such an issue. Experts and shows all across North America wouldn’t be wasting their time talking about booing in a f’kin pre-season hockey game!

    Instead, we as fans would be talking about the debut of Louis Leblanc, because for pete’s sake this province has been starving for a 1st round Frenchie! We’ve been complaining year after year that we need more Quebecois, and now we finally have the chance to see the mega hyped-up Leblanc, and all were doing is talking about the boo birds!  People are still today complaining that this team needs a French superstar and we need to use our 1st round draft picks to take the best ones available. We finally do just that by selecting Leblanc, and the 1st time he plays, we totally ignore what impact he had. When you’re ignoring something that big in Montreal, there is an immense problem somewhere else.

    So if there was absolutely nothing wrong with the booing that went on, why the heck was such a big deal made out of it?

    Well, because it’s something that shouldn’t happen the way it did. I’m not saying it’s never right to boo, sometimes there is merit, and sometimes not. And clearly by the enormous reaction of the usually “we don’t even know what the heck hockey is” media, something was obviously wrong with what happend.

    There’s my final opinion.


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

     I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  177. ZepFan2 says:

    subban wasnt even playing in that game o_0…

    Makes them look even more idiotic.


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  178. Storm Man says:

    When fans booo a ref the reason behind it is the call was a bad decision for the team not on one player. The worse piece of abuse a player can receive is that of beening boooed by his home fans. All this talk about having the right to boooo is very tiresome… If you don’t see it that way by all means tell me where you work and I will boooo you when in my eyes your performance on a task is not up to par. This is not a personal attack on you just your post.

  179. JohnnyBEast says:

    Thank You!

  180. Propwash says:

    LMAO! So true Bugs…..so true….


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  181. fbkj says:


    swiss league huet?

    the guy who didnt make it as far as price did that year huet?

  182. Mark C says:

    Hard for Fleury to regress from the 0.896 and .898 SV% in his first two years. In year three, Marc took a HUGH jump up to a .906%, which is .001% better than Price’s worst SV% season. Fleury SV% in the last three seasons has gone from .921%, .912%, to .905% last season, or .007% LOWER than Price’s SV% last season.  

  183. Don Carnage says:

    RDS aired all 82 games last year .

  184. Oddball says:

    Kind of hard to regress when Fluery’s first year numbers were, 3.25 GAA, .898 S% and a 13 W, 27 L,


    ..always with the negative waves, Moriarty, always with the negative waves..

  185. SeriousFan09 says:

    I wish this was exaggeration but I remember last year’s pre-season on RIS.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  186. Storm Man says:

    One of 2 things come to mind when I read your post’s. Number 1 your very lost in life and have nothing to be happy about. Number 2 you have a huge drug problem and you need some help asap.

  187. Propwash says:

    Booing is gonna happen if the other team scores, thats a given. But, stupid jeering of a goalie after making a routine stop is just classless.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  188. HabsFansince49 says:

    Thanks for that

    I don’t pretend to be an expert; just a die-hard Habs fan passing my opinion

  189. Ian Cobb says:

    Nonesence, think quality over foolishness expression. Farting can also be used as an expression if you come from that side of life.

  190. observer says:

    The only repeating is the gainey/gauthier thinking about their great 2005 selection – price.AND it is coming to a head now. I thought this would occur early in the season if the habs got off to a bad start but it already is underway as gauthier was ignorant and stubborn enough to start price in a totally meaningless first and HOME exhibition game. then with the holier than thou media attacking them as drunks, idiots, whatever, even for sitting in the cheap seats(GAINEY CALLS THEM “HIGH UP SEATS” insulting the other poorer fans who sit there) for booing in a lousy exhibition game instead of him for allowing 4 goals on 9 shots and after near 2 years of bad play AND after trading away a perfectly good goalie who helped take the habs to their greatest playoff success in 17 years (WHICH IS FARTHER THAN GTAUTHIER HIMSELF EVER GOT TO IN CLOSE TO 30 YEARS)-this will only enrage those fans even more. gauthier should have thought of this. didnt he lie as he said last spring he likes both goalies and will keep them both!

  191. G-Man says:

    Oh no, people from other places who have no idea of Montreal or its history have a negative opinion about Montrealers!Horrors! Oh no, that means they might not like us either and boo us. Terrible!

    How about the overpaid prima donna stops a few pucks? Then, there’s no problem. Price gives up 4 in 9 or 10 shots while the goalie at the other end stones the Habs yet again. That’s why the booing. (Besides that,many of the paying public hold the opinion that they traded the wrong goalie.)

  192. observer says:

    i dont even drink – you are wrong on all your theories. maybe you can aim your astute perception at yourself mr. poster.

  193. mike g says:

    I’m sorry if I try to poke fun at rediculous situations….

