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Although your HI/O usernames and passwords won’t change on our new site, if you’d like to see your picture icon next to your comments, you will have to replace your profile avatar. Here are simple simple instructions on how to do so via GRAvatar. Please note that when you create a GRAvatar account, you must use the same email associated with your account for the avatar to show up with your username on the HIO site.

GRAvatar – Globally Recognized Avatar

Go to:

Basically, your Gravatar will appear on any site you log on to using your email address that support Gravatars (A lot of websites do).

Your gravatar is linked to your email, and you can add more emails to your account to associate gravatars to those email addresses.

Click on “Get your Gravatar today”

Enter your email and click “Signup”

You will receive an email with a confirmation link.
Click the link to confirm your account
Fill in a username and password and click “Signup”
You’ll have a choice to add new emails to your account, or upload images to use as Gravatars.

Choose where the picture you want to use will come:

Once you’ve selected an image you can crop your image (Gravatars are square). You can adjust the size of the cropping area, as well as move that area to crop the part of the photo you want.

When you’re satisfied with your selection, click “Crop and Finish!”.

You must then choose the appropriate Rating for you Gravatar. The owners of the websites that use Gravatars can control what kind of gravatars appear on their site ( i.e.: only G-rated gravatars for a website that caters to children).

Et voila: you now have a Gravatar that will follow you throughout the web.
You can add more images to use and switch between them easily by clicking on the image you want as your Gravatar.

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