Habs acquire defenceman Drewiske from Kings

On a day when the Boston Bruins made a major move, acquiring Jaromir Jagr from the Dallas Stars, the Canadiens made a minor depth move Tuesday, acquiring defenceman Davis Drewiske from the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for a fifth-round draft pick this year.

Drewiske, a 6-foot-2, 222-pound product of the University of Wisconsin, played 20 games with the Kings this season, posting 1-3-4 totals with 14 penalty minutes and a plus-3.

Last season, when the Kings won the Stanley Cup, the 28-year-old played nine regular-season games, scoring two goals, and wasn’t used at all during the playoffs.

Davis Drewiske is a defenceman with good size and experience who has already played more than 120 games in the NHL,” Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin said in a statement. “He adds significant depth to our group of defencemen.”  

The Canadiens later announced that defenceman Nathan Beaulieu had been sent back to the AHL’s Hamilton Bulldogs. In two games with the Canadiens, Beaulieu had one assist and was plus-2.

NBC hockey analyst Pierre McGuire was impressed with the move to acquire Drewiske.

“He’s a trememdous depth player … 6-2 about 225 … one of the hardest-working players I’ve seen,” McGuire told Mitch Melnick during his regular afternoon segment on TSN Radio 690.  “Last year during the Stanley Cup final he never complained once. Now you’re talking about going four rounds, tons of travel, coast to coast.

“Even by the Stanley Cup final, he was out there practising with Bernie Nicholls and he was just such a determined guy. He is one of those players that his work habits are infectious and impeccable. And so this is all about character more than anything else.

“Is he a great player? No. But is he big, is he physical, is he robust? Yes. Is he going to cause problems? No. This is a very good acquisition I think.”

McGuire said it’s a case of the Kings giving “a really good kid a great chance,” adding that “he’s going to want to prove a point.”

“He’s just really stoic, but he’s just so full of energy and strong and well-built and well-conditioned,” McGuire said. “I endorse this. This is great.

“He’s not going to be intimidated about playing in Montreal. … he’s a mature kid. He played a lot of huge games at Wisconsin.”

Drewiske, who will wear No. 44 with the Canadiens, is earning a pro-rated $650,000 U.S. this season and can become an unrestricted free agent in the summer.

The Bruins acquired Jagr from the Stars in exchange for a conditional second-round draft pick and two prospects – Lane MacDermid and Cody Payne. The conditional second-round pick this year will become a first-round pick if Boston advances to the Eastern Conference final.

The Canadiens visit the Philadelphia Flyers Wednesday (7:30 p.m., TSN, RDS, TSN Radio 690) and then play host to the Winnipeg Jets on Thursday and Jagr and the Bruins on Saturday at the Bell Centre.

Renaud Lavoie of RDS reported on Twitter that Colby Armstrong, who appeared to suffer a knee injury during Monday’s victory over the Carolina Hurricanes, has been placed on injured reserve.

(Photo by Allen McInnis/The Gazette)


  1. Steeltown Hab says:

    A bit disappointing to see Beaulieu sent back down, Philly would’ve been a good test for him.

    Let’s hope Kristo signs today.


    Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

    • JF says:

      Sending Beaulieu down might be just paperwork to allow the Habs to acquire Drewiske. The 23-man roster does not apply after 3 P.M. I doubt Beaulieu has actually gone.

      • savethepuck says:

        I think the 23 man roster is in affect until 1 minute after midnight, but I agree with everything else you said. I doubt Nathan even went to Hamilton.

        “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
        Carey Price

  2. habsnl says:

    What’s the deal with Kristo? When does he have to be signed by?

    • kerrgte says:

      kristo will get signed in coming days but he can have no impact on this season

      • Loonie says:

        I’m sorry but that analysis is completely off-base. He can play tonight if the Habs sign him.

        And the fact that he hasn’t been signed could be an indicator that he isn’t interested in signing.

        The clock is ticking on whether or not Kristo will be a Hab and if Bergevin has any doubt whatsoever regarding Kristo’s desire or intent to join the Habs he should be an asset used today to acquire something.

        • Dust says:

          i believe they have til august to sign him. There is no need to do it now. He should be focusing on trades today. If he gets the feeling Kristo won’t sign he can always trade him around the draft.

          • Loonie says:

            They have until August 15th. And if he’s gone they lose him for good and don’t get to dictate compensation.

            Losing a second round pick who happens to be a Hobey Baker Finalist for nothing would be a grave mistake.

            As long as pen hasn’t been put to paper Kristo should be available.