    It’s disgusting to see the treatment given to Price. This whole dilema shouldn’t even exist.

    What if I tell you that this kid, Price, is done in MTL and it really sucks?

    I’m a huge fan of Price. I spent big money to buy his signed pictures and jerseys. I want nothing more than to see him win and win alot in this city, now and for many years to come. I always defend him no matter what the situation is, but now it’s gone overbaord. The fans’ reaction Wednesday night killed him, mentally and career-wise in this city.

    His interview was the last straw. Him telling the fans in a very polite way to shut the f’uk up. That’s all it was, and people interpret it as if he’d telling them to be patient. You see it in his face that he just wants to punch someone in the face. He’s fed up of dealing with the same bs after every start he has.

    Mark my words, and it’s sad to say this, but once his contract is done he’s gone. We will lose a really good player, for such a dumb reason. The way we treat and treated him is unnacceptable for a player trying to find his way in the best hockey league in the world.

    Nobody deserves that, and he’s not a clown. He’s not gonna take it anymore. Unless he wins 40+ games this year and next, the booing won’t stop. This is MTL, and that’s just how the people or “fans” are here. We won’t change, we never did..

    We acted like this with alot of players, why would it stop now?


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

     I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.


    CAREY “JESUS PRICE”,”THE SAVIOUR”;”THE FRANCHISE”;will be seeing viewers at the home of HAMILTON BULLDOGS aound December.

    Remember my words you ignorant peons,as i’ve been saying for 2 years now.”SCAREY PRICE” IS NOT NOW,AND NEVER HAS BEEN an NHL Goalie.

    You can support him,make the same lame excuses about his having great “potential”.explain away why his 4 goals on 9 shots was “just” an exhibition game,explain away why his prior .878 save percentage ,why his 13-26 record was just an oversight,explain why he flops all over the crease like a dieing seal,explain,explain explain  ,but as the loses pile up-and make no mistake they will-the true talent level of ‘THE SIEVE” will again,sadly become apparent.

    Remember.you can BS the media,you can BS the fans,but the one thing you can’t BS is a puck travelling 90 plus mph.

    There was no comparison between Price and Halak the last 2 years;it was truley the act OF THE INSANE TO TRADE HALAK FOR VIRTUALLY NOTHING.HOWEVER THE ACT OF THE INSANE JUST CONTINUES THE PISS POOR DELUSIONAL MANAGEMENT WE’VE HAD IN MONTREAL SINCE THAT MENTAL GIANT REJEAN HOULE WAS GM.GAINEY was a true unique act;making bizarre move after bizarre move;the best-retiring his own number-hey Bob-retire my number too !!

    So another year with nothing to show.If anyone thinks we will come even close last year;you need an anti-psychotic check up.

    Fire em all

    nuff said

  195. observer says:

    at the time BECAUSE right then it put all the pressure on price for the first time AND he cracked under it in those playoffs. AND real fans who know sports said it right then.

  196. fbkj says:

    its fans like this that just ruin it for everyone

    also how is price a prima donna?


  197. fbkj says:

    .If anyone thinks we will come even close last year”

    lol @ not with if you recall what you were proclaiming last year

  198. mike g says:

    This has nothing to do with how many pucks were stopped…

    This has do with people who have 0 interest in hockey, talking about a really dumb incident. If Price woulda given up 100 goals on 100 shots, and nobody would have booed, those American media outlets wouldn’t have even been aware of it.

    That’s why the situation of the booing made headlines, not the reason for the booing.


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

    I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  199. SeriousFan09 says:

    He who makes a mockey of himself should not be surprised when he can not find respect, from anyone. That is what those fools did on Wednesday night, they made a mockery of the Habs and their fans because of their alcohol-fueled behaviour and small-mindedness.

    The paying public thought Plekanec should have been shoved out the back door in the summer of 2009. They mocked the Gill signing, they cheered on ‘Gui Gui Gui!’ for a player who had less passion for being a Hab than a guy like Cammalleri has in his little finger. The paying public generally doesn’t know what is best for the team.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  200. fbkj says:

    price got a shutout in his game 7

    huet didnt get a shutout or a win in his game 7

    what are you yakkin about?

  201. observer says:

    Booing Price is the only way they can show their displeasure to how Gainey and Gauthiers have run this team the last 7 and a half years. it will not stop as it is unrealistic to think Price in this position will become a Marty Brodeur overnight (which is the only way they’ll stop booing).

  202. derfab says:

    You make a good point, though I’d honestly look more to the motives of the media rather than to those of the fans. The booing, the jeering and the mockery, for all kinds of reasons both noble and base, is as old as the gods. And nothing sells newspapers like blood and melodrama.

    Actually, here’s an idea:

    I think the Greeks, amongst others, used to taunt their footsoldiers with insulting chants and loud noises to disturb their rhythym during training, Perhaps The Habs should take a hint from the ancients, update a little and play recordings of loud booing over the PA during practice.

