Habs 4, Panthers 1: Post-game reaction from Galchenyuk and Gallagher (Video)


It was a night of firsts for the Canadiens two youngest players in the team’s 4-1 victory over the Florida Panthers. Alex Galchenyuk, 18, scored his first goal in the National Hockey League. And Brendan Gallagher, 20, who played his first NHL game, got an assist on the goal.

Galchenyuk scored in the second period, deflecting a shot from Brandon Prust past Florida Panthers goalie Scott Clemmensen.

He skated over to the boards, jumped for joy and raised his arm. The cheers from the Bell Centre crowd were so deafening they partially drowned out the goal announcement.

Coach Michel Therrien called it a team victory, saying everyone contributed. At his post-game press conference, Therrien dished out praise for several players including Galchenyuk and Gallagher.

“Those two players with Brandon Prust bring a lot of energy with their speed and their work ethic,” he said.

Everyone on the bench was pleased for Galchenyuk “and I was happy for him too,” Therrien said.

It was Galchenyuk’s second NHL game. His parents and sister traveled to Montreal last weekend to take in the Canadiens season-opener and Tuesday’s game.

“I thought he felt more comfortable and that’s normal,” Therrien said.  “I thought he skated well and was (able) to make plays…He played more his type of game than compared to the first one.”

“I thought he did a fantastic job.”

Gallagher brings speed and intensity, Therrien said. “He works so hard that kid—he’s always around the net. And I thought he did a good job.”

Therrien also praised defenceman Andrei Markov who turned in a strong performance scoring two power play goals.

You can hear Galchenyuk talk about scoring his first NHL goal below:

You can hear what Gallagher had to say below:

You can hear what Canadiens goaltender Carey Price had to say here:

You can hear what Andrei Markov had to say below:


  1. Galchenyuk says:

    New drinking game. Take a shot everytime Galchenyuk says the word “special” to the press.

    Go Habs Go! (@leojl8 on twitter)

  2. Insomnius says:

    I want to shake Ryan White’s barely bruised hands.

    Too long have we watched while other teams have taken liberties with our players.

    Laraque was supposed to have been brought in to address that but he would have had… “philosophical issues” with jumping the little twit who would hit one of our players face first into the boards from behind.

    Ryan White did not just send a message to the Panthers – he sent it to the whole league – mess with us and you’ll pay. Prust fought the Leaf’s tough guy who looks like the guy from Goon (Schreiber’s character). Then last night a solid check and he apparently broke the guy’s wrist!

    The message to the league is clear – no longer will the Habs players be undefended. No longer are they easy prey.

    I am fairly certain the next time White hits the ice at the place that should have been called the Forum (I despise a certain telecommunications company so completely I will not even type their name) he will receive a richly deserved warm ovation – and if I am lucky enough to be there I will be on my feet too…

  3. arcosenate says:

    This is what Dineen said about White’s actions:

    Coach Kevin Dineen took umbrage at Fleischmann — not known as a physical nor dirty player — taking a cheap shot from White.
    “It was a play when a guy sees who he’s going to jump, and he took advantage,” Dineen said. “That’s not a very brave play.”

    I don’t think Fleischmann or anyone else should expect to just walk away from driving Gorges into the boards headfirst. White did a good thing in my opinion.

    Might be different if it’s a tie game in game 7 of the finals but last night it was a good thing.

  4. Sportfan says:

    Last night was a great game, everything went the Habs way!


  5. Ian Cobb says:

    What Lockout?? Subban Who???

    Now, were we that good?
    We had to play against another NHL team and two referees, who just wanted to slow the game down because they could not keep up to the play. Sure hope someone in the media has the guts to asks the appropriate questions to the leagues head of officials.

    Or is it that the Panthers are that bad! Regardless, it was a lot of fun to watch our team skate, pass and look like a contending team out there. They can take a lot of team pride in themselves, they worked together and for a change they stood up for each other out there.

    PK who??
    I wonder if the boys missed him out there, you better rethink your position PK.!

  6. GordC says:

    Officials were awful last night ! Can’t believe done of those penalties … Thank god our guys played great .

  7. shrack says:

    Who is the guy with deep voice asking all the dumb questions?

    • Good Habit says:

      I think it’s John Lu, TSN.

    • arcosenate says:

      There were not very many great questions from anyone, I mean it’s not like you’re dealing with rocket surgeons but something besides how does it feel 35 times would be nice.

      What did your teamates say?

      Well, they don’t like me and they were kind of angry. Prust asked why I deflected his shot on net, he thinks it was going in and he’s mad as hell and asked for a trade.

      What was it like going back to the bench?

      It was like taking 6 strides on my skates.

      What was it like sitting on the bench though?

      I missed Eller, I thought it was a stupid decision to sit him.

      What are you going to do with the puck?

      Put it on EBay.

      Do you think your parents are happy?

      Forget them, they didn’t buy me an I Pad for Christmas.

  8. F50Marco says:

    What great game! I for one don’t mind white’s decision, its not something that will happen every game but other players will start to know the habs arent pushovers anymore. So happy for the Gally’s!!

    Oh and apparently im first.
    Yay for me……

    • Good Habit says:

      I agree. I was watching the game on the Center Ice feed from Fox Sports Panthers and their homer announcer said it was a gutless play. I thought that Fleischmann’s hit on Gorges could be called that too. White is trying to keep his spot on the team and showing his teammates he is there to protect them and also showing the opposition that there is a price to pay for their actions.

      • canuckbot says:

        Ya those Florida announcers must be new to hockey. They didn’t understand what was happening.

        On another note how did Gorges not get pounded by Parros? He was prowling at the end of the game but still didn’t pounce.

        • Mr. Biter says:

          I agree with the attack by White was to send a message (ie. and Sat. night same senario hit to Markov nothing happened) that this type of hit is no longer accepted by the Habs. May have to be repeated again just to show we mean it.
          I watched the Panthers feed and yeah the announcers were going insane over the White retribution.
          If you watched the Panthers feed you also saw why we don’t need Kovy. Was chasing Plecks on the first goal and saw the blue line and srarted coasting , leaving Plecks alone to score.

          Mr. Biter
          No Guts No Glory

          • nunacanadien says:

            Last time this happened the habs lost all their good players, as if we have the ability to always keep sending the message and standing behind it. The habs have what maybe one or two really tough guys and the rest are just china boned fast players who can’t enforce to save their butts. But really when the team has a decent size lineup with Markov Plex and Galy along with a good size defense you get what you got but sadly the habs can’t always have this line out all the time. Hence the achilles heel for the habs are the smaller 3rd and 4th lines which can’t help us keep the pressure on and then our so called prima donna players end up getting those stupid penalties.

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