        • RobertLefebvre says:

          Kristo will sign in Montreal, but Bergevin is busy these days. Once the focus is off the trade deadline, it should get done. Kristo has spoken very highly of the support he’s received from the Canadiens staff over the years, especially this season with Martin Lapointe visiting often. He’s most likely headed to Hamilton first, as the 23 man roster is full at the moment.

          • Loonie says:

            Put yourself in Bergevin’s shoes for a moment. Do you trust the word of the player and his agent/representative when they say they are going to sign with you, especially on a day like today Robert?

            Kristo doesn’t necessarily have to be traded, but if there’s any doubt as to his intentions(and as long as a contract hasn’t been signed there should be) I would rather get something for him than what I believe the compensation for his loss is(mid third round pick).

          • 44har48 says:

            Robert, thanks for sharing, never heard any of that, and I really did watch about 15-17 ND games this year. They were always pessimistic about his chances of signing with Montreal.

          • RobertLefebvre says:

            Kristo has personally never given any indication whatsoever that he wouldn’t sign with Montreal. You have to differentiate between baseless media speculation and actual fact. There’s nothing pressing about having to get things done today. UND was eliminated only five days ago and Kristo is wrapping his head around that, about to get himself an agent. That’s the whole story, nothing more. Kristo can’t get a better entry level deal anywhere else and he won’t find a better fit for his skills.

          • Loonie says:

            I hope you’re right about this Robert. Because the risk in trusting the kid is significant.

      • 44har48 says:

        Yeah I agree with Loonie, he is eligible to help right away, and he looks good in NCAA, but he’s not ready for the big dance quite yet. I watched a lot of ND games this year and the sense I got from the commentators is that he is going all the way to August and becoming a FA. He didn’t like the direction Montreal was heading at all and thought it was hopeless, and he loved playing for his childhood favorite team ND. Really wanted to bring them a championship. That’s how we got here and now that we are here, he plans to become FA now.

        That could all change today or tomorrow, but unless you have solid proof he plans to sign with Montreal, all indications to me all year have been he is not going to.

        I like the kid, think he plays a strong game, but I’ve already moved on. He has a ton of potential, just like lot of kids his age all over the minor leagues and juniors.

  3. Ozmodiar says:

    Trade Center is on!

    I hope Jay Onrait has his Geno Reda mug ready to go!!

  4. Sportfan says:

    HAPPY FAIL TRADE CENTER! I don’t know I’m enjoying that but I hate the over hype the shove down our throats.


  5. Lafleurguy says:

    Is it because he didn’t correctly spell “role?”

  6. commandant says:

    A look at Joni Pitkanen’s injury. Memories of Kurtis Foster, Taylor Fedun, and others… and why the NHL needs to get rid of no-touch icing.


    Go Habs Go!
    Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

    • Luke says:

      Do you really want to remove one of the most exciting plays in hockey?
      And by that I mean the slow coast back to pick up a puck while running 8 seconds off the clock?

  7. Loonie says:

    Raffi Torres?

    Mixed emotions.

  8. Skeptical says:

    Habs are pretty much guaranteed a playoff spot. Concerns after that is minimal and I don’t think you’ll see much happening trade wise.

    To be honest. A round or two in the playoffs will be our max.That would be a pretty good year for the Habs and remember they have to meet or beat that in 2013-2014.

    • Andy and the habs says:

      Considering the position Canadiens are at and how good they have been this year you’d think they should be able to go second round minimum.

  9. savethepuck says:

    Wooooohooooo! Trade Center just started. Can’t wait to see what happens. I’ll probably cancel all my appointments today.

    “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
    Carey Price

  10. HardHabits says:

    Something I said below and it is worth repeating although I see others already agree.

    I believe that the Habs have been looking at Drewiske for quite some time now. This wasn’t a last minute “we have to settle for less because all the good players are already taken” move.

    Bergevin said when he was looking at players he was looking for intangibles most notably character and a team 1st attitude. That’s why he stayed away from the big money, big name, me first acquisitions.

    It’s still early but it appears like the Habs finally have a pro-scouting department to rival their amateur scouting one.

  11. Storman says:

    Do not get overly excited over Drewiske, he is just not that good, and definitely not a diamond in the rough, he is a hard working D-man, never overly or under impressed me at Wisconsin.. Will perform an insurance roll for us and then be signed by someone like Columbus or Phoenix as a 7th d UFA in the summer.