  203. observer says:

    OH? AND who will decide who has free speech and who has not. I say even a dimwit who equates flatulence with words should still HAVE THE RIGHT TO HIS OPINION.

  204. likehoy says:

    absolutely come and boo me, i have no qualms with it. you doing so just means that you’re not satisfied with my work. I’m not a baby to not be able to be booed…i think people take booing way too seriously and i feel bad for those guys.

    – I support Carey Price as the Number 1 Goalie!

  205. ZepFan2 says:



    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  206. Storm Man says:

    I guess your right Tony. Just let me know when you see your doctor what he says your problem is.

  207. likehoy says:

    a boo says a thousand things…telling a player “price you suck” says only one thing.

    i think the quality of booing is exceptional, especially that it can be taken in thousands of context “price you suck” comes in one context.

    – I support Carey Price as the Number 1 Goalie!

  208. Caper says:

    I thought that you were Timo’d? Still screaming like a banchee eh?

  209. likehoy says:

    i completely agree with this. booing is one thing, sarcastic cheers is another thing.

    – I support Carey Price as the Number 1 Goalie!

  210. mike g says:

    Why didn’t the paying public boo Cammy last year, huh?…

    He went on a stretch of 0 goals in 12 or 15 straight games. No goals in 12 or 15 games, for Cammy???!!!! 6 million bananas, and not one goal in a whole month?!!!

    C’mon man, let’s get serious here!

    You guys wanna boo poor results, start booing Kostitsyn. Start booing Pouliot. Start booing Spacek.

    Those guys haven’t played nearly up to par since their arrivals in MTL.

    But no, it won’t happen. Price has been chosen to be the whipping boy.


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

     I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  211. ZepFan2 says:

    AND real fans who know sports…

    Well that eliminates your sorry a$$.


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  212. Mark C says:

    So your suggestion is that fans boo Price to show displeasure about unmet expectations, which makes future expectations more difficult to meet (unless booing helps player and team performance). Therefore, any fans that boo are stupid, or at least hypocritical, right?

  213. observer says:

    Fleury kept being sent down because he was inconsistant. not a good analogy. i used to get all the penguins games on tv for several years and saw it myself. price once here, played excellent hockey for the habs – i am telling you to compare ALL his numbers BEFORE and AFTER January 1, 2009. Not to cherry pick them – compare all of them and then compare it as well to what the other goalie did with the very same team when he played that last 1 and a half years. I thought Price was great with the Habs the first year and a half, I do not think that way anymore and his own numbers clearly show it, if you want to open your eyes.

  214. doogmac says:

    he’s back!

  215. SLONCOLD says:

    okay so u have issues with management. i get it and i understand it. However, why take it out on Price?

    My advise is if you want to hurt the habs management, don’ watch games or read teh papers about them. that will take money out of their pockets and is you best way to get your point accross.

    For the rest of us we’ll support the guy

  216. observer says:

    bad analogy- when he first played those wins/losses ??? how many goals did crosby and malkin score that year?

  217. SLONCOLD says:

    lol the team played well infront of him lol adding fuel to the fire

  218. SLONCOLD says:

    lol the team played well infront of him lol adding fuel to the fire

  219. ZepFan2 says:

    Fleury kept being sent down because he was inconsistant…

    Psst…he was only sent down in his 3rd year.

    Nice try though.


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  220. derfab says:

    True again. Price has received some special attention. Maybe it has something to do with whatever is left of the particular form of catholicism found here. Then again, that isn’t so unique and scratchin’ at it will probably just cause an infection.

  221. joeybarrie says:

    It’s funny to me.

    Daniel Briere doesn’t want to play in Montreal

    Lacavalier doesn’t want to play in Montreal

    Latendresse plays better outside of Montreal

    These are players we know for fact. How many others are out there? The funny part is we think the PLAYERS are the problem… And that because they make lots of money they should be able to perform to perfection and take all the abuse we subject them to. AND after all that they are supposed to get down on their hands and knees and kiss the feet of every supporter because we pay for the tickets…

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  222. observer says:

    talk is cheap. bowman throwing some vocal support to his former player gainey and roy trying toi get his foot in the door.

  223. ZepFan2 says:

    I thought it was all on the goalie? My bad.

    So you’re saying, when the 1st and 2nd overall picks don’t perform, the other 1st overall can’t be blamed?

    I guess what you’re really saying is, when the team doesn’t play as a team, they have a good chance of losing. Gotcha!


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  224. SLONCOLD says:

    question for you. Do you think NHL players deal with more heat from media in canada or NFL players with media in the US. They go pretty football crazy down south and i’ve heard a fare share of booing of NFL players at times.

    not right but it’s not like montreal is the hardest market to play in in the world of sports

  225. fbkj says:

    oh so its a conspiracy with roy


    and bowman is suddenly coddling people… thats interesting

  226. ZepFan2 says:

    Yummy, I smell a conspiracy.


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  227. observer says:

    So your suggestion is that fans boo Price to show displeasure about unmet expectations, which makes future expectations more difficult to meet (unless booing helps player and team performance). Therefore, any fans that boo are stupid, or at least hypocritical, right? — what i am saying is this is what has happened. and yes those booing fans only enflame the problem but gauthier should have realized this before he traded halak away. there is another possible way this can turn out not as bad as its headed that is if eller immediately makes a huge impression – otherwise any or all of price, gauthier and gainey are not going to be here much longer. and price will show great improvement ELSEWHERE.

  228. mike g says:

    Noooo wayyyy….that’s impossible!

    It can’t be the fans!

    It must be the high tax rate, the inablity to choose between english or french schooling, the cold weather, etc…

    It’s impossible that it’s the fans!

    Lol….denial. It’s so great eh?

    We’ve been sold these excuses for so long, that people actually believe them.


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

    I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  229. observer says:

    Maybe those players don’t like Gauthier?

  230. joeybarrie says:

    One of the dumbest post I have read.

    Never been an NHL goalie??? Explain 2007-2008 where his SV% was tied for 5th in the league.

    Can’t compare the two in the last 2 years???  Explain why Carey Price had 5 more wins and only 2 more losses in 2008-2009… Explain why Price had a lower GAA.

    Not saying Halak wasn’t a good goalie. That would be stupid… But saying Carey Price isn’t an NHL goalie??? Just as stupid.

    I still always find this funny. People who have nothing to do with professional hockey, who’s closest connection is the tickets they buy, seem to really think their own opinion about a player they do not know, and spend no time with out weighs the opinion of a MANY professionals who work with, train, and see day in and day out… Funny to me.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  231. likehoy says:

    lecavalier doesn’t want to play in montreal??

    i don’t think he had a choice… maybe that one year he approached UFA he might have had a chance to turn-tail on TB and come to montreal but it’s not uncommon a player pledges his allegiance to the team that drafted him and not his hometown team.

    i think since then lecavalier never denied he could play in montreal one day, and you can see how much he loves coming to montreal, and he really enjoyed the reception he got at the ASG. 

    – I support Carey Price as the Number 1 Goalie!

  232. joeybarrie says:

    Or Gainey… I guess.

    Same with Sundin, Hossa, etc, etc, etc….  YEAH ITS THE PLAYERS… They should all bow down and pray to be able to wear the CH, because of history…

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  233. observer says:

    Would you be happy if Maple Leafs(and other teams) GM Burke bcame the Habs GM? If no, why not?

  234. fbkj says:

    when briere signed with the flyers, gauthier wasnt with the habs

    when lecav signed his extension with the lightning, gauthier wasnt with the habs

    could you at least TRY to add some cohesiveness to your banal ramblings?

    ps: edit i meant as gm

  235. joeybarrie says:

    When APPARENTLY the deal was done, you don’t think if he wanted to come to Montreal, he would have said “I would love to go back HOME and play”. You don’t think if he wanted to leave they would have forced him to stay?

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  236. WarHero says:

    But not all the pre-season games :)


    Never judge another man’s decision poor until you actually have proof of it failing!

  237. Storm Man says:

    NFL fans don’t jump all over and booooo a player on the team they cheer for in perseason… Montreal is at the top of the list of hardest market’s to play in.

  238. joeybarrie says:

    Honestly, I would be worried, however, I would give him his chance to show us what he could do for us. However, after looking at what PG’s management has done in the last 5 years, and what Toronto’s has done, I prefer PG.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  239. observer says:

    A lot worse cities in the US to live in than Montreal – Newark, N.J.’s Devils city for example.

  240. observer says:

    Gaiuney and Gauthier started in 2003 – Burke starts his 2nd full season in Toronto next month.

  241. fbkj says:

    not that id want to live in jersey but if your suggesting the devils roster or anyone associated with that team actually lives in newark than i dunno what to say

    jersey always ranks one or two in terms of wealth amongst all of the states, because of its proximity to manhattan and the jersey shore… towns like redbank are absolutely stunning and amazing places to live…

  242. joeybarrie says:

    Not when it comes to the Media for hockey players. Not when it comes to the fans and the way they act and what they expect from their hockey team.