    • Maksimir says:

      Maybe he has gotten better since his days in Wisconsin… then again LA wasn’t playing him…

      • Storman says:

        I am sure he has, works very hard, just has that slight awkwardness to him that keeps him from having that extra something needed at the next level.. Quickness in foot speed lacking, but over all skates at a high enough level just missing foot speed and quickness. Pretty good shot not great, and no mean streak for those looking for a tough eat my stick crease clearing D-Man, I realy believe he will not see the ice in the playoffs as LA did not use him once in their run last year, he was picked up as an insurance policy, was it worth a 5th round pick , i dont know we seemed to have had some luck recently in that round or maybe could have come up with a package for something a little more robust, but i am betting Diaz must be returning soon and this move is to eat some minutes and provide some insurance..IMO

  12. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Anyone else a little shocked that 35% of the commentariat regret not adding a 41 year old Jagr to the mix? Not that he can’t still play but what do you give up? I mean REALLY? Go Habs!

    There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk.

    • Fansincebirth says:

      I’m not upset we didn’t get him and don’t really care that Boston got him. He’s a rental and a hockey whore who is in the same group as Kovy, IMHO. Not a team player but a ME first type of guy…

    • Clay says:

      The way that question is posed makes it loaded though. I don’t mind at all that we didn’t get Jagr, but that isn’t what the question asked, is it? I would just rather we got him instead of the bruins, because he makes their team even a little bit better.
      Really, whoever writes these questions should try a little harder…

      ☞ The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool. ~ Richard Feynman ☜

  13. Ian Cobb says:

    Watch out for the Sabers! Large D.
    I saw them beat up the Penguins 4 to 1 last night.
    Penguins are not the same team without Crosby.! We can catch them.!

  14. adamkennelly says:

    does Drewisky play? and if so – who comes out. or is MB going to trade one of our D-men (say Gorges) in a package to Columbus for Umberger and Boll. One could only hope…

    • Loonie says:

      I don’t know if Bergevin’s going to add anyone today but if it’s allowable I’d bet Weber is gone by 3pm.

      Edit: Weber is not listed on the team’s IR list, he’s a goner I think.

      • HardHabits says:

        Gorges is not getting traded. Not until Gallagher gets his own place to live. 🙂

        • Loonie says:

          Oh I know. I actually had a post you’d find interesting(not sure if you saw it) late last week.

          Gorges played junior with Moen, re-signed. Gallagher worked out with Gorges in the summer, makes the team. Pricey and Gorges are besties, Price gets a “slight” overpayment.

          I think Gorges was hauled into the office when Bergevin was hired for a “state of the team” address.

          Subsequent moves made accordingly.

          • habstrinifan says:

            I wont repeat my Weber trade causE it looks stoooopid even as I typeD it the first time. But everytime I sit at the puter the idea comes up. If it happens I will LMAO.

          • Loonie says:

            Haha, Weber and Keith won’t happen but there are some guys out there who played junior and in the AHL with him.

            Goc, Yonkman, Comeau and Kobasew.

  15. Ian Cobb says:

    Drewisky is another diamond in the rough picked up cheap by Bergevin. We have the best scouting dept. in the league. He will replace Emilin right away.!

  16. Chris says:

    So the guy that everybody was writing off to the KHL is now sitting tied for 3rd in the NHL in goal scoring, rocketing up the charts on the back of 15 goals and 20 points in his last 15 games.

    Russian Machine might never break, but sometimes it just needs to have the right fuel. Now it seems to be chugging along.

    Ovechkin has also been making the highlight reels with big hits again, including a doozy against Jeff Skinner yesterday. Probably deserved a penalty for smacking Skinner in the chops with his glove on the hit, but otherwise it was a pretty nice open-ice hit.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      It certainly looks like he has found his mojo again. I mentioned yesterday, perhaps it just was a matter of time until Oates got the team playing the way he wanted. Getting Ovechkin playing this well doesn’t hurt either. Looks like Washington will soon replace the Jets as the 3 seed in the East. I don’t think people questioned his skillset, but he did look less than inspiring when the season started.

    • Cal says:

      Since his team isn’t making the playoffs, the pressure is off, isn’t it? Mr. Clutch Ovi isn’t.

      • Chris says:

        If Ovechkin isn’t Mr. Clutch, he’s still a hell of a lot more clutch than Carey Price, Tomas Plekanec, Max Pacioretty or anybody else that the Montreal Canadiens have on their roster.

        Ovechkin’s career playoff numbers (30 goals and 59 points in 51 career playoff games) are right there with the best in the league, the guys that are considered clutch.