    Montreal seems to be so bad for Hockey Pro’s that PG had his family in Vermont. I can;t say I blame him. I would probably do the same.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  243. Mark C says:

    Since January 1, 2009 Price has a .904% SV. Not good, but it’s also not horrid, Fleury has a .907% for his entire career, as a reference point. However, the key to Price’s weak post-Jan 1, 2009 SV% is two months. January and February of 2009, he posted .867% and .866% SV% respectively over 13 games. Subtract these two months and Price’s post Jan. 2009 SV% is now .912%. Now, clearly we cannot discount these games, they counted and Price played like crap. However, these games occurred after a 3 week layoff due to an injury.

    If you subtract those two months, again those games count and Price played poorly in the games, Price yearly SV% look like this:

    Year 1: .920%

    Year 2: .912% (Actual number: .904%, Halak was: .915%…Halak had an .888% during Jan., by far his worst month, maybe the team is to blame?)

    Year 3: .912%

    This isn’t cherry picking, there is a legitimate reason his numbers suffered in those two months.  However, those two months count and they dropped his SV% since than by .008%, which is a huge number since the sample size was 13 games and 11 starts. The fact is, Price had a very poor two months, not a very poor year and a half.


  244. observer says:

    yes he was and since 2003. gainey’s right hand man who gainey said “i couldn’t have accomplished anything here without gauthier at my side.”

  245. SLONCOLD says:

    to add fuel to the fire as a joke.

    carey played well beacuse the team played well infront of him and that’s because goalies aren’t all that important lol (kidding)

  246. joeybarrie says:

    Honestly, I would be worried, however, I would give him his chance to
    show us what he could do for us. However, after looking at what PG’s
    management has done in the last 5 years, and what Toronto’s has done in the last year, I
    prefer PG.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  247. WarHero says:

    No one wants Burke, he has been a failure everywhere he has been. Anaheim to, considering it was actually Bryan Murray that built that team.

    The only other GM I would consider for the Habs is Ken Holland.

    However, I, for one, think that Gauthier has done a great job so far. Our prospects haven’t looked this good in 15 years :)


    Never judge another man’s decision poor until you actually have proof of it failing!

  248. fbkj says:

    added an edit


  249. observer says:

    yeah right! cammaleri, gill, gionta, halperin, etc., etc. including americans who gladly sign here when they are REALLY offered the money to pay higher canadian and quebec tax – time to cut that bull the previous team owners brainwashed you with.

  250. Oddball says:

    I have it from a reliable source that they couldn’t stand being within 10 feet of this chronic whiner who knows nothing about the game of hockey and who goes by the name, Tony242.


    ..always with the negative waves, Moriarty, always with the negative waves..

  251. observer says:

    oh yes they do. eli manning for one example even the nyc media THEN giants went all the way and they all developed alzheimers and forgot what they said day after day game after game about him. even coughlin had been booed game after game.

  252. observer says:

    same thing happens everywhere. this situation has been buiolding up caused by gainey/gauthiers moves/price play getting worse and the trading away of a goalie who helped habs get farther than they did in 17 years. if you were 8 years old in 1993 youre 25-26 now? people around that age may never before ever seen a habs team go to the conf finals – and these gms traded a goalie a winning record one away and kept a guy they are obsessed will be a star but for the last 2 years was terrible – this does not end until price plays like plante at his best OR price and the gm duo are out the door COMPLETELY. and there was no need for this to have happened.

  253. Mark C says:

    No, since all the doom and gloomers say Montreal will suck this season, I would rather not have the lottery pick traded for some one-dimensional player.  :)

  254. observer says:

    yes in the states its different but in all the canadian cities – it is our sport though bettman doesnt think that – how they acted towards heatley in ottawa – both media and fans. toronto is the same even worse media pressure than montreal.

  255. observer says:

    No one wants Burke, he has been a failure everywhere he has been. ————– gauthier has never worked for a nhl team who even got to the stanley cup finals while he worked for them. and he has been in the league for near 30 years. a gm at 3 places.

  256. WarHero says:

    And you’ll notice that none of those players are French, Joey was talking about French players. It would help if your ramblings were actually about the right stuff :)


    Never judge another man’s decision poor until you actually have proof of it failing!

  257. WarHero says:

    So? The point I am making is that the Cup that Burke got was handed to him by Bryan Murray due to vacating the job to go work for the Sens. Murray did ALL the work for that Cup.

    As for Gauthier, I know he does not have a cup, but you simply cannot deny the good things has done for the Habs as in, having the best group of prospects that we have had in 15 YEARS!! And for building team that actually plays with heart and has character.


    Never judge another man’s decision poor until you actually have proof of it failing!

  258. observer says:

    believe me you dont want to live in newark. i lived in jersey for several years, i dont mean the entire state – i mean newark where the rink was built for them and many devils fans are even afraid to go to that city thats why attendence has got worse one of lowest in the league. the 2 worst cities i personally have seen in my life – newark, n.j. and trenton, n.j. no canadian city even resembles either place.

  259. GrimJim says:

    I love being called ignorant by people who don’t seem to understand the basic mechanisms of the league. Trying to send Price to Hamilton will expose him to the waiver wire, where any other GM would be able to pick him up for no more cost than his salary. I suspect the 29 GMs in the league have a more positive view of Price than you do and he wouldn’t have time to book his flight to Hamilton before some other team picks him up.

    Brilliant managerial suggestion, Loser, just freakin’ brilliant.

  260. DD says:

    I’ve known Ian for almost 4 years and “Dimwit” is not a name that I would uually associate with Ian, but now that you say it, I might have to question my thought process. I mean, it takes a dimwit to spot a dimwit, and there’s no doubt in my mind and probably everyone elses, who’s has ever read your tripe, that you are the king of dimwits Tony.

  261. fbkj says:

    ummmm attendance has gone up since the devils moved to newark (not saying its not a sh*thole) but “thats why attendence has got worse” just isnt true

    not that i care about jersey but pointing out thats not true

  262. andrewberkshire says:

    Tony’s back at it with a thousand posts today eh? This site is getting to be crap.

  263. zak says:

    If CP wants the fans to chill out he should have faced the media after the game instead of running and hiding.Sounds like he still has some growing up to do.I,m a Jaro fan but he’s gone now so now I’ll support CP until………

  264. Danno says:

    I was trying to find a site where the Sens fans blog similar to HI/O to see what they are discussing. But it doesn’t look like it exists. Is there anything out there?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  265. mike g says:


    it’s almost impossible to come here to try and have some fun, or just talk hockey in an intelligent manner.


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

    I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  266. The M says:

    I am a lifelong diehard Canadiens fan.  Unfortunately that puts me in the same class as the COMPLETE MORONS who boo our own players.  I’m happy i’m not a Leaf fan, but it really sucks being a Canadiens fan. 

    Leaf fans = the dumbest fans in hockey

    Canadiens fans= most ignorant fans in hockey

    I hope you guys enjoyed the success teams of decades past had because its not going to happen again.  Keep booing you clowns, because it directly contributes to how this team performs.  Thanks for making the team worse for the rest of us.

  267. SeriousFan09 says:

    No because he’s an arrogant blowhard more interested in being on television than building a hockey club.

    Also, he’s old!!! A mere 2 years younger than PG which means in 2 years, he’ll go senile like our management has and destroy the team!


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  268. TripleX says:

    Oh please!  Get a copy of the 1972 Summit Series and watch what happened in Game 4 in Vancouver where 15,000 fans ( not a small section but all of them ) booed Team Canada as they left the ice.  Phil Esposito gave an impassioned speech right after the game saying that if the Russian fans booed their team he would apologize.  Many pundits of the day swear that this speech turned the series around and we all know what happened.

    Players and teams have ALWAYS been booed and probably always will even in politically correct Canada.  Great teams and great players don’t feel sorry for themselves but rise to the occasion and use it to FIRE their passion.  If Price is half the player Bob Gainey thinks he is then Price will use it to raise his game.

    If a little booing means this particular player and his team fail then they should find a different vocation.  No guts no glory!



    ‘Cogito ergo doleo’

  269. SeriousFan09 says:

    The series turned because of a Bobby Clobber special on the greatest player in Russian hockey history.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  270. Don Carnage says:

    Halak never faced the media after a loss ever .

  271. mike g says:

    Great comparison, ….excellent actually…

    Comparing one of the greatest teams ever assembled to the Team A edition of the 2010-11 pre-season Habs.

    One team was fighting for the world’s hockey supremacy, and the other was playing for nothing.

    But I guess booing both is justifiable?

    Not really man, not really.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

     I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  272. kirkiswork says:

    I used to think fans of Les Canadiens were the most knowledgable, I think you are right that they are the most ignorant, although I believe it is the minority of fans that are ignorant.

    As GNR said it takes one bad apple to spoil the whole damn bunch.

    Most of us love the habs and even though we don’t agree with everything that management does and we know you can’t have your best game every game we don’t boo anybody.

    It would be like booing your own family.


  273. ZepFan2 says:

    Great teams and great players don’t feel sorry for themselves…

    Who said Price is feeling sorry for himself?

    A piece of advice. Go back and watch that speech Espo gave. He was sincerely hurt by the booing.


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  274. Mike MacPhee says:

    Agreed!  Imagine how difficult it will continue to be to attract free agents and keep young players when they know about the clowns who habitually boo their own team.  It’s just clueless.  And it’s time for the organisation and the real fans to stand up.  Kick them out.  Tell them to stay home.  

  275. Mike MacPhee says:

    No guts!  How much guts does it take for clowns to boo a player from the stands.

    Congratulations!  You have to go back 38 years to one game where maybe booing worked.  Great research; poor argument!