        Montreal fans love to tear Ovechkin a new one because the Habs “figured him out” in that playoff upset (despite Ovechkin going off for 5 goals and 10 points in 7 games and the Habs having to resort to turtling in front of the onslaught, relying on phenomenal goaltending and perhaps the best display of shot-blocking we’ve ever seen in a 7-game series).

        Then you have Sidney Crosby, who was held to 1 goal and 6 points in 7 games against the same Habs and whose playoff record since (one first-round loss, 3 goals and 8 points in 6 games) wasn’t much better than Ovechkin’s performance.

        Ovechkin’s team is 2 points out of the third seed and home-ice in the playoffs. You’re pretty confident in the abilities of Winnipeg and Carolina to not continue stinking down the stretch. They are also just 3 points behind New Jersey and the Islanders for the 7th and 8th seeds. They remain VERY much in the playoff mix, and I would bet that they make the show.

  17. thebonscott says:

    did anyone notice that the drewiske goal above was a powerplay goal, which to me means the guy can pass and shoot and is just not some meathead, so i am interested to see him play, will he be in the line up tonight??

    Buck the Fruins.

  18. habs-hampton says:

    How can any GM/owner watch the Pitkanin injury and not vote for no-touch icing? It boggles the mind.

    • savethepuck says:

      Totally agreed. That rule should be changed. Player safety should be the priority.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

  19. habs-hampton says:

    Pens pick up Iggy… lose Sid next game.
    B’s pick up Jagr… lose Bergeron next game.

    Hopefully its:
    Habs do nothing… lose no one.

  20. Loonie says:

    Blue Jays fans jumping off of the ledge right now. But good things from last night…..

    1. Melky Cabrera hit the ball hard and well
    2. Dickey had his worst stuff(which caused Arencibia’s pass-balls)

    Good things for you Jays fans coming. Just smile and relax.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Why the heck did MLB have your Reds open the season against the Angels? I thought that was the stupidest thing, Interleague to start the season! Bud Selig is a complete bumbling idiot.

      • Loonie says:

        Had to. 15 teams in each league since the Astros moved over to the AL.

        I don’t mind it. Some people were upset that the Reds didn’t get the first game because they’re the league’s oldest franchise but I wasn’t bothered by it at all(probably because I’m not from Ohio or in my eighties).

        Edit: Only thing that bothers me about the Jays is that I don’t think they know what they have in Rasmus. I think he and Lawrie can be 30-30 guys. Having one is rare, they might have two.

  21. Fansincebirth says:

    So, I’m not saying there is but, IF there is a deal in the works for a power forward by MB, who does this forward replace?

  22. Loonie says:

    I’ve got a bit of a rant here and I’d like to get it out of the way early so it doesn’t cause a crapstorm when more exciting developments take place later.

    I can never cheer for the Winnipeg Jets. The stars just aren’t aligned there. Claude Noel is a premiere douchebag for starters. Trying to be John Tortorella 2.0 might be cute in some people’s minds but when you’re an unproven coach without sufficient talent to be a championship team you shouldn’t display public expectations that fly higher than the object your club is named after.

    Also, Mark Chipman’s refusal to buy back the old logo. Don’t like it. I don’t want to hear about how the fans of Winnipeg were wronged the first time around when their team was ripped away and then watch you refuse to give them back what they lost. It’s okay for Jets fans to say they were robbed, it’s not okay for you to say it Mr. Chipman, especially if you aren’t going to give them their logo back.

    Third, on that logo thing. An essential knock off of a logo created by our Armed Forces and displaying it on a hockey jersey in an attempt to become Canada’s team overnight is among the most disrespectful things I’ve seen in Sports. That truly is arrogance of an unparalleled level. The military may have given them their blessing, but it ain’t cool with this cat.

    I’ll cheer for the Jets if they face the Leafs or Bruins in the Stanley Cup Final. Otherwise I’ll be tickled to watch them choke and lose their division lead over the rest of the month.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Well lets just say my mother wont be having you over for any good home cooked meals in Winnipeg any time soon! You make a few good points though, I think Claude Noel is placeholder for when Dale Hawerchuk is ready to coach at the NHL level. Given how he essentially was the person who told them to draft Scheifle, I believe he is going to be their next head coach.

      As for the old logo, unfortunately, I think this was a money grab to sell new shirts and hats. I loved the old logo and just recently bought a vintage Jets jersey with Ducky’s name and number on it, since I couldn’t find an even more classic shirt with Hull or Hedberg on it.

      As for the Armed Forces thing, I think I disagree with you. Having grown up in the Peg, Kapyong Barracks and Shilo always played a prominent role in the Province there is a strong tie to the military in Winnipeg in my opinion.