  276. TripleX says:

    I am not debating whether booing is ever justifiable or not, it is one of those subjects that is highly subjective and personal.

    I question all the navel gazing and hand wringing over a phenomenon that has occurred throughout history and will probably continue to intrude on sporting events.  Those individuals that boo for no logical reason cannot be appealed to with any arguments.  The dynamics of rowdy crowds is well known to sociologists.  In point of fact there is little you or I can do about it.  Price and the team can alleviate it to a great degree by their performance on the ice.  That is the life of a professional athlete.  I for one would take his place in a second booing and all.


    ‘Cogito ergo doleo’

  277. Mike MacPhee says:

    an excellent post.  They’ll crucify Price because they’ve chosen him as their target.  There’s lots of others who have struggeled just as much, and more, for as long or longer.


    Real fans rise up

  278. andrewberkshire says:

    Unfortunately most of the interesting posters rarely post here anymore, and when they do their comments get pushed to the second page by a blitz of ’88 POINTS, 47%, JM, BG, PG, PB ALL SUCK!’

  279. Mark C says:

    Phil said he was “disheartened, disillusioned , and disappointed”  about the fans booing the team.  Phil also said, “we are disappointed at some of the people.  We cannot believe the bad press we’ve got..the booing in your own buildings. “

  280. GrimJim says:

    Okay, let’s compare moves: Burke vs Habs.

    Burke gives up two 1st rounders and a 2nd for Kessel. BG trades a 1st, 5th rounder and a career minor leaguer for Gomez. In Kessel you get a goal scorer. In Gomez you get a playmaker, a leader, a Cup champion, a bloated contract and a guy who never seems to give up.

    Burke brings in Versteeg, Armstrong, Beauchemin and Komisarek via free agency. One Cup winner, two big 20 goal scorers, a reasonable defensive d-man and the KomiQuestion-mark. BG brings in Cammy, Gio, Gill and Spacek. A 30-goal scorer, a two-time cup winner and 25 goal scorer, a defensive d-men who won the Cup and a top-4 d-man.

    Burke trades Ian White, Matt Stajan etc for Dion Phaneuf. PG trades Halak for Eller and Schultz

    Burke’s first pick in the 2010 draft (admittedly a 2nd rounder) is a “Dan Carcillo-type”. Does Toronto really need more Dan Carcillo type players. PG’s first pick is Tinordi. A big skating defensive d-man shoring up our d-man prospects.

    Burke talks a lot. PG/BG say nothing.

    I’ll stick with PG/BG.

  281. TripleX says:

    My point was not that booing could be a positive thing, but rather great players and teams can overcome it.

    If I implied booing was a direct impetus to their winning the series then I apologize.   I don’t believe booing can ever be considered a positive element.


    ‘Cogito ergo doleo’

  282. WarHero says:

    One of the only ways to help ourselves with the Trolls, is to simply stop replying to their garbage. I am guilty of it myself and will be doing my best not to anymore as it only provokes them. Most of them do it for the sheer fun of watching us take the bait.

    I emplore all you that come here on a regular basis to have some fun and talk hockey with other SERIOUS Habs fans to no longer reply to those type of posts! Only together can we overcome the morons and reclaim HIO as the knowledgeable community of true fans that it used to be!!

    WHO’S WITH ME?!?!?!?!


    Never judge another man’s decision poor until you actually have proof of it failing!

  283. showey47 says:

    lmao,good one. That would be game,set,match.

  284. ZepFan2 says:

    He sure did.

    He also said, “Some of our guys are really, really down in the dumps.”

    “There were people yelling at me from the stands, “communism is better, don’t you understand that now”, and this is Vancouver!”.


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  285. fbkj says:

    i came across this

    “Steps of Pwnage.
    1. stop people from arguing with the troll (try to stop them in under 1 minute)
    2. ignore the troll so they will look a bit funny in the head (do this untill the troll has stopped shouting random insults)
    3. talk as if nothing happened (the troll has usually started doing this
    them selves, this is the falling point for most trolls. BUT! the troll may start again at any point, so always be ready)
    if the problem proceeds
    4. ignore them once more (do this untill the troll has shut up again, if
    the troll doesnt stop within 2 minutes, proceed to step 5)
    5. love them to death (this will freak out the troll, and will mostly make them give up.)
    if the troll hasnt left by now, call a mod
    6. celebrate”


  286. ZepFan2 says:

    Watch it again and tell me Espo and the rest of the team weren’t upset about the booing in their own country.

    Phil Esposito interview 1972


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  287. WarHero says:

    LOL!!! Nice!!


    Never judge another man’s decision poor until you actually have proof of it failing!

  288. gino93 says:

    anyone know if Schultz is playing tonight

  289. Storm Man says:

    Oh please!!! now your talking about the 72 Summit Series? you need to leave topics you have no clue about alone and let people who lived the 72 series tell you what went down and not parts of a dvd. Time for you to have some milk and cookies and call it a day.

  290. Storm Man says:

    How much you want to bet it did not happen preseason?

  291. Bill J says:

    LMAO excellent point.

  292. larisalapointe says:

    I’ve been so overdosed on the Halak/Price debates. Got me thinking. The two sides are totally sold on their goalie. Impossible for either side to be convinced of the other goalies talents.  Could it be it says more about the fan than the player. If we can’t figure it out, it’s going to go on forever. I personally love Price, Halak is just OK for me. Does that mean I identify with the rockstar goalie and not the little engine that could? Maybe Halak fans are the opposite of me?  What do you guys think?

    And please no statistical data to prove who is better.

  293. solomio says:

    Booing is normal and completely natural. It is the sound patrons, spectators make when they are dissatisfied with a performance they have paid to see which does not live up to expectations or is sub par.

    When an MLB pitcher walks 2 in a row and the winning run he gets booed. If a rock band in concert is wasted, out of tune and completely out of sync they get booed. The PM gets booed in Parliament. The Queen gets booed. Boone gets booed. Your wives are booing.

    Booing is good. It lets the booer: vent his frustrations, make his displeasure known, behave in a manner not socially accepted outside of the sports arena.

    If booing were banned gawd knows what could happen… rioting, looting destruction……

    Booing is good. It makes the recipient(s) aware of the fact that their performance was sub par, beneath them, in fact. It makes them reconsider their dedication and commitment to their chosen craft. It diminishes egos. It makes the recipients afraid that a pink slip maybe attached to their next paycheck.

    Boo away my freinds. It is your democratic right and it is good for all concerned.



  294. Geoff F says:

    Clueless.  I would attempt to counter this argument but i’ll let your bolded ignorance do that for me.   Wow some of the stuff written on here is unbelievable!

    Unfortunately i have to sift through this crap to get to the good posts. 

  295. Geoff F says:

    It seems to me that lots of us are wasting out time trying to explain to people what it means to support their TEAM.  Seems to me the best approach is to ignore the ignorant.  I motion for ALL TRUE HABS FANS, who understand the true meaning of supporting their team, to ignore the boo birds/trolls and CHEER LOUDER than them when they try.  We need to rally around our boy Price because he will have bad games, he’ll have ok games and he’ll have excellent games just like every other goalie in the league and he doesn’t deserve this treatment. 

    Anyone up for the CLAP FOR CAREY CAMPAIGN and ignore those posting the ignorant commentary.  This site is becoming a real drag having to sift through lots of this inane drivel.  It really irks me and i don’t enjoy being irked when it comes to the HABS!

    CAREY WILL MATURE INTO AN EXCELLENT GOALIE and i don’t want the few to drive him out of town.  So i think we need to start making him feel welcome at home. 

    P.S. I don’t care if you think i’m nieve, i’m having trouble digesting this negativity. 

  296. Nina76 says:

    I agree with you&your not nieve Geoff. Carey Price will be a star for sure in a couple of years but I predict that he will not be the star for us because he will be gone to another team who needs the crap that the boo birds give out he will go elswhere. We have lost so many players because of undeserving fans like we have. I hope they take your advice &  CLAP LOUD to drown out the jerks. I don’t think I will live long enough to see Carey become a star .I have more years behind me than in front of me        GO HABS GO!!!!!

  297. Nina76 says:

    DON’T AGREE IT IS DISRESPECTFUL It does nothing for the rest of the players it just makes them play worse if you are one of them stay home & BOO at home

  298. habstrinifan says:

    Thanks for the blog Boone. Can’t live without it NOW! Was on road listening to game on Ottawa radio when PK scored.. almost went into the ditch in excitement. Looks like we, habs fans, may really have someone to thrill us again.

    Back to blog…..


  299. adam76 says:

    Please post a picture of your wife/gf so we can compare.  Thanks.

  300. Storm Man says:

    Adam that has to be your best post yet :).

  301. Chorske says:

    t’ain’t sayin’ much

  302. ZepFan2 says:

    What’s the matter. Looking for new spank material, little man?


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  303. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    Freckles???? YUCK lol.

    “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

  304. mike g says:

    You need a hug.


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

     I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  305. bwoar says:

    Try and wrap your head around this:  The first time he wins the Molson Cup (it will be in October) and the crowd chants his name 21K strong at the Bell, nothing in this article will matter at all.

    A writer for CKAC.com has no better way of getting hits than quoting their own hockey reporter on a negative story about Price.  Let’s not get carried away.

    Never mind, it’s a Habs fan site, abandon all hope ye who enter here.

    Wish some of you guys would take a page from Jon Stewart and have your own “Rally for Sanity” — can’t be a rally to *restore* sanity, after all.

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