      • Loonie says:

        I don’t want to insult anyone with the opinion so this is the last thing I’ll say about it before others jump in and rip me to shreds.

        The military has presence all over the country, one sports organization thinking it represents the military is as awful to me as one region, city or community would.

        Name your arena after the military if your goal is to pay homage, don’t exploit it for personal gain.

        Edit: I’ve been to Winnipeg and loved it. The people, the city. This is nothing against the community. This is a personal distaste for the team because of Mark Chipman’s actions following his purchase of the team.

    • Cal says:

      I am just glad the city has a NHL team back. That’s the only interest I have in them. I don’t really care too much how they market themselves.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Disagree T. Makes sense to focus on specific issues and have no respect for one stakeholder, but when fans in Winnipeg and beyond who probably number in the hundreds of thousands had no input into the actions you disagree with, it is not a rational basis to besmirch an operation those fans are fiercely attached to (dangling participle). I think I had the same feeling in 2007 in being absolutely unable to support the Oilers as a Canadian team vying for the Cup in the finals, and the reason was, every time MacTavish appeared on screen, I would recall the young woman he killed as a drunk driver, and the eternal sorrow her family must bear. Back to the Jets, Chipman’s position as a stakeholder and owner means he risks losing a ton of money, which was the reason Barry Shenkarow’s group sold the team for profit back in 1995-1996. The Canucks changed their logo a few times and I think it’s a matter of personal taste. Sorry to be long-winded.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

  23. 24 Cups says:

    A seven point lead on both Toronto and Ottawa (with a dozen games to go) basically means that Montreal is assured of finishing no lower than 4th in the East. Contrast that to last season when the Habs were in a “battle” to get the 3rd or 4th overall pick in the entry draft.

  24. 24 Cups says:

    A lot of trade deadline action is much ado about nothing (paging Davis Drewiske!) but you really have to hand it to San Jose and their GM, Doug Wilson.

    The Sharks gave up two over the hill UFAs as well as a broken down 30 year old UFA whose career is stuck in neutral. In return, San Jose picks up a possible 4 second round picks as well as 3rd and 4th round picks. Not only do they increase their prospect list but they still remain in the playoff hunt with a four point lead due to their recent 7-3 record. In fact, they have won five in a row. What a great example of how to handle assets.

    • Loonie says:

      Did you also notice that Marc Bergevin acquired himself Steve?

      I mean, how arrogant is that? Thinking a player cut from the same cloth that he was is the missing piece?


      Not sure that I agree about Wilson Steve, if he gets the ball rolling on Clowe a week ago he probably gets a first round pick for him. He did get a great haul in the Murray deal though.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I know you are being a bit cheeky with that comment Tom, but MB did make an NHL roster direct out of Junior as a teenager, fairly impressive.

        • Loonie says:

          Yeah I’m just being funny Gerald. I like the Drewiske pick up. But I am torn. You don’t take fifth round picks from Trevor Timmins. I’d rather give them a 3rd.


      • 24 Cups says:

        If Drewiske plays NHL 1100 games (like Bergevin did) then the drinks are on me. I know people are fed up with me saying so but the Habs still haven’t replaced Diaz. The team’s 2nd wave PP is still nonexistent. As well, who is going to team up with Bouillon on the 3rd pairing?

        Thank goodness there are only another eight hours to go!

        • Loonie says:

          If anyone busts your balls just bring me into the conversation Steve. I’ve been saying for weeks that we don’t just need a guy who can play on the powerplay but a guy who bumps Gorges down to the third pairing(Bogosian, Byfuglien, Bouwmeester type).

          You’re letting the team off easy.


          • habstrinifan says:

            I dont know about pairings.. he will be one of our top six of course.. and I think he will surprise. He will turn out to be a bigger ‘no pun intended’ piece in our D moving forward than we are thinking today. I see a Rick Chartraw here.

        • JF says:

          Steve – Diaz is not easy to replace. There’s Mark Streit, but with the Islanders heating up, I doubt he’s going anywhere. Possibly if Yannick Weber had been given some ice-time, he might have been able to do it; he has a good point shot. What I’m hoping is that Bergevin and Therrien know something about Diaz that we don’t; Therrien did say the other day that he’s making progress. BTW, Drewiske’s goal shown above is a PP goal.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I do give Wilson a great deal of credit for those trades, having said that, given the age of their studs Marleau/Thornton don’t they eventually need to make changes to that roster to really make run for a cup? I seem to recall reading recently that perhaps just making the playoffs is what ownership is truly concerned about from a financial perspective. I suppose these trades will help ensure that, but that team should have gone further at some point.

  25. HabinBurlington says:

    Boston must be worried about Bergeron, the hit he took seemed so innocuous. That would be like us losing Plex, while normally I would almost cheer a Bruin injury, Bergeron has always been a great player to watch, and someone I wished we had on our roster.


    There is no report yet, if it is serious, but given his history…

  26. 24 Cups says:

    Carolina become sellers today after a series of injuries such as this one. No touch icing, mandatory visors and softer equipment – make it so #1.


    • Bogie Man says:

      My guess is that we will not do anything, not from a lack of trying but just from a lack of cap space and the perception of teams like the Pens and the Bruin having more cup potential. I think as these teams bolster up we will slip from the standings and not do very well in the playoffs. I think as we all expected at the beginning of the year this is not the year for us to win the cup it is still a rebuilding year. I think we are still missing some key ingredients that we will not get this year. A legitimate goal scorer with size, and intimidating defensemen or two. We still have players on this team that are of a concern to me. Max Pac, not having a great year, DD starting to come around but overall not having a great year and Travis Moen seems to off compared to last year. Maybe the playoffs will get these guys going?

  27. thehabs21 says:

    whats going on with armdog?

  28. vancouverite says:

    Anybody wonder what Andrei Kostitsyn is up to ?
    Plays for Chelyabinsk Traktor in the KHL (around 100km north of the Kazakhstan border, seems fun ! )
    And look at these numbers… 13 goals, 8 assists and 82 pim through 44 games… not that good at all.
    I feel bad for him, he had so much potential and could have been a Semin-like player (on the ice, that is) if he was not such a lazy ass

  29. steve29 says:

    Bruins and Ottawa must have been a good one 97 shots to bad Sens lost

  30. steve29 says:

    Let’s see Dyden or Cheevers only Ray Charles couldn’t tell the difference on that one

  31. steve29 says:

    I don’t believe Bergeron would leave a game unless he was hurt . He’s to much of a competitor for that kind of s–t

    • Marc10 says:

      I believe he’s embellishing and bringing the game into disrepute. I know the officials cannot see every little thing that is occurring on the ice, but if they don’t crack down on notorious actors like Bergie, then the league might as sell advertising on jerseys and turn itself into a soccer league.

      In jest of course… but the Bruins deserve to be reminded just what a bunch of a-holes they are every time one of theirs is on the wrong end of ‘hockey play’.

  32. otter649 says:

    That crazy guy on twitter Hockeyy Insiderr earlier today wrote for Habs to get Pominville it was Gionta & 1st Rounder 2013. Now it is Eller-Beaulieu-1st Rounder 2013 – Don’t know this guy can make tweets with a straight face. A very fantasy world this guy lives in……

  33. steve29 says:

    I seen a post today about bad trades. The worst one in history had to be the Bruins trading Ken Dryden for someone who went on to be a shoe or insurance salesman I believe. Can you imagine Dryden tending goal behind Orr and the big bad Bruins in the 70’s they one have won 8 or 10 cus in a row.

  34. Ice Storm says:

    Not sure if anyone mentioned already, or how much stock can be taken in it… but Bruce garrioch on Sportsnet just mentioned Habs are going hard after Pominville,,,,

    We’ll see… Better than Eklund… barely….


  35. steve29 says:

    To bad about Bergeron, don’t like the Bruins but Bergeron is definitely in the top 2 or 3 all around players in the NHL and a good honest player

  36. Timo says:

    So in TSN highlights they said P Bergeron left the game with an injury and didn’t return. What was it? Is it bad? Please?

  37. steve29 says:

    I think the Canucks got the best player today?

  38. habs001 says:

    2nd place finisher in the Habs division has a good chance of playing the Leafs….The winner of the division probably one of Caps,Devils,Islanders or Rangers……Leafs could be a very dangerous team with their scoring…

  39. Saintpatrick33 says:

    Watching the TSN guys fill 9 hours after all the bigger moves happened today should be akin to watching paint dry.

  40. Timo says:

    Is MB done for the day? Can I go to bed now?

  41. Propwash says:

    Ha! My niece ran into PK yesterday at Starbucks on Saint Catherine and Crescent, how cool is that!


  42. steve29 says:

    I keep hearing about Kristo but I checked this article about the player of the year and I didn’t recognize any of last 10 winners of that award, certainly no comparison at all to the OHL

  43. Sportfan says:

    Well whether or not the Habs make anymore moves we have a great team this season and I’m excited for tomorrow! Goodnight all!


  44. thehabsfan29 says:

    I think if we were to see anyone traded from the habs tomorrow it would be moen. I think there is a market for a veteran player like him.
    I was a big fan of his when he played with the ducks but in my opinion his physical play dropped ever since we signed him. he hasn’t been very effective at all this season and I think there is a solid possibility we can package him with a pick to get a player who can help our bottom 6 offensively

  45. steve29 says:

    The Rangers blew their chance last year by not taking Nash at the deadline while they still had Prust and also their goaler was the best in the east last year and maybe in the league. He just seems to have
    lost his edge now and adding Clowe with zip is not going to solve the worst offense on the NHL

  46. steve29 says:

    Vanek would definitely be expensive but there has not been anyone dealt this year even close to him so if the Hans think they really have a chance then I believe they should part with some picks and a couple of good prospect and go for it because he who waits go the way of NY and the Canucks you don’t get many chances any more so don’t let the opportunity pass you by. This is the best team we’ve has in a decade

    • Curtis O Habs says:

      I view Vanek as fragile. If your going off the radar, look to Phoenix. Martin Hanzal.

      • thehabsfan29 says:

        I think if we were to go off the radar and pick someone up it should be Erik Johnson. Former 1st round pick and very solid in his own zone. I think we can grab him for some picks and a high end prospect.

        Hanzal could be a option. he has 16 pts in 27gps but I don’t think we need another center unless we can get him for cheap. maybe moen and a 3rd?

  47. mdp2011 says:

    Oh man, 8 and 2/3 perfect innings, and base hit up the middle.

  48. t1tan5 says:

    NOOO! Yu Darvish gets 26 consecutive outs and allows a base hit.

  49. jedimyrmidon says:

    Trade talk surrounding the Leafs and Luongo is hilarious:

    – They’re not willing to give up a ‘good’ player on their roster. Understandable, as they’re about to make the playoffs for the first time since the end of the before last lockout.
    – They’re also not willing to give up their good prospects (Rielly, Gardiner, … I think that’s it), not that the Canucks are looking for this anyway.
    – They’re not willing to give away their high draft picks. Not that the Canucks are looking for this either.

    In other words, why are they even talking? There’s nothing to talk about. The Leafs aren’t parting with anything and should be approached with the mindset that they’re just going to try and fleece you.

    Leafs are probably in the same position as the Habs – making minor deals. Not a deal for Luongo.

  50. Rudy says:

    So was Driewski drafted but ended up staying at school 4 years and becoming UFA or was he not drafted? Very similar to Josh but bigger

  51. steve29 says:

    Glad to see you guys haven’t traded the captain yet! why trade anyone for pominville we already have about six soft forwards now if the habs are going to trade any of their top six go for Vanek he’d be their best offensive weapon and as we know he can be a game breaker

  52. Chuck says:

    Is Habslackofperspective stirring the pot tonight?

  53. Rad says:

    In other news, Olivier Archambault chosen by Derek Wills as player of the game in tonight’s loss to Oklahoma City.

  54. mdp2011 says:

    Darvish perfect through 8.

  55. christophor says:

    The SE division is a joke; the Jets could make the playoffs (with home ice no less) in spite of potentially having fewer points than the 9th place team. However, this could be good for Montreal.

    If the following things happen (and they could very well happen), then Montreal avoids Pitt and Boston till the conference finals.

    (a) the Habs win the division
    (b) Montreal and the SE champs (i.e. 3rd seed) both win their first round series
    (c) Boston finishes fourth

    It’s pretty likely, however, that the SE champs will be the underdogs in the first round in spite of having home ice, and so (b) is probably the least likely to happen of the three.

  56. mdp2011 says:

    So NY Islanders are tied for 7th, hmm anyone else worried about that possible match up?

    • No, their wins against the Habs came on nights the team took off. Had they beat the Habs when the habs played well then weld be worried.

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures

      • mdp2011 says:

        Good point.

      • jedimyrmidon says:

        Their first game against them, they dominated the first period and were either 3-0 or 3-1 by the end of it. Then they turned in for the night, and got burned by their PP only to eventually lose in OT.

        Games against the Islanders haven’t been the same since. If the Habs can get their PK together, the Islanders should theoretically be largely neutralized.

    • jedimyrmidon says:


      For some reason, the Habs have trouble and lose their minds against them. Granted, after all their time out of the playoffs, the Islanders should have stockpiled enough to talent to be in them by now.

      Here’s where I hope the Habs’ experience and defense give them a [hypothetical] edge over them should they meet.

    • zorro says:

      Definetly worried about the possibility. It is a mental game.

  57. habsfan0 says:

    Blue Jays now 0-1.
    There goes the talk of the perfect season.

  58. Jimmy9Toes says:

    Has anyone read anywhere about DD2 talking to the media since he’s been traded to the Habs. Something along the lines of him being a lifelong Habs fan or him dumping his High School sweetheart at the prom when he found out she was a closet Bruins fan would be nice.

  59. Stevie.Ray says:

    With Armstrong on IR, his spot will likely be filled by White, Dumont or Blunden.
    Or, for the right price would you take a chance on Raffi Torres for the fourth line. Adds grit and playoff experience, but may not fit the character quotient. Thought?

  60. Stevie.Ray says:

    Who would you rather have:
    Gionta or

    If the price is right for pominville, would you make a trade for him now, and let Ryder walk? If cap issues are a problem you could trade Gionta this summer. Thought?

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I suppose Pominville is logical answer, but don’t like talking trading Gionta right now. MT said at start of year he would coach team through the Captain, seems our Captain is translating the message pretty good.

    • thehabsfan29 says:

      id take ryder and pominville over gionta

      Gio looks out of place this year in my opinion. id for sure make a trade for pominville now if the price is right. maybe even include gio in the deal for him.

      My offer would be Gio,2 2nds & weber for pominville if gio was included.
      if not 2 2nds, Moen,Weber & maybe bozon? not sure if that would be enough though

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Just my opinion, but you take out Gionta out of locker room right now, you really change dynamic. Hard to believe Gallagher doesn’t look at Gionta as his mentor.

      • awesomerino says:

        That’s an insane offer. TWO 2nds in a deep draft, Gionta AND Weber?

        • thehabsfan29 says:

          my mistake. if gionta was offered then it would just be one 2nd weber and gionta

          when I think about it you are right its way overpayment if two 2nds and gio are offered. but I think if gio is not included then 2 2nds might have to be included to land pominville

    • awesomerino says:

      I’d say letting Ryder walk was/is probably the plan for MB, and I’d probably rather have Pominville of the three. But at $5M, and 30 years old, I have to think that money’s more effectively spent elsewhere. I’m also not convinced Gionta’s that easy to trade with another year at $5M on his deal.

      • vancouverite says:

        I think so too. There should be a good mix of UFAs to choose from if MB has any cash to spend this summer, so Ryder may as well walk.

        I’d be willing to give up Gionta, Weber, St. Denis and a 2nd rounder for Pominville (They have some holes to fill on D now that they got rid of Leopold and Regier )

  61. habs001 says:

    Looks like the Habs may not know there first round opponent till the last few games…

  62. mdp2011 says:

    Darvish perfect through 7 now.

  63. Gerry H says:

    Ottawa vs Boston and the shots are 50-47? The two teams with the fewest goals against in the NHL?

    Today is April 2nd, right?

  64. Rainrocket16 says:

    Is this D man gonna be it for us come deadline?

  65. yodasvoboda says:

    I haven’t heard of Drewiskie. Not quite Jagr or Bouwmeester but McGuire seems excited. Then again McGuire always seems excited.

  66. Mavid says:

    and the ladies take it in a shootout…whooohooo GO CANADA GO

  67. Sportfan says:

    Jays coulda won that game easily oh well tomorrow.


    • yodasvoboda says:

      Great D by the Indians. Everyone seemed to hit the ball hard which bodes well.

      Bautista has to lay off the umps. Couple of poor calls but his tantrums just make them spiteful.

  68. HabinBurlington says:

    Nice win for the ladies! Good job Team Canada!

  69. ProHabs says:

    This new defenseman reminds me of Aaron Rome that played for the Canucks. If this guy can lay the boom onto Horton like Rome did, the deal will be worth its weight in gold.

  70. mdp2011 says:

    Yu Darvish has a perfect game going through 6 innings.

  71. habsfan0 says:

    So,with a victory tonight, Buffalo is 5 points out of a playoff spot.
    Does that mean they’re still in it,and any thoughts of getting Pominville or Vanek is effectively over?

  72. habbernack says:

    Very good good reports on Drewiske for a 5th round pick. great deal and good pro scouting

    • Phil C says:

      “…good pro scouting”

      This is a very good point, the investment made in the in the front office pays off this time of year. As the Habs pick useful players off waivers for nothing, other teams are overpaying for washed up former stars.

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